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meetings. here's look when they wil be happening. the rst is tonight... right here at st. pauls catholic ch onl pomar road... om 6-30 to. e second meeting wl be held on thursday night at fire statn 16... on farthing drive.. also from 6-30 to 8. as we'eefoowing, the inedibly w weather las spri caused land to shift unr veral homes throughout the skay and bromo bff neighborod. w homeners areital watching thenvestsmes crumble before their eyes. the ci iapplying for aema granelp them r ttlemeam the city will he to compete for in may. for more information on the meetingshead on over to ou website. we are koaa dot com. reporting live in colorado spris, joanna wisenews 5. today... planned rehoods open oe again... nearly tee months after theeadly shooting we were there yestday at the ceremony athe clinic opened its doors. the building is only partially
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so tt ic can operate ile coon crewsh their work the ggest dienceo th cilitythe outse of t ilding. whic sti und nstron. insidehere juslittlele space ce they walkits ke a regular pland paho alth center. they're gointo g sameare and see the sa folks they were seeing a few months ago. a mar coern with the clinic opening is sety... and the poibility copy cat shoote planned parenthood did not reveal specifics... t tes ushere will s s to security edes foowg up f y n ts mornin.. wee leard the name of e won kill over e weekend a crh i5. police sayhe was 35-ar-old "danielle green-cortez". as we toldouesterday on ws-5-tod... her pickp truck hit a rrier fontanero. poce say she was not wearng a seat belt...
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the humane societys inveigatafter a dog was killed and a man w injedn a colodo springs. hapd last night in the 800 block ofsier drive. the meowners say one of thr dogse agressive... to try and prevehe dogs fr fiting... thhomener'girlfriendt one the dogs... buthe bullet alshit the man in his leg only suffered minor inries... and e fele was chaed with reckle endgerment. a fallen mesa ty sheriff's dety been laidrest. and yestday... thousas from acrosthe ed in junction for his funeral deputy der geer was ot last week wle pursuing an armed suect. he was tak off life suort a few da after he was shot....after his fil act of service...donating his organs. a we agoa man the name of derek selflely confronted an arman, and sacrificed his life, for the protection oall of our counity. the people of county are
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of heroi. depu geer had been witth mesa county sheriff's fi fofifteeyes. he w ao a navy veteran,...who leaves behind a wife and two childre his wife says she believes the prousten of his li, were when hisowas born and wh his dauter was adop time now for affic he 5 meteorologist stephen bors is re n with first alert 5. a tent storm system slamd the southeastern u.s. yesterday and broughsevera tornadoes to the dp south. as that system slis eastward it makesoom for our high pressure ridge tmake eastward progresstoo. fow, thawestn ridge isstl nted west of us. clds are spilling southward wntsastern flanknd right over the top of . warmer weather is bottled up beneath that high pressu rie, and as it moves eastwd our temperatures a going up. mperatures this morning are in the 30s. ghs today are going to be in
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thhigh clouds will note quictoovout this mni, but can still s some sun. tempate at 1am will ben thloweand le 4. corado sings wbe closer to 5by noon middle upper around pueblo and caon ci. the 50s and 60s wi carry us through the afternoon with increasingly sunny skies. at 5 pm, we're sll in the 50s and 60ut we're cling. a clear evening cowith teeratures cooling throu the
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right no a large stretcof i-70 remains closed...after a massive rock slide! gypsum to glenwoodgs... inoth directions is shut down... while crews contin working to clear thboulders which fell onto the highway yesay. c-dot crews spent most oe day moving the large rocks ar "hanging ke tunne... in glenwood cany. they used equipment to split the hugeoc so they could be
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no injuries or serious damage has enepord. e pueblo teen'passion for sciencis getting him some national recognition. soh gh school freshman, austin allenh, was invid to "the congress of future science a technology leers" this summer, which brings together students fro arnd t country to rub bows with and learn fro astronauts, bel prize winners and deans om t univeit as the oy enreprestipueblo, the yt bsected, allenbaughlansto uhis ence to propel hitodream job as an astro-physicist. he's hoping toearn morabou his favorite aect of science -- light, as it moves through space. how stuff like reacts in different environments like space a vacuum. al involved in-o-t-c, allenbaugh aims to work for the
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outespace and maybe even spendingome timen a space statio twcolorado sings stus and one fr fountn will also be rresentsoutrncolora at the resshis year. still ead... as temperatures dip to a time lows othe east coast... one staurant is challening cuomers brave the cold for a free mea plus... a new mother facing arges ter her newborby is found bmerged in a toilet!
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welcome back... this morning.. new questions are ing raed out u.s. supremcourjustice annin scalia's heah in the days leading up to his death. a texas county judge says sh
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the day heas found dead... and the doctor tolher, sca had a hiy of heart trouble, high bod pure and was idered too weak to undergo surgery for a recent shoulder ju those details are at odds with recollections from friends, o describescalia as his usual, happy self bore his death. e texas judge decided no autopswas eded,. yinge died onatu causes today... the united states coasguard is conducng a hearon the sking of the "el faro" cargo ship. they're expected to fos on the evenhat leupo e sinking... including the background of crew members, the ship's previous missions, and the coast gud's search. hearg art 9am in jacksonville, florida. a second hearing, whicsn't cheduled yet, is expected to focus on the voyage ielf -- ook the lives of all3 oplenboard. a hearinis ao scheduled today for activist and cattle rancher "cliven bundy".
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from an armed confrontation in 2014 tt forced federal officis to release cattle being rounde near s rah inada. bundy is the firo face arges in what some advocates hailed as a viorinhe fight to turn over federal land to state control. bundy's son,mmon, remas in custody is morning for staging the armed sit-in on federal lan oregon. thorning... we're ninge about the spicous device founon a rentanear the albuerquinternational airport. ral auitiew sait waa hoax according an a-t-f spokesperson the device that looked lika pi bomb did not contain any explosivelements and posed o threat" the public. a mechanic found the device under a car during an inspection. the f-i is still working to determine who built the device. thisorning a california mother is faccharges after wiesses told police e gave birth
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left the infanin the tlet! right now the baby is in critical condition. lice say the mother is homele.... they found her by owin a blood trl out of a subway wich shop and in neby pking l. after hearing the babyrying, employees at the subway were leo get he infant time to save its life and ll 1. take a lk at this. rescue cre and bystands in florida were caught on camera pulling a woman from dri after a tornaddestoryed her home. works d toirst dig t the unnscious n t of the rubble... beforeutting her on a stretcher to carry her out. righnow her condion is unknow yesterday's tornado destroyed at
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well befe we get a che of your firsalt 5 fore... we wto telyou how peop on the et coasare aling with the freezing temperatures they're experiencing right now. me arave enough paicipate in what'being lled the polarx challenge... one massachusetts restaurant i fering free lunch to anyone who tsir al outsiden the frig cold! yeerday afternoon... dozens of trs took on thathallenge at th"hot table". with a winr weather advisory inffect and teerures at the tithe challengnot even in the teens... the outdoor tablesere most full! l thmoney the restauntwould otherwise ve made on the sales food, theare donating
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ti now f wther a traic on the 5s. potent storm systeslamd the southeastern u.s. yestand brout several tornadoes to the ep south. ashat system slides stward it makes room for ough pressure rge to make eaward progress, too. for now, that western ridge is centered west of us. clouds a spiing uthwd down its etern flank and right over the top of us. warmer weather is bottled up beneath at high pressure ridge, and as it moves eastward our temperatures are goingp. mpatur this morning are in th30s. his today are gog to be in e 50s and 60s. high clos will not quick to move out this morning, but we can see me sun. temperature at 10 am will be in the lower and mile 4. cora springs will be closer to 50 by noon with mide d upr 50s around pueblo and caon ci. th50s and 60s will carry u throh the afrnoon with increasingly sunny skies. 5 pm, we' stilln the 50s
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ral of ameri's favorite recog artists are addi theist grammy ds to their collection. d some other major stars are ju starting eir collection with their verfirsard! markarhas wrapp lastig'srays. -- pkg -- nats "e we out of the woods? taylor swift got the grammys started mondight... nats "taylwift!" and then added to her collection ----- three awards...including aum of the year for "1989". "i want tohank fanfor the lastenears." fofpper kendrick r gocelebrate nats "we g be alght" his showtopping pemance.... and 5 grammys...includi ng best rap album for "to pimp a butterfly" nats "this for snoop dog, doggy style, and this fonas. wel live fer, believe
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nats "let's go beyonce, let's do it!" nors for "cord othe year" wento mark ronn and bruno ma for their dan anth "uptown funk". nats of mars "we wouldn't bep here if it wasn't for the ople daing tohis ng. ank you guys so much! the night'first time gramm winnerincled ed shn.... "song the year" for "thng out loud"... and megan trainor, best new artist. na "awi'm a mess." justin bieber soon his fir dce recording...... chs leton took best country album... and alabama shakes won bt rock performance. na audio issues marred a peormance adele.. but not tributes to lost legends nats "the thrill igone" ......including bb king... nats eagles' lead singer, gle frey.... and glam rock ic david bowie... ts "groundontrol to majo m"ady gaga's tbu medley toheinger amg e highghts omusibiest night.
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l ead... a thief robbing a lirnia home... leaves behind a ring clue... what t heoer fnd tha
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welcome back... ke a loo..
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was once a million dlar me... is now selling for only a fraction of what it's worth. that's because... the brig color you s is not part of the ho orinal design... that's all spray paint!... ndals painted the ide... and deoryed the inside of the hoe wallsfloors, an fiuresestroyed or ripped out -- paiings of sanic symbolinside! becae of all the damage. the house is sling for only ree hundred and ive thousand dolla! thpainting you see here on th california house.. wasn't dby vandals... but it's a work of art painted byhe homeoer to rallyupport f democratic presidential candidate bernie sanders! the ner -- an english teacr -- says puing a signn hi lawnasn't ough... so he used and blue pat to create the bernie sands campgn lon his roof! heid a permission from his wife!... who is also a standers supporte the coupleplanning on
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el season.. and here's one good one.. ter his house was robbed.. a cafornia man found a piece of evidence he codn't believe! he discovered the thiefs llphe argi on e kitchecounter! the victim se home from work and walk in on t man rog his house. the spect had a gun... sohe victim ran to h bedroom... cked the door and called 9-1.. when it was safe to co out... he walked to the kitchen and found the thiefs phone... unlocked and full of selfies! lice sy the picturesill lp tra dowe crimin... who's stilat large this moin time now for weather andraffic on the 5s. teorologist stephen bowe is here nowitrst alert 5. a potent stormystem slammed the soutastern u. yesterday and brought veral tornadoes the deep sout as that system slides eaward
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pressure ridge to make eastward progress, to for now, that westn ridge is still center west of us. clouds are spilling southward down its eastern flank a right over the top of us. warmer weath is bottup beneath that high pressure ridge, ands it moves eastward outemperatur are goip. tempatures this morning are in e 30s. highs today are going to be in the 50s and 60s. the high cloudwillot be quick to move out this morni but can still see some sun. temperature at 10 am will be in the lower and le0s. rado springs will cser to 50 by noon with middle d upper 50s arounduebland on city. e s and 60wi carry u through thafternoon th increasingly sunny skies. at 5 pm, we're still in the s and 60ut we're cooling. a clear eng comes th teeratur cooling through the
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... a inencolorado sings construction project that stalled nearly a decade ag.. might be coming to life ain! we have details on the fute of
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we're starting on the mi side th temperature the 30s. tois go be a warm on with plenty of sshin highs wi be the 50s and 60s. we'rgoing even warmer later th wk. wi he details ming up in weather traffion the 5. goodorning, thanks for joining us on this tuesday morning... it february th. i'm elne cockrell... ira has the morning f. firsup at 5... happenintoday-- homeowners afcted by landslides in colodo sings may learn aboutheir tions r li. 's joanna wise jns us live fm st. pauls catholic church -- where the fit meeting will be held ith what t city is trying to do to fix the problem. joanna... good morning. right now the citys woing to identify all homeownwho have beeimpaed by the rent landslides. thoshoowners could be le to opt into a federal grant prram. that is what the city will be talking about at the two meetings.
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the first is tonight... ght here ast. pauls cathol chuh on el por road... om 6-30 to. the second meeting will be hel on thursday night atir station 16.. on farthing drive.. sorom 30o 8. as we' beefollowing, the incredibly wet weather l ring caund to under l meroughout thyway and broadmoor bluffs neighborhood. now homeowners are literally watching t investsments umble before their eye the city is applying for a fem ant to hp them rea a ttlement agrity willave to compete for in may. for more information on th meetings, ad on over to our website. we are ka dot co reportinlive in rado springs, joanna wise, news 5. anksoanna... we the may bnew life for a colorado spr landmk... is morni. we'rtracking m lopments at abandoned "colodo ossing" finally has a buyer. the 153-acre mixed-use


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