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tv   News 5 Today at 430am  NBC  March 4, 2016 4:30am-5:00am MST

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a blaze coin a blazcoinues s srch h nddsacrein sthn colora. ah fe crews ardog g toy... to get a handlon t t flam... plus... with hopes to curb the amount of gang violence in pueblo... local stors are using an ing and viol proach to kp kids off the strts.. ereruresren ths d 40 clclds areved. e cldsill t goy today, tugtheyill come with some ococsional breaks. gh temperatures wi be inhe 60s d 70s. i will show you what to expect thiseekend coming up in weather & traffic on the 5's's m, than f j jning ususn fy ing... it marchchth i'm ira cronin.
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outoorthisni-- colodopringsf chris ley is s t toda as we fit report, e ci ma theouncent on tuws 5'snna wise is li a the fire depent headquarte colorado springs wi more on th story. joanna... good morning... chief riley has been with the colorado springs fire deparment for rhree ars... anberehae was with the pueblodertment fev. geer, his can fifififiting sns som35 ars.ley says "it h h truly been an honor and privivege serving the city andommunity alongside the outstandingnmen and women of the colorado springs fire deparment. the y also reasea ststement, ting chief riley for r s three years of servicesnd wishes him the . we ske to thmar earlieie this wnd conrmrmhiefef riririwieive an ound dollaveranc pa askheay for asiden y thchief isrerering
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the se for a new fire ief is underwry. in the meantime, deputy chief ted collas w wrve a intntim chief. of couou we'll s sy on top o o is storyndngou the statn r ananonline at koaa docom. g li in colorado springs,s,s,nna wise, news5. thanoa. is morninge crs ll he b bk to b b be a 300 acre brushire rning in pueblo county. right now the blaze ar avondale is 85-percent ntained. we're toldbout0 firefitersill l ntue trk corol thames. s say they'rki gnififant progress.. e've been porting.g. no structutus ararthreenen. vestiwatats say it sparkrk wednesday yhen wd knocked down a power line. nen thorng on e athrk cy shf's fitedededele the of ty lweek l%brnee under-erififen s snded sergeanb has qui
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weg-ne wener" saythishakeup has nothing to do with the shooting itself, but rather, what happened within department aftetethe ooting... where one deputy was killed and d others were injure-- servrvg ananvictiotice near bailij. . he says thundersheriff hadrsn rertg afthe incint and the sergnt qt as a subeing ted. there is an internal investigation underway corporal "n!te carriganbas killed in that shooting. a funeral for him will be held latethis month in arva in honor of cocooral carrigan... right now the s. hohor fl is on displ at platatanyon high s sool in bailey... whe the slain deputy was an alum. it wilbe on dilay for r en h h.. hour evevyeararriga rvedt shcrf'f' d-rtme. ththe's more inforortion ts morning on why yurura theashooter jamehoho w sferretothso.. ney releocevl w py b%causothe inmate attacked m. itappened last octcter a cacacacity p p p ppp acacrding g documents...
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throh an open door and hit holmes ithe head. ho w nlyt, a empyes s inre e on s ss no mtakes were made, but the incident is one of the reasons wh----olmes was ansfsfsfd aifrentfalityjanuar ofo say where holmlmlms catew. s servrvlili iison ft killllg 12nd injuring 70 othe for the j20202 attata. in hononf thresisi are oe s ak region aer t deadldlootingatcks rocked comnity last year.r. frere out... todadawill oicially benown "marcrcfourndndndquer day". pasty comisisonerer nonocecee prprlamati yesterday at meeeeng...saying "through tenacity in the face of adversity,...el paso county residents have surviveand ememged stronger." while they recognized the immense e fferin... cocoisneneo ted out throffortseins
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tpoworeaea araff on the 5s.meteorogist sthenebobors is here now with first alert clouds ara streamimi in from our west a sthth this ing. ththe e somememrreaks s within thehelouds. while we can somsusuhine totoy, what we do see ll be moswlylyiltered by t t tlouds.the clouds are comomg in on a ststsy flolo moisture fromhe pacic c eaea e clou a a mainly hihit theyilcr this afteooand y antrinhowewer ju oo o of u storsye pacic oceall prompt a changegen thlargewale weher patter the e ttn chill bring ldnd sommomomo to soutrn colo y xt . mperuresn n s d 40fostofur fda we wl waroanan4040to60-i - give te a gree two betweenen a aand 10 am wi high h ou filtetenghe sun.n( the noon hour comes with l ler 60s a ound corado spngs and almost 70 around pueblo. th]#6 s and 7 tay th s afternoo wwille n the` 5050and`60s. thickekeclds may briay shower to northern el paso county or nonohern teller county betwtwn 5 pmpmnd 8 pm this
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lolog ahead forororo.. the bridid alongngest rockmmon, , tween allegheny and greyagle drive... will sn down sorere cafaf place . . we're toto will closos mamah 17th... momoing... d you can expese lane closos bdirereions for s s ekckafter. towi be lala ue..faere e g totoer to epococ kidout of gangs. and they're e"ing g form o o vpolce trereo ththe rsns pasts ined fororwith some local boxingngoaoaes tart t e "pueblo boxicacamy" a cole m m ms ago.o their class has already doubled inize ow made o43 studts g om to 40ealdthey're atoc ratechl e sechin fof a a rmanent home, where thth t talso teaeaib studyac cking a a f ese ds hveveen turch'th) nothininout ur. now eyhereveryday, thanking god that they're in
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cacato tryo relieve e l types s sesesand talk t t$iand stuflike thatat the boxing academy is stil lolking for sosoe to natete buiing fothth to use e&ngerm....& and d e police depararenis rking to fina boxingnging that cane e nad as well. the nextomnity gan evention mti is t ata4, at vtorye mistes. ilahd.d. a slurbi sto out of western colorado... e e fofoerernme --eld a wowon n captivi and asehe pely.. ll h h wasfinaab to t hehe after during mths ofofofror... plus... re insults... jokes and jaja as the g-o-p ndidates face off f he r re for the white house.. we have the highlightsf last
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,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, om... .. formrmea r ie leased dad ago. back in custody in color.. accuseseof holding meme wan captive in hi homendbusing her for months! ininstigators say "claude wilkerson"... s keeping the 26- year-oldld woman in his home in gateway, about 50 miles from and ncti. police say -- ov fou nt.. the woman wawasesed and chned toto bed... where she was peatedly xually assaulted. the mesa countsheriff's office says a runway girlrllso ling hee. help "erson"ith howere.. e evevtut e ho and ald auoritabwhasoi. th when a deputy went to t hous investigate. met wi mr. erson and the young lady...identified that there was sothg wrong...coul't put his finger on it initially knew
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the vivivi eveually le wh ththdeputy. her identi has noteen reed. righghno"wilrs" is being ldlfntjail wrereroath w in s 30 aro tetenicaty in his s se lastht o othe atedebebebn 2016 esidenction.....with 3 3f e 4 rereining g-g- esiercely tack each oth. despite allthe insults... weweid learn where candidate& stand on s seral pressing issusu.. "t"tcie potts" has the highlights --- insert pkg --- trump/rubio :00-04 thisistle guy has lied so o much...h.he we go. beyond t t bickering... cruz :05-08 dodold, lelenot to interrupt. it's not comomicated. ththname calling um:09-12 cuse me. see. i've given my answer, lyin' ted. thins d accusatitnt trumumrubio :14-2121 don't worry about it. don't worry about it little
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big donald. gentlemen, genen you have e got to do better t t tthis. cruz :-24 i don't think thpeo@le of america are e terest in a a bunch of b bkering school chchdren. there was... ubstance in theheox n channel debate. momo of it dirirted the frontrunnene cruz :30-33 d you write checkskso hillarclinton e prt 2rumpmp7 acteally it wawafor business. was. it was. the morato chahaenged trump p on his new heah an: trump :40-45 you will save $300 billion a a year llace yobe addddp,ir. . . exexaid whhe chahaed ppsitionohonyrian refues and d est t rkerisis trump 1-54 m soeninthposicausweave avnt pe ithisntry. p'p'refung trelee nerkimes te...that rershhi ckinf bu thewiexic t heits: tmp 1:007 you hao be ae to have someme iby, somnegoio rcruruand hnish aged we w needroops lily go ter isis si 1:1 ht7the he ground in s gnificant nuers. what did truru think of the debate? ump 1:17-1:22 it's getting boring.
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evil, i did think it was going to be more vicious. meanwhe... form republican pridential minee "m!mt romney" " igng i ion t t re forh white use... yeday slammed donald ump... calling the presidential fronrunnnn a pny and a a fraud. he also labeled d p as a bully whthrereens a'.. stressing that ted cruz, marco rubio or john kasich are better republicicresidential nominees. mney ao took jabs at hililry clinton... streing that a trump nomination would ensure her victory. starting today crews will begin digging up contaminated (pipes in fnt micgan... ar titanat removal plan... there are at least 8-thousd lines that need to be e reaced. after the city's watupply was contamind byhe l pe alsood severau-respreativ from the hou and sene ene ading to flint to speak with families affected byhe city's water crisis. today... closing arguments are set to
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ws.. thbroaaster is snganwho secrook de v vof her at a n vhville hotel in 2008. andrews is also suing the hotel managementnd hotel owner. the trials been going on for two s.. andrews is suingngor negligence, invaon of privacy and infliction of emotioial distress and is seeking 75-million n dollars. now for weather and traff on the 5 meteorolist stepn bowe is re nowh rst aler clds a streami in fr o west southwe this morning. tharsomemeleararreres withininhelouds. whilwe seeome sune to wo wie e moly filreby cs. e clouds c oa ea flo mure en pacicioc e cl a m mnly , they wililincreaseseses afternooand may mean a s sayay rain shower for r stst or tw of u storsystst ici ococwiwirot t chann e largscwepatter the papaerchan will brg ld air a some mois t southern coradadearly next we.
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40s for ththart of our fy. we will warm from 30s an40 60-ish - -e oraka de or t between 7 am and m wi higclds filtering sun. the on hour mes s th lower 60s arndolorspngs and almost0 around puebl th60s d 70s wi stay wi us ts aften.
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a dangngous situation for police officers in n uth caroli all caught on camera... shcam vio shows poli pulling over two s splifting suspects... then -- the driver gets back in her car -- after beiei questioned -- and drives into a patrol car! then puts it in reverse -- with twofficers hanging ontntthe ..trngo huthe@ paende ofr tri the e m. she was charged wiwi shoplifting and 'hit and r.' today... we'll learn more a aut astronaut scott kelly's time in space. this morning.... nasa will hold briefing. just two days after kelly y returned to earth. kelly and his twin brother willl unrgo teing... so researchers can n er understand the toll ase'een reportin kelly spent 340 days aboarthe inrnational space statn... lly says while his mission was an important one, he knows i
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co for the u-s space program still ahead... a beluga briinin mrowds of peoplean aquarium! we'lshow you his impressiv under ter tricks...
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los angeles.s. isacdertation. r kiki death thrts aiait t t reublican pridtial nd"daltrtr" the 23-year-d isdy lot ko wli on n ent sa. t ased a heososd a t on faokininhe wld be willing tol ump the e world woanhim r . crcrvigents tsoned stent. anhe ated by immigratn officers. deportation heing led r to ke a lat this off the ast exic maneiologistspotan albino whawiwiing wi her nonoald calf! thbrig whiha, ic actutuly a "gray wha" has bebe vee nickname "gaga o milk!" the msive mammal -- was t otted years ago asas baby. wewee shn you otr alalno imals likekellators and monkeys. but there aronly a few documented -- no marine mmals! if you think that's imessive. keoohis e!his
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the whale can bl rings in the water and then swim through them! trainers s snt two years teaching the playful six-year- old his new trick. and he's bn a hit ever since! ,, timeow f wthffic on 5s. meorolisepn n rs owith t t clds seamingn fr o we andouthst thi moin there arsome clele breres thinheloud while we can s some nshine totoy, what we do sesewill be tered byheud re c cing in oa steady floof moistururfrom thecifiocean.the are mnlhighbut
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rainhor for just o or two of orm s)stememn thpacific ocn willrompt a ge in the e scweathepatt n n ge will ing cold air and somisture to southern colorado early next ek. . temperatures are in thth30s and 40s for the stararof our friday. we will warm from 30s and s to 60-ish - ge or take a degree two - b b 7 a a10 am with higcloudsdsilteringhe sun. the e onour comes with lowow 60s s ou colorado s ringngand most 70 around puebl the 60s and 70s will stay with us this afrnoo by 5 pm,e will be back in the 50s anan60s6 thicker clds may bng a stray shower to northern el pasocounty or
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still ahead... heing veteransutut colorado... hw one nedevelopi center -% is working to o keeasier for our l heroes. pl....a e-wiwi ph to luor local gcery s ni ati o .... onop tit's od ia. ilost r on teeratur are in the 30s an 40s.s. clouds a a overheaea the e epds wilnot go away today, t tugh theyeyill come with socsional breaks. high temperatures will be in the 60s and 70s. i willllhow you what to expe this weekend coming up in weher traffic on the 5'3. - mni, thks for joioing othisriday mornin.. it's march 4th. i'm shellene cocel d i'm ira cr.`ouy ni-- coradoingss rile tretu toy. we fifit reported, the city made tnnncemonon


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