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tv   Today  NBC  February 12, 2016 10:00am-11:00am MST

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>> was she in? >> no, becauset wase an orgy thi s didn't d it. ande'll talk romantic weekends. >>ow are yo 'm good >> evethg good? >> oh, everythi's peac. ueally have toringhat up? no, i'm fine everng is really,eally . of like,erhing's go my husband's birthday is sunday. >> valentine's di? >> he's val baby. i w lik toelebrate and he doesn'tike biays. he think vantin is a ripo, staura so exnse, they jac up the es of flowers and basicly nothing. >> thas it? >> this is it. cheap wine - >> yot dg because -- >> because i gave it u for . and tn ysked men the sh. know, ofll the things to
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ave you ever given u wine fo lent? you know what' funny, i'm actually not a hugeine dr youlways havehemell om alcoho so wt ar king? ,seriously. >> i lik ila. younow why? bee i like t getthere. i don't like to spendme >> you don'tt to b i right l o gh wante i just s something? ck up my "wal s urnal" i you wha o -- >> p da. a whole article hoda tv hosteflect o findi her o way." kneou wldn' bri it up 'sautil, abo hse o representi y pents
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i jt likhat o ot dotry about a o tse he on. people who shaped yha deou - all kding aside, thgrt arti. >> l play aantiilm game 's yravorite romtic moe? >> oh, b, yeah. iike "love acally." >> that'smine, too! and love "sweet homeam" >> iever s that one. is t? >>s reese witherspoon -- >> d lik "the incredible journeith the three animals and they gett and com back an theiramil miss them 's ep. >>ay atnt wre goi tookt e otrom a romanti fill and
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guess wthe fi sin al-filfilm is. oh, oh, oh "moon strk." d you ju did yojust dmurscurse? >> e me a chance >> oh, >> oh, "roman holiy. wetied. gotri iig away. "loveacally >> yes! you jt stole ove actuay" from? body stes "loveacal" om . what wasouravore part, do you remember? >> i love the sce wre she goes oute hallwa
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i like the one whenhat' name me,olin fst is drivingnd he says my forite part of th y is with you and hes poue portuguese -- that's couny. >>t' not m ne i c'tven say thelangge. i don't know w you go the. she goes myavite part of d - >>s wherive me home? that great. ngteary.>> let's a lov songs. b morr
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hat's in e is it? , "brietjones, thanku. som om actly likou >> asolin and hereer,'t it >>oht'sm"brijone u'reght.>> t theommon denin i lin. >> ere's sethiut al iidn'ick tro uer a br.he's a veryy man. to hear. 's your favorite lsong? >> mes going to seemir when richandmarried, h a boom ma casset tapoier
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whic ishy i le tt s from "loval y? >> he w dcih but was. didou pick or did he? i d. withou woth likeointers as jt jl many do y hav a picre ofr andreth's wedngday?>> it'sot ready. >> i've only beearri for 30 ars ago. it not ready. this is -- >> tha my w ur thatooks like we' clo th gra there. my gohey hhour i here at.mours they knew goi ten you sm l a flower cld muchhippie, bra.>> dyou? yount? no, no, no, no, iust never woron wh
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ti peoe didn'ear bras h t oy he wuppod telowe bu they sd frs wld di>>ou s hiie. ell botts. >> didousmoke? >> garettes>>an pic- >> tt' >> tt' tliacallyt u meant. >> let's go to t song fro spoty. spot this hotoh." >> lov tha >>f're d,oog this this-
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jes >>r twllme," j ge.nd. leourur and y edge all y per ections eautiful dy use it gotite pout. >> you think? ow i l i ain. theber o son o y, lov s oallte of there songss ts e byusti bieber urse." yo oh yhould nd ou >>on'tnkt' t er oso. >>hat do u tnkha is. >> ifouikth wou lk
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sochhy y g lyourlf. e didn't in tt y. >> sd ifike the ,o >> i tho somet enti re lffen re dit. >>ou uphese scena d then ylayehe sweet leirrooure o egy ave ta fall. it notng t hn ai itapd one m times. >>ber -- >>an j- n y me look ju. likes it le j sayg t meanin m sg he'otoo nger at 's nr onesong stu u ->>n isy? o ofll -- n of - w is it?
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number one song no one ever ar has it >>s tberneg wheogebu u kwt we mean. 'sal dot. ishenhee thse.i'moondy this ononea t anr. i dot rsta. wh i ishis is this agyame. >>hiquestion. did we it?ow. have your seen oerske likeir z. og hks ke ard. d it bau - ed out. dogo you in ok ar e'spp tha a
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lks closeoyou. i any i'm probl le a pugr sothing. >> oou'reorega whats at >> an a hound. >> that'so betil. that isountractive and theoots need to be do. >> oh you gethe cute one!oh, i wanted a cockerspaniel. >> dou want aker ie s w cockeraniel. tav a cr spanie >> we katto >> t high w terrier. think ty're kind ofpot
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mi babybel. k br. . >>tas been 15 years since we lastai ice on the gat super del. >> eri zoolander isk in "zlander "i the earer this ek khy sweredad -- h chceo ce to chat with ben to figure out if he sll had what it takes. >> flash mhat inible look. incredlemagnum >> tnk fast, magnum magnum now. >> oh, come! up got but you got t focus. >> >> come on! >> stop! you got this!
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no it's not wking a thashemac pa uho s the cody. >> is a ictlm.hawa>> w h rhrin ate wa towgobctweep she fn ilynd th m tseof -ut the n'tt ft. ink defition of sof in - >> amirans >> ye it didn't leave marks an so it's f >> it's the mi mi. >> -- o themovie.hen their one camet,to see y these .no an iustrted to feelpeoption blue or they would tbo movie and didt seem go
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ll aiesn'tcomet, y go,,aybewillehi is o it pp. >>toty s whorokethes . >> i d kno if you rber be're gngoalk wnyane le blt at antu film fe>> doanto aou it? i c con w w land lander hope we' bhooting itsoon
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stt shngoday oh, yes. meredith vieria is in forthy. we areoi to steam things up dplp whe y're spe bng thight a hubit y lovee hat wine foryou.>> a we have two our w experts, "we f women" author. >> i just wanto pnt one thingou of u is a freak. it's notray,t'ot slie. please get a close- ofmereth. sobody please. i'm begging yo i canhelp i endowed. >> kids, w aren the htub.
10:29 am
>> theres. is there y guysan't hav y. n' >> wt youo geevil gi. this ihedevisolion it' d is fm ile, it' light d fruityndt's under a screw cap so when uet t tub >> re t's under a s at fantc. even mor hay, t next one thebrought,in mony a om, strgeame, w nen a ca >> in a n? >> it's bom increbly pular. whole foods is selli it like crazy. andoglass. >>o glass aund the hot allyrecyable. 's vy lightly fizzy, chi wn.
10:30 am
in ahot, steamot b. like th! >> perfect! >>eldro! we n more wine. >> whs the clicker? hold on.les ke w wa aymovie. hi a notebook? teok. love this wine. this is the oh orn? >>oh,opcorn goe t. oh,hepoorn'owbew.isth is sak shaz. it licis. 'sricottlof r ne >> d y prt witanything? >> popcn. wlde rll gd wh beer osoin
10:31 am
i bught liteport. >> thought w t littl port. >> no, you're mytle tart, e rt.>>hi is t reserve. it's under $20 forhis. so it' a fanicly affordle lentine's ftcan you sit on thecouch. >> that's skp. >> it's delicious. t's sweet, the port. >> supe great,eat. w wre going to give you a ttiss of wine wit a wine fr spai >>f is if y areoingo p the question.>>iss of th is a ponio. youan seeantonio. he g some little this haing ght dn the thinalhi isfou're ingo pop the queson, chpae. whoa >>ll right, cheers, everybody. >> cheers! cheers.
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on a cute busnd jeans for a caal da. look slim ans. shesnem el real cl ncepd yo can ck a the elements you want. 8, 7, 5, 3, 2 and [ bu" "] an jt say tt is s te. can we jusayow orable u ltleot mama >> what look isni loo? >> wella l of curvy -- >> well, let's set t cloc a lotf cvy women want to accentuate the wstnd she's
10:38 am
has grt ls and a greust li. y'rnogog do it! iant to restt theoc stop the clock, ease. >> we did pcte this i swea >> ika becse some o th -- ok, wait. >> 30 on toc >> hold on, hold , holdon. this is very important. dotsh >> no, we g it wait aminu. okay >> he wego. >>verour he d g youot ino >>t'still not enin i n't ow whahapped wit this isw s put it on so quklyt my house. >> the we go. >> you got it hoy. >> we' going to hel her. this is a niceru irt.>> it d'tmatter, re. fgetit, fort i
10:39 am
thing. wll ceac tou >> n put this . >> her f>> favoriteume. this is from scent birdan tr i $15 a moh. go! >> slip w fouhis for unde$50, fish net stockin ande detail ies. she's d ts re this re >> cute the shoes arebl ryute. >> aright! we don't want to miss o time. >> up got it, girl,h timeo spare. >> li i srting now t a
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> "diogo morgado, probably probably know hest fm mis powerful performance in es" and i "sf god." fa went so wil over diogo,
10:46 am
over the internet a since then he's beech being baduys on "csi cyber." >>nd now he'sn a movie called"love findsu. >> are y lost? what? ai road's back that way. >> oh, no, i was just aing house. >> so youigured you'd drive on private propey and invite yourself up on the porch and have a good look tough the window >> i don't get to the city much. is thisow it' done the days? >> we, i don't ce out to the countr much, but i hea you peop were spod tbe friely>>oh yant friely trynoing o the doo and inoducing yoself. firstf all, there's a
10:47 am
it's medithvieda. >> >> edasmorgad >> i love i that you're in this lovie-dovymovie. what was it t yecide go here?you' d someio movi >> i tnk tt wa it. therwere some prey intse ye thinkas lkior someing aore se and liore fami-orited. >> setswee something sweet. at i lebohi mov is it's a love stor is abo self-lovt' aut fily ve. alspects of le auay portrad in ts movi that onef the thingshat al dwse in >>ou pyed aanfoma d youe ailfrai o rse.
10:48 am
12 iot a hor and hurt my and i al my class wg on me. love horse ar. i was like, you ho m it about the cent? did yave to work on it? . know. >>eoveour nt ne play game with you? l's d. >> you'reoi tay somhing tosnd it's goi t be i your and meredith nativ lauage, pougue. it's called in love or insult. 'reupposed to guehich on it is. me. >> i don't. i can't pronouncey name. right? i'm goingo try to trick you both don't cheat. >> iot eati. you know me so well.
10:49 am
[ speang portugu ] >>. >> twas an. whaid you say? >> i sai i love you ys. one re >> aght. [ speaki portuguese ] >> don'takey wa? >>hat's love. >> tt'slove. >> i just sd you he morning breath. breath.
10:50 am
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10:52 am
it's outn vant doesn't everye love
10:53 am
being he. >> a we aays he aba. yestday w introdud youo greatples who hadeen toge0 years. we created this music hay happy valentine's day. eny. >> happy valentine's day. you're inheood f love you're in the md to dance you're in t moo for a little rance you'r in the mood for love i i see pe, i see you you sled that air thereoesn'teem to be much
10:54 am
tonight iave the chao be yourittle rance tonight have the chance, i'm he moofolove i i a dressed up tonight, i've waited nit lo when willhey finally play your son your son i'm in the mood to dan >> i promise to love, honor and chis you. >> the joy o my li. to have and to hol >> do. i love y. >> iove justaving him home. yo know, everything worked 61 yes.
10:55 am
ha me laughing. >>'m i the mood for love. if it's the only chanc get, if it the only chance i get ready to throw you shoes away f i wl sweep, swe i will sweep, sweep, sweep you off your ft toe your little romance tig i have t chance to be your little romance tonig i have the chance, i'm
10:56 am
10:58 am
you theood[cers appuse]>> anctoda onacha ray.. >> raae >> announcer: don't make servations this valentine da makru and cocktails in d. >> rachl: crazy! >> announcer: then "zoolander 2's" chrisne tayr is tel mantic secrets about her husband, b stiller. and warm up with a bow rou -- now eou ready for ral! [cheers and applause] >> rhael:appytine'sday! [chers and ause] rachaelso this is o lentine'sw bau thi
10:59 am
valenne's i broughty valentine to work withme, my sweet sband, john. thank you, honey. >> youre welce.[cers a appe] rel: you know i tell people all yearlo, not jt valentine'day,urnny day to valti'sayy cooking for t o youove. anodyanake a reseation, its caper t vate night at home, eve if u burit, you will alws be dsert ifou cook heend appuse] >> racel: right? >> andou are close to the bedroom. >> rac you are clor to ebedroom,d point, jo. thank you. >> raael: todayoing to starwithn ey and delicious valenne brunc you canerve your valen in bed. >> ooh! >> heerspplae] el: so my frid goldy actual named this, thehick magnet otherfriend,grant, tau me the treatment for the eg are allinne or tse eggs
11:00 am
brown butter basted --ye, seve-mute egg. perfectftoiledgg bathed in brn bter a t i wro a simple vinaiet and wre going to pairt wit lovy salad ofy kale and frisee d roastbuttertsqsh. goeou brunch. >>h, n. raael: gorgeous. gpo a fulloil and boil theeggs bring t ful bl rn the off, sto thebo, put a lid on the pot. en let tmtand exactly sen nute co shm in a bowlf cold water. i cckhe sks det them soak a so tha t c wa ts inhere and paratethe e from the shel, rit? soe've gotcouple perfectly so-boiled gs and no i'm goingo put em in the pan wh brown butter.


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