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tv   Today  NBC  February 14, 2016 8:00am-9:00am MST

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washington to whoill take his at. >> >> we beg with gray who in texas outside the ranch where scalia died good morning. >> good morn erica, before sunse and we are learning more about justice scalia's death her at this resort and ranch. we know scalia traveled toest texas on friday and attended a pay with about 40 guests idayning en he didt sho u for eakft, crn sta went his room wherehey found him respsive. local law enforcement, u.s. mahals and fbi agents were al called in. investigatorsayhereere no signs of foul play herand that scalia likely diedof, quote, natural causes. a devt catholic. ities usher in priest to perform last rites and his bodyas moved to alpine nrb an with a police escort trsported more tn20 mil a feral home in el paso. scalia's family isxpected to
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at this point tre's n informion about a memorial or a funeral service for thesupreme court justice. erica? >> j gray for us in xas. ank you. >> jtice sca was a giant o the bench, the mosconsertive vo ofll o jtices d hieath h sp fig er textjuice. wel get to tha i jusa moment, but pete williams has a look atscalia's life and lega. pe, good morning. >> certainlyhe most outspoken conservative, justice scalia seemed to be in robust health so his death comes as a hugely unexpected blow. he was a justice with a powful intellec intellect and his dth means the court has lost itowerful nservati >>e was confied unanimously
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juste was a steadfast conservative. agnst afrmate action a opponent of abortionrights it was wrongly deced it clare rights the nation's foders never iended. >> nobody everught that they had been includ ithe rigs containi theillf rights. >> scaa said jges suld stic followinghe words of the laws they interpret. >> we not goverdy the drafter's inte. we are govned by, it's not what theraerinteed, bu wt thraer ented. >> h dighted liberal puing t court to expand the rights o defendants on trial, to confront eiaccusers in court. judgeshould not conside packs and sentencing that weren't foun by ajury. the historic ring thatted second amendment guaranteen invidual's right town a firearm forse-defense, the st impntecion ever. >> met his future wif maurn on a blind de when
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e scalias were a big family, five boys and four s. two of hhildn became wyers folwing their father in a pfessio he clearly relished. >> i like thinking about the law, and i le figuring out the right ar to leg problems. >> hisudeath after yes on the supmert has stund t nation'segal counity. >> off the court he was incredibly engetic. his questioning from the bench, he was alws completely engaged d so it's a shock to e family of peoe in and around the court. so this lve the court with eight justices, enly split idea logically as it epares to te up such divive issu any time the is 4-4 tie the urt'secision essentily doesn't countndhe lower court rulings are left standing so justice scalia'death casts a big shaw over the rt of the supreme courtte. >> pete williams, thankyou.
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polical fight is brewing this morng ove whohouldominate thext supremert ice. ld it be przr his successpresidt boom or his or his successor? >> rorter: where the presint will be hosting a summit of asia leaders, predent bm paid tribute and to his life and public seice. quily sigled there will be a polical battle over confirming a successor i the high court. theresident says he will not wait. >> i plan to fulfi my constitutionalesponsibilities to nominate a successor in due me. there will belenty of tim for me to do so and for the senate to full fitfi its responsibility to give that purpose a fair hearing and timely vote >> reporter: the president made his intentions clear because top
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bo justi would end the conservative majority had alrey drawa line. mitch mcconnell put out statement saying the arin pele shod ha a vce in theelection of their next supre court juste. therefore this vacancy should not betilled until we have are new president and leave t court wit an open seat. failing failing to ffill this vancy would be uld be a shameful happened indicationf responsibities. the politicins arelearly drawn this mningnd the fight ll play out on the campaign trail ande washingto with republicans havin54 seats in the senate, more than democrats and giving them the power to really ctrol ts procesng forward. erica? >> kelly o'donnellt the white hoehismorning. thanyou. he was white hse counsel
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onheir admistration's suemcourt nomitions. you were worng wit the supre co supreme cot. hi legacy i well estabshed at this poin wh wase lik a arson? >> never agreed wi jtice scalia o almos ything. he w aarm persoand he loved theack and forth. we had an exchang about bush gore and he was alws warm and kind. s behind on a personal leveonrfacy as family m boved mentor rlerks for whom he was a key influence i their lives. many wou forge howivisive his decions could be that he was unanimously confirmednd this wille difrent this time around to fill hisat.
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thisprocess, if he nominat someon he sd he ll, what's your advi? yove hpe other presints do this. hey have a three-branch gridlock in the fedal gornme. ey she senate should confirm someone and theyay the supreme court suld rain deadlocked at 4-4 for two term. at never happened before not whathould happen now. the predent should and will fulfillis cstitutiol nonationo nominate someone and the senate should give that person a fair hearingake dgement on that person's invidual merits and alificatio. >> shoul the presidente okin for on,ay makgarland,ernas ethrou the nate? >> what i know fromhe sotomayor and kagan, he takes hi responsibserisly. >>e caughtonstl w.
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and then the senate sul do itsjob. theye the rig t reject, up, down, it their respsibilityo makeir ca and jge the person bed on t case they mak befe the nate >>ron, thasominnn a sdaymorning. tnk for havg me >> antonin slia and the question who should be theext supre court justis was t on toi it did notake for the sparkrt to start flying. gabe gutierrezs live f us. good morning. >> the future of the supreme court i now front and center in the presidentia election, but th debate quickly got personal and turned into an all-out brawlin a ste for rough-and-tumble politics. on the less croed stage thinth republican debate started with some rar agreement. dt believe the president should appoint
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to the supreme cour delay. delay. >> reporter: but then ings got >> this is a man who insults his way -- >> ted cruz has jt been telling lies. >> front-runner dald trump blastingeb bushn foreign policy. >> the world trade center came wn during the brothes reign remember th. >> while dond trump was building reality tshowy othe was buiing a security apparatuo keep u safe. >> marco rub hoping to rebound from t last debate cam to bush's debate slamming trump. >> ihank god it wasll of e time iwas george w. bush notl gore. >> theridaenator clashed with immigration. >> fst of all, i don't know how he knows what i said o
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seco ofll -- [ speaking spanish ] >> cruz also pnced on trump biionae's past liberal sitions on abortion -- ar. youre probably worseha jeb bush. >> he's a nasty guy. >> dond has thiseird paern. when you pointo his own recd hecreams liar, liar liar. >> striking a differenttone, hn kasich. i have to tl u, this is jt crazy, huh? this is just nuts. >> while mt on th sge fo each other, dr. ben carsonoughor attention. o many peopleave sd to me, y need to scream and jum and down likerybody else. thateall what you want what you just saw? i dot think so. >> the gop primary here is in just six ds and w expect justice scalia's replacement to
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caaign trail beth hillary clinton and bernie sanders are am slaing thereblican plans to hold up nominee. erica? gabe gutirez, tnk u. chuck todds moderatf meet the pss and andrea mitche is nbc chief foreign affas corresponden od morni to you. this re changed overnight. atoes the death of justice scalia do to this election moving forward? >> it ps t supme court front and center. this has been something that th candides have been talking to ba voter a long time that this election me th anything se cld der the balce of the supremeourt going rward. it's one of the older supreme courts that we've had in some time a that's why thi ediction has been made and now wi scalia's death it only enforceshat notion with voters, but it going to- it is going to throw washington into a tizzy. i think it could shut down the senate essallyor the year if tngso as badly as it
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wants to do, what the senate republican wan to do so i think it's going to end up elevating the issuef the supreme court into a top five ise t rest of th year. >> as itvates that issue, you can ima that t candidates may havd in the back o their minds list, in terms o president obama does he have a short list nomees at the rey? absolutely. ery president has a short list. th is the eventuality that people wor about,ut that peopleav to prere for. every white hse counsel, ery justice rtmentas prepared a st, but the problem now is he has to make a decision, is he going to propose someone who would be more in his line of thinking or at thi time as a lame duc is he goi to propose someone whos soentrist and so universally respectedhat
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viable for confirmation tuesday. tuesday. >>llri thank u. dyn, weird winter. thanks. a song earthquake h jolted the new zealand city of chrich christchurch. the 5.7 quakeas caught on security cameras as shook cars and homes.
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th ast, but no serious damage or injurs were repoed. thent man for theagles of death metal isow speaking out aut the terrorist attack at the bataclan theater in paris. athe bandumes its europeanour that wa cut short by ttttackn november. an iview with swesh tv sse hhes finds himlf racing only to find himself with a nman face to face. >> i wastok very sneaky and he noted me and i wahehot to he and the barrel of g hit e door frame. he musico offering emotial triohose ughtn the theater that ght. i dt see anyone doanything cowaly. iust s people dng some of the most beautiful things tha a peon could do and f lack of a betr way to describe it, my frnds died very betifully. >> the bd begants new tour
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the day after the par tas. >> dylan isacknd talng frigid temperures, but out weste're looki thearmerweather. t'sli sef what we have in thenortt. we have temrature tt wi get intthe in the sohwes andhis huge rge in the jet stream is alling temperures to wm up and 85 in l.a. 15 drees above average. laegas shoulget up to an portla 56, fiv degrees e age and we do he snow developing d we' see snow through st. louisnd making its way into the northeast and o tuesday it
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>> we're going t pull this tape next year, einellnd remind you where it allbegan. still to come on this valentine'sda how a near death experience helped one le realizeow deephe love for each other really was. nd dylan is puttingn t ice skates and dring oni. rely wtore you nee tknow? s n. d yll? >> n offhe zaoni.>> noff t zambon >> the iever looketter afr both hava t driving record.perfec no ticketsnoccidents. that is until one of you cls a food truck, ruining your pfect record. yeah. now you would think your insurance company would cut you some slack, right? no. your insurance rates go through theoof... your perfect rord doesn't get you anything. anhing. perfect. fodrivers with accident forgiveness,
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lirty mu insur.,,,,,,,,, i'm with this i'm with this news5 now update. it was aough night on th roads here in sohern colorado....with twoeadly
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thfirst was on i-25 near the fontanerexit in lodo ris. lice say a womanas kild ter her truck slammed into the rrr justfter midnight this mornin poce sayhedot kn yet ifrugscohol re a factor. e other accident happened fremont county 272. state patrol sayan s-u-v and a head on... kiing the driver of the pick-up. he has been identied as esequiel garduno of pueblo. e driver of e s-u-v was identied amichael adams of colora springs. he was flown to st. mary corwiwitherious injuries. fele passenger was transported with minor juries....and two ildren in thba weren't hurt. inveigators are still trying to figure out whataused the crash. on a mh lighter no..... despite some health proble... a eb cple,ared for 6 years... weren't going to let a trip to thhospital put a damper on their valeines day. anew and elba glaves were both admitted tparkview hospital
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but hospital worked to make sure they could stay in the same room so ty ulbe gether oth lerwed. paview tells us andr a ba will be relead day so they can celebrate valentine's daat home. let's get over to forn
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for yr kye breath. >> you used toe e. you had the pink -- youhought you waskanye. we slle kanye. at's i waskanye. guess what, i love yolike kanye loves nye. >> l bact "snl" from last night a rap battle between kanye we kanye west, the music guest with ht missa mccarthy. welce back to oday" on a sunday morning, valentine's y, february 14th,2016. big thankso o cwd aving theter coldutside on thepla. welead out kp the compy. >> we'reot beingmple. we areciate themei ther we're going too o o. its by wsorning on this nday. shneeaskt what is make adlines today. go morning. >> good morning. the countrys mourning t loss of supreme court jusce antonin scalia who diedf natural caushile on a trip totes.
8:28 am
we'll have more on his passing in a moment. and mexo city, pope ancis is prepario h a ma in one of t area's poorest mmunitie the faithl are already thering for today's service. about 00 are expected. it follows a day of prayer and poti pe took the nation'sders to task for failg to te aore acti and against povert the dru trade and corruption. and after a thorough coast guar spection, the cruis sh anthem of the seas set sl onatdaynd is now headed to the bahamas. ehip was forced to cut i prevus tripho after saing rht through a big storm. passenrs described that trip as chaotic and terrifying. thest grd ss t sp was in ghapeo sailagain. sheinelle, tnk you. we h much more thisning on death of jusce antoninal. appointed ourt 30ears o, his dea leaveor vacancyn the bench. we have complete coverage for you thif hour nbc's jay gray outse the rch wre scia died, and he has more for us.
8:29 am
>> reporter: good morning, erica. he'shat we know rht no sticecalia was foundead insi h room at this resort andanch after traveling to west texas on friday and attendin a private party with out 40 guests re he didn't show up f breakfast tht moing. that's whe employe wt to at room a found him responsivee. lol l enforcement as wel as s.arshal and the fbie called in at thi poin the sayhere are no signs of foullaynd atcalia likely ddf wt they call, quote, natural causes. a devout catholic priest was broughtn to administer las rites before scalia was transporteith the pole escort morehan 200iles to a funera he in el paso. hi family i exptedo travel to e pasoater today. th have not a this pnt anund any plans meri o funerservic. th'sheiv here ica, bk to u. jay gyors tsorning xa thank you. fo more on scalia legacy,
8:30 am
correspondent pe williams pete, good morningo you again. >> craig, good morning. this was a crt that was dided 5-4ogicly. so now it 4-4. here is whatld happe if the major pendi cases areecided by a tie. that would leave low court rulings in tact. other words, whichev side n below would prevail. tie vote woulde b news for presid oba's hop to p his newmmigrati policy into effect, the one that wou let up to 5 million peopl here ilgally remain. the ler courts blocked that licy. it would alsoeave standing a tohewic o access abortionvices intexas. and might prot oth stateto try that se approach. would be a victory for unions that rresent public employees. they w in the lower cous, defeating a effort to restri eir ality toollectnion du. the cou will continue functioning with onl eight justices, butt wl likely produce at leastome td votes, delayg the kind of nal resutn that only the supreme court canove. craig? >>et wlis for us this
8:31 am
anks. > a hug fight is alrea loing or whohoul nominat theextremeourt juste. nbc's kel o'donnell is at the white house with more on that for us thismorning. kelly, good moing. >> rte good morning, erica. that fight is because the i so muc at ake. it is aix of pocs, ideology and trn. the sudden dea of a coervative justice uer a democr presidenteans t bance of the court could shi to the libering ifhe confirmed. so republicans have a great dea of pow in thisprocess. they conol theate judiciaryommiee which would run t extensi backgrod check a nominee. the public heari where t esent's choice would ansr estions, and the decide if th full senateets avote. that could take mont. republicans claim tre is trition their side, sayin at no nomee w both select and confirmed a eltion yr for decas. th argue thahe next presenthould get to shape theourtit this vacancy. democrats wil be able to marshal politic pressure to see a nominove through this
8:32 am
pressureill be aimed at puican sen upor re-eleio i swinges, making this a campaign issue, not only for presidentia candidates, b i could rmine control the sene dhat is a big partf t balance of power here in waington. erica? >> that it is. keeping us bus for some time kelly o'donnell,hank you. dyl dreyern the plaza withome fans. how cd is it, dyla >> it is about 1. you gs feel like it is about 1? yes. they're allrazy out here. anyone who is on thelaza thi morning is a little b ts. but we have your brother who i at ho, he's not feehat eat right no right? hs holedp in the rockefler. >> want to wish a happy birthd in. >> happy birthday, dillon from dylan. we have folks from tam over here. it is just cold. let's take look at the weather going on across t cntry where whavehe storm sysm at isoing to mov into t coldir andtart to sno on monday tough virginia, m
8:33 am
then it moves to the northeast. ta ds as ioeso,armer air moves in. d.c. could see to 3 inches. new york 1 to 2. this is all of a system that is startin backhrough the midwe today with a few inesossible out there. and then mes > we' > we're all officlly frozen. guys. >> we'll com o a freeze with you jt.
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is perfectnhislentine's y t dylan dreyer trying out the zboni while i the middle of a pon hockey tournament. >> i lit. an hry smith this morning wi a look at h nasty
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weinat seeossiginetear a youngoman h terrifyi- she rze she s getng a sd ce at li. as kev tibbles tls us, she didn waste a singleinute explaing that to the man she loved. >> a this int, likeou owe ish it is a l lesn few people kno better than bride t hania nson. two yes ago shia an avid athletith a maer'segree inhysica therap accompli he lonl of reahe be camp a mount but just a fewslar, s wa in the hospital cnging t fe >> not maneopl canay they haied and have,ou kn, coack t fe >>epor w t ll vidlo ingout wercl, shania suddenly collapses on t flr.
8:39 am
andor 13 minutes sniaays she w clilly dead. are sitting the -- >> rorter: joshuckt w boyfriendor tee months. he waster bedside when she was put in a medically iucedcoma. tonk could have lt r w- it wasll i n d t k that the pn i wanted th. >> reporter: a traumic incident like thatoes things inpe >> as soon as i came outf coma, i told him i loved m. >> reporter: shaa was diagnosed with heart disease at years old. doctorsstern mial hospitll a pacemar and ierna defiillar. >>ot overweight n smoking, yo kn, in thoing ugs, anyf the rk facts. >> rort ar, ull speed ahead. starting a nonprofitteach women absymptoms of heart sease.
8:40 am
>> i actually what would say, you kn it kind o shockedme, wa, y cansk meth? >>eporr: thexchang vows onhe first anniversary of h cardiac arrest. the cpel i theame hospal wre the fst aredloin cony perfoed b minier who called 911 that fateful day. >> you may kisyoride. >>orr: and after they said eir i dos, the newoue tiny gifts. breaking tews t their rentthat another little gift wasnhe way. >> we're goingo have a baby! >> reporter: from a second chance at life, to aew life, and a valentins love story th is full heart. fo "today," k tis,bc ws, chicago. >> well havehis from t st >> that, ladies and gentlemen, is a lstory. >> indeedt et sen it over to sheinelle in the orange room who has das plaza fansf the day. he guy
8:41 am
hav gift we hav kelly from buffalo, n york. and ann catheri fromrichmond, virginia. th have something in common. you both jt had rthdays, righ >> yes. >> when was urs? >> friday >> and you? >> tomorrow. >>ow old a you? >> 13. >> 13. t thatou weall the saght. >> thas bause you're wearing heels. >> still t comeylan strs on se stesnd on tse thousands of other people fo aite pd hockey. first, these messages. oodjob. new frien in a w full of dies and co cothere be a way? v estelle la vie est bel, e eade parfum,
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thi this seemed like a good idea earlier. >>ot too bad with the blanke d we have the fire. who are we kidng? it is fing outside. we have been talki a l thi weekend about the freezing co. ere is a sportut there thatli on it, la ye iis cle pd hoey iecentlyised t frigid state o minnesota whe the s. pondocy cmpionshi wereheld. it is anvent tha lets people play hockey the way natur innded, on a fzen pond we, i'm seeing menow -- i
8:45 am
youave the winte ues?t tre a dre cerue ke takomis, the pfe setting to hold the u.s. pond hockey championip 25 rinks, more than 200 teams, all battlingor theden shovel. this ys wa zes weatherdecembher weatr pusd it bacwo weeks. you sur weeksas enoh get frozen gh?ou probably on 16 inches i and that c hold a semi. >>eporter: or a zamboni or tw if seone ever offers you a anceo drive a zai, y y ye glsoot r aon ov. i aoorn th ls crowde to 2,he ier pyou o f hoey idgyules tt are a bit differt omhehl ca can i check? >> no, there is no ecki r: is a former playe
8:46 am
caan ilog >>but s you n y. >>eporter: oh, it went in! fight? >> nfort. and no an n goaltendin >> repter: why no whatando? >> wt can y do? i tnkougotoust have fun. and enjoy theoutdoorshe el, the vi, nhingetter anoutsid rorr:hehance tla hoey lik they did a kidin the great ouoors drawslars om more tha 40 stas unitingiend family an old teammate >> w gre up in ptsbuh togeer playing ckey. >> o grandd. they pas dow t h us >> reporter: lee g recrued to play by his sons. my two boysren thisteam. e is 49, one is40 >> repter: if you don't md me asking, how old are you? >> >> reporter: lee and his boy play on aeamled thecones.
8:47 am
>> whe yous h t play,ou put con a eye pilons and you skate around th's why we'reledhe esth p skate around me. >> reporr:eam names unif are almost a impnt as puck handling and skang skills. from hos. jaromirja. eporr: tth subelay on wor. asteradit meahate're the master of bders beingur ste blades. >> reporr: let's just s i was hap when i foundhi team. >>re t ypuie ople would looknd see the pupp and they would tnk we were soft welde out and put t ac >> reporou rist a
8:48 am
so can you be m body double for snowstorms absolute >> reporter: yes, yes. you guys >> one se >> that was gat story. can we give a shoutouto calynotieb who produced that>> she hadas fortory and i was,like okay, i'll g it a it eed up being much fun. >> you rocked it. >> sh a ooper, he let me d lse ricous ings. all those flsre al, thoui'm n goon hy st. t ck. >> i imesse and you dve the mb andheteerg ws fl d't bd -- tres a tenique. i'just saying. >>hat wie anoth seg at the rink behind . >> thayou. >> style come on this nday, if you think this election season is partilarly nasty, ju wait untilou see what harr smith dug upro as far back as o founding fathers after these messages to the usecar buyer worried about tting taken for a ride... don'rry. e ly resou'll get taken on at carmax
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>> thi thisorni on sunda wit hay, present's day weekend d beside the sales and t day off, harrymith says it is also time to remember a little story. >> it has been talked about, about the of this election cl to to sp well, comintv, kids, com to the this isn' bad. it i bad at all. in ttheon of foundingfathers, few a reved asuch when jefferson w running agaitohn adams in 1800 hired a wrir who cled adams, quote, a hideous, her mav row dit dit cal character when which has neither t forceorhe
8:53 am
gentleness oa woman. th t that took ne calling to a hig art. back in 1928, al smith was the democratic candidate, t first catholic to runorpresident. anti-clic sentiment in amerwas substantial. republs wereap tol anyonehon that smith wanted to build a 3500 mile tunneha wou rch to rome and the po. andndrewackson was elected prident in 28 he was the hero of the battlf new orleans. dom was dirc j quincms dest party called her a rty blackwench annvicted adulteress ulress. whenhe died, d hickory blamed h deathn the sar campaignhe was fcedo endu a depicted the
8:54 am
slanred her must ask g for mersy. reporte t roosevelt rerr to howd tafts ratin acorner franklin delanooosevelt ud callepubcan al ldon the white mouse who wan t live in the white hous name cling a nainess, i is a rich american tradio mo >> that' about to pp >> t way theypoke back then, it sounded more el. >> i washiing the same thing. >> aew more words. >> of course, today is valentine's day, i did not want let t day withouting ppy valentine's day. harry, i did not gou e. apologize. youhareith -- >> so hap valentine'sy. >> tnk you so mu. >> chocat. breakfast of ampions. >> just the beginning. >>s tha all? >> whatad dsn't le a
8:55 am
>> oh,stop. now we'retalking. >> i wt all out for you. >> nic >> i wt allut for yo ere y go. fantastic. >> do y kno hxc my kids are goingo be when i g home. if it makes it. >> hap valentine's d to all of you. >>appy valentine's day to y too. >> t all of you. >> we didn't get you mething. we got you our love. >> i'll take it. >> a quick reminder to you, check out "meet the press," chuck will be talng aut justice alia's passing and legacy. he'll also be sitting dow wh rubio, donald trump john kasich as we. kodd on "meet the press" this mog. >> a lot ohat comin up. thank you. >> hope you have a wonderful
8:56 am
if y'r somf those million peoe and it is rllld stay th
8:57 am
sudden death of justice antonin scia and the rarest of evs, a vacancy sreme court in the middle a presidential election. how the figh overis relacement could paralyzeth senate and of washington. well hear from fur republican presidential candidates, donald trump, ted cruz, marco rubio and john asic u that wld republican debateast night. y are a principle -- >> y are sgle bigges ar. >> when you point to his own cord, he screams li,ar, li. >i think we're fixing to se e ection to hiary clion iwe d't stop this >> also, bernie sanders g e of w he may fac as he tries to win afric-american ot _v i've said black0 mes, all right. that's the 51t time. >> can hillar clin win maki thisampaign a referenduon sanderot helf?
8:58 am
for inside and analysis are gwen ifil, chs, ron fournier d kathleenparker, columnist for "the washingn po."come to nday.s "meet the press." from nbc news in washington, th i "meet the presswith chuck todd" >> good sday moing. it hastpen since 1968. courat tistage of an electionyear. we lrned late yesterdayf the dden tragi death of sueme ur justice antonin scalia. an intelctl and conservativ thought ader,man ide omaast night called one o the mst conquential judges andhinke to serve on the sureme cort. scalia'seath of coure is a personal tgedy for his family d colleagues,ut it is also bursting with majorolitical implications. what will his lo due to t balan of power on the cour wi the republican senatev consider someone nominate president obama? how long ll this vacanc
8:59 am
the u.s. senate? an a last night repubn presidential debate in south cara the cndidaes made clear where they st on this issue. >> i do notelieve the president should appoint someone. and it's not unprecedented. >> there's no doubt in my mind that barack oba will notave a consensuspick. >> the senate needs t stand stng a say we're notoing to give up the u.s. supr court f a generation. >> ihink it's up to mitch mcconnell a everybody ee to stop it. it's calleddelaydelay, delay. we're gngero fou of the leading reblan pridenal candidas this morning, donald trump, ted cruz, rco rubio and johnkasich. th democratic ndidates anwle were also quick to respond to the vacancy. >> s >> spre cot the un stas has nine membe,ot eight. we need that ninth member. >> elections have consequences. the president has a


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