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tv   News 5 Today at 6AM  NBC  February 19, 2016 6:00am-7:00am MST

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a loof small shops had to put up signs sayg theyere closing earlbecause of outes and amag we wt to knowhat it looks like iur neiborhood.... send us your pictures. you can post them on our fabook page-- koaa 5. eil theto mpicsoaa- dot-com. and of crse, wllontito ack e condis d ing youps on airnd nekoaa-dot-com. repoing live in lodo ngoawise, news 5. and those windts were so strongouthf pueb... drivers had toeep ands on the wheel. it was a very stressfuthursday fodrers who to us -- they cod feel their trailers aying back and fth because of the wind. it was espially treacherous ar wsenbg,re one semi was blown over, shuttingown the interstate for a tim somerivers decided to just pull over and wait it t. "it's realindy it's dangerous
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thload so saty is oufirst concern anwe jt need to shut concern and we jused to shut down in winds like this" digital signs alalong i-25 south to new mexico were lit up thursday to warn drivers about e hid advisory that was in effect. the high winds are alssling repair work in glenwood canyon , where crews arworking to fix the road after if was heavily damaged by a rock slide earlier this week. c-dot officis say -- i-7will likely rain os aleas until tomorrow.. mitigationork continues athe scene. but the highinds yesterday layed crews for sevel urs. c-dot says the wind is also causinmore rockso shift.. and crews are working to address at issefor reopening the interste. we're al learning e state may declare an ergcy to help pay for the cost of repairs.. which are esmated up to
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progress is picking up at e pueblo cmical pot. with last ek's completion of the "explosive destrucon system" campaign, leaders are looking to the next phasand bend. the master pn for e "puebloplex" will get nal approval next week. the mainective -- ployment, especiallyeeng in mind the nearly 2-thousan workeralready at the pnt. uebloplex" will officially take over s first piece of propty from the departnt of defeat the end of thyear. one colorado sprin neighborhood ion edge after they learnedhat a neighbor is owg dical marijuan they sayhe pungent odor is stinking up their homes. but springs policeay the laws in place... are being foowed.... under amenent 20 you can have up to 36 plants in residenti me however when the amendment passed it was implemented almost mediatproviding litt time to consider other factors one we didn't understand the uninnded consequenceand we didn't have the time frame to
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the marijuana task force a city council wou like to see a plant limit of2 pass bmay. weather and traffic on the 5s. chief morning meteologist stephen bowers is here now wit first alert 5. record high temperures wer shattereyestery. colorado sprgs warmed to 73, breaking the previous record of 66. pueblo warmed to 81, breaking the evious record of3. pueblo also broke the record for the all timearmest day in e montof februar those record highs camon a d wh the wind was howling. wind gusts along i-25 were in the 50-60 mph range. ghs elevations west of i-2 pecily along the wet mountains, clocked wind guin the 80-90 mpnge. nd is benning to subside, but wee ill clocking gusts over 30 mph early this morning. the wind will continue easing throug a it can sa little more brisk upn the hills westf i-, but otherwiswe'rdropping back t10-20 h this afternoon. the winds keeping e lower atmospre stirred uengh
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staying up. thermometereadings this morning are in the 40s 50s with 30s in the high elevions. today comes thore sun and ss wind thanesterday. ex warming fm 7 am through 10 am from the 30s and 40s to the lor and mile 50s. noon will be nearing 6in colorado springs with sunshine. temperates will be in the mi60arou pblo ancaon city. throh pm, we will warm into the 60s and 70s bereling roh the s th eveng and into t 40s by 10m. have the jacket handif you plan to go out ts evening. you y not need it early, but you will probablneed it later. weather this weekend looks great if you want get outside. saturday will be mostly sunny and mild with highs in the 60s. sunday wl beooler with mor clou
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drivers might be frustrated with construction on the fimore - i25 interchange...
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the final product -- that hathem concern... and upset with cot's plans. as part of tnterchange project... cdot got rid of the lefturn -- from fillmore onto sinton road... at isection provides direct access -- to a ga station... a liquor store... otr business... and hundreds ohomes and apartments. at a meeting last night... business owners say ey're ready suffering, as customers and drivers -- can no longer turn from fimore to get to their busine. 'that turn should be grandfathered and if there's way toake it possibl i asking the engineers to not give up." "pting traffic signals rht next to ch oer, puing ramps and accesses rig next to each other alws cause problems, alys cau safety issu." cdot says the ft tn is a safety i... and kely w't add it back in,utnginee td us they wl takenoerook plans. oking ahead to tonight... a local high school is rsing money in horf anssistant
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year in fatawreck. doherty high sool is holding a fundraer during tonight's varsity basketball gamagainst palmer... it starts at 7:0pm on doherty's campus as we've reported... jeff lobato was killed ia deadly crash on highway 83 in december. his family was in e cawith hi they all survid. 70ear-old stephen edwards of peyt, also diein the crash. new is morning... you have a chancto name the cutest new aion at the eblo z. last month a male african li cl was bor right now.. thcub anhis mothre b kept o of sight t zoo officials say they hope to have the littleuy on dilar e public bd apl. tith.. the zoo holdi aaming coest! havuntirch 14tho mission,. after th zookeerk thri mewiot a weite...
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cong up... mecal rijuana is a prcrtion like any othe.. bua l scho district is just saying "no" to students who need to ta tir medice at school we're digging deeper to fi out ... in your healthfaly.. plus this... waing no fly zone after day... drone -- owners who haven't registed their aircrt -- could face sky high nes om the feds... more. we have that story...
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inoday's yr healthy family... 're following up for you on an investigation weirst broht you last may. "jene stmes"s thmother of a serely disabled district 49 udenthat was spend -- whhe accidently se his cannabis medication to schooin a lunchbox. since then, anmendment to the colorado caregiver'sill -- call "ja laws sign gernor hickenlooper.. it aows school districts to crte their own polics regarding medical majuana in scols.. but district 49 hasn't created a policy.. so news5 is wothing's
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school boards lls us that "feder law still regulates regardmarias a coroll substan.. a r l scol board may jeop the districts rpt of fedun if the bo adoptsolpermitting the administration of mariju school.." "i think fear is driving ts lack of desire to follow a policy, create a policy or allothis to happ." d-49 says they stand with families likjackn's. and beliveederal law nee to angeo tch statws. d- delegatto coloro school brdssiaon succsfobbied f a resolution to be add to their federal legiate agenda.. e reluonrges coness to end the ugree schos act to allow non- psycoactive cannabiso be gen to students on school grounds under medil rvision. we have much mon this story on our website.. ko dot com colorado's heah exchange is
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that's according to a rece report by e inspector general. the port foundhe health exchge -- didn't fully comy withecury requiremts... risking sensitive information fothousands of now -- state lawmakerare lookg at several pieceof leslation that would provide more oversig. stesterday -- the state house -- passed measure that would give the excnge's ersighcommitte-- more power review and appe rules, regulatio and picies. wer and affic the 5s. chf morng meteorologt sthen bowers ihere n with first alert 5. reco hh temperatures we shattered yesterday. colorado springs warmed to 73, breaking therevious record of 66. pueblo warmed to 81,reaking the prious recd of 73. pulo alsbroke the record for the all time warstayn the month of februy.
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whinwlg. nd gusts along i-25 were inhe 500 mph range. highs evations west of i-25,specially alg the wet mountains, cck wind gusts in the 80-90 mphange. nd is beginninto subside, buwe're still clocking gus ov 30 mph early this morning. the wind will contin easin throug10 am. it can staa little more brisk up in the hills west of i-25, buotherwise wee dropping back to a 10-20 mph this afternoon. the wind is keeping the lower atmosphere stirred up enough that the temratures are staying up. thermeter reings thi morning are in the0s and 50s with 30s in the highelevations. tocomes with more n and less wind than yesterday. expect warming from 7 am through 10 am from the 30snd 40s to the loweand middle 50s. noon will be nearing 60 colorado springs
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temperatures wl be in the mid-60s around pueblo and caon city. rough 2 pm, we wl warm into the 60s d 70s before
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topping your csumer watch... today is the deadline for drone owners to register with the f-a-a. the ruleasnnounc las year. before an estimated 1 milln drones were sold for the holidays. any unmanned aircraft from half-pound to 55 pounds must be registed. "there are some penalties civil up to 27 thoand dollars d criminal fine of up to 250 thousand dlars, includg imprisonment. so, there are some repercuions if you don't regter that drone." 's a simple online proce. users pay 5 dollars for a f-a-a... you'll get theirafety guidelines.... which you can also find in the f-a-a's app -- called "before yofly.that shows the flying rulewherever you are. with tax season underway... we havyet anher i-r-s scam tell you ou pueblo police department says in is sm..
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unpaid taxes. one phone number associawith the tys of cas is 5-0-9/5-8-7/-3-6-4-2. the irs says they llever contact yolike this.. d that if you get a call or an email that seems suspicis never gir your information ov the pne, ng up and call the r-s. there is also a phone am going around el paso county.. e sheriff's offi says the caller is claiming to be a emoyee of the sheriff's office.. and threat to arstou if you don't clear up a warrant. the callers are giving out badgesumbers and in some cases using actual employee's names. the sheriff'office ss they wi never call u like this.. and you or someone you knois a victim you should gi them a call immiately. ng up... the clock is ticking in nevada
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presidenti candidates squeeze om-sec campaign before the weekd... plus... it not just colorado... high winds and dry cditions are sparking problems acss the plains. moren that...
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in your election watch this morning... two rties, two states, andwo big nominating contests. e democrat- are battling for thminorityote in nevada.. as the replicans make a final pitch to south carolina voters. voters head to the pollsn south carolina's republican presidential primary -- in less than 24 hours... p's ill adg in south carolina, but now ly bfi points.. this rning's nbll stre journ marist po. meanwhile.. e demoats e ing up -- to face off in the nevada caucuses. hillary clinton and bernie sanders - are battling for the minoty vote.. african americans are said to be helping hillarclinton hold a - pot lead or bernie saers. but they're essentially tied in va looking ahead... while llary putsp a battle in nevada.. her husbanand form presint bi clinton -- wi bhere in southern colorado this ekend.. encouraging voters to caucus for hillary on march 1st. tomoow t former prident will be making a stop in pueo. sunday he wille colorado springs.
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the publ.. more dai on where the event e haening wi bleed late saays agesros ne horizons probeuggest pluto's primary moon, charon may ha once had an ocean below itsurfac thphotos were taken by nasa's nucleapored new horizons acecraft in july 2015. the closeup age proved by nasa shows an ea 240 miles long and10 miles wide. nasaays thb-suace ocean would have lsince frozen and expanded, pushing ouard d causing the moon's surface to stretch and acture. eck this out... take a look at your screen... thes tiny rndado of fire re caut on camera in missouri veral statesre dealing with dry nditions... high temperatures and string winds... fire cre had to fight down a 50- acre grass fire in platte county.
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and no word on a cause yet. weher and affic onhes.chief rning orolog ephen rss hereow with rst alert 5. recordh temperates wer shattered sterday. coradoprings warto breaki therevious rerd of 66. pulo wmeto 81,akg e previous recor 7 eblo alsbrokthrecord for the l time warmest day i the h of february. thosrecord highs came on a day when the winwas wling.
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gusts along 25 were in the 50-60 mph range. highs elevations west of i-25, escily along the wet mountains, clocked wind gusts in the 80-90ph range. nd is beginning subside, but we're still clocking gusts over 3mph early this morng. the wind will continue easing through am. c statt more brisk up in the his west of i-25, but herwiswe're dropping back to a 10-20 mph is aftnoon. the wind is keeping the lor atmosphere stirred up enough that the temperatureare staying up. thermomete readgs this morning are in the 40s and 50s with 30s in the high
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today comes th more sun and less wind thanesterday. expect warming from 7 am through 10 am from the 30s and 40s to the lowe anmiddle 50s. noonill beearing 60 in colorado sprin witsunshine. teeratures will be ithe mid-60s around pueblo and caon ty throh 2 pm, will warm into the 60s and 70re cooling through the 50s this
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taking a live lo in pueb... where the wind is still blowing this morning.comi up next we're taking a look at all the problemstsas broughacross el paso county.
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nats of nd welce back.. thanks for jni us on news five today at 6:30. thiswhat it loed like outse our 7th avenue studios in pueblo around 2 this morning. is is w video showing one of our ing lot signs-- whipping the w ma people will be waking up to e mage the wd leftd. news 5 joanna wise is in colorado sprin where utility crews woed to restore power to
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ro win proved to be destruct pik peak region and ute pass. we found wind damage along highwa from toppled trees and trucks. the wind alsked out power to stoplights multiple inters on the highy. the ner of twines of corado" shop says he's bn there for 18 yrs... and he's never experienced nds like this. believes one extremely stng gust shattered sliding glass doors on the fnt of his shop. "wit jushappened so ic we jt didn't know what haed. i mean it wajust bm, all of a sudden. st of wind. i didn't s any rocksr anythihat went tough the winds anything." a lot of small shops had to put up signs saying th were closing early because of power oages and wind damage. we want to know at it looks like in your neighborhood.... send us your ptures. yocapost them on our facebook pe-- koaa 5. or email them to my-pics@koaa- dot-com. and of cours we'll continue
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bring you updates on a andonli at koaa-dot-com. repog vecolorado springs,nna wise, news 5. overnifighters dealt with strong wis as ty rked through the nightng out hotspots of a brush fire. it brokeut -- near t -- lincn county com -- of "pkin center" -- 45 miles east of colorado springs. we got ts photo ernight from the sheriff's office-- who says t fire lily began... with a carle tosse cigarette no homes were lost... and the fire is ntained. more than 120 people inuding firefighters from paso county, falc, hanover and i-lakes respded. right now... crews e moniringot spots from anothefire that was exnguished in fremont county. ittarted yesterday aftnoon at an agricultural facility east of mackenzie avee and highway 50 firefite swenty re were bned...but no buildin we dam. isorng. the's still wd what started the fi. today... investigators are trying to figu o what arked this fire in pblo west! luckily...
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sterdasmall grass fire fm reading... and rninany homes. the four acre blaze -- did get dangerously close to two homes,.. but s stopped fore it could do a damage. today... still woron what started this massive grass fir that broke out in a rural area weld coun yesrday, noheast of denver. fire crews from multle agencies responded as the wind whipped e flames quickly rough thdry grass. one structure was lost,... d ndds ores burned. no injuries we rorted. toy... rents anstudents at e "patriot learning center" in faon... may notice a larger poli presence at school. classes the district campus -willo on as hedud... deite anonymous t abo possible threat happening today. the districtays -- the all cleawas veafter the el paso county sheriff's office investigated the thrt -- that was repoed anonymously --
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however there will be enhanced - and sheriff's pues on mp today. anwhile.. colorado springs police ar veigg a bomb teat at rockrimmon elemeary school. it happened yesterdamorning... poce say they didn't find any explosiv---but the school s on slter in ace while they investigated. still toy... no wd on what sparked at at athed trc he 5s. chmometeologist ephen wers is here wh firsalert 5. rd high temperatures were shattered yesterday. colora springs warmed to 73, breaking the previous reco of 66. pueblo warmed to 81, breaking the previous record of 73.
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the all time warmest day in the month of fruary. ose co hhs camon a day enhe wind was howling. wind gusts along i-25 were in the 50-60 mph rang ghs elevations wt of i-25, espeally along the wet mountains, clock wind gusts in the 80-90 mph range. wind is beginning to subside, but 're still clockingusts over 3mph early this morng. thnd will contue easing through am. it can sy a little more brisk up in e hills west of i-25, t otherwise we're dropng back to a -20 mph this afternoon. the winds keing the lower atsphere stirred up enou that the temperes arstaying up. thermometer readings this morning are in the 40s and 50s with 30s in the gh elevations. today comes with more sun and less wind an yesrday. expectarming from 7 am through 10 afrhe 30s and 40s to wer and middle 50s on will be neang 60 in colorado springs witnshine. temperatures will in th d-s around pueblo and caon ci. through 2 pm, we will warm io the 60s and 70s befo cling rough the 50s this evening and into the 40s by 10 pm. have the jacket ndy if you plan to go out this evening.
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you wi probably need it later. weathethis weeke lks great you want to get out. rday wbe mostly sunny and mild with highs in the 60s. sunday will be cooler wi mor clouds.
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today... testimony continues in the trial of a longmont woman accused of cutting a stranger's unrn baby om her womb. according to suron... e ctim, michelleilkins probab lost re than half her blood ter the tack. wilkins surved but her baby did not. prosecutors say the suspect dynel lane was oessed with pregnancy and lied about being pregnt. they say she luredilkins to hehome with a craigsli ad for by cthes. lane has pleaded notuilty to chges ofempt firstdegrurder, assau and ulmina o pregnay. loing ahead...
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will vote on a bill -- that mas chng bth certificatesasier for transgendered people.. it allows you tohange gender your birth certifate... regardless of surgery... and -- certificates will no longer be mark as "amended." the bill -- passed a house commtee on thursday by a narr 7 -to- 6 vote. the g-o-p controll state senareed similar bill last year. a proposed bill inspired bthe rapeccusations agast bill cosby won initiaapproval in the state house thursday. the proposed bill would chan the statute of litations on sexualssaults from ten years to0. following up for you---twoomen in our state cla they were assaulted by cosby years ago. th rectly stifiethe ll would por victim giving them more time to co forward after one more vote of approval in t house it'll move to the . ..nedevelopments ithsi tensionsn the korean peninsula... whthe u-s military continu to build its fces. and...
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d-c... where wmakerand ficials will p their respects to a life-long civil servant...
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the u-s military is celebrating thopeninof a new naval base -- in south kore.. asew sanctions against their northern neighbors beco l. president obama signed off on thw sanctions against noh korea thursday. the sanctions are pushment against kim jo-un's regime, afr they launched several missile test... and conduted tests -- as well as -- being suspected of cyber attas. the mees -freeze the assetsf anyoneoing business related to north korea's nuclear -- or weapons programs -- oranyo spected of being involved in human rightsbus in north kea. new overnight... havjust learnedrom nb news that s warplas havettackean islamic stattraining site in libya.. bombers hit a camp near the city of "sabratha"... about 40 miles west of trili. the stke hpened abt 6:30our time trsy evening. e city mayor says 41 peopl
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said last month that libya was emerging as a particar concern in the fight against isis. saying the failegovernme there has leftreedg ground for hadists taking aive look in washington d- c... where.. in about 30 minutes... the caet opreme court justice "antonin scalia" wil arrive scal we in reposin court'eat hall a private ceremony will be hel at:30 this morning... th members oe public w able pay their respects. justice sciaill be laid to st tomorrow... the city of flint, michigan will be recving a multi-milon doll grant to lp with th ci'sngoing watersis. the goor of michigan says two-million dollars wi be appred for the flint mayor's "ft start" plan to beg removing pipes. governor snyder sa the pipe removal needs to be "mapped out" befo it begins the mayor says she wants to start training workers for the pi removal process next week.
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have you seen thisra landing in hawi?? isorng a 16-year-o boy o was in the helicop-- is in critical con. the pilot and the otr people on board weralso rusho the hospital. the crash ppened nr the s-s arizona memorial. heroic by-standers jumped into action... pulling people from the sunken wrkage... before first responders and the coast ard arrived. toy vestigators are still trng to figure outhye opr nt dow.. weather antrfion the 5 chf rng meorog stepn bowers is he now with first ert 5. record higtemperates were shattereyesterday. colorado sings warmed to 73, breaking therevious record of 66. pueblo warmed to 81, bing the evious recor 73. pueb also broke the record for the all time warmest day in the nth of februy. those record highsame on a day when the wind was howling. wi gusts along i-25 re in the 50-60 mph range. highs elevatns wt of i-25, especial along the wet
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th80-90 mprange. wind is beginning to sside, but we're still clocking gusts over 30 mph rly this morni. the windill inue easing through am. itantay little me bris up in the hills west oi-, but otheise we're drping back to a 10-20 h this afternoo the wi is keeping the we atmosphetirr up engh that the temperatures are staying up. thermometer readings ts morning e in the0s 50s with0s in the high elevations. day comes with more suand less wind than yesterday. expect warming from 7 amhrough 10 am from the 30s and 40s to the lower and middle0s. no will be nring 60 in colorado springs with sunshine temperatures will be in the mid-60s around pblo and can ty. througpm, we wilwarm into th60s and 70before cooling through the 50s this evening and into the 40sy 10 pm. have the jacket handy if you plano go out ts evening. you may t need it y, but you will probably need it late weather this weekend looks great if you want get outside. saturday wl beostly suy and mild with highs in the 60s. sunday wbe coowith more clouds.
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check this out... the philphia police department -is trying to help kanye west out of debt. appears they're offering him a job. the lice department post this tweet on thursday. "we hiring, nye!. starting salary of $47,929; u could be debt- by the year 3122!" its not just a job offer for t".. they posted on their facebook page that anjob seeker can apply. "west" has not responded. thjobs offering -- follows a tweet by thetar last week -- saying he's "$53 million dollars...
6:47 am
rk ckerberg should invest 1 billion in him -- as the "greatest artist oall time." we wl be right back th thefive thingyou need to before y go. and here's savannagutherie... with looat what'ng up
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it's aost 00. re are the fe things to know before y go. i-70 will likely remain cled from gnwd springs toypsum until at lst tomro. due to a rocslide earlier iseek. sterday's gh winds slowed work to remove the rocks.. which caused heavy damage to the
6:51 am
c- repld much as 5 miiolls. happennight... doherty high school is raing money -- in honor of a assta football coach "jeff lobato"ho died last year in fatal car accident. eyre holdingundraise ring tonht's varsi baetll gamagainst palmer... it stas at:00 pm on dohey's caus... ne fivwill be ere before the game.. to hear from coachobato's friends ancolleagues. watch for that tonight on news five at 6:00. today, u-s congresan doug lamborn... senator michae benn.. d rado sprin mayor -- john shers will be payi a visit to the v-a clinic in colorado springs... ey'll be talng with paents and stafabout thcompints over lonwait times.. they'll be there at 10:00 this rning. foer predent bill clinto bhere in sohern coloradohis weeken. encouragg vors to caucus for hillary onarch 1st. tomorrow the former president wi be making a stop in pueblo. sunday he will binolorado springs. the events are free and op t the public.. more details owherthe event
6:52 am
sevel scams are goinaround the art you should b are about... firs..n irs sc . police say callersre reatening people with lawsuits and jail time for unpa taxes. just remember thirs wi never contyolike this. the nd scam is cirlati in el pa couy. callers are clmingbe an employee of the sheriff's office and are threatening arrest if you don't clear up a warrant. e sheriff's ofce says they dot make these cal a say if you osoone you ow is a im to cahem. weather and trfic on the 5s. chf moing meteorologist ephen bowers is here nit t ert 5.
6:53 am
stephewers is here now wit first alert 5. record high temperaturere shtered yestery. corado springs warmed to 73, breakihe pvis record 6 puebloarmed to 81, breing the prevus recd
6:54 am
eb also broke the record for thall time wmest day in the month of februar those record highsame on a day when the wind was wling. wind gusts along i-ere t 50-60 mpnge. highs evations west -25, escial along the wet mountains, clockedind gusts in the 80- mph ran. nd is nning to subside, but we're still clocking gusts ov 30 mph rly this mning. the wind will continue easg through 10 am. it can sa lile morbrisk up ie hills westf i-25, but otherwise we're droppi back to a 10-20 mph is afternoon.
6:55 am
atsphere stirredp enough that the temperares are staying up. thermometer st connected with k-o-a dot
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we'll wir lo,,,,,,,,,,,, good morning. ho war of words. donald tru responds after the peueionsisaith for wanting to build a wall along the xican border >> he s an awfullyig wall at the vatican. i'll tell you. we'll talk to dald trump live. on the democratic side, hillary clinton is booed for a dig a bernie sanders. >> doesn know what the last democratic presidentid. it's true. itrue. >> as our new poll showsha ightening. moment of impact. a sht aight seeing hicopter crs near pearl hbor. pl injured. onecritically.
6:59 am
pilot' actions that saved lives. paespes. thbody of juicnin scalia set to lie in repose at e supreme court today. president oba scheduled to be there,g growing criticism decision no to attend tomorrow fal. an alarmg surge. the dramatic incase in flu cases naonwide. at you c do ard off the virus. today, fday, february 19th, . >> announcer: this is oday" with matt lauer savannah guthrie. li indio 1in rockefeer a. >> morning. itriday morn i'm savann alongsideli ist. will be back on monday. >>ed earlier about h remarkable iise d orge w. bush, predeband president clinton entering in on thrace. enter the pope. >> don mix religion and politics, not applying to is race. it is a big story this morning. the presidential candidates are making their final pitches ahead omorrow's democrataucus
7:00 am
primary south carina. as willie mentiod, this electionas taken another straist, with this bk and forth between donald trump and thpope. we wiltalk to mr. trump live in a momen we want to begin our dision 2016 coveragis mor with nbc national corresponnt peter alexander. good morning. >> sannah, good morning to you. uth carolina, of course, famousor a good spirited debate. the ghting has gone from rpsing to surrea here's whe thingstand t republican sid you can sethe race is tining. donald trump, rdg to t new nbc news/wall street journal poll outhis rning, up fi points or ted cruz. down to a 16oint aantage he had one month ag mao rubio and jeb bush in a statistical tifor third. >> reporter: donald trump now diffusing what began as a holy war of words. >> don't like fighting wit the pope. i think he's doing a very good b. the pope is a nderl guy. >> reporter: the donald versus


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