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tv   News 5 at 10PM  NBC  February 23, 2016 10:00pm-10:34pm MST

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ated etintonit in colorado springs, all over controversial cannis clubs. suorters cked cy hall tryi to convince city council to keep the cluben. kr newschannel 13's emily len is ve tonht at city hall. emily... plenty ofpions council be nit. council member don knig hosted this event... he says even tehearing the testimony... hel stl vote cls. but the grou th mared he elier. and the crowd si... hope council change itind. nats -- lking marchers are moving forward.... ts -- lking and they
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walking keeps up. nats -lking 4008 we organized it to show t cit we're seriou abt this and we aren't going to take their bullying or their discrimination anymore. amber racek owns studio4, a cannabis ub that operes a gray area. members pay a fee ... and recee pot. cek says it gives people aace to smoke legall.. and safely. 024113we are good peoe.e are dog the right thing.nd help a lot of people here. i think the city nes to respe that but not everyone thks keeping cls open is atep... na -- walking he right direction. 031622 recoize that it's constutional right from colorado but i lso ng that the seems to be a ground ell of people rising saying hey, maybe we ma aistakehere. t at ts town hall, paul seeling' point of view wasn't well recieved. 031348 is a pullrom the under cuenof our ciety... i'm nosaying that about these people here... 031412 pnt of order! please sit down a l him contue council votes in two weeks if clubs will stay open. su: if clubs are banned, existing clubwi be andfathered in. th will be
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five and 10 year before they to musthut down. nats..walking untia decision i de. this group will keep poding the pavement. hoping to drum up more support for nnabis cls. city council will vote in t weeks... on march 8. in cs, ea krdo nc13. 's expected to be a big nit for reblican presidential frontrunner it's expecte be a big gh for republic for republican presidential frontrunner nald trump tonight. he'seen leading big in the polls and the results of the nevada ccuses are startio . inour ci6 cnn is projecting trump the er even though pol are open for another hour. here's a live look from trum rallin las
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getting 42 perc you can find the complete sults on our websitdo dot com. and tomorrow onoomorning colorado starng at 4:30. one week from colora's ucuses... d mocrats for rnie sanders are stumping for him tonight. nenigh more than one- hured ca out for a ca eting codo spngs. the sanders campai says it's kno on re than ve- ousand doors in the springs. one sanders n says despite the rdog status, he's eling confiden ic: w do he put gether theiverse alition in t democratic party to win demoatic nomination? 0 people who showed up tonight who are caucus captains and that's just colorado springs. together, we'll all pull this off, we have . nders and his rival hillary clinton met for wnin utcali thf the next primary. bothaid th agedit president obama' t
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somef the prisercould end up in southern colorado.. in fremont county. it's already homeo some o the most dangerous criminals.. krdo newschannel 13 greg miller explains why people ling near supermax are a bit uneasy tonight. on the outskir of can city, on hiway 50, lies colorado state penetentiary two - a possible me to anna b proners presidenobama gets his way. obama: keeping this facility open, is contry to our values. it's viewed as a sin on ourroader record. e pros n'a rprise the people here. prisons are not new to non city, don't think weould feel unsafe. but at the same time ... there's a lot of bad pele that are gonna come there, weon't neednyread people in fremont county. it's a sentiment shared by the sheriff ... who is not only worrieabou detaee ving to canon city but to th supermax i florence. theve broths in as y cotyitakese unea i'm respfor publicafety. stanp: the president's i't just getting attention from theeoe, but politicans who are willg to splitarty lines. demti natomiael beet, agrees it shlde shut wn butan corado off thtable saying in a statement - i've vot to ose the prison, but i beev militaetaies should be ld in military prisons. and republican setor corey gardner ys thtranerwon't happ. ganer sot: we' t intlaw that the esidenesn't have the abity transfer, so again if the president llows th lahe cannot do this and knows cannot do this." gunkel s: think we would rather be known as a tourist town and a happy place visit as opposed to a prison town. in canon city, greg miller,
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newschannel 13. e republan-led congressas promisedo blk the plan. presiden th reican-led
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present obamis considering executive action to clo the facility, if congress doesn't change s position. looking ahead, the suspect the planne parentod shooting is expected in court tomorrow. this will be the fit cour pearance for robert dear sinc undergoing a ment hlth evaluation at the ate hospital in pueb. do you know who this lawyer is? he'she lawyer for the batman shooter that drged him upth's to m a jue is expected to le if dear is stantrial. de said last would not a mental exa of soting and killing three pele at the colorado springs planned rentho u-c-s li figat stewart and jennifer marksky di last year. who cut an unbo baby om a motr's womb inow waiting to hea her sentence. a ry
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attempted muer. lane led mielle wilkins to h longmont home with a crailist ad for baby and maternity clothes last year, then attacked her. wilkins spoke after the verdict came down t. "i mayev get any real answers fromer. i may ner get an exanion from her and i've come tdiscer at i reay don't wantnythg from h. at i doant to express isy frtration d angeat t callousness of her actions" lane will be seenced april. she faces 16 to 120 years in prison. ll-kno prstnd pro life activist in southern corado h di father bill carmody ssed away today , after a long battle with cancer. he was the pastor of saint domic catholic urch in curity.... he was most well known for his pro-life work. he led the "respect life"
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area, and often spoke up f his beliefs at t capitol. there will be vigil service for him march fourth at ven. and mass... rch fifth at ten a-m. both will take place at saint dominics. new tonight, sanews fro e cheyenne mota zoonyre unring the loss tonight of angie, a 21-year- d african lion. the zoo says veterinarians made the tough decision to euthize her today. she was the seco-oldest can lion at any associations of zoos and aquarium institution. the zoo says ane surpasse her life expectancy fourrs. state officis got a tour today of a new ram in pueblo that helped several human trficking victims el pueblo eatment center says nce september, 12 girls have been to s w ades eatmt center thgoal is create e and a fe envi the thregis at el pu rht w.. who are beg rehabilitate after being
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new information ght on the poily of the cannabis cup coming to pueblo. as we told you la night, a permit has been filed with pueblo county to hold e event in apri the county attorney says the permit has be "initially" approved, pending some final details. we talked with neighbors who say, the wouldn't mind the crowd, as long as there's no trouble. "probably traffic and noise and you know maybe if theres a ant cloud of pot sme everywhere, it might bother people, but otr than that," could be held in the same ple as "bands in the backyard".. on the mesa.. southeast of the city. a final desion is expected.. about a moh out from the event. we're getting sevetips from you about potholesn colorado spri today a view told us about one on woodmen roade ci's north si. jesikaenr says it blew a tire, broke a tire rod damaged thbuer on her car. another viewer told us she injured hersipping
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near cheyenn tain high lt pothole l hasn't been . "there are people out there working. i'm sure therere but i don't see them around here. is one nothing's been done on it since sept. 30, we know that." she also says her car needa thousand dollars repair work after hitting otr potholes recently. thty has as many arews dedicated to potholes. t snowy weathe mornin inteupted some of that work. and you can reportothole see through our pothol trol pe
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it going to be a chil nit lows dropp the t and ngle digits for most. tomoow wilbe noticeably waer, wi highs geg in the s and 50s. it iexpected t stay dry in southern colorado ugh the end
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spngs foreca s a chce for shers beginning to pop back up on moay and tuesday. your pueb 7day forecast shows a temperatures getting back io e 60s fray through sunday. your canon city 7day forecast shows a mix of 50s and s through the next week. your teller cnty 7day forecast s chance r rains/ beginning on moay. thanks rachael.
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a mom's new workout.... goes viral. rachael. coming up... a mom's ne
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viral. sueme court juste annin scalia. the high court's doctor
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obesy, dbetes and heart disease. tes rict attoey referenced the doct's lter, to explainhy an aut wasn't nded. e leer alsotates. there was thin suou scal's death. new surveillance images out tonight... of the accused ub gunman jas dalton ... hours before the rampage in kalazoo michigan. the images show dalton inside a gun shopwhere th store owner says dalton boht a tactal jact li this. lesshan three hos later the first shooti happened. the uber driver been appoted a puic defender. the batt between curity a privacy heats up tonight.. in t case of the f-b-i versus ale microsof founder bill gas is now weigng in.. about whether apple should unlock the san bernardino shooter's i- phe. ple supprs lld oue e f-b-i anat plstes across the untrtonight. in an inrview with the financial times,
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what apple shld do. seed t ardsthe f-i. gate ob talking about back door, so that's not the right question. thiss a specif he vernme's king for accesso foion.tht aski some neral th theyasking for a particular case." apple is expected to file a reonse to the judge' order by friday. love drinking wine but hate working out? we may he found a way to va you ... a california health coach secret .. the wine workout. the mother with limited t d toddler says she s geing ready to workout one da and thought it would be funn incoorate wi into her video.
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training.. major leue basebal put the ckies shortstop on paid administrative leavfor spring traini until they complete their investigation into the reyes' domestic vience cas this is t disciplineor his domesticvience cas reyealleely assaulted his wife back on halloween and the case wilgo to trail on april 4th, tame day the rockies opening the seon.rey could be spended under major leue baball's n domestic olence policy. the whole thing soup to nuts the entire thing is he under ts pocy that's what i'm yi that's y any communication or contact to th point has been limited becaus were bolding to this policy which now is all encompassing." marcus cousins of the
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kings went all my cousin vinny on the nugge tonit...the ut was pretty od.. former nuggets coach george karl bacin nver tonight.. 1. in a tighgame... the man they cal boogey...cousins...the big flush for the 25 year old.. cousins finished with 39 points as the kings chk mate the nuggets 114-110 girls high hool playoff skball... rock canyon and paer .. 1. abi torres was feeling it early this est.torres the runner smooches it off e glass.. 2. moments first n pots for the terrors.. 3. tashika shknks down a "3" then its bailey smith the scoop shot th goes in.. palmer aans with a 41-26 win.hey wi play lood on friday... adorable little lancer fan...
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prairie view. 1. pi it up in e d quarter. phycia bacon neit up and fries a tfecta.. 2. en gabby enl this is a eata to the sket..nice finish with the left hand... 3. harmony pettis the baby "j".. 4. then more sweet music for pettis soft mper.. liberty is moving as they win 56-34.. theyill play poudre next.. ib wrap th josh capturing colorado iup next. tomorrn gmc ...the man acseof killing three op in the planned parenthood shootingis due in court, we'll have a preview. ll have your
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we saw this picture posted on the old colodo city facebook page today. e man who posted it sa it was taken back in 189 it's tonig's capturing colorado. post your pictures to ou facebook and twitter pages. we are krdo newschannel 13. you can email them to capturing corado at
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>> dicky: om hollywo, it's my kimmel live"! tonight -- len pompeo, from "the walking dead", norman rdus, d c from yo gotti feurg is barke
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and now, here's jimmy kimmel! [ cheers and applae >> jimmyks f joining us. i'm glad i'm re. thisay snd atl o but i'm staing to thin my house is trying to get rid of me i mtionast nht on shn,ony night i accidental a a handful of sea sickedicatioecause i thout ty were bath mis. i haveo idea where they cam fr st night about 2:0 in th morning.
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chirng und. my wif who wes up sound. ery time i let out e hf a snore, she wakes up. she's sound asleep i assume i'mdrming. then hea it again. and wtnd ir nothing. lay head backwn. thenin i hear it. this happensga and again oncevery five minutes. really, i don't know how much. it could have be 20 mutes, it'sosble i was thereor da. don't know. i was half asleep. finally i ge up to investigate. first i go into the bathroom to waitor t und. and i just stag tre iting. an ocour, i d't heanythi . just'mut to back to b it chirgaut not as ud. so i know it is not ithe bathroom. now i move to e be ind there waitini wa. doar hi. i'm-okay, justhen i relax, iear it again. no i kw iis froside the droom. sow i repeat ts ive


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