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tv   News 5 at 10PM  NBC  February 11, 2016 10:00pm-10:34pm MST

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approach to coaxing him out. "no lives were in immediate danger so ere'no reason for uso rush in so we' take our timewe'll try to contact him see if 'll come out willfully, however we can't wait all nighso that's why we deploy dferent measures fr a safe distance to the susct gis himsel." noneasurt. inuding the spect. here he is being ten away in police cruiser. policeay... they sti don't know at h moti was forheiring his wer e stand off. the evacuation still in place r some people... the fire rtme is in thernow tryi tclear out some oat gas used earlier to make it fe forks to turn home that should a minute now. thsuspect.
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cluding thos for ots red inside his home and refusingo come outhen poce arrived. li in cos mg news five. developing at ten. el paso county sheriff's investigators still looking for armed suects following a home insion this afternn in the 19-hundredckf riverwalk parkway,..ear markfel and constition. instatorsay.. a womawho runs a home daycare... repoed thereak in. the sheriff's office ss 3 men and woman... who they say "were armed"... brokinto theome. ankfully, no one was injured... budeputies say the home s nsacked and the womas purse was st... "it's nd of ird we just moved into the neighborhooa few nthsgo andwereike tis such a neighbhoodi mean it still is it'seaiful place to live, but yeah it's very weird." the suspects were wearing
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the woman is describ as ving blond or reddi hair th dark roots. if you know anything, you're asked to please callhe el pa countyheriff's office. xxx here's a le look right now... from our new5 studios in colorado springs... and pueblo. lead forecaster mi daniels is tracking your forecast. let's check in with him now for update... mike? a cold fro movesn tonight with cooler air for friday. it will continue tbe dry. ide now, current temperatures andidity and nd speeds for tprin and eblo. fair skies tonight with lows in the 20'sost ars. friday will be
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a centuries-d trition... has become a "new form of treatment" for soldiers... fferinfrom p-t-s-d. and e nativemerican sweat lodge on fort carson is leadin the way for military installations around t untr news 5's jessi mitchell takes us insidthsacred ritual that's a growing trend among vets. jessie? whatnce was a ritu held in secrecy, is now lauded for its efcts onoldiers with p- t-s-d. and the number of both active duty and vetan warriors seeking itlegendary cleansing powe continues to grow. in a remotsection of turkey creek, the airs filled with songs and smoke. is is the lakota sioux inipi -- a traditional sweat lodge, madef willow brancand donated ilts. it's been re since the 90s. they didn't have clue as t
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weretelling them at e time. michael hackwith, a marine veteran of t gulwa start this inipi with a couple friends who wanted to followheir own cuural religious pra praying, singing, playing drums -- and sweating he tent -- around dozens of hoon, in mplete darkness. it's a py ritual, degned to help sweat t negativity- a common pblem for strugg soldiers . i've deployed fivees. i've been ere and back, and all that negative baggage that you collect and the thgshat th helps you cope. this hel you deal with a that. fort carson foal recognized the eat lodge as a ligious actice i20, the firs ever a mility base -- a chans nowommend the ritual to thoswith p-t-d. guid bnatis belting out tribal chants, eryone el is couraged to pray in thei faith. u pray for your emies and people that don'ke you and that's difficult, and as a veteran, you're praying for those people
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that helps you come to ter th a lot of e stuff. r some, discovering the sweat lodge came at the lowestoint inheir lives -- ke john charles fr, a desert storm vet who found ouabout the cerenyt an a-a meeting. i got shot by the poceour mes, and i tthe police was suicidal a wanted to die, and i threw a rock at them and they shot now rocks provide an esce. thstones heat er on flames for hourbefore being passed into the sweat loe --here leaders po sage and water over tm to produce the steam. a stifling environment at first, but those who practi say you soon break through your concerns about comforancome ounded -- sothin rst-tir oscalilley embraced qckly. i'm re witptsd, but i've also hadhr knesurgeries. ve had pulmonary embolism, anthat's div from
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combatand your body, your mind and youroul takes a ll. originally designated onlyor men of t tribe, leaders no welcome anyone to e dge, especially soldi d theye hoping the tration will continue for generations to come. ere's not a whole lot of native amerins l t country, and sad tru i someday we'll be gone, and this is all they hao member us by yocan now find sweat lodges at a w other military bases and terans aairs centers aund the country. at fort carson, thlakota sioux also host a sun dance in july to celebrate their traditionanew year. the schedule f the sweat lodge chges throughout the year, but leaders host it at least twice a month. to learn more and to find how to participate, click on this story on our website, k-o- a-a t m. news 5 just ito newfive. puloolichave arrested a mathey say robbed a ba in
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55-year-old wesley willburn is der arre. lice say the robbery happened this afternoon at the u.s. ba on north main. they say he walked in, demanded cash, and took off on foot. he was arrested at a home on west 8th street. antake look at thesetos of t spects wanted on charges of theft. man and man stola walletfrom an employeet tandem auto reir,...and then usethe credit card at walmart, subway and lowes. their vecle is believeto be a dark green acura. if y recogze these suspect or this the el paso coun sheriff's office. new informion tonight: on a hrible ringvents arapahoe county that ended with the death of a 6-year-d boy. the arapahoe county coroner's office says e child ed from an injury to his neck...his death has been ruled a homicide. authorities found the boy dead inside aapartmen w woman saidhe w sexuall assaulteat knifepoint. ey also found man suffering from what appear to be self inflicd ife wounds investigators say th6 ar old chd was his son. e man and womaparely lid together.
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office says ts time, no arsts have been made.. investigio xxxx onhe way to that scene... arapahoe countsheriff's dety bill foreman... was critically injed in an accident.. and today, a blood drive was ====== the colorado commuty is so generous when there is an instancef someone need - and ey hear about th story- they always want to help in sway. deputy foreman is 25ear veteran of the sheriff's office in araphoe couy. e blood drive.. is ongoing... at 6 diffferencommunity locations. xxxx and sadly... over in grand junction... a eriff's deputy shot in the ne of duty this week.. has lt hifight. depuerek geer waon life support since monday.. to allow his organs to be donate heasseaway last night. geeras a navy veteran. and had been with the mesa county sheriff's office for 15 years. he was mried... withwo children. prosecutors say they plan to ge tar o suspec.. as an adu. x
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ry selection is underway...i thtrial of a woman..used utting an unborn by from another man's wo in longmo last year. dynel land is acsed of luring michelle wilkins to a basement and tting e baby out wilkens survived.but her baby dinot. about 300 potentiajurors wer summoned to the boulder countyourtuse today to fill out written questionres. ne ichged with attempted first degree murde assault and unlawful ternation of a pregnancy. two men o aim ey were xually abused byill cosby des ago...are tryingo ch coloradlaw. theyestified before the house judiciary ing to change the stute of limitations inexual assault cases. two bills are being introduced. they areot retroactive,. they wouldn'help tse women prosecuttheicases,ut they want to help others moving forwd. they feel more time needs toe given assault victims t heal, before they ce their attackers in court. attorney gloria allred represents 29 allege victims..,d it would be up to a districtttorney to prute.
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gloria allred, attorney "thestill examine the evidence, and make a determination as to whetr ey believe there is sufficient idence to prove their case beyond a reasonable dot." right now lorado sta o litations ten years. one bill would lift that cap altogether,...the otr would extend it to twey yes. we will continueo track th two bills moving as theyove thugh thlegiature. videjust io our wsroom toght... fromhe pueblchemical depot. owing the opation to destroy our nation's large remaining stocile of chemical weaponu.s. my officials say 5-hundred 60 shells and bottles... containing mustardgent have been stroyed. it was an historic day at the depot... ashis en the "first phase" of the pject.. all total, thermy says it plans toisassemble and neutralize som0-thousand shls. the d date of project is slated for 2019. x school disict 60 hosted s
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elling bee tight at c-s-u pulo. and the p 11 areoweang to the stawide competion! our own jessmitchell took to the miophone tonight.. calling out word definitions and sentces. e top ur finalists from each of d0's mile schls were invited to night's bee. phillip jackn from "heroes k-8 acemy" won first place b correctlspelli "strudel" ... after rounds. === m ve surprised. i wasn't expecting t i won my school spelling bee as ll. i wasn't expecting to wi that either. ybe should not expto win things more ten! the spelli bee was sponsored b hills energy. the to3 fists ived plaque ribbo and g baskets -- pbraggi rhts. the statspelng bee in denverwille held march 12th. the p-a under fire again ahead at 10--we'll breakdohe findgs of a deraprobe into thimassive mess.
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e new eviden jusdiscovered that provehis ntury-old eo. t re's mike. i'm mike daniels. i'll have your extend rst alert five forecast ne at 6:30. habits isn' easy...
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health year yet! deo from prospect laken the springs. a look fm cameras across colorado.. current temperatures or colorado.....
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rthwest and snow to our northeast, dry here due to a blocking ridge of high pressure. at is keeeping the stormaw from coloro. ur by hour, mostly sunnyes torrow with light zes out of the east. the sle fll brg in cooler air. lows tonht in the 20 most areas. friday wbe mostly sunny with highs ith's and 50's most areas 7 day forecast for the sprin, high tomorrow in the 50's, warmer saturday a then a new cold fronwi cooler sunday. next wk lle dry and ld with highs in the 's and 6s. pulo high morrow in the . warm saturdathen cooler air slides in again sunday y and warm next week with highs inhe 6s and 70. canon citynd woodlanpark, cooler and dry tomorrow. warmer and dry saturday. cooler sunday thankso a ak frt.
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warmer than average
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,,,,,,,,,,, neeven ps thry alrt einstein introduced 1 yearago! is newly released videof his notes. in 1916, he predicted the existee of gvitaonal waves...or ripples in space. prevusly..scientistsnly found indirectdencto suort his theory,, a team of trophysicis has detected wa two bck holes. resechersay it's a landmark discy at opens the door ererstding the cosmos. thdemocrats are squaring off in wiscons. a closer look at the
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w informationow ons maive minepill in uthwtern colorado. a federal probe into the cident found edence that e-p-a workers knew a spill w ssible. an e-p-a official in charge of the site at the meaid in an email, he personally knew e mi cld contain large volumes toxic water. the e-p-a triggered the ill stugust that st three lln llons of mine wastewaterroe animasiv into thrte in your election watch
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and just two ds after the nation'sirst priry... thmocraticandidas squared off wisconsin hillary clinton and bernie sanders faced off on a wide range topics... includg race relations and healthare. the two di even greet eachothe sta. instead going immediately onhe attack. nders seems toave a tight gripn womevoters. and says he doesn't feel a nders victory would thwart hior sot / bern sders "i think sanders vtory wou bef some hrica accompshment as well." butted to sot / hillary clinton "i'm not asking pele to pport me because'm a woman, m asking people to support me because thk i'm the most alifie experiencednd rdy person tbehe predent and coanr cef cont v the next caucus will be february 20th in nevada. contuing our election watch coverage. both democratic esidenti caidates will make their pren kno in colorado,...ahead ofur caucus march firs beie sanders and hillary clinton wi attend an annua democraticarty dinner on
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sanders wi also hold a rally that day. and chelsea clinton will be campaigning r her ther in boulder and nver next week. lorado joi a dozen oer stes, oner tuesdayo oose a presidential preferen. xxxx a deral judge s ordered hlla clinton's raining e-mas fr her time offic to be released bore super tuday. the state depament will blish some 550 pag on saturday. the next insllmentset to be released a y before nevada's democratic caucusnd another before southola' prary. the la oclinn's 55- thousand pages of emails are expeed to be made bln febrry 2h. the governments ping "zika vis tests" for pgnanwomen to health departments acrohe country. public health perts predic small outbreaks in thenited statesnd are especiall concerned about erto ric health officials have asked congressor more than a billion in emergency funding to he fight the outbre spreading quicin latmeri. xxx folling up now on a story at
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the four remaining occupiers at the oregon wdlif rege finlyurreeredo the f-b-i without cide and werned today tt nine more people from six states have now charg in cotion wi the staoff. seven are under arrest...two ill on the lse. the cuers were danding the federal government turn over pc lands to local corol. 25 people have now beecharged. if the broncos keep this u.. they'll doi the news next week here on news five... thmetouronties t co avanchgeing don tonight onheoad.
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th g,,,, is v miller the best defensive player in the nfl?? the broncos think so... bronco country thinks so. but ll he be paid like the best defensi player in the leag coming off a rord setting ason and incredible fifty... mill will be a hot commoty. his free agency is the one we'll be talking about all smer.... but is he woh e ney? today on nfletrk... chriisnd bnd marshall hady answers to easyuestn. doeson derveo behe
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is it easy? mean jwatt is pretty goo.. i mean v jj n't ve a ng... voes a he'p anthe way beenble to leaus with hisushi abity. mean he stil haa lot of lt - he still has some irovement to t ntinue to get better. this is only a sot. no continue if you msed it last night... peyton manning was on jimmy fallon last night righ he on news five. he smashed eggs on hisead... de fun ohis brother eli nning d talk smack back on llon for his nfl superlatives. the be part?? when magic hnn joined the party. ani tried toalk somebody out ofetirement d methe rams and if you play aga... come to the rams. i s workin on him backtage a would echip some mone
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cut homeonig with wagtontate.. leadinin the fir.. off the steal josh fortune leav it to thomas ak---ya-zee---lee. and then wley gordon... insierra high scol pro. went to ertime. dole overte ed at 78 the avalche e still searching for their first win of the moh. wouldn't sound abad if they dn't alrea playefoames ebruy.peod power ay... sh in on ja iginlwith t impoib anglend it sneaksn... s up 1-nhingt e enof the fit. they poud itn in t second... 3 on 2... than mnnonh the go. 2-nothavs.en tlay inith mer...his secondf the night. 3--nothing senators me itnteresti lateorado 4---3 on e
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and arewo wee away om e outdoor me witthe re wis. feuary0th. the nhl released this artist rendering ofoors field all decked out in maroon and blue and sn. you n wah the gan news ve fa skies tonight wh lows in the 20's most areas. friday will be mostly sunnand cool with highs in the 4s d 50's mt spots. dry and rmer saturday before the olerirdes back in for sunday. fit,...could it be tck nights for brcoquarterbpeon maing on jimmy fallon???
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no,...coul't be,...?ould it??? actuly, thats acess isten wiig,.all dressed up lieyton maing,.trying to spike a footll and itets tt,...her footba acumen,!! i wot spl'll jus have to tune in next tfind out what peyton's favorite color is,..heree likes sp,...andis favorite preame . must see tv!!!! an f wating ws a :0 morr morng jir shellene andtephen for ns 5 today starting a4:30 r continuouss 24-hours a
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