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tv   Christian World News  KOFY  September 12, 2010 5:30am-6:00am PST

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>> today on christiaworld news a pastor who threatens to burn korans creates a global furor. tell you have christians and muz slims are reacting. >> this couple says god called them to open their arms and homes needy children. >> and a 9/11 survivor talks about his minist and god's saving grace around the world. >> a church had planneto burn korans strains christian and
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muslim relations. i am wendy griffith. >> and i am georgethomas. international condemtion has come down on a tiny florida church. >> numbers are small, just 50 members. it is on again, off again to burn copies of koran, dale herd has more. >> reporter: as pastor terry jones plans for the 9/11 anniversarbecomes public, in pakistan they burned the u.s. flag, the indonesia, the presidenwarns of an interfaith bklash. >> what is being planned by reverend terry jones and followers in florida, the united states of america, before the publics burn the holy koran, not only with the feelings of the islamic but i
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am also certain the feelings of the followers of other faiths can threaten peace and security. >> in the gaza strip, the hamas prime minister vowed allegiance to the koran and called pastor jones a criminal liar. in the u.s. clergy were quic to condemn the plans as well. >> i say shame on you. >> bearingwitness against your neighbor is against the koran and bibles. we have to be here. >> even president obama weighed in on the safety of the u.s. citizens abroad. >> ts stunt he is talking aboupulling could greatly endanger our young men in women in iraq and afghanistan. >> mission's experts say these kinds of events can be
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catastrophic for christians in muslim lands. >> christians arou the world will suffer. there is almost no doubt about that. we will most likely see christians killed because of these koran burnings. that is a huge weight of responsibilityor this church to bear. >> many american christians expressed astonishment that such a tiny church could cause so much controversy and wondered how muchit would cause to already fractured christian-muslim relations. dale herd cbn news. >> gary, i have never seen anythingike this. it has touched a nerve around the worl why the upset? >> one thing we as christns realize, muslims, devout muslims have rev rans for their holy boo they consider this blasphemy
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on the christian side of it, christians are taking the brunt of the riots and violence when muslims get upset. remember the danish cartoons and what happened result of that? >> pastor jones has been going back and forth to burn or not burn. last we ard he is not going to go through with it. why do you think he backedown? >> he got a lot of pressure from the white house, from the pentagon and christian pastors calling him and pressuring him, don't do this, this is stupid. this isn't the right thinto do. how do you win a muslim to christ if you are burning the holy boo >> gary, do you think the damage has been done? how is this going to effect muslim-christian relions? >> they are better if he is not
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going foard with this. i think it points out there are no moderate voices. when did you hear someone saying muslims, be calm, it is not th big of a deal. we didn't hear that. we heard it on the christian side, of course, with pastors saying let's not burn the koran, it is considerate. >> do you this there will be a silver lining? >> christians realize, musls take this seriously, christians are saying don't take it out on us if somethingappens, this is a small church in florida. >> thank you for your insights. george? rifqa bary is now officially a u.s. resident.
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bary gained permanent residency after living in ohio as an illegal immigrant. her lawyer sayshe got it last week and can app for citizenship in 5 years and also apply for the driver's licens college scholarships and medicare as she battles uterine canc. man accused of trying to kill israel ami ortiz with a bombay not have to stand trial. a 3-judge panel will decideif the suspect is mentally fit for the court case that has attracted worldwide tention. chris mitchell has the latest from jerusalem. >> as jack teitel entered the courtroom, he claimed ed israel's legal system had no authority over him. >> title is accused of planting
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a bombat ami ortiz's family because they are messianic jews. teitel faces a number of cases, including death of 2 arabs and atteted murder of a liberal professor. the ortiz musway until december r a decision. >> they are going to decide within 1 hearing whether he can be deemed mentally responsible for what he did in the past and stand trial now. >> since the 2008 bombing, his pares have experienced a great or deal. >> we feel at peace because god is in control. when we are at home with our family, we continue praying for him. we continue praying for him. with all of these things taking place god will visit him. >> his mother says his progress
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has defied the doctor's prognosiand exceeded expectations. >> they told us he is never going to run againand jump as high as he did in bketball. he runs faster than anybody and jumps really hig i believe e lord is going to restore him completely. >> he is a wonder in my own eyes, how peaceful, how he is taking it. he has a visi to go forward. he feels like this is in the lord's hands. >> in the meanme, the ortiz's hope people will stand with him in prayer for the man who nearly killed their son. >> in our hearts, we don't feel anger or bitterness. more important that ami does not. continue praying for him and god with this god will continue to glorify himself.
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that the name of yushua should be liftedamong the people of israel. >> chris mitchell cbn news, jerusalem. coming up, rescuing ukraine's orphs, this cum is showing the church how to take the lead.
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>> russian authorits are investigating blast that killed at least 17 people and sent 100others to the hospital. eye witnesses told investigators, a suicide car bomber dre a vehicle into busy marketplace. mostly christian republic located in the caucuscan mounta region. we spoke with sur gay about the attack, it is not surpsing, they have very dangerous neighbors.
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>> that is where islam is christianity. this is the republic that [ foreign speaking ] pakistan farther south and all this unrest has taken place, lots of islamist radicals are reaching out to young peop, training them to attack peaceful communities on behalf of islam. the whole area should belong to decaucus emirates and terrorists areehind all this activity. >> russian ministries works with evangelical urches. he td us they are going beyond the boundaries of their republic to takemessage of christ to their musl neighbors. >> they just finished summer
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camps ministries. taking tremendous risk for their lives and go there a month or 2 and stay with the children of muslim families, bringi them peace, hope, love on behalf of christian community and kingdom of christ. >> those churcheswill also be reaching out to the families of the most recent terror attacks. more than 400 ukrainian orphans attended camps sponsored by orphan's promise. they were able to learn bible lessons and workshops to teach them practical skills they can use in the future. camps gave them much needed aattention and love. at one camp all 100 children prayed to accept jesus christ as their savior. they are connected with local believers so they have encouragement ck home.
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global econy is forcing ukraine to shut down many orphanages. >> petewooding has the story of one christian coup that is doing just tha >> as ukraine continues to feel the bite of the credit crunch. sadly most effected are the fatherless with more than 2 million at risk children living in shelters and institions. many christians are taking this opportunity to adopt or foster children. one such coupleis ser gay and na tash sha gets. >> sur gay and natasha have 10 children living in family-based orphanage, 2 are bilogical, 2 adopted and 6 fostered. they took on this challenge because they believedod was calling them to share christ's
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love with these children. >> this is the will of god to take care of the orphans. he gave us this desire even though we didn't understand it. >> antonio as cerebral paulsy and they moved him to adopt him after visiting him in the hospital. he was kept in the cage and nurses would only wash him while wearing rubber gloves. since opting him, they have seen a vast improvement and has a dream to one day become a soccer player. [ foreign speaki ] the signicant break through happened during the first couple omonths in our home. it is interesting right now he is so much talkative and willing to talk with people and communicate. >> despite the challenges and demands, they couldn't have coped if it wasn't for eastern
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european outreach who run a sponsorship program for many families like this. >> this support helps us a lot. one of the ways we use the money we receive, we can pay for the extra thingsfor our children. teachers co into our homes and teach them drawing and crafts work. you can see in our house many picturesmade by our children. >> sergay and natasha say many believers in ukraine should take up children so the institutions can be emptied and all of ukrne's orphans can be raiseed in godly values. >> there is 26 children. they can be adopted. in crew crane we have 28,000 churches of different denominaons. if each church would take one child we would have no orphans.
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>> they are caring for orphans in ukraine, peter wooding for cbn ne, ukraine. coming up, 9/11 surviv sujo john, he talks to us about how the lord has changed his life since that tragic day 9 years ago.
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>> this week marks the 9th anniversy of septemr 11th terrorist attacks. many americans remember it like it was yesterday. i know i do, george. >> sujo john is a worldtrade center survir. he is sharing the love of christ all over the world. he recentlyspoke with my colleague, mark martin. >> sujo john as a 9/11 survivor, what is it like to look back 9 years ter? >> it is hard to belve it has been 9 years.
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for me i can spell the jet fuel and smoke around me. it doesn't feel it has been 9 years. emotions is so much has changed in america since that day. when i say so much, with everything goingn with the debate of the mosque, 9/11 happenedthe whole country was united and it was okay to pray in the name of jesus. you saw churches full of people of prayer and faith. from now looking back, america is slowly slipping into a post-christian nation. this weekend that is what is on my heart. my heart is heavy realizing we are in a direction and it has to be reached with the gospel. >> you were on the 81st floor of north tower when it hit, what did you do >> i am on the 81st for, 8:30 in the morn, american flight crashed in.
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when the plane crashed, huge explosion, buildinshaking violently. we knew it was a plane that cashed in. we didn't know it was a huge jet plain, fire, walls caving, we hit the ground with the faces on the carpet. i talked to my wife working on the 70th floor on south tower. it took me morethan an hour to get to the south tower and it begins to coapse. >> obviously you are thinking about your wife, i guess you thought she had perished. what happeneas far as your wife? >> later that day i was out of the debris and god, why did you spare my life? for sure my wife is dead. it was my wife. she wanted to go to work but she gets delayed by a couple of minutes. that is what spared her life. one day before 9/11 i met
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someone who convinced me to sign up for a life insurance policy. i came home for the first time in my marriagetalked about death. the bible says, the people come to steal, and destroy. i have come to give life. i will have mercy on who i will have mercy and compassion and spared both of our lives and our unborn child. my wife was 4 months pregnant with our son. >> god spared your life for a reason, you have been sharing your testimony all over the world. why do you think god spared the lives of you and your famil >> i was can christian. if i would die i would live in heaven. i was chasing the stuff -- when you diyou are going to leave everything bind. the only thing you can take is
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people a proclamation evangelism. i tell people about christ. i am a product of missions. i feel like god has calledme to the country to evangelize america. only percent of the generation has put their trust in the lord jesus christ. this is called the justice generation. my passion is to reach them with the greatest message of love. god's compelling story of sending his son to save a lost and fallen world. not just in america, different parts of america, india, the majority of my skin color worships goddess. 16,000 people finding christ in india. our foe cus is in the youth of
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india. by 2025, half of the world this generation is one glob youth culture. they are rejecting the faith of their parents. here is a challenge, when a young man and lady rejects christianity. in a place like india, it is an incredible opportunity to reach them with the love of jesus christ. >> god rescued and equipping you tobe a missionary in india and america. thank you so much r what you are doing. >> thank you, sir. >> thanks. and you can find daily reports on the work of the church around the world at our website we'll be back right after this.
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>> finally this week we turn
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to nth korea turning to a christian help from a christiang agency. >> torrential floods destroyed many homes in the nati. now kim jong il's nation has requested supplies from samaritan's purse a north carolina charity. >> we were contacted by new york city, ey asked us to help. they asked for medicine, food, building materia. >> in response, the christian's charity loaded a chartered 747 with 90 tons of relieand medical supplies, include medicine, temporary shelter materials, blankets and hand tool they took it to the north capitol of pyang yang.
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>> that care is unconditional. this gives us an opportunity to practically demonstrate th. >> it has provided 12 million dollars no emerncy assistance to the people of north korea since 97. it is awesome. they have so much favor over the years, they havedone good work in north korea and great to see the north korean regime. >> it is what jesus would dow. >> thankou so much for joining us. >> please join us again right here next week, until then, good-bye, and god bless s are only christians. and that should be a model for .
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and then... you would be a terrorist today had jesus christ not entered your heart. what happed to you? nextime on...


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