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tv   Late Night With Seth Meyers  NBC  February 18, 2016 11:37pm-12:37am MST

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>> jim: we a back th dead and company, erybody. [ chee and applause ] you guys kk off summerne 10th. yourinharlotte, rth carona fenway pk in bton. killer. get ady r that one. but first, you're goin tennessee to headline bonnoo.[ chee a applae ] i me -- you guysave bonaroo. it jt going to themost loving peaceful thing in the whole entire -- have your been to bonnaroo? >>e own bonnar. [ applause ] jimmy: yeah. you innted baroo basill ye. >> we keep our towels ther >> jimmy: yeah, exactly. it jt gog be n. and w you haohn mayer with you. [ chrs and applause ] and i got to say, what a a perfect matc i methis is like one of ose thinhere you go, oh, i don't know that a l to live up to. and the fans have sponded. and they love you, buddy. >> it's been gre. >> jimmyngtulatis. yore phemenal. you're great. [ cheersppus] dead & compaeverybody. fotis to theirmer tour, go
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ryaneacrest, dead & company. and the roots out there, ladie anntlemen. [ chrs and applae ] stay tuned f " nith se meyers." thanksor wating. have a greatight. pe tseyotomorr. bye-bye. [ cheers andpplause ] cheers and applause ] >> announcer: fr 30 rockefeller plaza in neyo, 'slateighth se meys." tonight -- kiefer sutheand. from "ractress carice van hten. featuring the 8g bd fr armen ladies and gentlemen,
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seth meyers. th i"late nit." how's evyby doing ght? [ cheers and alause ] very good to hear. in that caselet's t to the news. ld tmp admitted during an interview yesterday thatn some ways he is versimilar rnieanrs. "yes," said one observ. "they're botin my way!" [ laughter during last night's republican town hall, ted cruconfirmed thate sometimecalls his fe d sings to her, toch ayreplies,oh, no i'm entering a tunnel." [ laughter ] ben carson said during last night's town hall that he shoots po to relax. oh, shoots pool. because based onis energy level, iould havguessed heroin. [ ughter po francis sugsted tay that donald trump not a christian because he wants to
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yeah, at kind of chrisan would bua wallo keep ople out [ laughter ] fo about that on donald tru respondo criticism fr pe francis today and said the pontiff will wish trump was presint if, and whenthe tican is attd by isis. ou i think what ea say s, "it's a nice tican you got the. be ahame if something was to happen to it. [ laug ] maybe watch what you say, becausit's a beautiful place." dold trump said this week that jebush hwapped out his asses for contacts because he wants to look cool, while ted cruz doe't. ughter that's right. donald truth -- donald trump said this week thajeb bush has swapd out his glses for contacts because he wants lo cool. d dr. ben carsons al trying a eyewear to make him seemorenergetic.
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you got toear thafter you shoohero. [ lahter pool. the universi of xas has decided to alltudes to y nsn the cloom. the school says it's guaranteed way revent the possibility of pop qz. [ laughter ] a delta flight on monday had t stay in the air for 30 hours due to weather delays onhe east coast. even worse when one customer got off the plane, no onhad xt her. [ laught ] 30 hours? my insta my instaamomething and there's not e like [ la ] a inese man rent helwhat he called pre-neral r himself to see how many people would show up his real funeral. d he's e kindf y at would do that,'m going to
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on tuesdayhat she mas a makeshift bra out of gaffers tape before red carpet events to make hebreasts look better. ashi cald it her second-favite use for gaffers tape. [ ughter ] ladies andentlemen, we have a great show for you tonight! [ cheers and applause ] from the newovie "rs," kiefer suthed is back onhe sh. [ cheers and appuse anow her from "game of thnes." she's also in a wonderl new , "race," van hou ack on thehow asel [ ee and alaus uple of our friends stopping back live. that's alws fun. before we get to that, the fbi and apple are currently engaged in a dispute over whether appl should hp e fbi gain access to t iphone of terro suspect promptg a deba over privacy of national security. for more on this, it's time for a clos look. [ cheers and applause >> sh: so ntmohs, law forcement agencies and
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debating whether tech companies like applehould give the gornnt thebility to acss crypted inrmatio customer smartphones. and yeerday th dte cam to a head. >> a landmark showdown in the debate over privy versus security. >> a j is orring apple to help t fbi break inta cell bonged to one of the san ardino shooters. >> ale ceo timook says he will fight the court order. >> cook is accing the s. government of an overreach that wi set a dangerous precede. seth: that's t. cook refused the judge order, althou technicallye neve reivbecause the dge tried to find him on apple maps. [ laughter ] here's e e. the fbi haipnef on the sabernardi shooters t the phone is locked. now one approach the f could take would be trying to unlock the phoninobvis passwords, like 34, 99, and a fas, 1515. [ laughter ]
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to apple's strong security protection. >> the iphone that they found, at they want tgeintos ke this. it is acally a 5 t you have to enter this code in order to in the pho. and the ick here, and what the fbwants to defeat is a cuty feature in thphone. if you punch the wrong nbein more than ten s,he nten of thone are permantly scrambled. it is ndf a self-dtruct security feature. >> seth: no beonseth self-dtruct ate on your iphone screen which ito it oncerom literally any height. [ lauger ] ple haalways been good with seri they wouldn't even stbs in e buding lerehe same thg ery day. laughter ] so t fbi i asking ape for informatn apple has. they'valy operated o that. they're askingpple tlop a ftre that currently do t ext will allow the i to hack the phe. apple m cook iagainst this bause he's worriethat creatinghis kind of master key toccess a phone's data could
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violatio. >> on yo smartone today, ur iphone, ere is likely heal informatn. the's financial information. there are inma conrsions with your family or yo orrs there's probably business crets. and you shld have the abity to proct i if there is a way to get in, en somebody will find a way in. >> seth: once e key deveped,t is a sppery slope that begins th the fbi seeing terrorist text messages and ends with erne seein ur bathroom selfies. laughter and noenhe bhroom self u sent the practice ones where the light wabad and e ilet seat was up. [ lahter ] the fbi ms they woulonly use is key f t one case. t once it exis it exists, ke those sci-fi mo wre they develop a super virus in a lab and sadon't worry, it'll neou" but then the next thing you know so chimpanin aad mood kicks door open and en you live the rest of your life walking down the hhway with yourog and a shoun. [ laughter sohis is an impoant dete to have.
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and e they wortht? but it also a debate tt has produc somvery unfortunate termology. >> ceo tim cook says the government wants the company to bud baoor. it wants a back >> quote unquote back >>his back door access. the back door entry >> what call a back door meth. >> our federalernment should have to t a rrant whether they want to come through your back door or youfrondoor. [ laughter >> sh: no. no presidential caidate shou ev be alwed to sayhe words "come through your back door." [ lahter ] it's like hearing ur paren sa "foreplay." [ laughter ] so pvacy eerts and tech companies are very concerned about is pfor a -cal back door th wld allow the government to cerypted smtps. but that'sot the o troubling aspect othe government's reqst. theris also the issue how ey made the requesusing someing caed thell-w act of 1789,aw ding tohe coloal era that'en ud to sue ders that not ise vere atute that rig. the fbis using a 1789 law to get in an iphone.
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blkberries. [ laughter ] "oh, paul revere just bbm'd me ith are coming." [ laught nonetheless, apple has come under fire from someepubli as well some democratwho sathe benefits tnational secuty oweigh the privacy costs. goonrunner donald trp sa wednesday at appl "who do thhinkhey are? we he to open " burember wheit comes to technology a national security, trp doest exact know whe'salkingbo. >> isis recruiting throug the internet. isis is ing the internet bett than we are using the internetnd it was our ea. i n't wanthem ing our internet. we should be able toenetrate thinrnet. >> seth: and h do you netrate thintern? through the backoor. there you go. [ laughternd applause ] at ts point the tire yptiebatsoune diy ma. but trump isn't alone. th is actually one of the problems witthis debate. it'sery compcated and it's
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take for example, presidential candidate john kasich,ho was asd if he would support an encryption back door during a debate last month and gave this cagey answer. >> well look, their joint -- the jot rrorism task forces needs resoces and they need tool and thosarmade up ofhe fbi, state, anlocal w enforcemenand megan 's best not to tal any more about back doors and yption it will get solved but ineed to be solved ie situation room of the whhouse with the technology folks. >> that's blic -- >> but -- i just have to tl you th it's bestith some of thesthings not bid. >> seth: he answered that question like a virginrying to talk about sex. what? ah. i totally touched your boobs. they were like round. [ laughter ] so we shlde skeptical and k tough questions before w let law enforcement erode our constutional rights. when it comes to privacy, it's always worth keeping ae the governmentause, memb -- >> they wa to comeough ur back door or youfronor [ ughter ] seth: still doe't sound right.
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a su. [ cheers and applause >> sh: welcomeack, everybody. please givit up r the band right over tre. [ eersnd alae ] also, always such a pleare to have fred armisen back on drums. w are you fred? >> fred: gre, hoyodoing?
11:53 pm
>>eth: youan check out fred season s of "portlandia" which isirinright now onfc and 2." fred, you're hilarious in that. it's so grt for me when fred is back because we get to catch up. we get to ta about thing a lot, tv. we both love tv. i often complain to fred i feel like tre's too muctv, very ha to keep up with everying. ed says for him at is not the case. fred claims to me hope you' n making this up -- edims to mhe has seen every sw, every episode of every how. true, not true re very ue. >>h: it'true >>red:verythin >> seth: you didn't st sayt impre me. >>red: no, everythin >> seth: okay, that means it's time once agn fo fredrmisen's extrely accura tv p. [ cheers and alause ] >> seth: okay, so m going to ve you the title of the show. you're going to ll me at ppened othe last esode, alrigh d: o great >> seth: "londonpy >> fred:onpy [ uger wo "lond spy gr it my favorite right now. seth: oh, it's yo favorite owurntly on tv. fred: "lond s >> set yes. >> fred:t'incredible. an ined show. yeen ?>> set no.
11:54 pm
>> seth: no. >> fred: not thet epise? h: no. >> fred: oh, seth, is so good. >> sh: gre, tell me t it. >> fred: okay,o it'shi er store, ght? anthstore -- the guys are om london, ontio, in cada. ch and alause ] they know the show, iss such a huge dea >> seth: that's great because will adm, "london y," i assumed london, engld. >> fre no. it is london.the gentlen who runs the st sto'se is jamesp[ lit la ] d, so ster com in and isli, have kers, i've a stereo, i goro cabs." 's like, "i'm sorry ab that and the customer is like, "well m cong here to buy why do you think i'd be coming reo y, you know, anying? i want cable" and 'sike, "ah, you don't have to yell at me about it. [ light laughter ] i'm going go upstairs." so he go up one flighthe es up another , gop anotheht, mes wn t flhts. [ ght la ] or cind e caes. >> seth: oh,e's looking for
11:55 pm
cables es down in the basement and ge locked . and at when the ow starts.laughter ] at a bk ory. that's on the website.that's on the website. >> seth: that's on the website. you don't see that? >> fred:'m so sorry,es. >> seth: you he to read something on a website before an episode? >> fd: yes ittas whe he in the sement ande'lockn. it's reajust greatctg. ght laught ] >> sh:y, wha t the so? [ laug ] i think i have seen it. at's fantastic. ondon spy." now, aordi to "tv guide," it apy show on bbc america and the last episode dan is arrest by the police. >> fred: yeah. yeah. and he's in a basement. [ laught ] >> set fantastic. l right. got to check iout. [ cheers and applae thank yovery much, fred aen everydy. you know our first gue tonight from his emmy awd winning portral of jack bauer on the hit series "24," he stars in t new westn "forsaken,which is
11:56 pm
tomorrow. let's take a look. >>ough thear i kt ng mwhere go e ashil aven pis en m laid dead anddying. algooden, d aring men.'re just lg e, begging fomeife mercy onis behal and th it finay wned on me. the ait no god ash ]>>re inood 'm saying, ithe waever a me thaman needed god, it was en. d ust men't the.if you're expeg god to save you, he ain't gonna. >> set please weome back to the sh, kief sutherland. [ cheers
11:57 pm
>> seth: howre y? >> ioing well. i'm ing well >> seth: it is wonderfulve you back >>hank y. >>eth: wt to tk new lm but he say, "zlaer 2 yoin "zoolander 2." yoeal thfilm are you sotely fanstic i "zoonder 2." >> i think that's a littleit stepngut tnk you very mu. >> seth:ou play -- owelson is ian orgy group. >> yes seth: a you're one the people in thgy group. [ laughter ] are you pregnant with his baby. >> i carrying his chd. >> seth: and it's fantastic cause you iexactl straig as the cl we justaw your new dra. [ laughter >> i thoughtt was rely dram stuff. >>et yeah, wl i boughtn and it weay fantasc. the trus en're gog to wk withne le owen wson or ben sll, i mean these guys are sozing d th're such beautiful medians. it is most like a life prerver. play iastraight youan and maybe you'll survi it. >>eth: is grt. everybodld see i now this, assaw in thi clip, yoare working withour father, dona sutherlan a lege in his own ght. how different is it -- i mean viouslyou're pying son, a verdienfather-s
11:58 pm
ha ie. >> yeah. [ laughter a tt. not much >> set guys dootm to get along ght the. >> no. >> sh: are y- does it make it hr or easieto work with your fher? think for me, it's -- that a t-foldeansw. i've wand to do is for 30 year u knowmy father is the kind of actorhat rtainli want aspire to be. and so ias so excitewhen we reinal therende were gototarthooting and nighfore, i panied a i thought, "whatave i done what if he hates the way i work? at if he doesn't likthe rk i do d i didn sep at althat nighed up toimhe nt rninirst momenon the t, i s "lo, it a leky this ing for some reason last night i g really nervo. n't ep all last night." he sai "stight? i haven't slept all ek." [ laught ] anhe made me lgh andkind ofent aw. then iwas awesome. t other funny part for
11:59 pm
actor. from the timi wa16, 17 yrs old. and he's a really beautiful physical aor. and mb ictuallatont tyojust shod. and idomhing with s hand that waalool. and remember steppinout of kindf tey own head and going, ", shou remeer that, thawaal ol." th w lpae an i thought, "wo it would be ly cool if i would have remember to say lines i was pposed to say. [ laughter ] so i had to just kind of be really awa tstaye meausee'on my fa acts. and atimes iound mysjustwahing him. seth:t was ry natul. fanttic to souuys ac togetheralavlook veomabrst tesctorespecily in wensbuen i dze -- >>you evereen
12:00 am
>> seth:oes he look go or circt. circuit. realm ound '92 rig uuntil 00 until itart "." seth: you're already kief sutherland then. you're alreadyn actor and yo actual wout at rodeos, roping -- >>t didnerce me very well thoug shat were the sort of - >> i the fir rodeo atas in san anto, texas. d m rvs,s myst-- seth: that's e ly time yocan to somis n't f r." [ laughter ] >>hat's right. >> seth: the oday. that's the only day you can' say th. >> tt's right. and i was neous and i was baing horse into the box. got the cow in my sight li and got myope rey. and i was st taking the right time for my horse to settle. d all i hear in the back is, "come onhoywd, shothem what you got." they made so much fun of me. and of course, that didn'telp me very much. and thenitn the year i started placing and i started doing well. and then i won my first roo phoenix. and l of a suddeit went from ma funf and cainme llywood tos would come up d go, "hey, if you n anotr rtin tucson, let mew." sh:hat's faashang a send careelikehato t thateight. >> well,ceainly wasn a career there is a reason whi went
12:01 am
[ laught ] >>emember the fit buckle th i won when i tallied it up, i thit cost like $1.2 milon the rses, trucks, trlers, the farm, evhi e start doinis >> sh: youthonly other rson who has a2 llion -->> is the mo expsi piece of cloth bought. >> seth: i b dald p ha a .2 milon bckle >> and i be didnarn . >> seth:ou're right. [ laught ] [ cheersndppuse ] you' 100% right. is obviously when you're in ywood you d up on e ver of mazines. th, though, must be an hiement, a career achievement. because not many -- you were on the cover of this nths "cooy d dian." [ light laughter ] >> yes >> seth:hi ire thing nitally crect tie. sh: no 's n, well obviously--but when it started at mad perfect sense. laughter ] and at's great. again, you look like ynow ye doin>> welhank you >> seth:e meioyour ther. yo daughter islsan ess. yes>> sh:'serfu
12:02 am
>> s but youad hn set well, right? she out o"2?>> my daughter was an amazing student,uthere was aoint when i kept saying, "you're 16 years old, y nto have u needha a summer job, you needo know wt it's like to wk." said, "i'lsto rk th y goo, that's t what ant. memcnald o somein" she said i can't dthati won't do that." so we d itut. she came to work with me on e set of "24." and she was a production stant. a production assistant is kind of at the bottom of the laer. they'll get you coffee, they'll yellolnghen srt to t. had- our s a ally ll oedachinehen the ew crewoednd the acrs left them alone.and the actcame ot waveryuietnd thas we led iand weouldo our b and we cou get our job do quickly. wee doing this o s and lf-way thr the scene, th on srts yeinroll rolling, a like o the -- isoit.[ lit uger ]
12:03 am
we sta again, sta again abouquarter way through e scene,lling,olng i'm likewhat the -- ok, co on, let's go tell them to sta calling out roll." thd time iens again nallse i go -- i start hing out door. stop i tned around. e enrerew was quiet. i went, "that's ghr, isn't it?" laughter ]i n't ink they've ev hed as hard thedid at that ment. that washe end of my ughter's proction assistan career laughter ] seth:ell eryou . she'eleved pt it. buthe has a unique respect for the a.s on herhow. >> seth: wl that's nice. weou got to n eachevel each of it. now you, because jack baueis recognizable, iittill roleeoplrecogne you for? and onofheime great baasses, ithe a rtai expectation wh tet you that y'll tch that? >> i don't know ifeople just can't pronounce er and jack aot easr. i have been in bar or two over the courf my life where
12:04 am
becae i played jk bauer. >> seth: that's fantas >> so i t that l and i t, "i thought you were ller." >> setyethat's another one. >> sboth octlly as a good canadian boy, you referenced to on, ontario, i just simply ogizto them. >> seth:re you go, you apologize for your heit. [ applse now this is storthat i want nfirmation on. twee canadis. >> set the are twelv cadians,es eers alause >> ame sh: thereas mbuthey didn't kw if it was polite to terrupt. >> sorry! >> seth:h, sorry we [ light ughteri nt confiatioon this story because the ne iand andy sam, akiva schaffer, rma ta thetold a story years to me befo they were onsn t sotg one of t fms and y walked on tm. ishis true or >> one of the mo embarrassin kind of moments i certainly got of myself on film. ani was drivg down the reet and i couldt helput noti aderlwoman walking wi a lot of groceries.
12:05 am
mis nonwalkin los geles. so i kind of was watching her. and then o fm behind a tree jumped thesewo kids and they knocked her wn and they steal r purse. ed me [ light lahter ] so iust threw on the bke in my car, jumpedut and csed them down, knoed the o dn, grabthpurse, wast abouhe oth and meone's hitting merom nd. i'm like- turn aro it's the andmother with h c ani realized, it's a guy. [ laughter ] and i got one by the throat and i' gothe otherane like this. the other'yelling, ", we're ju making a movie!" [ laughter ] i oked at him and i seth the kids and iook across t stet and tre's andy withis camera crew of three people ding in a tree. and i walike, h,y god, i'm so sorry." and i tried to put t one kid back together, and then just run and get back in my car. i thought that w the end of it. ce, the tee guys that fm
12:06 am
showed "david letterma like fivyears r. [ ht anea w embarrassed by that. >> seth: onehing i will say ough, ey always said, "here's kick-a kier suthed ." evody in la ove by u atinup a woman day lg. yowere theone who stped d d anytngbo it. so tre is some jack uer in ere. >>true >> sethank you so much being here alwaxcit to e [ cheers and applause ]congrats on the film. kiefer sutherlan everybo. "forsaken" is in tatres and available on itunes and on demand starting tomorr. we'll beight back with carice van hte [ cheers and alause ] o si piano c.i'adou fly made it, dad. you have to rience this ty. at'shat u wa you weigut food. johey. spent the y th an astronau
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who'lltep up when things getgh don'you wantha nd of brai a deee ia deee re gonna wan soone ke me. t only if u hain. mmm, this turk is tural?yeah. it's too gooto be true. noagain. real este never goes down. fact. 'll havehe baby, and i'll have my band, and it'll ju wk. rit. don'rry out it hey. all of our family photos are right here (banging sound) on thedrive. it's called a timesh we don't own i we share it. let's dot. yeah. that is good. mmmm. finally, shing that's t o good to be true.
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eers and applause ] >> seth: y know our next guest om her work as the red priestess melire in the criticlycclaimed hbo sho "game of thrones." beginning friday you can also see her playinfamous germa lmmaker leni riefenstahl in the w film "race." t's take a loo nothing? >> n min
12:11 am
last time, i promise. >> the service. hey isn't thatheatg? >>heating? >> yeah, i'm just saying, it's not e actual jump i made. >> you did make at jump. we all saw it. you ma history out there. ali'm doing is making sure years frow those peoplwho wen't ere can see , to so they never forget what you did. >> seth: please welcombacko the show mgood friend, cace van hten. [ cheers ae ] eth: howreoumy friend? >> o good. afthat awkrdance >> seth: yeah, twas a good awkward dance though. i ink th peoe wille tryinglearn that dce laer ] ey're be watching it over and over again. this is -- i'mery excited to see you. and i ve task you about because yowereoing press all y today and you re doing a morning show and you met
12:12 am
yesi di set yh, ande have a pho of you andiktyso and th is fantastic. [ laughter ] to s you going at it, how was your interaction with on mike tyson? >> well, he was talking -- he waproting naldmp. >>et yeah,re you go. [ laughter ] down. hato layt wn. >> seth:ven inobviously holland. donaldrump ovee? and eyery aware of what's going on>> oh yes. seth: yeah. exciteabout it [ ughter no? this is soiting cause e known each other aong time. i'm a huge fan oyours on "game thres." d yet every me iee you, you give me ve me nothin you give me no spoilers, which is good becausthen i enjoy the show more then when tching it but do you -- when you start doing a seas, youe questions for the writers? do you want to fd t what's happing? >>h, yes, i have sever qutis. one wili alive, cour. >> seth:eahat's a good on >> the secd one is wl i be naked. >> seth: okay. >>ince i had to go tthe gym yesterday.
12:13 am
>> a the third one is am i going to fly on the dragon ts year? >> seth: oh, y -- so you'r like -- u're pro the idea of flying on a dragon. >> oh yeah. s y tt'd be a goo thin >> hell yeah. >> seth: good move for your chara ow this is interesting because r thfirstime t showhave movedase s this sson. ied to that people like mysel w have read the books, people couldn'tpoil things f us cause we kw it. now you're ia ique position wheru uld lirop fake spoilers all dayong and like throw peoplen crazy rabbit les wherth wonred who -->> mean that's seat that we'rere w. eth: yeah. >> i n -- i'm as smart as the reads. >> seth: yeah. >> youi felt a little bit stupid before now wealin the same goo seth: yes equal telligence. >> for everyone. >> seth:or everyon and ice bause i can say whatever wt now.i n i'm ing to eat daeneryshis season. seteah. or i'going fry -- a agon or you know, whatever. >> seth:ou should fry a dragon. no. had a great -- one of th
12:14 am
no mter how many times i ask you, nobody knows what's going to happen with john snow. and last yr you haa scene wihe you seduced jo snomelisandre waseducing john snow and you were telling me there was a stage directithatas very helpful but did not --s not n e to of a t " of thrones" sketch. or "mef throne scene. >>o, it was very funny because the was -- yes, i had to du him in own mandr ki of way. and there he sipt it sahe saysomethinli, "i cannot do tt because i, i made a vow." and then it said, lisare looks lookat him, ch, plea [ laughter it was like -- i was lik'm in sh a show and is is itten in the script? [ lahter ] >> seth: yeah. since i wi tell yo "bitch, please," never turns up in the books. laught ] at no point. now othethg about -- >>cour the oer tng.
12:15 am
scenes in the history of television. lisandreavrtto adowab >> yh. >> seth: and obviouslyt't realab its all special fes. what wast ke the day y shot a sce wre youere rthing ahadoby becaits noke y look ahers' past rks.ughter i inkatherine hepburhad a adow baby scene. i'll watch tt. well, it was a autiful day. it was northern irelanin vember in the winter. >> sh: o no. in a draftye ked with dhd irhm nexto mloveanam -i wi ian -- lm nngham >> sh: yep. >> sorry, liam, i'm going to ke it up to you. and [ laer ] and --s gog to give me [ bleep fothis. >> sh: yh. >> andou know, i was -- i had a proset belly on. prosic merkin, i don't know
12:16 am
>> seth:t like drops. >> i might have told ts before. bu-- st bl -- itort of blocksyes. itlos lo >>h: yes. >> irubs at ur wholeriva parts. and it's sort of -it's connected to a prosthetic lly and in t prosthetic belly there were allorts of tubes leadtoer pple in t cave that ulblow in the bes make my belly look sort of a. [ laughter ] t er opened robe, e belly already ated again. you saw them in theorner of myye -- [ uger ] >> sh: that ma so rd to act. becayou're doing this very intense scene. i'm gonn birth and the seng people blow tubes. at must - >> it doesn't it doesn't -- it doesn't help. >> seth:doesn't help, no >> no, idoesn't help. thenour whitlegs ahere a camera righthere. and you'reort of -you kn, laying- al nothing. you're just -- the nhing congutyou. so youust ha-- didt know whawas coming out >>eth: a great actress would ha managed to makeomething come out. [ laught ] if you wera really good actor
12:17 am
smoke come out of your priva parts. [ lauger ] you also have one of the great lines ofhe show. "theht is dark and fof terrors." you veo a l. trenything wish melisandreould say other than that? >> i would love her to say "summer is coming." >> seth: oh, to be upbeat? >> y know, to have a ltle bit more light. >> seth: yeah. and so thawould be nice. there is not enough ghtness in e show. u could be thene. >> andt's gettg -- is t tting liter i think. >> set no, igets dke >>t'not gonnget warmernd it'sot g wmer for me eier ihi >> sh: this is- also "race," i wanto ta abohis. use you goto play leni rfenstahl who is obviously crazy historical figure. hodo you appach that? was it interesting to pl sobody like her? >> y, becausit is a cororsl chacteyou know on one side s is a very inspiraonal filmmaker and a real interesting filmmaker. e makes betiful -- s's not alive anymore. e made bif, beautiful films. bushwas a na.
12:18 am
ay, that whole grey area. it's just not a film about her. -- >> sh: right. >> younow, i dn're ine at t muc thi film we reallfocused on h arti sidree -- than on e nazi part. >> seth: youlso have an artistic side. you're a singer as wel you've reased albums.anbeus "me o nes," is itruehat peop look for ces in your pernal life tt haveothingo do with theho >> yes. >> seth: so what wr st bum called? "see you ." >> seth: a speople, beuse thword ice -- >> like his -- wai w nu. i onhe ice, fireyou know thevef all sortof links to the show. i released it four yrs a i en know that i was on the show by then i think, even. [ lahter ] so ty really loofor anything ani posted the other dayi sted pho on instagra like ias a vwiy day and i was having aalk with mdad and he wasn thback. was by inhe bk with big hood on. and it was in thmiddle o
12:19 am
sh: you can say it. it -- just to say it. asthe middle of >>leep nowhere! >> seth: yeah, there youo. [ laughter ] >> so good. so good. >> seth: smuch better. >> so, and i posted the picture evybody , hat blurry personn e picturth's jo sw. [ hter 'sn snow." ani'm ke, "it's my dad. he's 63-ars-old. [ laught ] nojohn snow." >> seth: yr dad's never even been close to john snow. n >> s you're gointotick arou a we're gon tk some rebout "me of thrones." that cl? >>ure. >> seth: all rig. cace van houte everybody. webe right back. [ eers and appuse ] we won here. we won here. and here. and here. here. anhere. uh, he. alsohere. back there behi here. even next to thesguys, here inhe nation's largest, independent stud
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,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, [ cheers andppuse >> seth: welme back to the show. we're here wit carice van houten. and as we were sayin, you isdre, t red won, on "ge of thron." >>hat's correct. >> seth: amazing character but sort of known for her steely cryptic demeanor. veryntse. >> yeah. >> seth:kay,y wife is having a babyoon. d e yoon t sho today i couldn't help but woer li wt melisandreould b like at baby shower. you know i nder. >> i wonder. >> seth: i just wonder. welcome, everyone, tolexi and seth by shower. e first thing i tdo to kick tngs off is garnd the room and everyone share an spirational quote abt motherhood. sue, you want to start? okay, >> okay, i reay like ts one.
12:25 am
therefore he creat mothers >> oh! [ light laughter ] amber? >> your chilen will beme wh you are, so be what you want them to be. >> oh! that's really good! lindre? >> clutch your cld close to ur breast, woman, for th night isark d ll of terrors. [ laughter ] >> i'm sorry, i don't think i ow your friend, alexi. >> she's not my friend >> sh: s's my old friend. melisandre. and this is her rst baby ower. and as i was telling her earlier, these are tradionally fun affas where peoplere rt of positivend upbeat.>>h, rig >> oka [ laughter ] well? so, y guys kn if it is gog e a boy a girl? sh: w actuallwaiting l e big day. >> pray tht's a son, sthat e lord of light can look dn upon him with favor. and if it is a gir locit away ia dark tower forev and
12:26 am
grayscale. [ laughter ] >> sh: i tnk we'll be happy either way. >>ou should be. boy or girl, a child is like heaven. >> tre is no heave [ laughter ] thers only hell. [ light hter ] d it's the one we're livg in now. [ la ] seth:ou aays y you don't have any female friends. and this is why. >> what did i doing wrong? >> seth: well maybe op telling people the night is dark and full of terrors. >>ut the night is dark and full of terrors. everyonows that. >> sh: yeah, b still, try toe mornatural and convsaonal. maybe tell pplfuory about yoself. >> oka fine. for the big day. yeah, a ltle. nervous th she i >> i telyou what. when i had shawn i had them pump me full of every drug they could find ght laughter >> i gavbirth once. >> oh? >> to a show demon. [ laughter i will never forthe way it emerged from my womanhood.
12:27 am
to my kl so that it could propeltself into the night air. [ laughter ] d then my little shadow assassin entered the camof the false ki renly baratheon and then stabbed him through the back. [ laer ] >>eth: shaw de >> what? s n story. >> seth: >>eth:hat part of that story is fun? >> pt where he killed renly. guess you d to be e. [ laughter ] >> set oka look, just try harder. ay? find common grounditthem f so, amber, are y seeing anyo >> yeah.een se g for a couple months now. you? t is one rk with i li. his me is john snow. but i'm t reallyurhe's t right guy. >> why not? >> i'm pretty suree's dead. [ laughter ] >>eth: pretty sure h? >> well, at least at's the way itas lef >> seth: l's do presents. ughter ]>> oh! >> oh, it's a baby sheep. >> it's so beautiful.
12:28 am
>> yes, 's from me. seth: yeah, we know. [ laughter ] >> it's vaan steel. >> seth: w would you get us is>> well at nightouchilwill want to defend itself agait anyone who will harm it beuse the night is dark and full of terrors. exactly. [ laughter ] and also rattles. it's a rattlord. [ rale ] [ laughter [ laughter and applause ] >> just rious,ow do you know one another? >> seth: we nt tcolleg together. >> where did y go? >>et northess. go ca! [ lauger ] >> open nd. >>w! >> aw! >> it's so cute. >>ob with . >> that's from both of us.
12:29 am
[ light laughter was from both of us. [ light laughter ] >> seth: you set her drink on fire nyone could have donthat. ughter ] >> seth: misandre, i am so disappnted in -- hodo [ laughter ] what are you doing i want yo king's blood. >> set i don't have any king blood. >> is that or is itt your fire's burn low, mking? set my re's areust fine, thk yovery much. [ light laughter ] we're about to play a f games. sh: w be ri >> ietre >>eth: no fires. >> okay. so this ne thing is fun. did it at my shower. whicwas perfect. let'all go around the room a say we think setanalexi's by is going to grow up to be. oh, i've t a good guess. >> i do not haveo guess. i know wt it will i have looked into the flames and they have shown me your child's future professio >> sete don't wao kn. >> dentist.
12:30 am
[ lahter ] >> wt kind of cheese is this >> it's gouda. >>t's very gouda. [ laughter ] >> i don't get it. >> oh god! o mgo [ cheers and applae ] >> set carice van houten, everybody. "race" opens in theatres tomorrow. wel be right bk with mor "lght." sfx:el sfx: cell phone vibrates. yeah? (sigh)ou'rokay... he's oy, made ! jaso. what do u mean? were ve bad exat's in e ws? alexa: here's the news, "alecbaldwin d jason schwartzman weeemooning papazzbaldwin threw his shoe at photographers fore ming run for it my poor cash socks... a, will yoorder anr pairf brescianis. ordering bresciani socks. okay listen...
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[ applause ] >> next week on "late night th seth meranthony mackie, from hamilton on broadway, renee elise gosberry, bobbcannavale and live new
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