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tv   News 5 Today at 6AM  NBC  February 16, 2016 6:00am-7:00am MST

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right heret st. paulcatholic church on epomar road... from 6-30 to. the second mting will be held on trsday nit at fire ation 16... on farthing ive.. al from 6-30 to 8. as ween followinhe incredibly wet weather last spri caula to shift unr seral homes througut the skyy and broadmoor bluffs neiborhood. now homeowners are literally watcnghe iestsmes crblbefo their eyes. the citys applng for fema grt help themeach a settlement-- a pgramhe cit will have to cpete for in ma for more informationn the meetingshead on er to ou websit are koaa docom.reporting live in colorado springs, joanna wise, news 5. thmay new life fo rado sings landmk. "colado crossing-- a 153 acre med-use developme at voyager aninterquest - stalled out in 2008 when the
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stped paying contractors. since then, the unfinishedhell has sat conspicusl emand abandoned. now, ipearthere's a buyer for e propertydenver-based "westside investment partners." hey uld ownehi the whe 153 res, pluthe partially-constructed buding" e repoed sale price is 22- milln dollars, wh closing heled for april 1s contractors combinedo ke ownersp of the property la ye. so far, wd on what thnew velors plan do th colora croing. vetera in r community wi on bable to get the help they need at the mount carmel centf excellce. the center, cated off 8th street othe west side of colorado springs, is workingo integrate veterans services into one building. some of the groups that will veiche arehe u- s-o, the epomar foundation, and the el paso county workrcnt and dision of human services.
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next couple of there willlsbe a job ning programhrough go servis. in a few just hours... we'll know wheth or t water rates will go up in monument. the board ofrusts says they have been keeping rates artifically low for too longnd that's why they have pposed a new rate schedule. but e economic developnt corporation warns a quick spike rates could hm sine and communy grth. we will betoday'meetin anhave the dision foyou. state representative daneya esr from puents hel homeowners in our state conserve ter by using rain barrels they're ld in hardwarend gardening stores here, but using the barrels torap rain water technically against state law. thats benoff from our gutters flows intotorm drains and evenally into streams and eventuallynterste waterways. somergue that trapping any
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but esgar sayshat science is flawed "csu came andid a great presentaon tthe interim water committee basically saying this is absolutely no injury. this doesn't hurt downstream users. , once we heard that report we cided to go ahead and try again this year." her bill wouldimit consumers to ung just two barrels per ehd ... or a maximum of 110 gallons. and the water must be used for irriting lawns and gardens. thpueblo reservior is dealg with higwater levels ... just one monthnto the new year. the south boatamp will temporarily shut down...through mid-marcor early the park can let some of the water out. we're told the southishing area and the north picnic day-use area are also osed..ntil levs go bac wn. burofeional keboarrs are king fuladntag the
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weatheand traffion the 5 chief moing meteorologist sthen bowers ihereow wh first aler5. a potent storm systeslammed the southeasrn u.s. yesterday and brought sevel tornadoes the deep south. as tstem slides eastward it makes room for our high pressure ridge to make eastward progress, too. for now, than ridge is still centered wes us. clouds are sinuthward down its eastern f and right ov the topf us. warm wea is ttled beath that high presre rie, and aoves eastward temperatures ang up. mperatures ts morning are in the 30s. highs today aring to be the 50s and 60s. the high clos will not be quick to move out this mornin but we can still see so sun. teerature at 10 am will in the lower and middle 40s colorado springs will be closer to 50 by noon withdle and upper 50s ou pueblo and
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the 50s ans ll car us through the afternoon with increasingly sun skies. at 5 pm,e're still ithe 50s and 60s, but we'reooling. a clear evening comes with temperatures clihrough the
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,,,right now... we are taking a live look up from the eagle's nest at vail... they got about 5 n inches of snow ornight.... officis at colorado's ski resorts say are seeing a deine in the number of ternational vitors. va resorts has seen fewer bookings from europe, canada and brazil this season and the company attributes the drop to the value of the dlar, which remained strongethan currencies abroad. foreign visi... despite extending maeting efrts to cntes like china. arina... and iceland.. codo often tops lists of the happiest and healtt places in the nation... but there are some parts of the
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a new poll reveals what some feel are t most miserae places to live in corado.. "road snacks" compiled the list by analyng data abt things like commute times, unemploymen cost of living and marriage rates. they foundhe denver su of "sridan" is the most miserable.. followed by "edgewat" and "federaleights". they s "cherryil village" is the hpies pueblo ranked 18th most miserabl and coloradsprings ranked 45tout of18. monument-- ranked ird least serable city. up next on news five today.... om chronic pains to problems with sleep... new type of therapy can treat a variety issue... t re in sohern colorado. and he's a live look in colorado springs. while we are waiting for the sun to come up... after the break, we'reoingo tell you aut a n campa promotg solar power at loc businesses.
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tay your healthy faly... a w alternative to traditional hip placementss sparing scle tissueand speeding up recovery. "britn glaser" goes inside the
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out the anterior approac --- pkg --- thmber of hip replacements perfmein the united states has more than doled from year 2000 t2010, according to the s. national cenfor health stistics. thopedic surgeon, doctor alan hint, says although e surgery is effective, the traditional proa of going beside obehind the hip joint, cuttinghrough muscle, has had its flaws. sot: d alan hinton, ohopedic rgeon "the problem with that is the pelvis kind of wobes back and forth while u're doing the sge" doctor hinton says a newer technique called the anterior approach, allows the suron to work between muscles tises - and uses theana table a heighten range of motion. sot: dr. alan hinto ortpedisurgeon atheth gng through the ck of the hip ugh scle or thrgh tide,lso through muscwheryou ha to split muscle, doing an anteri apph we just move
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d little bit less pain for the tient." charlindrepont can agree with that. she on spent one night in the hospital after undergoing e replacement t:harline andrepont, patient"i wasust wantg to get out of pain and if it took this to get me outf paini was willing to do it" sot: dr. alan hinton, orthopedic surgeon e'reble to lay theatient dot lt and we can take intraoperave x- rays, real-time x-rays, of length very, vy accurately and alsoosition the p , ve great. for her, that changeeant becoming like herself again - after several months being home-bound because of th pain. sot: charline andrepont, patient "wi felt like i wanted to get my clothes on and i did it all by myselfat's wi knew was doing so much beer" if you're looking to reduce stress and impve youhealth this year... you might nto consider f
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it's the nest form of medition... consists of floating inside a "sensory deprivation chamber" in 1 hundred pounds of salt in 200 gallons ofater! itlls u to escape yo senses... an"fing" can help reach a xing "eta brain state" whichs almostream- like "it can help with chronic pain, it canelp with insomnia, really that meditativeta at it takes you allow you to work on wtever u want to work on." floating is proven to drop stress hormone ls.. and clarity of minntributes to overall well being.. some who've tried it says floating helps thesolve problems.. be more producve and improve relationships.. in this morning's health watch... a new study reveals customized acupuncture may improve symptoms in pele wit fiomyalgia. spanish researchers compared eklyndivuay tailored acupuncture to aco
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after ten weeks ... threal apuncture patients rerted less intense pain than placo patients. acupcturalsomprod ei physical abilities, fatigue vel and overall ality of . weatand traffic on the 5s. chmorning meteorologist stephen bowers is here nowith first alt a pont sto systeslamd e soutastern. yeerday and brseveral tornoes to thep south. as tt stemlideeastwa it mak roofogh pressure ridge to ke etward progress, too. for now, that western ridge is still center west of us. cloudsre spillsouthward wn its easte flanknd right over the top of us. warmer weather is bottled up beneath at high prsure ridge, and as it moves eastward our temperaturesre going up. temperatures this morning are in the s. highs today are gointo be in e 50and 60s. the high clouds willot be
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temperature at 10 am wilbe i the lower anmile 40s. lorado sings will be close to 50 by noon with middland upper 50s ound pueblo and caon city. th50s and 60s wi cry us through the afrnoon th increasingly sunnykies. at 5 pm, we're stilln the s and s, bute're cooling. a clear ening comes with teeraturesoolinghrough the 50s and into the low 40s by 10
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,,,,,,,,,,,, topping your consumetch this moin. c-s-u in ft coins... is asking permison fm mer county to sell fu-strength at its next seas. the hool currently sells lighter bes containing 4- percent alcohol at its games... athlic director joe parker he university's "deces-long" stintelling beer has been positive... and that thehift wl t c-s-u algside more tha30 schools offer regeer at games. is morng whave s wainyou. a nocian is accused inst wars legoets c people out of moy. william murray fes charges of
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theft. investigators say at least 16 viims lost 14-thousa dollars after murray advertised lego sets for sale online, buasked for the y upront, then never delivered. anyone else who may be a victim iscontact canon ty police nyere in southrado use sor panels t power their homes ing naral energy... but stes could be next! today... soadvocas.... cal lawmakers and environment colorado will launch a cpan solar po theyase a report owing the benefits... if our biggest ss oppi cenrs ud r of acorolarelthevent sts morning at n-a-m athe serarinenin colorado springs. coming up... it's time to start planning your cuban vacation!! have word on when officials expect to start commicial ights to the island nation... that'sightfter the break,
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looking ahead is mni... top u-s officials will travel to havana, cuba today... to sign an agreemrestoring airline service between the two nations.
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march 2nd toubroute applications to e u- trspta deparen fore ty sell tkets to cu the s gornment expectso decide in the suer whi airles are flying from which amer citie the arngement lowsnly round-triplits per day betwn the u-and ba. and new this mni... anopsy itoday on a 9--old wiscoin b whdiedayafter having his tonsils removed. he underwent outpatient surgery at milwaukee's children's hospital on february h. afteards, he was gen a dose of oxycodone and w sent me... after his parents gave him a send dose ofhe painkiller they took m back tth hoit becsee wahavi e breathing. was pronod brain de ler a redm life support. alonwith today's autopsy, a samplef thoxycodone has been st to a lab for testing. this morning...
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suspicous dece fou on a rental c near e alque international airport. fedeauiesay it was a hoax. accordg to aa-t-f spokperson the device that loed like a pipe bomd not contn any explosive elements and posed "no threatto the blic. a chanic fou t deve der a car during an inspection. the f-b-i is still working to determine who constructed the devi. ake a lot this. rescue creer orida caught on camera pulling a woman from debris after a tornado destoryed r home. rkers had to fir dig the the uncocious woman t of t rubble.. before putting her on a stretcher arryer o righw her coition is unown. yesterday's too destroyed at least 9 other homes. weatheand fic on t 5s. chief rning meteorologist stephen bowerss here now with
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and as to break... taking a live lop high count th is i-70... just west of vail pass... right w the interstate remains closed from gy to glenwood springs thankso a rocke... fi out when roe expect
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fit up6-.. ppening today-homeowners affeed by landslides in coradoprings y learn about their options for li. news 5's joanna wiseoins us ve fm . pauls catholic church -- where the first meeting will be held -- with more on what th city is trng to do tfithe problem. jona.. morning... right now the city is working to enfy allomeowners who ha been impacted by the recent landslides. those homeowners could be able opt into federa granprogram. that iwhat the city will be talking about at the two meings here's a look at when they wl be hpeng. the first isight... rit here at . pauls catholic church on el pomar road... from-3to 8 the second mti will be held on thuday nit at fire station 16.
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also from 6-30 to ase've beeg, the incriblyet weather lasspring caused land to shift under sel hothroughout the sk and broador bluffs ighbhood now meowners are literally watchingheir invtsment crumble before the eyes. the ci is apying for a fema grant to h rea ttlerogramy will have to compete for in may. for more information othe meetings, head on over to our website. we areoaa dot m. reinlive in cora ringnna wise. toda.. plned parenthood is opennc again... nearly three mont after the deadly shooting. we werthere sterday at the ceremony as the clinic opene itdoors. the building is ly partially reopened. so that the clinic can opete whtruction c fish their . the ggest ffereno th cili ithe oue he dingwhich isll under construction. side...t's ja litt less space. once they walk in its ke a
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healthter. they're going to get same care and see the folks they were seeing a few months ag major ncn th tlini reening is safety... and thpossibility of a copy cat shooter. pland parenthood did not reveal specifics... t tes us tre wl be some ange suritoced. following up forou this morning... we knoe namee womakilled over the weekend in a crash on i-25. police say she was 35-ar-old "danielle greecortez". as we to youesterdayn news-5-today...hick-up tru hit a barrier alonthe shoulder of i-2near fontanero. policeay she w not wearng a seat belt.and its so believed that alhol waa n e h. ney. the manetys investigg ter a dog was killed and a manas injured in
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it happened last nn e 800 blk of hooer drive. owners say one oth dogs became agressive... and while preventing the dogs from fightin.. the homeowner's girlfrnd shoone dog... but the bullet also hit the man inis leg. the man ly h mor injuries. the female was charged wit reless eangeent. a llen mesa county sheriff's deputy has bn laid to rest. and yesterday... thounds from across the country...gather ed in grand juncon f his funeral. deputy derek geer was fatally wounded last week while pursuing an armed suspect. he was takenffife suort a w days aft he was shot....afr his final act of serve...donating his oans. depu geer had been with the mesa county sheriff's office for fifteen years. was also a vy veteran,..hoeaves behi a wife and two children. his wife says she believes the proudestoments of his life, were wn his son was born and his daughter, was ted from china.
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a large stretch of i-70 remains closed...aer a massive rock sde! om gypsum to glenwood springs... both directions are shut down... while crews work to clear the boders... which fell onto the highway yesterday. dot crews spenmost of e day removing the largeks near "hanging lakeunnel"... in glenwood caon. injuries or serious dam has been reported. geolists will assess the slide area today via helicopter... d determine how lo cleaup operationsre expected to ta.. atr d fionhe 5s. chiemorning meteorologist stephen bowers is he now with first alert 5. a potent stormystem slammed the southeas.s. sterday and ought several tornadoes to theeep south. as that system slides ward it makes room r r gh essure ridge to make eastward progress, too. for now, that weern ridge still centered west of us. clouds are spilling southwar down its easte fnk and right over the top of us. warmer weather is bottled up beneath that high pressureridge,nd as it moves eastward
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tempatures this morning are in the 30s. highs day are going to be in the 50s and 60s. the high cloud be quk to move t this morng, but we can still see some n. temperature atam will be i the loweand middle0s. colorado springs will be closer to 50 by noon withiddle and upper 50s around pueo and caon city. the 50s and 60s willars througthe afternoon with increasily sunny skies. at pm, we're stilln the 50s and 60s,ute're cooling a clear ening comes th temperures cooling through the
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,,,,,,,,, thks stephen... cong u.. iults.
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he doesn't even have the right ser apresent. 're nnwin here in vada "arf, arf, arf, arf, you kw?" it'sll cominupext in y elecon watch.
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taking a live look from mexico ci... where pe fncis has just ard plane.. he'll be travelling to morelia, mexico--he heart of the country's drug trafficking problem. later day the ntiff ll be meinwith loc yth.. and holding mass.. weome back... thisorni. new quesons are being raised about u.s. preme court justice anonin scal's heain the days leing up to his ath. a texas county jud says she spokwith scalia's door thy he was found dd... anthe doctor told her, scalia haa history of heart trouble, gh blo presse and s considered too weak nder surgery for recent shoulder injury. those details are at odds th recollecons fromriends, who descrid scalia as his usual, hay self before his deh. the texas judge decid no autopsy was needed,... saying he died of natul
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on the matter of scalia's replacent.. e white house says... the prident will note any sty deons.. and not to expect one this we. puicans are wing to block any nominationrom president obamin his last year in office. th's got democrats fired u callintheir g-o-p colleagues cowards anirreonsible... they poi out -- justice anony kennedy was nfirmed by a mocratic senate... inresident reagan's fina ye. form president geow. shs back ipolitical light... appearing aally for his brother b in south carolina last night. hoping tgive jeb a boost in the polls, the 43rd president said he was proud of his brothe.. calling him "msured and thoughtful" the world stage... the former pdent's return to the campaign trail h been met witatfromrump over t 9-1terr aacks and the war in iraq. h a few words for thedonald.
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person usually isn't the loudest one the room." a quick hiory lesson... both "bush 41" & "43" caied sout carolina in their respective presentialrimaries... donald trump a ted cruz continue taking shots at eachother... on the campaign trail in south carolina, donald trump continued his attacks, calling cruz "lr" mtie times on separate occasions. trp sa that some of cruz's campgn as are misleading, and unlesse olizes, he is going laua lawsuit over his eligibility to runor the presiden. "i don't wanan apologyft e electi, i want the apology before, and if he doesn't, i'm going to bring a lawsuit because in mopinn, and based on at i've learned over the la 2 or 3 da from very lawrs, he doesn't en have e right to serve as preside." "when both mcoubio and donald tmp jt scream "liar, liar, ar", it makes you wonder how they would handle dealing with putin. i'm not sure that would be ver
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scam "liar, liar, -- trump renewehis threat trun an independt.. claing the repubcan national committee is defaulting its pledge to treat him with respect because of crowds thatave booed him dung rendebas whilrepublicans spar in so caroli... decrats are rallying their suprters ahead of the nevada caucuses... during a stop in reno... hillary clinton talk about how canines can play a big role in litics ... and used it as an opportunity lampoon republicans.. refencing an old politic ad fr the days oferusband's run for the governor o arkansas... hillary said she wanted to tra a dog to tell whenoliticians lie... m trying to figure out h we can dohat witheplicans. we need to get that dog and follow them around and every time they say these thingsike, 'oh, the great recession was
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regulation,' arh, arh, arh, arh. i think we could cut right through a lot of theirlaims." clinton al challenged her rival -- bernisanders -- inting him a o-issue canidate... she's fighting to regain the momeum in the race after suffering a defeat in new hampshire... d only winning iowa by two delegates.. "bernie bernieere!" bernie sders is greeted by cheerst his own rall. in the latest poll coming from"tget point"... sanders and clinton are virtually tied among nevada mocrats.. the sanders caaign ao adesd the latest attacks from clinton... saying she unravling due to bernie's recent surge in popularity... " if people come out in large numbs onaucuda we're
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there is bad news for bernie this morning as both candates h out to minority voters. analysts believe the flint water cris ian issue that resotes with african americanscross the country... and the ministers of flintt endorsed hillary clinton... criting her th raising national intest in the issue... the nevada caucus will be he saturday weher and traffion t 5chief rninteorologt stephen bowers is re n with first ert 5. a tent srm system med the southeastern u.s. yesterday and brought several tornoeto the deep south. as thasystem sdes eastward it makesoom for our high pressure ridge to make eastward progress, too. for now, that westerridge is still centeredesofs.clouds arepilling southward down itsastern fla and right over the top of us. waer weather is bottled up beneath thatigprsure ridge, and as it moves eastwar temperures areoing up. temperatures thimorning e in the s. his e gog be the 50s an60s.
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but we canll see som temperature at 1am wl be in the lower and middle 40s. colorado sprin will be closer to 50 by noowith middle and upper 50s around pueo and can city. the 50s and 60s will carry us through the afternoon with incrsingly sunny skies. at 5 pm, we're still ithe 50s and 60s, but we'reooling. a cleaevening comewith temperatures cooling thrgh the
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toy... thuntates coasguard is conducting a hearing on the sking oth "el facargo ship. they are eted to focus on the events thaled to the sinng.. including the background ocrew members, thep's previous missions and theoa guard's search thheing starts at 9ain jacksole, flora. a second hearing, whh hasn't beeduled yet is expected tooc on thvoge itself that took the lives all 33 peoplenbrd. a hearing is alsscheduled today for acstnd cattle rancher "cliven bundy". he'll ben court answering to the brought against him omn med confrontation in 2014 tt forced feder officials to release cattle ing unded up near his ranch in nevada. bundy the first to face chargeinhat some advoces haileds a ctory in the fht to turn over feral land to ste control.
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custod morning f staging that armed sit in on federal land in oregon for the same issue. right, we will be right back with another look at your local headlines with the five things you need to know before you go.
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it almos00 here a tivings to know beforeou go. homeners in the skyway and brdmoor blfseighborhoods have a chance tod outheir optis at tublic meetin thiseek... teinedibly wetth last sprincaused lanto shift under r homes. the first is tonight... at pauls caolic church on el pomar ad... from 6-30 to 8. the second meeti will be held on thursday night at fire station 16...
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alsorom 6-30 to a few just hours. we'll know wther or not water rates will go up in monument. the ard of trustsa they have been keeping ras artifilly low fotoo long and at w they have proposea w te schedule. but the onomic devopment corporation warns a quick spike ratesould harm busine and commungrowth. we will at today's meeting d have tecision u. pueblo reservis dealing with high water levels ... just o month into e new year. the uth boat ramp will teorarily shut down...through mid-march or early the park canet some of the war t. we're the south fishing area and the north picnic dause area are als closed.until levels go bk down. today... lar advocate... localaaks and envinment colodo wlaunch a camign to get major retailersuslapower!ey will releasa report showing the nefits... if our biggest stores and shopping centers used thr ro
6:52 am
the event starts ts morning at ten-a-m at the super-tart on prominent point inolado rings. toy. lodo conessman 'doug lamborn"ill deliver e "state of the fift congressnal district" addrs. lamborn will discuss the issues affecting the dist which includ colorado springs... fountain and monument. it starts at1-30 a-mt the aners hotel in colorado spris. 'll be sure bring you any importt uptes. weheantrfionhe 5s. chief morning meteorologt stepn wers is here nowith first alert 5. a potent stormysm slammed the southeastern u.s. yestery and brought several tornadoes to the deep south. as that system slastwd it mes rm for our high pressure ridge to make eastward pr, too. for no thawestern ridge is still centered west of us. ouds are spilling southward down itsastern fnk and right over the top of us. warmer weaer is bottled up beneath that high pressure ridge, and as it moves eastward our temperures goingp. ures this ing e inthe 30s. hightoy are going e in
6:53 am
the high clouds wi not be k move out is morng buwe cantill s somn. teerure at 10 amill be the wer d middle 40s. colorado springs will be clor to 5byoon withiddle and upper 50s around pueblo and caon city. the 50s and 60s wi cry u through the ternoon th incrsingly sun ski. at 5 pm, we' still in the 50s and 60s, bute're cooli. a cleaevening comes with teatures cooling through the
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stay connected wh k-o-a-a dot
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l > good good mning. winter wallop. nearly 50 llion americans waking up to a sloy commute. a massive storpingcrs at least 17 stes, from north carona tw englan an spas a toado oureak
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a -yeaold won trapd inside her home. >> hallelujah! >> first responders and volunteers form a human ain to pullhe woman from the bris. >>ultimatum. donald tru noweateng to d cruz if the senator doesn't st attack s. t is an unstablguy. i' ner, everet a pson that lies re than d cruz. >> a trumpoubles down on his attackon t bush family as the fo the former president hs the traifor his brother. >>preme battle. coulthe president name his nominee for thcourasarly as next week? ere's a showdown betweenhe successor for justice antonin scalia. triuhs, tributes and trip-ups. taylor swift com awawith big awarand possibly a message r kanye st. >> peopl pple will try to unrcut your success or take credit for
6:59 am
hits a sour noteueo audio ises. she shughs it all off, tod, esday, february 16th, 2016. >>ouncer: from nbc n is "today" with matt lauer and savannah guthrie, live from stud 1a in rockefeller plaza. good mornieverybody. welcome to "today"n a tuesday morning. i'm savannah guthriend we have carson daly in f mat on my best day, i wish sounded like adele with thtechnical issues. >> tre was sething everybody. >> we'll talk politi, too.our top st our top story is the weather.


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