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tv   News 5 at 6PM  NBC  February 10, 2016 6:00pm-7:00pm MST

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,,,,, so far, changes in district 11 ... but administrators tell us if anything the mile school students are the most likley to be affect. earlstart times re in district 20 begin february 22nd ... that a week from monday. of course, we'll keep you posted if things change because of more bad weather in the future. oe and the eanup ngoing in parts of colorado springs... after last week's big snow. anitlso pua huge dent in city's "snowemaludget" for the ye city streets division manage corey farkas tells u40- bs already been used. that's about 368housand dollas says most of thne wentowd w removal materi"... that figt include the cost ong crews
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xxxx let's take a live look outside in both colodo springs a eblo.. a beautiful day here mid-week. lead fter mike danls tracking our weaer for us. mperatures were much warmer than normaloday, 15 to should have. thath in pueblo of 76 s a w reco high for the date. old record was 75 set in 1962. here iwhy it was so warm. thest downslope fl brought warm dry air offhe mntains to eastern colo.. w high touds tight withry skies and warr than normal temperatures. thursday will be mostly nny and coer but stillice for time of yea naof water shooting in air quite wild sightn colorado springtoday-s water main
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murray boulevard this afternoon. e mess shutdown traffic to one la in both directions. springs utilities tells us 12 lines e without service in the area-- they're waiting for parts and pect repairs twrap up around. tonight at 10---news 5's zach thaxtois looking into older pipes across colorado spris,..and hoay be seng more of this, as wecontinwarm u developing tonig: loraprings police an distri1 are investiging after a stent says she was harrassed on her way to thbus stop this morning. happened in old colado city nearest colorado anue. news 5's greg dingndo did some digging and found th is the thd case in that are.... lesshan a h. gr what's going on here? any tuation volvina young chilis scary.....b when found out thiwas th3rd one in less than became really alarming. th is a map of the three crimes.....the first happened at holmes middlschool on me, the 2nd was on pikes peak and
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west colorado enue to a girl tryingo board a bus to midland international elementarychoo the districtays th're concerned...and the community is too. is is where the most recent crime happened.. original it went o as an attempted kidnapping.....later switched to harrasment. devra ashby/district 11 sot: 10:152 he had made some threatening coents to here that frightened heand made a threat to take her necklace so she ran to nearby home and called pole. not methg neighborever thght ey would have to worry about. mary martineighbor sot: 0:2its kindupsetting that something like th would happen in my neirhood. kenneth johnson/neighbor sot: 52:34 family type neighborhood so i'm really surprid anthe fact there have been three cases in the same ar only made itorse. emily chstian/ neibor sot: 0:11 iboles my mind th people in the wowould beo rude asked the distrt if the three cases are related... the d-11 spokeerson says this most recent diert than the first two. sot 18:29 those students
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them in a vehisoite bit different. none the ss very ncerng. the community rees. and some say they'll do what th can to ep it from ening again. sot: 52:58 i won'tavit. not around me. aint gonna happen around me around her the suspect description for this most recent case was a white n, aut'4and 120 pounds, wearing dark baggy pan, a dull green sweatshirtana blac beanie. asorhe district's response, ey say they sent out ssages to toarents at midld international whe the victim went to school as welas west elementary whh closer tohe wherehe other cases happened. ifounow anything about these cases please call police. a canon city business owner.. says vandalism... is becoming a cuing problem. on news fi was there tay as she dealt with e latest damage.. t mketplace shops o maintrt. and e owr yshin' the first time... and took actn... surrounding her store with
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lena howlandith more on this stor., and what the owner says was cahtn ca. cong up in our nt half hour. xxxx we're aring from one of the first women to break barriers by finishing the army's prestious raerchl.. first lt. shaye haver is back on the unin pos. . new tonight: our kelsey kennedy okwi her abouter acmplishnts... and joins own udio. she dn't start ranger scho wi the goal of being a trailblazer.. but that's what she's become.. the top ranger in her gradti clas. is also at the mountain post.. i spoke with them both aut their history mang rge clas. ok rq natsrangers! the grueling army ranger course.. natscourse takes mohs at minimum.. for first lt. shaye haver.. the road to coming a rangetook 124 days.. t finily put me to my physical and mtal and emotional limits." the p raer in their class. afsergntichael lder..isseto questions abougraduating ranger hool withhe firstwoomeno
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"there was a standard to be upheldnd that standard was met all graduat." hat it boils down to is really the right soldiers for the right job and that dsn incde nder." lt. ver is an aphe pilot.. "being an attack aviator, m going to be putting unds pretty close to where they are, so knowing how and why they' moving absoluty is pbably the most important thi." inspired to go to ranger school toetr heelas a leader.. "for me it was being comtent enough for someone to eventually follow me into btle. those specific things would come up in my mind every time mething rt, or somethi was too hard or too tiring." nev allowinghe gelincose to get the best of her.. maki history the way.. "however do alize the imct th it s had. it been ovwhmingnd reallyuming. moving forward hope at it inspires peoe to go.
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school to airborne school.. ere are now twother le ar range ser our country from other posts.. rob d lisa? a new addition to the cheyenne motain zoo--xt a siow tir new wolf d he save her species. and it your weeklyki report. meteorolist ee hoffman ll louw what to pect on the spes!ike--? i'm mike daniels. i'lle your extendefirst
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thursday morning on news 5 today... the zikviruputs
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it all begs at:30 don't miss those stories--and althe days latest and eangnews newfive at ten. now, let's cck back in with mike. video of people ouenjoying t warm weather toduthern co..... okrom cameras acro lorado.... ghtoday in the 6s
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cuent temperatures aver southern colorado.. next weather maker, a weak disturbancnight will help toing in cooler air torrow. hour bur, ill plenty of sunshi all day tomorrobut highs ll be 7 12 degrees cooler thaday. still nice for februarlows tonight in thtes and 20'snd 30's. highs tomorrow in 40's50's and 60. 7 darecast for the springs, high tomorw . a little cooler friday with sunshine. weekend wi be nice with his in the 50's under sunshine. back into the 60's tuesday and wednesday. pueblo htomorrow 64, cooler still friday with n. a ni weekend wh highs the 50 and 60' beautiful tuesday and wednesday withighs in the mid anupper 60's. canon city and woodlanpark, his just little cool tomorrow. cooler sll friday with sunshine. a sant weekend with sarday ing the wat day of the weekd. y and mildext mond
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gusty windansunshine this ekend if you are headed the slopes... and while the ski resorts did not ha any huge snow fall totals in thlast week they did see some fre powder..copper.. lovela d breckenrge all rieved 2 inches of nesnow while keysne was t front runner this weewith 3 inche. it's looking like th aren't going to see o much ren the way of accumulation ough the weekend....looking ahd loveland and keystone will have mostly nny skies on fridaynd highs in the upper 30's and lower 40'those sunny skies continue for satuayutemperatures will only be in the ler 30's with winds gusting around 30 mp.. then clouds bud night d with the chance for sn on sunday ....similar condions at both breckenridge and copper mountains with highsn the 40s iday and saturday with sunnies d guy winds then clos inease saturday nig dropping highs the 'sn sunday with the chan fornow...remeer y can always check theatesski conditions on our website aa
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a female mexican gy wolf arved in coloradsprings by plane yesterday... anju hours later was introduced tthe male wolf at cheyenneouain zoo. it's some ry expeditedat- making for an important reason. news 5's bill folsom is here with a cselook at anothe efforty the cheyne mntain zoo.. to hela critally endgerd ecies. bill? ientists determined these two wolves are genetically valuable to ensuringhe future ofhe crically endangerd animals. the challenge ishey're both elev yearsld...whichs getting up there for wolves. in addition this species has a once a yeabreeding seon....and it's right n. a neolf no more... " tycally we do a slowerinoducon the new female helpsill void foleopold...thmale wolf at cheyenneountaizoo. his prious companion dd from cancer a few weeks back. it's also a scientific match- up in the speciies survivallan of the critically endange mexican grey wolf. very valuable we waed to gi it a go. the are hers debing
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reintred a whet's beeved they once roamed. the zoo aves tt deba to others, instead working prevent extition of the specs. " that if lislations ss treintroduce wolves back in the wild we do have a sustainable popution. . ju a day a theemale waat wolf conservation center in arizona. " she was actually referred to as feme #892, shhadn ceiv name." a group called "lighthawkcooridnates anes anlots to help with constin forts. inhis case theolunteers got 892 ickly colorado springs...the flight also t her a me. " we wted to hon that flight d we have named her lighthawk." day flights, quick introductions due to only a few weekon the calendar fo the two possibly pair-uand have puppies. "right now to the beginning, midd of march is their eeding season." " we wanted to bring her i close as we could tohat started." and thisneeason, may be the onlyhance for puppies
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line. bothols areven,,,neang past prime for breeding. "there's high hopes, but we' cautiously optimistic at the sa time." the numbers of mexican grey wolves have been increasing. st it's esmated ther on around 70 in the wild. t sales soar to new heights in oustate. webreak down the numbers next at x. also growing sport for a
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coring colorado tonit: a horrible string of events in arapahoe county ends with a year-old b dead. it started when a woman reported a sexual assault at knife-point in her denver home. police responded to find 6-year- old boy stabbed to dth side the home and a mawi se- inflted st wnds. a 2-year- d in the home wa't hurt. arapahoe unty sheriff's puty was also critically injure in a crash while ruse scene to help. he is hospitaled istable condition. the investigation ngng. a growing memorial in grd junction for mesa unty sheriff'deputy der geer...
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people have beeneavi flowers boththe shiff's office and the site of e shooting as wve rorted deputy geer is on life-suort, being kept alive long enoughor one last hoic act-o donate his organs. deputy geer is a ny veteran, husband d father of two children. inveigors say a 17 year old male suspect is in custo facing charges of attempte2nd de murder and possessionf a weon by a prevus offender. xx xxxxx anlask airlines ight... bod for san diego... s diverted to denver lt night... after the airline sa a man o board was drunk and became unruly andut of control. other passengers say the man broughhis own alcol onto the plane and started yelling at flight attendants whene wasn allowed to dri it. a spesman d-i-a sa t t-s-a d nver police responded as tlaanded it was then allowed to continueo san diego. it'sot clear if any charges be filed. ty leaders in dungo are idering building long- term housing for the city's homeless population. ey're looking at the possility a 40 housing
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near other social service provids. the focus wod be thelphem get back otheir et, wi jobs..and more peanent place to le. xxxx pot sales are apparent boomi colorado. new ers show mairjuana busisses sold nearly one-billion dollars st ar!...that includes recreational and medical marijuana. thstate department of revenue also reports 135- milln collected in taxes and fees lasyear. 35-million of that goes to school constctioprojects e sales numbers fo20-1ar 300-miion dollarhier than the first yr legaliti--in0-. air forcbasketballooking for their first thregain streak of 16. matt prichard s mon their chances later in sports. and other shake-up in thrace for ident. who's stopped campaiing--and how hilly is changing hersn the wake of a primary
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our top ory tonight at six-30. repeated cases of vandalism--has one canon city business owner frustrated...and speakg out. only news five was there as she dealt wihe latest crime against r busiss on main street. ne fivlena howland joins us live in o pueblo studio -- lena what's beindone about this? a brokenence and damag garden is the latest act of vaalism to happen at the marketplace's qui sto foundn th het of downtown canocind thowner st wants the vls ve heralone. ok r is is the afrmh of
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vandalism they broke the fence all down for no reason other than to break mething jacqueline lindblad owns the rketplace shops onain street.. d she this t th t me they'alle victim. wead a window broken out, there were several broken out on main street, we have h big rock thrn through our awning, aring the awning and that had to be fixed noto mention flowers being ripped out of her planters cigarettbutts ttering those plrs, aneven a bright red drink thrown at her ndow. canon citys a small town, it's a great place to live so these little petty annoyances th happen sometim late at nht can be very annoying.. and we've had our share shortly after her ndow was broken out -- she took action an surrnded her business with security cameras. we havught aost all thesvaals on cama and have
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doing this, it's so sill and tonight --he h a message for those canon city vandals. we, like thether merchants are just trying to earn an honest living, we work hd and y t need the added pensand the added headache of all of these needless issues e believes the suspects ught on cera in the latest e re ju teenage. poceay they are itg r r to fe a policeept, they c beginheir investigatn. liven pueblo, lena howland, news fiv coloradoprings polic investigating several incidents students being harassed on their way to school. thlatest happened this morning when a little rl was walng to the bus stop one. district 11 says a man walked up toer and made someomments that scared r, then he
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she to off and ran to a friends house....and isafe. people who live in the ea....say one case invving a chisad enough....but three in less than a month... is scary sot: 1:10 it's a little teifying to ve people in this are or any state, or any paf the world could approached by dient people d yonever know what uld ppen. the suspect deriptiofor this mostecent se was a white man, aut 5'4, and 0 pounds, wearing dark bag pants, a dull greesweatshirt, and a blac beanie. studen in school district 20 will soon need set their alarms clocks elier later this moh. e district annncedhis week that all elementary, middle and high school students will need to come tochoo10 minus rlr . beginng feua 22nd. th planned for least 6 snow days ts ye. but because of delays and canclatis havelrea use up most of tt ti "we know paren have scramble to make changeso eir morning routes, we ologize for that. we kw that'sot conveent,
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helps us gain me back in the st efficient way." academy isn't alone. the lewipalm school board is loing adng two dayck to t calenr in ail ... and hools isict 49 are each individuaadjusting schedules to me up for los time. no changes yetdistrict 11. pa of the reon for tha earlier start---the huge snowm we hadast week. many of you still cleaning up alg th city crews and at's put a hugdent in theisnow remov budget for the year. citytreets division manager corefaas tlss 40 peent of the bgehas already ense that'sbout 3hoand doar.. and it mainly we toward sn revateris. rkas says at numbedoes notinclude cof yingws ovme--chpu fro a diffent soce. and so of our snowiestonths art torrive. ings heating up and changing
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threblanie shrinking as attention sfts om new hampshirto south carolina--ter a stingi loss for llary clinton d big wins for bernie sanders andonald trum stevhandelan has our electi watch. super: new york ty :00-:08 beie sanders wt to hlem for a photo op with activist al sharpton . whwants african american democrats in south carolina to take a fresh look at sande supeonconh / lasnight :09-:12 - too short to super and,er his morthan 20 point win last night... sot sen. bernie sders / d presidential candidate :1316 too short to super? "people want post political coluist :23-:27 owon'tnow ifhell vote f him - and he starts way behi - but pple will give him a hearg." super: hooksetnh /asnight :28-hiary inton leads by 30 ints in south caroli polling, but she was stunned last night wheyoung new hampshirdecrats and women rejecteder for sanders. sohillary clinton d esidential candidate :3740 toshort to super "i know i ha some workdo, particularly with young people per: manchester, nh / last night :41-:4
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trump's 20 poi win powers him to the next contest sodold trump / r presidential candidate :47-:52 "it feels great. the people are ftastic from new hampshe." edit "and think south colina, frankly, is gonna be very silar to that.trump's got a 16 poi polling lead new hashire gop ruer up, ioernojohn kash, rushed tsoh carona t gov. johnasich / r prential candida 1:003too short to ser "i'star eally k we are o something." ris christie - today - dropped out of the rac so did carly fiorina. graphic effect - three video clips on one scree- all south carolina toy but jeb bush and cruz and marco bio ved on to south rolina which could help the frontrunr sot stevschmidt / republican strategist 1:13- 1: "the more candidates that e in this race - mas it possible for ump to win tlections with 33- 34% of the vote." le donaldmp plans in soh carolina. audio ouue: i'm eve ndsman, nbc news, mahesterw hampshire. 's two different primaries in south caroli. reblicans a week frosaturday then democrats a wk later. one of t army's fit women to ever complete ranger school is w ck where she's stationed on the mountain post. 19 women began the grueling course back in ail..
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other woman.. and 95 mrom ranger school in gust.. haver is a helicter pilot from texas.. who aduated from wpoint.. she ys s wanted toome rirous army training course to improve heelf leader and a soldi. ===== "being an attack aviat, i'm gointo be ttinrounds etty close to where they are, so knowing how and why ty're moving absolutely is probly lt. haver sa knowing her unit "at home" was "counting" on her... helped motivate her to complete traini. she also hopes her accomplishment will inspire other women to g ranger xx our world champion denver broncos continue to make their victory la-across the cotry. you've got to woer if yton manninever sleeps. the day after the sur bowl wi he waontoday",....went to disneyland, ce back to denver for t parade and ray yesterday... and toght he'll be on "the tonight sh with jimmy fallon" ofourse we still haven't heard from theeteran quarterck if he'lrere, we'll see if fallon is able to get any answers out of him. you n catch thshow rht here on aa-5 right after news ve at ten.
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p--another star player making e dia rounds, he was on elleyesterday and has also appeared on late night t-v. if you missed any of yesterday's exciting parade and celeation rally with the broncos--news five has you covered. weave compe cove the hisc event- .com. x more autrecalls involvg ultyba. 'll tellou if yo vicle is affected aheaat firs let's check back in with mike in e weather center. i'm ke danls. i'll have yo extenfirst alert five forecast next at
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time lapsef e cresen tting behindik pk eving. look fm cameras across colorado....
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currentempatesllve uthern corado. nextther mer, a ak diurnce tonit willelp tori icoeriromro ho by , ilplenty of sunshine all day tomorrow t highwi be to 1deees coer thatoda still nice for fary. lows tonight in thteens d 20's and 30's. highs tomorrown the 40's, 50's and 60's. 7 day forecast for the springs, high tomorrow 57. a little cooler friday with sunsne. weend will be with high in t 50's under sunshine. back into the 60's tuesday and wednesday. pueb high torrow 64, cooler still friday with sun. a nice weeke with highs in the 50's and 6s. beautiful tuesday anwednesday with highs in e mid and upper 60. canon city a woodland park highs st a little cooler torrow cooler still friday wi suhine. a pleasant wke with saturday beinthe warmest day of the weekd. dry and mild nt monday
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ter suaythdetes , on....whe the broncos rate amongst the greastefens of all time jo elway and c-e-o joe ellis weighi in on where they fall
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the 2015 broncos have solidied
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super bowl-50 cham, riding intohe sunset on the strength ofheir lhts out defense. the estion now is, where does that defense fall in the greatest uni of l time? differt lls rankinthem fr first, thi, to fifth all time....witht il awding thatitle tohe985 bears. but ou ask john way and joe ellis, they sato evebe consider is an honor in itself. to me, to sit here and say, u ok athe perfmancin tha per bowl, they're in the argument to be o of the best ever! it's harto say they're going to be that, but their in the gument and that's a hell of a compliment to t the defee, tlayers that john brought will all debate whey stand history. i will shis, sday's performance was historic. thkey noisping tt defensivcore togetr, von
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the f new cacts thisffseason....e'll keep u up-to- datas those negotiations get going. itas beea tough season on the hardwood for air force. 12-12 on theeawith just seven games fto play. but as olatethfaons have teto sw s of lif biwins against bse statend wyoming hahe falcons looki for the in a row against vada tonightnd on their way to finhing the season a ne. buwi a nev hd coac ilovh says they'll ve to clean-up some of the mistak theheirst time around. they get to the rebo glass, both defense and offense so we've got to keep them off the glass. i think we're a little more engetiin those areas right no thi wre playi a ttle better e.but 'll hage bse 's oe ro, weaven tt othadso 'rloing to try and change thingsp do things different on the road and come ck with
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tip-offrom reno is scheduled for 8:00 o time,e'll have hights the gamek he on a 10. pro basketll actiotonight as well. the nuggets are motity for a matchup with the pistons. denver is covering after tough buzzer-bter loss to the brooklyn nets on monday, just one ofany tight gas the ggets ve beeonhe losg end of. they are already underway the, in the 3rd it's 53 to 52 pistons ahead. burger king ding a new mea its line--wel tell you abo it next at 6:30. also next, two big aut rells--invvi faulty airbags and brakes what car owners need to
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,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, your consumer w tonight.. mo vehicle recalls to replace possib defectivebags made by akata" this latest recall iolves over a milln cars and s's... many merdes models... from 2005 through ... .and sprinter anfreightler vans... 2007 to 2014 model years. the car makers say the move is precautionary.. no injies have been reported. xxx more than 473-thousand g-m trks are alsbeinrecalled t-s and canada. genel motors says brake pedals n come loose and fail to work properlyn ceain vecles maderom 20 a016.
6:35 pm
silverado h-d, g-m-c sierra h-d an chrolet tahoe police vehicles. general motors pns to contact ners so a pairan b de. the national highway traffic safety admintratiohas made a bigecisioregardg self driving car thay thepur controlling driverless vicles should be legalldefined as a "driver" rather an theperson bind the whee the agency says when it comes to self-driving cars. no one ihiclwill be consided the dver. this decision is significantor googlend other as working on the legal fica cter controll vehicle subprime ao s e t payments. expean autotive reports the percentage of auto loans to buyers with the orest credit ratingss growing faster than the rest of the auto finance mket. the compy says over 20 percent ofpen auto loansre now h those wh low credittings. and the avage amountwed on loans 60overdue went as
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target is ta a new ah to kids bedding and home goods. it's introducing a gender neutra kids line.. called pillowfort. target says therwill be 12 imsical themeshat kids can mix and match and upte over time. it should be in es later this mon xx burger king plans on getting into the hot dog busess... adding to its menu. the fast food chain s partnered with kraft oscar mayer make the t dogs and will fer two types... classic and chili cheese. to stick with burger king' "have it your y" motto, customers wille ableo add or c toppings. they'll be ailable beginning february 23rd. theye main ctitor for hot dog lovers will be sonic... which has more than 35-hundred
6:37 pm
a few high thin clouds tonight with lows in the teens, 20's an 30's. thuray will be mostly suy d cooler with highs the 40's, 50's and 60's.
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a amaticcene in lorado spris today---as a water main break turns into a geyser! toght on news five at n.. an update onhese reprs on murray boulevard---and we're finding t whthis mrt tbe a more mmonightn thcomi mont. and a alth alert for women concerns grow over the zika rus. only on news five-we're talkinto a woman traveli t soh ericabout e ecautions she's been told to take and what you need to know if you have any travel plans yourlf thanks for joinings fonews at 6.
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