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tv   Today  NBC  February 29, 2016 10:00am-11:00am MST

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j j gatherhemm a is% - iss "today." withlee gind hoda `tb, live f fm studio 1a ckeller aza. >>ehould have tommy onn camera. helllleverybody. bebenning avenue week. ndaymo. 29t. happyyeapday. eap dayay is big for people who airthday today.they haven't been able to celebr fr`years. >>hihi called "rkbottom."." gotot a bighow and big surprise to telel y abo in mitete tim sacksksseritss bubu andnifeararar en her silence aboutut e eing her marriage tl ben.& >> thion you didn'tee last night.
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wh she doeoe this wh her red caredos. alwaysasreat idea >>fnotpomebeby has beenick wihelund @ peopop have b droppike fls, we'll tellou whyt seems be so bhis plushat w w aboutv and allerseason. e havey. >> w wveevereronhi before. in honor leapday. youuyssked use why areour tal s shortr w w we have momomo we have commercis. we can'n' we have t throw toomnciall breaks to@ak ney. possibl some ll >> n today. >> at l l ithe first0 minus. folklk i i our k kchenre t ting at they@yre fromcannexpres he > my caras burningver the - ekene.i have order som m me outdr furniture.( h-h-ing. no w wder y gs have big
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> they @ght thehree nute commeial break so w get to cnue to talal l le o o pair. you know howhaveeeur chch it's goioi to beonger and then usuallhere's a commmmmmal. an thehe haveo 'll ay he'll be right ba. you'llatch i i t commerer breatc them movov o bles, l our rdrinks d hat w do as wepare. no brere for hoda >> s soe getetet m me out l aning h i. weoz feed. a so funny.y. >> they lisdome of the ways we can g goreethe lili here ty are. inclg`heseththgs. ememacacac t tesealf th - wiwi. summoning tissueu o the gods>>eeerry is not there. >>8sual they come downwn >> dsn't alw work.
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>> lking up p p he or tha yo timing in showes i a newhinge. >> thaha you, mybabaing. >> speciocktlsor lpyear. th was innted byhe savovo hotehotol f leap year. ylaim this cocail is sponsie fororeeropols anny oerdrink. >> tteteteit... >> i i it t sines big me. >> youou suldririhe w wle ththg bseou'reot feeli well. r thoinuses by >> it'sind o od. fou weratggghehe oscars last nhththt --y theway,
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ptheescar ratin youere woering thearly r rorts were ydown.stear wasas b d year a a this yea t t tdrererenanu shod ler thaast year. i'm b bndicationf th typefeoplet were wahingur itt off after chri ro. dididikik t oni at all. htht wa much basicay becau the old justbo iangry. you know i iissbx cryut so m eegener, someme who me hay. i kw t tyo addresshe susuect a did in fai nded w for re. >> i thought he wasvnnnn >> thoughtsunnd he mage tddrerell t diffffent sff tt i thought s fair. aldbohow,ou owow ehe w wen't anylack acto orctcfsseseses ninated@ a talked abo w w thehe are separa categorie for women andmen. thoug and he was lot o fu
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>> i'm here at the amymy awards.. otheheise known as the w peop's c cice ar. realizef they ninatat hwests i woun' egetge get - - nominated h i wouldn't wouldngnet nononated. >> you need to helack tegoes. you already do i with men a wowon. thini a aut it. eroeal r rso for there to bean and a woman category in acting come on. thths noreason. it's not track and feld. you donave t sepepate thth. robebe deno has nerer saidd i
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rystepep catch. >ven theceptf havg bloordation theav as categieppoondve minoriry. you know what is gotbe the bestrfrfmaes ople votot psonally w wt ty thght wheestt performanc ihink thergent toos st g ge moree oortunityty theran be me pfoances you canse, seoplpl wi have >>t't' fair>>re's bn so much chae in this business. it's gngngheigy. it mayake lger se peop nt. but ultatel i wt the best peon to eest perfoanan n. everyeou aeeith that >> i't t tnk soso`o >> i do.. thi t twawahe bes peorma i feel a lot o t t ty ng l ofeoe donon havey omi totot act fil bec it dsn't f this pcu cract soo thon havess manan oppounitits when youou d't havesan chances you don't ve as much,,hanc t n. >>on kn,hoda.iisren at.
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alttor the beer.>> let's m me o tohallll w s carrfashsh itas g. ys.>>okay. so thehe aom the dresses. >> d d you noticee end?d >> saw a lf bricocors >> all forring. youov this rht here >> ihougug s w tal a aut breath of f fsh air. sheeooke beautyfufu alic kander age opriate. e's young,fr britliant. iiust touno shs wasn'trying tng sexpot. sheeookeddd le she w w celebration. >> i l naomii watts. >> s's's a beautif gigi > i thought she looke t. me peopleeook great in everhing. she's onef them. >> sheefiniteldid.>> and oliviamunn. >> it s elegant. looks le ralph lauren or
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>> chrissysy teigenini loodht. 8 h a her husband. >>hehe littl mermaid. pcouldn't wk in it >> loooo how eet. these areome t fits pe areebating over. carrieashington andeidilum were on the not so hot lt cordrdg to many. > car i l mosos t t t. ookeddoooo muc s s was goioutt as awawaio you knkn it. i don't k k wt sheasinin idi. shehe lot f at pr in the '6s a a at pwawaing down memy lala. bobbie wl d tha ing. >> mt beautiful won. jimmy mmel. he's's h hhis lon runningeud >> it xs real?
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e'e' madad fununimtt nit b@lelmasinte he d a s s s se forjimm les take a look. >> plelee welcomomben afflflk. >> what is going o ? >>thanks p>> what you got aonke under therer someing? wh'sn re? pp it's movivi. >> are you touching me.
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that is t auest segment. this is not a guest pean>> this is azing.>> vy cute.>> whasshe feud about?>> w%onknow. >> okay. right not@is i i when we rm oo commel eak.but you know what? thanks to americaca expressss y ys are gettinghree more s of us. pwe'll t t t teeinute clclk because we're not gngngo eakk yet. >> soous down. >>ee g t r r nutes.s the new seaean o o "the voe" cked off bnd we we- >>ing tonight. >> k offtonight. we were in lhe makeup room with carson t taynd we asked him some ver impmptantnt queueions ababt the cos. tak a a lookok >> who cururs t tmost >> w who there's an easy - answer hehe. ththth is adam vine.he c cpepe l a sailor. >> who would you want to go on cation withth% or haveou
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he's's sozen. pevererne is s s c cttykath >hon t t t phonehe st? >> tt's aoodldl estion who i thehone t most.>> asookingdo. >> wld h to blakak>>really?? >>er into ms ges hsese ahe me.hohohoon. back this wle thing. that's hheneng. he's constantly googlin hhelf. lookhat they are sayaygbo now. at>> that t s n.n. all right. ififou c't ged enough of that d who canherere more o t tt vio onfacebook.. "the voicicic the basasine auditions sta tonig at 8:8:, 7:000bentral right here o o c.
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come inurmimi.>> b b news. >> wrlb.>> affia in northcaroro. are gger. >>hiss o y'veenp telngme>>8ic i i ariejd ofee andddks at this station. this stati domates a a new in tton. so now -- >> whaha a a w doi on i >> i d't know. 're part ofhem w. a biig tha y and welcome. gladou guyssre watin uss for the f ftime. we'reeocited. what aay for t to be tuning in. what the hecs this train wrk? >> wt is trara eck. >>ou've been in quite f maganes.s. then then "christianity today.y. lookho sith aice urend stimy, kathie e giffff again. cananetenoughgg n ndwitchehe
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this i whappens. we'll stand up. do whaha you do wh these guyuy do is ty - - >> savehe wine,sal. >> youan mine?< >> takeine@ o. >>yese down. and now they e g gng to reset for ---hank you. these are our new cardrd okay. thank you. >> we justry o get oututthe y. >>ardest-workinguys i ithe rlt. we le youou guys. >lmost time foror tachey ve`e`eet upp the pe. owas heheoitititgogo jey,y, igogo. this i i what we do. >>exactly.
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not on camerer in front of millions peoplplpl > 155 second > 15 ses, everybody. >> s snd by for buzz.>>lo ex >> >> and boomom sosour fendnd "entertainment weekly" senior writeteimim sk is heree withp the j icy gossip. >> that's pretty amazg. od job. you're hererh a t t juiuygossip. t'sc staed w wsc nt soeoeerecoedn oars a g@d scy dashshrom well stacehhhh@s a personity, iyou will. tt s's a cmen foxox ws t shehe ann actressut
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saidlack histototh didn't needo be in extencnc@ nor b.t.t.ecausehe tught t crtetegregation. chris rock brought herer out as a joke this is tht new ambassado f ouch for diverse attempt she came out and said ian't it to helpeveryone. >> didtt fall flat >> yeah. >> think it was o bause she's a aery polarizin because, obvious, wh she speaks of is cray crcr. >> nototrybody thihis s's cray crayay >> wel - - ioingng t she'e'rara ay. >> ay. t i dov clss i thoht pple dididtunun- d'think pple dedeod t t tke wasng a a jokendt flat lalhboutut leoeo decapr.. o asazgta him? katat winsnsns sh was gazing at m. as gazingtimoo in ho won finanay. he was nononated f@ a a oar
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wait f f h. and he g up, think everyo -re was standg ovation.n. it wust li, eryoneoveses himi b b kate wslet was ver adoringny lookiki at him. th's'sis titanicic co-sr and great frie. tere shehe is. that's herusbandut s s's fcud on leo. >> whatid everyone t(jnk abobo sly stuoneot getti- >> i wasasbummed. i thoht c w crible.but i think,klands is a ry alaimed actor.he's mostlynown for stage work but -- >> illilit. >> it's a bumumr becec s,s,s was erlookok y y a a fororocky h was overoked ain. sas stenbe a tom h hks fof fhehemovie. that'wh i, sometes 's nour year. i thi it was a bad title bridgege spies tha seems likik a rkety idge.
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what was t wst o o yearar thehe t t huhuawardshat honor thth for the year. 50 sha ofy w a big - wiwier/loser. they nabbed five winsns clud tie@stic four foror worst of thyear. dakotq johnson w w wor actress. wot screen pl, but it's- it made so mh money. >>he's more ngng --->> they're shootinin next two right now. >>id 500 shade the m m minated- > yes tly. i wasn't their yearar t weeke d d getet - - ad so didiedredmayne. won a razzy.
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morng and i w a a aaward. ennifer garner was i "vanity fafair" sheilled. >> she is oting aovov mies fromhefavenenen she shohod up loong hothich is theest renge.e. >> i like that. soup's hot. iike to abbreviate things. anyways s s reveveed - - she said a lot ofeporor have saidt bennad an affair withh the nanny s sai theadepared momohs fore. she said h hs still theoveff herlife.. ey h`threeee kidss togetrnd& yoan't gohrough thatt thout lovovg eachhother. sheh doesn'n grararar m. pshe d , you ow,he` very bheaid he alsls - - it's'scompli plihen t --sikik t susu when t sun s snes on you, it's warm a nderer when the sun goeoeoeyyt's verer. cold. he said it c be cold who he doesn't shine on you. >> he casts b shadogi that could bad ogood. what kind o shadow? i dokn.
10:19 am
>> he'sshe goo news o >>ausere@ exhausted becae weent 2 2 mines straraht. so look whate haveeherr do u u el slly explplted athis very moment? >> a aittlbit. a litt bit. >> oh,e're -- wellll we're exhausted.d. hy d dss that gay not getet ything? >> whaha do you think --- > hanknkyou, sir.r. godse you. >>ave nothingororor. >> clearl thank you. >> he's going too sckround to pl some leapdayay triria.. what's yourame by y e way?% >> nielel >> niel. daniel. daniel's gogng to stay through the commercial break. youonon g g anywhe either cause youight mis an impoantne call. >> you might b%b%b our fanooth ek.. >>ut probably not.t. >> where is dadael? good,ustt checking. ththks >> a aer::agoreayispoedyy t t c fr amecanpress.
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while@t's spinningn it's taking usus ntsvsvle, abamam >> wre our frian brown wahes@ .. >> hi ta. she's joing u by skype. who is thth wititpou > my niece eyey hi, bailil. >e're gng to tell erybodywh you were choseecse ittany h thr jobs. she wakak up ez] morning that you feel. she s snds here weekends as a clalae a in her spa me she babysits. rit sydne a devot fan ke time fur show. whwhee s a workheneakskin the bak and cha the ananl. ates on herphe. time put your fan the test..uuave 15 seconds t t transour trivia question. >> l lt week hodand i became te and spepe the day
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p> it' fundadadnd ae're back with methinwe lik to chec out. bobbie's redo. bobbie t ts is back with touch up from ltt ni osca. >> up always fl blybout th because youp love ]on. u're notryg to put the dies dododo definitely about havg fun with fashihi and i i le interacting th you on my sosoal dia. you' askskg m whwt if the twoad swped. this was t magic wand tha we d over the redarpe and 'l s srt w wh two o oy abrolu farites. anne momo stutututu i chanelelel ladyda gagane off h best lolos. so i ieresting a pretty.ii couldn'telp but wonrha itou look lik if they swappepe >> becauseseady gagas s blblde. >>ook at julianne moore' airr with hat red a combination.n.
10:31 am
>> this look on ladad gaga is shingout. >> it't' look. it's a littltl moreontrasas witit eck.. ii@ikehe blond whhe cut-ts soticate >> s s wor braon maxaxll and that was chan. nextbrieie thought brie her first oscar redarpet i led@d t b this gucci drs. jennifer garnerrr stunningng thenlyhi couldldt help wondnd was what if ty swapped becaus i thinker hair may have done b btb with that ight blueueue so you s s jennifer's brown haiai anan blue grabbed the ctrast gether. breing herirst oscarlu she wonon sethings and asc that was uld love to e. >> she's'seryyyoung. thqh see likelderer dress & me. >> that's true.
10:32 am
it's wha it would h he l lked like. no cate blanchett. she canull dsseses out and it esn'tkk like a d dney drdrs. we i thoughdith jennifer's n hrr cor what if shehe had donononon something more pcocorful. shalways weaea blac d, navy. so let's take alook.. jennifer in a little bit of cololo such an interesting kin o softer lk andnd cate ds no wrong. she can w wr prettttmuch anything.g it's unbelievle. >> interesting. now kate she's o o o my faviteoeoee inhollywywd. she cho aashion forward faic w w aus ess.s. th o wandnd to see it avy coloreally ndfblocki. anteteto s h a di ral l drs. thisas on his llecon.n itas t t runway. somethin thanterti
10:33 am
>> moreming. >> it elongates h frame. >> when y y wear strapless it can cut yoyo you're see t ts lengthh. rere with t ts asymmetrical ouldld and d dgonal d d as yore lookingt anye lin tike this. e drape on thehe dress gs outx anan t t t hip brings in. this wasomething that lightened h up overala a i though i general i ust t tng e' sotunning it'ool she pull something new off. she'seen tot so anyy of these@ award sws and it was nice. like th. (( nexex sofia vergar. >> she often wea dress tha look similar tot the one she wore before. >> it' her stutu look. she knows h to pull it off.
10:34 am
she h suchtatement earringson. >> i led the orinin. i thohght welel i lets the strue otheeress s sndut t she's soo - this@ imarc pthey a kno forrnat cnstrtrtion or embellishment. buty is anoth b trend at pops up othe carpete red ey. pink. people are doing i in kind of -- >> it's noooo lk for me. >> it can make youryes l lk tired. i'm curious if people a homee -- do thehehe lik this look r not like this look? >> we lov erybody. >> led this one.e. >> thankyou. oscar fashionsren't thehe onlnl thingg trendi, unrtately, is the flu. howwo yoyo know you have it or cold or allergies.
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isp rden vegetables.nonortificial flavs. phililelelia rden vegetetle. ch, eamy... ...and delicious nothing else ttelike philadelphihi. if if you haven'n gottenhe u this season yououee n n out of t t woods ye why the cdc s ss this year vaccinee@s the most feeke in e last few tweaks flu has seu audden e e spike. is it too late totoet thelu vaccine and why is allergies comi on eararer tn e `>> h he t helels is dr. lie azaz. >> peoplhahawa g gte the u who g the f sh.
10:40 am
>>hais i rmally. >> tt'sss. ually 50%0 to6000%. we don't get t 100%. this year'r fluvaccine, the strainsss a a covered are @ covering the prom strain that's c cculating rig w. hey got it right. >> they gott right thisyear. >> shoul still get you flu ot now. >absotely. stl geti. >> w wre just getng t sort of thehick of@t right n n and flueason las u uil may. >> twoeeks to ininulate.e. >> h >> howoo we know we havehe flu o somhi el. >> r,@ugug sore throat, body ache figue aouple o thesytoms. how do uistsnguish between flu ad common cold.. has to d witit the severiry of the sysyto. th flu'r knocked out. yououo too tired eveveatch tv.. you're exted. lly comes onn quickl you're really sic for two to
10:41 am
t toion, ifou ( proveemhe flu a t cocoayer y g si again worry a a nlpneua. that'somhingng to remin peopleof.@ hat do you? are you suppod ake an biot? >> if you're a a relative relatively healthy stay at home older than 6 o youngerhan teenagef 2 2nd we have a monitor, peononoer highe risk inclulu p pehose immunesystems arere kmd or egnt. u shode testst buou should b treated with ti-virals within the first 48 hours. they l lsenn the seveve duraon and complitions. >> something like miflu. >> and twothersre ailable. >> l's's tatk allergies. people say havav allllgies when pyou think fl allll season,ly -- w always associate allergy season with ringng they areseseonal.
10:42 am
few factors t will so, you knkn, incrcrse or@ar the on s of the allel seaso haso with@he winte we'f'd d. we h a m m nter. tsre lellininin tiririr areng>>s weer. remold. poll thehe h nheststamount. dry windy. sometimes whenherere a lot of rain washing t pollen awawa it bounds.>>akeourtopipils ououou over-the-c-cnter basisqlly that's the last alley treaeaent. allergy shots too. couple of thgs. can you prevent ? if you're allergig too something can you cure yoursrsff the lergy? no nececearily. one thing, knowt your trtrrs are.
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in the rng, e ercise insi. close yourwiwiows. ose yrreens. us aibi conditioningng check yourollen counts. ge that withh weaeaer rerert. outsid d d d y y take shower. wa your r ir. inin terms of trement -- ,, ah. the fir line isefinitely over-theounter. ususistamineenddimmune noo immuth imimnonoerap immutherapap >> snds grt. an ctor >> itt o o happene obce every four years. >> presidential elecon. >> noeap da we'reelebrating with fun trivia. > people born on@eapp d ds arere callll what? >> lelefrogs.@
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today is lea day. beside the facacyou getne r p traa day thihiea h h mh do yoyo knowo >>entertainment weekly""riter timm stack is back with a tria challeng we're callingake a leap.alright, we'ee ready. i reaeaea t q qstions you hit your bzer a awerr whichever o y y think. which hricalligure designated february9th leaea dada was i pope gre xvxv 36r7b 3 36b 3 36r7b -- >> benfnmin franklin. >> no. >> it was dinitely popop gregegy. >> nope. julius caesar you know thin >> we'reready.
10:50 am
called lucky, leap progss, leap apapap - leapfrs, lelelilis, leapers. >> i'm gngngitit leleaplings. >> yes. >> i knew . >> so how doo most people born on february 29th celebrate their@ birthday iaa nleap yearar >>hey g g on march 1st. >> >> yes the do. >> febary8th. >>s. >> that's notoriet that's nototbirthday. yoururthdae dayyer 2h. hat occurred o@ebruary 29 1960 that got men's hearts raci. ngng marilyn mn reshoots icoc
10:51 am
plplboylulu with bunniesnt >> >'ll say marilyn . >> that's so sad. i'm goingith ursulaandresss becomes becocos theirst bond rl. >> this is the worstame ever. >> the 2 20 m mies about a woman who travels to dububn to proposee mareo herer boyfrien who of it? >> i i going whxhe oth adams.s. amy. ourrect. >> i cevi>> t tre's a ab hot dude ithatat tthew goe.
10:52 am
you thoug iidt know that. > wha areourrrnces of being born o o leap day. e in, one in 366, inn or one orne in a llion. >> one in a milln. > one i 366. >> o o in . one in 1461. that's ii finalnswer >>'re rrecec >> how is that? >hree noeap years -- three nonleap years plus oneeap year equals -- tie breqk. what classic comic character sasa saideapipi lieouthwardtdng$ing zazas. >> little orpha annie. >> literphanannie. she said geeee wsker aot ing rd >nenene more.
10:53 am
rere on february 29t9t. tony robins.. krazy kat -- llllfltheabovov >> ten lordss alalpipi. >on't leap of yreats yet. our favoritit things areoming
10:55 am
10:56 am
t >> tee now for favorit things. if y hav a sniffle the stututu at w w w w the best is stuff calledold apap it's all herbs. chk with yo doctor and that ststf. i' gng t t t twowoight now. 's reay great.
10:57 am
20 chinese herbs. >>hey cim they ativava, oandnourishe nourhes aealthy immune st. clclms have neen eated t f and thihi proct is no intendedeto cureny disee. >> mins this dss bau it's by taots. they teamedp w o, "o" magazine t tressss forr cceses to hp wom achieve@heir als. 30 of theetroces g gs towardrdrdet for success. is dresss $189 fro ots. withououbelt. >> torro w wrere going to have some fun with our friend. . she's coming g sit. >>lvisduran u uo the new boy
10:58 am
11:00 am
and buns in the ovenn with ryansc js y... >> raael! >> aunr: is our smalles show everer first,the e 's" clinton keley serves up tiny dishes with huge @flavor. >> it's so good. >> announcer: rach is showing offnd desserts andan genevieie hel this cololctoror thinutside thehe shoe box? >> oh. >> anouncer: now, are you ready for rachael!rs and heeend applause]e] >>acacel: a a right. so r rzey partner in imee t ts i my pic,, clintnt kelly. [cheers and a ause] >> how are u? >> rachael: clion and i are kicking o a pretty big show with a tinyytwist. in this sh, the the is "good thingg come in small packageses and clinton is going toick us


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