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tv   ABC7 News at 9 on KOFY  KOFY  April 25, 2011 9:00pm-10:00pm PDT

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>> good evening. san carlos may become the first california city to contract its fire services to a for profit company. all because the city needs to find a cheaper way to fight fires and still close a 3
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and half million dollar budget deficit. lillian is live in san carlos tonight where we are expecting a decision. lillian? >> dan, council chambers packe packed. even an overflow room to accommodate all the people who came to speak out tonight. the issue before the san car ross city council is should the city out source fire services to the a private contractor or should it team up with redwood city? both options would save san carlos money but out sourceing would save more. up to 3 million dollars as opposed to 1.7 million dollars. florida base company is the private company being considered. it already provides fire service to the federal government, nasa and the department of energy for example but it has little experience with municipality which is part of the reason why local firefighters oppose the plan despite the fact that about it would likely offer them job. >> they are for profit company. account abilityable to shareholders. not necessarily accountable to the citizens of san carlos. that's why they don't do municipal work before
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because it's a public organization. should be transparent to the taxpayers and what we do is transparent. with a private company it's no not. >> when you are a contract provider you audition every da day. for your continued job. so quality of service is job no. 1. so very, very important to the community. very important to us. if the community doesn't appreciate the level of service, we are rae placed. >> they say they offer more in savings because it has a different scheduling and retirement system which the company says is more efficient and less expensive. the turn out tonight however is overwhelmingly against the out sourceing option. last week we checked public comment was still going on. the council is expected to take a vote some time tonight. live in san carlos abc 7 news. >> thank jew chaotic scene in popular oakland bar where a gun man opened fire killing 2 people. he seemed to be shooting indiscriminately at customers and employees early this morning. happened at place called sweet jimmy near
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jack london square. area known for being safe. l more from cecelia. >>reporter: it was just before 1:00 o'clock this morning. police say the shooter stood outside sweet jimmy and fired at pay the respect and workers inside. hours later the door to this restaurant bar remain close for business. the yellow chalk where police mark the bullet casing spray were the only signs that the square is not immune to oakland violence. >> this car was parked in fron front. one suspect got out. approached the door. shots were fired and 6 people were hit. >>reporter: police are reportedly looking into whether shooter pulled out an assault rifle and fired into sweet jimmy because he was denied entry. 2 men were killed instantly. 4 people injured. 2 critically. as police investigated the murders, few blocks away another man was shot in the leg outside kimball night club. police say the shootings are unrelated. jack
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london square merchant like jerry whose family has own the fat lady restaurant and bar for more than 4 decades say night club owners need to do more. >> would help down here if we had uniform police officers down here around the clubs late at night and make about it pay for them. >>reporter: about in 2006 a pregnant woman was killed outside a club. it closed after complaints about violenc violence. >> this is not a violent neighborhood. this is the safest place to be in oakland and we are trying to work with the business owners including the owners of sweet jimmy's to try and figure out the cause of the violence and stop it down. >>reporter: oakland mayor says police will step up patrol in the area and says solving the shooting is a top priority. that's good news for business owners. >> we are only 2 or 3 blocks from the police station. you think we should be able to protect this area a little better than what we do. >>reporter: now police have only a vague description of the
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suspect. 4 african american male in their late teens or early 20's drove away in a white dodge like you are seeing in this picture. oakland police say the homicide down here early this morning bring the total number of murders in this city to 34. reporting in oakland, abc 7 news he have. >> city attorney is considering a third injunction against gang ins oakland. according to the san francisco chronicle john russo wants to take action against a gang in east oakland. preliminary injunction has been in place in north oakland for nearly a year. similar court order for the fruitvale neighborhood is now winding its way through the courts. supporters of proposition 8 today filed a motion to nullify the verdict that could legalize same sex marriage in californi california. judge walker declared proposition 8 unconstitutional last summer. but now the supporters claim walker public acknowledgement that he's gay and has a long-term partner is grounds for over turning his decision. they say walker should have
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removed himself from the case because of conflict of interes interest. tonight police are looking for a daring and dangerous bank robber. he stormed into a bank this morning and fired a shot just to show that he was serious. it happened at branch of the chase bank in san jose near camden avenue. corina has the story. >>reporter: police led bank employee and customers out of the chase branch single file. some still so shaken by the robbery they walked to safety with hands in the air. >> the policeman went in and with about 10 and let employees out in two groups. >>reporter: the 911 calls reporting a bank robbery in progress came in at 10:52 am. police say a a man with a gun walked into a branch on camden avenue in san jose. unlike many bank robbery where demands are made with a note, the suspect in this case fha pistol and police are calling it a warning shot to let people know
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his demands are serious. >> anybody who robs a bank first of all is criminal but to go inside discharge a weapon whether shooting at somebody that take as special type of criminal that we are looking a at. this person at large in the public. >>reporter: initial reports indicate the robber fled on foot. chp quickly circle overhead and police officers fan into neighborhood located behind the bank building. police search several back yards including john brisbane. >> they told me what they were doing. their demeanor slechlt professional. appeared to be concerned. >>reporter: police are reviewing surveillance video from the bank and say the general policy is not to disclose how much money is missing. >> depending on what type of teller, a what his demands were and where in the bank he went would really depend on what type it takes. we don't know what the amount is at this time. >>reporter: the branch behind me was lls held up in november but police say the person responsible for that robbery
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along with 6 other south bay bank robbery was arrested earlier this month. in san jose, corina rusk, abc 7 news. pg&e shareholders will pay for the 35 million dollar retirement package at the company outgoing ceo rather than imposing rate hike on customers. ceo peter darby will retiret the end of the month in the wake of the san bruno pipeline explosion. decision was made as part of an effort to renew customer faith in the utility according to statement issued by board president. quote with mr. mr. darby decision to retire, the board is fully committed to taking steps to demonstrate the company is moving in a new direction. end of state. board president of pg&e. >> biggest names in video gaming is having serious problems getting the on line network back in service. sony play station network has been down for 6 days running now. as david reports, serious gamers are now also concerned about their cybersecurity.
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>> at first he thought the campus internet connection was down. before long 70 million owners of play stat 3 console realized that sony play station network has been down since last wednesday. >> do whatever it takes to get it back up on line because everybody likes to play on line. >>reporter: network allows players to compete on line in real time against others and sony they were hacked and trying to fix the problem and improve security. in the pro sets game pro on line executive editor justin tells us by skype that sony has created another problem. >> this is a huge mark against the rae liability in the community that they built up because gamers expect to be able to play the game they have on line especially with the recent release of mortal combat that are huge releases. >>reporter: sony computer entertainment won't say when it will restore service. on the blog a company spokesman says this ace time intensive process we are working to get back on
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line quickly. sony acknowledge it doesn't know if credit card and other personal information have been compromised. >> never want any of that credit card information out and everybody will be yelling at ps 3, play station, you have to make sure it's saivshtion kenny says he's had to play basketball instead of playing on line on the ps 3. other play station owners have been posting message on the webb. some complaining others thanking sony for putting security first. the internet security company mcfee. >> never said network is completely bullet proof but hopefully they are adding extra layer of defense and looking at security necessary for service like this. >>reporter: during this outage ps 3 owners can play games off line. they can watch blue ray dvd and know how they can watch movie on net flicks without logging on to the network. but most would like to play on line. in san oh, saishtion david, 7 news. >> much more ahead for enthusiastic monday night. german tourist returns with no hard feelings to the city where
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his wife was murdered. why he brought his children along. >> one county trash is another one's treasure. bay area garbage contract with millions of dollars on the line. i'm sandy. the headlines for this week dry. for a change.i'll be back with an accu-weather forecast coming up. >> thanks sandy. also tonight. bay area woman celebrates 65 years on the job and that's not her only work. >> very good news for gaby gifford ♪ another victim of frequent flyer red tape. [ tires screech ] seat restrictions got him stuck in a vicious circle. it's just not right! i keep earning miles, but it seems like i can never use them. the all-new rapid rewards doesn't have
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[ child ] the train is now arriving. [ male announcer ] the train has arrived indeed. in honor of amtrak's 40th anniversary, kids ride free for 40 days. details at a. >> hugs of the german person gunned down in the theater district last summer has returned to the city with the 2 children. hit by a stray bullet last august and as vick
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lee has learned her family visit comes at a time when there are new development in the investigation of this unsolved murder. >> he and his 2 sons left the hotel this morning for a busy day of sight seeing. shore wants to show his children their mother's favorite city. sadly this city is also where miss shore was murdered. receives killed last august by a stray bullet during an apparent shoot out among rival gang members on mason near geary. investigators say it happened after altercation after hip-hop parties. hundreds of young people attended the event. security video shows them running for their lives during the shootin shooting. arrest made shortly after the murder. but the suspects were rae leased. district attorney harris said there was insufficient evidence. >> make an avrment make a conviction. let's get these guys. >>reporter: this taxi driver who still does not want to be identified chased the car which
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police believe carried some of those involved in the shooting. >> i'm sad by the fact that the killers haven't been brought to justice yet. >>reporter: his wish may come true. investigators tell abc 7 news in the last several months they have come up with more evidence which they believe will lead to arrests. >> he wants justice but quoted as saying he bears inform grudge against the city. union square merchant want to make sure he gets a big heart felt welcome. this chain providing a? a complimentary stay at one of the hotels. owner of sears restaurant and lori diner has offered complimentary meals during the stay. >> we really feel bad for the family and like to show a small gesture to give them sense of
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comfort. >>reporter: there will be a memorial service on wechltdz also on that day shore will be briefed by district attorney george and police investigators on the latest development. vick lee, 7 news. congresswoman giffords surge on today gave all system go for her trip to florida to watch her husband fly into space aboard the next to last shuttle mission. she suffered a near fatal gunshot wound to the head in a mass shooting in january in tucson. launch is set for friday afternoon at cape canaveral. president obama and his wife and 2 daughters will be there as well. >> good to see she's making so much progress. >> move on to sandy to talk about the weather forecast. sounds like we are all pl ready for assign warm week. >> absolutely. put the umbrella away and enjoy the sun. it is a nice spring week ahead. >> let's get you outside and show you live 46th our high definition sutro camera. camera bouncing around a little bit here. so it is definitely
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breezy out there. san francisco international reporting winds out of the west at 25 miles an hour. but visibility is looking good as thee kicked up and skies cleared out. temperatures in the 50's. highlights mainly clear and cool tonight. dry the rest of the week. and are looking at windy afternoon for your thursday and your friday as well. here's satellite picture from this afternoon. can cold front came through. we did 7 some rain here in the bay area. generally speaking few hundredths of an inch. 1 or 2 location did pick up two-tenths but we did start to see the clearing behind the front this afternoon and that's when the wind picked up. here is the satellite picture of what is going to happen. higher pressure is going to continue to push the stormtrack to the north so the jet stream will continue to lift to the north which basically means we are in for a dry rest of the week. really. no rain drops in sigh sight. no storms in sight. so enjoy this weather for a change. overnight tonight it's going to be a cool night. 39 degrees in nap a.dropping to
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the low 40's around livermore. fairfield. santa rosa 41 degrees. looking at upper 40's around san francisco, oakland, mid 40's for san jose. morgan hill. santa cruz. down to 43 degrees. tomorrow afternoon you will enjoy plenty of sunshine and temperatures will be within a couple of degrees of today's high. so los gatos 70 degrees tomorrow. 69 in the south bay and campbell. 68 if san jose. on the peninsula 66 redd with city. menlo park, los altos 68 degrees in right near the coast with the breeze still coming off the ocean it is going to be a cool afternoon in pacifica. 56 there. 57 in half moon bay. downtown san francisco low 60's along with south san francisco. another cool afternoon in daly city. 56 degrees. you get up that the north bay. and it is a variety. mid 50's for bodega bay. breezy here. but you get that santa rosa and it is pretty sunny here. degrees. mild 70 in nap a.71 for new calistoga. east bay
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temperatures are coming up closer to achling. 66 in oakland. free mont. castro valley. head inland up to 70 degrees for you in concord and pittsburgh. 67 dublin, pleasanton, 68 in livermore. sow certainly are getting closer to the low 70's that you typically see around this time of year. around the monterey bay, 59 in monterey. 67 watson vichlt inland area like morgan hill 70 degrees. here is the accu-weather 7 day forecast. temperatures will range from the 50's by the beaches to the 70's inland. a little drop-off in the numbers on thursday. wind kicks up. but temperatures will bounce back as a matter of fact by the weekend mid to upper 70's and warmest locations. that is spring. close to 80 degrees by sunday. really nice looking weather ahead. as i mention you can put the umbrella away. >> looking forward to this we have been waiting for this. >> thanks very much. >> tonight we want to introduce you to remarkable woman. 85-year-old helen griffin
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celebrating 65 years on the job today and by on the job i mean on the job. she hasn't had a sick day since dwight eisenhower was inaugurated president. don has the story. [applause] l. >>reporter: this is not a retirement party. energetic 85-year-old helen griffin has been working for this company for 65 years. >> i love to come to work. i really truly do. >>reporter: she started in 1 1946. harry truman president. minimum wage was 40 cents an hour. she's never stopped wearing 3 inch high heels. even after hospital founder baits told her to stop wearing them she could fall and sue. >> can't not smile when you see her walking down the hall i mean running down the hall. >>reporter: she was hired when she came in for a lab test and phone was ringing non-stoychlt wouvbt doctors hollered what are you doing? she said i'm a secretary. he said well answer the damp telephone. and she answered the telephone and she then they hired her.
9:21 pm
>>reporter: she has not had a sick day in 60 years. >> i wouldn't have gone home then because i wasn't sick. they made me go home. and i was furious. >>reporter: when she had her appendix out back on the job next day typing with an i.v. in her arm. back then she had one of berkeley first electric type writers but she succumbed to the computer. >> i'm still learning because i got one, 15 minute lesson. >> she's relevant. moderate he were. she's refreshing. her attitude is just amazing. >>reporter: helena is still a member of the sinatra fan club and how does she get to work. >> i drive. now. i didn't learn how to drive until i was 67. >>reporter: 65 years. and a mraichbility i want to go from my desk to the mooring with nothing in between. >>reporter: she says she would like to work 5 more years and ceo says well how could you refuse an offer like that. in berkeley, 7 news. >> what a lady. in the dead of night. coming up. nearly 500
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taliban fighters break out of jail. how they skirted checkpoint and breeze past jail. how they skirted checkpoint and breeze past security post
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>> state department is ordering some non-essential embassy officials and dependent to leave syria tonight. the state department considers the country too volatile. today the syrian army opened fire on 1 people. the united states said publicly for the first time today that sanctions are possible until that country. japanese soldiers have launched a massive new effort
9:25 pm
to find more victims of last month's earthquake and tsunami. 25,000 troops are looking for nearly 12,000 people l still listed as missing. so far however only 38 bodies have been found in this effort. >> mean whale officials are saying a surge in elderly patients with new ammonia saying cramped emergency conditions now housing tens of thousands office people. >> afghanistan. blow to the americans who have been fighting so hard for so long. jaw dropping escape by more than 500 taliban prisoners. complete with tunnel. and intricate timing. here's martha. >>reporter: without anyone noticing for 5 months taliban supporters were digging. they began south of the prison under the cover of a nearby house p.burying beneath field and under major highway continuing below a few check points until they broke through a quarter of
9:26 pm
a mile later right into a prison cell block. this wasn't like the great escape in which prisoners planned the break out themselves. pl all these taliban prisoners had to do was wait. the taliban releasing a gloating statement today saying the tunnel reached its target last night. from where the prisoner were led away through the escape route by 3 previously informed inmates. according to a military official, the prisoners were awakeen one by one by those in the know and then lowered into the hole. they had to crawl through the dirt and dark the length of 4 football fields. and they had to do it fast. the break out began at 11:00 p.m. last night. by 3:30 this morning all 5 41 prison hers made it out of there. that means l one prisoner every 30
9:27 pm
seconds. and no one even reported them missing until 4 hours after they were gone. but that is likely because many of the guards may have been in on it. today dozens are unaccounted for. the governor of kandahar took the blame for the intelligence failure saying this is really our fault. i hope it won't happen in the future. so do u.s. soldiers and marines who find it incredibly frustrating to have rounded up all these taliban fighters only to have to face them in battle general. this is abc news, washington. still this is not even the biggest jail break in the prison history. taliban attack in 2008 l had 900 prisoners. >> when we tip tonight. plan to put san francisco garbage on a trash train out of town. save the city millions but raises environmental questions as well. >> so would you be in favor of doing away with these subsidy.
9:28 pm
>> house speaker boehner answer as question and raises the stakes. >> also tonight. push to let air traffic controllers nap while they are on the job. >> and why wal-mart soon making house calls in the bay area. stay with us. another half [ banker ] mike and brenda found a house that they really wanted. it was in my sister's neighborhood. i told you it was perfect for you guys. literally across the street from her sister. [ banker ] but someone else bought it before they could get their offer together. we really missed a great opportunity -- dodged a bullet there. [ banker ] so we talked to them about the wells fargo priority buyer preapproval. it lets people know that you are a serious buyer because you've been credit-approved. we got everything in order so that we can move on the next place we found. which was clear on the other side of town. [ male announcer ] wells fargo. with you when you're ready to move.
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or combine forces with red wad city for san carlos. they need to cut 1 million dollars from the fire department budget. >> oakland 2 men shot to death and 4 people wounded at jack
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london square night club early this morning. police are investigating reports the killer opened fire because he was not allowed inside. and san jose police are looking for bank robber who hit a chase bank branch this morning and fired a shot inside. police say a man with a pistol held up the branch and fired a warning shot as part of his demand for money and to demonstrate he was serious. those are the headlines tonight. >> san francisco trash may soon be taking a train trip. the city dump contract is ending. and officials are shopping now for a new deal. some say the rail plan will save millions of dollars and help the environment. critic say it may be too good to be true. >> san francisco has the best recycling rate in the country. but still produces more than 1,000 tons of garbage every da day. the city doesn't have its own dump so the trash goes to the land fill in livermore. that dump contract ends in about 5 years. waste management, the company that
9:32 pm
owner the land fill bid on new contract but another company beat them with a bid that was less than half the cost. >> it is good for rate payers. it's much better economically and secondarily it is better for the environment. >>reporter: low bidder is this company that already picks up city garbage but instead of trucking it 60 miles to the competitor land fill they plan to cut cost by taking it to oakland then sending it by train 120 miles to their own much cheaper land fill near wheat land in yuba county. they made this video promoting the idea. >> real hall is nearly 4 times more fuel efficient than trucking by utilizing rail to transimportant waste in fuel container san francisco will reduce fuel consumption by 100,000 gallons a year. >>reporter: but the new contract is not a done deal. still has to be okayed by the san francisco board of supervisors. and in yuba county many farmers who live near the land fill are fighting it. >> i don't understand why we
9:33 pm
should be responsible for the waste dispose federal other region and assuming all of the risk of the potential environmental contamination. >>reporter: san francisco trash would more than double the amount of garbage going into that land fill. the company says it's state of the art facility with multi-layer lining and elaborate monitoring system. so thrust is very little risk. but there is a wet land and slew right next to the land fill. and the water runs downstream on to bill's walnut farm. >> this is the water shed. this is where the water comes for the valley. the down through off sit era so i'm afraid it's going to contaminate our water. >>reporter: yuba county supervisors are divided about the plan. the land fill already has a permit to bring in more trash and supervisor john nichol says it's a well run operation. >> they have the pl right and authority to bring trash from nebraska much less san francisco if it made sense economically.
9:34 pm
>>reporter: but supervisor roger bay is leery of taking more garbage. >> because at some point the land fill when it gets full then yuba center resident have to search for an alternate site to take their garbage. >>reporter: spokesman for the company says the land fill will still have 60 years of capacity left even with san francisco's garbage and they are doing everything they can to protect the environment. >> benefit of yuba county increase fees tens of millions of dollars will offset the, any environmental impact that could be imagined. >>reporter: another attack on the trash train idea is coming from the san francisco bay sierra club. it says there are still too many unknowns. and wants the project rebid awe. >> impact from hundreds of train car going through the city of wheat land need to be identified. water shed issues up there. wet land issues. hap habitat issues. >> more impact? lost money. as it stands every time san francisco trash is dumped in livermore at the land
9:35 pm
fill a court settlement requires the owner of the land fill pay into a fund to buy open space in alameda county. 12 million dollars so far. if city trash stops coming so does the money. >> open space acquisition is important. if we lose this fund we have to find other ways to save property in the county. >>reporter: besides picking up san francisco garbage, the company also runs the city extremely successful recycling program. that is going to well city officials hope the new 10 year dump contract will be the last. they are committed to zero waste by the year 2020. now waste management told us if they do get a chance to rebid the contract they will propose using trucks powered by natural gas. they claim that kind of truck will be even better for the environment than train. either way keep in mind customers rates will go up. the quiz how much. speaking of going up in price. more sticker shock at
9:36 pm
the gas pump tonight. weekly report from the u.s. energy department out today shows the national average price for gasoline is now 3.88 a gallup 4 cents in a week and dollar higher than last yaevrment every dollar increase cost typical family about 1,000 dollars a it's geing painful. >> although the oil company are expected to report big profit increases this week, 60 percent for exxon, 22 percent each for shell and chevron, only a small portion of that is from retail gasoline sales. >> house speaker boehner says high gas price cost cost president obama the white hous house. here's jonathan karl. >> sky rocketing gas prices and huge oil profit have even caught the tension of speaker of the house john boehner. long time supporter of oil industry. >> is there something obscene about gas, gas company profit that high when americans are struggling to fill up the tank. >> listen everybody everybody wants to go after the oil
9:37 pm
companies and frankly they have got some part of this to blame. all right. but the fact is there's a limited supply of oil around the world. there's unrest in the middle east driving up the price. they happen to hold the assets. >>reporter: we met the speaker in his ohio district meeting with local businesses. he said something no republican speaker of the house has ever said. he's will to consider doing away with federal subsidy with big oil company including sought called oil depleadings allowance. big tax break just for the act of drilling. it cost taxpayers l more than 1 billion dollars a year. >> i'm sure you saw the former ceo of shell owl came out and said that the company they don't need these subsidy. >> i don't think the big oil companies need to have the oil depleadings allowances. but for small independent oil and gas producers, if they didn't have this, there would be less exploration in america than today. >>reporter: would you be in favor of seeing some of the sib
9:38 pm
subsidy going to big oil at time of record profit. >> certainly something we should be lacking at. >>reporter: doing away with the subsidy. >> the federal government short on revenue and we need to control spending but we need to have revenue to keep the government moving and they should pay their fair shaishtion he said the president shares some blame for high gas prices if they go higher they will cost him his reelection. >> the economy doesn't get better i don't think he'll win f.people don't feel better about government and health care i don't think he will win. if gas prices are up 5 or 6 dollars he certainly isn't going to win. >>reporter: jonathan karl reporting. saving money on gas may drive people to wal-mart new on line grocery delivery service. it is being tested at one store only in san jose. service is called wal-mart to go. you can order groceries health and beauty product over the counter medicine and toys from the company web site. wal-mart will then drive the goods to your home at the time of your choice. wal-mart taking on amazon with the service. if it works they will
9:39 pm
likely expand it to other areas. third air traffic contro controller fired today for falling asleep on the job twice. in the mean time a member of national transportation safety board safety board thinks it has a solution to these kind of incidents. let them take a nachlt board member mark rose kind says scientific evidence shows short naps refresh workers suffering from fatigue and helps them remain alert. union representing the controllers is pressing the faa to allow naps during overnight shifts and during 20 to 30 minute breaks. obama administration is against the idea. >> big development tonight in the nfl labor stand off. judge order that coulden the lock out and put players back on the field. >> and black gold. why people are being pampered and preened, scrubbed and kneeled a bath of are being pampered and preened, scrubbed and kneeled a bath of pure crude @ /
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>> california tax bill is dead at least for the time being but potentially not forever. technically the bill is in suspense. that means it wasn't
9:43 pm
voted down today and can be brought a vote at a later date. bill would have leveed a tax of 1 penny for an ounce of sugar drink sold in california. the tax revenue go to school to make lunch healthier and enhance physical education programs. >> san leandro high school celebrate new 20 million dollar art education center tonight. school welcome students and community members for the dedication ceremony and ribbon cutting this afternoon. center crown jewel is a 550 seat theater built mainly with funds from measure b. 109 million dollar school facility bond passed by city voters in 2006. it also include as sound stage. digital photographer sneshtion computer lab and multi-media academy. >> when we think of spa it's usually mud bath or sea weed. but in the soviet republic of
9:44 pm
russia they are in crude oil. we have the report there. >> this brown sludge is magica magical. it is unique kind of crude oil straight from the earth. many believe the healing powers are so strong they bathe in it. l he says the oil is his last resort. 2 operation failed to ease the arthritis in his hips. pl oil warm and comfortable he told u us. i feel in great. he traveled over 1,000 miles. magical health center in the town here in central country. the oil from the surrounding oil field found nowhere else in the world. chief doctor rattles off a few of the dozens of ailments the oil has supposedly cured for generatio generations. arthritis. backache. eczema. so rise and even infertility and refine it
9:45 pm
and prescribe spoonful for indigestion. i felt fine but had to try this mystical cure all. about first thing that hit you is the smechlt smells like a garage in here but the oil is heated to very pleasant 100 degrees. supposed to spend 10 minutes in here and after two weeks everything internally and externally is supposed to feel a lot better. >>reporter: what make this is oil so special? it is half hydro-carbon found in moth ball. american health experts consider it carcinogenic. doctors and patients here disagree. >> this is my third visit this man tells us. i have seen people come here on crutches and leave them behind. if this was once an elite soviet vacation spot with 75,000 visitors a year. today it is just a small fraction of that but as long as the oil is still flowing they will come from far and wide for a dip. this is abc news, about back to you.
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>> sure there was an easter egg roll at the white house this year. if but that wasn't all. coming up. the president does a little showing
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san francisco. and a forward-thinking spirit. at bank of america, we've been fueling economic growth here for over a century. today, we're investing in innovations that will define our future. every day, we're working to help set opportunity in motion. from financing a solar project for the milpitas school district to funding the institute at golden gate. because when you're giving, lending, and investing in more communities across the country, more opportunities happen.
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>> annual easter egg roll took place this morning. 30,000 people from all 50 states took party white house. day began with the national anthem. ♪ jose can you see ♪ by the dawn's early light ♪ . >> ready. get set. go. [applause] if. >> we have a winner. yes. about oh. is where our winner. good job. there you xwoyshtion the theme is get up and go because as you know i'm a big proponent of getting up and going so while you are here you can roll your egg. you can
9:50 pm
do some yolk a. play basketball. about. [applause]. [applause]. >> street shoes. white house egg roll tradition bates back to 1878. a lot of fun at the white house today. >> let's go back and update the forecast. sany is here with sunshine that we are dealing with here. sandy. >> yes dan. and you will enjoy the sun over the next 7 days because i have no rain in sigh sight. tomorrow morning 40's. 50's. a little cool when you step out the door. mostly sunny skies though to greet everyone at noon time. 50's. 60's. an at 4:00 p.m.
9:51 pm
temperatures are going to range from the 50's along the coast to near 70 degrees in many of the inland community. nice looking afternoon. slightly warm intermost locations. here's accu-weather 7 day forecast for holding pattern on wednesday. a little cooler thursday. wind picks up and then look for the temperatures to head up. over the weekend it is a mild one. mid to upper 70's warmest location. so nice spring weather. >> wonderful. thank you sandy very much. larry is here. actually tell me about a little known historical fact. >> we saw president obama behind, george washington couldn't go behind the back. president is left handed. advantage there. >> good to know. >> thank you. researchers have been working on that. shark and king fight it out in game 6 of the play off series and go to, oh, over time. men in teal wrap up the series tonight in la
9:52 pm
9:53 pm
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 >> coming up tonight at 11:00 o'clock. grocery store sticker shock. expect to pay more from everything from meat to produce in the months ahead. >> how state budget cut could have a big impact on the search for extra trees yalt intelligence. thoughts stories and more coming at 11:00 over on channel 7. hope you join us then. for more lessons in american history. >> i think i'm spent. that's it. i'm thinking about a show that might run it now. okay. the sharks trying to close-out the kings and finish off first
9:55 pm
round series. easier said than done. wayne former la king now with the coyotes. front row. first 3 minutes into the second period. thornton, later in the period. gather the puck along the board. perfect pass. to jason. snap shot to beat quic quick. 18 seconds in. smith on the rebound and tied yet again. about heatley in the series off the post. and 3-2 sharks over 8 minutes left. la on the power my. jerrold stalled the shot. tied yet again at three. closing second under siege stops not 1 but 2 shots and now the third. the game has gone to over time. tied at 3. kings have roughly a two minute power play when they come out of intermission. 3-3 in overtime. score round 1
9:56 pm
for the nfl player union. judge nelson granted their request to lift the lock out imposed by owners but whether happens now is unclear. league in court probably first thing tomorrow morning appealing that ruling and trying to get a stay which would essentially reimpose the lock out. now if the owners are not successful you talk about chaos in the short run. players would be allowed to go back to the teams and we are told they would be him if into the facility but not to work out or lift weight. there are no rules at this point covering free agency or trade. so like i said everything is unclear. on the positive side this could help bring both sides back to the bargaining table to try to work out the long-term contract. >> all time leading rusher in forty-niner history passed awa away. joe perry died at arizona home this morning. he led the 9ers in rushing for 7 straight season 1949 through 5 55. his total of 73 44 yards the top in franchise history. 40 rushing touch down. he
9:57 pm
played 16 years in the nfl, 14 with the minorities. hall of fame died of complication from dimensia at the age of 84. baseball. a got a look at the early season candidate for american league cy young award angel starter weaver won the first 5 start trying to become the first pitcher in mainly league with 6 victory. after the 2nd inning. can't catch up with the fast ball. gone sal necessary trouble in the second. kendrick here. base hit. right center field. wells scores. so does albert and 2 nothing angels. next inning. if this is warning track power to left but that is good enough. one hop off the wall. peter scores from 4. 3 zip angel. showing frustratio frustration. not the only victim. weaver the distance. strike out 10 and he is now 6 and o at the angel like the a's
9:58 pm
5 nothing. after being swept by the braves over the weekend the giants start 10 game east coast swing tomorrow in pittsburgh. bullpen struggled yesterday. allowed 7 runs as atlanta holds off a series sweep. giants 4 and 5 at home this season. >> record at home to be better on the road but now it's coming into may here. then pittsburgh and the mets. we need this to be a soiled road trip. we'll get our mind right and focus on winning. >>reporter: winning. the spurs with best team in the west in the regular season. you know that means right now. nothing. the memphis grizzly dominating them. nothing i tell you. fred i should have shouted louder has look of defeated man. oj l throwing down. one of 5 grizzly in double figure. hype the back here then watch that pass. oh,
9:59 pm
sweet. to parker. spurs up 5 50-48. memphis out scored them and arthur. hello. memphis about to take out the top seed san antonio. griz now leading the series 3 games to 1. mavericks blazer in big burke. 20 points at the half finish. pl take over and lead by as many as 20 then jason terri from l jason kidd the ball will not touch the floor here. they take a series lead. sharks just won 4-3. >> excellent. >> in overtime. >> excellent. just in. thanks very much. >> that's this edition of 7 news at 9:00. for all of us here, thanks for watching. wash and go.


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