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tv   News 5 Today at 430am  NBC  February 18, 2016 4:30am-5:00am MST

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experience strong winds as colodo... area. if that's e case, they're advised to wait itutntil its safe to start driving again. metimes, the interstate will ev shut down for high pril vehicles. if g hit by a sudden css nd and if you'reot ppared for it, it canoll you ov. 60 mile an hr nd wflip a tractor trailer over noblem whsoever. adsory signslong the interste will warnrivers out hi winds. truck drivs will als communicate wi eacother as to what conditions are looking like. we'll contueo trk the latest conditis and bring you anupdates on air and onlat koaa dot com. repoing live in colorado springs,oanna wisene 5. anks joanna... the trial resumes this morning for the colorado woman accused of cut a baby-- out of a longmont woman's womb. that mother-- testifieagnst
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michelle wilkins toothstand, giving emotional testimony about sing her baby. she was 7 months pregnant at the time... d says she was responding to a craigslist ad for infant othes, when it happened. "i lookedown and you know, i just sawhis ally big cut acss my stomach" "he said that she didn make ynel lane... has plea"notuilty" to attempted rder and unlawful termination of a pregnancy. we'lcontue to track this trial foyou. aitevel followg up now: on a story wfirst brought you last year... a dog caught on mera, being thrown down,... hit and cked by his owner. we've leard eth steinbecker" has be chargedith animal cruelty and has received a 12- month deferr sennce. he ao has to take anr management classes.
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surrender "levi" -- who did not suffer any injurie to the hune socie of the pikepereon. he was tadopted out to aew family. right w. the el paso county sheriff office... is looking for help acking down a robbery suspect. they relsed this survellnce photo of the suspect. 'sescred as a white male, wearing a black hooded sweatshrit and ban over part of his face. investigators say he had handgun... and demandedash from the cle at theoaf and jug along the 69-huned block ogalleyst thursday. if youan help... call thel paso county sheriff's office. e snow srm from two weeks ago is costing corado springs big bucks! in tal t city shoveled out 437-andollars to clean it all up! breaking dn that numr fo you. the city spent 40 percent of it's "materials" budget... with the biggest expense -- overtime -- costg the ty some 78-thousand dollar the city streets division has ready notied city uncil, at they may be requesting more money to help reenish it's
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big snow storm hitour area in the mo ahead.f c-dot now says it will take "weeks" toet i-70 back to normal on the weern slope... after this massive rockslide. monday's slide lefrocks th ze of smalrs on the interstate in glenwood canyon. right now... a 24 mile stretch remains closed. crews are trying to get it partially reopenedomete dama to guardrails, baiers and the road itself. a truck was hiby the falling rocks.. t one was injured. time now for weather a traffic the 5s. meteorologist stephen wers i
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citizens in pueb... leading the y by helping others in eicounity... are being honored r their work. out ndred people jned togeast nighfor the red cross puebloomn heroesdinner. thred oss gave awards r tstaing commun serve. ame nners... were 10-ye oldadison. who collects shoes for needy children... an.. air rce ademy cadets who spent a day last year installing smoke detectors in local homes. organize say this dinners a grt wa sw that theho
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people doing eraordinary things. we consider volunteers heroes as well, but it's nice for an opportunity for us to ta our heroes d let them recoize community heroes. thisinneis the large local fundrais for the amerin red crs. one middle school in pueblo is letting the blic know ju how suessf its students are! the "connecthart schoo put up this billbod on highway 50-business loop this week - announcing that its students got the highest scores in the state on standardized reing and writintest teachers at "connect" credit has-on interaction a students who are eager to len... for the succe. stl ahead... ple recving suprt all over the coury... for pushing back agast an f-b-i investigation. thlast tech ant bac us... thboston marathon bomber i reesng aawyer from colorado.. we'ltell you why whewe
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,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,atn mni. e e-of googl suppting ale... sayi the fbi's demands f apple helbreak into the i-phone of a suscted terrorist will sabotage digital security for tens of millions of americans. apple hafive days to resnd to a courtrder... quiring the coany to assist
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by "ed farook". apple c-e-o "tim cook" is challenging thatrder... ying it could endangerhone privacyor citins andet a dangerous preceden the department of juice maintains thest woulonly have an impa on one vice, and that thearno askingpple to redesign its product or to create a new baor to e of their products. yesterday... suorters gathereoutside the apple store in san francco in solirity wh apple. fr his prin ll ith ferasurm psion in orce -- boston matn bomb "dzar trnaes asng forew lawyers thandle his appeals . tsarnaev's lawyersiled a motion yesterday asking the urt to replace most of the lawyers who defended him during his including an attorney from colorado. tsarnaev's motion specifical ks to appoinattorney "gail johnson" from boulder to t case. tsnaevas sennced tdeat foe bom tha killed threeeople jure
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toda.. healnd human services secretary sylvia burwellill visit int michigan to t first-hand look at the federal response to the ty's water is. secretary burwell will talk with local leaders and counity members abt the next steps to address the cy's ongoing health challenges. flint's mayor has ntly called for qck action to remove and replaceld pipes in the city. t govern rick sner annoced a plan wedneay to coat the city's pipes with a protective film anconduct an infrastructure study first. take aook at t.. a bizae accide in los angeles county leaves one person dead and hundreds without power... police say a truck slammed into a por poleast night causing veral transformers it was holding to come crashing down on the vehicle.... several othevehicles were also apped. th morning crews are still wog to resto power to re
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studts in alama make it off a school just in time... beforet erup into flames! the drer says he noticed smoke coming from e front of the bus sterday... so he evacuated all 15 students on board. it w good thing beuse shortly after... the bus turned into a fiy inrno! ckily no one was iured. re officia say the flames started the engine... th morng a surprising w development in the race for president... a w n-b-c poll shows ted cruz theepublican frontrunner ti ahead ofonald trump. the pollws cruz sittg at 28-percent.. antrump at only 26 percent. foowed by marco rubio at 17 percent. and for thdemocrats... bad news f hilla clinton... a new cnn poll fds her virtlly tied with rnie sanders nada... th oy three days until that state's ucus. anothe"town hall" of republican candates isscheduled for nigh.t last night-- senator cruz,
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while cruz and r fought on stage-- the cuban-americs did age on ohing presidt obams planned trip to cuba is a mis. the president's planned trip to havana next mont-- would be the first by aitting president nce 19. nighs town hall features donaldrump, jeb bush and john kasich. meanil.. coveted endorsemt in the south carolina primary. he hashe bac of the ste's popular governor, nikki haley. governoraley h been heavil lobbied by t republican field for r endoement.. though s had long made it clear donald tmp wouldn't ge her support. but th just the days to the g-o-primary. thsecond-term govern mad r choiceitruo. time now for weath a tff on the 5 meteologt stepn wers is here n witfit alert 5. a red flag warnings in effect for weather favorae fofireto start and behave erraticly. today is not theay to do any
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butts. high presse that has been to r west is finally shifting tord the east. thattern shiftlsallows for a storm system rolling in our rection. with the approach ofhaorm system a steady ream of moisture off the pacific will g rain and snow to the western slope and the high countr southeternolorado. gh wd will also become an sue. hi wd warnings are in effect for higher elevaonalong d we of i-25. the wind will eadily irease this mning. by noon,ind will bin the 15-30 mph range d will be stroerhaphh gust over 60 mph after noon today. the wind is mixing uthe lower atspre and warng the temperatures this morning. many of us were in the 50s and s long before the sun rose. after a mild morning, record high temperatures are not out of the questi this afternoon. expect hhs near 69 drees around colorado springs and 78 degrs around pueblo.lower 80e likely forarts
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take aook at this... a robber at a pharcy in florida meets his tc.. when a custor who happens to be a trained fighter takes tters into h own hands! poce say the suspe told staff he had a gun and demanded drugs from the pharmacy. that's when the good samaritan jumped io action. he wrestled the robber tthe
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uncious. police arrived shortly after andrested the spect. thflida coup whoon l moh's co setting powerball jackpot have finally comeorward! they claimed their prize yesterday... after naging tep their winninticket a secret for several weeks! david and maureen kaltschmid even kept the big news from close family members! many didn't find out t couple had won until lasteek! the kaltschmidst'shose to take the lu sum option and collt nearly 328-million dollars before taxes. ilead. we have the latest on a deadly blast in tkey that kille dozens... what localuthoriti a
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welcome back... this morng new video just into our newsroom showing t mont a car bomb detonates in turkey people were killed in the explosion... and mo than 60 were injured. local police say the attack was targeting an army cooy. w this morning-- turkey's prime minister says a kurdish mia-- based in syria-- cad out the bombin 9 people have been arrested. turkey's goverent condemned the attack, vong to take military tion againsthe perpetrato and their
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pope francis is now his way back trome. but in a differe plane this time! the pontiff is traveling in an aeromexico dreamliner whh has been christened the "missionar of peace". last night he wrapped up his 6- day visit in mexico which took him all over the country... including the digeusouth and violence-plagued north. e pontiff ended his trip in the rthern border city of ciudad juarez. pope francis is rumored to be ck in latin america teth year to visit his birth naon argentina, as well as chile anurua befo we get you a last check of weather... take a look athis! an australian dog trair and foer surfing champion takes waves wi his rescue do! buit's not just for fun!.... he ung t discipline of surfing as way of teaching owners to build healy relationships with man's best friend. ese two dogs "rama" an "millie" were rescd from a shelter... d while at sea... ey perform tricks...
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oulders and back ahe rides the waves! me now for wth and traffic on the 5s. meteorologist stephen wers is hereow with fit alert a red flagarning is in effec for weather favorable for fires to start and behave erratically. todais not the day to do any outdoor burning,nd remember to nothw out yo cigarette butt high pressure that h been to our west is finally shifting towa the east. this pattern shift also allows for a storm syem rolling in off ofhe pacific to move in our direction. with the approh of thastorm system a steady stream of moisture off the pacific will bring rain and snow to the western slope d the high untr clouds wflow into southeaste colorado. hi wind will also comen issue. high wind warnings are in effect for higher elevations along and west of i-25. the wind will stealyncreas this morni. by noon, wind will bin t
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stronger tha30ph with gust to over 60 mph after noon today. the wind is mixing up thlower atmosphere and warming thetempatures this morng. many of us werin the 50s and 60s long bore the sun rose. afa mild morning, record high temperatures are not out the question this aften. expect highs near 69egrees ound coro springs and 78 degrees around pueo. lower s are likely forarts
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plus it's an extreme nter sport taking southern colorado b stm.. hothese daredevils are getting an adrenaline rush oice... temperatures are very mi this morning - inhe 5 and 60s with 40s in the high spots. the wind is picking up and will grow stronger today. highs will be in the 60s and southeastern plain way. i will tell you when it wi arrive comg up in weather & traffic on the 5's. od morning, thks for joining
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it's february 18th. i'm ellene cockrel and i'm andy for ioday. first up at 5... gave yothe rst alert abtoday'd flag warning-- as dry conditions anstng wis-- have creat dangerous fire wea in our area. today's weather-- songs risky driving along the interstate. colorado springs-- joanna-- gusty wind could be tremely dangfotruck iver good morni... today one of those day where you might ha to holdn to ur steing wheel a little tighter. and manyru drivers might ha to pull oveif the wind gusts get o harsh. we spoke with a traing ructor at the us school truck driving just south of founta, and he says the number ondanger is roll-overs. many tim truck drivers will experience strong wind they're passinthrough southern colodo... especially in the lsenburg area. if that'thcase, th're vised toull over and waiit out until s feo start driving agn. sometime the interstatwill close down for high profile vehicles i actually drove for about 2 and a half years hauli hanging
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uld ip that truck over. but 60 mile per hour g your best bet is to just stop and it it out. advisory signs along the terstate wilrn dvers about high winds... and truck drivers also coicwithach ell. we'll continue to track the latest conditions and bring you anupdates on air andnline at koaa dot com. repoing live in colorado rings, joanna se, news 5. it's that time of ye again! e an cleaning project alone puebloivwalk i underwayhis week. lowered water levels show layers of gunk ilt up along the sides and bottomf e tributy. before theleanincan begin crews will relocate all the fish to the natural flowing arnsas -- th they will reve a the debs. the project takeabout four week. but will be finish just in time for sprg break.


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