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tv   ABC7 News at 9 on KOFY  KOFY  January 19, 2011 9:00pm-10:00pm PST

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good evening. i'm dan ashley. it is back to square one tonight in the search for the four-year-old boy who was taken from his grandmother's arms yesterday. tomorrow, divers and deputy letts resume their search of the canal in stanislaus county where a witness reported seeing
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a car plunge in after a statewide amber alert was issued. they did pull a car out of there today but not the one they expected. lisa amin gulezian is live in paterson where hopeful relatives held a vigil. >> reporter: the sheriff called off the search two hours ago and around that time this candle light vigil took place in front of the home where the boy was kidnapped. this comes after a day long search of the canal. the last diver came out of the water at 6:00 tonight. teams found two large pieces of concrete and a stolen car but not the car of the suspect joecy esteban rodriguez. it is not the car that he is driving. the sheriff is trying to be realistic about the possibility of finding the four-year-old alive, the boy's mother is holding out hope. >> i'm hoping that he is in a hotel room some where and watching tv and he is safe and
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warm. that is what i'm hoping. but i mean, there is so many possibilities, you know. i'm trying to think happy thoughts. >> based on the credibility of the witness and the information we have, you know, we have every reason to believe that this case is unfortunately going to end tragically. >> reporter: four-year-old juli this ani seen here on the left side of the screen was kidnapped yesterday from his home here. authorities are looking for 27-year-old jose esteban rodriguez. he is giuliani's mother's ex-boyfriend. he was last seen driving a 2003 silver toyota corolla with the california license plate number of 6 hbw 445. now, another reason the sheriff is not very hopeful is because there have been no new leads at all even though an amber alert was issued yesterday. normally he says tips are con seattlely coming in from the public and -- constantly coming in from the public and police have not been able to track
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rodriguez cell phone use or credit card activities. lisa amin gulezian, abc 7 news. those are discouraging signs, thank you very much. what federal prosecutors are being called a ruthless plan trying to force residents out of a hotel. the owner is charged with trying to burn the place down and maximize the insurance payout. the tenants had until january 15 to move out. according to the federal documents unsealed yesterday that is the same day the building owner planned to burn the place to the ground. at least 15 people all poor and many disabled were still living in the rundown bug infested residential hotel. >> there you go. there that is the bed bugs. >> including david edwards and his girlfriend who is battling can. would have been a lot of smoke inhalation deaths and or people getting mameed or possibly jumping out of windows just to escape.
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>> the owner is now in jail after a former employee of the company that manages the menlo became a confidential informant. just a few days after tenants received the notice to locate, singer and the informant met here. the informant wore a wire and caught him saying the menlo needed to be totaled to maximize the insurance payout. it went like this. singer, you know, like let's say your car was, somebody breaks the window, the confidential informant, yeah, singer, it's below your deductible, ci, yeah, exactly. >> singer but if your car falls off a cliff. >> ci, then it is a different story because it is totaled. >> singer, so the building is the same sort of thing. singer planned to set off false alarms beforehand hoping firefighters would be slow to respond to the real thing. the informant said he found someone in new york to do the job. informant, he is a pro, he has done the bronx. singer it is not just that. it is also that it happens
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where it is insured. the lawyer say -- singer's lawyer says the informant has a criminal record and there was not going to be a fire and that the idea comes from the informant, not mr. sing. i'm moving. >> they are capable of anything here and they really want everybody out as soon as possible. there is no doubt in my mind they doll anything. >> the owner wrote a $1,500 check for the arsonist to buy the materials and he planned to pay a total of $65,000 once the building was burned down. singer's lawyer says that he has no record of a criminal history. he is now facing a maximum of ten years in prison for these federal felony charges. reporting from oakland, cecilia vega, abc 7 news. employees working for utility companies epijoy a perk that is rare these -- enjoy a perk that is rare these days. the company pensions are fully
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funded thanks to rate payers, you. but that could change along with leadership at the agency that regulates utilities, the california public utilities commission. heather ishimaru explains. >> pg&e employees pensions are currently immune to losses even when financial losses plummet because the utilities have the customers pick up the cost of presentations and that also means making up for losses. southern california edison is asking for a 7.5% rate increase for 2012 partly to cover its pension fund losses. pg&e says it hasn't asked for an increase to cover pension costs since 2006. >> i don't think we want to begrudge the utility workers their pensions. >> reporter: suggests going forward it is time to consider 4 o 01 k's instead, a move state legislators are already considering for public sector employees. >> for any enterprise that
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becomes too big during a slowdown you will find that your pension plans become unsustainable. it is just simply a fact. >> i think that all utilities need to begin to underand it that the rate payers are not a cash cow for them. that they will constantly go there and take care of whatever shortfalls that they see. >> edison's employees are vested for presentations after three years and get a 25% discount on power bills. at pg&e it is five years and they get the same discount. governor jerry brown will be appointing two or possibly three new commissioners and he has the power to replace the president which could be a significant step toward revising the existing pension system. >> the current h head of the p.u.c. is, indeed, a former edison executive but the odds are he is not going to continue as president of the p.u.c. and that when governor jerry brown makes his appointments probably some more consumer friendly faces will be showing up. >> reporter: pg&e was unable to give us numbers on how much of rate increases has gone to
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cover pension fund losses. no one at the cpuc was available for an oncamera interview. heather ishimaru, abc 7 news. employees of napa state hospital held a vocal rally. they want the hospital to improve conditions immediately because of the death of one of their colleagues last year. >> we want safety. when do we want it? >> now! >> the group calls itself the safety now coalition. many workers say they have been attacked by patients. >> turned around and grabbed me by the hair and punched me numerous times and bit my arm. >> as soon as i come off the witnesses station 6'2" individual, 240-pounds jumped behind me and strangled me behind the neck. >> the hospital says it is working with the department of mental health and union representatives and employees to develop better safety and security plans. they increased the number of police patrols and restricted patient access to some area of
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the hospital. we have new information about the pipe bombs found in an east bay self-storage unit. the locker is just off 680 near highway 4. tonight, the woman who rented it is under arrest. investigators say at least one of the pipe bombs was rigged to inflict maximum harm. here is laura anthony. >> it probably could have leveled the whole building if it would have went off. >> reporter: investigators say the explosives detonated by a bomb squad robot at a storage unit could have done extensive damage and they are trying to figure out why the five pipe bombs were inside the locker rented by 40-year-old debra lynn cole. police released the photos of the bombs taken by the robots sent to disarm them. >> varied in sizes 4 inches to 8 inches. inside we are checking to see if there were more but we found glass shards. and it was meant to hurt
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someone when the glass came out of the pipe bomb. four were located inside a back pack police say was linked to cole. >> she was being evicted from her house, that is all she a said. >> she rented the 8 by 10-foot locker december 15, paying the $16 first month promotional price. the manager says the computer log recorded many visits by cole to the storage facility. >> according to the gate log, probably 15, 20 times a day for the past 30 days. >> were your suspicious? >> yes. >> investigators say cole was driving a rental car and is a "transient" in the area with no permanent address. she is charged with a small amount of methamphetamine found inside the storage locker. as for a possible purpose for the explosives found inside cole's unit. >> she denies any knowledge of the pipe bombs. >> these are the surveillance
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cameras here at the storage facility. police will review capes from the cameras which i'm told document cole's many visits here to the facility. there were two other people arrested with her last night. both have been released and are not expected to be charged in connection with the explosives. cole is being held on $500,000 bail. in pacheco, laura anthony, abc 7 news. a lot more to bring you here tonight. from san francisco's golden gate park, coming up the start of the crusade to protect its 150 year legacy. plus, how this trailer of a truck got stuck in a bay area overpass. and a deadly gas main explosion in another major u.s. metropolitan area. i'm spencer christian in the accuweather forecast center. 70 degrees in january. that is what some of us will see tomorrow. i'll show you where in the accuweather forecast, coming up. after a successful career on wall street he set out to educate people on main street.
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one person dead and three people in critical condition after a horrific gas explosion in philadelphia. awful as you see. it happened last night, a gas main blew up without warning. the injured victims worked for the utility. officials received word of a gas and water main break an hour before the explosion. the blast destroyed several nearby homes and offenses. the cause is -- offices. the cause is still under investigation. a dump truck somehow last its trailer. take a look at what happened. inside the ir circle is the dumpster of a truck that got
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wedged between a freeway overpass. cal trans found no structural damage with the overpass so everything is okay. on now to something very different. a place considered one of the bay area's crown jewels. talking about golden gate park. it opened in the 1870s. some say the entire park should by listed in the national register and given landmark status. caroline tyler explains why. >> reporter: golden gate park was placed on the national register as a historic district in 2004. there are 8 buildings designated as historic landmarks including the conservatory of flowers, the cha let and dutch wind mill as well as the francis scott key monument. now, the historic preservation commission is debating whether all of the park should become a landmark. it would meane mean, any major alterations would have to
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undergo extensive review. supporters are pushing for the extra protection because of proposals to bring more vendors in and put a water treatment facility there. >> the park is under great pressure to produce revenue as we know. but i'm not sure who is looking out for the park's best interests. >> reporter: but others feel there must be balance to meet needs that have evolved since the park opened back in the horse and buggy days. >> we don't know what the future is going to be and therefore we want to make sure that we have some opportunity and flexibility. >> reporter: the head of the recreation and park department wants to preserve what he calls the property's timeless character but says the devil is in the details of landmark status. >> i think many san franciscoians would be frustrated by additional layers of regulation and bureaucracy and cost where it is not necessary. >> reporter: city officials are now conducting an inventory of the park's buildings, monuments and trees. the historic preservation commission is expected to get
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an update, a completed report by the end of april, maybe may and then the planning commission takes a look before it heads to the board of supervisors. so this is not something that could happen overnight. in golden gate park, caroline tyler, abc 7 news. golden gate park is the place to be the next few days. in fact, anywhere around here as the weather will be great. >> it is like spring time. >> unbelievable. this is not january like weather but we like it in january. a live view from the high definition roof top camera at abc 7 looking across the bay towards the bay bridge over the embarcadero. a clear sky tonight. rather mild temperature readings at this hour. the coolest locations los gatos at 56. all others in the 50s and fairfield 61. a pleasant and mild reading. more clear and cool nights ahead. sunny and mild days ahead and no rain for about a week or more. closeup satellite black and
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white shows fog retreating southward into the san joaquin valley and out to sea as well as a nice clearing dry breeze came down from the north helping to push the fog away from the bay area and clear out the skies. speaking of pushing large strong ridge of high pressure dom dominating the weather picture pushing the jetstream to the north so the storm track up into the yukon area of northwestern canada, not anywhere near us. an off shore flow developing thatle warm things up more, bringing us mild weather with high temperatures at or just above 70 degrees in the warmest locations. tonight, it will not be warm. if fact, it will be chilly in some spots. in the inland valleys of the north bay and east bay temperatures mid to 30s. pleasantly cool overnight tonight and mild and pleasant tomorrow. under sunny skies in the south bay tomorrow look for high temperatures near 70 degrees. up to 69 at san jose.
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69 gattis. 69. 66 redwood city. 67 palo alto and mountaineer have you. 63 pacifica. 64 half moon bay. 65 degrees in downtown fran. 63 sunset district. up in the north bay lots of warm n. highs up to 70 degrees over napa. 71 santa rosa. 71 judea. mid to upper -- ukiah. and oakland and over down at free month and over the hills in the inland valleys of the east bay, mild. not quite so mild as the other temperatures i am showing you but virtually mid 60s in every location there. 64-65 degrees and near monterey bay highs of 70 at watsonville and holster. 72 salinas. 69 gilroy. the accuweather seven-day forecast. we'll have four consecutive
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days of this unusually mild weather right on through the weekend. even next week, highs still in the upper 60s in many locations. may not see 70s on monday and tuesday but close enough. this is truly spring like weather. almost nine weeks in advance of spring. >> 72 on friday. >> that is wonderful. >> amazing, isn't it? >> thanks, spencer, very much. >> coming up, could the space station astronauts grow their own food some day? a local school science experiment that aims to find out. the real worth of a penny. i'm michael finney. 7 on your
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toyota agreed to settle a class action lawsuit over head lights in the 2006 to 2009 prius hybrids. owners will be reimbursed for costs to fix the head lights around war ranties extended. san francisco school officials suspended middle coolers who they say encouraged fellow students to eat rat poison. it happened last wednesday at martin luther king academy. seven students were checked out at the hospital as a precaution. all were okay. in a letter to parents the district says a group of students purchased the poison and told peers it was candy. officials are still investigating who bought it and how it got into the classroom. a japanese rocket is scheduled to be launched this weekend with a special pay load for the international space station. onboard a first of its kind experiment conceived by high school students from san jose. david louie has the story. >> it is really cool. >> and you could say it is out of this world. these 22 science students spent
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the last year working on an experiment headed for the international space station. they want to learn how microgravity affects plant growth. >> some of the things that we expect are things like the water will travel better in space because there is no gravity so that means the plants will be able to grow faster. >> reporter: this could pave the way for space station a astronauts to grow their own food during extended mixes. because of limited space the project must fit inside a cube measuring four by four by eight. inside seeds for basil, marigold and wisconsin fast plant. build in camera will monitor the growth. >> the astronauts will send information down to us and we will look at the information and be able to see okay this is what is going on. >> this is the first high school project ever to use the special chambers. the students collectively have put in over 1,000 hours of their own time. members of valley christian
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applied math, science and engineering institution. an extra curricular program with limited admission. 23 you give students an -- with selected admission. >> if you apply what they learned in the classroom it doesn't get any better. >> the students said one of the most valuable lessons learned was importance of collaboration. >> everybody had opinions on what plants we would choose and we brought them all to the table and got into some heated debate sometimes on what we were going to choose and then we came up with what we thought were the best decisions. >> reporter: the first data from the experiments should be transmitted to earth by mid february. >> you can really make a difference and you can do something crazy for science and so exciting. >> bravo for those young people. >> when abc 7 news at 9:00 continues tonight, gop fulfills a campaign promise to repeal healthcare reform. >> on this vote the yays are
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are 245 and nos are 149. the bill is pass. >> even though it is a symbolic act, democrats are trying to 's agenda.e president puss china's president spends the day at the white house. the concession he made today on human rights. gabrielle giffords hits another medical milestone. >> a bay area man after spending a lifetime on wall
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good evening. we'll start the half wore with a look the headlines we are following for you. a car pull out of the canal in paterson was not the one used in the abduction of a
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four-year-old boy. it turned out to be a stolen car. a witness saw a car drive into the water yesterday after the amber alert was issued. divers plan to return to the delta mendota canal tomorrow to continue the search. the owner of the oakland menlo facing several charges for trying to hire an arsonist to burn down the building so that he could collect on the insurance. the owner is now in jail. the woman who rented an east bay storage unit where pipe bombs were found is under arrest tonight. authorities found glass shards inside one of the bombs meaning it was meant to do maximum damage. in washington where the house voted to repeal the healthcare reform are today. it was largely a political vote. mark matthews takes a look at what happens next. >> reporter: in congress today republicans pushed forward a big campaign promise. >> it is time to push obama care aside to america's job createors large and small can
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move forward with the confidence to hire new workers. democrats have been countering with stories of people helped by the healthcare law. senator barbara boxer recounted the story of a castro valley five-year-old in a conference call with reporters. >> the family couldn't get coverage because of the preexisting condition. >> reporter: today, the preexisting condition is under control. she is healthy. but when she was born she weighed just one pound and her body unable to ward off infections. >> we were denied by eight different people or eight different insurance companies, multiple times. >> so when leah got sick it meant a trip to the emergency room and thousands of dollle layers in doctor bills. >> needless to say it was pretty rough and we are lost in debt. >> when the healthcare law passed companies were barred from excluding here and she now qualifies for a kazer plan
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costing $8 a. >> we sent a thank you letter are. >> today on the floor of the house, congressman george miller led the democratic attack on behalf of those denied. >> when you say i went to the doctor and they say you should have called us first and you say i had emergency surgery. you should have called us first, we are not covering it. you want to talk about bureaucracy. and that is why the legislation is growing in popularity. >> is it? a poll take p last month showed 43% of americans support the meth care law but that was the lowest percentage ever and a month later the numbers have hardly changed. and now republicans will start going after the legislation piece by piece picking out the least popular provisions says abc 7's political analyst. >> the strategy of outright repeal is largely symbolic. i think the strategy of going after specific aspects of the bill is very much a threat and one that democrats have to contend with the next two year.
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>> reporter: a couple of the least cop pew layers. popular. the mandates requiring individuals to purchase healthcare coverage or pay a penalty. and then the tax forms that companies will have to file. we will be hearing more about those aspects of the healthcare law as republicans roll out alternatives. mark matthews. abc 7 news. a historic day and night at the white house. earlier this evening a state dinner for chinas this president. an a-list of dig natairrys is on hand for the event that some have criticized because of china's record on human rights. the former secretary of state george schultz. the day began with president obama and the chinese president meeting on trade and human rights issues. more from jake tapper. >> reporter: morning broke with the pomp and circumstance of a
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state visit. >> anon behall of the american people welcome to the united states. president obama declared that the two super powers have enormous stake in each other's success but the issue of human rights was present all day in protests across the street about china's oh opression. >> and from the president in his opening remarks. >> societies are harmonious and the world is more just when the rights and responsibilities of all nations and all people are upheld. >> replied president hu. >> china and the u.s. should respect each other's choice of development path and each other's core interests. in other words, back off. but later at a joint press conference a possibly significant change in words. president hu made a concession that experts call a shift in rhetoric at least acknowledging
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"a lot still needs to be done in china in terms of human rights." >> that frank and candid assessment will continue. >> the other area the president says are millions of potential american jobs as he pushed for hu to open chinese markets to more u.s. products. >> we want to sell you planes and cars and software. >> reporter: today came announcements for deals of u.s. exports to china worth more than $45 billion, supporting one way or another the white house says 235,000 american jobs. one case in point, riverside california's mvp-rv. a chinese company is investing $310 million to export motor homes to china. >> as we get the investment we will immediately be able to put jobs right back here in southern, california. over a thousand jobs that have been lost recently.
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>> reporter: the theme of the state dinner quintessentially american. that is reflected in decor and in the entertainment jazz and the mean you, lobster and rib eye steak and the american dessert, apple pie. jake tapper, abc news, the white house. doctors plan to use a medivac jet this friday to transfer congress woman giffords to a rehabilitation hospital in houston. doctors say she has made a remarkable recovery. today she today up with assistance and looked out of the window of her hospital room. also today a federal grand jury returned a three count indictment of jarred lee loughner. more charges bending. now, to the story of a bay area bankers. he changed course in the wake of devastating personal news vowing to share the secrets he accumulated over a lifetime
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spent conquering wall street. here is david louie. >> reporter: the investment answer -- david wright. >> a 66 book in plain language what you need to know to succeed long-term in the markets. the opening words wall street managers use your lack of relative expertise to their benefit, not yours. >> financing is complex. the odds are stacked against you. you need help. i have met nurses, teachers, so many hard working americans who have lost everything because their broker or their even mutual fund has overcharged. >> reporter: he says it wasn't always this way. >> where did wall street go wrong? >> wall street went wrong, i think there was a confluence of things. in the '70s, illegal and
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unethical were the thing. those started to be replaced by liars, weakened high debt. >> breed is good. >> greed is good. >> the surprising thing is that he coauthored the book when knew he had such little time left. >> am i ready? >> i have never been afraid. i'm not religious but i just think it is like investing, you focus on what you can control and i can't control, you know, how fast this tumor is growing. all you have got is each minute. the minute you and i have right now and you just go from minute to minute. >> reporter: gordon died at home on saturday, having made the most of every minute. >> staying here at home and just doing the normal stuff and enjoying t.v. and enjoying the easy conversations that come with your kids in and out and the laughter and, you know, i'm
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rich. >> rich, indeed. >> yeah. >> david wright, abc news, burlingame, california. >> just ahead, roger ebert makes his comeback to television. >> this isn't right. >> plus, one man's story of persistence over one penny surprises even 7 on your side's michael finney. back in a moment. and big news in gaming as i was saying. nintendo's
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a bay area legislator introduced a deal to tax online retailers based outside of california. the measure by nancy skinner of berkeley would collect sales taxes from online transactions. under current law it is your responsibility to fess up and send the government sales taxes when you guy something online. the problem is most people don't pay and the state is losing out on up to $500 million a year in revenue. republicans say the legislation would hurt the california economy by driving up costs for consumers. several, california -based stores including barnes and noble, macy's, targrget and hoe depot support the legislation for obvious reasons.
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an old adage penny wise but pound foolish. the company that made a big deal with one of its customers over one cent. michael finney with the story. >> reporter: chris and shelley needed a christmas present he bought for his caught. a great bike. my daughter loves it. >> the perfect beach cruiser for a young woman living in santa cruz. made by a company called electra. >> i paid $399.99. and i was leaving and loading it into the back of my truck the owner came in and said here, mail this rebate in and you will get $25. >> that is a pretty sweet deal. a copy of the paperwork chris was given. $25 rebate. when the check came in the mail it was for only $10. this copy is hard to read but it says $10. >> so i called the lady and asked her what the problem was
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and she said well, you didn't spend $400, you spent $399.99. so i said over a penny you are going to not give me a rebate? i said this isn't right. >> reporter: so chris contacted 7 on your side and they told us mr. rasmussen's purchase total was $399.99. and thus, only qualified for the $10 rebate. we worked very hard to make sure the program guidelines were outlined and clearly stated. and they were. here is the rebate instructions again, $400 for more. here is his receipt. $399.99. but chris wasn't done. he went back to the bike shop and redid the deal. >> he allowed me to return the bike. he gave me a new receipt and i gave him two pennys more and got a receipt for $400.01 and
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mailed that in and i got my rebate. >> did you really? >> i got it. it came in the mail a few days ago. >> the bike shop tells me the guys were great every single step of the way. do ju have a consumer problem? even if it is over just a penny. let me know about it. i'm michael finney. 7 on your side. >> it was the principle. movie critic roger ebert is returning to television even though he can't talk. the 68-year-old is the executive producer on the show but won't be hosting it. that job will go to other movie critics. he will have a segment called roger's office. he will use a computer rants andvoice to go on rapt
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raves. gaming without glasses. nintendo is promising to usher in a new era in 3d entertainment with the new gaming system. >> reporter: nintendo 3d x is 3d games plus 3d video plus 3d photography. no special glasses or skills required to enjoy it. >> reporter: peninsula ten toe doe is taking a queue from the smart phone market with the 3d s. one device that can can do many things. >> you know, certainly the 3d without glasses is a game changer. >> reporter: the enhance the functionality includes the use of multiple cameras, motion sensing and a web browser. at the heart of the system is gaming and this is the first hand held device to tackle the holey grail of 3d. it will cost today's.
9:46 pm
and lits say -- $250. it will be a point of contention for some gamers who can find a better value in other devices. >> they need to justify why they are pricing it at that point. the problem here is that the hand console right now the wii for example is $249. can get are you u-u-ribe can playstation 3. the ds will go on sale march 27. for $200. for $200. fan were prese i want you to
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a couple of reminders with how thankful we should be to live in california. in pittsburgh, an suv was spinning in circles going out of control down a hill before crashing. seconds later it happened all over again. >> scary stuff. no one was seriously injured. that is the good news. in calhoun, georgia, a snow plow driver was clearing snow from the upper deck of a parking lot. look that the. when the truck fell into a snow covered hole. he is okay, too. goodness.
9:50 pm
all right. hopefully they are not watching any pictures from california on local newscasts back there because we have gorgeous weather. spencer christian back with the update. >> we are having gorgeous weather. in case you missed the lovely fog the last few mornings, a look a at a picture sent to usy steven r. meyer of fog just ahead morning at the cal trans station in redwood city. this was yesterday morning. the fog is gone now. today, clear skies and high temperatures up 71 santa rosa. one degree short of the record high for this date in santa rosa. we had 60s almost everywhere else except half moon bay at 55 degrees. tomorrow afternoon temperatures in the 40s and 50s with mid skies. temperatures climbing up into the 60s and beyond. some will reach and perhaps even exceed the 70-degree mark. generally the highest readings in the upper 60s. seven-day forecast. four consecutive days of spring like weather. sunny skies. high temperatures around 70 degrees in the warmest spots
9:51 pm
through the weekend and even upper 60s into next week. >> looking good. >> couldn't be better. thanks very much. president barack obama is promising that he will be at the super bowl with his home -- if his hometown team makes it in. they will win a spot if they beat the green bay packers this sunday. in the meantime, season ticket holders for the cowboys can watch the game on a tv screen while standing outside the stadium for $200. it is being played in dallas and the owner wants to break the all-time attendance record. to do so he will need to sell 12,000 tickets for an outdoor plaza. in texas they go big or go home. >> i would have thought that was a crazy idea a few months ago until i saw what it was like outside at&t park when the giants won. >> people want to be a part of it. >> it as social event. he might get the 12,000 people out there. the warriors go for the
9:52 pm
third straight win and
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coming up tonight on abc 7 news at 11:00. the row day call to get a bay area radio station back on the air. it your forgetfulness a big deal or no concern? the latest on a test for alzheimer's. evidently montae ellis has recovered from his flu last week.
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>> he looked fine. except when was coming back with the ankle. he is some kind of player. warriors feasting on home cooking, 10 of the next 11 games at home. larry and larry. bird and reilly. i will let you figure out which that is. tyler. one can dunk. danny granger stops and pops back on the warriors. the bomb to rice for the dunk. a few minutes later curry from david lee in one motion. half court alley-oop. a mike dunleavy sighting. montae ellis. that is ridiculous. law beats the clock from 40. the shooter's bounce. to the late fourth. curry the drive. the kids. 108-105. moments ago tied at 108 and
9:56 pm
monitor day hit with less than a second remaining. the warriors are leading 110-108. see if we can get that highlight for you. meanwhile, nets owner has pulled the plug on a proposed trade for carmelo anthony. the billionaire from h russia did not like the way negotiations have dragged out and figured he was being used as a pawn by melo. looks like the nets out of the bidding for good. the path clears for melo to go where he wants to go, the new york knicks. college hoops. the gales broke into the top 25. number 22 in the ap poll, trying to build on a ten game winning streak, hosting san diego. bennett a little hot under the collar in the game. we will show you why in a few seconds. gales off and running early. rob jones. throwing down. inbounds. ken walker. takes the pass back to mikey. right to the basket. end of the first half. san diego starts a 21-2 run. take a three-point lead. and the gales would answer by
9:57 pm
going back to rob jones. big man ask shoot from outside. knocks another one down. and then showed the three and lay it up and in. saint mary's pulls away. they are 17-2 now. that is their 11th straight victory. a day after the news conference people are still buzzing about al davis and the raiders putting tooth the rest o together the rest of the silver and black coaching squad. saunders has interviewed with davis several times in the past so they know each other. he most recently served in kansas city, washington and st. louis. saunders working now as a consultant with the ray stress. he worked with new raiders coach hugh jackson in baltimore. zac miller heading to hawaii for the probowl. he gets the honor because
9:58 pm
antonio gates of the chargers is hurt. miller will make his first probowl appearance. 60 catches this season. five were touchdowns. roger federer won a five set thriller at the australian open. he admit #-d he was lucky to win the match. he came in 0-2 lifetime against the frenchman. 6-2/6-3 to start the match. simone counter punches back into the thing. same core. in the open court. but roger would right the ship in the fifth. the out wide on the fifth match point to advance to the fifth round. 6-3 in the fifth. the a's built a bullpen that should hold the lead in most games this season. they added brian fuentes to the long list of relievers. saved 24 games last year. he is not expected to close for the a's. they have and drew bailey for that. he gets a two year deal worth
9:59 pm
$10 million giving the a's excellent depth in the bullpen. tiger woods will make his debut for the season at torrey pine. his first event at torrey pines since winning the u.s. open there in '98. one on one. as time winds down. pullup jumper. good night. game over. there was point six left on the clock. six tenth of a second. but the final is in thanks to montae. warriors beat the pacers. montae ellis. >> we mov love you. >> he is amazing. >> he is. for larry beil, spencer christian and all of us here i'm dan ashley. thank you for watching. we appreciate your time and hope to see you again in one


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