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tv   The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon  NBC  February 16, 2016 10:34pm-11:37pm MST

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[ cheer [ cheers and applause ] >> ste: from stagone at unirsal sdios hlywo, in los angeles, californiait's "the tonght starng jimmy flon." tight, joinimmy and his guests -- zach galifianakis, rondrousey, musical gst, pitb turi t e perr tras baer and the legeary roots crew >> estlove: 418! woo! >> te
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jimmy llon! [ cheers and applause ] >> jimm >jimm o, he eyb lc welmelcome, welcome. wwelc welme. welcome to "the tonight show"! i! ap youhe you're pof the show! aw, wcome everybody. you guys, it is -- [ cheers a alause it's al it's all right -- it is our second day in
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[ cheers and applause ] ndd news just found a a parkng spot. alaus] this iexcitg. yeah. let's get to some news here, you guys. of courselast niht was the ammy awards. [ ches ] i've t to say congratulations to our very own tariq and questlove, who won a gmmy. [ cheers and applause ] congts congrats, guys. they got the grammy bst musical theater album. it'aming. and this is really cool. whenhe star andreator of "hamilton", lin-manuemiranda, cepted theward, actua rapped his atance speech. yeah, sure, but when someone se trietoap his speech, it's"y're ruing my weddin jimmy." [ laughter andlae the oth e other bigtory fm thgrammys is wn adele had chnical issues during he pformance and it made iseem like she was singi offey. yeah.
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as "riding in the car with your mom [ laughr ] hellfromhe oer side! [ applause a aft and aer her ustrating performance -- i tught this was funny, adele tweeted that she treated herself to in-n-out burger. [ cheers and appl] >> steve: yeah. jimmy yeah. mea, people ath drive-throught etending the speaker wasn't rkinjust they could hear adele say "hello" again. [ laughter ] o more time. hllo [ lht laugh] stillot getting it. hello lit lahter ] just ttg out. are you still the? hello [ light laughter ] thanyou. i saw that pharllent to he gramm last ght sporng blond hair and a eed bler. this explains at award he went home with, "best iressn of hillary clinton." laught ] >> ste: i didn't know yo could win a grammy for that. >> jimmy: yeah, heerves it.
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well, here's the latest on the election. apparently some prostitutes at a vada brothel have launched a campaign for hillary clinton called "hookersor hillary lghter ] yeah. th want to donate money the clns, or, as they ll it, "giving back." [ laughter applause ] ste: nice, ce heart of gd. >> jimm warms the heart. senatordsey gram actually got to introde both j and his otr george aray in south carolina. and he was pretty excid. check this ou >> you're gonna he not only fm a presidenof the united states, y're nna hear fm e brother of the next president of the united states. eers andpplause ] i dot know about you, but like bushes! [aughter ] [ chrs a applse ] >> steve: >> svelids. >> jimmy: then another guy sd, "looks like we've found
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[ laughter and applause ] actually actuallyduring his speech at rally, orge w. bush said can f the problems iname r untry' frustrations. or in other words, jeb is ameri's pretion. laughter ] that's not good. doesn't help the campaign. >> steve: i don't think so >> jimmy: andarco rubio leased a new campaign athat depicts america waking uin the morning, but me othe footage usedn the ad is actuay t footagef eri. [ lilaughter ] take a look at the very fst ip. this is real. >>t'morning again in americ >jimmy: stop the clip there. 'suver, na. [ laughter ] that ivancour. yeh. it jusgot rse from there. ke a ok at th. >> it's morning again in ameca [ ght laughter ] tay more n d women are out of work anver before in our naos history. jimmy: that's odd.
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tt's not eve an real ple. have a great sh, lies and gentlemen. give it up for the roots! [ chee and applause ] >> jimm >> jimmy: oh! [ cheerd applau ] sounding great! loing great! oh, it's great to be here. oh, g welmeeverybod nks again. we have a big week of shows ahed.tomorw night, the great jennifer lopez will be her with us. [ cheers and applause ] >> steve: oh! jimmy: so beure to tune in. jennifer and i going to be pling game ofpassword", so be sure to te in for that. plus, he'll be making his televion debut with us. we have music from zayn. >> steve: oh! cheers and applause ] >> jimmy: this is it. tv but. >> steve: this is it. >jimmy: tlater this wee nce ughn and bryanranston will beoining us as wl. [ chrs and applus]
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dea& mpand the eknd. [ cheers and appuse ] so this is a big week here in l.a. bufirst we lovit when th guy com to visit. hisew comedy series, "baets", is a hit or on fx. the very funn the very lented zach galifianakis is here tonig. [ ch and alause ]zach and zach a i are g to talk about his new show andhen we're going totest one another's acting skills in a a ge of "tronssions", along with a surprise guest. [ cheers and applause ] plus, hershe is on the cove of the big new "sports illustrated" swimsuit issue. onda rousey is in the house! [ cheers and applause ] ronda rousey is in housey. and we have great, great sic. gos i lovthis guy. last nig he won a grammy awardimself. he deserv it. pitbull, featuring
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tvis arker is here tonight. [ cheers applaue >steve: come !. >> jimmy: ron thicke, e pertravis barker. >> steve: get out of here. and pitbull. you can't beat that. this is grt. guys, as you know, donald trump is still the republican frontunner fopresident. d nowe're alused to seeing trump at the debatesnd on the campaign trail, but we rarely get a chancto see him at home. ll, this week donald trump actually vit his childhood home toe a little art-to-heart wi his famil takok >> dad? dad? [ ght laughter ] dad? [ laughte] [ cheers and applae >> donal >> dond, what's wrong, hoy? >> i'm jt sad. lauger ] >d?
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sweetie,hy are y s? >> look, i know ion in w hampshireumbers were huge. lig laughte] but i'm afraid atf i don' win the nominationeveryone will say a lor. >> donald, i know winning is very important tyou, but sometimes it'skay to lose. right, gys? cheers and aplse >> danny's >> danny's rigdonald. i mean, ok at me. sure, i losonstar srch," but at hasn't stped me from doing impressions. right, bullwinkle? >>hy, certainly, josh. [ heers ] >> look, the point is yu made it farther than anyone thought and no matter what ppens u
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>> hey,atch thhair, h? [ light ughter ] you guys are right. havestay in thrace. otherwise a clinton will be in the white house a. i mean, who wants to see something from the '90s come back in 2016? [ laughter a applause ] [ cheers andppl ] >> is >> is everytng okay in here? donald, whatreou ding up at this hour? wl, dj -- [ghter ] i was trying to have a a heart-to-heart with three dads until you guys inteupted me. how rude. [ laughter ] >> hey, you stole my
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how rude! [ cers and applause ] >> hola >> hola, trumperinos! [ lit ughter ] >> giber, how did u get in our house? >> wellthe front door was locked, but ilthe kitchen window was wide open. [ightaughter ] >> kimmy, u can't st come to o hou whenever you want. >> inow howean kp her out. neeto build a gntl. laughter . no more gib! [ eers a ban on all gblers until we fire out whas gog on and we make her pay for it. [ lauger ] >> donald, i ink i speak for everyo when i say, cut it out. [ cheers ] >> yeah >> yeah,onald. st because kiisn't echnically a part of the family dsn't meathat we shouldn't treat her like o >> ah. you know, eveif she did once
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we love her. >> oh, i love you guys. [ audice aws ] ou see, donald, 'sust it. i mean, if you really want to ma america great again, you have to bring people together, not push thempa. now, we may havour disagreents omime to time, but at the end of the day, we all love each other. that's wt family's about. and goh darn it, that's what america is about. eers and applause >> that >> that might the most romantic thing you've ever said. [ cheers and applau ] >> ha >> ha mercy. [ crs and applause ] look >> look, nald. we understand. you'sed to winning all the me. and now that you might not
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>> yore right. i mea whaver happened to predictability? [ light lauger ] the milkman? the pap boy? eving tv?>> evywhereou look, everywhere you go, there's a aeart. >> there's a heart. [ lghter ] > there'a hao hold o to. >> everywhere you lo everywh you go. >> there's a face. of somebody whoeedyou. when you're lo out there andou're all alone a light is waiting to carryou home everywhe you ok >> ba-do-be-do bop ba-da. heers d pluse ] >> yeah >> yeah. st remember, donald, if you win andecome president,
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but if you lose nd don't become predent, wel be even prouder. [ chees and applause n it' ow it's time for bed. you got it, honey? >> you got it, dude. [ cheers ] >> good night, sweetheart. >> od nightdonald. >> i love you. >> i le you. >> love you so much. >> good night, dad. [ cheers anapplause ] >> good night,onald. good nig od nightmy s i loveou. >> good night, mom. good ght, gibbler. thank you. [ cers apse >> jimmy: >> jiy: ladies and gelemen, the cast of "fuller e"! it premieres on netfx
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ou kled it! you killed it! was gat! comen!hes a applse ] wel be we'll beht back, everydy tell th so tell those other guys you're ne worrying about da. get three lines of unlimit data for fiftyks each,
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a subaru,,,,,,,,,, [ cheersnd applause ]
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welcome ck, evybody. our first guest tonight a a nn funnyan whose new fx series, asts" is the est rated cable dy premre othseason. please wme a talented and hardworking former. here's zach galifianakis, everybody! [ cheers and applause ] >> jimmy jimmyalways good toee you, buddy. ohy gosh. thanks for coming on the sho i appreciate it. >>hank you very much. >>immy: congrats on "bke." i want to get to that. i also want say congrats on "between two ferns," which is one my favori tngs we loveith -- it talk show you do onhe web. >> the internet. some people call it the internet.
10:54 pm
yeah. cool young kids, they call it the web. yep >> jimmyi don't knowf ey do that anymore. and you ve a good booking on that last show. you n cole emmy awds for that show. >> i didn'know we won an emmy but -- we have -- >>immy: ye. i mit have made th up. >> we d thprident of the united states on. >> jimmy: yeah. >> ave had bradley pitt and -- >> jimmy: brley pitt yeah, ah, yeah. >> sit hardly -- i think- i kinda wanna -- ion't know if i'moingo do any more. they'rkind of one no, you know. jimmy: they are not they're great. but -- how can you top getti thesident? that's great get. >> i don't know. like wo you think -- who would you like thaves a a gut on tt you havet had on your sh? >> jimmy: an, the pope? [ laughter ] you coulhave the pope on >> which one [ laughter ] >> jimmy: the new pope yeah. >> the n pe. >> jimmyyeah aolutely. he would good. >>immy: he would be great.
10:55 pm
the pope came on >> why allhe white? [ uger ] >> jimmy: that's a good question yeah, a of people are woering that. >> how about -- queen elabeth? >> jimmy: that'd be fun. i'd love to have the queenn. >> yeah. >>immy: yeah, i'd probably play a game or sething with her. >> yeah. [ lahter ] >> jimmywhatould yousk the queen? >> i would ask her bers brie >> jimmy: yeah see, at's yeah, that not going to happen. les talk about "baets." again, congratulations on th >> why do you keep saying congratulations? >>immyi don't know w. i st -i'm happfor you d -- 's weird, en wyou walked out, it soued like waging you an award or somethg. >> yeah. >> jimmy: but i don't know why. i ju felt like i haven't seen you in a wle and i'm happy for you. >> thank you. >> jimmy: i'm proud of you. >> congratulns on your tv show. jimmy: thanyou. [ lahter ] no one ever says that. thank you. [ cheers and applae ] ongrulatio >> jimmy: that'shat i was trying to dohe whole time. st pay me a coliment, zach! that's all i wanted! "baskets." >> "baskets." >> jmy: let's ta about it. >> okay.
10:56 pm
>> it . >> jimmy: is is a show louis c.k. is creat of the show wh you. c.k. callsou up d says, "zach, it to do this sho" >> he cas me ande'like, "are y interested in writing a tv show?" and i said, "f-you, c." [ laht [ cheers and applause ] i'm just k i'm just kidding. >>immy: i'm sure. >> he called me. so we just -- we started chatting about - [ laughter ] >> jimmy: at so good. >> chatting out the show. d it's about a bitr deo clown who studied clown theory in paris. >> jimmy: ah. but he h to come homd workor a rod. >> yeah, he works as aodeo clown in bakersfield, so he's kind o angry guy. >> jimmy: but you ay two characters. you play the twin othe namechip and dale. [ laughter ] >> y. >> jimmyi'm rry, dale d ip.
10:57 pm
up on at. [ laughter ] you ruined it. >> jimmy: no one has said at at all. dale and chip. >> you're the first person to bring that u i've don0 dumb interviews >> jimmyyeah, yeah. and no oneas said -- >> no e. congratulations ain. [ laught ] coratutions. >> jimmy: anyo thanu. oh my goodness. thank you so much. thanyou. >> i would le to congratulate show business in gen. >>immy: let's give it up for show business. please. [ cheers and applaus dale and chip -- chip is the characte-- you base this off of -- this is a character you've done in tast. it's a verfunny, very phal comedy, this show, "bke." >> yeah. th show is kind of a a rowback of kind of the physical comed-- >> jimmy: yore great at pratfas. i never knew you were that great at it. >> well, wyon't have a a lot of talent you become good pratfalls.
10:58 pm
>> it's fun to de physical comedy and sometimeslay these two charters, in brothersand they kind of dot t alg theyoo alike and theyate each other >>immy: it's so funny, you guys. if you haven't seen it, watch it. u'll enjoy i have a cli here's zach galifianakis aying twin brothers chip a dale. [ laught ] in his new fx series, d i'm so happy for h, congratulations, "basks." >> congratulatns. thank you. >>immy: take a looat this. congratulations. >> hello? >>ut mother , plse. >> she not here. >> yeah, right. just put her on. >>al i don't know ere she is. i'm busy. i'm eati steak. i got to go. >>ull crap you're eating a a steak. u can'even afford a steak. lien, g a lead on an antique hutch t in shaft i needer to look after t rl >> dal just ask chip to . >> w >> nice id i shoulask you to watch aft the girls i might as weljust stick them in t refrirator. >> i am a growman. i cawatch the ds.
10:59 pm
>> i would call yo >> we'oi to be knee deep in hutches. you ain't going to call us. >> d ge mehe phone. hi, chip. all you needo do is pickm up from school and maksure they get dinner. >> y're signing their death warrants by havingim do this. >> jimmy: me on, our tnks to zach galifianakis. "baskets" airshursdays at 10:00 p.m. on fx. zach a i are playing "true confsions" with a a special guest aftethe break. stick around, everybody. [ cheerspplause what happens when lobster gets grilled, baked, and ired with ev mo lobster? you get hungry. and you count e seconds until relobster's lobsterfest is back with the largest vaety of lobster dishesf the ye. like newueling lobster tails with one tail stuffed with crab,
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chrs andpplause ]>>im: welcome back, everody. i am here with ch galianas, and we are about to play a ga o
11:04 pm
confession" now 'rgoing to need another player to fill o this table, anwee got a good one. he's the host of "real tim with bilmar,which ai fridays at 10:00 p.m. on h. please welcome bill maher! [ cheers and applause ] >> okay. thank you ry mh everyone. >> jimmy: thank you for joing us! bill maher! >> sure,ure,ure. greato see you. >>immy: goodo see you. >>ongratulat on your -- [ bleep , it was fantastic. >> jimmy: thanyou. in frontf each ousre two vepes or envelopes cont cions confeciones. [ lighlaughter ] one of the eelop is soing that actually happen to us in realife. the second velopes a a lie. once y read the confsion
11:05 pm
ether u ha been lying or telling thtruth. you get one turn each, let's gearte za, yollo fit. zh: oy. >> jimmy: bill, which vepe should zacopen? >> two, obviously. >>immy: obviously, two, yeah. oh, you nervous? >> zh: i a little nervous, yeah i dragged him -- >> jimmy, no, that's okay. >> zach: c i hava dr o this? jimmy: that's a special efct. >> zach: oh, sry. >> jimmyto makit look like -- [ laughter ] zh: bill thout it was something se and gotery excited. zacand i are -- we ar very familiawith ts picture. [ laughter ] >> jimmy: well, welcome to california, yeah. >>t t thach clip right ont, the >>immy: fantastic. [ ch ] [ light laughter ] >> zacdisappoiin very disappoinng. [ laughter ] >> jimmy: all right, here we . >>ach: rlly? ready? ad in college, i once sharea a coke with mary j. blige at a a public access television station.
11:06 pm
>> what -- we can go? >> jimmyyeah. go. >>hat year was this? >> zach: i just finished -- yeah. [ light laughter ] '91. around '. >> jimmy: what college did you go to? >> zach:orth carolina ate unersityhomef the fighting wolf pack. [ cheers >>ou're shaking. >> zach: yea >> but where was mary j. blige in her ceer in 1991? i dot recall her bei on the scene en. >> zac i don't think she was known. i think her aunt worked at the ic accstatio [ ght lauger ] >> jimmy: what did you guys do together? >> zach: we ar a coke. i alady told y. [ laughter and applause ] >>immy: i know, but y would you share co together? >> zach: i was poor the ti. e d a co >> jimmy: , no, mean, why would you be in the same room? >> zac i think she was visiting her aunt and -- >> jimmy: d what were you doin >> zh: i was -- had a hold on. [ laughter i had -- i haa coke.
11:07 pm
ti ach: i d't know, m >> that'al- >> jim: lee's ac. >> z i w tching a a waltng cla at the public access staon. [ t lauger ] >>imu were teaing a a waltzing class. >> zach: yeah. >> he's the worsliar since ted cr.[ light laer ] do a ltle na tmp >> jmy: t n, but maybe he's, maybe he g thiso takes out, hs purposy dog this. >> yea right. >> jmy: teaching a waltzing class, took a little bit. >> oh. >> jimmy: but that was pt the time limit sthat could easily be a l. i don't know. i'm going say not true. ll? >> yea i'm gointo go with that, not true. zach? >> zh: i'm going to say it's true. [ lahter ] ji know ye going toay it,ut -- it true? >> it is true. >> jimmy: it is ue! [ eers and applause ] you know how to waltz? >>ach: what? >> jmydo younow how to ltz? >> zach: thas nothe ofhe sry. [ laughter ]>> jimmy: nono, , i kn. zach: it's about ma j. e. >> lk the the you hooked uin on that. immy: i
11:08 pm
>> jimmy: all righ h what envelope should i open, e or two? ch? >>h: nr e ses to be popur. on [ la ] jimmy: o people yeld out one. popular, ion't know. i used to thinpretzels w cigarettes. [ laught ] >> is th >>s this post college,immy? >>im: uh, uh -- , i was probably around 10 years old. >> okay. >>immy: yeah, and like, yeah. >> zh: d attpt t ght the przel? [ light ughter ] did yoevry to light the pretzel? yeahyodi >> it ght explain somethin about this>> jimmy: yeah, myarents smoked. >> zh: we they straight pretzels or like theurly kind of preels? [ laughter ] [ eers and applaus]>> jmy jimmy: ey were pretze sticks >> zach: pretzelticks. >> jimmyyeah
11:09 pm
>>h: wt size pel stks? theyome in difrentiz. >> and when you say you thought they were cigattes or you pretending like a kid does with candy cigarettes? yoreal thought? >>immy: no, i was pretendi. yeah, i thout parents oked -- >>retending. jimmy: and i was pretending th i smoked a pretze >> so this is not ev atory. [ laughter ] >> jim: yeah >> ts is nothing. this is nothing. [ zzer ] >> jimmy: so, what do yoys think? >> ihink that's tr why t? >>ac i it's becsee didn't see epared for l of e an[ ht wheas wholmyry i knew exact -- [ laught and applause ] jmy: that's not true. you said did a waltzg -- you taught aaltzg class. >> zach: iok me a minute to remember what i was dog. nobody lightpretze up an then has a talk shownd talks about it [ laughter ] >> jimmy: y, they did happen. i lit up a preel, and, yeah, ju thought i was -- thought hing worked like that. i thght -- so, yeah, away. sadly true. >> i'm all f it, too.
11:10 pm
[ cheers and alae ] jimmy: , it's not how i do e show. [ lahter y, c shat. don't bring that in here! >> zach:e id it. >> jimmyhe slled i h: o sedt. you'rellow spell it,ou can't say it. [ laughter ] let's take that ain. >> we'll take that again. >>immy: you knowhe rules. yocaspell . 'm gng to say, i'moing say go fonuer t. >> go r mber two. all gh jimmyorber yeah, i wannknow this stor >> i once tried to ask a girl t d she wound upistakenly thking iaseaf so i went wi it. [ laughter ] >> zach: >>ach: was it on the phone? >> no. >> jimmy: the pho, yeah, that would have en a a giveaway. that was a good question. no, it was in high school. >> jim: and why did e think -- >> well, here's the thing. wh i was -- not high school, maybe when i was 12. i saw this movie otv called "where thes are." doou remember this?
11:11 pm
>>t was the original mie about kioing on spring break. >> jimmy: oh yeah, io remembhis, yeah. >> a there w this scene wher hamiln sits down next to a girln the beh, don't saa word, just draws a question mark in the sand d the girl tells him her name and he wipes it out. he draws anoth questiomark, and she tells him where e nt to school. draws again, she givehim all her information d never says a word. and i thght this is the coolest thin so thereas thigirl that didn't know i existed. [ light laer ] i wanted to do this, but we're not at the beach. there was no sand. so i went up to her at the lockith a question mark -- [ buzzer ] --and drew it on a piece paper. >> jmy: ecof per, ah. >> and she thought i waseaf. >> jimmy: yeah. zow. mean, i know, because it's almost -- jimmy: alst toorepared. >> zach:es really prepared. jimmy: yeah. laughter ] it's ovey prepar. >> t ppared. >>immy: but i kindf see thinyou' like a hopele romaic. i could see you doing th.
11:12 pm
>> jimmy: i say it's true. >> [le >> [ bleep ] it's true. laughter and alause ] >>im: thank yofor tein the uth. thank you for these true orie our thanks tza galifiakis anbill maher, everyby. we'll get to the lies xt time. a j uafr th brea
11:13 pm
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,,,,,,,,,,,,, rs rsndlause >> jimmy >> jimmy: th 1consecive defeated fights her nam our next guest was the first ufc women's bantamweight chpion of the rld. she just scored the cor of the brand-new port illurated" swimsuit is bo in riverside cotyright here in the great state california, ease welme rondrousey!
11:18 pm
>> jimmy: >>immy: wow, great to e yo >> goo s youoo. >> jmy: thank u soucfor ng on e show appreciate that. and i don't want to say it, but i have to say it, coratulations on getting the coveof the swimsuit issue. this is -- this is huge. this is a big deal and i al should say the swimsuit you're wearing is not a swsuit >> no. >> jimmy: you're, you're, u're naked. >> i'm butt naked. >> jimmy: yeah. this is paint. someone painted you? >> yeah. anne gair who does, she's world famo forhat. acally that famous demi moor picture of her like,n the suit. >> jimmy: oh yeah. >> she dhat. d that, i think, that was her most meticuloupiece she's ever done. >> jim: did you know this was happening wh you were about to mel. did you go -- >> yeah.ey didt surprisee with
11:19 pm
no o as to model swimsuit and he goes, "jimmy, we're doing this one nak, buddy." d i go, no. >> i didn't walkn to expecting to seeinis and saw buckets of paint. it wasn't like that. >> jimmyyou knew what you were getting into. >>eah. >> jim: how long did ts s take? >>4 hours, both times. i had to do it twice. en fly all nig the nibefore. >> jimmy: oh, geez. tt's how i look like when i don't sleep for two days. >>im: not too shabby. ngratulaons. [ ght ughter ] ah. you look great 's yher,s is y other suit, i should say, as . >> kw how hardt is t look thacomfortable? >> jimmy: seriously. well done, pal. >>nks. >>immy: i ven't se you nce you we othe show thiss right bereou went upfight hoy ho. am i saying hena rht? >> it doesn'matter. [ laughter ] >> jimmy: i hatebring it up but is there goingbe aa rematch? >> ocourse. >> jimmy: yeah. [ cheers ] >> yeah. >> jimmy: scheduled rematch. >> yea >> jimmy: buthe's like a a le, like you're not alwed to fight anyone right now,
11:20 pm
>> m iromiseat wofilm "roaduse"fter e lastovie, i mean, after the last fight and so -- >>im: u're filming "roadhouse yeahso i made promise and that it. my word meansomething and i'm going to film "roadhouse" firs and then -- >> jim: re-d tilm "roadhouse," patrickwayz classic?>> the swayze. [ chrsnd appus] >> jim: are u paick ze? >> i'm theyze. >> jimmy: u're patrick swayze in "ro hou"? at'she besidea've ever hear ever. that's fstic. >> well, no man could ever b the swayze likoes. so youave to completely re-imagi it in ord to re it. >>immyhow great. are you shooting that right now? >> hopefully we'll start lik arou may. we'll see. >>immy: oh m, that's gonna be fantastic. i got to say also, there's a a marine that asked you -- i guess people do thisow. they askou on twitter was it? or howid they ask you? >> i thi it was a youtube video somethihat he put ou >> jimmy: and he wanted yoto wh d be his de for the marine cps ball. >> yeah. >> jimmy: and you ides. and th the fightappened. and it wasn't great.
11:21 pm
maybe ronda, she can't do it, and people just like --but, you actually did show up you went t-- hs the picte of yound lan corpal jaredascht. [ chee and applause ] that w nice you to do th. >> yeah. it was awesome, he was a real sweetheart. >> jimmy: was it fun. >> actuay reallwas. at was like, i think, the first time i smileat all, like since, and itasood to get f e h annot just , li, crying, eating ice cream all da [ light lauger ] yeah, we went the ball and then we went to hooters. [ ught ] >> jimmy: as one ds. >>eah,nd i got in an argunt aut myself. it was great. so this e, this one hooter's chick comes up to me andhe was, lik oh, y we have fighere all the time. shs, lik we loveatching nda roeyights.and i waik oh, i hate her. e's thworst. she's such a bitch. i can't stanhe [ light laughter e got really offended. she was, like, no, she's awom oka and ake ts of money tips when she fights.
11:22 pm
and i was like -- >>immyyeah. you're saving [ inaudie ] the hooter t wle idea of t business model. that'santastic. did u eventually let her o the hook? >> yea shthought was hilarious and i think i got so free wings. [ laughter ] >> jimmy: th's the way to do it. we're oting foyou, p. best oluck with the movie. ronda rousey, everybody, right here on the cor of the "sports illustrated" swiuit. [ cheend applause ] don't gonywhere. have pitbl with robin thic, joe perry and travis barker righafter the break. it's going to be great! ronda rousey, everybody! chrsnd applause ] so my ki don't have to fore, got twjobs to pay a mortgage, and ve also goa brain. fe shorttas chea ll be workinwhile yosleep. stl don't thin i've got a bra?
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[ chrs andppuse ] >> jim: our musical guest tonight has a lot to celebrate having w his first grammy ard nig. cotus. [ chrsnd alause ] and announcingas vegas residency next mon. perforng his new single, "bad man," featuring
11:28 pm
travis bker! ve it up foritbu [ eers and applae ] travis barker, joe pey, robin thicke! th is histy in the making. now say it with . ooh-a ooh-a ooh-a ooh-a ooh-a ooh-a ooh say with me ooh-a ooh-a ooh-a ooh-a oh-a ooh-a whoo h say itith me ooh-a ooh-a ooa y it wh me o-a ooh-ahoo h they saye dop no me they s le brone don'got e heato more thesay he ain't seet no m but like jay sow sick am i wish him health f sure t i'm coolith it act fool with it went to one my old neighborhoo and built a school i it's cra baby the way the 0s made me i thank g every day tt sic ved me i thanmyom for all the vision she gave me tha mia for the way raised me i'm d main an ev or and re my ty of y twsh gl i'm a mad man in w's world come on over give me what ieserve >>ut your hands in the air
11:29 pm
youdy f lovcome andett girl ooh-a ooh-a a ooh-a ooh-a ooh-a ooh everybo now t up out your seat get up our your ats sbad, by soadbaby i'm so bt'go building a lldoll business from ounce not bafor a cuban thatame from the south mi let's make lik bitti a bounce wn maika baby and head out i'm cool with it t a ol with made my own playok i got no rules iit lthe rl th freaky wi yh d azy i like t girls thartdance m swze i like the girls that hot fiery and blazing i like the girls that like the x aming i'm a bad man in an el rld that's right and youmy typ of gooe o gl baby i'm a bad an ia n's world men over give me what i deserve are u rey for lovcome a
11:30 pm
ooh-a ooh-a ooh-a ooh-a o-a o-a ooh at's all right come a get it girl ooh-a ooh-ooh-a ooh-a ooh-a ooh-a ooh he so bad, baby we so bad,aby >> j, ea down. 'm i'm a b man i know how to ve in room ll o y,'m badan but m goodan good g b donet it nfused by i'm d ma and i still fight evyd le nothg to lose that's ght i'a bad man in an evilld y're my type of goodie two shoe girl aby, i'm a bad man in a woman wod come on overgive me i deser are u ready for ve come and et it girl h-ooa ooh-a ooh-
11:31 pm
co a get it girl o-a ooh ooh-a ooh-a put your put yo hands together come on are you ready for ve come d geit gir cheers [ chrs and alause ] >>im: oh my goodness comen! tbull! e perr robin thicke, avis barker! catch piull on tour this spring. we'll be right back. th was "bad man'.
11:32 pm
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11:35 pm
[ eers applause ] >>immymy thanks to zach galifianakis, bilmaher, a ey, the uller house" cast! [ cheers and applause ] pitbl,ine, e perry, tbark!
11:36 pm
anthe roots righere from iladphia, pennsylvania ladies andtlemen. st tuned for "late night with sethyers." thyofor watchi have a greight. hope to see you tomorrow. bye-e, everybo thk you! [ cheers and applause ]


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