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tv   News 5 at 530 PM  NBC  February 21, 2016 5:30pm-6:00pm MST

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in your election watch-- bill clinton fins up his southern colorado campaignto with a tripo colorado college this afternoon. the former presint stumpg
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caucus. news 5essi mitchell s us ve fm mpus... jessi,hat wathmessage voters? ganizers tl oran thound pshowed up to whathfoer predent had to say betwe t arts nt hall a separate viewg ro -- and beg at colorado college, it made nse for m tout aot of emphasison the yth clintotalk about his wife' desire to imfr communy egd otr grs also tting inceore all siness incenveto create jobs laborated hla's p toombat drug addtion diing a tho citizensp for le migrants as opsetodertthe ceral the c talk was ilusiveness throughout the country. don'teed e amica great agai america neveped being great. applause
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e crowd showed ls of le for bothill d hillary clinton -- rallying for the march 1st caucus the foer psident spent time after his speech shaki hds and kissing bies. tonight hear which part of today's meage the ectators coectewith most. live from coloradoolge, jessi mitchell, news 5. thraceor the white house is taking on a new shape after e south carolina primary and nevada cacaus. now all candidat a focused super tuesday, march 1st, which includes color hereennijohn supetlanta :00-:xx fresoff his big win sth lina... t sot from dd trump "we had such an amazing victor yestda- incred!" donald trumcampaigneduny in geora...a super tuesday state. graphic take full ----------/out -----:xx/:x ump be second and ird place finishermarcrubio and ted cruzy a substaial 10 perct main. the often-brash businessman w says he needs to start aing likeommander-in-chief. ldrump / r pridential candidate :xxxx
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corner - fox news nday "i think i'll bveryredential at the appropriate time.ight now i'm fighting for my life." rubio sa goters have tbe re sot n. marcruo/ r esidtialandidate :xx-:xx super already on screein upper coer - a this week "the consequences are extraordinary wt this election wr..nd republicans need to nonate somodwho's going to unify this party, grow the party and who'going to w this election." ted cr, who came in a close third, is not concerne sot sen. ted cruz r presidti cdidate :xx-:xx super already oncreen in upper corner - abc this week "our game planrom day one was to do well in the first four statnd consolidate conservatives to go forward intouper tuesday and we're sitioned ideallyo do exactly at." aft a poor owing in south colina..jeb bush has ended his presidential campaign nats of hiary in nevada saturd night hank you smu in nada...hillary inton won the decratic caucuses. clinton and beie sande sqre off nexsaturday in h carolina's democrac campain that stateunda sochristmiles south carolina democratic primary voter :xx-:xx "i look forward to jt seeing whathey haveo say inhis st uoming we." clinton ys she knows she sll has a trust issue with many voters. insert ends two second pause
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again all eyes are really on super tuesday - march 1st - when mo delegates c be won than on any oth single day of the imary season. meanwhile, republican presidential candate, ohio governor "hn kasich," d a bill today tstrigovernment money from planned parenthood in his ate. one daafter s ak shong in south carolina,ash signed the bi in private, despite calls r a veto fm many in the state. the legislion targets roughly 1-point-3 llion dollars in funding that planned parenthood recieves thrgh the ohio health depame. e money, which is mostly fede supports h-i-testing, brea and cervical cancer enings, and prevention of violencegain women. this nill ohibs funding for any organizaon that preforms abortns. state and federal laws already prohit taxpayer funds from being used to pay for abortions, except in cas of rape, incest, or to sa the life of the mother oppones say kasi is ttin lics before heatlhar owinup for on frigeninsty veloping overnight in kaloo county, michigan.
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they bieve was ivg around shooting people at random. there are multle deaths and several inries from shootings at seral locations. 45-yeaold suspect "jas on" arrestedithout inci. moer was shot in the parking loof an artmt lex, fathernd s killeat a car ership, and more victims shot at a "ccker barrel" restaurant. "the randomnes ts is hard to deal wi, anthat'sne of e st fghtening thi about it lton was a driver for "uber" d a weap wasound in hi car. poli say they' connt th got theht suspe. new details today in horric dog atck in el paso county. happened last nign rush the owof three great danes is now facing charges of unlawf ownershipf dangerous dog. is a misdeanor charge. as we first to you lt night at t, ur children were mauled by the dogs. they were at the home ofir mother's boss athe time.
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dogs have t been identifie staying op of the stof publ schools in colodo, today we've lened only a ndfuof the nearly 40 fling hools statide have shown any gns of improvement com as the schools received feder grants totaling re tha50-millions dollars. about 30 schools oy have one ear to impro befor thstate scol b cld move to sh them downr turn thnto arter schos. the educatpartnt sat ting on lega opinion fr t statettorney genel on the conseces ofremovi aistrict's accredatn a district ils toollow e ste ard's orders to convert cle schools. may be february, buthis weekend people were already getting ready for boating seas. hundreds of people came out for the "s a boat show" at the "colorado springs t center" this weekend, , d today was the final day. thad everythinom pontoon boats and fishing boats, to sped-up speeders for wake boarding. for some, it w way to some sutinead of the actual season and gave the
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sang for. rknderson/looking touy a sot: 1eally seeing what have to offer. seeing whats available wl definitely help us ce boating o termine whate want to do. sot 3:09 i don't have that much a littleut of your price ng a lot ofpre range.dditio the b, e werelso plenty of huntg and g bo u s icesg historic lows... we'll tell you whabe the trend that has sent prices to tirowest levels in eight years. but fit a ve lk outside colorado sprin the wot betickg nd fomuonr. news five metelogi i ng snow...
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cooler air arriv todaynd takes tempatesdown a few notches to near avage afternoon highs in the 40's and 50's. clouds will be ming in thughout the day so skies won't be as bright as they were to starthe weekend. skies clear this eveningith overnight lows dropping into the 20's. a quiet stt foyour monday. highs will make it to around 50 before our next cold front arrives with some needed moisture. rain/snow owers wi beg in the higher elevations around lunch time a will be movg into the lower elevations throhouthe secd half o the day. snontinues overnht and into tuesday as winds pick u accumulations
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starts to accumulate and how mupslope flow can contribute, t around 2-4 ad nel tite withigher totalsor the mountains and eas the lmerivide. tuesday could be a mey y with the comnation of snow and c blowing, driftg, low lity. highs onuesday wonly be in the 30's and they'll feel much colder wit the wind chill. things calm down a clear out for the rest of the week. a good deal of sshine and
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,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, gaprices continue drop. acrding the lundberg sve e average ice for a gaon of gas is a doll-77, dowa nickel frotwo wes ago,nd -cents low the pricof gas year ag prices haven't beeis low since 2008. crude oil costs ha steadd and analysts sayhe latest price drop may be the last unless oil prices go back up and stay up. olesalices for refiners have already increased in th ste days. a photo finish at scar's biggest a coloro based racer vies for a daytona-win.
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talking abounasc ilora n't comm currence, thlocal ties just aren't there. t a comes "furne row cinganthe daytona 500 to givus a very good rson. mainruex jr. ----racing in e ytona 500 r fuite row, bas out of denver colado. final lap....truex jr. slips into a dead heat with denny hain, comi into the home stretch, the checkered flag....oo close to call! the replay though, sho hamlin winning by a ten oa
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0, too bad for truex jr and colorado racing though. how cool wast ght? loradoollege and d-u under the lightst coors field, that was something sp....d apparently, 35- th other peoplehought so too. that was the final aendance from coo last night, blowing itial timates out of t water the thing at makes tmber so scial is at it was for a college game, not the pros something that h fans excited aboue future of the orin e state. it's acited for because this is making htory so glaccu e th fit ones even fore the avs so that'sind of a pud moment fous. the roies already taing about a quel to the battlen ake....but for now, wel just enjoy roun1 and hope the foll tough wh thosplans. eaking of those outd games...the ld and blackhawks duki it out at "the- ...oh doa know. 1. breakawa cey craord with
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..ld jpi ontop rl2. tickack-toe pass finds no needread for the gl.-0 wi. patrick kane, ge theha y ry mucbounce.. the only blackhawks goal of the day.... wi winning in cisive fashion, 6-1n minnesota. e ane ha bn on a ars of late. wiers of four of their las five and looking to add on in vaouver nigh the s e imbingheconference stags, inhe h andplayofsiti at the momen head coach patrick roy says he likes e way his team is playing, especially on the rd. tonight we were skating really well and on the road iseems like we play with a lot of confidence find ways to score those goals and we've been defending well and so it was a really solid team effort tonight they'll be north of boer
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drop and highligs back herat . we'll wrap up with nuggets and celts in action ght no 1. good psing gets thball to gary harris, slams it home 2. will barn....the thrill himself, the flaling jumr finds the bu. 3. nuggets trying to hang in there....nikola jokic gets t rebound, puts it bk and in. buboy are thnugget tay, 12
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a quiet start for your monday. highs will make it to around 50 before our next cold front arrives wi some eded moisture rain/snow showwill begin in the higher elevations around lunch time and will be moving into the lower elevations throughout the second lf of the sn continues overnig and
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,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, what wh is ing ? y e ey corrime scene ta? i feltelpless.
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because i knew it was my wor fear. ar. >> a beloved couple found murded. it denitely seemed toe personal. >> tir bs fod their ho ang wh me cu >>emr seeing bayet and cannons and kis of stf. >>as tre any connectn tween the memorabilia and the rder? d y er wonder abo thtu tre >> it was time for police to art collngpects. going to ese two deaths? >> jesca was the oy child. >> the sole heir? >> t sole heir. as therene else who stood to gn? >> it was f tost imrtpiec evidence in the case. >> the clue thould reveal mindlowing betl. >> i d't know hosomeone
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>> but first, a ry dfent kindf "d mysry one every family n to >>he ae m toave asa iend and we're luckto have been wi. >> a bright and betiful en invis a iend to sleeover. the next morng, she's dead >> oh, my god, i don'teel a puls >>hat the world hpened? how cod thise? >> it turned out ts wano ordirylumber party. >> we ow from eir phones at this was a planneevent. they had discussed it. they took piures. >> stories surfaci of a dangous experiment. >> the main purpose of havin tholveme was ttry it. >> an exriment that just might tempt otheteens. >> we know it's entered ouhi scol. >> t ces iys uld ve lifin your family. >> you have a lot of people watchingdateline." they nee talk to tir kids.
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this is "dateline." here is kate sw wi "one aldose." >> they're killiur kand need o ing about it. >> rorter: it's new threat. >>he wasaying, "erin, your st fend died." and e keng that over anover. reporter: these teens found t abouithe hard way. >> it is kd of made out seem like one of those- "y'rnorelyonna see it in your lifeki odrug. >> reporter: they're cled synthetic drugs,nd they are cheap, danrous, easy to get, and often marketed specifically to yng people. >> something this deadly in this small of a doshad entered r high school,otusour community,ut ourid >>eporter: y may not have heard of them, but law enforct agen acrth cotry have, and th'r sounding the ala. t a gamble evy time. a kits a hd of onef these things, ey're gambng. except they're gambling wi their fe. >> repr: and there no tteray trstandt lifehreateng gamblthan the
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fitzgerald. >>h, my god, sheher lips are blue and -- and i n't -- i don't feel aulse. i don't feel a pul >> reporter:s a ory parent wantso he, buthis mom and dad feel compelledo she. iseemed surreal. lievable. unimaginle >> rorter: tara fitzgerald was no typical tnage at least that's what her closest friendsay. >> she lked at the world so mucheeper and with smuch more meaninghan anyone thai have met. >> reporte mt oplee worried abt om drees and was worried about what kinds of thi >> she was very philosopcal. she want to -- she wand to kn how the world worked and how the universeorkeand how d worked. >> i'd consider her an oldoul. >> such an old soul. >> yh. [ laughter ] >> reporter: but tara also h a lighte more carefree sid "quirky" is the key word when it comes to tara.


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