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tv   News 5 at 6PM  NBC  February 24, 2016 6:00pm-7:00pm MST

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tomorro wia ttlecool than it was dawi highs warming inhe 40s for most. it wil contue heating up into turday, how you how warm it getsnd whennow rerncoming l in the
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it's bilas the biggt 4-20 party on the planet..and orgars of the cannabis cup set on pueblo county. but the ge fluxf people tohe area is dring a mixed krdo newschannel 13's tispence strugg fety. pele 20 ... if a permit for the nnabis approv by e coty. it wou mean 35- people in the area... and a "pple will spend an avagof, you know, $120 to as his $160, 65 a day." the large amount of coming to pueblo is a goodhing ... sly hoff. you get people from out of your basic ecomic ar that ar and spend it here, that's a nerator" :38 "despite the
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could bring to e city, the sheriff says his main concern is safety." :44 "i look atwhetheorot i can keep thi community safe dung a festival like ts when don't have cooperatn from the peit he is also concerned about the precedent set at pas cannabisup events. "twas no effort by the promer of that event up in ads county, or the onsit security to address any of these nc." but slyhoff says the marijuana industry is already oming in the county.... "everybody goes onith thr siss."nd this eve co result in big yoff. pueblo tie spce krdo newschan l 13. even organizers ven' suted a full applation to e county. adams county denied the event last wee right now.. a community meeting is underway about the broar's proped ld sw wite citycolorado springs. here's a live look at the meeting at gold camp elementary. it rununtil 8 toght. the broadmoo
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proper known as strawberr fields.. that' currently owned byhe city and some homeowners in ehange.. the city would get 370 acre for access to trls and the niu incline. dozens of hoowners have spoken out against the plan many are coerned that ift goes through... the broadmoor will restrict public access to recreation eas. a day after winning nevada by nearly 20 poin..dona ump has scored hisirst congressional endorsemts. one key to trump's victy last night... his apparent suess wi g- o-p hispan te. krdo newschannel 13 polica reporter eric finks talking trump with hispanics in southe corado ... in your decisi 201 coverage tonight. they're brging, ime,here bringi drugs, they're rapists and some i asme are goodeople. ev with this controversi
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that came ony one hi campaign... for months, he said it uld happ...and last night...donal d trump crushed his etition among hispanic vote in . you knt i'm reallyappy about, 4 percent with the hispanics, number one with hispanics natsf eers... al loma, a cruz orter sa if hi man didn't win the nomination, he'd back trp. he's brking the establhment, he may not ber any better, but he different. t acro tow one native coradan wrote this op-ed the weeks ter trump nounced his presidentialid sang that his rhetic w harmful not only to illegals,ut latinos al acrosshe country. even though i'm an iraq war veti am native corado springs, i'm re american thany americans, i'm labeled by many in the community as an illegal immigrt. that's what dond ump is doing, he's lumping us all into a class. martinez saysis young
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fearful of atrump presen my six yr old anmy nin ye oldust said they don't want donald tmp to n because ey don't want to have to leave eir family, and their nds and leave colorado. but loma wantto leave old politics and poltii. the current government system is a mess so why would i want to reat tt again?l me on, mccain ol me ice, romneyin colorado springs, eric fink, k-r-d-o newschne l 13. super tuesy is six dayaway. you must be a registered republican or democrat t caucus here in colora. we've put a link to caucus lotis on our webse. krdo- dot-com unde the hot button. mani springs is stranger to devastatin floods. up next... h the city is trying
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mau springs is no stranger to devastating floods after the waldo cany fire in 2012. new tonight at six, stormtck 13's jay polk tells us what the city is doing to prent future fods ... and how one busine is recovering. amanda shts is hardt work. 03:06 think we've heevery sq ih here with eitherint or doing the cegs and geg all the dust off." en though she's a glass blower by trade, cotructio n seem take up a lot of her time... thanks to what happened here nearly threyear ago. 00:42 "we had wate six inch over thtop of theli in e basement." the inastructu in mit springs wasn't but to thstand the ru owater from the burn scarfotain creek filled with mud and debris and pour into homes and busisses. :29 "tt's always a cotant struggle sie 13o nowe havele it...e eek'loing al od t flo reve team has veral ec underwayinudg brge matee, cleang ts construcon wliams ny. 038 e ha williamcanyon phase three mi up wch is going to be around 2017." co-opartners like shotts at commonwheel remain closed. 00:0but now atnks to lots of mitigation rk, the co-op is geting ready to re- ." 01:42 "i think ey did aderf job in williams canyon." af it
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sandbags won't be need again. in manitou spris, jay pol krdo wschannel 13. commwheel wi have a soft opening on march 5th. in the meantime, the ci has recieved a grant to help prate laowners with tigation.
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new tonight do newschannel 13 at 10 clock. thvery latest on th deveping story in par county. a deputy shot and killed, two other inju we continue to learmore about the
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it's shoed a it wl be chilly tonigh with lows in the teens and enties. tomorrow wilbe a uch cooler, thnl expected tget into the 40s. it will sy dry acrosshe state, wi fewe
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experienced wednesday. your colorado springs 7day forecast sws temperatures rminup through satuay, then oling into the 40s tuesday. urbl ay fecast ow temperatures
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staydry thugh nd. yo canonity fect show temperatures gettto the 60s on surday, ay and mond. your teller county 7day forast shows temperaturn th40s an50 thugthe week, wi a chanorshowers nday tuesday. comi up spts ... broncos are patiently waiting hr fr peyton
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thbrcoare playing th waiting game their iting to see if manning will py another year or e wi retire. ile the brcos wait they also an answer soon. manning will have to take a physical b march 4th and his ract becomes guaranteed on march ninth, if manning is still on t roster. the 5-a boys basketball tournament tip off tonight in southern colorado.. the liberty lancers will host
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joins us now live with lance head coach in chambers ...behe ach ivan ambersning me now ... 1.) wh makes this year'sroup so special? whas your favorite pa of coaching thiseam? ) one gameample in ayoffs - does tt ma advaing easier3. y to game
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anks coa ... reporting live rothschild, krdo sports ... the c-c hockey teamook a week to reflect on the bate on blake ev though the me didn'go the way they players say it was an experience of a hunter fejes id housins thanks to a few "i heard they were a pretty big hit with the cc students. they nstantly throughout the me, and they tried to chae the field a couple times. they re give me a high 5
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staryour day with goo morng colora... we'll update progress on the i-2 cirron inrchang t. i'll havyour mpfost startin
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me nortos ptur co.. thanks to brn for seinhis shotf e e aiforc remember... we want to see your capturing just email them our newsroom... share them on the krdo
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>> tonht, celine deon's performance breakw all by melf she wasn't sur she was going on stage without e renee. >> her tearful return to the stage. celine reals she still talks toerate huand. s ll ting me foc, and start singing. >> en trump's fist on onone intervew sinceth donald began his presidential run. they're surprising lovstory,
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wihmy lan ya what she said about the whi house bitions years ago. >> plus pregnanc coroversy. why she chose toave a bby girl. also tonit, fact checking th le verso.j. wth nicole own's close frie faye resnik. >> usetock th bues althe ti >> and -- >> i hate cranbeyies. >> why ishaving a meltdown? >> be careful. very careful. no 16, this is eertament tonight. innd beaking down courtod fatri one sta anr $75 mi lawsuitgainst thearriott hotel. >> the hel let stalker t roomight next to r and film hnaked. a woman, tis is a story that you've got to st
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lastight celine d returned geinla vegas for the fi s her >>cam was the for what celine sayi was theost difcult performance of h life. >> our sty,celine, allby he donant t all myself anymore etoee celine fighng backears towards the enof "all bymyself," idsong, shestoed. overco by tear,overcome b notion. took ment, finished son crying, walkedoffstage. befo lastnight's nea two hour performance, shwas reserved as she prepared inside her dressing room, she stayed
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>> then reason thatd notng hsha. w alway bewilling. >> twoinribute video, personal photos of ren w took a gamble. hesieras teen aoundthe first time they met, gett pregnant, and touchingmages of the wayhe protectedand led her behind thescee. s d at just fe and a lf weeks since thedea she still talks to him. >> i talk m. inkfim the know hars me. and w. ican feel that he's tlling me to z. an srt singin >> andalk about a fearles as they walked down a aisle just a few feet from me a the fa all started swarming he trying to get selfies while she
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y're hre noth >> she changed five times throughout the nigh rmally opensh a white dss, but chose ts bla one to morn her hud. he first sg andhereec so fans could joi her i remembe thean wo s the love of life. but cine conss to her hearreak got the beer ofer performance. >> celinesounded o of this world. and when she alking do e aisle rit beside me, bei int sea offanmir fans wanted comfort he at oneoint, i thought'd ve to play defensend be herody gu ve got top in mid, pple mefrom oveth d to spport in no exaertion t pero ina, scotland, brazil, na, from evewhere. an i can say is,hi
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the coliseum, is not jst a performance, definitely transformaive moment in celi's life >> nodoubt. she's such of lemn lad >> special to b omody eseg a stong men erin andre and the$75 million lawsuit againsthe marriott and vanderbilt univty took an emotional turn today. her father took the stand and broke down in tears. distraught steven andre ified ashis daughtr wa crying she isuing th national iott at vanderbilt unversity because sh cims that back in 28, eplees thellegedly gave mchael avbarrt, t n who was jaed ftking andrher number, 10 >> how could they tell her tha he wnd put him ierm xtto he and he's u against t dor
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shedn't kno any was at th door. >>rincont to wipe away tears as a people'svio of his naked daughte ch her. >> he's terrified. >> the legal tm is tryg to show the jury who sheas as a little giterjet you can, i very ouoing, ten after the videos surfaced, did a eet 18 in july t scandal became front page ns erin sat do with oprah. >> who did you cll first? >> my mom and dad. >> uring t intervi, she oke dwn. >> he screaming'm done. >> stopd the intervi to try to cover the rash. >> cou see a r down her
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rains evident to thifoer eight years >> we t court issued aew f upcingtnse tod erin's namedidot it's unea if s herself will take the and. meanw chrsyen and jon leend's baby girl is due in the sprin there is no such thg as ershang becse she telling the world about h struggles with inrtiltynd someing at many are findi controversial how she actually chose the gende of her baby to be. >> the reason she chose to have rl is because he' the best father to a daughter. not oy am i gil, but i picked girl from her little bry now some question the ethics of nder selection. which w oginally created to screen t seris gnetic seases, n for choosing baby's sex.
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which allows therocess for nonmedica rens. and it can cost uto$20,000. st ni chrissy's growing bump on fl dilay, she a johnet fns at a signing of her neokboo hopg f big family, a y come al in he future a tel peop, eyld doivf pcies don't haly ote,hroze ew on ice. today after her revelation the star took to twitter t sp out against itics. writing quote, my natural blsing from god w inertili. around so opennded people and fort's ntroversal >> will e john and sy at the oscars. she wille there adding the beautandglam. ris r has beet ing comedy ubs. >>if et up onhe wrong foot , it's a real hot hotodig yourself outof. >> ey witness from his
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tdiversorsy ad at sean's witl chapo. hlked a eded oars, buton't talk about oscar nigt? >> sthing mre risque at 10:30 than yo will at 8:30. >>ouhave to addresshe b black elephant inheroom. i o to the man mig know chris st, his le brother,medn torock. >> h's known for pushing the envelope. that ni aatmo a a i'sll chaefully this award ll create diague as far the oaris ncered another osca t. dchentan f hedaight out mpton, won f best icture >>thisis favore award. we ait worried abouto other
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and we have to addrs th ral video oferyl hart freaki outon a producer. we have t story behind at coming up as well as look back with the possible future t lady milania trump. pl the people versuso.j.,
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>> what n brown's cl frend old usring sti around. you're notoing to give up, are you?
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olympic tt2wu#btop< 2watu# s "a_\x 2watu# s bm@qtwt ttu# s4 " dztq 0 t tt4watu# s4 " entq @$4 tt4watu# s4 " gzt& y#l tt4watu#4 hnt& i- tt4watu# siz #dx tt4watu# s4 " jn 148 atu#lz monday, e. at the oscars as the stars dream of gol >> everybody says it's your year. >> we're going to have a great ti. >> leo. >> gaga. >> jlaw. theparts,heinners after hours. and josie on the red carpe breaking down the best aors eedthe nig. >> jour wearing the best clothes on the red carpet. >> that'scrazy. in depth oscar coverage you won't see anywhere else. >> it real overwhelmg. >> monday, only on e.t. >> we're also going to be hoing a sp on sunda fro red carp it is t oscarsive on p and find us in your go
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be there inspirit.ry's busy wom t . e' work on"ba ddy" ab donightn free fo which used to bebc fam, u'll see si o mary that you have never, ever seen before. >> are these cranberries? cranbeyies. >> the meltdown getsautotuned after her rant after a rant is secretly taped. now wehould point out, she ing hersf, with fictiol anger mant ise. of the ople in this world that i have neve ever seen ma this is one of em. >> ty have eateis ggerated ver of me. who is really a control fre, and she's a mone at that. so you know what, it my inner evil coming out obvious. >> i'm mary ha on tonight's show, the gues ofni procer -- >> taking the brunt hurricane hart baby day's tajmowry.
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outn finall i vent.jus trowi kran bers at me. lira hoco you notno after al these years togherat hate cranberrie >> you know the cohing is everyby's real gtting to see mary's sense of humor. he's having a bst with the arter and as busyas ever. she n f the set to a flig >> why shld she sl do >> somebody who finally got a chance to sw down, donald ump' wife, milania. >>wh she told u abou becoming fit lady w back 1999 as we go insideer vish manhatn home. how many shoes would you say you ve in your new yo penthouse aloe then lastig peoe versus omt j. simpson, ye took centstage. noe.t. looks back with nice wn's confidant. >> wh was she dropped as
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at0 o'clock. a story we've a deputy kille and a small wn ark countyn shock tonight. new formation tonight 10. and on on 13, a teen's dying wish... toecome a soldier. how fort carson made it happen tonight on
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cewsed to a soundiin in the neva caucuses last night, and two of his sonsere his side. >>isas back inewor ing her fir solit down sce donald annncedt he running. >>nd wi swin st nig, zonld rlyheavorite to minaon. whhould make her, h canhe election, theirst foreig born first lady in modern american hi >> what was it tha you saw in dond when you met him? or fell in with him? >> his mind. amazing mind. >> what about sme of th language he uses? he curse >> well, do i agreell the time? uh >> with him? no, don't. and i ll him that. >> she anered questio front of the gold plated entranc to the trump compartment. in e rare interew, she defeed her husband. >> many felt he isulted mexicans. >> no, i do feel he insult the mexicans.
6:46 pm
>> but you' immigrant. >> yes. >> do you ever t he's gone too far? fllowlaw. i follow a law the way it's supposed to be. >> she's be in the u.s. for 20 years no arriving om sla veen ya in1996. >> shall i spell it >> in 1999the model sat down ith e.t. for the first te. she was dating doldthe tind ty were blin baa they could run foprest. we asher aboutec bg f lady. i takeseriou. wi p all my ergy,ll my ower, everything i have, and i will servethe >> and in, she took e.t. inside h opulent new york penou. >>his the livi room. >> vie oh oodness. >> i faastic. >> how many soes wo you you he just in your york penthouse alone? >>ae, i wou say 150.
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>> that's her with athen fo-year-old barron trump. >> what a nice picture that is. i don't to wan interrup >> he halike, h's running arou and driving around. >> she told msnbc, including her husband'shite use run willeep bar from beng the priority. >> i'm a full-time m, and i love t. so i dided not to be in the camp so much, but i support myyhusba 0%. w she cacertai orher husnd in aun ofifferent nguages. sh speaks, enh,italn, freh, erman,andher tive langue. > nicole had breastimplants. e lved em. >> our scene from the peop versus j. simp sonz. that iconnie brittonas aye. one of the friends who ashed in on her death before trl by bringing atab loitdell all painting nile as mo sinner than sain we opened e vaund t a
6:48 pm
faye to sortout theruthrom the fiction. >>icole was my erything. e was myconfidan spiritual sister. >> that was true, if you're to believe what she told us ck i 1997. >> i have nev met a woman that was just so loving. and ju such a great friend. >> but shearlayed he idship with cole into a six figure payday. e vance she receivorer tell all that did tell l. >>97. >> nole syestriend ever way. that is not affecting tt. >> hide in t bushes and watc her have sex wi other ys. >> did o.j. watch nicole from the bushes? faye told us che th bushell to see if o. out there. >> counl,have pblem >> the boo threw a moey ench into thetrial whil her
6:49 pm
sipson asan after akingoney for her story, she was droppeds a witness. >> name will not be on that new wiess at the time, faold us she only had the pur mes >> it my to make people awaref who thisanishin lady was. and that she's there. >> that's what connie, who plays faye told >> the intent is defite t share nicolen good light and actually to brinawaresseno some thetad been tough. >> bu where did the tv drama possib take berties with t tr? >> golubbing and to pares and times coca >> reall actua nicole didn't use, according to fe. >> would you? >> we allnow that. ty we really the most undivorced, divorceduple thnk i've ever known.
6:50 pm
end, says faye. >> nico n inter im any nger. nicole was very aaid o him. >> athtime, s rtehe tarity. contins. >>se days she's seemed to embced it, still bestiith kris jenner. faye's also buds with kyle richards, t still haunted by thattragedy from twoecades ago. >> i have nothing to sayo anyone about wt happened 20 mething years ago. i mea thatas very ha that. of the thing he finally members is the fact that posed for play boise back in 19 i79. at the time was th best offer play boise evmade. the lt. > birthdays, which aor was orinally coidered the tri swayze role in diy dancing?
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and engament rumors. >> it's the rg i wear o t right haf1 o >> e reveals the four beauty icks that makes her younger. d derek on his sister's departure from "dancing witthe stars." >> it'sime for her to go >> and real housewives of beverly hills star eri jane t's 17,0 se feet and even
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you've got to e iide. on welcback to the sw, tonight's e.t. birthday,hich ac was consided fo patck syze role dirty ancing? >> this bil zane. hereportedly lstthe part when they fou out couldn't e. bly 50 toay.t would be a pobm y t dance for dirncin we' get aanne dityng because abc is workg on three hour tv event. and they have found their johnny. hi is e, ae obviouslwork >>ot. >> yeah, like l the time. >> bhere the deal, this guy can da he oved it back 2012 inpink's "try"v
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rock of ages in veggs. ndolt will srtehrs rearsls ne monir
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>> byevyby. [ crow caws ] frankie: cultures arod the worl celebrate coming-of-age in different ws. t he in the middle we don'to much.. unless we ve a jewish frie. jewi people know w to party. it was catered by stuckey's, and josh got to read fr this giant scroll, and the font was insan i want all my books in scroll fr now on. plus, ey're letting me keep the hat. i'm gonna wear ito chuh next wk. wow. snds like a he of a bar mitzvah. oh, it was. but here'shat i doget -- sh golds is seval incs shter and a wholar yngerthan m and he a man n? but i'm no i don't geit. that's just how it is in josh's culture. 's what they do.
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we're otestas. we just tryto obey the coandments and keep our hds dn. really? u sure'tomeceremoe re spod to buyou didn't feel like doi it, so youust oated itto se unda and en pou fgo if the was setng, we certainlywould have done at, but honestly, there's not. so, how do i know when i'm a man? well,that's a toughne. i guess technically, you're a man when you turn 18. axl groaning ] d sometimes not even then. no, axl, no! i toldou if y're nna be he, you got to keep your crap in your om away from the rest of our crap. and when are you gonind yo own pla, anyw want you out o. tually, i'ng out today -aw!-yep. savor your last moments with me auseer today, i'm du hutch d i land ourselv a sweenew d, whh wee totay stoked ab [ r horn honks ] why, the's my house now. [ laughs ] illiant, isn't it?ile u suer arstuck he throwing money away on this pit,
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did you even get thishingwhere donye get anything aweso? poce ation. you n't even tell this was once mobile cracden. started at $600 th g up to $800 fore we ized we were the onlynes bidding. which, by the y, is only two months' rent so w's laughing now? the crackheads who get to live in prison stead of this thing. [ scoffs ] okay. anyway, once we getsettle on campus, we'll have you guyer. or we'll come over he. either way. yeah, an havyou over urouse at yo hse. [ axl lahs how are yonot seeing how genius this is? axl,diyou o -- ju lim wi-fi cked. wi-fi locked. oh! there we g "grandma's wfi"... oh. [ laughs ] ...which means, if my calculations are correct, the password will be"password." [ snaps fis ] i'in. yes! dropnchor! brakes squk ] [ gi shuts off ye. phew! ee wi-fiana perfecvi.
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i'only gna be 10 minuteslatecls torrow instead 20. oh, hell, yes. [ laughs ] hey, do you wanto de chinese or somethi? shara firsme in our new hom oh, i'm on i oh, ha on a c. let me jt lean my head out thwindow d find out what our addss is. oh! sohirtle mod is nowonna be a iest? mm , wh churc that? 'causeill be eversunday [ chuckl ]right? [ laughs ] well, you se tohandlingt ly well. yeah. you ow what? i a i an, sure, i liked having logan as my imaginary boyfriend, but i think he stoppedfrom really putting myself out ere. i mean, i'm in college. i am supposed to be haviun meeting all difft kinds of peoe. ven't beenhat. i haven't ally let people know at i'm ailab.ll inigol, i tethsame all fo years and i missed out on ton of stuff. his d neanslevertime my friendsanteto gt, wali, "i can't.


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