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tv   News 5 at Noon  NBC  February 23, 2016 12:00pm-12:30pm MST

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suhine and warmer temperaturre ci warmer weather will last intobu another system moves our way on sunday. ay and il ing our next chance for snow in south colorado, as we as our next tempure dr. toss to anchors so the big ques for you as you head out r your lch and afternoon is it looking on the ros? ormtracker meteologist jalk is live i so the big qution for you as you head out foyour l aftern ist looking on the roads? stmtracker 13 meorologist jay polk is live in woodland pk and letss know how in are there. jay good afternooby. it's nowheres owasitarlier this morning when we were in ysla. at that point wen around five inches of eaier onhis
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and the roads at that point were covered wi me s thsnow wasn't allhat avbuit wasmake le sdown a. we've d ews l over sout colo this morninand e e thing that really surpris the peop that we tald to wahow quy gs chang but, they it's li icorado. 0:06 "i grew u rei'm just used to it asof the evay experienc bum sure the a a t of peoe that dot apecia it at all." we also talked
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ad to wolandark gh sl day... memb that e schools hereere on two hour dey...anthey alold us thatherive in w very slpery a at they were ready for spring. back live no yocan sethat ere is good news for people who want to e some better ather...he snow has eed re in coty. porting ve in woodlandk, polk krdo newschanne. another area t by snow thmorninwas nt. thin layer of snow covered parkints the roads in to were slick, but i-25 w mainust wet. ot crews wereut and aboung the ro affic moved alonsmooth fothe most part, but there re aoupl sle-offs a ma suspected of a ba robbery in fremont county has been arrested. thomas spuehler is beg held at the county jail ono bond. police say he walked into the wells fargo bank in the 3000
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main street in canon ci yesterday. allegedly asked the teller for money, the ran away. uehler was ught shortly afr. so newt noonwe know the na of the man that died after a crash with a fed-ex truck last night in colorado springs. police identified him as -year-d kiannaash. theyay a delivery tru collidith an amc concord nearr pa boulevard and fetterman iv nash ler dd at the hospital. thfed-ex driv was cited for a stop sign violation and careless driving resulting in death. a mais under arrest andis brotheis recovering after an accidental shooting in colorado spring it happened last night in the 54 huned bck north nad poce s t otrs had been cleing a gun when it went off and hit a man in the arm. 's being treated fo non-life threatening injues. policeayis brothe who fid the n, i ci charges sond degreesslt. vel eat danes at
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eaerel paso unty have been put down. e erf's officeays the dogs attacked the children sarday night ile eir mother wen chk on imal it hapned in rushabout an hourast of lorado springs. we've also learned... r of the dogs. michae ingersols a gisteredoffender. hecharged wiwf ownership of a dangerous dog, which is a misdemeanor. lorado springs city counciember was your input on marij clubs in the city. councilman don knight and veral perts will hold a public meeting tonit ab proposed ordinances thin city limits. it begins at s this eveng... at city hall. thcannabis coulbe mingpueblo unty. our paners at the chiefin port, toy d anmae gie nt out spacoff highy-.. e .. to th grp annabis cup coloradothcounty ysertsor the april evt have not been proved. previously the p s hoed can re mo in day's issu the chieftain.
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hoital says it notified the d-e- a,hree yrs o, about a faulty surgical tean who ledly itched syringes at a denver-area spal. the denver post reports rocky allewas still able to find jobs with three hospitals in izonanre50ndpatients way have come in contact with him were ofreelo tests. allen faces one count of taerth er product. wee arning more details about the man who's accud hooting six raictims in kalamao, mian. thorits jason on haadmittedo the shoongs. he befly appear in couryestday and was charged with s counts murder. officials sa hiadmiion s e stery ofis motive behind the llings. theyay a reason behind the shootings may nevefully benown. presid obama has called for the clure of guantanamo bay. new at noon... the plan comes seven years after obama ma an ov offiow to peen shutr the prison. prevng a new gument
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administration hopes will help s efforts to ose the prison. obama spoke to the cost of keincili in ban with less0 prison remaininthere. antanamo harms our partnersps with allies in other countries, whose cooperation we ed ast terrorism. whe i talko othe wod leads they bring up e fact tguantanamo is t resoed. moreover keeping this facility open is contrary to our lues i underminesur standing in the eh world. it is ed as a stn on our broader reco of uplding the highest stdards of rul of law. the plan involves ansferring the bulk of reg detainees to other countries and moving the rest -- who can't be transferred abroad because theye deem too das -- to an as-yet- undetermined detention facility in the unitedtates. itas a ocking scovery for residentof ree local communits. chemals were found in sales ofheir drinking water. we'rfindg ou why their
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wen't alerte oner. it sm ke ordinar esday. find t why you're encouraged to give pause for a seris subjt. and beachfront propty may seem attractive...until the a turns angry.ow this homeowner may have to wave goodbye to her
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toing your economy tracker... ad-lib cre stocks off the big board microsoft noter bill gates sa he is siding against apple's c-e-o tom coe on his coanies refusal to help thf-b-i. gates says the matter is t about the abe privacy ..ather only finding informatio heays the request from the f-b-i is no erent than poli getng records from a phonany. no one is asking
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instance where the govement asking for informatio a national poll releed today shs st americs agree with the f-i's request for information at 5 percent. only 38 percent de with app. an update to story fst brought you tw weeks ago... the company swanluv has apparely chged s funding planor engaged couples. the y orinallyaiit wod veree n-ound ll lns to lpoues planngwein leers re supped to start choosing couples and handing out ose loans on valeines day... but - undeott avsteds message t faceage saying t ul'tnd hatong the fuing platform. now, iadof loans, s can se up a crowding plrm - whly and friends n online to heay for the wedding.
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georced --ey have to pay cherson back who donated. your picture might not worth a thousand rds..but it pay for your shipping and handli. masterrd is launching new technology so you cause selfies to provonline puhases. 's introduced e mastercard identity check app. thcompany says selfiesnd fingerprint scans are safer anyp pawords. mastercard says this coul beheuture of precng online shoers from fraud. it's natnal spay day and veterinaans are asking you too your par to keep ur pet healthy. spaying or neutering your pecan prevcertn forms of cance om occuring. one vet says that spaying leadto controllable amount of animals with communitieand can help alleviate stresses shelte feel financially and mentally.... while saving pet les. the ress on veteririan and shelter woers whhave to euthanize these animals very h it is not futo have to enize a
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everyear an estimated 2 point 4 milln animals, are put down in anim in the u. beus a lackresource she enages pet ow to sp r pe employer nt healthier employees... and as a result, workace wellness prog are booming. a new sty shows more than 80% b companiear now offering some form of fincial incentive to get workers to participate. in t study groups competed for multiples of cash prizes...the grouthat was threatened with long money excercised more. one physian sayst's becae we like the immediat gratificof getting the y upfront. we'rlearning new inrmation about thub driver ected of killing six peop in michigan, including where he was earlier th d. and was a ru awaning for residents in south-central texas.e'll have re on the powerf storms that moved through. we're expecting
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conditns this afternn! your forecast is coming up
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ather is helping firefighters in southern corado fight a fire that'been burning r three days it srtedear fort carson duri training exerci and is now 80 percent contained. crews held the fire to 12- hured res. the untain post is monitoring the blaze until it's out. here's a liv look at... thisfternoon:
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everyo woke up to snow, some areas are dealing with slick and slushy conditior teller c e palmer di walsenburg and inidad...tre was ght to moderate snow this morning lowered visibility and snow accumulaon showers will beier throughouthe afrnbefore coming to an end altogether later. teeratures will stay chilly, wiighs only warming into the
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reup to mp this wi make it feel colder than it actual is -- making wind chill a factor! bundle up! extended: what falls with our storm thugh today should mostly lt on weesday as plty of suhine and warm temperatures are cipated. warmer wther willinto saturday, but anotr syem moves our wa on sunday. suay and monday will bring r next chance for sno in southern lorado, well as our next temperature drop. d/1dana in national weather... soh tes is seeing a lot of ha, heavy rain d strong thunderstorms moved through the ste overnight....many counties were under a severe storm warning. focasters say the wot of the storm shouove on this afternoon, but high winds could still be a problem. powerful wavealso took out a beacme in hawaii. residents say the ocean smas a protective barron the noh ore. when neighbors saw the damagethcodo, as well as our next temperure drop
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in national weather... south texas is seeing lot of hail, heavy rain and wis. strong thunderstorms mod through the state counties were under a severe storm warning. forecasters say the worst of the storm shou move this afton, but high winds cod still prlem. werful waves alsoook out a beach home in hawaii. sidents say thocean smashed into a prective barron the north shore. when neighbors saw the damage, they knew it was only tter of time forehe use uld fall. was erosion, the rerbthe wa was rusting away.. it was ju a tion of when it was goa llapse
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homeowner was t fore the llapse thorits say they also had to cse down a 12 mile stretch of the highway in nolulu because giant waves were smashing onto ads. a colorado city igeg arnd a lot easier... now that his stolen wheelchair has been found. we'll tell you where it turn up. and wo is underway now protect parts of pueblo during the upcoming
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look at... three communities in el paso couy y they were shocked wh the discover what was in theidrinking water. at least sev wes we shut downueo th prence otwo things you wouldn't normally expect in the water ... chemicals ed to make teflon d otch guard... krdo newsannel 13's emy allen is looking into how non-stick chemicals- is creating a very stcky situatn. taway the fancy machines... nats and the gourmet ppin..
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the key to a good drink pony espresso. nats -- turning onater is good ter. - 000145put in a filter on our nk so if we do have to ad war, we have a spiket for our filtered water connie fahey gets her water from untain... now one of three districts including curi and widefiel- affected by two chemic found infl and otchguar 1 - 0026 i had no idea unl head something on the news. and ese wate distcts say they found out same way fahey... 154935 we fod out about this rough the press typically... the e-p-a tells e colorado department of public alth and environment about contaminate s...nd c-d- p-h-relays the messag on to local districts. buese emicals aren't reguted by the e-p. most of us ow tlon issed to at pans and utensils... it's also us on the inside of popcorn . and the other chemical is used in scotchguar d is a fabc prector. the p-a researching whether thes should b regulad soow did these emalin
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take a look at all the squiggly lines thr esce intein thport t ri in mill of line ta. 154858 it's r therehe interi n't th anyone reaze iwatheir responsibility to lookt that. when you say they? what do you me? well 's t epae ste th partmentnd us district manager roy heald wies security kn sooner. 4950t's not the best position to be in. seen echoedy curtis mitchell... he's in charge of fountain's water. 14330 it's aau of concer both say it's unfounate itook the o chicals... out problems in communicat on. 155201 we have already lened a lot. i think the state health department and the epa e lear that we cautilitize tter mmunicatn inhe f 143503 there are always opportunies to improve communication nats the war districts say drinng the war is ill safe.. chemal ve a low, but still present. still... the problem needs to be fixed. the e-p-a ha't instructed
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but mitchell sayshat will come. 143230s is part of the a's utine process. theyre analing data. i would sathey arearly on in the process and at this int they han't brought it to our attention directly. nats -- back at ny espresso. fahey thks lack o 000320 odd, seven wells fier these running... just in case. in fountain, ea krdnc13 contaminated blended wither from the suace... just in case. in fountn, ea k13 nce the discovery... the coaminat been bnded withater from the surface... causinthe to go y down. afternoon... a winter outing with he gic.
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iher ue and camera caught a teying sight a construction fire in stralia. here's a live
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joininus. m jon rroll. and i'm dana clemens. welcome back! sn has been falling all morning in ounty. this is video from wdland park. one spotter reported more than five inches of sw acculation i thcity above thclou! the wier weather slowed the morning commute... and even dumpedp to 10 inches in some parts of teller county.
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-lib tosto abby this afternoon: ilno everyone woke up to snow so areas are deing th slick and slushy conditions. fo teller county, the palmer vide, walsenbund tridad...there was ght to rate snow this morning with lowered visibility and snow acculation showers will become spottie throughout the afternoon before coming to an d altogether lar. temperatures wi stay chilly, th highs only rmg intohe 20s and 30s. wind gusts cld reach up to 35mph, this willmake it feel coer than it actually is -- making wind chl a factorbund up! extended: what falls wh oustorm through today should mtly melt on dnday as plenty of sunshine and warmer temperatures are anticipated. warmer weather ll last into saturday, but another system moves our way on sunday. sunday and nday will bring our xt chanceor snow in southern colorado, as well as ounext temperature op.


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