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tv   ABC 7 News  KOFY  March 10, 2011 11:30am-12:00pm PST

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♪ a new york republican congressman showed this poster from a bay area-based muslim organization at a controversial hearing. the capitol hill hearing is examining home grown islamic terrorists in america. >> the bay area group singled out is known as care. those hearings are anti-muslim. jenelle joins us with more. >> republican congressman peter
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king is leading this hearing. he's also the chair of the house homeland security committee. in his opening statements he condemns the national care organization accusing it of aiding in the radicalzation of the muslim americans, a problem he says is at its highest level since 9/11. no one was around at care's offices in santa clara with you this morning its spokesperson out of new y york reaeacted too congressmaman's p peter king's insinuatioion that thee ororganinization supports terro finanancing in the u u.s. one reasoson? a carere pososter that was foun the bay area. >> named as ununindicted coconsnspiritor in the e case td the holy lanand ffoundatation. leadaders mumust reject discrcr groups s such as care. >> cacare, the c couplple on am islalamic r relatations gaave a for thee poster. .
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> i don'tt think it says don talk t to the f f.b.i. if they call,, c call us toto h you u understand whahat yoour r arare when confrfronteted by la enforcement. >> says it's just another example of religion being demonized. today's hearing featured testimony from the relatives of two men r rececruruititeded i i teterrrrorororisism.m. ththerere e wawawas s teteststi dedevovovotete m m musususlilims aaa formrmrmerer u.s.s. nanan ananand d doctotor r r onon c c alall sasay t thherereee iss a home grown terrorism in the country. the hearings drew outrage and heavy criticism. among the critics, bay area congresswoman jackie speier who called the hearings long and racist and said today's hearing did not feature any real experts. >> i find this hearing to be grossly incomplete. and i feel that without the
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representation of the department of homeland security, the f.b.i., the department of justice we are seeing a very skewed discussion. >> local director said this morning the organization was not invited to the hearing. she defended the group saying when civil rights groups like the aclu speak truth to power, the government gets upset. she invited everyone to go to the care website and said they have nothing to hide. >> a quake hit offshore this morning. 2 struck in the bali sea off indonesia. though a tsunami warning was issue, no immediate report of damages or injuries. >> next week secretary of state hillary clinton plans to meet with members of libya's opposition who are fighting to topple leader moammer gadhafi. clinton will also be visiting
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egypt and tunisia to press for democratic reforms following the protest that ousted the two country's long-time rulers. meantime troops loyal to qaddafi have driven protestors out of the strategic oil groups. a city that has fallen into opposition hands. the president of the international red cross says doctors in libya are seeing a dramatic rise in the number of casualties, mostly civilians. military setbacks, though they did get a major political. french president nicholas sarkozy even shook hands today with two representatives from
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the counsel. >> gas is going up nationwide. they're trading barbings over who's to blame. they know gas prices have doubled since president obama took office and accuse the obama administration of consistently blocking efforts to increase domestic oil production and even says the president's current plans could send prices even higher. >> the white house has its way. the epa is about to impose a backdoor national energy tax which means the gas prices would only go higher. >> democrats fired back saying a republican budget plan would cut spending for renewable energy. that could lessen our dependence on oil. >> transportation officials say they're working on a short-term plan that would balance caltrain's budget without making massive service cuts. caltrain had previously warned they would have to dramatically
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cut service to close a $30 million budget gap. proposals included cancelling all non-peak service and halting all trains south of san jose. the transportation commission executive director says he's meeting with caltrain as well as muni, sam tran, the vta to find a funding plan that will finance caltrain until the election. >> a new economic poll on san franciscans feel more rest deaths are on the right track. 44% of those surveyed think the city is headed in the right direction compared to 29% last year. homelessness and panhandling are the biggest issues followed by jobs and the economy. ed lee says he believes the biggest threat to the city's economic recovery may be governor jerry brown's plan to balance the state budget. >> cheryl, a clearly frustrated
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mayor, job creation in san francisco will wither if getting rid of local redevelopment agencies becomes law. they talked at the city beat breakfast. the way governor brown's proposal is written it would he will limb made seed money to attract business and that would jeopardize san francisco's effort to create 10,000 new jobs. >> it isn't just as easy as him pronouncing it. he's got to -- the staffers have to put work in appropriate language. >> mayor lee didn't rule out legal action to block the redevelopment measure but he also wouldn't commit to joining a lawsuit for the league of california cities. what did he do is promise to fight to protect those san francisco projects. back to you. >> eric, thanks very much. >> aol announced today it would cut jobs worldwide after its
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recent purchase of the huffington post. most are from india. after today's cuts, aol total work force is what the company had in its peak in 2004. >> president obama acknowledged the efforts of two mill valley sisters this morning at the white house anti-bullying summit. they met with the president and first lead michelle obama. they got interested in the story after hearing about libya. they wrote a letter of support and encouraged their friends to do the same. in the month that followed, libya received thousands of more letters around the country and those letters were eventually compiled into a book. >> support for young people. they've wanted to wish olivia well and let her know somebody out there was talking or thinking about her. let her know that she wasn't
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alone. and because those children treated olivia with that small measure of kindness, it helped olivia perceive there was a light at the end of the tunnel. >> the president and first lady welcomed more than 150 students, parents and educators to discuss how to make schools and communities safe from bullying. one-third of the nation's students or 13 million children have been bullied. 
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incredible drama at the wisconsin state capitol as angry protestors find themselves locked out of the chamber where lawmakers are voting to take away collective bargaining rights. (chanting) >> police even carried away dozens of protestors ahead of an assembly vote on an explosive bill cast overnight by senate republicans who managed to hold the vote without the presence of any democrats. t. j. winick has the latest. >> last night's senate republicans used procedural maneuvers to ram through a bill for most rights of public workers. >> it's a violation of law! >> after finding a way to bypass the 14 missing democrats, hiding out across the state lines in
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illinois. >> that's not democracy, that's dictatorship. >> this has been the pearl harbor of rights issues. there was a sneak attack. we weren't expecting it. thousands of workers swarmed the capitol shouting outside the heavilily guarded chamber. >> i want the public involved, all our legislators involved. >> it's outrageous, absolutely outrageous what they have done. >> the move came after three weeks of stalled negotiations. scott walker said he applauded their actions. >> this is about protecting the middle class. you're doing it in a way that avoids massive tax increases and massive layoffs. >> robin vass will be guiding the bill through today. >> the attempt by some to filibuster the bill will not be successful. they hear both sides, make the choice and move on from here. >> a recent study found 33% of the residents wanted the
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government to use strong-arm tactics. t. j. winick, abc news, new york. >> in los angeles today lindsay lohan rejected a plea offer involving a $25,000 necklace. she agreed to the labor case until a preliminary hearing. an upscale jewelry store said if convicted on all charges, the actress could face more than a year before prison. >> mike said how sunny it looked, things are gonna change. well, mike? >> looking outside from the east bay all the way back from san francisco. you can see the rain falling here. if you're heading around other parts of the bay i'll show you when it's neighborhood, i'll tell you when it gets there. >> look at this! so cute. this young furry animal is
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making her first
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♪ who is san francisco's cutest resident? you could make a convincing argument for this furry debutante. a public debut made in the past hour. joey the first one born in the
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san francisco zoo in more than a decade. she was born last summer, climbed into mom's pouch and developed another half year before emerging last month. you can meet them at the ca wally exhibit but be warned they spend 18 to 20 hours a day sleeping. if you want to see her more and more, go to the zoo at the video link. speaking of cool, we went from -- >> pretty quickly. hopefully everybody has umbrellas and are ready for it. looking down into downtown san francisco or you can see we have some light rain falling right now. also look at other places where there's light rain. we can do that with live doppler 7 hd. we're looking right there, almost the same spot, downtown san francisco, all the way to south san francisco to the marin headlands. that's some of the better radar returns and moving out of the
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north bay and heading into the northwestern sections of contra costa county and into solano county. not very impressive but we didn't expect it to be. the rain is rather light and probably going to get probably lighter as the system moves into the south bay. talk temperatures, all of us running into the 50s to even near 60. a big swing in temperatures. santa rosa 50 to 64 mountain view and los gatos. down in the monterey bay where they probably won't get anything but sprinkles, we have temperatures in the upper 50s, even low 60s inland. let's talk about some highlights. rain today, the heaviest will fall in the north bay. like one-one hundredth in santa rosa. storms to the north temporarily friday, saturday and sunday and next week we get nickelled and dimed by these types of storms. stronger storms to the north. kind of that time of the year. the south bay with low to mid-60s today, pretty close to your highs. low 60s on the peninsula.
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we'll have mid to upper 50s along the coast into downtown san francisco. south san francisco about 60. rain moved from the north bay, kept our temperatures down, upper 50s. low 60s abeing lo the east bay shore and to the east bay valleys low to mid-60s here and without that rain-cooled air, we'll actually see a little sunshine around the monterey bay and be warmer just about everywhere else, low to mid-60s with mid-60s inland. around the state today snow develops up around tahoe and 46. chico and sacramento some light rain. low 60s there. but look at los angeles and palm springs, near 80 degrees today. bringing it home tonight, patchy fog and cloud cover. livermore low to mid-40s. here's a look what's going on upstairs. you can tell it's a pretty mature system that has this comma shape to it and knows the energy is lacking but the
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moisture is out there. the cold front pushing ever so slowly through the bay. by 4:00, 5:00 it's gone. the evening should be pretty quiet and overnight you can see it's all gon rainfall amount very, very light. around the bay we may have nothing to about a tenth, tenth to a quarter of an inch in the north bay. maybe double that in your mountains. 7-day forecast, increasing sunshine tomorrow and saturday but temperatures pretty much the same as today. sunday morning should be fine. sunday afternoon rain moves into the north bay and spreads southward to monday morning commute. wednesday another chance of some light rain. >> mike, thanks. >> you bet. >> since it wouldn't be right to talk about baby koalas without showing it to you, we'll do it in a minute. >> the price of a drug given to high-risk pregnant women to prevent premature birth is going to skyrocket.
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they make it $10 to $20 injection. last month they approved a prescription form of that. it plans to sell the drug for $1500 a dose. that could bring the total cost during a pregnancy to $30,000. the action's angering many doctors who say the company is taking advantage of vulnerable women. >> you gotta see it! the cutest resident, the new koala at the san francisco zoo right there meeting the public. you know, with this addition are mother and child, make up half the zoo population and you can check them out at the indoor section of the koala crossing exhibit. the baby will stay on mommy's back there and continue to do that until it's ready to stop nursing. >> one of the few
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short life was a difficult journey for all of them... she's telling us there's no treatment, there's no cure. your son will probably not live to see his second birthday. but through the pain, they found hope... it was like a huge weight was lifted off me, i was free. hall of fame quarterback gym kelly and his wife jill, share their heartbreaking story
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i lived with that fear that it could be the day... and that was very hard. >> today on oprah at 4:00, molested as children. the emergency calls from clear across the country. goes back to school offering courses at two major colleges, including one in california. >> what are you going to do this weekend? jazz, blues? '80s music maybe. don sanchez. >> back with music in the '80s with rockin' ages starring "american idol" fame. blazing cajun from tom, britney
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and flambo. st. patrick's day parade on market street with fun on saturday. ♪ >> hot tuna and blue's icon jim lauderdale, just one night of music to remember friday at marin center >> the new music as calls. it explores dreams. romantic music at the world premier at the eureka theater. extraordinary outpouring of asian and american asian films at the film festival in bay area theaters. this continues to fund the american song book in the jazz room of the hotel nicco. the 16 east bay national jewish film festival is continuing the weekend in the orinda theater. jazz master joins forces with
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legendary trumpeter. ac/dc, the trivia band rocks without mercy. don sanchez, abc 7 news. >> looks pretty cool. head indoors in san francisco right now, mike. >> hopefully you have an umbrella because rain is here for you. it's going to be out there probably 45 minutes to an hour in spots. >> mike, thanks very much. >> thanks for join
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