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tv   Today  NBC  March 1, 2016 7:00am-10:00am MST

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victct h h notudied eainsulin. victa inot t su do tctoz iyou haveveperson or mily hisis medullary thyroioicaer ltiple eocrine nplasia romemeyp2, or if you are rg to victoza or any of its ingredients. mptoto of a seous lergiceaction may includitching,ash, or dififlty eathingn telloudoctororf you u t lumpmpmpelelng iur nec seriris side effts m y happen in p pple who take victo , inuding inammation of theaneasaneatitis). stop takg victoza ancallrdoctor righty if y y y ye e gnof ncreat s severe pain atill nogoy in yabn froyoentoour , with or r r out vovoting. teteououdoctorboutl ththmedicisyou u ke and if you ha any dical coitns kingictoza witonylea or ininli may use low blbld gar. e mo cn side effects are headhe, nausea, diarrheaeaand vouong.
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which may cause kidneyeyroblems. ifour pill i givingyou the ntrol you u ask your docaboutnon-n-sulictoz it's coveredst health pns. i'm savin' you five h hdred coming soooofrom progressive,e it's "san'," the new hit le from the dizzunts. cash mone the discounundetand.... the dizzcounts. safe driver, paperless, paid-in-full, multi-cad ey fatone. avin' five hundred i'm savin' yo hundrdr we h he au-tune, rht? , yeah. that a hit! all: yeah! >v> comingp in theeextal hoho, don't get caught withoho acksks when your kids bring frnd over a aer scol. rr ridenthacr justin is
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you c whi up i minutes. willie? we're gogog g cat u witit "r"roooo s s s mris chesut. i mht creep him out by al? >> we'll make springg cing ea withso keep everythingngerer fe. don't keep mnd cheese in your bebeoom. before i had shoooing, rninpins-andndeees diabetic nervrvpainin these feet were thfirit ininy familyo graduate from college, raedivivtwin girlsls and trained as a nurur.t i couldn't'tr my abetet nvepepen any loloer. so i tald to my dodoor and he prescribed lyryca nerve damagegegem diababes cacaes diabetic nerve pain ricas fda apap to treat thiin. may causeerioio allerg reactioio or suicidal thoughts or actions.
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new w worsening depression, or ual changes imood or behior..orwelling, troub breatatng, shhives,sters, muscle p pn with fer red feeling or brrrrsion. commmm side cts are dizzesesesleepiness, gn d swellingngng hands, legeg and feet. don't ink alcohol while tang lyrica. don'n'drive or use machinery u.u.l l l know how lica feces you. those o have had a drugugr alcohol prle mamabe morlili io misuse lyrica. now i have less dietic nerve pain. d i lovepi le ones t off o the right f ft. asasur d dr r out rica. [m] no, no, no, ople are botk so and rong.
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takg l l ting aook at headlis. fel h hlt regul p to wn consumurs m strongl about esesrehihi had w portinhr pain,leededgd an oth heaeahroroems. ththfddered the com to dviceorarious gros n. a patientnt check wilpred dococ toiss withatnts andettete communicate theotentialisks ofhe c ctraceptive the contracepepve. ag thepidemicas dlad tbe a global emergency several wks agooas scicis itay bebehi sur in b cts. searerer wenen back anal samples from all 42 altl diagnosed with syndrome from the syndrome f fm e 1301 ououreak and nrlevyone h
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pples refin to help ththbiun a i ionsese by of the shootersn theh s bernarno ter attack. ppp com said itouldld setet a dangerous precedent for devices.s.% aeparat case, feral judge in ew york rulededonday e f c ctt fce appleo en a locd i ionesed by a specrudealer. he said cgres scifically ( ididednd r rted bill that would have forord cpanies like apple too so. >> a new study suggestss medicacaonsd to t adhd maffect theonf heaeaea of kids andens. searchchs msurere the dedsity of thegh bo, hip j and wer b in cnrororo t 17 yearsold. thakingadhd medicatio had sficant eas i boensi crere t pes. no taking anyrescscption drugs. doctor and parentv shoul awaref thee pototti bon he rks with th mecations. >> ftbtbl hmetsp that don't fitroperly increase t
9:31 am
scscplays. data from more than 4,000 ncussisis showthtes whhel orly hitting h i ing hd ingngngelmets hadadoes sins a a hyperseitivity than the tha use properl fte ets. e concucuio symptoms weor longererioio off te. can aack oleep lead to overeating? unhealthd chces? i say y y.. parently, reseaech syes, too. sleeee restrononh boos chemical in th body tha hances the joy eating, especially swee saltyig f afterinadeqte slp, the partanws foods w wh % me caloriesp tho who got a a nororl amount of p. > l g g checkf thth athehe with al. you know atat it's n surprisivg at all.0 when you'rsleepy, you eato st awake sosotimes. >>hat explains whyhyhyokep atonald's.
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>>or today, we have a sligjt sk o strong storms`fromo alllhehehe w w dn tolouisiana. 4 of ththth s ser tuesdaytates goingo bebd affeed. wet, windyeath. northf n endate today. leleover snow shors around the great las. sunshith mid-atlantic stat few showe lefef over in new enand.
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>t` y y latest weathe dylan. >ow f f a l le spring cleaning wewell know t t iortatae of a goightle and one wayaymama y get i is by keeeeee ur r r ty andnderm freeee weweavhehe editor a "fily rcle"magazi thks foreing here. >>hanks foravinme. >>ou'r saying the v vmimi e bededs impot?>>ye. it a a stassh bed.d. ther cane upu# 2 mon dustitit erer notdor alles. ey'rerararao ourkin cell's kd of gros in onen moh's time w lose 2 grams ofn cells,ik thi bag heref chipip >> cou wha p an uglihio rnt s cellll >>exactly. wh sheets can vacuum the bare pills whehangg the
9:34 am
there is a scim forllows a mattresses? >> ye du the a aitit away. >> you canhangehets. u a a regular vacuum withn upholo up upholoindustry aachmentf you dot havav one. o offghgh outf mind >> w wnt getsho, the dus gogo erywhere. youanohis oe orce week get up he and put the o o pipi case on t fan blade. t he d dt setecond pu it off. >>even theust from llin o yr head>>heall. take it ouluide,e,e,hake i a row in eh and good to go. >> fm the cling to th floorsrs atrict n shoes policy in the bedroom. >> tt's t t bigst thin universisi of azona s sdieses showed tre are about400,00000 cteria othe outside of oes,s,hich is%per oss.s.
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if there2e sffs -- >> this works good >> cuts them o of there. rksnas boar too. >> t yo willie, you're in thethroom. >> ntp on theprprg clclning chehehests the baom. dr. natalie aza isere wh germotot spotot hihi willie. >> here'e' at the sink. toothbrush and contract ens cases.s.s. >>wo numaersasy to mbmb aree swawaing out theoothbrh and conta l lase ery threre months. the questione get, c you infect yrsf our hbru i've h t `cold or au? >> no because you make tibodies to eveve fection you comeacbo. itor havavav too w wthe ck factor. if i're sick get ane worth the moneyspent. >edicine cabinet? >> hypoant. hihily secu. r the fda,a, you suldd tow ou all@lxpir medidine riod. u canno besshat thehe
9:36 am
the expiration te. aew ts, therere se medicines that this holds true 100% ot ememe insusun, e e ens, anything that's life-s if you have ibuprofen t weeks ol yan probably still use it.u can buantnt it' goingo be as effecte. towewe,ow oftft do y y sp thoke? less to doith the healtlt . hazardrdususllyfterhreeeese you can wash them out.t. not nessarily a health hazard. >> how about the shower curtain? >iffent story. studies indicic@dhat b bteria ca definitely go o o oheheftera ilil% one t tng tssor too membt depds howmama theee throom, sare@f is hohohoelentilated it is. hoidt is ean. thwwt ith washingachine swap aew e. ld a m m m mers on
9:37 am
>> al? >> to the kitchen w. we know these thingset dirty @n there. goododmornrng.g. >>d morning >>o thsisi s is a b)b)b oblem.>> a l l of problemememth baby. >he garbage ca i mean, no oneutshis properly. thiss aoadap to every thing you've eaten ohrown .6& take oncnceaeaea a tm away. get n n %rt it >> notot really going t tause thatanuchtrouble. >> c,can out around this area here. with bleach. lelens? >>verydy has ianc frfrge coffefefe idids,ofke, . . >> whwhs? >>isks al stata with me >> i want to go to your kihen. >> tse are appliances you see. bouthe ones you don'
9:38 am
>> a h bed of smls. take mons,, runome tough twice, hot water dfeerythi add a little vin ar. >> nev buy spi >> ner buy spices in ? >> you'l'l throwhem ay. evy six months to ayar, t ty lose their oil.% they lose theirooh. put them inlass to e what you have andow much you haveve a year. >> a lot ofimes you have extra@a pasta, lefver cheese.e. of pasta open. theeids eatnd d't eathe ole do is go tou chee i yourfrigerator. u haheheunches of eese. ke a littleese sauau. ke a a these and t t inn e t. keac and cheese. >> m. o for one. the b st. >> sprg clning. thas yourrreward at end of c caning up. >> jeffy,y, thank you, pal. >> thanan. ouou canin the andore tips att todadacom/home.
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series"rosewood,d, m o morris chestnut, wll tk to him about tmorrow'sr i did it.... i didi t. took nature's bounty hair, skininnd nailsls it a v vamam supupemthaturishehefrom the inse... thiotin r beautiful ha d stro nai. vic and fo "ranin ve it t ntnt if youhair, skinnd nls don'look andndeel re beaul,'ll give you your noy baba. i did it...and i f fl beautiful. the nure's botytyair, skin and nls challenge, for des. inelic g gmies too!.,, (rebecca) i'veuggl with depression. thoughi needed rattes to copewas itking. d then i stataed rununng. now, i feel a lot tterer (announcer)yououan quit. foeeelp, call 1 100-quit-w. pb&j. it's just pb&j.
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then it becomes s sandwich as mimimy y it is humble. easisi to make than a mistake. simple as a say bvt aperftc when y makaka pb&j wi scker's, at's the difference eeorornana everyvay d exquisity delicious an everyday sort of way. because wi aamamlike ucker's, it s togood. en youounk about ccess, whwh hoeoeoolike is it becomimi a better professor beingng more adventurs s ent?
9:41 am
the opportunity she deserves? is it finay witnessing a t aric wondede of the n nural world? whwher youfinitiononcess is, heininyou pursue it, is ouou. i-a-a. fan fsf morris chehenut
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role. 25 years ago, heyed ricky,` a giftedetntball star in a trouededghghghoo"boy t hoo" 25 5 now, he'e' a crime-solvin miami pathologisn "osewewd." >> you can't process your own crime scene.e. >>glgl hai fellff the head want it. organi material. >> you're not a cop.they don't aro youo >> you got it, rosewood. anythihihiou ed. >> i'm sorry. you weresaying? >> gogd moing,g, sir. good to see you.u. >> yoyo aswell>> forpeohoho hav't ce to thehewt, how rosisy whatgs goioi nn->> rie is ariva path w w teams up with a miam detecve to@ solve rimes t ea..he's a n, optititiic, optm t evezybody. >> has hlth chlees himself? t's why he l l every day ke his lastecause h shldtehere. he was b b emature, had
9:43 am
he`eanananie atny moment.enever i want t reretiat my sontrachey sa youou die. >> we cld w wte t. >> it is calledd ewoo" >> y nererer know d dsa e first >> in the first season,here wa a lot of rosewood chest.ah. >> yeah. . sprdi joy. >> i personall lin le thatlolo. >othing wro withat. - you spoke to ritebobo th. >>st epif %- seon, eve tim i opened th script, myhirt w wldlde off. tatatasot of work. we wk a a leaea 1 hours a day on theinimum andhehe i hee to go t t the gymym and et.t. thers tsraft see. evy k toman, know. >> sure. >> i wanted to indulge aittle bit. >> yk likeetgogo in minus a a little faci hahaookhee
9:44 am
>>hayo is i craraoo thi is beenhaong for "boy in "?"? i was watching on my tel s s ony hoet the other wewe and i watchtt f a minunu.u were horbles a aactobut i lotemoriesndfo memssorking w cucu, and him runng to the trail every tim i a qstionor him. cuba had bee t the industry r a nute and i was jus starting out. i wardin him w esei 's'sll cool. we'reoo t t thi da gl tbe still wkingng after at. . >> i w distracted watchin scene becau inow w about to happenno ckckouno l- >> iasug and sllamboys$, a boysn n e ho f n n od f.
9:45 am
lled - - >> you gavt away! >> 25yes. ilalert. >> d dgh boyom to talal to cuba's aracter. ey have tha re m atiecubees r tre.. tsown anys, yo, cuz, i knowhy yot out of the car lastt. he w wched the news a there's nhing abouteopl iyininrbrbrbties. they don'tow, d shoh or ttahat'ssoinn e o. y u%u d dtht y y@need c o o rrroooooo you. come down ttheee show.w. you u tke it hahaha. >> l's d d"b"b"b el. . i w wldn't b a a a t te i i gh ricky woululmaket. >> now ty've moved t a gender fi >>grt.
9:46 am
u ha to cck out "rosood." next, we have snacks includin guacamame. you make it so quick, ii knew tt if i h e my ter, itould just be so painl and i coul't even drink it. i would likelmost oooothe e er and try to sip it very slowly so that it wouldt trigr the pain. that's when i realed i had to do something. my dentist recomnded that use sensyn i ththat senne haen great terms of reducing the sensitivity and pain that i was experiencing. now i can put ice in my water. seodynentely works,there you ve it. crp garden vegetable no aificl flavors. philadelphia garden vegetable. rich, creamy... ...and delicus nothinelse tastes like phidelphi . what going o toter's broken. which ans no eo waffles. something g ls delicious.
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l'eggo my eggo brbrkfasassandwich. it's sweet, it's savor it's in your microwave. l'eggo m meggogoreakfast sawich caress presents the e rld'd' rsbo waswiwi fragrance releasaspearls uch s sn totoele!ueuefragrance up to o hours. ress lovovfofer. give extraraget t tra. 're non stop,e've gotta have our extra protein. oiois triple zerergreek non fat yogurt hasas5 amof protein. zero added sugar, zero artifl sweetener anzero fat. and zero holding m mback! oikos triple zer bebenstoppable. mmdannon i amever getti married. we're never hangs. mmm-mmm.
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we are never having anotr kid. i'm pregnant. i am never letting go. for all the nevers i ilifi state farm is there. drive6 a golf ball. i drive to toop. i drive a racar. i have a driver. hiname is carl. but that's n wha we all have in common. we talked to our doctors about treatmtmt wi xarelto ., xalto i#)proven t`nd helped the e e o odvatatpe blood cts.xaxaxaxa is s so proven n n redudu the ris stroke in people with afib, not caused by a heart valve problem. for people with afib currently well managed on warfafafa this limited rmatioio relt and wain compa in ducing the risk of stre. you know, taking warfarin, i had to deal with that blood testing routine. i uldn't have a health salad whenever i wanted. i d her y.yeah, trenthelto y,fi lill bodhinn go tg lt without talking to your ctor, as tmay increase your risk of a blood clot or stroke. while taking, you may uise more easily and mayake lo f eeng to op xarelto may increase your riri of bleeding if you ertain medes relt c cauiod arcases,
9:49 am
gehelp right away for expectedleeding, unl si ining. you hhad al anesthehia w wle onarelto , watctcfor ck pn or any nerve or musclclrelad sis or sympts. do tltlt if an articial hearvalve or ableed tell your doctor alalalanned medical ental ococureses before starting xarelto, tell your door about any kidn, liver, or bleeding pems. rethmbpresibedhi its c css hat s r aarororoofevevns..,., kekekem%ananarnoldldalr. sa here.wiwi xarelto there is no regular blood monitori and no known dietary restrictioioio tmwitoto wathe righor u k yoyo ct a o oarto.. werou'r > whetherou're a big e n n who d't'tove tot ac justinosos ofood and wine's . geneususis here with snack time ids. ov th
9:50 am
stio satigd. "fofo and ne," somomes yececthth, , mhehethier. he whadougugs. cut somomom es. ke ater a a c ound ou ice itith peanubutter nks >>o fried oioi >>e ve butry g warning you. >> cheysysbrd, youant . >> c these slice crosswise. flip it,, cut itn. wh yoyeoing tot d is t t t t cheese withonpowder, .. rsley.y.y. >> you can put anything in e chchch. >> yeah. ot chili.i. en you're nene d butterrr p. bake it and you get t ts awesomecheesy ea >> looks like it's beenut a while but i don't care. >> dessert. >> monkey b bad i'v made wh biscuitough but it's the way
9:51 am
>> minionkfy brd. roed it in suga put itn a grdufufn pan. bake it andheck thiout. >>88esespi don'n'kni shshld fish withheli brer g g theke d. i@ love thehrererever here.e.@. this i probabababahe coole thing i'v'v'v ve s"hentt mes t guacamole. >> it's seriously fast. inadaaius tipss -laborary, i do lot of ings with t tck. i' put it r rht over wl don't takee he p pl i hing i i i tata >>azg. hatat the h h part is getting it all in and throw in t gd f. >> t t limef,ciro asononith s stt you're for a party. >> g. hady0hananafu.m doubleith monknk ead, guacamolol chees brd. >> i won't't tellanyone.
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back in a amomentntthisisis "toy" o o nbc.,,,,,,,,,,, w wt doo what doou have, dies? >> three letters. . >> j-l-o. wait, wait. >> i l thehe lette "lo."" y y suld coordinate. . >> j.lo. much better. p>> she's witit us, twowowo segments.
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@ory. first segmt, ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, >>arartor:r:
9:59 am
is "day"it khie e ge ford a hododkotb live from stud 1 1 i i rococfefler pl >> h h! da's forite day. now known as s snky tuesday. it's the first day of that's that's"bact ." and wreo excited jennir $%$% lolozilll be here wh h . >> if you've seen shasf blue, is e of hits o o nbnb whichchas been newewe ngratulations. she plays a c c c who dirty ki of. bu h h d dtyan. lo ever be. shs also on her last seaegn off "amemecan idol ander eveve hotas residincy. >> alao just extended byopular dema. >> and theseshe's a mother of o.


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