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tv   NBC Nightly News With Lester Holt  NBC  February 18, 2016 5:30pm-6:00pm MST

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out at t head o the catholic church after pope was asked about trump's plan f a border wall between the u.s. a mexico. a person who only thinks about building walls wherever they may , and t ilng bridis t rin, h told repoers. just hours earlier, the pontiff was ing along the mexin side of that ver border but while the pope wouldn't say who cathics should ve for, donald trump ared that his hoss should hope it's h. >> if and when vacan is ta bisis, whh as eryonenows is isis' ultite trop, i n promise you that the popeld have ly wished and ayhat dona tr wod have been pr >> rorter: another day, ill no clear bren s suppt. >> thi hhas to the pope coming at him. >> donald trp is christian,s is the pope >> rorter: south rona is known foits regiouvoting ock, bnly 13% of republican prima
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jumps to 25%. swing tersho supported the last threeresidents. >> it't unuaat all for pope francis to tk aut the dignity of the president. what is unusual is withhedold trump cad. rr: even admonishedheoly father for someing trump himself did to ted cruz last week, questioning his faith. >> for a religious lead to qution a person's ith is disgref. orr: tig ny peoeoiin t t,ha this twdona t anthe pope.thpo himlf doe ve be very hial that surround the vatan ster katy tur tonigh thank you. >>it'sti lier oe caaign tran south rona wi cruz and rubio trading acsations of dirty tricks just two days from a critical prary. nbs ve gutierr frameshe dispute for us. >> reporter: if a picte's worth a thousand words, today
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between ted cruz and marco rubio t pensive. >> makg things up, they literally de up a picte. >>eporter: rio claing the flora senar shook hands th president ama, and pporte amnesty r documented imants the cruz camign firing bac it's just pointing out ru shifting snc im the texas senator also trng to build momentumn his battle against dold trump. >> in the "wall street journa" and for the rstime in many, many mons, according to that poll, there's new national onrunner. >> reporter: rio geing a jolt froe surprise enrsement of gove haley who be heavy courteby the bh mily. e haan 81% approvalating among likely republan prima voters here. >> jeb is a ar frie. iss aboufit, th is oupassion. >> reporter: bush trd to convince voters that
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n'er. for rubio, saturday could crucial. tonight a dirse trio is on the ail. a cuban-erican pridential ndidate, a dian-american governor and african-erican senator. >> are you the new ce of the republan party? >> are we the new faces of the republicanarty? i hope we're the faces of the new conservative moment. eporter: and afternoon, an emotioleqst from a supporter at a john kasich ral. >> i really apprec at you've been talkin about. >> reporter: he got the hug after sharing a diffult story about the tough period in h fe ovethe past year. heayhe sees pe in joh kasich's cn. tomorrowilbe a ctic day heren south rolina. gop idat planning at least 20tops tgh the state. leer >> dave gutierre tonight,hank you. >>democrats are preparg for a critical showdowat
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town halin lasegas tonight. ere the polls ar showing it's heat aheaof the neva democr caucuses sarday clinton has a much smaller lead than her 25oint advantage befo sanders' blowout ctory in n hampshire. andr mitchell s e s on aightening contest. reporr: hillary clinton today reaching out to casi workers after seei her support the last two weeks. >> thank you so much. >> rorter: both democratnow targinminorities in diverse ste. beieanderseeng today withhe urban league in washington compeng withlinton to ampion the story. the fight forasic voting ghts, the demotr, th lyhings, the bein, in ord for afriamicans to achievehat we asse all americans should vote. >> reporter: both coting latinos. today clton lling ad featuri a 10eaold gi
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ported. >> let me do the worryi. i'llo all the worrying. that a deal? ll do everything i can to help. >> reporter: president obama is grantingeptions undocumented teenage and ung adts soalledreame. bunot their parents. a hu issue here. this sanders suppo is 18. >> we wa to be tize. get in the united states. weust want to feel >> reporter: clion suorter pereca from the philippines enhe was 6 gop, we need tte the decrats,, yoknow wt, we're out here and what are you going to do? u can't rt all 11 milli, 12 million of us. >> reporter: thi as the clintoneam >> i thi what they re kinds of nevors that bernie nders isttg i ocess,ingut , sk lts. epor joe b tells rachel maddo--
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onor my family, d . >> rorter: bill clinton habeen leading attacks agains bernie saers, wilbe speaking a the same democric party dinner asander even as sanders and hiar clinlle answering question that msnbc wn hall he. lester >> andrea,hank y. >>you can e the clind sanders town hall tonight at 9:00 eastern only on msnbc. > a historic anuncement from e white use y. president oba will beco the firstting president vis cuba in nearly 90 years. a major step as the u.s. a ba move to norlize relations.thtrip which is planned for march 21nd 22n was immeely met with icism from rublicans, including ted cruz, said he would neve visias long cast iin por. >>the s something el pe francis said toda besides his comments on donald ump, that took ma by surpse. he suggested birth control may be ud to prevent the spread of the zikaus, ic has been linked to birth defects. this despite the
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church's b on contraceptives, we get more from nbc's an thompson in rome. from mexico, pope francis many benine dooro th usof aificl contcept toreventhe sexual transmission of zi, the vus r past i s niveat amera, lked to babies born with usuay l hes. it similar, he sd, granted to theuns in the belgian congo when ty we routely raped inhe 10s. unexpected from a urch tha is long opposing artificial coceptio francintto ock, heid in 2013hen he said t church has bee historal too obed witings liirth ntrol, abon and gay maiage. >>o say he's simply loosening hurch acng is sreadingwh he's doing is is a pastor, and stor sponds to people in
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tuation. >> reporter: onop john ul close friendshit a woman this week, francisai a iendship with a woman is not ain. the pope needs the input of women. he said a man wh doesn't ha a frndip with a woman is missing something. as with donald trump and immigration, pope ancis is proving once again that he is not afraid of taking controveiapics, trying to relve issuesf faith with alorld problems. leer? >> anne thompson outside the vatican tonight, thanks > apple isetng some backup from several fellow tech companies today, as it battles an fbi requt to help unlo an iphone used by one of the san bernardino terrorists. but as nbc's pete williams reports, apple's resistance is oving highly controversial. >> reporter: the ttle is waginging a stl active investigation. the fbi searchinthe homes two relatives s bernardino gunman farouk. the o ofooglis now backing pl requiring mpanies to enable
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deviced data, he says, could troubling precedent. other te giants, including microsoft, facook and itter added their pport. so did apple's co-founder, steve wozniak, on cnbc. >> i think youhould feel this is my product d what i have is what i thi i have. i n'have compaes playing tricks behind me in e backound. >> rorter: but police are pushing back. prosecuts in new york ty have 1 apple des they cann open for idce, in crim rangirom ti to mder. this s become, dies and gelemen, the wd west in technology. apple and google are their over sheriffs the are no rules. >> reporter: and mandy, whose ficeas kild san bernardino, says this presents a tough choice. >> iouldove to get as many answers a possible about annon's murder, and the 1 other op w were kill. but i'm also an amican. i like my privacy. >> reporr: busess experts say the battle is abou maeting, becse otecting
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apple's image. >> the peoe need to feel that wh ty'reuying is theirs, and is truly emweng that'st the ple brand is builupon. >> rorr:le ys tonight the govementsn't have the legal authoritto make it create new softwe, anhelp the fbi en a locked phone. no federalourt has ever ruled on that. pete williams, nbc news washington. now to a hostage and ransom story for the digital age. a medical center in california forced to pay cyber criminals thousands of dlars gain back control of its computers. it's a trend called omwa. hackers infecting computers with malware, then demanding ransom from theser to regain access. reports,t could happen to you. >>eporter: it happened at hollywood presbyterian mel ceer. al of its computers frozen, with hackers demanding $17,00n rans payable in onli bit coins to release the computer loed out, the hospital'seo
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reorinnormal operatns, did this across the country in main hackers even held th lincoln coty if departmentrs hostage. >> they asked for, we'll gladly ve you a code to uncrypt it fee. >> reporte thepaid00 to get their data bk. >> they've aeady encrypted mo of the ination on your system. >> repter: cyrsecuritjame said ransomware is now big business. encrypting corpora and gornment le faly phos, hlt rerds andinancialcunts, tn mainayor the code to unck them. becong a vtim is asas d moe k on pop-up nd, e-ma ob nk ould my computer. i cat cess i yme. nyf thfi whether photexce files. everything is no longer cessib. >> reporter: intel security rorts a 127% jumpn raomware cases in just the lt year. >> aigh-speed game these guys
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model they'rusinrigh now. >> repter:o avoid having yourata held hostage, surity ps recommd updating your acyrus software enaing your pop-up blockers, and bkingpour computer on an tern drive. with the hackers often a world ay, if you a hacked, you may ve no choice but to pay the ransom. tom costello, nbc ne washingt. staying in california for a nt, upde on a major environmental drama we have been coring, the leak from a ruptured well thatas been sping massive amnts of natural s to the air near los anges, h b permanently sealed. ate officials said it comes after four months of making people sick and forcing ousands of families from their homes in porter ranch. southern california gas is facing multiple lawsuits and inveigations > there's a lot tell you about here tonight. ahea lowerinyour cholesterol. the often ovlooked factor that experts say could ke l the difference, even when statins, dietg and exerci aren't effecte enough.
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i'm back. eve pm for aetteam. ,,,, r the millns of amers ttli gh chesterol, doctors ually recommend fosing on diet, and weight and exercise, and ki a stan. but experts say one of thet signicant eblt rolactorss also o of the most overlooked. as janet shamlian tells us,owering
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major impact. >> good morning, everyone. >> reporter: col professor christopher edngas going nonsp, classes meetin and consulti. >> i was wearing four different hats. and workinabout 60 to0 hours a week and rlly not tting very much sleeat l. >> rorter: the univerty of northernow professor was also ving lectures ound the world. in o monloto ut rea,ermany, ng kong and canada. i cldust e thate s inhured miles ou th multiple creties delegating things. >> reporr: then a wakeup call, two heart tack buven thoug he change his dietnd took statins, his cholesterol kept rising. that's when his mayo ctoruggested using an overlooked risk factor, his stress ver fewf us reize imptant thattresss for eralhealan our llect ral lels. >> repter:erts sastress can release hormones that increase fat cells, which can boost the bad type of cholestel known as ldl.
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importan i don't want t discourage people from taking pills. it's ao important to lookt her oe equaon ich ercise stss when you comeack to the stes -- >> repter: wn edgin cut back on work and started spending more time with his grandchildren, dramatic change his chesterol fell by nearly half, from 121 to 62. >> i tel students, find one hour every day ttake care of yourself. do something, whether it's physical, mental, or whatever. >>eporter: he's following his doctor's advice, ending each day, thinking of three things fowhh he grateful. tonic for a stress-fild fe. janet amlian, c ws, houston. >>'rck in a moment with the rfect coio creating a re fryight in te rare fiery if you'rlooking save money on yr medicare part d prescriptions, walgreens says, carpe med diem.
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with venture, yoll en unteddouble mil on every purchas every day. whenou're ady toravel, just book the ight youant, on any airlinend useour miles to cer the cost. now that's me like it. what's in your walt? 're ba now with a jaw-dropping momt caught on camera in hawaii. a tour helicopter plgingnto the waters near the "uss arizona" memorial at pearl haor, with fe
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ond. was thes miguel almaguerxpins tha arby onloers spranto >> reporter:sses could tell somethingas wrong. the ilf the sight-seeing helicopter w smoking as it quickly descended towa the rocky shoreline. en the moment of impact. withpp sinking, several good samaritans plunged into the water to scue the trappessengers. >> i saw the helipter sputtering about 5 feet. and theilot did, what i would say an amazinjob. >> reporter: five people were oard and pulled ashore. atst one suffeng cral injuries alrushed to hoitalby ambulance. the navy says the helicoer is owd byenes iation. the same chopper sn here before the crash. offering aerial tours ofhe arizona rial sce 1999 tonight the investigation into what went wrong is
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abr 13 t, lly tonight, remember the days when we had oto bums on our elves, and t justr phes? the dital a has largely nt photo prints the way of the walkman,ndid we'll explain that another tim but aryer tel us they're making comeback,ven in ts age of instant gratification. >> repr:or whilit edurrize wer stined n hang r was, but on faceok walls. now a las vega busisss brging thosemages back to li. i tht it mit be way to get pictures off of my dadgum iphone. >> reporter: insta y is hing a renaissance. not only do ell
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d other inst cameraut cuomersan lerate eiigit pby acly printin th. >> what if we cod crea this exrience, apple ets bucks for otos. >>sutshe onhourho to shame. one, take piur from the, just send it to one of t cny's computers. >> there it is >>eporter:nd within minutes, yove got a picture on paper. of course, instant photography nhingew. for decades, pards were a pop culture enon. ,hat have i do >> youe just taken your first picre aroid 1000. >> reporter: but as the fus shied to digita caras, the company hadare bankruptcy, twice. >> this is the polaroid snap. >> reporr: today polaroid is back with new products and ne customer millennials. >> to them, instant otography is something that's magical. it'somethi that
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>> reporte for the under 30 owl-life phos are trending. >> we've h kids, millenals come into the stor and for the first time er in their lives hold a physical photo in tir hand it's incredible. >> reporter: proof an image doesn't have to go vil to be morabl e yer, nbc news, las vegas. that'soingo do it for us on a thursdanight. i'm lesterolt. for all ofat n hello everyone and tnks for joining us f news 5 at 6. i'm b quk. od evening. i'snead,n li we have team covage for you on this news five wtherlert y---with powerful gustin winds, rord temperat and high fire danger. startith meteorolog carlee hofanand more othe record setting heat. gusty winds ofourse a huge ayern toys wer story t weave al had rec eangeat we rch new ghs rly on during the day anld stey roughout afternn now the downsloping warming wis arnot completely
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some yea p to bemer thaners today weit highs in the 's an's acoss the r in the springs it w bk in 2004 that the recoas set at 66 drees ..lohoha't see temperat thirm y since the 80 --198to be exacwhere the reco w set at 7degrees and today we attered by far with a high of ther areas in uthern lorahat okrerds incle the cityalama if ilver ling gusty nd ds outhern lora.. it's tt itsually fls le we are tt ch closer to summer reporting in colodo teologt carleeoffman news 5 red flagarniontniues until 8pm for most of southern colorado. hi wind, low humiidty fi danger. a hi wind waing until 5am from el paso county soutto new meco. gusts from 55 to 75 mph possible. a look at peak wind gusts toy from t0's,s, 80's and near westcliffe a gust of 90 mph. current wind speeds all er the
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windy with blowing dust tonight, sunshine with much liger winds tomorrow.
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theirst alert e this week about the rising fire danger...and that came to fruition in northern colorad is grass fire broke out in a ruraarea of weld counnortheast of denver. fire crews from multiple agenes rponded as wi whipped the flames quickly througthe dry grass. one structure was lost. don't have a word on l acreage burn, yet. and quick work by firefighters in pueblo west....kept a small grass fire from buing out of control. several small fires broke t...and re pushed by the gusting wind. one four-acre blaze late this afternn ca dangerouslylose to t hous, but firefighters were ae to get it under control before anyamage was used. other fire bned 20 acres juutside canon cit-no major damage there. it's n justhe fireange usinproblems tod. e wind gusts proved to b deructive throughout the regi, we saw toppled trees and trucks.


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