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tv   Today  NBC  February 26, 2016 7:00am-10:00am MST

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good good m m mng ptragedin ur d d 14 injured after guguan goes s a shohoinsprere (at a a atory whereree ed. >> e eryryry was rurni peo@oeerscreg.op were e yi ser i id asceicord.d. m m mngli s thehehehe know what mamamave triggerer h mpage. >>texas smkdown.&& thingsetetgly y the publicic debata4 witcruz a rubio takiepeated shots at dodold trump. >> if he hadn't inherited $2 million, you knowhererdonald trp wowod be selling was and hatsts >> anyny >> anybody who carar about ililgal imgratiowouldn't't
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rumpmpot takin l l l down. s g%y isisoke ananis guy is l >> is the low road is new high ro tthe nomination? we'll l lklklko marco o bio. >> selli sellingatch in manhta too hard to watch. > totohard to watch.h. erin andrews walksks o when r lawsuit is shown in court. she's preparedo take thetand as as xtk. p red carpet ready hollywoogears up f f its biggest night. this year, the glitz a glalour will be rved with controversy.y.y. we'll l ve you allllhe`plot linetoy,riday, februar d, 201616 >> 1nnerfr nbc news, this is "tay" th matt lauer and savavaah ghrie, li from udio 1a r rkefeer plaza.. goorng, everyo.. welcome to the "today" sw on this fridamorning. >> what a last nigh
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anym t t t play by p py announcers. >> this really got heated. we'll have muchore o othe pdebate in a second but tur toststy is the oooooo rpa in kakaas.we know tityf the ged shoor whe*ed fe ono-workers before he w s shot d killedlice. nbc's blake mccoy is att the ene of the shooting. good morning to you. >> good m rning, matt. four peopldead hehe, includidi ththgunman. 14 others injujud. mama of f em apptly hj co-worrs. e poce officer is s s g hail aero o p p m l ofhis s mes as ather counity struggggto undetand. >>orter: this is video of thleged nm, cedric l lry ford, p pted on his fafabook page. ford inisate0s allegedly went on s s sing r rge a a thexcel industrieiefacties thursdsd afternoon.rd iseen f fing what appears to be an aault rifl far,r, piceeavav notealed a motive.>> allf en, pop,p, pop, pop, po
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i oughghhe was g to shoooo meme >> repepter: police confmed shooter was a empmpe at ththfactoror whwchchakakakaking wers and lawn care equipment. an estim 15 p p pe wer si whee guguirbroke t.. suechad long gun, possibly an ult rifl as well as a pistol andearetoto be shooting andom. eyewititsss stopped hp thwounded. >> he got twiwethe est, once in the arm, oe in the leg. reporr: a anxnxus retativiv rushed tthe scene.e. >> my daughter w#wks second ift, along wither r yfriend, pand d niece. 8> reporter: t t rampage s srted ababt anour earlrlr, less thananans away. shortlbefore 5:0, poce say the gunman droro through the south ceral town of neon opening firen two carsnd injujung o o p pson. from there, p piceay the suspect drove t m mhere he stolo a car andndnjur anpers aftetethat, he mady
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shooting oneerson in the parking lot beforeaking his way inside and shootmany . he had nonopepec c rg. he was shohoing anyone tt got t inisis way. r rorter:r:horities say t t the e rst fir arrived and was able to take him ving many ves. >> everybody says it can happen here, b%b it's all those places that itappe at. heree are, it happened here. >> we ve learned that ford,d e acsed shoor, d ds have a lengthy crimin recd dadang back t tthe 0s in broward d coty, florida, where he used to liv auththities here oe ground is morni say thisoe notapar t tereoeoeledtheive is u uer vestatio tt, va? >>lake moy ibsas on this oror thank you veryryuch. >we m me to thehesisintial rand tt r rhus republican debateast night. marco rubio and ted cruz laying into theront runner donald trump, ting totolow his mentumums we head inin super esday. will it work or is it too late? weave mplete ceragand d d
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nt. let's s gin with nationol correspondent peter alexander. hi, peter,ood morning.g. y,nana gd morning to you. after three straig double digit victcties for dodold trumum cruz ananbifinally ganged u u o o onlnrnnn th the ss bigger than texas, fhtelmore like braw at t le star statetandoff, rco ruo leleloosos you're the only pern the stagthat ever been fined for ring peoplplto work on yrp projec illegally. >> i'm the oon t t stage 's hiredeople. yohaven't hired anody. >> if he >> if he buildldthe wall the wayay he bui trump towers he'll be ususg illegal immigntto do it. >>eporr: rio skillfully and ayfully momoed donalal trump. >> now he's repeating himselel no,'m not.. no, , no. i watched him repeatimimlf fifi tim four weeks ago. >> i sawawepeat lf five timesesive e conds ag
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is mb,, he's gng to make amamica greatagain,e' eoing to win, win, win.. >> senatororubio, please- >> every nighthtsame thingng>> reporter:nef the best liof t n n?( bio questsoninintrum success sty. >> if he hadn't inherited d 00 llion,ounow wherhe'd be? sellin wch in nhn. >> n no.>>orter: t r rpa tryi to citalale on the moment onl with this s tch. amu-w-w nextweekek ted cruzlslsteam up on trp. >2013, wheh i w w leading the fighagainst the gang of 8 8 amnesty bill, where was donald?he was fingg ds rodm on "celelriri ante." >> reporter: trumpending and delivengnterpunches.>> i iot along with evybyb yu gegealonwith noby.y. you shlde ashameof yourself. i i d an amazing relationship p th politicians. this guy is a joke artist and is guy is lili.
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corful atttth from former memecan president vintntx. >> i'm n g gng to par r atat [ bl] ll. shohod pay foitit he's got t non.. >> rorte askedow he'get mexico to pay? >> i il and the w wl just g n feetetr, bieve me. if i would have uced en half of tt rd wouldldave en tion scandal. orter: at times, the debabavovoed into a debacle. >> donald, relax. >> i am relaxed. you're the basast case. >> you knonowhat's happening. reporter: ben c csosoleftftff camemeegged to be hearar >> can somebody plplse attack k k , please? `>> reporter: marco r riond t crcr als saidhey would leasee t returur in n e next to hours. umpaid theay witit his sangngwo to tee y yrs his returns a e currentlylyeing auauaud.d. tttt savannnn?
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>>nar marco ruo is with h now. senar, good mornrn >> gd moin i'meang a of the rereres isisorning. a a t t peoplu d a a very strperfore night. u hit nald trump oa a stringn' subti issue is tngss lik bobocare, hiring practices, plann parenthood, $% the vak an at the preme urt. was this the plan alal to stng tether th kin psubstantive attacks at the 11t1 her or at t 11thth h hr to leave th fresh in the@ mds of votersn per r esday? >he thing he is i prefer r not to have a fight and argument with other rublicans but dodoldas done welln the eaeaeastatat. we're on theergegehaving memetake over the pcovatimovememt in th repuicananartytyho'o con artist. he's telling people he's's fightingng his tataet audience stggling in thisconomy he's spent a aareer sticking it to working americaca. >> me specifally, you said) you t want to cricize
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you said that over and or agai but was it the stregy y wait tillhe lt minute sit fresh h t min of voters o o tuesy? n n that was when the debate was. numb two, as he rerends le over and over, he says he's inwell in the pollll idm i a ait i'm adjourned i pan deog. i ask people to jojo us marco (( soe can stopop lunana. he's stuck it to worng amerans annow clmso be thamon >> taxesf f nanarump. you anahsenatocr say you'll release ururns in theh mingngays. do tru ss he can't because he's been audited. h haseen for the last sever year is thahaa sufficientnteason n t totoelease at leaspart of hihi tax records? > first of all,l,e're release ours. not only rease ours, but w wdo a financl disclosusu with the
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there's no difference beeen the disclosures and e taxes. number two, i don't think itit enough.ted cruz zadood point last pnight.we need to s the retns to e if the diffefence betweeeethe audited versrsn what he filed a e evence of wrongdoing. i think the reon why donal won't release s taxes is he hasa made nearly as much mon as he claims he es. he's taken tmp airlines, bankrupt. mortgage, sastst. trump univerertyas a fraud. he's not as riri as he clalas be. evevybody in finanan knows that and d s taxes s uld pose that.t. he came with e of an absurd.000 after the deb h hsaid the rereone's s diteis he's o ststnt of a christian. do y y think that might be a factor? ) meaea this is unrealb again, thih1guy y a con artist. 's always maki thingup and no oolds him accouable for it. you have a guy who is beininsued ririt now for fraud for trump unsity.
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myriving record. we had red light camera ticks.% i have some y back and write a story about howhen iwas 18, i got arrest -- cicid d r drinking beer in a park after hours. he's b sueuefor r aud, for deauding peoeoe. he had t ty a judgment for hiri pololh workers illelly touild trumps. heeing treed with kid $- oves by many in the e dia. in thepeopes he's the nominef. some are bias. they'd love to see a liberal ke donond trtrp ta over the republic party. othe knonohehu eto beat onon hgets there. he'll have to release his tes and`hillary clintowill take him art.p>>ue is s gege important for u. u need a win. you ed delegates. one of your r mpaign okespersons said y would win florida. you ararbehind rightow in n e statat double didits. wi you guaraee that you'll win the state oflorida? >> w 're not tehd by double digits in n orida. e popoyou're citing is
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numbs but i know my state. we'll win florida and do well on super tuesday. ititp the peoplplwatching thqz that's why y'mn is oadcact. yououant tototop thisan, donald trump, this conrtisis fromomamamg over t conservativeovememt, go, ,j mp p helplp us. we'll t t end to it. we can't turn over the reagan revolution tsomeone who spent career sticking it to working pepele andow claims totoe thr champion. >> marararubio picking uwhere he l lt ofoflast nhd. thank u for your time. >> tnk you.. let's bring le wallace and mark halperin, managing editor for bloomberg politics.0 goododorng t tboth of you. mark, you wewe at the debate la night. the old saying, rowing evererhihghgut theheitchch sink. in this case, i think the sink was included. marco rubio dumpmpg it on trtrp fromhe fakunersity to hiring othillelel rkers e fraud wsui itas a in n er guess the tion thi
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s too late? >> kitchen sink, baththt and everything else in his arsenal.% this mornini wh you guys, he taed about tru is a con ar.@ it was more of a focused msage than lasninit where heheried lots of things. 's i ieresti to o ink k out % someone, including marco rio had had a performance like this ainst trtwo or three @ nths agowhether the e ajecto wou be different. we'r'rfefeda away frfr super tutuday. donana trump is leadadg in all the atesg in super tuday by a substantialalargin, exexex texas. t inmarco bio problyly waited tooong to put t ts performance . >> i don't t t t theres any doubt this w w marcoubub's best p prmance in a bate. wp d dald trp's worst? >> it don't matter. he's always crummy a it never seses to matatr. what i think is interesting is -- 3@ chris christie did d marco rubio what marco rubio didid toonald trump. the e fectctf thth was incredib d dage to manco rubibi chris ristieieae oututi think,
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what was interesting to me is did marc d marco ruo and d ris chririie make it eacier fofofod cruzo win texas_ di he d he breathehe life back the all the opponents. this indictment of tru on his business dealings ws always trump's achies hl. the mystery in republican circles is why didn't yo . kehis case bebore? talking a aut the effect of thisrkrkdoes thibuy y rco ruruo time? yououhink theheonors, the loyalists and peop waiting on n the sisines, wondering if marco rubio had it to go the distance, are they off t t sidedenes and h hg d get an influx ofuppopo and cash? >ome people will l y, wewd veveo see e one on date between rco bio and.donald trump. the prprlem is, super tuesdada when sopmany delegates are at ake with smany voting on tuesday, it dot lik( mao ruruo could win.n. while he says he can win
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dodon'suggest he can, it's hard to see how he survives to . florida in a couple weeks s h doesn'n'win a a statatan per r esday or between super tuesday and whenlorida votes on the 1h. he's in a stronger popitititwith a stro debatperformance but it's tough to see how it translsles iotwinning states in the short term. >> a rightht is w fasciting. thank you veryryuch.pgood to see you guys this ing. >meanwhile, forr republican candidate senator lindsey graham hasn't been n y abt taing dodold trump or thshen of thicampaign sean. heheook ththth to new level at thwawaington press cluludinner la nigigig take a look. >> my papay isisoing [ bleep%] crazy.y. if you kill ted cruz on the floor of the senate and the trqbl was in the senen n nody could convict you.i ran for presesent. i had to g g out.
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he had to get out. and the and the doctor kevoran of the publblan primary. tonigh tonight i endse donald trump and hope magicictillll existsts >> did hsuit uwell? >> he did. what is intestininis thi party s ithair on re abodonana trump. marco rubio ishe o oy one with a hopef benefitting om all these attacks. i k republicanare ndering,g,herereas thihi outcry? e e th hte trump h been doing r a ryryong time. marco rubiis now satisfyg and acptable to a broad swath of all of thkind of republicans who laugh at tho jokes. where was the th t tt
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two months ago, en ireally could have put marco rubio i$% thtop position oththpo attack w bck were hididi in n e bushes mp's'susinins dealingsre kvown around new york a d in busiss cties. ey're e lly bebeput out in aggree y it's satisfying to a lot of people who wonded why th ( weren't eaeaier.r. i agrerewith mark'analysisis i'i'just not se if thehe ip me. >> thank you. >> thank youery mu. > let'tu to al. he's othe roadhimoing.ckckguy,y,iamica lobetifu al, odorng >> it is gorgeous.s. 56egrees, whwhh we wouod love in new yororcityty feels a litttt cool he, litt breezy. we'rnot complaining. itit t 15th annual sth beach fofofondndine festivale ini south beach. in the meante, let's show you whwh we have going on right now w arou the country. again, the good news is, things have cmed do for the mosos part 'll seeing action in the pacific northwest, n nthern california.
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lakes. sunshine alonghe gulf coast. ings are much calmer today thananhey haveveeethe last uple days. that'shahahagogog onwegll gegetotoououlol reca
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secocos. >> t tt't' >> tt's s ur l lest weweher. coming ginin nexhalf homr, memazing waves ihawawa. you will n b bieve some of this veo p i nicing the f cket in amthe.e. yeah. yh,eah. littrisk but it'ok. he i cng -- ve g burgerinup'llloubout thaa le, as >> it't' do no o o n th , appcee e it. $ p8> > ng u u newt erin andrews' $75 milli civil trial. whaused her to sududnly walklk out of cououro? > your gde to sund's oscars, fromhe wide opop races to host ris s ck a thehe& controversy y`at ovehadow the ght.
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agency a`d theheoss will be fe for a a ng te." ththsheriff so says... a simir evicti note wawase athe spts home in014, and it p came to a peaceful resolution. he says eyertainly dn't expect things to tn violent. the susuect, died in gbale withepies... deda t shoe ntthe d-s fife for review. chchf rning meteorologt -- ststephen bowers joinss now w th a look at our local forecast.. sthen... his temperes tod wbe inhe 50s0snd 60s. beneath a sunny sk we warm quicklkllhisisorning throughgh e 20an30s ananalmosto 5050 10 on w in the lololo and middlele0s0sround cocora spngs anmonument. pupu and caon citwill be e closer to 60. expepe 50snd 60s through thehe afternoooohen we will be cooling through the 50s and 40s
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i'm ion stand byou even if we can'tind heaven friday mornrng, february@ 26th,2016. pththe are somple on tt azaabe enappier in just amomeme. guesesat?t they're g gngn t w a fabuls leapearp t v angege eon that inin up ofmments. >> should be fun. let's take a looooat headlines 4@ rightnw. i iwasough a a tumble in texas as t t republicann presesential andidateacede offn the final datatefore supepetuesy. bothh mar rubio a ted cru t dald trump veryhard. >> five things. evernene is dumb. he'soi to makakmerica gat again.
7:31 am
winning in t polls. sat r -- >e can releaset yearar tax rurnsns tomorrow. he doesnsn wanan toto it becacae, presumab! something is in there thahaisd. if theres@ nothing, relsethemtomorrow they'r already ppared. >> trump told theudiencee will reasesese tax returnst sopoint. he cla h't't'tigh usus he'e' audited the alleged@gu who kikied three peopl a inj at least 14 others during a shoooong rampage i kansa is being identifie thispning as ceic rd. he opened fe a a a aacto wher he wor a wo other lololoon befe being shot dea bypolice witntnsesdescre the chaos. p>> had nodea whao do. weweerehopping . everybyby was runnnnn. scscaming,yingng we didn't kno wt to d they start off sayang, fi, an tn we hrd theguhots. olice are n#t discussing the possible motive but they s s they hav ldsdsn what maye triggered t gunman t t act.
7:32 am
orde that would flrce the tech to helel the flo a ned byne oeandi oote inin motiofid thurn acces the govovnmentf ekinin dangerous p perhat g bond one phone. new developntssut of erer andrews's' $75 million civil trial. natalie hasasn followiwi thihi one.e. thursy w a difcult d d for andrews.p. she cho to leave the courtroom whililil jorsewe shownhe - deothe centeteff her ca >epr: erin andrews steppipi out o court bore rors sawaw tideos that have e been haunting her f years. >> the firstone. >> reporr:n aarkenenene couroommit sececyameras bl ked,d,e t v v 4:30 m m meses owing theposeporting undressisi in her hotel room.
7:33 am
viewed thevideo. >> repteichael barrett@t admitted t tthe videoeo a sese timeesison videos live ne a a more peopleiew them evy day) accog to ts cputer ientntt. >> it wks out 1.5 people a minute wating that vivio. righ no sne is watchin that video. reporter: a ychotherapist who treated andndws tesfied b videobobo the panan arews felt when hertaerotut o jaja a shehe wasn' toto a a well asss thehehe auish she felt ter the incident. >> shehe c cldn't ghrghghhe by without f frand, um, >> repororr: and t symptom sh experienced aft being @ publiclyhumilieded >> s wde she was
7:34 am
peeplef andrs' hot door d taper getetesse was stayixt t anews' ro an offiaia of marottaid the requestasn't t ss on to the natitial hote which a franchche. >> h h c ctaininre you thehe information was n ner mmunicated to the hotel? >> 100% certain. >> the h hel mnit did nothing wrong. th barrett deceived and manipulated the eys too g g r rex tanans. courtr is notn sessi today.. andrews exexcted to take stand onondaynd t case expected too on toughextt week. >> natalie, thank you. > i ill be a bigig weekeke in hollywood. the 88 oscars sunday. for a sec straight ye clou ofontrovov isng over the movie ry's gges nig. nbssoe f fer is at dollby earn los s. >> gd morng frothe re carpet, currentlyoveredn whit astic. it'llle gone by sund. no rainn ee forecastv
7:35 am
unprice the-wa racac forbest picture. that story l le h jn overadowedy ather yeaea o o controversy over veit epter: helinesilbe maot just byhe srs on the red carpet but also those who arere not. ll smi andisiswifea pinkett smsmh, are bong, algith director spike l, , heheake of anothtj oscarsso white ckla. all eyes a on chris rock,, lking into a or de made for his humor. last month, halledhe oscars, the white bettawards. sp with e hollywood poer, he'e'ot givininwa y jokes. >>ig now, i'm c ccentti hehe movies. the subjects thaare big i hollywood. >> reporter: we@kwhis year's
7:36 am
slsleef presenters,iluding oopi gldbebe. lady gaga is performing ong from a documentarybo as assault.t. there rama aroroth piurrace. >>ove myjob. >> you hate your >> i is ti roi. >>hreeilms a v for the top pbiz e revenant wop hor from the actors vilil e big srt was theinne at th p pducers guilt awarar. for lead tor,nardo dicaprio is looking nstoppable iisuest for h h hirst oscar. this isis fififcting nominanaon. >> what is wrong with me? >> first t te nominee brie rson is favored to win lead actress as a kidnanaed imprpronededot in "room." pportingctress i i a two-way bttle betikander a
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winst.t >> your father wasspial. >>eporter: in the sportinin actor race,@ momentum is with sylvesr stallolo, repepsi his role forrock whichch he wa rstsminated 39earsrago. this year, he could finally take hold home the gold. this yearieiers w w w w w w@w tice a a welelmemechchchchch ssllot reaononon liststst n neses w w wivinin t tse acacananananes.p thanknkou will scrolllo totto o / /e rere... hopepellechessswililil orteteememorable. matt and savaah? >>@oefrrtnkevychwe'elavn osrs, iing prtisor the jojo catiess n oexe phalf ho. first alllararn i i hh - . tsllonhtcademy award finally? >> yes. leo, te li have a tha b, carso joins 4 wo >> my touillomep ree so l's get af e
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hey, al >> y,guysys how y y inin wewee@e@ot great video.eyeyolol thengngngngng ininininon e e e e ehe waves get0 orfefe pth d de i iars. t e fifstee@sixars,,thid itit ok at thesewave sososof ththeavav are going to reach 5 feet ta. i , le@e uf shis is somomf the bigges w weses ty've seenn 40 ar rfsllin weingout. at irere excuse just to play the "hawaii 5- eme. for , it's a win-win. let't' look what's g g on tempate, as far your weather is concned. if you'r out west ma you arehain tee jed strea`s wp to th nonoh. lo a the mperatid 7474andi las s,. in denver
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into sarday. mperatates g into the rockies. wee looking a possible rererdsm kansas s city, chicago, indianapol,l the yown to s tonio. bysunday, thento the northeast aftftcoolllwn today and tomorrow. you'u' see warmer weather from tallahassee, new york city and on u intooca and >> thaha
7:40 am
festal.we, in thth nextalal ,il veorfsfsha y c c ak ati at, i sourr idea oood te. >>atalies heade y y thiswed,o, h hded yououal>>he's ahe bger baba s's adger tt poioioi fl already. >> guy >> ahead, an eye-op rossen rerts.ooddmorning. i' j rossen. yeen t ptos a mpoedfaokshowowolol hdensidid her kids' sip cu what kind of moldsusng insisein -- lurkingggide yr home? ecre plas l r familsa.. in mytu, phphas t f tal. ... it, did you just have that on yourhone? it's t t t m it up. i dad! yeah, do it! there are thousandof ways inin t complex heah care sysy.
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7:45 am
outraging rents. 8 t y has j jf thking,rerere m mhth md h h*h*h in mes?od momoingn >>oioioioddiviv ito yyst t a a pe're tkingbout we have e& we h!ve inilhe we hahaha pes sayayhaes e, there isisold in yr househt n you u n'e it. thismoing, the hde psyouululchchk t/t/y y ypeep youril sa. reporr:r: photos will make y squirm. hidden mold discoverednsid kidsds sipip cu pehehtuostete onaceboo nnngry mom. fr theheheououe,he cooks cluthe childttin ckck so the t t t t f f@ apara and founun all thisi burd under the inking spout. >> that grossness got u thinkiki,t h hden ld i luluing inside you homer mi? today, )'m your gnea pipipi
7:46 am
nvnv a certififi md ininectoveveveveokokhd a bit. thisiss s sff t hapapn ur house,e,e, tothis is matt didou fd anytng? >> where you keep yourrleanang oducts, te i i i a leakak causing th anyth up hereheheheou kppthehe onge down ihphihihhtrtrtrthe's a lot of b bck growthe. i'v'v n n%neen thth. pthisis whaha i i cleanangg thth shsh w a a aheheps >>exactly. one thing a l peopleon't bout is undndndatat yourfrfrererororor. th a drdp n. thth >> oh,, ,hahahajdj 5 5 5 s s s alllldd ad ial growth thatttlt up. inevev knew thihiwawa here. >> mosn't. . . - >>ow do you fix this? p>> i you can it oncer twice a month, it's enough to take care o oitit p>> t ts@p can make s skff left eaead? >>cod.d.>>or whieses brng ground for mold, crdcr
7:47 am
hahihi, >> ts is youashing chche. >> tld. >> hrous is this? >> cou be d d drousft't' airbrbne and y y're brereni it. >hahao you do? ak ureetata@y. anotherp, if you , leavethe e e o e doorpepepetwtwnnnn r rorter: the most dangerous place for mold, yourbathroom. >> this isy s swer and this is not weird. >> you and your wifif havot du here.en you d't u themlol@ youon't n nice the ildup. pop the bottomffff and see t black and -- >> is at moldld old andtetegr >isstin >> t`ise inin >> this hak b b. my showe --- u know you've done this -- for about a ntnt m mthnd a half. i assumedy wifeeas using it and never picked itvp.. 's gng ie@garbag >> this o, you can s e mold on the tagn >ip t t stickers off, at t
7:48 am
>>tthe ver t t shor. rerere wee a ayoyo bathtub. this ildren's toy, you caneee th edge ofthat. >> what's that? >> m m re.e. thihehehel i iuse, by the way, everyig t pour over myk h ads when i wash their hair. it's scary. >> iis. than hh$ks for coming by, the way. >> you're welcome. >> never come agaiai w that s nbasing we'lllooo's hou.. so w whavehto they're anotherererrr beding ground forrolececec taterssp and can'tet out. sacrifice@ one in thebatub. cut it open and see if there is mold. if there is, throw the rest out. >> i t jnk i know what you're doing thisi weekend. theleaning lady is fired, and that's . >> i i was checking out theippy cups. ahead, take a look.
7:49 am
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atatglad tha you wiwh usus comimi up on the top of th hour, i'm shellene cockrell with a look at your lal adline.. a a n who barricad himself inside ainntn is in odod the punhf fi hasdeified the suspect as damam brimer. the incident h hpened d rlier this morning at a home nr lonial drive and colonial lane fountain. cials he w wanted onon rrt fofofodnapping lonynyenacing and assault with deadlypon. ave neformaton& yestday's officer rfvolvlv shting in evans... investigators say the man killed pe... shted "shoot mml m anfid at officdungheconfrontation. p ans police responded to a spsialou 1 yesty rninon hay ... enwopestd ruininmamawas sted.. investigigors say that other suspect tued and st at officers.
7:57 am
the mes of the oicerand e suspts he nonobeen reased. chiejemorning meorologist t stephen bowersrs us now wi a look at our r cal forest... hen... highs temperatures tay will be in the 50s and0s0s beneath a sunny y, we warm quickly this morning throu the 20s and s and almost to 50 b b 10 am. noon will l in n e lower a`d d mimile0s around loradongs numene. pueblo and caononititwill b b clcler t t60. pe 5 5 5nd 60s throughhe afternoon, then we wil cooling throroh the 50s and 40s and into t t upper 30s and dowerer
7:58 am
8:00 am
,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, it's 8:00 0 "today.y. cover gi c/n/novsysy susur model erer tiegs iticizing "sports illuratefousina ll-figured model in i i lendary swiuiuisue. i d >> i donon think itisslthy. her fa is bebetiful. beautitil. but i i n't ththk k 'seahyhy tong run. wst w y're woing >all about amy. >> herers my intn. >> hello. >> h youoing good. >> youououe late >> we' see if sannah has the set of the h show w nside y schumer." > am m allyo okay.
8:01 am
everywhere you look haha mercy. we catch u uwith the reunited cacu of"fuller house" just as ththr new s sieie iset to h nelix. >> for us it never stop kepep doing "full house" in ouruhomes. seriououy, wee never left each other, 1ny o ousus toda friday, februrururu `>> wake >> wa[e upupsconsin! >> good rning to our kids back ininort orange, florida!a! >> hello, frieies s s owa. >> good mornin arkansas! better when you'rdancncg
8:02 am
birthday! e ba. i itititits 8:00 on t ts friday morning. degegeses out on the plaza. little breezy. feels chillier than that. havav a n n n group o o p pple pout here. we thohoht we'd comee onday hi. >> we7haveveoioioigivi ay y tr to l&ans thth mng r r ay.. h hloloeoe e g g toet in t.t. barpacked, they'r'r hehe >eadydyo o ck >> readyo gogo ( >hego outututl.a. o goscar weekend. >> today. >> yeah. goodeekend totbere >> ftast. >> exa.. >>omomomng b b comininup stararab ih this h hr. you u ow this s s boot savannah ps beenearing f f the past coupup ofeeks? wewee g gng t actuauayvenn makekehattteractcve with a tle -- w wt do we all this, bedazzling? >> yes. wmwm"pp r de?e? @'ll mp my boot. illeeebeje>> wili b b yout all meu?
8:03 am
is this a long process? >> d pen on hohoma eststsu pupu i i >o>o>o>going totoo ? >> i'l' wewe ias l lg as i - veveveth allllhe jewelel look at thtl. - i ille e btle. no one w wl tice that. ile that gets tete n nal s a check of the t stotoes ofhe morning.. lie? #p good mornininincncagagn. the fbi ysreas`so teteorconnmntion to a a shtoto r rge`e`ekaas thursd night that ended with 4 pepeleleead and o oers wound. offifials s s sffffdroveveve rorgh a p smama townsoutsididhlf@ wichita,oting peoplele then hepepord d e lawn uiuit fafaory e de work. wiwiwiwis said h hred at random, armed with both rle dhandgun. de onnn hisacebk page e shsh practctct w)t an asault style wewe heheas sillein shootout wi a a lice oficer. shererf ford had d d al rororand en sese with an o oer oprotectiti f fm@abusshortly beforerehat atatck. the republican candidates gaveveuperue votots enty abobo dururura
8:04 am
nbc's hallie jajans i i%% houston for. halle hallie, good morni. >>roromarco jpo's caaign this sit all. rubio ong wit cruz.p.p trump isislreawewtwtwtout a new nickname f fio, mrmrltlt. >> rter:r:onond trumum getttvgvit l lally zrorobothth psides.s.s. lolop here tonigh rororr: marco rubioinally up the%h%h >> what's your plan on health care? thehem@m huonwn have a anan >>v'll erent lans. u' have cocoetititn, so ny enen ans. >> hssti mself. >>4i n npeating. no, n .>> rorre ted cruzakgn trump,oo. >> you don't have the endoent oflfleepublicasetoto andndousf papa> senenenenruz -- ououhould be ashshedf f zoursrlf. >> dond, if f&u nt to be liked inashingngn, it's not a good attribute for a presint. >> reporter: the front runner fifitingngack.% this guy isis je artist and
8:05 am
returns. >> i wilababtutely give return, but i being a%aited nonofor two or tee years so i cat do it unl e audiis finished@ >> reporter: his potential mocratic rivalillary clinton, sounding like she's looking ahead to a possible showdown with m in novemr. >>omofhe commes he's made which are divisive and mean spirited doesn'tuite fit with what i thought i knew about him. >> reporter:ernie sanderer memeanwhilerg heeeri ange to wasaqngtonnn a chchge w m mbc c`ris mattxtws. >> i will have millions of people demanding - you need 60 voteseso get a a prememcourt nomimie. >> allhe candidates getting ready f f the final stretch before super tuesday, natalie, when dontrums rssill find outfheate pema were enough to slow down the front-runner. halli h le jackson,hanks. senator ruo was ststl onon
8:06 am
tist during an`nnterview h re earlon "today." >> we're not going to o rn over the consertive movement to a con artist who is telling one people one thing but spent 40 years sticking it to working americs and now claims to be their champion. >> rubio also said he thinks trump hasn't released his tax returns yet becae he'sot as wealthy as he claims to bebe a unicorn sighting had califoiaiaicchasang th mythical creure through trfifi you heard this right. this is juet, a a ny, who ra away from a children's party. she's wearing a single horn, of urse.. she was quickly recaptured but three hours later she took off yet again.n. the highway patrol says the lls were coming inbout unicorn running amuck on the roadway. >> that's not a real unico? >> a neighboror horse was brought in to f fallyal $% pjuliet dogd h%r sasa
8:07 am
>> can you igine calling 911? hie e a uco on the loose. e'sss down theiddle of he.. >> thaha y y so much.earlrlr thth mon"s"srt strared" was c cebratefor puttg a fufuiguredod on n e e i i famououimsuittov issues. aren the magazine's decisi isn't sitting well with one fofoeoe_model. hoda has more on that corove >> he e go.." m "s.i." made a splash with its annual swimsuit issue but cheryl tiegs is making waves with her criticism. >> reporter: "orts ilstrated" turni the te on female body image, featuring ashley graham on one of the three covers of the annual swimsuit issue. but it seems that not everyone is o the se page as the magane. >> do you love the fact that we're tually stepping outside our comfort zoneswh we kn a ae mol figure ctually, i d't likit, at we're talking about full fired women.
8:08 am
>> reporter: forr supermodel cherer tieie candidlyelling "e!" "e!"newswshen i de pl can bnus. shld be smaller than5.% you k`oaa -% peafatn n ( >at t ozlsaid and i icking to i`don't`init's healt. her face iautiful, bebetiful. but i don't think it's healt in n l lrun. rteie slammin , a voluptuousiziz16, who took pride in hesize on "tay" earlier this mon. >> good mornini, "today" show >> i think flauntingour curves takes a lot ofuts.s.s. >orgsnkgrah d pl-sizedodods s proman u uhy lestyle. aslwth and fit for my own good health, you know. i dn't do becausef >> repepter: t, who graced the ver of "sports lustrated" tee tim, so appearedn "today" earlier this nth.
8:09 am
graham's defense wh comments like, hey, cheryry tieg a fulul firemol prome a hethlifeyle, but ting g to get to size zero does. >> f me, likall i rve alcurvalicious. pwhile graham has yet to o spond, pshe e eder rislile of te " "us-s wit 'mot aromoter anorex or obes weweave to p4n t b th ary size ang as they're getting o o the couch mong their body. >> reporter:r: message people ider less thanod behavivi. we reached outo tiegs and graham for commentut d dt hear back. tis took tittetein a a atck to clarify. sang anonoc, bulimic,overweig, a nnected to heah oblele. i want tm to be as hethy as they can. u c see ws totally ploded s sms like she'say out ofp on this one. .
8:10 am
ashley gram is gors. e was on wityou guys a th us. >> her message on ellen, it's about staying hehethy, whatever pyour body type. yore getting up and moving. >> thanks, hoda. > ahead, we'llspecia@ ala,oscars editionthe friday fishwl.t excited, pe. savannah besesmy schumes inrn for a day. d learns all a t t l glamorous side of show business. firshese messages. ...isn'tovererting. it's reaeamedical conditn. an$ whe e act caus isnkwn. ..ercalsn the braimapl a r re. b.e.s alalhe mostvtv ...ceangngdordfrn adults. , , m m ca seles.. when i bged,d, .... wast conol i never fefe sised... ...nmatt what the quantity w.afteards, i fe so upset t thyselel to learne oud.. ...go bingeating disorder dotdcom
8:11 am
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new 80 calorie obsession. light & fit fefe free to eoy. ) ing it how did u do thahayou didi't evenovovyour hand?! it's a a in the wristhwartzy... right, another game. epa, what time is it? it's's:43pm. i've got table reading at 6:00... alexa, how's the traffic? the fastesroute 45 minutes to downtown. can weweake the bike?! c'mon schwartzy! so.. getetthe sidedear alright. @ fruit. nutsts
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vel in theheleasure ofewdoveveru aut ,,,, we ara back no 8:14 with the bowl that strikes fea in n the hetstsf "today" show host we got the frida fh bowl. omomhahaha unrsrsnd, t ts is $% an all-oscars vsion ohe shwl." pute o o theeepot here. theieie loveo watch as a
8:15 am
>>rson. >>his iss funny. >> >> g g g g tha is vaah. p>> w w w oscarominated for sticture b b descryou? u can't answ dx, f roadad the ig short, orhe martiaian.piuess the mart right? little spacey sometimes? >> no, no,no. >> you havee a fny sense of huhur. butut d n't w wto be "fury "" oig short." > it's probly better youplead thefifth. >> i fjfst movie i i remember sengs - the ofoz. black a a white in the firkt half,olororthe second. that's not nice.@ >> when m m alarm goes off in e morning i think - it' a wondful life or scream.defi denitete
8:16 am
what w b bb the tag ? come on. tag ne% tt's a hard >> "missisi imimsssslele ion't know. >> i got the shaggoahea go ead.d. >> savannah. >> says shag mary ki. mrnson,, boer in 10, princess leia. iould marry p pncess leia. this i silly. you do youqueson. doou wt me t keep goioi? >>ou'ree auiui withyourselflf& are w on ? ay. movofegting is -- you can't because f.ththe ppl comom o a a the me a thahas too har > her > her we go. e goingngoicic offhis "p"p start"eree on fridada with brie la
8:17 am
favorite toin the oscar sunda fo hrman im.ttp pdhihi phoho from 2005xplaingt she sang onbi c ctle floaoawithth deinbiee aken. pshemembered tak it in we dug u t parare v veo and ersri larnight there. ckg outn the big float riri here in n yororty he can si>> . best of the lko brie and evevyone else out there in los angeles. >remember t t childtar who pled theitle role@ ithee 1991 comeded "curlysue"? shshs oppopote j belushi. hehe real nameee i ater d e' taken se yeaea offff from siz but nowshe's rning up on a a s sw w u may have heard of.
8:18 am
ueou i goiogackome day whe see@ se >> they arhae getting ingttggg four of ourrig r r chas t turn. told the coachesshe'sonethroughh harime in life@ but sss b bn sober forightht ars, she'e' got two , a d.fififiutut what c c c she pickedd% when you watch seafc ten prierthe vovoeo" >> that'shes >> doet r wh h ststa?a? >> youo watch monon ght. t too keeee he magagf f f voicalive. sreat. aot of g o o t tenttthihi b.
8:19 am
tommrary have a new addition. pherrsd arere overr the moooo theiei n famamymmb.0 nono eoutdom postedd this video oo higigighe circle o o o ififinggptle @ufuf the treatment. let's too m m andnd chehehee in. in. >> what is ithat keeps you guys coming back? >> first of all, miamimithee wintnt
8:20 am
- i i i i amazahat done a a ahehee w wle mmunitit h done. ( >> it'sllbo@p,o.n> ghehe you pple urururn n e food industry and what we do. it is very much ahing they l lkwawawao a we@ookrwrwrw toeeing e c c other. >> aoohisvevehas r rl changed how mmimimi oththhcitiesesddddd really y` n n @ tt. >> big event night, burr bash. >'mdging. >> patty meltl -- ohoh is that a burger? don't foet,, weantt als you
8:21 am
on instagram a >> >> p>> guys, cronons with froot losn them. breakfast of chpions. >> allt, buddy. ta ca... et usur now more of ourpecial series, "up f the job today." >> i go the to intern on t t setet of comomy central'l'"i amy schumer." i spent the day gossiping and gabbing wit my new bestie -- not really. my fst day onet of"inside amy schur," and i caca to leave an impression. >> i'm savannah. >> i'i luke. >> reportete luke sherman is the sistant director. here's t cal sheethihihi ha even me detlele infoatn on t fro and t t and your walkie talkie
8:22 am
>> so ts is a bit of a stress budi exercise. sothing have every intern do first day on set. fire watching. have you ever heard of that? >> no. >> luckily it doesn't involve life, limb. basically you stand at the bk of a truck andou keep an eye on gear for e crew so that they donon have t do it sooo that they c doo their jobs. >> i'm standing here justaking su we don g g bbed? >> you d d't havav to takeyone down or anythi. >> what if someone tri to take me down? >> hit me on t t walkieie call for keke okay. i w reallyoping it ve to h huke o o lklklk >> nice too meet you!u! >eporter: but while i wasas busy chatting apppppptlyyy fire wahing wasas gging. know you. you'resafe. but see your int. see your poin i was talking. i was talking a a i wasn't really - - >>hat ppenen >> hi. whaha are youshshting?>> another rul of f f f watcng dononon reveal t t muchh to strangngs. >> standarar l les i it's mmercial maygynaise.
8:23 am
for mayonnaise. reduce fat mayonnaise. it's reaeaea healieiett yououuys interns, >> yeye >> okay. i'm savannah..( thsy fir y. >> i josh. nini to meet you. >> i'm ch. nice to meets you. >> did you guys have a lotf fun at thi internship? >> yeah, i'm having a blast. whato you do? i just did some fire watching. >> we're running all around kind of like keepingverything together. >>o you er have script i that y just throw out there? don't know if that's the smartest idea. everyone has their respective jobs. >> you can broadcast them to yourintern. >> got it mainta self-control at all times. >> stand by to log it up. >> copy. >> andnd we are rollg. roroing, rollinin >> rolling. rolling. we just wait? >> ie. pretty much likeiree watchi
8:24 am
>> s s sroing. ttasas >>orteo i i i wasajarretpwon the ide@ a r" freq00 aas@ fort eryone, courtesy of amy. >> how do you thi i'm doing just as an intern so far? i willay, theext ti you'reirhi, censyoyo jtt lomtrt in the el make tm know t tt y y y are a wall that cant be broken. so bring someore confmdenc to it. >>ye, sure.>>okay.>> so now ias l lse and limber and r r for ahot at the big >> re'sntnt how you g? >>hello. od. >> y w i'm so so >>eaereeetting masssse. >> no nono was gottingyououre calleets. oh, yououot my cal sheet. thk you. let meust cck is. , ovwh didou wt f e ow?we, ammeally into you. >> okay. that's a g g start.
8:25 am
maybe we could hanut togegeer. >> we uld han t. >> me and yoyo >> i woulv l thatut we actutuly do need youou to work y. >> o>>ye. wha a a yooki forn@ an inrn usually onterns d aroundd andnd they make mforble eye contactithetch oohohother. but then at the wrap partyhe trunk enoug hopul ma i ouou >> haveou heard anynying ound the set about wha kind ofntern i've been eryonedou'r rely goodjob.b. ly.` >> i was jusli ye i've goto see that f myself. i can't believe how serusly you've talked to me likethis. >> oh.. what ds make a hole man? >> that's somethihi yl have to godd t. susuch a good intern. >> i love amam 90% of hat intview as unairble bigghank too r. totoluke, m muide for t day. the entire nside amyschumer"
8:26 am
it premiers april 21st on com centra ts what iis like gh. you sit around. this weekend, dylylnd chanelelelelnnn thehe road with rascal flatts. coming up, savannah'soot gets dezzafter your local news., gege st the h hr, i ihellene e cockrell with this today show update... le acrososthe state e,ntitue mournheheheth"park pounty" deputy cornate rrrran... whwawakilled i ithe line of duty on weweesday in baiaiai also shst. park county heputy "kolb mart"... o reres in serious conditi is morning. the d putytys ceveringate... all three deputies we shot while e rving an iction notote.e. yesterday newcocoerence... . sheriff aul weg-ner wegene said the death of rporor c cgan...the commmmity rd. "he ant a lototour community.
8:27 am
enenrcement prsional. nate's death will be hard ur agency andnthe l ls wi be felt r a long time." ththshererf also say.. a similar evevtionotwas served at the suspects home 01t came t ta peacul resolution. heays ey c ctaly didn't expect things to turn vivient. the suspect, died in attle with duties... dedeils of thooting g g b sent to thd-a'sfcece view. momoing meteorologist -- stephen bowers joins us now with a a ok at t r lolol recaca...(.( stepn... highs temperaturesoday will be in the 50s and 60s. beneath a s nnnnsky, we warm quickly is mornini through e 20s and 30s and alsto 50 1. noon will beben n loweweand midd 50s arod cococodo springs s d monument. pueblo and caon city will be closer to 60. expect 50s and 60s thrhrgh the
8:28 am
coololg through the 50s and 40s s and into the upper0s and lowow
8:30 am
8:30n a a iday morni. it ie 26th d df february 201616 we're back outside oa relyly. fumoing. a t of these people arar standing on the plaza today. f them are cararing thr suiteases th t t because they're looking g g g a chan twin a fabulous tp toto los angeges. we are gng t tfind who t winners are ming uin just a
8:31 am
>> really great poststs, by the y.y. i don't know. it's going to be tough competition. meanqhile, savannah is insidedehelping bling t her r bootn how st looking, savannah?h? >> it's lookg jewely. very bebed. >> iis.`.`.. >> we'll check o the finished oduct a b. >> matt, this will b bxy by the time we're through >> i agree. >> it's got to be sy acceible. haha to gethe leg in th i know. know >> i c c jussm we' going to auction that question about t . speaking o oloangeles, iti thehescar weekend. is it leo's toose? whh movie will bdeclared best picture? more or guide to the a ademy awards is ming up. >we hava lot totoet to. t's go down to al ininouth bebeh and check out the e ather. al >> heyguys, it ireally beauauful here wee atatmieach rinow, the south beach wine d food festil is about to get in full swing.
8:32 am
ststf. meantiti, let's lk at your enen show you whwh'koioi on. yeah, 2 by. ting off withsatutuay we areooking at f sunsne e eeanly realil be in thountain gihenoroplpjns, wiy conditiono a arounun t greatat s. sunday, su, we'rexpecting ainnd sno in the fic est. record highs ctinuararnd the cntral g2gat kes. warmer weatheroves into the northeasas and mid-atlantic states. also, oscar night, the fororast lookin good for hohoywoooo sunnyskies, light windsor the red carpet. tatae and i wil bnd ouou a the o#oar buzz onn
8:33 am
thatat w at's goi >hey, guythe ou ourugood pal g)gdadadae laurentiis ll be hereredoing eakf cookokr usus >> he s all the luck. >> iow. >>a&tenthshof ildu "fuller house," the bootf ththoved scoco "full hoe," makeitbuon tfliy. >> natalalororspondent aig meln was theres the cast got back together.% >> well, you unow, they say you can never go back home again. wee back home, whi is incredible. >> before weo further,r, wt to say ohing. we all lk od. everywhere you ok >> reporter: > you've go, de. >> havav hmercy.
8:34 am
lines.>> my kitchen!>> cut it t. >> how rude! >> reporter: has it really b bn more than years s sce the cast of "fl house" shared a set? be hone. diddou ever t tnk wd end u in roommates? >> not ooe. >> for us, we never opped. weepdog ulhouse"n our`owowows. seriously, w never lefef eacac other, any of us. >> at each other's weddings, rthdayartiti. >> divors. >> several. >> reporter: the tanner family and -- home, sweet, home. >> rorter: -- one ecial or arereack for thththunch of "fuller hou." jo stsmos, uncnc j jse, is of the producers respopkibleor the rebo. do e esodes erer we'll pop in and out. we're handing thehow over to peses very ableouou actresses. theyove into the hse a a have t t kids th''s'sind of stcd. >> it's s o is helngng r rse your kididbecause,
8:35 am
pants h h papaed away. >> you both have to smile. weren't t re. >> t tm d.d. on re >>epororr: it's a rolele versal the former kids of "full use" say they'rereeady for. it's about our l leseand that feels like the biggese transition olike, , ere'like a little bit of presssse for us. frosty cktail >> i rememberrhat it was like gring up and looking up tohe adadts on the setwanting theiei apprwval. oops. >> reporter: on "fululr hohoe," newly widowed d.j. tanner is g raraingger two sons and a baby boy alongside kimmy gibbler an her son. hohos your favoritst mbs? stephanie andncncesse. >hatit about uncle jesse? >> he's funny. when i first came, , m likeke hi, play max. he said,ot anyre. you'rereired. reporter: t cerinly no shortrtagag oumor oset.
8:36 am
he. here are you?u >> nothing hasngeded 25 years agogoe were like th>> good mornin >epepte lori loughlininthe beloveveau beckyagreeseses >>becky. please callebecky. >> becky, i like that. >> first d d i g here, i had the b%st t te. ipipughed so hard the first week, i usedmach muscles i'd n@ver used b bore. ^epororr: the show's s eators promis those stu tananr faly moments b bk. a nod to nostalgic fans. >ull house. fresh familyun for a aew genetion. >> kings and aces, fler house. iope it goes upupo 100 seasons. i t >> i thihahawould be gat of "f"f"f"fhous, th l b bagel of hisavorite ke >> oh,sh.. >> it isnetflix,atat nonetwork anyre. up next, who will walk away
8:37 am
8:38 am
8:39 am
with daveer.. 8:3838 > 38. we're back with more on th sundayay 8h acemawards gegethose off my head. > here with a previewf llywd's g ght and at you can expt idave karger, host of front runners on fandango good do see you. >> you, o. e have to ta about the cars controver i t af peoplere wondingow ahen cis ckhe hosttimhtake ion. issumee' going toakek ittt on. >> oh, sure, he'e' goioi to tak on at the top of t e show. all eyes wil on e eit-minute m mologog he does. he tested material at a tclub in los a aeles l week.& ( pepele who were there said he rerely did not hold ba.pthere is a bit abo howowartin luther k k k k. wod have thought about this conoversy d all at i think people arereoi to o alal what he been dog.he's the perfectctuy to be hosting this y yr.
8:40 am
acadady a litt nerus about whatate has to say. the speeeees w wl be a little different. peopop are going t tnotice someg. we'rusededo seei winnersrs g g upuphere a a ablblon andntntnknknk d tha andnd ank. they have a new feature. >> so they'v'pasd alale nominees to suit list of names in advance. if they wiwi whi they're e givini tir speech ere'an example ----hereilbe a scrollll -- tha you d d nash --( fo them to announce aame all the pelehey want to. is it goingo work i likhe idea. i don't think it's gogog toto wowo. . >> really? i'm pro-scroll. ihink it's a good idea. t ty're hing it'll prot pmoro momts of spspng fm the hehet. 's a h hd hahat toreak. opleave pete they thank. >> a youet nervo i get it. >>hi it'ork in se >et's'so predictions. a lot of people thinonardo dicaprioio caprio is a shhoin. >> of course, yeahah
8:41 am
times. he'll n the right pepeormance.he wasererc in "the revenant>> best actreses ws going to happ? >> brie larsrs for "room." real breakout star. she's won erythinl&ading g g d p. >> shas. ther so muchoverall support for the moe% which got a st director and be picture nination. >> i think people's s arts are with slylyllone. >> sure. even though he wasn't for.gugud award, peopleeeell like he should have w 39 y yrs ago w wn he wasas nominatat f "r"rky." even t tugh i w w bt pictutu h didid wi is way to rightha wrg. >> thet supporting actress is close? >> beteten kate winslet for r "steveobobobnd alicia vikanderer `for "the danish girl." kate winet won in the british acady awawds. butthe was not up against palicic. any time it's been alicia in "the danish girl" against kate, alicia wins.
8:42 am
>> b bt dirirtor and best cture. th don't alws go hand inn hand. on theheesttdidictct? tnkhey'll go hand in 0hand this me > >> i think ill go to the "revenant," first ever to win back to back best director. i "i thi evenant" hashe e ee.e. "mad m" willll a t. if you're doing ananacar pool. if history provov true, you'll be write on 9 of f e prprictions. >> i hipe so. >>t kakaer,, thank you. >> we'll he a a , , e e winns, fass,er parties everything monday on ay." natalie and al wilbe live in la. m mday morng. celebrating some of our heros in honor of ack history month.
8:43 am
8:44 am
8:45 am
we'rek a 8:44 with lookokg ck,oving forward, honono of blackistory montnt >> this morning we celelte thehe achievementsf&black americansns thatav mnt so much to ananll around t world. lack hisisry monthor me is$% try americann history. >>t gives u u a momenen to reflect n t t progres that we've made but also how far we have t t goo a sociy. ck historyryboutut pplewh he broke barrier in all deavors. >> whetheh it't' technogy the ar, sports. >> from p pitics popcultlte, black americans have lef suchh an indelible mark. >> the inaugururio o o prede obama in 2009,, i think, wne of those momentshat wilil foreve talk about. >> i don't think you had to be ack or a p pn of c coror appreciateteit. congratulations,r. president. [ applplse ] >> every spapaf g gen betwe thational mument and the lincoln mororllas c cered withthpeople.
8:46 am
mang its way to the cap koitol ildidi. everybody was excite and hcaught up in the moment. . hen he a rs. obama got ou of the car thesttimeme itlmososououn'tt register. p>> this isciting. >> i i renenberne carol w w the firir black actctss in history to star herer own television show >> i've just bnolol reririri to o clinic. >> i thoht t tt was thrilling $% a she w soobeautiful. she was just exite. thenenve of m favorite actors all timesydney portier, won an an oscar for beaeaiful movie.. a a mama >> a aomanho i resct andm `inwe ofas rubub bridges. there were so many pple chanti, twtw four, six, eight, we don't want t t intetee. shee didn't know s s w makin ory.y. shshwas s ing to
8:47 am
to signobin o a m leag ntract. thqh took guts. then nhe sheer talentsts of jackie nson who w wt on the f fld and playey to the hig level rownwnt him.m. anan set atandar above ytng anye h heen before. those two guys in combibition areelack history month t meme >> jessewensnd h h performanc at t1936 blili olpics. i have thi picture up in my office. i gives chills every time i look at it why was it sosignificant? jessewens won four g gd medals an ompichostst by adol hitler. the point was to showwff white suprprpry. at jesse owens did, the n of shararropper he disproved the entire theory. >> calvin was an imporornt figure to me in history. i' a huge golferer he didn't start playizi u u he was 24, from detroit. i remember seeeegim as @kiki wanghgim walal out there o
8:48 am
not a tremendousmount of africaameranan loloefefe tig ods. amazingghattd g on to a piqn golfer >>cb hisry isbout aman h htotohe t are inseble.e. w w we scris the iumpha moments and the difficultomenen are a a pt of w we are. >> one of my favorjte mtin ther kini quotes is the marc the mor universrs is@ lo, but i bends towar stice. i think there's's lot @f work to do, but i thinknk t tre a lot of things to be proud, as well. toooerand some of the terrrrlehings thaha have happpped in thihi country and the sufferingghat h h h happened i this country. but also t greathings a the g gatat people that have risis th >> once youno yourr history, you'ue a betet p psonor >> i h is inrtned, so you loooot whwh accomplishments have been made, they reall are american accomplishnts. >> that's the iortance o o black hisisry month. fofo af uss to be forer rereed ofhosese ntritions.
8:49 am
interestin choices. abablutely >> from evyone. c cing upn weekend today, shnelle is gng t share her family's iluenen on chita, kansas. comomg ,,, w wre sending
8:50 am
8:51 am
padventure toangele rir,hi "today" onc. > welcome bk to"today." morning long,, we've had a lile arts and craftssrojectct gogg . we have en bedazzzjnghg my ot. weweave ericic diyexrt, under of p.s. i she'ssbeen doing the honors. >>hi. >> hi >> here's ourig veal. >> what dou thin > love as a liltleecial sog. >> i wand it to be taststul goesiteverything, like a neutral. >> it is. >> crystalssre neutral. did@ youounow at? i didn't b i i impressed by w stleou kept it. i thought it wawawa going to be >> waiai minute. there's something speci on the backside. >> that's cool.. >> superman. >> everybody needs monogram i their fe. >> thahahaou so much. >> of course. . >> here' the deal, it's tiononle and fashioe. >> if you wano leara how to do oit,, maybe not on a mal pboot but other things, go to
8:52 am
thth >> ocourse. > love ot/ur big coco andend lucky folks to los angeles for the long lp day end. peoplelecame, bagpacked, a a a th osters to tell us hhey woul spe the extra 24 ur>>render, the trippncludede threnit stata at the lin hotel. biddour the beach. and a dinner atfilie, t t orange. all courtesy of diover los .angeles. >> if you wearhear your me, ce rward withouou poster andn suitcase to r reive your ticket. nnifif and rebebea. these are iends tha d dveve rom delawaret 1:00 a. jennifer is aance surviv. >>ll right!
8:53 am
>>ongrgrulations, y've g gng to ! >> thank you, thank you,hanknk youo >> come or here. wayoo go. wait, wa[a, themore. tindndd gan. they're collegeroommatete theye noneyey for travel so they recreated l.a. landmarks they want toisit usingrops at home. pcongngtulation laes. >> thank u. >> comom oveve here. >> y'r g gngo l.!! happ lpy. >> wait, there'smore! keeee going. >> where are kim and amanda? hopivg to surpriseheir daught who moved to l.a. in june. m has nevere beeee to los angeges. that's a rea goo poster. >> l it >> ngratulalaons! >> ready to rock? >> here you go.
8:54 am
> more? yeah >> allririri leah andndfrey hehehethey're celebrating the 25th anniy. they'reeopingnid doot throww house party on n e way.& reyas never been to california. pcomen over, leah a ffy! > last but least -- that'srighghwe haveabeth. elelabeth, arereou here? she's coming.she's i new yor for a nference. she decided she really needs sometacocococo she's flying lo. elizabedh, c cn do.u e going toa.e heragag packed >>eyll haveheirir bags packed. >eady to rock. >> thank you. happy l day year. happy tripp to los angeles. a great me. all right? gogo to seeou. ha fun.
8:55 am
>> congratulations. yup. >> to all our @winners.
8:56 am
>> you guy excitit? plause ] gl to o ve y ado have youith us. cocong up on the topf f e hour, i'm shelne c ckrkrl with a lo at your l lal heads..... a mawho barricadedimie si a home in fountain is in stody. the e po county s s sff's offi h identified the suspect as damon brime the incident hpepeearlrl thth morng at a home nr r colonial dve and coloniaialane in@nountain.
8:57 am
warrananfodnappi.. felony m macing and assat with adly weapon. weave new information onon sterday's ofceinvolved shooting in evans. investigators y the man kied by police. shouted "shoot me - ki me"e"e" and d red atfficers duriri the confrontatioio evevevpoli responded to a tpesspassing call l ound 1:30 day morning highway 85... whwh twouspects startete running.. one man was a2restst... investigators y that othth suspect turned and shot at officers... o returned fir killing t man. no one elswas hurt. the names s thefficics and the suspects have nonobeen released. chief morning meteorologis-- stepn boweoins unow w th a lookour cal l recaststs8 epepn.n. highs temperereres today wl be in the 50s and 60s beath a nny sky, w wwarm quickly this morning through the 2020and d s and almosto 50 by 10 a noon will be in the e wer and myddle 5 around colorado springand monument. pupulo and con city closer to 60. expect 50s and 6 through the afteteoon, t tn we will be
8:58 am
and into the upper 30s and lower
8:59 am
9:00 am
thi >> this morning o o "today's take ed harr, one of hollood's bgeststars, wh a new role that is arue familyy affa. thene' eadede to sth giadad >8 w w w y reaor t acacywawas withan o oarar showdo. all thatnd moreoming up nw. annnnncer: from nb news, this i i "today's tata withl roker,atal ras,iwlie istnd tamron hall, live fro studio 1an rockefeller plaza. >> wcome to "today." friday morninebruary 26th, feeling a little more likik winter todayayhan itas this pweek. i'm willie alongith tae. lan dreyerer wh
9:01 am
presidti campaign. isnnmi fheouth be winend food stival 'l talk to al. he'l ged cng with giada in few minutes. dylan, new chose the m. >> "queen of thenit,"it whitney uston. gets you fireded up on a friray. >>throwback. >> i l leitit >> where does it come from? itreat song but -- you get it in your head. youoll be queen of the night tonighgh i'll be in bed by 8:00 but -- gews me fired upt 6:00 p.m. >> we have ed harris o the show >> we wewe equally, like fariteovieie o h "apollo 13." h s cool hehe in a play with hfe. c't wait t t t t e a a little bit. we haveoalkbout the repuan debate last night in manan people he been calli arco rubio and ted cruru to go a&aeronol trump. they said, i it too late? what are i wting for? well, marco rubioid not wait
9:02 am
st right out of thee box, going very strongly at donald trum re sample of somom of th exchanafs between the three. >> five thin. evyones s mb. hehel makeme greatagain. win,n, win, win. wiwig in the polls. enator rubio -- >> inheritit $200 million. heheriteded $200 million, you knoww where tmp would bebe llllg watches andndts. i i find it amazingd dond ump thinks hee discovered the issue ofllegal immigratioio when i ran for the state of texas, i pmised tod the fightst amnene in 2020hen i wawaeang t ghghgh against theang of 8 amnesty ,re was donald? he was firing dennini rodman o o "celebrity apprentice." >>hat't'ust a tiny splef
9:03 am
u heardrubio's ,, t tt dold trump would actually selling watat in nrk, bally sayinie'd b a huler ocacal street. nowarcoubioio has a shattered watch o his page. he sredoints wite audien.en r wen a aerim f legedlyyirg illegal worke at his resost. y/ye e onlyersos# the stage at hasaseen fid for hiring pple toorn yo ojecec illllally. >> i'm the only one o thetage that has hired p pple. you u ven'n'hihid anybody. o marcoio came loaded he had a lot of opposionn research.. talked trump university, ek abobo why arer cothehe made in m micndndnd china if y say theobs a a goi there. >> hedid. the estion is,p a lot of people are aski dtt ho itt debate. >> a this poin trumpso far ahead of everybody else. e g question is, c c they even make up the groun thaha hasbeen lost all ong?
9:04 am
days away. the evening's viral quote came from carson o rlacici antonon scia. >> i wld lk at wt a lif has en. what he t fy done in thee past? what judgmenenavav they made? what assoctis do ty have? theyillell you more than a inteiewill tell yo the fruit salad of their life iss what would look at >>he fruit salad of their - life. dr. carsonnfter the debate lling a reporter he misqsqte a bibifvrse, matth 7:. by the fruit, you will recognize them. a lot of peopleal aut that. >> heated and fed u bate. pele will s s how itt plays out on supertuday.y. > lot o people hado turn it o because iwas toooo much ck and foh. justighting a ascreaming. >> thereas a l of screaming. at o point,tl it got to th point where you couldn' even undetandho was talking or at they sasang. >> a a lot of ovlk. >> w see if tters.
9:05 am
edtions, o edons, ande'll s if ey pan out. let's goo through somee of e big nominees. starting with best bikture turepicturur nominee. theig short, bridge of spieieie pooklyn "mamax: fur," the martian, the revenant, room and otligh that it,right? >> yuyu >>ere are our prprprtitis. willie and natatie choosing spotligh al wentith the revenant, and d,too.mronen witth big sht. ihinknd alre obably ri >> i think everybodys ayg that's goi t wi reven wonon t golde globe best a. e martjbn won b%st cam omed >> screen actors bui went to spotlight. thatort of determines how peersnk of thfilm.>> ion kn >> ty're all gooes all those nominates arareat bu they're vtlyy dierer
9:06 am
ples and oranges. 0 >> tow in the m for good memeure. >> the renant was out leo, one man,peaking up. >>he is also up for the best actor nominee, along w brybn cranston cron, matt mon, michael fassnd ssbend and eddiemayne. mosos people are sayg leo is ingo get it->> he' wanted so badly and served itor other performanc. is time hopefullye'll finay get it >> ist w i vot for h for thevan and the best acr and i haven sn the e yet? i've hrd much abo >> you have to. >> theuz is great. >> best actress nomine. cate blanchett, brie larson, nnifer wrence, charlotte
9:07 am
i i w whhou t td m m t t forere d. everyone everyone brbr >avav't't seeee oom"m" e e errr i i i h h h g gdd >hat h houououououou? it'ss grerehahahau'reg .. didee "paullll blarar mall cop 2"? it's o w iomine rai istiale, ffo, m ryrance, s ister al eviousin stallone>>enmental but @dle.$>e ife enn'ttn. ls gollln "
9:08 am
vivinder. >>hy am leading t? - jt'( folien. ate wanslet. 0 p>> dave carter@raid this@is ca thaould be surpri@wllie, you s sd katee @ jo." and i went wiwi alalal kander. "t danish girl," she was alst equly as iortant a thle acto as edd redmayne. ron went with rooney mara. i w wt t jennifer soleh and i actuall s"the hateful eight." an i inteiewe her and i likeke her. >at asons. >> w allll realal wexwenestst v b parereinmomes, tngsse're tud ofalal although we cld s sehowgh tt theex day. so you all respond.
9:09 am
thoanyf youriewer fas, a well beck saider fail was whenner dahter gets h h ears erceandruptste eeachesnto her purse for ssueing cept a ma d , tisllha blbl you nose3 lent t tgh frien ekeked her so cowi moay w wt has? e get calalro aam cor sumuer .told her tha ththas,ho is8, had two ened bud wweisers in bapack. >> ts my l dy right there. >> asey adonon 1-ararld apparently@ wasas giving her run for h j mo she put her sonh i time ottime-o into the play roomith her ppy. shentoakar laundrmeskllslipo.
9:10 am
no, the 1-year-old had poop in his utut eg g up iinguppy po. >> wn't his own? >> puppy's. >> i don'n think it matters whose it was.s. wanted the deta ( >> the a lot ofe lated toory.y.youer re,dy but al timimhen h and deborah were iimateeeis daug was watching.anyway, one o o vrs also id they shad that experience. we'llet tt sty. myusnd a wereimat andrdmack a3-hter v saidat'sp, da e had smackyyy hnd on sarototmo getis ntn. atates f fm brda brenen. . . > out mo, h? >>wow. ur tthare.>>ove them.%anuungonestith us a . i hoptelt as erybyb lss it d to y.y.
9:11 am
chekre the momtsith people >ndre embarssut hao spillmatnal televisionyeah> , wt's gn down the? >> wo yeah. >> well, i'm a toick a supreme court ice r breakfast brast..le fruitalad here >> ,ok. g it. p>> youeeha i d the? anyway -- >> comes f fci. ltlethrowbacac tre anyw, we doger f t sout beach 15 annual win and foodd festival h, of couruf, is gng to be tonight and through e weekend. beach,h, pool de, t too bad. it's liteoolut i'm not going to complain b bause i know 's31egrees the. t'showou w go on forod as fafaasas yourureaths coerd. we eveok
9:12 am
ou ma an, w ta possibl co-bakg erates erly rrow,,llee warmth. temperature20 ss 10 to 20rges above averere. uld be 20 to 30 degreesesbobos above averagen spots. sunday,,e'reng to be talking about more warm weather comi i . antoastyty,toty. e com ckrereoioito b b meet se of the fababou chefs here, including troubl trouble with a capal "t." >> t troubling trio of chefs for you.
9:13 am
in u unn >> he w w b bk wi sfauslo c. avrd frienen nal >> good morning. >> we've alsos got george mendez. >>ood morning. nd ii t tnk you s suld change ur name to jada las ves. i did. my new name. >> youe comimim downo this uthheaea winin andnd fd festival. at is it aboutp this t tt makeses yop comgback ex?>>or >> a axpe resuranan h he w. >> yes. t'seallfuhonestly, kn,re n
9:14 am
'sometetngut mii. pthe energy, the ingredies, ocean, all togeer. it's the ocean r, i inin down hehe.i think tt it'ss chance foror. evevybody totoet togogher o enjo thehehmeth w w fo and wine,, andnd all of u u who don'tt norll get t thhe>>s t wer f >> solu. >> running phh ahe ean, c on. >>'m making a patty melt f the br bash. i eect your tes. >> oh! i think you've got tricks up yo slslsl. >> i >> ready to go. >> you'll havav a secret inedient. >> i . you ow what it is? ada las vegas.ys,ll@q com upup wha exaxare yri there,friept'shece ofgiadaas gas. >> ohy goododss. . . >> , boy. >> save somom forme, al. i'll be there soon. >> thaticke in quickly.
9:15 am
te key to her past on the hit c serie "blindspot." canamieie alexander identifythe ink ofda ays agoast thkingoudaheas thiing g ousints buw w 'sakgtebi-fx,and ticing a real erence in his joint comrt.
9:16 am
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9:17 am
so fluffd d ir calorie obsbs.light fifefere e increase speed, fu thrhrtle! (or intercom) ) n, arere u comong in? negative! stay on target. what are you guys doin artoo, thrusters! they'r'r osininin i'll guard the basas for every family thatlis star wars, thth is s e place whereestar wars lives. where a galaxy far,r,ar away... s closer than ever befe. me join star warar awakens. now at walt didiey sort (from wi)hypepace! > s s > spe i i you'veead this baba drdrm.m. you have to climb naked and tattooed out of a body bag in the middle of times squarere( that's how thingss got started in thewewnbc seri!"b"bndspot." >> i've had the nedam i thef times square
9:18 am
>>am alexander, or jane e, isrying tuncode t steriousatto tter her entire body. >>heaseset more and m#ue dangerou ththototavid how muchchongerntil somne el getshrt? wre not donon uilerehetattoos, who did pth to you. >> somethingappened t you. know what i signed up r. pwell know risks. if you don't wan toome out i theie with us anymore, juju - - >> no, no, tha not -- donon yoyo ever wry that we're playing right into their hands? jamie, good mrninin s niceo ha you here. pod morning. >> willie broug it u u uringg er,hatd thisho te erybo was `okededmediel is it aboww sredkiboit? me.
9:19 am
e is tooktrrdaryce a m relatable. 's allhis that we go thugh. thgs that we exence.. itus ightened.. i thinkt's what rk >> as the season progresses you learnach tattoos a a r r mapap to something that't' going to happen.>>mm. >> are we g g gng anyp closese t t kninin who put all these tatts on your body? >> oh ye we homom ma mor anermi,venthe first eck whi i monday nit. 10:00 p.m. on nbnb an it's so tisfng. en get hooked on a show, get s/ angry when they te forever to e elain something. ririt. >>s sholiterally,y epod two,ounewtata ppening. evene rheript'mke,w, oka we're g t do . all ght. >>odod >> a lote action. we aually factoto a lot more humorntthe as you c see, it't' emely innse.
9:20 am
>> iemsese t t oo re woman cmbingut of a dy bag, t ttooe andaked on times uare. i was like, i am. wh is hapning on thi show? we have to talk about the ttoos. yoyohave real tattoos on your own. thne on yourr nececss n real. for theow. >> yet. >> not real yet, exa[tly. >> beautiful tattoo. >> thank you. m not sure what it t is. i call it aoc g d be b% aveve >> mkiy. >omhingitehunger gagas" gas". tes a a sennd a h to theyust is. he tbe car h piece evething totother. one orwo pieces a a off, the whole bodys off a they're n in the righth sp. thatat a pain. >> canany dothihi youer sleeping? >> i wish. i wish iocfl be in a zo gvity situation. iitand up ly. it's w wter o our sw now,o
9:21 am
>>hat lps. utut down the keup me.haha a azingmakeup artist, oo,nd she l ms thnde aundn a st silly music. it's a a goooo titi >> doe ve te for o tataoo? >> ceb tattoo >> can you identifyjt? we'll l. ledap>> pl oututslowlyly >>f y yon't raw -- >> s. >> let's do one momomo >> t ts is good e. `youssonon o oer hand, helel mimien?>> y got it. >> i thought i ias going to fail th. . >> jamie alexander,r, thanknku.. lind"" pksponday night 10100/9:00 central. jamie will be answering y yr questions on facebookive the next 15 minutes.s. go to faceceokom/"/"day's take." get at it.
9:22 am
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9:25 am
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ybewk. >> aking a lookt the adlines, the gunman o killed three people anb wounded 1 1pothers in kansas thursday nit had just been servedder of prection in a domestic olence case. this morning a sheriff revevled thats the likely tiveve officials s cedcord shot and wounded threeee pple while driving tohe ftory where he woed. he then stormed the plant, shooting 15 people inside. rd whoad a cminal record diedn@he shoot-out with the police officer. surgeons in cleveland have performed the first erus tranlant. a new frontier that aims to give
9:31 am
the nineour surgefy wawa perform m d an 26-year-old woman using uterus f fm a deceased donor. ey announced thehed attpt in a clinical trial. sw rorted the first ccecsful birth back in 2014. aaaal of five healthy babies so far. > ll, if you're looking to save aittle meynuto % insurance y might wantt to give ththonda o ossey a test drive. that'sccordi to's analkings vehicles vehicles to insure. theondadyssey costsn erage of $1,100 a yearar the cr-v lx washeheh second. wh's the mosos expxpxpve (( vehiclee to insure? e dodge gt viper,veragi mo tn $4,000 a year. > a rare beatles recording has been tucked away for 50 years is going on the ati block n nt month. e demo disc hos twtw songs hellll littl girl andnd version
9:32 am
another early liverpool an mucian. it isalled a holy g gil item and ththskis the lititnce e the bidding starts. t'get a check of the weather. mr roker in southbeach, miami, where i will be soonon >>hat's right. wewere waiting fororou because i need you to help b bbe some other meanwhile, meanwhile, we're gettingeady for the fish tacos. shs goa knife. as far as the weekend weather, look at saturd p>> goodeatherroundhe countr >> it wille pretty nic sardaythings are kinof qn n n tarday.plty ofsunshine, recororighs ininheheins.s.. lookor sine in t pasific est all the way intoto soutrnrnifa. nd, sund looki a more rerdighshs ming t tir way agai
9:33 am
on io thehet, new england, dow on int xa hey,y, what out the oscar sunny, light winds fhe reded carpet. 76re. legas??. >> n n in lavegas. at's rig. >> >> giadad cleaned her handsddnd >> now what? >> giada has caned her hands.s. evererhihi i ready.
9:34 am
>> that unds delicious. well, edeharris is one of the mostecognizable faces in holl_wd, appearingnr 80 telesion shows and filmsveve the c crs of h h career. >>e haveo many favotes,oo herey are in 23 secocos. >> best d the fine. >> tim are tight. >> co-conspirator. >> gentlemen, that's not acceptable. >> i tried. >> lookingor inght. >> be wiwi 100,000. >> it's fe. >> i4is time. you tell me. howomuch? >> i thearshsh. y're aifficuon. >>verybody is in tirplace. >> great to see it the full and proper conte. ed is back on ste e the litzerriinning s sw "buried "bied child." t's justay a coupl of closets are fulul ofseletons.
9:35 am
rivava about 20 years ag for people who haven't sn it, set t t s@ene about the family. >> itakes place inn farmhouse ininouthern illinois.( li you say it's a rather dysfunctional family. there's a family sect ey have been living with that's torn thehey apart. and it justind o& -- - e play unravels o othrereacts and you kind offint what has keplace in t t past.ere's a l o humorn it but it's a ao very dark. actually beautifully written. u knowitit -- sas lang thththtiteaeay l. kw p h alsry h and very rich it's'seallllfun to woron use e ery ght deeper and deeeer.youond >s got to ben, tha your own wife, a ga pys your stage wife. what's it like? >> amymy and worngether again. we did a play a coupleears ago t same group, a newew g g eater, god kwco
9:36 am
asked i i we wanted to d d uried child"ogether and we said, sure. it'sreat workingogethe because we sre wha w wre doing toto. actctssssnd i >> you m onnheage?e? >> we metoing a playyeah.. rehearsasa in was a big circle of -- seserclelef seses. ere was an e e e cha nexto me. she was te. i never seeeehihi woman before shsh walked a ad everybodydy and sat down nexexo me.she hadad reallyolorful soc n. my line ike your cks. th was the biggest tinin >> that wassit. . >> yeyeye 8cic pickup linene i likeour socks. i think whenou'r'r'r edharris, worksetterhaha t rest s say,ikeeourr sockck wewe wated the monta of clips from y yr re.
9:37 am
it's hard to pick a favorite. on't sle "don't sleep n't sleep o o o the rotk by the wawa su@ou off. "allo " m my mes, the vcr br i watched it and rewoundt over and over. i'm still obsessed with . >> go >> dony of thoserojectsjump ouou >>"pollock," w w wd on it years and directed thehe ing. rst time i directed a film. ititas my baby. it hel u over the years. we shot i i '9 think. mroudthat. anthe beethov film, is a real chage f f,, working th my good friv holld. not many people have seenhe film but i felt good about what i did in it.x. >> you'v hadadn incredible careef andt continues on the stage. "buried child" is here in new york throu april 3rd.
9:38 am
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9:42 am
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9:43 am
snapper, a a fileted fis we're ming up cuban and saltlt we goi tout it overrhe fish. it'l sck like that aeded flavkind ofdds a litite carieann - >> like ard rururu >> exactly. what is this? >> inoa. >> you problyyata. i do. little - >> littte seedsdsnd it coaoa . you putut it in theotoil. >> great idea. t ackles, like h hing r puffs on the outside. nicecend crispy. glutenenre a does that. adds a lot of flavor. while that cooks, i m me a little saladad of grapefruits. again,@ nice and lilit. egf efru pee, l ihowed youou eaier, andhen you s sment it. >> h long do you cook each side? depends on t thicess. this onene is thin so pbably three mimites. >>cool. > addick of ices
9:44 am
salt andcilint.>> vernice. >>ix i all together now, just to additbitf juice, i usuallylylyee grapefruit and go or thetop. it's p pttyt and ks nicece. avocado, it.( t tk pit o o eaieieielime lime juice. zest, salt, mix it togethernd do this. except you need thifirst. $% >> right, ur base. >> remember we talked about, y y re gng tmama the avocado. >> i ion't't recall . will deny . >o ah and smememen the bottom. sm >> then takak a pie off fish. >> then >> then put some of this on top? >> put the salad rht on top.p. if y want to you can toast the quinoa inn a pan,n,ry pa and put it onn to >> wow. >>hat't' it.
9:45 am
i le it. >> finish i i@ off. patay. >> mytyty melt. >>ing tot checkckut if i votingng fororr patty melt someone else's's >> i loveyou. >> gonna cost ya, al. >> natalie is coming down,, as she'e' judgino. cing up, hea to head poscar trivia who kno more? man, willie, o dyla find out when we come back. skincare now becomes skinactive. negaier inactive introducinclrlrlbrighter a neactitioier totoghghn dulllln. packck wititananoxidant vitan end l. cly brht does momomoan moistit activy smoothes, boosts radiaiae d protec with spf 15. clinicallyroven. see briger skin in jusone we. neneclearly brig fr gararernaive.
9:46 am
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9:49 am
life as spokesbox is great. people l le e& favinthem ov halala grand enhey switch to progreive.e. so i'm dabbling in new venens. was board-game ghght th theai lama. great guy. terrrrle p pyer. o paess don't strtrs,irl i got the discounts that you need it's a balancing act, bui gogototoive thople what they wawa ---, more box. any word for the critics? whwh can i say critties gonna neg [ applause ] e what?! [ laughs oscars are this sunday so `brouout ina.j.adlawa to give% us trivia. >> who isourroneyon? >> on you. >> hey, didn'no at. >good, take i i away. >> reada\ >> yeah. >>scsbs showowwn the nominees, who won t m mt %
9:50 am
idn'tt even -- do i i wait?d t tquti. momowards f the best actoto memerere. >> oh. >> will? >>pburn. >> kathahaneheheurn. meryl streep has theososos nominates,1255,5, but onl 2 2 2. >> theooahea>>en of mbs,, returnofheheki,men beau. the award g to,he lt to eep the big five, w wch i i --- >> silce of the lambs. wow. >> absolutely corrt. >> good. >> iou say, they swe the big five ewards of actor actotress, a piure.e. nextxtquestion,obert redford and leonardo diprio.. acting nominatns without
9:51 am
>> o. >>no? >> close. he h hix minations. >> o'toole. >> didhehe buzz?& >> she did. >>eer ooole >>ok. ae w ti? t nominions`sre billy crystal crcrtal, johnny cson bob hopepe thih cic ht tded the oscarshe ststtime >> b blycrysysl. >> ohnnycarson >>ob hope! >> prorossss of elelatiwiw > absopututy righgh 18 mes,, bobob hoho. >> 18?>> 18tis. azing. >> i d dn't knowwhat ansr tough. >> billy ystal.l. >> kw it. i was going too guess that.
9:52 am
e award goeoe to the yout tover t oscars. >> jodiefoster. >> . >> friendsl j. law. >> geist ma >> jennifer laence. so the youngest toin witit four nonaons. nnif lalaence thoms are john fo stev spielberg and orsese.&is man wonostt oars for st direct. >>artinscorse. >> . one m me. >spielblbg. pr seszocess o eliminatioio >>t was t one? >> johnnford.. >>he you go what wasshe >> iovehahaouou did that. >ll right. weavee winner. >> it, i didn't win. nanalie, youavoive your eech. comep herere your accepeespeech.
9:53 am
dylan, wlie ist, a.j. fab youu dydyn, wlie geist, fab youulo producingam. mom. loveeyo m. piedn m m frorc
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thisiss "today" on dylan,hat't't' coming up p is eken >> we've been doing the u u for the job internship. shei and i got thehe chance to be in for rascaca flatts. they were uor ything. gavevesiduls orders for ininn-ou bubrger. handed a guitar live duringconcnct. that was very excitingng g ghandndnd i d. >> t``ave you flowewe >> i knonnthey'rn m m desk now. thank you in advanc i hav't seehem t.
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