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tv   Mad Money  NBC  February 23, 2016 3:00am-4:00am MST

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though it's politica it ibeg over looked. bernie san, looking like a papetiger. a s with a small loss he's now buedli. now we a hearing aboutow llary clinton has locked audiotape ge numbeof sup legates and could be impossib foranderso win. where did that come om? have been saying when we get clity in the psidential raceit's gd r e stock rk. since thmea likes a horse race, be careful. en theap turns to sanders in a month. ybe the press will declare 's come back from the dead. ocking out sanders, e's knocd ou aevery ece of journali i saw this ekend nevada ggested allows hillary to go backa modete which is friendly to wall st and ppy to takwall street's
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immee trying to keemao rubio ive. i expect trump to go after mar rubio in a way he aryohe day announced forresident. now you have a pro busines republan versus pro business democrat. maybe at's why the market is rong now. trump doesn't ha much good to say about the banks. 's reserved special lash againshedge funds but as long as sande is a threat expect invective against the banks d drug companies from llary's camp they are huge targetfor the left clinton hataken millio in donatis over the years fm the ug companies. wenow joson & johnson, brisl-myers, ea are amon hebiggest givers. you veo believe she can ea up on the anti-busins rhetic. there aialogue. it will be a lot less heed if sanders is sidined. call mskeptical since we are thstates in. it seems like what the market has been sayin hillerspenme with wall streeters of the hedge fund and
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this doesn't mean they own her candidacy but there is a dialogue which imore than nders or predent obama offered. thmarket knows hlary's modete stance. it's whyou seerug and bank stocks flying and why biotech is quite a bit. the rhetoric could really e wn. theets could become fewer and far beeen. why not? if hillary runs against dona she needs every penny shca get. we have trump who ems like the favorite. he's pure gold when it ces to the stock market a business. peaps the most pro business candidate in history. after the media pronounced sanders a goner and trump is unstoppae we could return to the days when thare business people around the ne predent who matter who and things could t done. don't forget hillary sat on the board walmart once sunded by ctains iustry, s years. yodon'sit the and rail against capitalism. th's not all that dre th maet today
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thank you david fabe united t united technologies was up big when faber broke the story it was brillit. i have no idea if the al could be conmmated becse of ti-trust concerns but this is one of mworries about 2016, the lack of merger activity being asag befe our eyes. the ceo of honwellryg to get itefore earngs turn ound. we wait for the other shoe to drop in ina. itt. high visible chinese plays. it's remarkable hopositive the moves are. china habeen off t radaro the shorts can't press bets and many b cpaes, thocks justot t cheap. theyre rallyg back to reasle levels aided by honeywell. in one of the st bizarre twists yet just last week stocks roared higher today.
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ll. downt abouthfarmerand pr 26. so wt? more on that later. e stk is runng. theswe cal that d trading in a negative way. last friday, now they are winner that's fast. t like anything pping. nordstrom up 47%. no news. they had aativquter. oil going hier. two business candidates. her is ariend wl street. a chinese story that refuses to get negative. earnings forgiveness he created a benign moment of good feelings for stocks ten days after evyone gave up on them. thunning turn cannot be dismissed. may not refct anything but shorterm considerations. we have now oncegain gotte ov bought and are due for a downturn troy in florida, please. troy. >> yes, boo-yah, jim. >> boo-yah, tr.
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morning and you -- >> my >> mcharitable tru owns both. disappointedn bankf america. ni pay raise for the ceo. the stock doing bette in the o days i would turn mylf upside down f comic relief. now i can't do it. the ceo me o"m money" and brian moahan, please come on "mad money" to explain the way john stump did. johnd, listen, we have bad oil and gas ans t are iticthemchecking them out and ha faith stump wil get out without big charges. ey have giant rtgage book ofusiness. now bankamerica as -- cheap. wells fargo is great dennis in michigan. denn. >> calr: h jim what are your thoughts on th aiine stocks, in particur delta and jetblue? >> i came out last week, did a piece and the week before anher piece saying the stocks are too cheap.
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times earnings tt's ridicuus. i like delta and like american.i ink ey should be bought. i like southwest very much. i'm el in the bupen for acti ownersy charable tst. nick in illinois. ck >> caller: booah, ji >> b-yah, nick. >>alle bwahing your show since i was a little kid withy moafter school. >> how do you likehat? my producer has been here longer than i am. shs a grandma now. just kidding. what's up? >> caller:y question regarding tesla is given the rebound in price doou think it is a good guy boou? >> same thing tes. op g tired of it. but it is a cold sto. there e people w like tesla so much they wl buy the stock. it doesn't matter abou luatio doesn't matter abo earnings per share. doesn't matter if they are making money f a car. you t deny them theight to buy tesla. it's like a first amendment
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all right. is turn can't tt easily dismissed even if it reflects to cse the market toally big. tonight,s gap ng the fl in the gapampaign too literal?they havggd.will want to hear it. then aale of two retail stocks. combnd vf co. last year $160 billion the deal to form the largest drug company. geate from allergan after earnin. >> annou >>nnouncer: don't ss a secondf "mad money."ow @jimcrameon twitter. have a question? tweet cramer, #madtwts. send jim an e-mail to madmon@cnbc.coor give us
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work st and don't t chal.m...azin ve heartrn alelea reefch enjoy threlief. over over the lasyear we have seen a great many once red hot stocks totally lose their mo. now that the mart is finding its foing with another good day r averages i think it is h coinuing to explore th
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why? in this environment you have to tell t difference between beaten down stocks thaderve your money, desee to be bought and stocks that deserve to be beaten some more which brings me tohe gap. gps, parent coany of banana republic, old navy. during t during the late 1990s rly 2000s you couldn't walk down t block without ru n gaste. businessled f for a deca until gap launched an impressive come back a few yes ago. the stock roared higher in 2012. th6% in 2013. anhe8% in 2014. what winner. r a ilit seemed gap ha gott its groof bac then, y, oh,oy, did e rrative chan. lastear shar op
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nd change. ouch. while th while the stochas rebounded nearly 10% since the beginning of 2016 it's well off recent high 10% from summer. to say nhingf e all time his from back fore the dot come bubble burst.soi'm soy. it't -l fix in post prodtion. what happened here? hodid we gfrom the fall into the gap to theap falling peetually. how do we explaithrise and fall of thgap? let's start with the tn ound in011. a lot of people believed gap uld be back to its glorys. during this peri theom d a lot righ structurg the siness to reflect the fa they own rtfolio of brandwith umpbd perfm ing stores of gap and old navy. investing in supply chain systemto make it me oductive andoo margins. getting a cooler looat banana
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the sult aer under performance thgap puup good numbers in 2012 where they delivered the fistnnual positiveame store sales growth in eight years. unbelievable. after that the gap was off the races. the siness iroveand the company became a cast in t it w theall seenra for gap. lately is run out of steam. rhaps the first gnf om for thgap came wn the chect of theompany's com back annoued his planned retiermt. after taking a big hit theay the news came out thstock drifted higher. i want you tfast forrd january of last year. gap's w ceo eliminates t role of gap brd creative director creating genera manager ofustomer expeence. time viewed as positiv gap was leo continue
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spring.thingst south in may of 20. less than a year ago , man. ditho soh fasthough. rst gap nound thapri same store ses were down by an palling 12% including 15% dropin gap and banana republic. these numbers were brutal. gap reported first quarter relton may 21 and delivered big revenue miss. the ceo was disappoied on the conference call. whenhesay it like they did yofeel bad. gap stock gap stock got a reprieve last june when the company announced a slate of stregic initiatives including lay offs and sto closings, however by july there we go with t nasty numbers inuding maore same store sales declinontinuing through august. suddly gap got hit with analyst wngres, on fear that is competion in the apparel spe was growing and gap had
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has grown, rig? by the time we reachhe 2 back to eason,ap was pretty beaten . and the things only got re difficul virtually every power retail under the sun. to mit worse gapost the head of the old navy division who went to lph lauren for the ceo posion. last fl you could make the case gap wasn't worse than a struggling retailer in difficult environment that mall-based toward the end of november g reported a brutal thd quarter including a hideous slash of the fourear rnings forthen we learnethe november same store s were horrible. lling 8% signaing an uy holiday season to. co. sure enougthe holidays were prettyismal r the ga when t company preannounced ly fourtquarter result this month, we also learned same e sales wereown 8% in
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head handed to it. where do we go from here? the mpany did allegedly to inspire confiden in its ability to declare -- stop the decline of same ore les. the core gaprand struges. the future of old navy is looking rky. over the lt six days gap has been propelled higher by the broader rally in the market ich sent the stock up 20% in barely more than a week creating a prarious situaoniven atap rorts thursday. i doubt the quarter will be hing to write home about ven the resus we see from other tailers during the earngs sean ke sappointment from nordstrom and macy's. put itllogether th gap feelinke a recipe for disaster ono upside since they told you things en'tood. granted the stock is trading just 11 times ne year's earnings. at's pitive. you would thk you could ma the caset's too cheap and the et started to vit ba ingses and put a good face
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the $2 bounce back from nordstrom isn my mind. u n't just look at t price to herbingmultiple in a vaum represents essentially no growth in the compan at assesap can makth numbs whh prov to be a pretty big if. gin the recentistoryf under delivering. bottomine. over the last yearhe gap has gone from a market darling to a stock at's practically uninvestab. some of this is not theifault. you know theidus slodown in mall-based retail. it sms has been struggling to g its act together since e departure of the former ceo glen mury at thend of 2013. until thany can demonstrata turn around in t core brand and deliver earnings growth this stock will pop a ttle bit but then ntinue to be toxic. there are so many better tailers out there. stco, tjanstores more
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ere iso reason i can think to this stock. it beeunasonably warm this winter. are the apparel companies feelg the chill? i'm focused on vf corp. and luia sports and allergan is down but could the recent earnings give them a boost? d has oil hit the sweet ot? i wi reveal. so w don stick with am? ureartov oga-3 t there's a differen betwn thomeg3sfish oand ein m krill o unlike fish oi megais ey sorbedby ybo .. mak heart well-happy. ppier mared pron tonc omega-s. the dieren i easy tabsorbi take pictuof sunrises, but wiback pain
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as real as you are. show the wor your ots with root touch-up.,,,,, ha haaid it befe, i will say it again. executn maers. st look at the insany dismal results from two similar-looking companies. columbia sportswear and vf corp. here we heree have t apparel coans, both wi a big businesselling winter weather clothing. columbia throughhe name ke brand anvf cp. tough north face. columbia reported knocout quarter anstock isigher ane got the numbers ilvf corp. reported a b wow quarter last friday. k ld off 4% agle sessio today aftethe rebod vf me up losses. neverthess, all of this begs the question how do two compaes with so
3:22 am
starkly different sults. how can lumbia bkilling it when vf corp. is getting killed. let's start by going over what hem - wh do theyave in common? columbia who ceo tim boyle came on a ek and a half ago is a house of bras including untain hardware, prana and climbing apparel, sorrell boots and columbia. they have a major focus on fowearnd outer wea especially wteclothes. vf corp. is a larger company with major expo su to outdoor anaction spos equipment and apparel which accounfor 60of sales. vf corp. has t many brands to name them all. you may recognize timbernd nautica and hers. lumbia just reported a blowout quarte bter than expected les up 3%.
3:23 am
75 cent basi corp. had a truly dippointing quarter down 5% ar oveye, shrinkingr margins. some underwhelming guidance. how is this possible? yocould argue vf corp. got killed by the wa weather we are having whichs vf corp. d theference call.w co cumbin't havivi the same pblem? the truth colbia tolly ushed off the weher sayi they did well, quote, despite unseasonablyarm weatr. macro econic cllenges, currency heawindand specificalli in tes of footwear the ceoaid as our business with sor rel gets closero the nsumer to e men we are focing ont cos less a weather driven issue. in other wordsthe more they connect with the customer th le sales are dven by how h or cold it is outside.
3:24 am
el it. it's pretty hot. you really can't feel it. boyle acknledged that thin could have been better if we had a cold winter but said columbia is doing well in the u.sand europe regardless ofhe warm weather. it wasn't a big deal. it was completely believable and spectacular. w i wa to contst it with corp. the company could not stop blaming the rm weathers the reason for their under performance. dung t conference call members of the management te cited the weather not one, not tw three, four, five, six, seve eight -- nine times e prepared remarks before the analyst q & sessions. the cons the consumeroftness accelerating wasompounded by the warmest fourth quarter o
3:25 am
quote,irecresu of warm he weather, and on d on. you can y columbia is st doing a great job buregula companies gocrusd by the weather.l apart when we got to a terrific qution from citioup's kate mcshane who poted out we have had warm winters in the past li in and noface neveress manad to posdouble digit growth back then she wanted to what' changed that makesth face so much more hostage tohe elements. i didn't rlly fi the company'answer to be that compelling. i came bacand said to self, maybe nortfa has peaked.althoughhat isn't the as why we have half a north face jers what else? we know running, training and
3:26 am
in particur columbia's yoga brand prana is ofire. up 3 yeaoverear. image that yoga is so hot find it dangerous. the mountain gear, trailunng shoes werelying off the shelves. vfor called out ruing d ning an of streth with the mountain athletics up 40%. re is the thing. columbas a more posu than vf corp. which plains why they a doing better. if irunning vforp. given the success of columbia's pra acquisition i uld go out ts weekend and buy lu lemon to get more yoga ex sure. the ceo said they planned to take a more active approh this year to acquisions. corp. buy lulu. they do a much better job than thrrt team. fortunely for vf coreans are also a big part of t business.
3:27 am
denim. it'contrited nely 20% year over year decline ithe contemra brands position. columbia doesn't have much pore to denim. same for image wear, what vf we c durle clothing r workers, uniforms madeh heavy canv to hold uunder pressure. th buss wadown 13%. citing the weaesin oil and gas. they're sayingt'the l and gasector t reasofor lack of demand here disappearing oobs mean disappearingustomers f them. columbia doesn't have e oil and gas exposure. some of vf corp. brands are doing rrib for no viou reason. ke nautica which was aower house brand. th quarter down 10% year over year. the obm, i tnkt because nautica is a mall and and shping ml trafc is i free fall. even outlets. columb has less mall expure and a beer-commerce
3:28 am
my wife boht mnice nautica top. where does this leave us? if you look at the four-ar forecast forotcompies, the truth is they are not that dient. th is a side by de mparison but my age nager codn't get t zipper up which is pathe investors and alystsrust t nagement to deliver on the numbers more than they trust vf corp. in part that'secause colbia is a much better perform er ile vf corp. struggled a columbia h the better growth brandsere now. including its red t boots. this is up nearly 15% yearver ar. that smoking prana business. vf corp., many of brands like north face, timberland an naica are struggling. not much to t excited out but the ceo could make one or two smart acquitions to get vf corp. in the game. th are doing well in china pre ing the chine mmts are ansitioning to a
3:29 am
i would rather buy cumbi though it trades at a premium vfc. u got the pay out for best of brd. you want china i suggest buy m whh will split into yum d yumlcha. boom line. despite what you may think from the two arrs it is not that it was snowing on columbia's side of the street while the nter weather was warm vf. columbia is dog a better job d they have mo exciting brand coalions than vfc which is gting hammeby more than just the warm weather. and it need s correct the course now. for columbia sportswear,t's e beer b and only a purcse of lulu lemon by vf uld ange this guy's mind. grant in ohio, pleas grant. >> caller: hi, jim. than for takmy cl. >> quite welcome >> caller: i'm bankewho is 79 years old tay. a udent of the cramer school
3:30 am
taet >> target is about to report. my charitable trust owns it. i am ccerned. going back with the research director i said n't know i target is set up for a good arter. he sd the vaation iso lo we have to te the sk that it okay. that haseen difficult. i ink it is an ineensive stoc matt in nejersey. tt. >> caller: hey, jim. love the show. >> thank y, matt. >> calr: i wt ur opinion on go pro. i loaded heavy at the $10 mark. i'm curis what the rt of the ar may look like in your opinion. >> i'm n a fan of go pro. tbit had a great number an people hated it anyway. these are stocks --iester yes, unorhat beme public nobo cares for. they a like shorn unorns. anyway, execution matts. thdiscrepancy between columbia sportswear andcorp. isbout execution. i thinu should pay up to t
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allerg the compa had just anunced as merging with pfizer in what i csir be a smt al. sincthen the stock has been ammed thanks to political granstandinggainsther drug prices but they reported a better qer. alg with higherethan expected revenue drin by rong ses bther good ings, to sure it jump but there is re room to run going into the merger with pfiz. let's check in with the ceo brent saunde to talk about the pfiz deal. welcome back to "mad money have a seat. thankfor having me . >> i will put it to you. this was by far thberter we have seen you have. it waslso the bestuarter of a pharmaceutical company. otech or drug in termsf the number of new apprals. strong leadership posi what you are doing. the number of billion doar fran chiesz. think your stock wou be up mo if you were not merging with pfizer. i am tryinto rationalize that.
3:35 am
the team performed well. we are die vting a business and doing a eintegrationo pfizer. despite those distractnshey delivered. >> i was worried about it. i thout i wouldn't be able to understand it. thisasr cleaneuarter of a ter jers u have done thisne showethe central nervous system y dominate, women'health. there are areas i didn't know but urology, irritable bowel theriso ch gng on here. is this the right timeo merge? >> this indury is going througmassive changehich requires masveonsolidaon. this combination with pfizer esreate the rld leer in biopharmaceuticals. for an aergan shareholder owning 44% of the mbined int ti is in best sition in my belief.
3:36 am
d you are both baffled by where the ock is. i'm baffled. you made it clear that going throh with it -- it looks like the inversion. i thought yoducked questions and yodn't. you took them head on. said the gap thamaybe th 80-point gap, brent, will close. t ople are still fearful. >>ight it ibaffling to me. and it is baffling to ian. i spokto him today. >> you did? what dsay? >> he's afs i am. that wasn't the reasone were talking. look, i think there is an anomaly the market and m confident and probably you know better than i the market will correct me. it is a great opportunitfor anybodin either of two companies to get it. >> the $40 billion you he to get, maybepril, ma >> we are still timiic for the end of the quarter. it could slip into second
3:37 am
it could be april. if teva controls thaow, they are doina great job working hard >> let's talk about the compy as if were not merge ing, not at -- obviouy its merging and i'm in favor of the merger. but pipeline milestones. aesthetics. whave a lot. kibe lncng and botox for forehead le whic i may need. >> don't think so. botox, mannew indicaons, but no mention owhat they e. >> we talked about forehead lis. cr feet tside e u.s. and we have ession. but the data forhe depression study is end of the year, ybe first quarter next year. >> there have be mmpts to do deession and even best out the he failed. how do you have confence? it's been so hard. >>e have a long history in depression going back to
3:38 am
>> it was eak thro >> wunderstand dression. if there was a company to do a drug like botoand depression we have that expertise in th regulatory and clinical development organization. the studies have to playut, see where the data falls.we areptimistic. we'll see how the data reads out. >> gastroeerology. >> we st gotrug for ibsd. we have one for diabetic ea w treatment category for die at hasn't had a treatment in 3ars. >> the we a brthrough which s rrific. we have to tk about election.enillary clinton tweeted out drugs they sll come back toou. obvisly every company has had price increases. this is a breakthrou. witnesthe nuerf fda apfessio 10 i come bacand y, is th a
3:39 am
watching whether be sanders does well hillary clinton staytough even thoshe received ae amount omoney for the drug cpanies? >> all the candidates,illary clton, donaltrump, bernie sanders, whoever it is, it's rhetoric. we have to par rhetoric from realy. going after an industrthat comprises less tn 10% of the total of heal care,rug price increases are gh gotiated. drugs save the system money. we have drug once day antibiotic. once and don used to been days in the hospital. now you are talking oua couple thousand dollars. we do thgs that save the stem money, proves lives and ultely many ugs now cure pe. going after the 10% that does so much good for society isle really just rhetoric. it's a great whippinpost. that's the case because everybody the indusy cos to work ying to do good r people.
3:40 am
frame, teva has cse but it seemed yaid out pretty cleadescriptn ofth easury might want with the rus and how ty haven't suggted this thirdourse by now,ou have got be in good shape. >> we think were. we constructed this deal in a highly legal way. consulting the wld's best advisers ohow to do . we flowed the law. rit? >> right. >> the tasury issued two noces. we followed those. they are promull gating thos weelieve thiis america. once you follothlaw yo shld have certainty. fothem to come in and trto change this in the n inning ems unfair. thataid, ts de will through. >>ll right. terric. it was a great qrter. i think the pfizer merger is terric this qrter ane would have propelled the stock substantially. brt saunrs of lergan. it is e most transparent of the drugompanies. everythi we lked about is in
3:41 am
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,,,,, i > it is time. is time for the ligning round. you say you say the na of e stk. i don't know thealls othe namef the stk ahead of time. i tell you whether to buy or sell when you hear this sou -- [ buer ] -- then the lightning round is over. are you ready, skedaddy? me for the lightning round on cramer's "mad money." stting with danny new york. danny. >> caller: fst time long tim >> goo he you. >> caller: my kids watch the show every day a always k me to call in. alexa has the sameirthday as you. d we want to ask about eli li. >> the answer is if u follow my critae ust which you n do by taking the bull for action owners you know it is st a pla outuy. i think s very cheap responsible company. conceivable at it may have good alzheimer'sle news latein the year. gregn maryland. greg. >> caller: hey, jim. this igreg from maryland.
3:44 am
>> thank y! >> caller: i pulled the trigge to buy spectrargy today. >> it elds 5%. in the e it is going tbe fossil fl relateand when oil go back down it will be hammered even it shouldn't. dan in illinoi dan. >> caller: hi, jim. eny the ow. >> thank you very much. >> calle we alknow you are fan of bristol-myers -- >> bristol-mrs! >> caller: for a long te buy d hold would you give a nod to abbvie. >> iis being rmended and i thought it was cpelling. i was sktical but it did seem cheap. 're gointo ron in texas. ron. >> caller: hi, jim. thanks for taking my call. >> of course >> caller: with boei's announcement of fewer deveri ofhe freight configud 747
3:45 am
the re earnings call seemi to guidehe fer deliveries of the dream line >> boeing had an accountg issue. i like boeing. i saw mr. mcnern they changed the ceo already, the chairman. jim is gone. sthis afternoon. i will tell you i caotet behind bin they have the accounting irregularity. 's been a mistake when i have done it. asuch as like boeing i can't get behind it. i caget hind united technology and i want you to own honeywell. dougn north carolina, doug. >>aller: boo-yah. hey, crar. ere we with cmg? >> it went down to the low 400s and weaid it's done. we tnk people won't thinki about e. li six months from w. you have to know stos anticipate declines d they end.
3:46 am
i'd ve them toome on the show. denn in diana. dennis >> cler: hey, jim. i was cus aboupot. >> stay curiouanstay away. don't like the farmers inme balance statts and they are coming dow i think they should take advantage of thetrengtand se. one more. peten arizona. pete. >> caller: hello, boo-yah. >> boo-yah. caller: lg time listener. my stock is r. >> it's too cheap. time to buthstk here. it's a good e. at, ladies and gentlemen, is e conclusion of the ghtning round. >> announcerthe lightnin round isponsor by td eritrade.tly. only fse is approved t relieve both itchy, watery eyes and congtion. nother nasal aller spray can y that. wh we breathe aerns our bodi rct b
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ishe hereomething magic about the $30 plus o number that makesveso excited about the stks is that some sort of equilibrium number that gives you a green lighto buy?willay thi thslg ofheity the decline inil creates a posive backdrop for soan industries. this level it allows for oil companies to stay inusiness while they ratchet back expenses. know it's become aool's e rran keep defending lower energy prices given e indebted compans atouldold if crude keeps going lower. we alshave many banks t lo out for big loa. that could go bad if oil goes below tse level the combination of bkruptcies
3:50 am
and banks having tadd to t loan losreserves at thsame time the fed keeps rates low is pretty much a nightmare scen of the futur of e financials. i have ttell youth is what i'm concerneout that could cause e market to roll back ov -- thnancials. they are notgood footing. right here though at 33, a little bit of a sweespot. you ha gasoline trading up $1.77 tily cong down across the board. at's the tax cut. you have theompa's recognizing that natural g isn't going up so theyan afford to build factories in this country rather than elsewhere. th's the eloyment gain. r natul gas cheapest in torld save guitar. yes. lower energy pricenefit the coumers the consumer bit is unknown tthose o travel on wall reet. the averagincome is $52,000. tell me save ing won't matter to that person.
3:51 am
soline stas at 1.77. combine it with heating s. you get 1400 break. that's mningful. en with res going up mo important is the willingness of the individuals to move aw from urn centers. if we get 1.2 millnle w homes builis year that's what the forect is. thapproximate re dand given usehold formation an the disproportionate increase in the price ren the building wilhave tocr aw frociti. thlandsh that'rey for building isn't as close to the urban ntings and the suburbanocations have been prohibited because of the higher price of gasoline. now thatub $2 gasoline has nd it's becoming the norm, we are beginning to hear fm trav, lee re a retail compthat is the nsumer does have a little bit more to spend. i thk there was a lag as we ve sn gasoline go down. kind of episodically.
3:52 am
the earession. went right back up. the lower longer thesis does lower gasinprices ustwory. opf that, you have the othesi of the ledger, the energy produrs. if oillummets as it did in 1986 we'll see hits to energ companies. th areoncentrated in roughly nitas but the economic activi won't make up forhes lossf jobs or bad jobs. hower, a slow measur decli or just leveling off oil will allow ronger oil companies to cherry pick good properties from those desperate for ch while rapped companies c costs and avoid nkruptcy. the best oall possible worlds might be oil in thlow 30s or thprice of gas under $2 while ving oil companies a chance to cah eir breath and sy in buness. there is oy one fl in this all positive logic.the oil companiehoping f higher prices won't gethem .
3:53 am
there will be winners, aandful of companies that can buy properes with a turn on vestment. the scenario doesn't make the oil companies investable it does make everyone else a little bit betr off. one mo point if oil goes backm to 25, it wiltake this wholmarket down with it. stick with my lower back but now, i sp on this machind numbe whh matches dchols st f orthotic inrts. i get immediate relief fry footai my lowererack pain find a machi at
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3:55 am
rease ext fshss all damotisee. ptectiotopyomoving et y firs first things first, fitbit, good quarter, terrible guidance. stock's goinwn. the story hatoo many holes in it. i think thprodt is gd. looks like the sto i't rking. got o cheap. that's what's going on with the united technologies and honeywell tie-up. all the induris too cheap. i like to say ere is ways a bulrketewhere. promise to find it for you on "mad money."
3:56 am
3:57 am
i will see you tomorrow. it's tuesday, fruy 23rd, coming up on "early today. 's las vegasor donald p as he tried t pat his lead over sniping marcoubio and ted cruz. the kamoo kilr faces a dge ashey pie togethe a shti sprhat left six
3:58 am
the wife of bill cosby testifies for hours in a sexual assault se broht against her husbd. plus sports caster aaron $75li trial set to n. a whosearing ste. >>d inedible imes o divers swimming with the mu au. "early today" starts rightno i'm dara brown. nevada voter 30 bl lete gae racas become athreway race. race. dz came uerir after garco rubio dismissing the bible aruz staffer was reading.
3:59 am
i wos, it's flatut in >> and rick snir said the video wasinaccura. uzddressed the situation monday afternoon >> i'v spend ts mni investating what ppened. and thisng i askedor rick tyler ck tyler signatio eporr: ping tyler a goodspokes a c for uz'sampan t quote do the right thingnd stop telling lies anon thinge's remained relatily silent os ump. and tweet abouthe controversy, lling me tricks st w g to tracis shgton. od morn >> reporr: gd m everne , wew dd um not on to beilentn anything and weearned thator lat last night. he had a rly in nevada talking out the cruz ads and
4:00 am
dishonest. listen. listen. >> t cruad, it's n a subject i know athin about. but this guy is sick. there's somethg g with him. >> reporter: so,et's tal t day. eva,heepubcan ca uses thlastlhow dald trump with a 16-point lead over cruz. and marco rubio hopg toe himark here. a lot of analysts arewoering rump takes tsne is is h ing to be unstaublle d d stgly, kic is gettingeat fromrosts a mefis events in nevada te sning offnlann parehood and defundinit bac ho inhi coulbeeres ra. those caus happeningater


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