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tv   News 5 at 6PM  NBC  February 25, 2016 6:00pm-7:00pm MST

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i'm rob b b b anm lasasayaen. an update now to a news five alert we've been tracking since 5- e`eyououy nsasreffis rngeer fofope t w w wd to an instrial compl...andeg shoong. ana3a3a5ntz others unded, aatat toxar hos. isisnew video inin wswsom. . ooooplple e e eel industries, which mafactures lawncare prodududu..n hesston, kaas, , r h h wicicta. . . e rvey csheriff confirms theot w w an empl. he a aoasays thehe e e e to 5 crime scenes where s sotingsgs& ok p pcecece and s tht suspect did not him. we wl coinue to track this..d-veloto.a.a b b b you new formatn we geg% it, on a onenet koaa- dot-m. w t/ a'll only see newu u( ththght betweeeeeeee f-b-i to unlock e e ne of e sarnardinoerroristst..hahahaplications that could fect a higigigile case in
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shelli. new five's andy koenenoioi u with an indthk k whwhwh at ake here. andy? ? juthe f-b- theheueueo o p-lice eruled toock anphon tlong shelli's boyfriend donthe luca been threreyears since a anyone h heulsie scheing. she drovovto pininebruruy & o visit her yfendontheheucuc at his request.t. lucus is the last own p rson to see her. he was intntnt bpoce, , , but denied any involvement in the disappeance. they've kept his iphone inin evidence allme. "t"ts is the samamprobobm e fboinghrou on their t is difififlt/t acan ione cu ce" inseionsnshi andrerechlan said detettiti obed m mtititisearch warrants and even sought the help of other law enforcntntn agen to trand geto the phone. hererealkingbout if they re to take thehonet they n retrieie and wt you'
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e riw w 're e willllllll alalw them to even because r t is wewewnt to lsls's'sher ... who is suing theole partnt.. rururuted d tnere es a a a artthto use e e wer heheouous s get thahainininatatatand iototivenou kw for him to be held in contempt." mclachlan saidy a#ked the d-a totoo that ...but ople havava right t tpotot lf-fncrinate. so, a ururordedeto open thphphphcoulopdize a osecutability y use aevidididy y y . ththschellininmily i iofofri a 50 thousandollar reward fot le to r r tu h ln. you cafifi tir w a a
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and&the e l battetween apapand ththththdepartntntinueueonononational ste. y, apppp a aederal magirara tftftrder that the cjmpanynynyp tht(t(t(i ha i itoheheoci-phone of terrorist,...saying it would be a disastrous precedent. and d i reor j c cey callll i ithe e eseqon hehe seen n n undercnds both sides. ththrighghtovacycys s ininin weweheainst therer tal evidenenenenst spececd terrororts. right w the e mpany is still fiting a aorder r unlnlk e phone of san bernardino shooter sied farook. james comey / fbi didictoror i i rivacy d when i heacorporions say - 'we're going to o ke you to world where an look k at ur stuffffff partf mes thatat greaea! i don't want anybody lookininat my uff. he goeoeoe ty thatri isisototn exorgning a court order however.... effectivily. otothearar case e set foxtonth.p.p
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pulo studios. epepepndars fe. but ththmperaturesss fuel m me lililipril. lets chehe in withead recaerike els... teite ctureseshigh essusu is controg our hewithar skiesesnd dry condndioioio e main stormrack has pususd nonoh of cololado. clear skies tonight with cold air. @ nny y ies tomoowith coco aiat 7 t tn ing tempaturesesnto the mid afternoon hours.s( a fire weaer wat f f saay, winds,s,ryryrylslsnd w diill create higigigfire danger in partstsf stern colorara. a busy day f f fircrews in southu cororor... aling g ththrush f fesn two untjes. this i i- frfront
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beaver creekbed near the 700 bloc valley drive in nrose. fremont untytyheff's ofce ss there are no structures threaned d the firestayinhe crerebed. llll road and oln n ad are closed in ththarea. . xxx now to atheh brushir- el paso county. crews are moing up h h spots from this s re in lhan. this started just before three o'clclk a* euricsweet t roros. firefighters maged to gethis one contained totobout0 acres. e warm wther r remder of fire dger-r- fire crers quickly ableo coain this firen pupulooday. a black plume of smoke visable r miles... it started jt beforere1 thmornininat t t corneneof 8tht stre and n nth erie avenue. investigators say a mechanic was woign n a cararhen the fifi started.d. e flames spead ta fence, ,ut didn't b bn any homes. the car was a totoalalals. new details tonight in the tragic shooting of several deputies in park count deputies kby mtin and mark ncock-- -ontinue their recoveries. martinins in denver-area
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erious condition. park county sherifi&fred wegener saysysuty hahahak covevengngt home. meanwhile-- peop acrcrs thth state continue to mourn corporal te carrigan-m-killed ithline of duty. funeral arrangements----re pending. all three-- shot w wle servi eviction notice yesterday a a the e me of f rt wirth. at a news conference today-- eriff wegener read a atatent fr carrin'family. it is hoped this event does not scrage or detur anyone in e le community, police, corrections, the sheriff's office t hopes to sengthen ththr resolve to defend ththeir mmunity and the`thin blu line the spect, dieie...... in a gunbattle with deputies. details of the shooting ll be forwarard to the dtrict attorney's offffe..... foreew, ich is stataard. xpx d sadly... the 5th time... . in less an a aear.r. at the "u-s honor flag" will be back in colororo. th ivideo of the f flala decembmbmb when it w w used d e funeral of u-c-c-s police
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asey d dd in the line e duty, when h h hs shot at e planned parenthool in lorado springs on november r thth in an onne p pthe e s nor anizatatn-- say e e co tvel-taa ll on e e gani "this year we've tled more th 11,0000miles and wewere just beginningi am in florida today for meetings, then i'll unfortunely have to comememek colorado." the e s honor flag travels ound the c/cntry--to hohor those "killed in the line e of duty." if you'd like to help out-- we've poed a link onur website, naom. xxx we a taking a closos lk night atatafety conceresor deputies. news fivivivbibi f fsom is ininwith thehel paso county sheriff's department. state lagivevethe duty of rving civiil papers to sheriff's offices. itits a a ily fullllimjofor ssme d deputies.
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masked...after a aheriri's deputy is s lled in the line of f ty " we just knewhat t 's had before. we knew that hasn't always been friendnd. nonointototo extenthoughtd d d oot atatomebody. situtuio.. ofofcer d haveveveponsut. ill it w w a c cil n n a crinal situauaon the duty of serving anvictio notice. "we did this before e d there wawanot problem." without coting on the parkrk@k coty s suation....the el paso c cnty sherififs s fice knows s ll the duty serving vivinotice "h"hdling civil papers@sh as the servrve of restraining orders and handling evicons. in el paso county, the s sriff's officels with around 10- thousandivil notices a y within that thererare about 2020202020 evictions ticeceday. "the challen of course is you never knowhen that onevent that y y've done for a a innsive purposeshousand timein the past isoioi to turn a different corner and escated to sometng potentially dedelycertainly very dangerous.
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resosocelike swat, still the often look a a aher options foj potential lbng. it could jt mean a couple more deties, a few ororuniforms there e to speak to try t t tlp th an increased ofofcer presence to get ugh the situtuion safe." rving notices is sucuca big job, riseieied weach one. "there are some ciumstanans if h hormatiti ahe of me we maytart wite e ployment of swat t there are ot that thereallein after t fact. in an extra note... el paso county sheriff is seseing mutu aid to park county. three putieses day for the next week.k. ththill help wititpaols whwhwhthat offffe deals with thth tragedy. lisasasa keeping e e on n ur health watc... we're seeing a s sge i ifl cases in pueo. a mind teveryo thaflu season isn't quitever yet. far this season -- - eblocounty says 's had a total of 13 hospitalized flu cases....
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only in the pawowoeeksks health offials at st. mary corwin say expecis sort of f crease towards the end of every flu s s sn.n. ===== 's not ualor there t tbebe a second peak but the flu season kind of@extendndto the e o march and sosotimes people can ev have flu past tt however,r,vewith thepswing cases we're seeing -- health ofofcials say those numbs are staying low -- compared to last year. they feewe havava more effeivvaccine this yeaea xx colodo healtofficials are kiki hospitals sta wide to watch ouour cases of the mps.. six people i idever camemeown wiwi the diseaseseo far this year.. and officials are e lling it an outbreakak ws5's kelsey kdy is inintois healt t anfor your fily. keey p the mumus.. . usually ldiseaea.. t it's been vere uncommon for yearsrsow.. sixixasas is ou to cause concerfor publbj health officialal. new formation seems toto indicate..
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child.. could be weari offffver time. the mmr vavaine.. is given to o ildren in two phases.. doctors believe e has about an 88 p pcent immunity rate.. all six x oplelehacontracteded mumpmpin d dver.. had been vaccinated. hat we're fiing out now is that after 15- 20 years, the imimnity fades." but the cdc n't recodidi bsterer ot j%j%j. "so 're iting foadonal informioioon tha" " a "titereright-er test cs measure the vel l antibodies y yr blood.d. the el paso county public health lab.. n dohe test with doctor' orders.. but evev year.. more colorado childrenenren't tting g ccinated.. hept out provisisi in colotado allows parents, f a varietof reasoso, chooseot vcinate their kids." gfgf this map sho the hhest emion tes heountry accordrdg to c c c colodo com in 3rd..
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getting vcite. "papents g ghose kids vaccinated, its absotely esntial." gfx 14 pernt wf cocorado kids haven't gotten the immunization.. that's the higst unvcinad te in the country. mumu is now sosoncommon that six cas does contitute an "outbreak" denv usually sees abouou2 2.5 cases pepeyear. our last case i el paso county wainpr of 2010, it's a very rare diseaee here." whilasreild,umps can caususcompcations li meniitis deaeks.. the mostecognizable sympm.. . is swelling g@ cla t neck. ththfirst denver per contract m mpspsad recently moved to colorado from iowa. rob and lisa? still ahea news five at t e pupulo airport gets some upgrades.... we'v'vgot a looke new offeringngfor trelers in e steel l ty. ananniniended conseqeqnce of gal pot---ow visitororto o stste are e ndling the drug.
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fridayayorning onews 5 today... researers arhoping aew -- ithe future..
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a look from cames acacss cololodo... s day we in th40's. current tempatur aver soututrn color next weathereraker, high pressure stiti in ntroroof our atr friday. downslsle flowill ve temperatures a niceoost. highghwi be 10 to 15 degrees wawaebn toy with sunny y ie hour by hourclear r ies all day with chillilair tototart the day th gradually warmg temperatur into the mididfternoon hours. highs tototoow in the 40's, 's apdp606060 7 day forecaca forhe sprin, high tomorrow 58, ndy y y wa
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a weak cold front sunday with cooler air. a storm ll bng much colder r r esday y th feweshowers poib. wawaing wednesday intot ththsday. pueblo high tomorrow 65, winin d 76 o osatuay with high danger ite e gh. . a leleler nday with sunsnsne. breezy and warm mond. tuesday we start manch with cold a and wind, maybe a sprinkle in some are back up p p 0 by nexexex ursday. canon city will be w wmer r tomorrrow. windy with highe fifi danger saturdrd. cooler and drd sday. a storm will bring much colder r tuesy with a sprinkle posbl
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wednesdby woodlandark, sny ary tomorrow. windy y d warm sasurday. a littleleooleleled ill l y sundad. snow showers psibl late monday y ghghand tuesday with much cold air tuesday.
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new tonight at 6 -- the pulo airport ofofcially re-opened totoy.... and d lcomed back grgrt lalas airlrne. ey'vbe w on nnat sceast mmer newswsive'leland was ere as they unveiled their new additions ----ena? this is not the e me airport that m my pueblo natives mayay remehber. it has n modern look on the inside, a different restaurant and a flflht service to serve as a new gateway t f world. ok rq 3, 2, 1 bbon cutting clappi pueblo has an asset, and it's the ebloloport... a fresh start.t. takininoff.
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terminal and give grealakes a grgrt home to operate out of a withdthat, we've redone the e enre termil, ticket unters, flolrs, , lls, everything nats officially welcok the great las airline... not having the commercial flight just really, made it feel a little ety file were thererasre lakes began flying out of f e airpt back in november.. ile revations were still underwrw. as we've reported -- the airport took a hiatiti froercial fligs fofosix months lasjune ... when sst optededut of their cocoract. wee ecstat to her and we're lookinto p pvidedeom od service to o e communititof pueb with flight service up to denvnv great lakesewill provide o&o flighttototo frorodedeer everay... ititowowonnes pupulo to rerely, anywywn the world.d. wewee inteteine agreemen wi u uted d inweweava -chah ed alines so u cabo/k uniflight all e way pueblo tonywhere inhe eorldldow! pa othe airps a new restaurant. what our f fus t tug tt i think isis little differ i focus lot on partnship wh diffefent t siss in tharea
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with aenu thth iludes a taste e pueblo..... pueblo chihis, the's also someme things like oprs and s sff that i't necessarily heaea about in denver bubuare big hits dodo here so we woroed stuff li that in ese e w ditions -- breathing new life into the long- standing airport..... almost fes like a revivalififif will or a aesrectctn ckets are ailable fofothese flights up t tdenver right non -- b b priris vary depepdido on when you fly. a link to that can be found our weite at koaa-docom.m. live in puebeb howland, ne fe. another officer involveded shooting in our state... aheaeain coveving g lorara we have newewails in the earl morning confurntation ne greele and legal marijuana causing
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lo at what e e docts i ilodore in coverincodo t tig--- nenevidedeof a deadly corontat weld county near the tn ofvanshis s morng. officers investigang a a tresspassingngall on highwhw 8 say e of two suspects openededire them a they ranaf.f. police say officers returnrn
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the other suspect is in cuody. xxx doctors in dr sasasaourists" in colorado..... e showing upppn emergegey rooms colaining of issue rered to maiuana... morereften than resintntnt they foundourist hosl visitstsossibly related to marijuanan...nearlrlled the year weed walelized. hover... the rate of cocoradodoesididts visiti the hospital for e same complaints didjnot change signinicantlyly whwhat thewereufferingrom varied awe... . complaining oflvlvmach problems... and out-t-5s5s vits mpininsychia sues itot clear i ie juju in n cases is due to mo people usinpo...oif patients are more on about nowhat it's legal. a form westernrn colotado doctor has beenenentenced to one year probation and 1 1montnt house ararst for over-pribing painknklers. erer peper's cc-defendent... sasajahani... senten six months in prison... simonthshsse aesand` ye of supervededelease. the two o re indicicin 2011
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which alledly ntributed tohe death ofofour patients. peper workededor jahani... who o rmerly operated urgent carelinics in n lta....6 momorose and grandunction. a former texas death row inmat isccused odndnpnng and seally assauauing colorado woman. clauau lee wkerson was arrest sununy... and is currently beingngd in the sa county jaja. hes expected to be formally ged on monday.y. lkerson t four yearsr on n death w. befofo being fed in 83 when a judge threw t convessi bebeuse he dn' wae his s ghts. he was one of four menrrested inonction n the deaths of 3 people durg a jewelry store robbery. xxxx a streh of i-70 through glenwood c cyon re-opened to two way fic this aernoon. cleanup continues ter that massivrock slide l lt ek, ys and backups are expectct. and c-t says t tre will be periodic closures over the next month as pairto t roro and guardrails contntue huge boulders,some the s se of small cars...camcrhing down
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one uck was caug in e, but no one wasnjured. coming up at 630 - -ivalryry wed thisiseekend i i nver!!! what avalanchc head ach patrick roy is saying bebe h h puts on pa agaga - that's r spos.ghtinggsith in s sry y'll o ne fe...weke yo pupu's's
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upvate now to a ns fivealert we've been tracking since 5. the e rvey county y nsas sheriff is reporng four to seven p%op are dead,...including the gunman who wa in instal mp..angashooti. ployess and withesses e gunman is cedric for.. he was a paintmt. as many as twenty others wounded, and t ten to area hospitals. this is new video in to the newsroom. is took place at excel industries, ich manufaures wnca produs, to ka, rth wichita the rvey couy sherif nfirms thooter w an employ o says tre a 4 to 5 e scen where sotin ok pce. . and hehepect n killimord hi wewewel co t ttrtrk thdery,.nd bringngneneformn n n e get on aid on lincb com. just in tohe n nsroom. thpenrose fire cef saythat grassfire rning under controro...and haseen coained just two acres. calvin cenrmrm sayit is burnrng g` a remote area,...whe there are a number of d dd trees,s..but it not spreading d nonstrucucres are threatened. they will remain oscene
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we begin at six thirty with a look ahead for you. in a news ve scial report tonigh.our jessi mitchell shows us how pueo's east se liarar tg thcommitba fga-- c at she jos us le now@from our pueblo stuo with a pview. th is the me library tt last year, had to hire a pueblbl popoce officer just to k kp gang members from trying to recruit dsftftchool. you can w findormer gang member-turnenecertified addiction counselor mark salazar athe l lero library erafternoon,n,iving loca iswn accou yle and its gaveve pas.s. lrnededhe hard way after cori5 et@tou d ding mth y ri anans y help kididke 12-year-old ai t tres s oose a ffent tife path. thvast majority of the kids thre here are gogo k so i ththk a lot of them e a lot smarter thth we y think. the library has also hired a new
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eciastsxa social wker- peole -- a ag initie mo eduon programabout non-violence. tonight 10,0,ear more of esesestory -- and what kidid ke him arereoi now insteaf ofiving a life of crime. live in pupulo, jessssmitchell, news 5. . woodland park middle school --- in need of major repeprs. take aook at what studentk and teacrsrsre dealing with...leaky in thrghouth school. the diri doe'tmotolace theo theye be d pch w d diig raranso t water om damaging rpetetr equipmt. the schoolayit's not a a nger, beuse the ceiling ld rista... bu is a diraion asm. ststennd parenay, th@yhopeetdone soo o si hgnstt,thgrad : 4 "tthey jusget fed a a than gid of e gigantic capap." $iane hilgner,arent 5 6 "obviously w wh spring coming`it means more snow so let's get our ds schools taken care of." e f 3aks the past few w ars... 15 year alone.
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we'r'rlooking into psible lutions to pay for the much needed repairs. & a commununy in mourninin-- aer the ath of park cocoty rpal nate carrigan. and anototr deputy... kolby martin.. wash multipltimes... and his condition has been upgrgred to serious. 's in a denver hpipil tonight. park countshererf fred wegener says t third deputis recovering at home he descres carrin as a "c"c"cate professial"... and sa his deathtwill l ft for a long time to c ce, ithe communytof b bley. also read a message from his family ====chief paul w wenererpark county sherififs pt it is our hopop thats event does not discrage or ter anyo in the law enforcement community, police, corrections, the iffgof hopittrengthens t t relve toend eir counity d ththth blue` line eff w%genealsos s-rvedirth a sim eviction @
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efulion.x .. thth i,),) the hohor -$u$u$ube com t t t corabg&&& ieee% t t f blast mb---- i qusededuul l& u-c-c-sic fice swawawa swasey died in the line of d dy, the parenehehd ddshooting an li@post e u-honor flfliz constant travel-- has a toe ornizatiif yould lto helwiwi aon. there is o b site... koaa d d com. xx totototoononhee e e e e betweeapple e d the federal e e s s kekekekededel gigigiteteteayayo o o o o heorder r lplphe f-b-b-b-b in n n n n n d phononon.sayayayththththicic dededememe is s s s s s s s rororororopopor" t tough the courts. re's's's's's's'slsmamawiwiwi momo ththth apppp battle e ing g ugugugn pupupu, susur: washshgtgtgtdcdcdcpitotototo :04-4-9 9 9 9 9 the fbi director made his case... & jajas comemetellinininngngss he loves privivd enenypypypyp sot jajajacomeme/ fbi didict :10-:17 "part ofofe thin t ts s s grgrt! i don't't'tt ananody
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ya know - w enforcement - which i'm partrtf f f ally doeoe save pepeles' lives at why ... after san bernardino ... looking for otrs who would kill for isis knowing terrorists r ry on text, eml, twitter, facebook, and other apps the i t a c/urt to order apple@to unlocthe iphone e e san berndinor r ed faok. soean`n`vers/ cn washshgtcorrespoent34-1 t appls obctinto herer that goverfmentntants thememo write brand n%softwawa that doesn't exist right now that would give em the access tohehone====== tak! graphpc fu=========== /oet =============:42-255 apceo ticook tolabc e @ necode could gettolen andn nelslslsrafik k theuote rtf eqvqntnt cancer... we7would neverrite it." nkbo whaelheh)@cod tibib"... r j/b iso protect our customers.=========== graphic out ============================>= comey said lawnfcfnt's job& tprotect t e publ sotot james cocoy / i i re 1:00-1:0"with wful court orders - read coen of tetrqrists, gaangersilnds ther itling, ap`lpl geg%bild ask kpple@e@e@ tourur ioimicrorhonep cameras for surveillanced a e figin12 court ordrrs to oh
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- portcrct--- se in cesckccw cks smsmthononil- rtrtrtrtwoonon nhmt t lolo. bybybyby oenfofofofot.t. hahahahahahanbc news, capitol hill r elelelononononononons s blican nhowdown n n housusn n n n ecececo lolo watotoececing the e puananan mimi is thstthe e ididislwlwlwogogher r rereereruesdayayexex week--- and tonit is expected to be a latand for several chchchchdonaldldldld. ....ose clclclcltototo i polls.s.o o j j d d d d d a atrtrtralal ... . aimingnghe vast majoririf f blblblbl want him tobe theheomomom. . . rmrm president g g ge w.. and wife bababacted to be in attendance tonit. xxxx the poul wininr storm that ll e e e p pple acsososo& cocoand leraf f struruion is now ming fshoho a into canana. . that storm bro tornadodo t t ththdeepepepthndndhen dumped
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momo tn 20 t tnado warnrngs. more t tn all l l ltl yearin o dayand it's only febrbrry. . airlini offers free flflhts. but it c ce thth catch!!!! l explplplin your consumer watch. mike
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a lookrom camemes across lora... highs s day in th40's. current t mperatures a over sohern colorado... next weather maker, , gh pressure still in control of our weather id. a downslope flow will give mpererures a& nice bst. ghs ll be 10 to o degrees warmer than totoy with svnny y houry hour, clear skies s l y with chihiy aiaito start t t day then gradually warming teteeratures into the midfterno hours. highs tomorrrr in the 40's, 50's and 60's. 7 day forecastor the springs, highomorrow 58, wiwiy and warm saturday with hihi firirdangng. weakakold d ont sunday with cooler air. ctorwill bring much cold
6:40 pm
few showows possible. warming wednday into sdsd. pu high torrow 65, windy and 7676 on saturday w wh high dangeite high. a littleooler sunday with h sunshine. breezy and warm monday. esday we start marchchith colder a andndind, maybebe sprinkle in s s areas. backp to 70 by nex thur. non city will be wararr morrrow. saturday. cool and dry sunday. storm willllring ch colder air r esdawith a spnk psiblen dry d rmerer on wednesday. odla pk, s s a tomorrow. wiy anwarm maturday. a little cler r d still drdr sunday. snow showers possible late monday night a tuesday with
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alanche a,umni chomping at the bit t t et a anothererrackckt t the e e wiwi... they'lget it on fridid and how mumu longer n the
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peyton manng is the e eeon the cheess boaoa for t broos right now. if he goes... then everything else wilfall inine. until that moment... the oncos are in a holdi pattttn. and john elway is ok with that... t for r w long??? the nfl combine today elwly spehabout his convsaons with manning tetee super bowl. and d said he's'sivivivmanng hih)time to make the desion.... anafter 18 yea in the nfl he desesees that.t. 'll stay in touch and in the nene week or two we'll get back togethth. it's still i ihis court, we're
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time and limimnjoyhe winin you know, it's only am 2 weeks nce we won. so i ieally y himbebeble to enjoyoyhat, give him that timee's s servedhat andn we'll continueueo respect that." you ner see a goie f fht!! the rerewings avalanchc rilry was the e uff ofofegend friday is gonna be excellent just fewewore daysyuintil the avalanche get on the i at coorfid for the first t t ourdoor game i iteam history and it is absosotelyitting that 's t t red wings. d i4's evevebetter that they having alumngame. patrick k y wapartrtthiss riovalry at it's p pk and he was ght t the mide of it. when they drop the puck on friday - who k k k w gtgwill happ butoy is main focusingn havingomn out there. yes i love tcompete e t im not crazy, i mean, i i i liovet t t
6:47 pm
have fun lhats shepepinhing and d o rerew with t players - - the guys fm m trt the guys from ut i thinit simply nn f thaha how i looatat it. when t game s srts you r ow butut thats not ththopbjective now for the good p pt.... the aluimni gaga rosters are set and d 's a great t nep!! patricicroin goal...y bourque... joe sakic... adamamoooo... d cl lemeux x x g others... for r e wings... styzerma.. c(ris chelioio darr m#mtyty.z kris drarar and ninila lidstromom 5p5ppuckrop at crs fie tomorrow -ewfive w wl be there for you and you can wah the ga right here on n ws fivivon sdada. nuwse will have e gand post game coverage on satuay
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natstsf closing bell:05 ststks continue to folololoi pricec,...ananboththack up tod at the closef trtring. the dow gained 212 points,..the nasdaqas up 39,...and the "s and d 500ained 21 pointnt crude oil s up n n na dollar a babael todayayz your consumer watch-- sosohwhwt aiaiines is makingng it easier to watchovieied e the inteet on their flight the airline is pararering with amazon. to let passengs buy access to in-flight wi-fi. custers s o want tsend- mails, watch movies or sur the web will simply log in using their amaz account. soututest thopopthis will be more c cvient for passgege a crowd plan xxx here's ather reason to b careful on the roadway according to a third annual study by insancece quotes-dot-comomdrivers now pay for car insurancaftetemaking a sisile claim of two-thouound dollars or m thatat up three e rc& points compared to last`yearn2 the study found calilirnia has the highesespost-claim increase, where justne claim can lead to anrage premium increase of
6:52 pm
at a time e polics ere seees nonone canangree on anything... jejelue nducted social experiment. eyffered 1seers a free round-tricket for a future flight to ywhere the a aline goes... but with "one catch." they had to o rk together and compromiseo unanimsly agree ononhe destination... end of thr flight. using anananuedles, they rrowed down their opopon with everyeventually agreeing on costatrica. . wow.. pretty nice!! we'll be right back.
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clr d cold tonht lows will drop i io ththteens an2020. a ry nice day friday with sunny skies, ligig or calm winds d warmer airir highgh the 40' 50's and 60's. turdayayill be windy and warm with highs in the`6060 and 70's.
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'r'rworking on seveval s sries for you night at ten-- ws five's j%sstchell gives us an ininde look at how the pueblo easasside community is working to get rid@lf gangs. a aky me in odland park...we're exposing how teachererand d studts areealing with a le a atheischcol. at 6.
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now w we g g what t u wantede eps. e:e: can't st l her. arie e co war.. the gu ththhe fingersrs on the button, thth all had bunkere. c c kp 1uple alive,e, foroup t ta century. we cit m mnt genesis. did you just put on the aftftshave? shh!h! ananthe tv saythat mymyife is being hunted down like a dog. thtre ararsevevevellion people on this planet. d we've got thth guy's'kephew?w? (grunts) jamie: it's t endof t t world a know it.
7:00 pm
newsader: one mi nowow one mite. uh, these pictures coming live to us from hubbl jae: you know that v vley in africa th all hunan dna can b% traced back to? man: hp! please l l me e t! wull, centuries from n,,,ll archahahagisis sasathe same thingngngng slough? woman: get me outta a ! newsreadad: 's time to sayayoodbye. esident:t's a work in progres but we he evy faith a aositive eutcome. operion saviour coinues to advdvce at an asundididi pace. a a a ento what ce hihied ugh ared inrnional enavour. n da from w, the saviour spacecraft llllee rocket launched beyond tht eah'h'atmosphere. the craft take a weekek. iel: i i ve what you wa. yove what i want. les do som about that. once in plple, team savur wbe able to pinpoint precisely e bebeoment t deploy the crt't'clear waraead.


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