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tv   News 5 at 430 PM  NBC  February 14, 2016 4:30pm-5:00pm MST

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he was flownsaint maryin hospital witherious injuri a female passengertained noinjuri and two childre the back weren't hurt. two dogs pulled from a burning home early this morninare expected to be o thfireroke out at th "highland mobileome pa" on hanck avenuen corado spngs. no one was home at the time. two other dogsthe homeere noab to be rescued. no word yeon a cause for the fi to our north, police in denver are loing for a pair of suspects posinas offics. poli say thendcuff and robbed a driver. this was on frid night. the victim sayone suspect was wearing a police uniform, the her was in street clothes. he sayhe w pulled over by the suspects in crown victor that had red and blue lights. sustained moread inries -- after theobbery he was told he was free to leave. the victim reports the men tting away with about
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the search continues this afternoon two suspects accused of shooting a sippi police officer in the head. e officewas shothile investigating a convenience store robbery. policeave surveillance veo of t two suspects lking into the store. an emploe d a witness said two men inasks came in and reatened the lives of people side. ter the shooting, the suspts split up. the officer is in critical condition. plned parenthood will reopen its doors tomorrow in colorado springs, less than ree mohs after the ddly attack there. the building on ntennial boulevd was heavy damad when police us an armored vehicle to ram throu the fro entrancend inside the building in an attempt to apprehend the shooter who killed three people and ind 9 others. itlly, plannedarenthood said the building had been destroyed in e november iident, but work has been done to reon about a third the building provi the full rge of plned parentod serces, incding abortionhough on a reduced scale. the rest of the builng cou reopen by summertime. rit now...
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stice "antonin scalia" is at a funeral home in paso, texas. he dd. as we've repted, he wafod dead yesterd morng in his room at a luxury ranch, presumably of tural causes. he was w9 yeard. rit now, fgs across shinon and nioe lf staff ihonor ofusti scia. the americ flag is flyinat halftaff at e supreme court buding -- his fellow justices all issued statents remeering their colleague d s coributions to the coun the justes honored his great intellect and devoti to the law. here in colorado, governor hickenloop also ordered flags half sta in honor of bh juste scalia and mesa county deputy "dereer" who was killedn the line of duty last ek. just a day after slia's death, a battle is brewing tween th publicanedenate anthe white use. a vacancy on the court -- dung an election year -- hasn't happened in decades. and those who want to t
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on whether president oba should en try to nominat scalia'successor. jennifer johnson has our story. hours after justice antonin scalia's dth....esident obammade his inttionclear. sot presidt obama / sup needed saturda night :06-:1 plan to fulfill my constitutional rponsibility to nominate auccessor." but senate luding thewo gunning for the whe house....say any nominee from a lame-duck psidentil fail. sosenator marcrubio r presidenti candidate :18-: already on scrn in upper corner - fox news sunday "the presidencan nominate anyone he wants but the senate is not going toctnd that's very clear. ted cr is warning of dire consequences should mr.oma add another stice to the court. sot senator ted cruz /r prentialandidate :28-:35 ready scrn in upper corner - nbc'seet the press "we will seebortion on demand throughout this country...partial bih abortion...tpayer parental notification. justice scalia's conservative views ofteinfled the balance of the court..n many 5-4 decisions. sodonald tru/ esidential candidate :42-:46 rey oncreepp coer nbc's meethpress e stnef the ea. i'd like to have the person tailored to just like justice scal." mocrats say sete republicans need to act reonbly and vote
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sohillary clinton / d esidential candidate :51-1:06 "baracobamisreside of the uned states until januy 20th, 2017. uses thats a fact, riends, whethethe republicans like it not." sot senator bernie saers / d esidential candidate 1:07-1:18 "apparently they believe that thconstitution does not allow democraticresident to brg forth a nominee to replace juice scalia." democrats are aloncernedhe high courtould be paralyze with just 8 mbers. insert ends two cond pause audio outcue: jennnner johnson, nbws, washington esent obama ys he plenty otime to minate a ccessor th more than00 left in office. he says the nate also has enghime toecide whether toapprove his nomition. arizona blan senator "hn mccain" is slamming the syriaru dea forged bthe u-s and russ, saying today that it would only empower moscow "military aggression." he spo at munich security coerence and asserted that russian presiden"vladir
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joining foes to d the war in syria, accusing him of ung i stablish rusa as aajor power in the region. i nt to be wrongbecause if thisgreement turns out to rerd aggression rather than punishment, if it comes to be seens a further embodint of westn wess andot strength, if it deepens the perception amongur allies and our partners in the middleast that we are untrustworthy and factless, en not only will this agreement fai buthe war inyr will grin, re innocent peoplwill die, western credibity and influence will diminh, the refuge will continue to flow out, the terrorists will continue to flow in and our citizens will be attacked againnd a. a cease-fire agreement between majopowers is set to effect ne week. hor, yesteay russia that a syr ceasefire plan was mo likely to fail than
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airstrike campaign in support of its ally presidentbaar al-ass." ndreds of thsas of people gatheredoday apope frs held what waexcted be the biggent of his 5-datro mexico -- a mass the capital'sme-ridden suburb of ecatepec. at the huge outdoor serve, pope francis briefly departed from hisrepared remarks d told mexicans at there c be "no dialogue with thdevil." speaki out again the drug tre and asciated violencea centtheme the pope's visit. the subu wherehe mass was ld has been afflicd by murd kidnappin, and tortion cminal gas. francis so urged people ther to bonhe "onlines" in forging mexico's future and to make their country "a landf portunities, whe tre will beo need to emn order to dream." day is valentine's day, d for a lot of people candy is the y to go. places like "see'sandy" were different kinds of last-minute shoppers
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the dog house, to carrying on a tradition -- and even some laes just shopng for themselves. aabuyi candy for his wife sot: 29:33 its been really sy so i figure i better go out and get it her some stuff for valentinesay jnifer and steven mt/candy lovers t: 25:59 the candy is just flavor and taste twe remember from our d. my grandmother used to always bring us every holiday....especially the lolly po. just something wenjoy doing and celebrating valentines day. frankie shake/e'regular t:0:32 me.. me. i'm shopping for me. anything wrong with that? no not a thing. as busy ast was today, workers at see's sterday was the al busy. ey say at mes pele could barely move. if you're looking mething other than candy ofler "edible raingements" has you covere cck iis morning andthey say tay bht a steady stream of custome -- some who preordered and others whjust decided to walk in. this is the first time i've boht an edible aangement not re i think she's gng to enjoy it. when we firswalked ithis
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om the second we walked in and people kept comingn and we've t like 3extra ople help us edible arrangemes are available year-round. gearing for valentine's day... we'll show you hospital that made special gtsor newborns all month... and expln w the colors are caing attention to a cause beyond the day of ve. but first... a live look outside a colder day for your valentine's day... news five meterologist carlee
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alercast.. temperatures won't be as warm they have been for your vae's y, bute'll sll top ouabove average th hig the 50's. moin sw wi be deping throughouthe day. mostf th activity ll stay confed to high eletions. lower elevation areas will have some additnaoud ver for the secondalf the day and
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y sher later on. any ouds wk on caring ou tonight wi lows in t 20's. e workeek aheawill b other ni one. ifou're f for presidt's day expect mostly sunny skies and highs inhe 50's wel return to the 60's for the rest of the week with a good deal of sunshe. a stbance wi bring stroerds and mountain snoon trsday and friday, t that's aboutur only weather concern until rtly cloudy skies return on
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this valenne's day is cold one for much othe eastern u-s. take look at the "sea smoke" forming in boston. 's actualleam, n smo e fog rms when the especially-cold air moves over the relatively-warmer waters. as many as 18 ties across the east expected record-baking cold temperares day. chk out these valentine's day babiesnewbornst pennsylvia's wasngn hospit werdecked out ired hats and tucked innvopes created justor them.
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r all baesorn februar at parciting hospita. thprograis called ittle ha, bihearts." it raises awarens r het diase, in adtion to bratg vantine's day. w will your favori artist fare at the grammy's . we're taking a look at
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next at news five at 4:3 wait! you y itu may beonng, 'w e red suit wel's so bad guys can't see me bleed.
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superhero "deadpool" had a record box office opening for an r- rated film this weekend. it hauled in an estited 135- llion dollar the domestic box office. "deadpool" also became the biggest februaua opening ever by a large margin, overtakingt "fifty f grey whicde a little more than 85-million dollars. the "2century fox" film ars "ryan reynolds." it had a budget of 58-milon. e grammy awards are gh aroundheorner, with the hardware handed out tomorrow night, and rumorare flying about who ll takho awards. "mike wilber" has the sc natssic vide it looks to be the year of kendrick lamar who lea the pack with 11ods ats year's grammy awas sot: joe levy, rolng stone "here's the thing the grammys el likd mit up to kendrick." joe levy - contributing editor at rli stone -- thkst's finally kendrick year to sweep joeevy, rolling stone
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he hadumerounominaons, including some in the big categories and he did not win in those major cagories. many peopleere surpri is ys line uon stage is also iressive sot: joe levy, rolling stone "things you can't see anywhere else but the performers also are alwa looking to make an ession. hedictbithings from . rihanna! lady gaga wi do a david bowie tribute. adele ... whose hello came out a little too late to be nominated this year. natsliele o sang t 1983 classic "hello" is set t perform too! nats "le urself" singer justin bieber -- who didn't make the peorm. mike wilber c ne. e grammy awards takelace morrow evening. apple is entering e origal t-v series business and hip-ho legend "doctor dre" will star in series. that's according to an exclusive report in the "hollywood report." e show "vital gns" will
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"si-utobiographibout the rapper's life.
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music, the tech mpany'stre the work week ahead will be another ni one. if youe off for esident's day expect mostly sunny sks and highin t 50's. we'll l turn to the forhe re othweek wh go alf sunsne a diurncwill bri stroerinds and mountaisnow thursdaanid, but that's abo our onlweather
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thousands of people thered in central london todayo cebre new year. tradnal lion dancers entertainethe crowd near the art of london's chinatown. thndon celebration is e of the laest outside mainland china. the parade through the capit inlved 500erformers. thye016 the y t monkey, nint in the cle of 12 animals in the chese zodiac. the new lunar year officially ben onebruy 8th, but t london celebrati always takes placon the following sunda thanks for watching news five on your wkend. l of the days latest news and
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on this sunday night,he higstakes battle after the d of o. a majorolitical
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nominang aew preme court juste inn election year. plus, the potential impt of scalia's dn som ofiggest cases fore the cot. southern awl. trumpndurhe hashestritism yet an counterttac at last night's crucial anhighly contentio south carolina debate. the interrogation. the surising number of people who cfe to crimes they mm. tonight, weoo at threasons why. and back to nare schools without walls. the growing tnd and y some say it's the best way fhildn to learn. "nightlyews" begins now. ooevening. e expected death of u.s. supreme court justice antonin scalia shing the 20 race for the wte house. only three supreme court justices have
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than 60 years. only one has been confmed during an ectionince 1940. at 79 yea old, scalia's pasng might alrey be ling one of his previs statementsbout the appoinent process t court. in 2007,hile speaking to -- in 10, while speaking to a crowdt montan stateunersity, he cautioned the aience ying americans shou "get used to controversial and absurd political eate when a perso is nominated." so gop presidential hopels are tioning preside ama's established executive authorityo nomite a rlacement during this election season. hower, the predent has already sd it will happ, but this due time. and what about she supme cour has heard ohas aged to hear this rm? our petelis will have me oat. first,our kel o'donnell athe wtehouse. >> repor g ening, omas white hoe adsori ll me ttt ast forhe next week the presiden will t have a decion on a successoto justice scalia. ile the senat is ou of town. he tk abou month to choos his other
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nominees. tonit, t urgency he presidential mpgn season i firing up passi overhe future of court even reny fural plans f justice scia are made public. today, the silent dispyf respect ross washingt. t no pause before e clash o politics. there is no wayhe senate should confirm anyonehat barac ob tes toppoint inisas yeain offio a lifetime appointmt. [ plause ] >> reporter: an instant power struggle over a successor to justice scalia. >> let me just ke one poi -- bara obamas president of the united states until january 20th, 2017 >> good evening, everybody. >> reporter:rom foia, president obama madwi nominate a new st the senate to consi his choice fairly. >> these are responsibilities that i take seriously as ould evyone. theye bigthan anpa they a autur democracy. >> reporter: if t


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