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tv   ABC7 News at 9 on KOFY  KOFY  January 10, 2011 9:00pm-10:00pm PST

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>> [ bell ringing]. >> led by the president the nation pauses for a moment had of silence. the from the new york stock exchange to the
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scene of the crime in tucson. americans pay tribute to the victims of the arizona shootin shooting. >> i'm spending a lot of time just thinking about the families and reaching out to them. >> good evening i'm dan ashley. the president will attend a memorial service in tucson on wednesday. we know more about the who what and where of the shooting in tucson now but we are still piecing together the why. today accused trigger man jerrad love made first court appearance flanked by his attorney judy clark who also defended oklahoma city bomber mckay and unabomber kaczynski. hours before the rampage loughner was turned away from a wal-mart store where he tried to buy ammunition but was sold the bullet at another wal-mart nearby. federal prosecutors intend to portray loughner as a man with psychological problems nonetheless competent enough to plot an assassination. thomas with more now on jerrad laugh. >> today he walked into federal
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court with a shaved head. he showed no emotion as prosecutor read the charges against him and smirk as the judge smoke to him. many in the suburban town struggle with why he did it, it turns out many of those who knew him were afraid of him because of increasingly bizarre behavior. >> mentally unstable. he felt isolated. >>reporter: june 14 e-mail one of love intercollege classmates seemed terrified. we have a mentally unstable person in class and scarce the living crap out of me. >> i said he was a serial can i recall. >> this is somewhat disfunctio disfunctional family. and this individual has probably been troubled for some timep. >>reporter: anyone who read his on line posting would have come to the same conclusion. postings show obsession with violence and pair a notice a about the government. one of his faith clip is entitled let the body hit the floor. in another you tube post he writes the government is implying mind
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control and brain wash on the people by controlling grammar. only hours before the shooting he warned friends on my space please don't be mad at me. his life was unravel. he tried to john the military. rejected. he was arrested for drug possession. some investigators wonder if he became obsessed with the givds because of the american lifestyle. he even met the congresswoman. >> he met her once in 07 and told me he asked her questions that made absolutely no sense to me but he said i captain believe she doesn't understand it. >>reporter: friends say after that he became obsessed with the giffords. at the house they found an envelope with the wordy planned ahead. my assassination and giffords. expert in psychiatry says the evidence is clear. >> classic. dilution of persecution. dilution of false belief. indicators of psychosis and they mean that a person is suffering from a psychotic illness most likely paranoid skit friendia.
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>>reporter: about arizona governor brewer set aside her state of the state address today to talk about the shooting paying tribute to the victims and the heroes. >> daniel hernandez. university of arizona junior showed no fear in the face of gunfire. his quick alaska if going to gaby giffords aid hik hikely saved her life. [applause] standing ovation from law makers in arizona 5 day on the job as intern hernandez trade to stop giffor giffords blood loss with his hands and with some prop provided by butcher from the grocery store. >> main target of the shooting congresswoman givds remains in critical condition however but her doctors say that she has given them the thumb up sign and tried several times to grab her breathing tube that is purposeful movement and very encouraging. more now from
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diane sawyer. >> when the congresswoman came in the door you knew she would make it. about. >> most of the people who get shot in the head don't come here. help the people who come with gunshot to the head most of them follow a command. >> when i hear someone is here shot in the head they can follow command and i'm thinking this is what we are here for. this is what. >> i was told she wasn't speaking. >> she wasn't speaking but i know she is thinking. okay. squeeze her hand she squeezed her hand. let go. she lets go. she is thinking. >> the forensic team will decide the direction of the bullet. they do know where she was hit and that it made all the difference. >> we don't know for sure back to the front or back to the front. more like this without going through this. the reason
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why she survived. but it traversed you know a lot of the brain. >> covered the brain. >> but it probably missed very central life sustaining type of structure. the deep center is very, very important. so if we can avoid any trajectory through the area critical. >> tell me about the next few days. you have said we have another watchful 24 hours. >> what i really want to see is her wake up to the point and interact with us to the point that we look at each other and say time to get the breathing tube out. >> the medical center in tucso tucson. the crew on board the international space station pause entered silence for the victim in the arizona shooting. the iss commander is scott kelly. his twin brothers is astronaut mark kelly who is married to congresswoman giffords. >> as i look out the window i see a very beautiful planet that seems very inviting and peaceful. unfortunately it is not. these days we are constantly reminded of the unspeakable act of violence and
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damage we can inflict upon one another not just with our actions but also with our irresponsible words. >> on the subject contentious political discourse being widely discouraged on capitol hill and continual vote to repeal health care reform has been postponed in congress. there was also extra security in washington and members were briefed on security issues. mark tonight with more on how the shooting in tucson is impacting national politics. >> at his home martinez congressman miller scans the headlines and worries that polarized political speech my fuel act of violence. >> the words come from miss govrd that these kind of things have consequences. >>reporter: my recall is talking about how giffords was targeted by conservative sarah palin over her vote on health care. giffords talked about it during the campaign. >> the way that we have it depicted as cross hair of gun site over our district. would
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people do that. they have to realize there are consequences to that action. >>reporter: but conservative don't have a lock of cross hair image. democratic senator mansion used this ad in west virginia and these 2 political map they are from democrats targeting republicans. one democratic member of congress is now promised legislation to make it a federal crime to use threatening language or imagery against a member of congress. this is bruce cane. >> i think the initial reaction was about political rhetoric. of course ironically the discussion about over heated rhetoric has led to an over heated debate about the rhetoric. >>reporter: professor cane says legislation to restrict political speech isn't likely to pass either in congress or in the courts. more likely legislation to restrict guns or high capacity ammo clip like the ones the shooter used on saturday. >> nobody pshtion nobody should have more fire power than the law enforcement. nobody needs
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ak 47 to go shoot an elk. >> hard to argue that they have any place in civil society. they have no purpose in hunting. >>reporter: ironically giffor giffords is a strong supporter of gun right. members of congress being briefed on personal security. in the wake of sat attack representative dennis is moving his stockton office to the a more secure location. congress members miller and spear and john of walnut grove all tell abc 7 they will not be requesting increased security. >> it's not going to change the way i interact with my constituents. >>reporter: new there's no evidence to show that saturday gunman was motivated by venom talk but certainly other threats have been. you remember last year when then speaker of the house pelosi was repeatedly threatened bay man in san francisco whose mother told us that he was enraged by talk radio commentary about health care reform. gregory
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just last month was sentenced to 21 months in prison for making the threats against pelosi. in the newsroom, abc 7 news. all right we move on to other news as we continue tonight. why your cash may no longer be good on the golden gate bridge. >> i'm in sacramento. newly elected governor brown unveils state budget proposal and critic say it's just as bad as a swart neglect budget. >> get ready to trade the shades for the umbrellas.i'll show you when the rain will shades for the umbrellas.i'll show you when the rain will arrive tomorrow coming up >> thanks. also tonight. sometimes counselling around in the hospital is not frowned upon. stay with us. news at the hospital is not frowned upon. stay with us. news at upon. people! look at you! at
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>> jerry brown says it is quote better to take our medicine now. he has rae leased his budget. plan calls for 5 years of higher taxes and more than 12 billion dollars in spending cuts. the governor says he wants toen the accounting tric tricks that he says have characterized previous spending plans. more now from capitol correspondent annette in sacramento. >> not going to get better unless we do something. >>reporter: he is warning for weeks that it wasn't going to be pretty. it isn't. governor brown unveils a budget proposal with a mix of deep budget cuts and extension of temporary tax hike and historic restructuring of government operation. >> what i propose will be painful. going take sacrifice from every sector of california. >>reporter: among the 12 and a half billion dollars in spending cuts, 1.7 billion dollars from medi-cal. making patients fork out co-pay and limiting doctor visits. 1.5 billion from cal works reducing life time ben from it 5 years
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to 4. one billion dollar hit to uc and csu campus. up to a 10% pay cut for state workers. not in collective bargaining agreement. >> right now can't wait. >>reporter: the cuts also drew protest. this about liken him to schwarzenegger twin because the budget were similarly drastic the. cal works mom cried at the thought of losing her welfare benefit. >> i voted for governor pwrouchbility i knew him being a demi would be okay. he can't be a bad and. >>reporter: but with the state finance still in shamble brown has little choice. he is though trying to save deeper cuts by asking voters in june to extend the 2009 temporary sales income and car tax hike by another 5 years. something voters rejected once before. that would bring in 12 billion dollars a year but republicans are set to block the move to put it on the ballot. >> frankly i haven't seen anything demonstrateed to me that would show that we would be any more responsible with
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the taxpayer money than we have been in the last few years. >>reporter: governor brown says he didn't propose any cuts to kindergarten through 12 grade school that are getting the same amount of money as they did last year. but brown is proposing that 2 billion dollars in funding be deferred to next year. schools consider that a cut because they believe they will never see the money. in sacramento, abc 7 news. more on the subject. governor brown want to end billions of dollar in redevelopment subsidy redirecting the money to schools. now the proposal would hit san jose hard. city redevelopment agency has project spanning practically every part of the city. one company already benefited is this recycling. 23 jobs create there had paying under 15 dollars an hour on average. >> we have got people working here that were unemployed. we took them off unemployment. put them to work. trained them. we are shipping about 100 tons of material a day many to be recycled instead of
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sending it to california land fills. >>reporter: this kind of program would be eliminated under the governor's plan. also in jeopardy clean tech job. mayor says redevelopment funding is one of the few tools that can ensure clean tech job stay in california. >> now we mention education here. k through 12 is spared by governor brown but not higher education. education reporter lee ann report that the governor may be mixing politics with pragmatism. >>reporter: even members of the teacher union were surprised to hear the k through 12 education system will be spared from cut. >> simply reality settling in in sacramento children in schools are the future of this state. you don't have a state unless you have education. and i think jerry brown recognizes that and i think he's acting on that. >>reporter: today the governor said he expects educators parent and unions to rally behind him to help gather voter support for a 12 l million dollar tax hike. education
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trust west says this and education advocate group saying voters will also want other guarantees. >> if they are going to pass a proposition performed for more money in schools they will also pass good policies to fix our school systems. >>reporter: but there was no good news for higher education. governor proposed the drastic cuts there. today uc president gave his 10 chancellor's specific budget reduction target. they report to him in 6 weeks. he will tray to avoid a fee increases but can not fully commit to this. in 2009 the board of regent impose a furlough day for all employees. there may be talk of that again. >> furlough program lasted one year. but nothing is off the table. we need to look at everything because of the size of the proposed cut.
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>> pretty irritating. frustrating. because i have money for college like that. >> college is a business and it's unfortunate that we look at it that way. fortunate that we allow it to be that way. >> according to the governor even with the fee hike california community colleges are still the most affordable in the nation. in the newsroo newsroom, abc 7 news. this cold weather we are enjoying may be a factor in two water main break in san francisco tonight that occurred at 5:30 this evening. glen park and visitation valley neighborhood. some resident are without water service as a result. this kind of bone chilling cold is pretty tough on pipes where you live, i kno know. sandy is here has been dan. extremely cold. this morning we had temperatures in the mid 20's in some of our valley. cold enough to set a record sonoma county airport show you that in a moment. upside is we have more clouds
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coming in so tonight not nearly as cold as what we saw last night. so let get you outside. live picture right now from our high definition emeryville camera. looking back towards san francisco and really just have clouds gathering tonight as the rain is on its way for tomorrow. temperatures this morning really fell. lack at sonoma county airport. that was a record 25 degrees. down to 24 in fairfield. it was a chilly 27 in livermore napa county airport, you ukiah concord 29 this morning botto bottoming out at 31 in redwood city and san jose. temperatures at this hour running believe it or not anywhere from few to continue degrees warmer than where they were 24 hours ago. so despite the fact it is 36 degrees in fairfield it is higher than yesterday. 39 in santa rosa and currently 40 degrees in livermore. not as cold tonight. looking at chilly tuesday with few light showers delevoping and chance of rain
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remains in the north bay on thursday. so here's satellite and radar. here's what holds the temperatures up. it is the cloud cover that is overrunning the system. cloud will thicken overnight and as the cloud thicken we get insulated. just like a blanket over us that traps the daytime heat in. wasn't warm today. we had mid 40's for afternoon high to really low 50's. it was a cold afternoon in many part of the bay area. but we are not expecting it to get very cold. so low 30's for fairfield napa santa rosa down to freezeing in antioch. just below that in livermore and morgan hill right at freezing. another cold night. you need to bundle up. tomorrow morning cloudy first thing in the morning. few showers trying to approach in the morning hours and then light rain will for the afternoon and the evening commute. few showers lingering into the wee hours of wednesday north bay and then all done. rainfall total not impressive at all. tenth to quarter of an inch of rain. santa cruz
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mountains 210th and zero to $500 of an inch in the south bay. $500 to $1,500 for the peninsula and east bay. reason for all this we have all the dry air and it is going to take a little bit of time as the system moves in here to moisten up the atmosphere to really get any rain out of it. have to wait until tomorrow afternoon. high for the tuesday speaking of afternoon. low 50's in the south bay. on peninsula 50 in san mateo o. 49 pacifica. downtown san francisco sunset district in the upper 40's and definitely need a sweater or jacket. chilly in the north bay. cloud will prevent from you getting warm. 45 in santa rosa after freezing cold. start 46 in napa and east bay 51 oakland. san leandro. go inland and temperatures are still about to be on the chilly side. 46 concord. 48 livermore for the monterey bay 54 yeast in monterey. here's accu-weather 7 day forecast. it is chilly tomorrow again. wet by the afternoon certainly and into the early wednesday
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morning hours then chance of rain mainly north bay on thursday. we will dry out friday through martin luther king jr. and notice the temperatures inching up. at least in the comfort range. upper 50's to low 60's during that time period with dry conditions for the weekend. >> i'm ready for that. >> i know i think a lot of people are. they are complaining about the cold. >> thanks very much. >> all right. as we tip tonight. finders keepers. not quite. what happened ton with d in a parking lot. >> also the consumer product safety commission is opening its first office outside the united states. where and unitonto the left foot.nd whyifd
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be be welcome back. >> federal judge today ordered former house majority leader tom delay to prison for three years for illegally funneling
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corporate money to texas candidates in 2002. the sentence is after a jury convicted delay on charges of money laundering and conspiracy to commit money laundering last november. delay was once one of the most powerful men in u.s. politics. no. 2 job in the house. now he goes to prison. >> consumer product safety commission is setting up its first office outside the united states. in china. agency says it wants to stop unsafe products before they reach the american marketplace. setting up shop in china after recall of chinese product from candy to drywall. c p sc says it will soon begin posting all the complaint it receives in a public database on the interne internet. >> finder keeper may be the rule on the playground but not the law of the land. one woman discovered that when she found a large amount of money in a parking lot. michael with her story. >>reporter: barbara simon was
9:26 pm
walkinging in a target parking lot when she saw more than 1,000 dollars on the ground. most would consider it their lucky day. but not margaret. >> i was thinking my god it could be somebody rent and bill money. food money. >>reporter: margaret considered giving the money to people she knew needed it. >> my brought memorial service. could have given the money to the kid wasn't the right thing to do. >>reporter: she did what you would hope most would do. she turned in the money to target where she found it. target told her the money would be returned if no one claimed it welcome back 30 days. had 30 days passed and no one claimed it. but target would not give her the money. >> he says well, ma'am for amount of money that high we can't give it to you. we have to keep it. we have to put tonight our petty cash. i said no way. >>reporter: we contacted target about the story and confirmed the policy to us by e-mail. the store wrote loss
9:27 pm
cash not claimed by the owner the store will continue to carry it in the money the claim is in the future. people think it should be returned to margaret. >> definitely has a claim to the money considering that she's the one that found it. if item not like claimed within like 2 or 3 week period, person who found it should probably get it. >>reporter: we took the question to abc 7 legal analyst dean johnson. >> a lot of urban legend about lost property from finders kee keepers to you have to turn it in to the police. all of them are sort of true. >>reporter: johnson says the proper thing to do is to turn the money over to police. not to the place where you found it. once margaret asked for the money back johnson says target should have given it to her. >> they had duties to hold the property in trust for the finder when she demanded it back they were under a duty to give it back. >>reporter: target since returned all the money to margaret. now had the money been turned over to police it would have been held for 90
9:28 pm
days and if not claimed the money woeb b wob given to the finder. we checked with the san jose police department and no report filed of lost money similar to this. i'm michael, 7 on your side. >> when we continues here tonight. san francisco ex mayor takes on his new role in sacramento. tonight the game of musical chairs is launched in leaving city hall. >> also tonight. stanford senior closes out the season by getting one of college football top honors. >> another alien planet comes out of hiding. are we one step closer to this. >> bulldozer drivers in china with a little too much time on their hands. stay with us. another half hour of news their hands. stay with us. their hands. stay with us. another half hour ofwere prese i want you to >>
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>> newsom became the lieutenant governor today. he was sworn into office by his father william newsom who is a retired appeals court justice. former san francisco mariposa pond his inauguration by a week in part to influence the selection of his successor at city hall. new lieutenant governor says his priorities include new business and job creation and providing leadership on environmental issues for california. >> newsom may have moved on to higher office but not before making some political moves that will have a long lasting impact on the city. may nawvrs that has carolyn report that led to new district attorney, new police chief and new mayor who will serve until the election in november. >> kind of response did you have this morning as you walked in here. >> very warm. very warm. >>reporter: this was day one as district attorney former san francisco police chief. the
9:32 pm
job swap came yesterday in a stunning move. his appointment as da the last major act by newsom on his way out the door at city hall. he became top cop just 18 months ago and was praised for introducing new crime fighting strategy. now the 56-year-old former chief who is a lawyer hopes to take initiative in the da office to another level. >> there are some great efforts have been done here dealing with consumer fraud. i think some great effort done here in terms of victim advocate. hate crimes. >>reporter: assistant chief jeff will run things here at least temporarily. he's a confidant who came here from los angeles in 2009. his rise to the top is not going over well with the police officer association which views him as an outsider. an want to see someone promoted from within the rank and file. >> i think it's extremely important to find somebody in
9:33 pm
our department who is experienced, who is knowledgeable who understands the city, culture of our city, politic of our city, he says he promised him he would serve just for the interim. >> i was not going to put my hat in the ring so to speak to be the permanent chief. >>reporter: politic of the police department will be one of the first issues the new interim mayor will have to tackle. city administrator ed lee was another surprise move. in the wayneing days of the newsom administering. he attended the new lieutenant governor swearing in today preparing to take the oath of office himself tomorrow. lee is expected to become the city first asian american mayor. supervisors like newcomer scott weiner are solidly behind him. >> he has no learning kevsh curve. he is so experienced and so many fast net city government. >>reporter: one more wrinkle before lee is sworn in board president chu is acting mayor. in san francisco, abc 7 news.
9:34 pm
crop dusting plane crashed on an island in the delta this morning killing the pilot. contra costa county sheriff's office first got word of it when reports started coming in that plane had hit a pole or tower. that was about 11:00 o'clock. crew found the wreckage and mud on remote area northwest of oakley. pilot was the only person on board. hayward polices have determine that one of the officers acted properly when he shot and killed the man on december 30. polices had responded to call about a landlord-tenant landlord-tenant act dispute on depot road. officer encountered the person whoses family owned the property where the shooting took place. he moved toward the officer with a hunting knife. he was ordered to drop it several times before firing the fatal shot. >> san jose pride itself on being safest big city in america but started the newer year with 4 homicides already. latest deadly shooting at night club has some asking that the
9:35 pm
city rae least list of those being considered for chief of police. we have the story. >>reporter: 3 of san jose 4 murder this year stem from shooting saturday night at the mexicali club. they don't know if the shoot rtion dang relate related. don't have any suspect and aren't ready yet to release the names of the victims. >> at this point we are not releasing their identity due to the fact that these p.m. 3 individuals are from out of the country. they are foreigners so we are trying to locate their family members, next of kin and make notification. >>reporter: violent start to the new year comes as san jose is in the middle of nationwide search for new police chief to replace rob davis. the city man year says more than 30 people have applied for the top job and the list has been narrowed to fewer than 10. today the coalition for justice and accountability renewed the demand that those finalist be made public saying 67 percent
9:36 pm
of the 3000 people it surveyed want to know who the top contenders are before any decision is made. >> we now have quantitative data that support the idea that the san jose community want to meet the candidate app want it to be an open process. >>reporter: city leaders point to numerous public forum and say they are taking into account community concerns about racial profiling and excessive force. san jose mayor says naming names is just not appropriate. >> many times they have reasons that they don't want their name known as somebody searching for new job. we have to respect. that just respond to the way it is in the marketplace. if we are not going to keep the names confidential people would not be on our list. >>reporter: as the department works to solve 4 murder city leaders say a new police chief could be revealed as early as next month. in san jose, abc 7 news. major change could be coming to the golden gate pwrichblingt as soon as thursday the bridge board of director could vote on plan to
9:37 pm
auto mate all collection making the bridge cashless and ending the need for the toll tears. district faces 89 million dollar deficit and says cutting toll tears will save 19 million dollars in 8 years. the district hopes to find jobs for some of those facing lay off elsewhere on the bridge but understandably the toll taker think the district is short sight. ed they think of themselves as ambassador. >> they take away our jobs and livelihood and now the people who come to the bridge have to deal with what, a machine? >>reporter: bridge statistics show only 33 percent of drivers use toll takers now and proposes to collect toll by using fast track, gaining in popularity all the time or sca scanning license plate and sending drivers their bills to pay. >> we are barely into 2011 and already major airlines are ringing in the first fare increase of the year. southwest air line started things off friday raising fare by 4 to continue dollars on
9:38 pm
round trip flights. now united delta american and frontier airline are matching those a fare hike. web site fare says it is the third price increase in just a month time. rising fuel cost and greater demand for seats. about they are calling it the planetary missing link. coming up next. new planet found with the help of a local scientist. >> and super hero justice. fighting crime but are they t t are theyg the str safer. really making
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>> 2011 north american car of the year is? chef row lay volt. >> the volt getting car of the year honors. it runs on electricity for 40 miles before a back up gasoline engine kicks in. the volt beat out electric nissan leaf and hyundai sonata. >> all right. now to group of men who say they are part of a growing nationwide movement aimed at taking back our streets. they dress up as contained crusaders and patrol seattle streets looking for crime. but are they helping police or just getting in their way? here's neal. >> superman can fly. batman
9:42 pm
has his gadget. "spider-man"has his web super sharp accepts us. >> and then phoenix jones. red drag on and buster bow self-proclaimed real life super hero with no actual power but pretty snazzy outfit and endless enthusiasim. >> i'm definitely not going to let my fellow citizen assaulted when i can say no. >> he they patrol not so mean streets of seattle. allegedly breaking up crime when they see it. >> stay back. stay await a minute i don't want to have to taze you. >>reporter: on this night a warning shot with the tazer during a very tense run in with a man he says is about to drive drunk. >> you back up. >>reporter: cohort call police. >> i know what you are doing is fine. somebody drunk. all of a sudden people in their face with mask on. >>reporter: it's a weirdly close imitation of the movie kick ass. >> fight some crime? >>reporter: about people dressing up as super hero and
9:43 pm
taking on crime fighting. phoenix says he has a real 9:00 to 5:00 job. wife. and kid. he says the outfit which includes a bullet paragraph vest has a purpose. >> easiest thing to hide bullet proving so i don't get shot is a super suit. >> reporter: the real mission is to help people including handing out food to the homeless. police are perplexe perplexed. worried the group will turn that vigilante and skeptical that they have ever actually stopped any crime. >> our concern is if it goes badly then we end up getting called any way and we may have additional victims. >>reporter: but phoenix and the gang of wannabe hero don't plan to give up. >> thank you. >>reporter: they have plenty of fans and they don't care what you think of their outfit. this is abc news, seattle. adding to the controversy this weekend a man held phoenix
9:44 pm
jones at gun point while another kicked him and broke his nose. began when phoenix tried to break up the fight. >> massive telescope found smallest planet yet outside our solar system. unlike most of those spotted so far the planet is not a huge ball of gas or ice. it is rocky like earth but far too hot for life as we know it. planet is called kevlar 10 b after the telescope that found it. 2 bay area scientist connected to the discovery. and these men and calls the discovery a planetary missing lichbing. he says it's between the giant planet the dominate the distant world found so far and the earth size world that scientist hope to fine in the future. >> healing with humor. still ahead tonight. local hospital where laughter is like a spoonful of sugar truly making
9:45 pm
the im spoonful of sugar truly making the im spoonful of sugar truly making the immediate good down.i'llwere i want you to >>
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>> we all know that children can be so resilient when faced with serious injury or illness. it's heart breaking at times and heart warming. but as anyone can tell you it's no fun spending weeksxd or months in te hospital. tonight we report on
9:48 pm
a program at uc sf at the children hospital that offers unique distraction. >>reporter: just by looking at the feet you can tell this is no ordinary doctor or nurse. item dan and danielle. but here at uc sf at the children hospital they are bet known as this. from the san francisco base organization clown zero. >> our program not for profit organization and dedicated to bettering the lives of chirp and family and therapeutic performing art. therapeutic clown visit the children hospital twice a week. see dozens of kids each time. kids like 5-year-old nicky who just had surgery in the jaw and neck after an infection developed from a tonsillectomy. >> she got a spill. we got a
9:49 pm
smile there. it was a long time. for him not to smile like that. >>reporter: oftentimes the smile turn into pure happiness. all the pain, the suffering, the discomfort, forgotten at least for a moment. what did they do with you. >> they danced with me. >> how does it make you feel. >> good. >>reporter: that's one of the main reasons why uc sf incorporated the program. michaeltown the manager of child life services at the children hospital. >> we have already seen that clown zero brings humor and joy to the children whenever they are here. they are very popular. in fact the teachers are sort of like we don't want to compete with the clown. >>reporter: l the clowns may be popular but they just think they have the best job in the world. about and chirp of all ages are thankful for their visits. >> i'm a little older but for
9:50 pm
little kids officials at uc sf children hospital in san francisco, abc 7 news. that's great. back up date the forecast and sandy is here. the cold easing a bit. >> a bit dan. let me show you the readings tomorrow morning with extra clouds around in the 30's and 40's. showers delevoping in the north bay by noon time and really by the afternoon rain will become a little more wide spread but it is going to be light. 4:00 p.m. 40's and 50's still going to feel the chill in the air in the afternoon hours. here is your accu-weather 7 day forecast light rain for your tuesday mainly afternoon evening. early wednesday morning in the north bay and the chance remains in the north bay on thursday. after that do look for milder temperatures dry conditions from friday through monday and we certainly will come back up to average if not a little bit above going into the 50's and 60's. >> thanks sandy very much. >> ongoing effort to bring you wild pictures from around the planet check this out. 2
9:51 pm
bulldozer drivers use the passion for rock and roll to put on an unusual street performance. it was a break dancing bulldozer show in chin china. men balance the 20 ton vehicle on front wheels while singing the budget from left to right. took the drivers 6 months to learn to do this by the way. yes during that time they say they received a lot of head banging injuries. a lot of 43 time on the job in china. >> sounds like larry. >> nice. >> they are not building anything there are they? uses kind of driving the truck around. bulldozer. okay. whatever. wasn't the game everybody expected but the national championship game goes down to the wire. newton tries to cap a heismann season.i'll not shoot back. i'm bigger than that. taking the high road. >> new you. is next t taking the high road. >> new you. >> sports
9:52 pm
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>> coming up tonight at 11:00. governor brown drastic budget proposal that could put community college out of reach for tens of thousands of californians. >> and struggling bay area school that is looking to local businesses to help it with a big budget problem. >> those stories and more coming up in 1 hour on 7 news at 11:00. hope you can join us for. that what will we do the final bowl game. >> only seems like that. but at least we went out with a bang. >> good game. >> very good at the end. auburn and other gone. expected to light up the score
9:55 pm
board in the game. didn't really work out that way but the finish was high drama. how about the heismann trophy. auburn fan. bronzed himself how nice. after scoreless first quarter. newton on the middle. 35 yard touch down. 7-3 auburn. oregon would acts. thomas for the screen to jamesment untouched. p-2 point play for the lead. newton steps up in the pocket. and finds a wide open blake. 16-11 tigers at half time. 19-11 auburn. oregon answers. shovel pass to make it 19-17 go for 2 to tie. thomas. across the body across the entire field to jeff. tied at 19. auburn 2 minutes left. key play. down at the 45. no he's not. his knee never touched the ground. everybody stops then yelling from the side line saying go go go. gain of 37. he had a buck 43 in the game.
9:56 pm
auburn down to the 2 yard line. setting up good night game over drive home safely. 19 yard field goal to win it for auburn. national champion take the game in dramatic fashion. not high score game we expected but still terrific at the end. 22-19. with jim harbaugh now wearing niner red and gold stanford has to find a new leader. not chris peterson the man who turned boise tonight a national power house want to stay at boise. peterson believed to be at the top of stanford wish list. he turned down a slew of jobs in the past. stanford might have been intriguing because of the school academic status. peterson said he had no interest in any other job. he just rae hired 2 assistant on his boise staff. peterson record over the past 5 years at boise stay amazing 61 and 5. college football season as dan mentioned would come to a close tonight. played the bcs title game but final award handed out
9:57 pm
early today to stanford linebacker full back owen. mike has more. >> middle linebacker. 2 way player steps right in front of the pass. >>reporter: stanford owen was selected today as the inaugural winner of the horning award for college football most versatile player. >> very humble to receive such an honor, i think. definitely about recognition that the entire program deserves. >>reporter: senior from portland the only player in the college rank to start on both sides of the ball at full back and linebacker. owen had 23 carries for 46 yards and 5 touch downs on offense and 51 tackle, 2 sack and 2 interception on defense. his biggest thrill was against notre dame where he ran for a touch down and had a pick 6 but in the usual humble way he claims this award was for the time. >> more responsibility to do whatever the team needed me to do. to be successful. that's
9:58 pm
really what it came down to. >>reporter: stanford academic load is tough enough. add to that offensive and defensive meetings every day. that is a full plate. >> a little bit of a whirl wind at times. a lot of meeting time. a lot of time spent with my nose in a book but that's what had to be done. >>reporter: owen admitted he had to google horning and host a play at the next level. i can't think of a better person to win this award. his football career is over. graduate in the spring and in human biology. luck returned to play quarterback and disappointed harbaugh left for the 49 ers. >> without andrew i don't think we could have had near the success we had much everybody wants him as a coach and such a competitor that he has to challenge himself too at the next level. >>reporter: at establish ford,. >> 15 finalist have been named as candidate for property football hall of faichlt x-rayeder brown and former
9:59 pm
forty-niner hailey made the cut but ex owner and running back craig didn't reach the final hall of fame class announced day before the superbowl. >> not only was lynch touch down run on saturday one of the best in nfl l play off history it made the ground move. seahawks fans jumping around quest field got in such a frenzy it registered as seismic activity on monitoring station 100 yards away from the stadiu stadium. 67 yard jaunt by the former cal bear helped the seahawks upset the is saint to advance in the play off. shake rattle and roll. >> was it the crowd or just hi him. he lacked like he was chugging along. >> he did well himself. >> that's this edition of 7 news at 9:00. for all of us thanks for watching. we appreciate your time hope to sigh again inn hour over on appreciate your time hope to sigh again inn hour over on channel 7. goodbye for now.


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