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tv   News 5 Today at 5AM  NBC  February 19, 2016 5:00am-6:00am MST

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trucks. the wi also ocked out power to stoplights at multip intersection onhe highway. thowner of the "wines of colorado" shop says he's bn ere for 18 yea... and 's never expienced wis like ts. he believes one exemely strong gust shaered the sliding glass dos on the front of s shop. "well it jt pped so ic we just didn't know what ppened. i mean it was just boo all of a sudden. gustf wind i didn't s anyocks or anything thawent through the windows or anything." a lot ofll shops had to put up sig saying theyere cling eay because of pow tages anwind damage. we want to know wh it lo like in your neiborhood.... se us your picres. you can m o cebo paa 5
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and of course, we'll continue to track thstonditions d bring you updates on airnd online at ko-dot-com. rertinve icolorado spris, joannse, news 5. those wind gusts were so strong soh of pueblo... drivers d to ke both hands on the wheel. it was a very stressful day for truck drivers who told us they could feelheir trailers swaying back and fthecause of t wind. it wasspecially treacherou near walsenburg, where one semi s blown over, shuttingown the terstate for a tim some dversecided to just ll over and it it out. "it'real wdy it's dangerous out there for the public and f the load so safety is our first concern and weust ed to shut down in winds like this" digit signs l along i-25 south to new mexicore lit up to warn drivers about the high winds
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one colorado springs neighborhood is on edge ter they learned thaa nehb is gring dil marijuana. they say the pgent odor is reekg havoon tir homes... but springs police s the law are in place. under amenent 20 you c have upo plants in a residential me. however wh the amendment passed it waimplemted almost mediaty, giving littleime for controfactors. one we didn't understand the unintended consequences and didn'tave e time frame to control these typeofhings. the marijuana task fcend city cncil wouldike to see a plant limit of 12... pass by this may. meanwhil.. progress is picking up at the pueblo chemical depot. and w. withast week'sompletion of the "explosive destruction system" campaign, leaders are okg to t nexphase and beyond.
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plex" wi get final approval ne ere still more than 700- thousand weapons fd with mustard agent waiting to b destroyed at the chemical det,ut leaders are being proactive about what to follow. the in objective -- employment, especially keeping in mind the nearly 2-thousand workers alrey at the plant. we can keep and retain jobs that we havhere currently and als provide additional opportunities for folk industry to have gainful employment here at puebloplex. "pblo-pl" will offially take over its rst piece of prertyrom the department of defensat the end of the year -- but they g head art king monefrom some ofhe igloos by leasing them for private store. ultimately, "pueblopx" is slated to employ more than 50- thousand local workers, but the end of the project is more than 100 years ay. the next pse of chemical weapon dtruction wilbegin in june.
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u-s congressn doug lamborn... senator michaebennet.... and colorado sprin mayor -- john suthers will be paying a visit to the v-a cliniin colorado springs... they'll be talking with patien and stf abouthe complaints over long wait times.. they'lre at 10:00 this mornin. oking ahead. this weekend former presen bill clint wilbe hin soutrnolorado... couraginte to caucus for hiary clinton chst.. bill will be rlying in pblo on satdaand then he will wrap up his visit with a stop in colorado springsn sunday. the events are free and open to puic, detas about ere they are being hd will be reasater weather and traffic on the 5 meteorologisstephen bowers is here now with first alert 5. record higtemperatures were shtered yestery. colorado sprin warmed to 7 breahe previous record 66. pueblo warmed 81, breg thprevious record of 7 pueblo also broke the record for the all time wmest d in e
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those record highs came on a daywhhe wind wahowling. wind gusts ang i-25 were in the 50mph range. ghs evatns west of i-2 especially along the wet mountains, cloedingusts in the 80-90 mph range. wind is beginning to subside, but 'rstilclocking gusts over 30 mph early this morning. the wind will continueasing throug10 am. it can stay little more bris in the hills west of i-25, but otherwiswe're opping back to a 10-20 h this afternoon. wind is keeping the lower atmosphere stirred up enoughat ttus e aying up. thermometereadings this morning are in the 40s and 5 with 30s in the high elevations. today comes with more sun d less wind than yesteay. expect warng fro7 am tough 10m from t0s and 40s the weand mi0s. noon will be 6 lorado springsh sunshine. eraturl n th mis oublo cao ci. thugh 2 pm, we will warm into the 60s d 70s beforeling roh the 50thisveng and into the0s by 10 pm. have the jket handy if y
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drivers ght frustrated with constructin the llmore - i25 intehange... but some businesses say it's the nal prodt that has them coer.. and upset with cot's plans. asarof the interchan project... cdot got ridthe left turn frillmore onto sinton rd... that intersection provides direct access to a gastaon and liquor store... plus hundreds of homes, apartments and oer businesse -- further dn. atingasni.. business owners y they're already suffering, as cuomers and drivers can no longer tu omillmore to get to thr buness 'that turn shod be grandfathered and if tre's a way to me it possi i'm asking the engineers tnot give up." "putting traffic signa right
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ramps access rightext to each olways cause probms, alwaysause safety issues." cdot says -- theeftu is a puing ramps and accesses rig next teach other always cause problems, always cause safety issues." cdot says -- the left turn is a safety issue... and likely won't add it back i but engineers told us theyil take another look at plans. looking eato tight... a lol high school rsing money in honor of an assistant football coach who died last year in fatawrec doherty high school is holding a fundraiser during tonight's varsity basketba game against palmer... it starts at 7:00 pm o doherty's campus as we've repted...jeff lobato was lled ia adly crash oghy 83n december... his family was ithe cath him. they all survived. 70-year-old sthen edwards of peyton, so died in thesh. still ahea.. in your thy . medical marijuanhe assroo the rrie students whed itre facin..
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,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, in today'sour althy family... we're llowinup forou on an inveigation we first brought you last may. jennie stoes is thmother of a severely disabled district 49 studt that was suspeed when she acdently st his cannis medication to school in lunchbox. sie th, an amendment to the colorado caregiver's bill called "jack's law"as signed by governor hickenlooper.. it allows schoolistricts to create their own policies garding medil mariana in scols.. budistri 49 hasn'treated apolicy.. ews asking why notng's en de. thcolorado association of school boards tells us that
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rerds marijuana as coroedstance.. as aesult. a local school board may jearze the districts recpt of fedalun ithboard adopts policy permitng the administration of marijuana at scol" "i think fear is dving ts lack of desire to foow any policy, createny poly or allow is to happen." d-49 says they stand with families like jackson's. and belive federal law needs t change to tch state laws. a d-49 delegate tohe coloro school board assiation succesully lobbied for a resolutiono added to their federal legislative agenda.. the resolution urg congress to amenthdr frescols t to allow non- psycoaive nnabis to be given to students on school ground undisupervion. we he much me on this ory onur website.. koaa d com weather and trfionhes. meorogisstephen bowerss
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high temperates were shatteresterday. lora sprmed to 73, breaking the prerecord of 66. pueb warmed to 8 breaking the previous record of 73. pueblo also broke the record for the all timearmest day in the montof february. those recordigame on aay whenhe wind wahowling. wind gusts along i-25 re in the 500 mph range. highelevations west of i-2 especiallylo the wet uns, cedinstin the 80-9mph rang wind is beginning to subside, t we're still clocking gusts ov 3mph early this morni. thwind will continue easg through am. it can stay a little more bris in e hillst of i-, but otherwise we're dropping ck to a 10-20 mph this afrnoon. thwinds keeping e lowe atmosphere stirred up enough that t temperatures are inup. thermometer readings ts morninare in the 40s a 50s with 3 in the high elations today cos thore n and less wind an yesrday expectarngrom 7 am through 10 afrom the 30s and 40s to e loweand middle 50s. noon wilbe nearing 60 in colorado sprin wh suhi. temperatures wilbe in the mid-60s around pblo and caon
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rough 2 pm, we wilwa into the 60s and 70reooling roh e 50s this eve and inhe 40s by 10 pm. have the jacket handy if you plan to go out this evening. you may not need it rl but you will probably edt later. weather this wkend looks great if you want toet outside. saturday wil mtly sunny and with highs in t 60s. sunday will be cooler with mor clouds.
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inhis morng's health watch... february ichildren dental health monand during this time... the american dental associatn is working to raisawssor both kids and their pants about the benefits of beginng oper oral hygeine at a young age. perts sancludes teaching children how to bsh thr teeth, developing routine,.. and discussi the dangers of some food and drinks 's also a good time to bring ki in to the dentist's office -- just to show themhat there's nothing to be scaredf. 244-53 bng in their child even ith're not a regular patient -- as early as three.. put them in the chair and let them be the ntist for the da. countheir teeth.. and that first visit lets them
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worry about when they come. kidsypically sta to lo eir abteh" aund ag6 and typicallhave tir permant eth byge2. we've been telli you aut growing problem of heroin and painkiller abuse in america. but new researhows overdose deaths from datives are also on the rise. the study revealed the nber of ults filling a prescription for sedatives has risen 67ercent since 1996. and during that same time period -- overdoses from these medications more than quadpled. rearchs sapeople at high- sk for a fat overdos may gettingedates whout pription -- or combining them with alcohol and other drug still ahead in yr consumer watch... scams targeting people here in soutrn co.
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weome ba... in thimorning'conser watch... toy is the deadline for dre ners to register their rafts the f-a-a. any unmanned acraft from half-pound to 55 pounds mu b registered. users pay 5 dollars for a three-year registration with e faa... ter today, unregred drone owners could face serious consequences. some civ penalties can run u to 27 thousand dollars and crinine of up to50 thousand dollarsincluding imprisonment. with tax season underway... ave another i-r-s scam to warn you aut. the pueblo police department sayslers a teatening peop with lawsuits and jail time fornps.
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esscs i 5-0-9/7/0-6-4-2. the i-r-warns that thewill never contact you ke thi if y get a call or e-mail that ses suicious... you should call the i-r-s to verify whether or not it's a scam. the el paso county sri's office is also warni people about one scam they say seone will call clming to an employee of the shiff's office. they give a dge number reat iyou don't r warrant. in some case theare using tualmpyee's mes. the erifs ofce says ey never cl a money for any reon. you osomee you know is a ofce. atheand trafc on the 5s. meteorologisstepn bowers i here now wh t aler5. rerd hh mperatures were shattereyesterday. colorado springs warmed to 73, 66. pueblo wmed 8 breing the previous recorof3. pueblo alsbroke e recordor the all time warmest day in the moh ofebruary. the record highs came on a day
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wind gusts along i-25 were in the 50-60 mph range. highs elevations west of i-25, especily along the wet mounta clocked wingus in the 80-9mph rang wind is benning to subside, but we're still clocking gusts over 30 mph early this morning. wi wl ue easing throug10 am. cana little more brisk ihillst o25, but herwise we'roppi ba to this rnoo the nd iepg the lo atmosphere srr uenhe tempetus are staying up. thermoteregs t inarhe 5th 3n e evatodacomewith more sun an wd th yrd perom amgh 10 afrom the 30snd 40s to the lower and middle 50s. noon will nearing 6in lorado springs with sunshine. temperates wilbe in the mid-s around pueblo and can city rough 2 pm, we will warm into the s and 70before cling ugh the 50s this eveng andinto t0s b pm. ha the jacket handy if you pl to go out this evenin you may not it early, but you will probably need it later. weatheis weekend looks great if youant to get outside. saturday will be mostly sunny d mildith highs in the0s
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ts of nd first up at 5-.. this is what it lo lik outside 7th avuetudios in pueblo this morning. is is new video showg one of our g logns-pi in the wind daylight wildefinitely bring a w look at the damagehe wind le behind. news 5's joanna wise iin colodo springs-- where utility crews worked trestore power to e neighborhood overnight. strong winds proved to be destruive acss the pikes peakegion and up u pass. weoundindamage along
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frompled trees andruck thwind also knocked out powe totoigs at multiple intersection on e highway. the owner of the "wines of cora" shop say's been therfor 18 yrs... and he's never experienced winds li this. belves one extremely st st shattered the slidinglass ors on the front of his shop. "well it just happened so quick. we jdidn't know what haened. i mean it was just boom, all o a sudden gust of wind i didn't see anyks or anytng that nt thrghhe windows or anyt." a lot of smallhops had to put up sig saying they wer closg early becae of pow outages and windame. we wanto know what it oks like in your neighborhood.. send us ur pictus. you can post them on our
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dot-m. and of course, w connue to track the testonditions and g youpdates on air a onlinet koaa-com. rerting live icolodo springs, joanna wise, ne 5. firefighters across the region-- are dealing with the win -- atpered their forts to put out hotspots. overnight c near th "linco countcommunity of punk cenr" ctained wifire thastted last nigh received this pto overnight from theicwh says-- it was kely a smoker may have started the fire... with carlessly ssed cigarette. noes were lost... anthe fires contained. more tha120 people.. including firefighters from el paso county, fcon, hanovernd tri-kes respon rit now... firefighrs are mopping up hot sps from another fire that started fremt county. it startedear an ag cility east of mackziavenue and highway 50. firefighters say twenty acres were burned in yesterday fire... t no buildingsere damaged. the usis still unknown this morning.
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whatsed a brush fire in pulo west. firefighters managed to keep yesterday's fire from spreading to homes. e foure fire did g dangerouy osto t houses. the same couldn't be said for fire in rtheaste structure-anhundredsf acres rned in weld county. muiplegencies responded as the wind quicklthrougthe drass. no iures-- andword on cause. the high winds a also slowing repair wk in glenwood canyon , where crews are working toix the road after if was heavily damaged by a rk slide earlie thiseek. c-dot officials y i-70 wl lily remaiclosed at least until tomoow.. mitigation work continues the scene. but the high winds yesterday delayecrews for several hours. c-dot sayshe wind is also causing more rocks to shift.. ancrews are address
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we're also learning the state may dee an emergency to help payor the cost of repairs.. which arestimated up to million dollars! time now forth andraffic on the 5s. meteorologist stephen bowers is here now with first alert 5. reco hh erates were shattered yesterday. colorado sgs warmed to 73, breaking the previs record of 66. pulo warmed to 81, breaking thprevious record of 73. pueblo also broke the record for the altime warme dn the month of february. thosrecord highs came on a d when the wind was hoing. wind gusts along i-25 were in the 50-60 mph nge. highs elevions west of i-25, especially along the wet mountains, clock wind s in e 80-90 mph range. wind is beginning to subside, but we're still ocking gusts over 3mph early this morning the wind will coinue easing through 10m. it can stay a little more brisk up in the his west of 25, but heise 're droppi back to a 10-20 mph is teoon. the wind is keepthlower atmosphere stirred up enough
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staying up. thmometer readings this morning are in the 40s and 50s th 30sn the high elevations today comes th more suand less wind than yesterday. exct warming fro7 am through 10 am from the 30snd 4 to thloand mile0s. noonill bering 6in colorado springs with sunshi. temperatures will ben the mid-60s arnduebland caon city. through 2 pm, we will warmnto the 60and 70s before cooling throh the 50s this eveng a into the 40s by 10 pm. have the jacket handy ou pl to go out this evening. u may t ne it early, but yowill probled it r. weather is wkend looks great if you want to get outside. saturdayill be mostly sunny and mild with his he. sund will coowith more clouds. highs will be the 4 a s. today... stimy coinues in the trial of a longmont woman accused cutti a stranger's
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,,,,,,,,, today... testimony continues the trial of a longmont man accused of cutting a stranger's unborn babfrom her womb. acrding to a sgeon... the victim, michelle wkins probab lost more than ha of her ood after thattack. wilks survived... buher by did not prosecors say the suspect dyl lane was obsessed with y and lied about being pregnant they say she luredilkins to her home with a craigslist ad for babylothes. neas plead not guilty to chges of attempted fir degree murde asslt and lawful termination of a pregnancy. today... clses athe "patriot learning center" district 49 will on as scheduled... despite an anonymous tip about a
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the alear was given ter the el paso county sheriff'fice investigated the threat -- at was repord anonymously through afe-2- tell however ere will be enhanced security -- and sheriff's deputies on campus today meanwhile.... coloradoprings police are investigating a bomb teat at ckrimmon elementary school. it happened yesterday moing...police say they didn't find y explosives---but the school was to to "shelter in place" while th investigated. still no word today on what sparked th teat. still ahead... a crash landinis caught on camera.... we have the latest on the victims who were injured in e crash... us... the f-b-i inues their search for aners rrndg acsed rnardino shoot "syed farook"
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up in the investat februaryl r handcrte assifootngs are ju $6 each, even our subway club and chicken & ban ranch melt. $6 fongs a aig deal. but thmedia is going a little crazy. i am in the art of what is n being called "sub-mageddon." with aincriblemount of accumulation side... that n seems to be spilling out on the streets. i haveever seen anything likehis before. enjoy all our deliciou classic footlongs for just $6 each..
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have you seen have you seen this crash landing caught on camera in ha? th morning we know a 16-year- old bowho s in the chopper at the time -- is in critical condio the pilot and ree other people boardere also rushed to theospital. the helicopterent do yesterdanear the u-srizona merial. by-staers jumped intthe water to hp pull pple om the eckage... before fir rponders anthe ast gud rive today instigators are stil trying to figure out why thchopper nt down... as the f-b-i is ordengpple to help them hack in the i-phone -- of accused sanernardino shooter "syed farook"... the investigation is also leading to farook's relatis. yesterday the fbi searched h
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the second time. agents carried out a and a computer eylso seched t two cars parked out front.. offials would not discuss the nature of the sech -- only sang they were lki for evidence -asart ofhe going investigatio today... e so-calle"affluen tee will appear in a texas courtroom toearn whether his ca wl be mov to adult court. ethan couch has beenn a juvenileacility e his tradion back to the u-s last month... aftecoh d himoth fled mexo after he viod his probatio if a judgeecides to move the case to adult cot, and he violes pratn again, couchould be nt to prison. as we've beereportwhen coh was 16- he pleuilt to driving drunk and causing a crasthat kled four people. the city of int, michigan will be receiving a multi-million doar gnt to help witthe ci's ongoing water crisi the governor of michigan says two-miion dollars wille
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"fast start" plan to begin mongipes. rnor snysays t pip removal needs to b"mapped out" before it begi the mayor ys she wts to art training workers for the pe remov process next week. live to the supreme court buildingn washington d-c. where the casket of justice antonin scalia will arrive in a coup of hos. scalia will lie in repose in the court's great hall. a prive ceremo will be hd tethisorning... then mbers oe blic will be allowed insidto p their respects. scalia's funal is tomorrow-- one week after his body was found inside his room at a texas ranch. time now f weath and traffic onhes.meteorologist stephen bowers is here now with first aler5. cord high temperatures were shd sterday.
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brki theviouco of 66. pueblo warmeto 81, breaking the previous record 73. pueblo also broke e record for the altime warmest day in the month of februar those record highs came on a day when the wind was howling. wi gustslong i-25 we in the 50-60 mph range. ghevatiot of i peciallonghe untains, clocked win gusts in t0-90 mph ran wi is beginning to subside but westilclockingusts over 30 mph early is morning. the wind wl continue easin through am. can staa little more brisk in the hills west of i-25, but otheise we're opping back to 10-20 mph th afternn. the wi is keg e lower atspre srred uenough that tperares are staying up. thermometer readings this morning are in t 40s a 50s with 30s in the highlevations. today s th me sun an lessind th yesterday. expect warng from 7 am through 10m from the 30s and 40s to lower and middle 50s. noon will be nearing 60 in colodo springs with sunshine. temperatures will be in the mid-60s ound pbland caon ty.
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takek t a sty cras tace trac during last night's ca duels... the qualifying races at ytona. on the final lap... jamie murray... and jimmy johnn get together... caing a ain reaction... that colles kurt busch -- matt kenseth --j allmding -- d martin tru jio..all drivers involved are o-k.. their cars not so much... which meanit's time to pull oue back up cars... the daytona 500 runs sunday. in this morning's elecon watch... donald trumps responding to pope fraiscriticism of the presidtial candidate's view on building a wall along the southe u-s borr.
5:46 am
repoerthat a person who thinks about building lls and nobridges is n a chriia. trump fired back during last night's wnhall in south cali... llg "diracel" to questionis fai. trump: ande also tked about having a wall is not chris, and he's got an awlly big wall at theatican, i willelyou. so is goben interesting -- how -- how'he... cooper: but people do come and goough the vat, d it's open to tour. trump: and they're gonna come d go through the wal i an -- you know, but they're gonna come and go legally. legally. trump says he oesn't like fighting the pope".. d heelieves the media made the pontiff's initial comments sound stro than ey actually were. with nevada'caucuses aouth rolina's primary just one day away, democraticandidates hilly clinton d beie sde are worki win minority voters. in lasnighs to hal meeting in l vegas one of the biggest ises discued was immigration... sands said it was a top
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faes n tdivide em." clinton vowed tmake oding an immigration ref bi -op prioritof her presency. vors in nevada wl ket in the "firscaucus in the west on saturday. still ahea a woman makes a surpring discovery in a c ofreen beans while cooking dinner...
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ing a re,,,,,,,,,,,, prompting reca prompting a recall!
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pope fnciss he is willtoaxhe church's opposition to artificialirth conol... to help lessen t spread of the zika virus ng he from mico, the pope said at "avding prnancy -- is not an absute evil." as we've bn reportg. the plosn of zik latin america is leading some governments to urge won to avoid getting pregna... as the virus has been linked to rth dects. in london... poce areoong for thewo thves who aced aan ckeholdnt he paed t inrd to eal higold rox watch! the entire crime wasaut onsecurity cameras athe n real shophere ihapped. you can see that the victim tries to fight off the thieves... but is not successl! once hs ued the robbers snatch thech of his ist and take off. police say the wch is woh about 21-thousand 500-dollars! listen to this.
5:51 am
discovery in a can of green beans... she found a snake head when she opened up the can! she says she tht it s a burnt be at fi bushortly tereized what eay was. e comafacturer, "weste family," and ns a already being pulled frostore els as a precaution. right now they're conducting a trace-ba efforto determine what locations that ecic lot of green beans went to. a baby tiger at the miamzoo will final get to join his mother after passinghe all imrtanswimming t zoo fis ed tmake sure the sumatran tiger cub named "satu" would be able to swim out of the moat in h moers hibi-- ihe were to fall in it so here's how they didt the stf threw him into the deep end... to see what happened
5:52 am
ttle satu didn neehelp and was able to ddle himself to safety. he'll be joining his mother's exhibit in a few days. time n for weather a traffic on the 5s. meteorologist stepn bowers is re now with fit alert 5. rerd high teeratures were shattered yester lorado sprin wmed 7 breang pvirerd of 66. eblo ward 1, breaking the previo recor3. pueb also bre e coor e all mear dayn the montof february. those record highs came on a day when the wind was howling. wind gusts along i-25 weren the 50-60 mph nge. his elations wesof i-25, especiallylong the wet tains, clocked wind s in the 0 range. wind ibeginng to subside, but we're stilclocki gusts ov 30 mph early this mning th wl continue easing through 10m. itan stay lie is in e west of i-, but otherwise we'rdropng backo a -2h this afternn.
5:53 am
atsphere srr up gh at theemratureare stinmoteadings t moe the0snd with in the hitiontomed lessind an yesrday pect warming from 7 am tough 10 am from the 30s and 40s to the lower and middle 50s. noon will be neari 60 in corado springs with sunshine temperatures will n the mid-60s ou pueblo and caon ty. thugh pm, we wilwarm inte 60and 70s re throh the s thisvening a in t0s by 10 phave theket handy if you plan to go out this evening. u manot need it eay,ut yowill probably ed it later. weathethis weekend looks great if you want to gutsi. saturdayill be msuy and withighin the 6. sunday will be coor with mor ouds.
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up. st win bw throh rnolo ernigh we're okg at theag ed bmother nature... and.... the high winds are slowing t eaupts on i-70... 're hearfrom c-dot ohow long they exne othe biggt roadthrough the rocks to stay closed... we're still windy,ndhe wind is keepi the temratureom goincolder than 40s and s. high elevations are reportin 30s. today will unseasonably rm again, but we are not looking to break more records as we did yesterday. the wind will aduay ide th morning. highwill binhe 60snd 70s. your look earough is weekend ising up in weher & traffic on the 5's good morningthanks for joining us on this friday... feua 19th. elne cockrell. ani'm a cron.
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daight will denitely bring w lo at the magehe win left behin news 5's joanna wise is in colorado sings-- where utility crews workedo ree power to one neighborho overnight stng wds proveto b destacross t peakiod up uteass. fnd wind dage along way 24.. from toppled trees and trucks. the wind also knocked out power totoplights mtipl intersection on the highway. e ner of the "wines colorado" shop says he's been there for 18ears. and he's never experienced winds like this. he believeone extremely strong gust shattered the slidinglass doors on the fnt os shop. "well it just happened so quick. we just didn't know what happen. an it s justm, a of a sudden. gust of wind. i didn't seeny rocks or anything tt went through the windows or
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a loof small shops had to put up signs sayg theyere closing earlbecause of outes and amag we wt to knowhat it looks like iur neiborhood.... send us your pictures. you can post them on our fabook page-- koaa 5. eil theto mpicsoaa- dot-com. and of crse, wllontito ack e condis d ing youps on airnd nekoaa-dot-com. repoing live in lodo ngoawise, news 5. and those windts were so strongouthf pueb... drivers had toeep ands on the wheel. it was a very stressfuthursday fodrers who to us -- they cod feel their trailers aying back and fth because of the wind. it was espially treacherous ar wsenbg,re one semi was blown over, shuttingown the interstate for a tim somerivers decided to just pull over and wait it t. "it's realindy it's dangerous


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