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tv   ABC7 News at 9 on KOFY  KOFY  June 29, 2011 9:00pm-10:00pm PDT

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good evening. i'm dan ashley. get ready to start paying sales tax on much more of what you buy online. the governor signed a bill that makes online sites like amazon charge sales taxes for
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purchases in california. the story from nannette miranda in sacramento. >> reporter: most retailers with a store front in california like the avid reader are happen by governor brown signed the bill that forces out-of-state internet sites to start collecting sales tax from residents. they thought it was unfair customers could essentially get a discount for buying items tax free online while stores have to charge a sales tax. >> why should the brick and mortar person have to operate at a disadvantage when they do the hiring and support the local economy and amazon doesn't. >> the the law previously only required retailers with a physical presence in california to collect a sales tax. etailers like and got away with not collecting the money because they don't have a store front in the state. but the etailers contract out with 25,000 small businesses based in california known as
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affiliates which provide links to sites like amazon and overstock. now, that the new law is forcing sites to start collecting the sales tax from california residents, buying from california affiliates etailers have begun severing ties. amazon told affiliates today "we will terminate contracts with all california residents that are participating in the amazon associates program". san francisco based ebates got a similar letter. being cut off could mean a 20% loss in business and put some of its employees in jeopard. everything from layoffs. at least a freeze of hiring. we have one growing and hiring people the last few years up until leaving the state. >> assembly woman nancy skinner has been trying for years to push through the so-called amazon tax. >> if amazon decides to be the bully that they threatened to
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be we have lots of great barnes andsears, borns and noble, home depot. >> amazon cut ties in arkansas, connecticut and illinois when those states cut similar laws. interestingly, they did not cut ties to new york. nannette miranda, abc 7 news. california is the 7th and largest state in the country to pass a law to collect taxes on out-of-state internetales. illinois, arkansas and connecticut acted earlier this year. north carolina, rhode island and new york since 2008. other states currently are considering similar bills. and by thet that supershuttle s getting preferencial treatment and now they are fighting back.
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vic lee reports. >> it is constant like a dictatorship that is happening to us at the airport. do you have anything against my company, against all of the little company here? >> reporter: eric's anger is directed at the airport director john martin and the airport commission. he owns an airport shuttle service. he is one of several shuttle operators who attended this commission meeting wanting to know why supershuttle gets preferencial treatment at sfo. >> why are you so concerned about supershuttle and not about my company? is it all about the size? really? >> a consultant to the independent operators say all they want is a level playing field with supershut gll they came in in the early '80s with a lot of money and investment and they basically picked up a lot of the political momentum to get special treatment and they held that. >> the ten small shuttle companies say the airport forces restrictions on them
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while giving supershuttle easier access to passengers. vans from the smaller services are forced to move around a loop from one terminal to another and can only stop at certain curbs for a limited amount of time. supershut sl allowed to move to any terminal of their choice and can park as long as they want. operators say these restrictions give supershuttle an unfair advantage to pick up passengers. shuttle owners say they have complained for decades but their pleas have not been heard. >> we just keep hitting a wall. everybody says look, it is not me, it is the political environment. always something where somebody is passing the buck. >> the airport commission president declined to comment. so did director john martin who referred our questions to a spokesman. >> the small businesses have a market share and we try to meet all of those needs as best we can but there is no preferencial treatment for any one. we try to treat any one as fairly as we can.
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>> supershuttle declined our request for on camera interview. their position is the airport makes policy and they are abiding by it and they told me that their vans are franchises so they believe they are promoting small business at the airport. the group of smu small shuttlen owners have taken their case to the mayor and the mayor promised to look foo it. new clues in the case of michelle lee. the nursing student was last seen may 27. we are learning that several phone calls were made from lee's cell phone after she disappeared. the story tonight from reporter michael chan. >> reporter: sources close to the case say several calls were made from michelle lee's phone call after sheispeared. one reno,evad and anher arizona. hayward police did travel to arizona to interview a woman who then called lee's family. >> i got a phone call to her and i relayed that to the
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police. >> it is not known if the woman knew michelle and the family declined to reveal anything else about the possible lead. we also confirmed the suv found less than a mile away from the hospital in residential area was spotted by witnesses four hours after she vanished. sources now say the blood found inside her suv was a small amount of splatter. police say they have numerous persons of interest including a former high school friend from mount caramel high who says she and lee had a falling out over a man. her brother says he won't stop searching until he finds her. >> every day gets harder and so my resolve has to be that much stronger. a fremont woman faces federal charges tonight for allegedly stealing nearly a million dollars from her clients. tamara lance moon worked for citigroup from 1996 until 2008. the department of justice says moon stole more than $800,000 from 20 clients by falsifying
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records, forging signatures and making unauthorized trades. fbi agents arrested moon this morning. she is currently out of jail on bail. east palo alto police put gang members on notice today. they hit more than a dozen locations. a show of force to crack down on gang violence there. as karina rusk reports, the budget crisis is not helping police solve the problem. >> you know what, get it done. >> reporter: east palo alto police served search warrants at 13 locations, looking for known gang members on probation and parole. at one address, they questioned and photographed jose. he is on probation but says he is not part of a gang. the gang operations are specifically intended to put the pressure on two gangs. a fourth sweep since gang violence earlier this month killed a three month old baby who died in a hail of bullets
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when his family was mistakenly targeted by gang members as they were leaving a baby shower. >> families, people in general, anybody who lives in the city downd be able to drive town the the street and not have to worry about gun fire. >> in 2005, 15 murders and more than 150 shootings in east palo alto. in the past five years with help from the state department of law enforcement murders have dropped by 70%. now, baby isaac's death once again called attention to the senseless violence. >> justice needs to be done for the baby. >> reporter: the renewed gang sweeps come as california is poised to cut $71 million from the state division of law enforcement. the police chief is blasting the move as adding to the public safety threat. >> this is more than just cutting a unit. this is cutting a significant resource that we probably need more now than we have in the last ten years because of the fiscal crisis and the threat of increasing gang, especially
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trinational gangs in california. >> reporter: local, state and federal agencies going to come together for a special meeting here in east pa pal low ail ate to come up with with ideas to address gang violence especially if state resources are decembe decimated as expec. karina rusk, abc 7 news. two back packers drown in yosemite national park when they were swept away by high water. they were crossing a flooded foot bridge this morning when they apparently lost their footing. the two men have not yet been identified. the area was not closed but a spokes woman says visitors are responsible for their own safety in the yosemite back country. animal rights activists are stepping up the pressure on safeway and costco one day after the abc 7 news i-team showed undercover video from a farm that supplies pork to retailers. the activists want stores to
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push their suppliers to make life better for pigs before they go to slaughter. >> mercy for animals held news conferences in three cities to play the hidden camera video we showed you last night and make the case against cages that confine saws fo sows for most r life. >> they should have room to walk, run and exercise. >> california voters passed the ban on crates that will take effect in four years. nothing will prevent retailers from purchasing pork from out of state. to push for a change in other states an undercover activist took these pictures at iowa select farms which supplies pork to safeway, costcoco and other chains across the country. >> the sows need more room, we agree with that.
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>> costco's vice president of quality assurance told us the industry agrees they have to move away from gestation crates. >> we are continuing to work with the vendors to make the gestation crate issue better. make it better for the animals. we will get better quality pork. it is better for everybody and the industry gets it. >> safeway issued a statement that reads we continue to pursue our goal of increasing the amount of pork from north american suppliers phasing out the use of gestation crates. >> are you satisfied with the response from safeway sthvment. >> we want a written agreement they will stop purchasing gestation crate pork. >> the world's largest meat processor which slaughters under the quift bran swift bras
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stopped accepting sows from the one farm where the worker saw the abuse. >> a tour of the farm in iowa today. they launched their own investigation. >> we have policies in place of animal handleling and well being and our employees are trained and we feel like we have a very good program. >> reporter: but howard hill admitted to me he was shocked to see the workers tossing the piglets. last year, 109 million pigs were slaughtered across the country. the vast majority of those came from farms using gestation crates. the activists have a long way to go. we are getting a big response to the reports. to weigh in, leave a comment on the i-team backlog.
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for the i-team, dan noyes, abc 7 news. do you think you could pass a food safety test? coming up, tonight the exam that must be taken by every restaurant employee. a new california law that few people seem to know about. also ahead, what made a crab boat tip and dump three men off the san francisco coast today. plus, no plunging into rich richmond's plunge. what is keeping it offlimits ancht warm-up is underway and may max out on the fourth of july. my accuweather forecast is coming up. and some sharp guys with a college engineering experiment. a motorized bicycle that runs on air. this thing works. stay with us.
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no one is plunging into the richmond plunge at the moment. the popular indoor swimming pool has been closed to repair a sewer problem. they are using cameras to try to figure out what has been causing the blockage. they promise to get the pool open before the long holiday weekend when temperatures are expected to soar. and we'll have the forecast on that in just a couple of moments from spencer. a new state law requires restaurant work hes ters to pan examine on food safety. a language barrier and a lack of notice will delay its rollout. david louie has more on how teaching food safety could lead to healthier eating. >> most of the time dining out is a rare experience. a rare exception could lead to the hospital. >> sick for a few days and ended up that the emergency room. prevention is the goal of a
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new law that requires everyone in a restaurant to have one of these. a certificate after taking a class and exam on food handling and safety. >> it was a fluke that we even found out about it. >> jeffrey stout is the executive stuff of alexander's steakhouse in cupertino. san taiks is a priority for him and his kitchen staff. the chef recognizes bad practices when himself goes out to eat. >> you see people smoking cigarettes, touching hair, not really doing anything, wiping their hands like this. there is issues involved and, of course, the most common thing is just the staph infection or contamination and that can be prevented simply by washing hands. >> 60,000 employees at 6,000 restaurants in santa clara county need to take the rest. they will do outreach the next six months to encourage compliance. >> everyone who will be touching the food whether the
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wait staff or the bus staff ort people preparing the food will be required to have the food handler's card. >> the test originally was only available in english and spanish but with the proliferation of asian and other restaurants the test is now available in chinese. it is expectd that exams in even more languages will be needed. bar tender tom krieger says it took two hours to keep the process. >> there are a lot of people. >> the test costs $15 but for diners could make a big difference. in santa clara, david louie, abc 7 news. all right. it's back. not just spencer. the warmth. >> and going to get even warmer as we approach the 4th of july which is probably good news. a live view from the high definition sutro camera looking towards the north northwest. although the sun has set it has left a nice afterglow in the sky. the western sky is bright. skies mawnly clear around the
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bay area. this afternoon a few clouds along the coast. they broke up and it got rather sunny in most spots. high temperatures climbed up a bit today over yesterday's levels. 15 degrees warmer in cloiver dale today. 11 degrees warmer in napa. 13 degrees in fairfield. a couple of locations, morgan hill a couple degrees cooler than yesterday. the trend is upward. upward. right now looking at temperatures generally in the 60s inland and mainly 50s near the coast. san rafael is only 59 degrees right now. low fogs and clouds push inland tonight. sunny and warmer tomorrow and much warmer for the fourth of july holiday weekend. with the presence of some low clouds tonight, low temperatures will drop only into the low to mid 50s. a rather mild overnight period. here is what is happening in the atmosphere. satellite radar composite shows the upper level low that brought us the unsettled weather moving inland. we will have warmer and sunnier days ahead.
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much warmer, as a matter of fact. start the forecast animation at 5:00 tomorrow morning. low clouds and fog in some spots. not all over the bay area. that the burn back quickly to the coast, away from most of the coastline. by mid afternoon mainly sunny skies from coast to inland. high temperatures along the coast and a low of 60s tomorrow. 70s along the bay and low to mid 80s in the the warmest inland locations. no 49ers ye 90s yet but they an the way. on the peninsula, mid 70s. 75 menlo park, palo alto and mountain view. low 60s on the coast. downtown san francisco, 67 degrees tomorrow. 63 in the sunset district. 84 clover dale. 82 apiece at santa rosa and calistoga. 72 san leandro and oakland. 57 fremont. 74 castro valley. the inland east bay milder with low to mid 80s.
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83 pittsburgh. 82 liver more and walnut crete. watsonville to santa cruz. and low to mid 80s for morgan hill to gilroy. the accuweather seven-day forecast. we will see inland highs in the mid 90s through the weekend and into next week. near 100 on monday, fourth of july. mid 80s around the bay and up to 70 degrees on the coast on sunday and monday. that is great fourth of july weather. and we probably will have very good visibility for viewing fireworks all around the bay area monday evening. >> not a lot of cloud cover. >> we don't expect a lot. there could be patchy fog here thrand but we expect visibility to be just fine. >> excellent. one pipe, three blocks and a lot of damage in between. >> black hole in the middle of the street and all of a sudden water is gushing out. >> the sacramento business owners under water and out of patience. >> a lot of water. >> and it wasn't exactly a
9:23 pm
three hour tour for these b areaisitors. nd o whatapped. stayith .
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♪ let's follow that lady with the laptop ♪ [ male announcer ] now you can watch hit tv shows on your laptop with u-verse online and on your smartphone with u-verse mobile, included with most plans. or get u-verse tv for as low as $29 a month for 6 months. in the network you can take entertainment with you. the coast guard is keeping its eye on a boat that capsized off the san francisco coast earlier this morning. divers closed all of the hatches so it is apparently not leaking any more diesel fuel. you can see the stern of the boat sticking out of the water. it flipped around 1:00 a.m. off the coast of cliffhouse restaurant. nearly 300 crab pops they had on board are to blame for what happened. >> the gear shifted on the deck and the pilot took a roll. it it wouldn't come back. it happened real quick. >> thankfully the coast guard was able to rescue all three men from the water.
9:26 pm
the diesel fuel leak was contained with boons. and another mishap out out on the water. tourists on a sight seeing duck boat got an extra adventure. the boat's engine started smoking and then lost power in mccovey cove while cruising in at&t park. the san francisco fire department towed the boat back to shore. papassengers say hey, it was okay. >> a lot of smoke. >> a lot of smoke. a lot of sinky smell. but the boat stayed afloat and that is the important thing. >> that's it. >> and the captain did great. >> did a good job. >> managers from the ride the ducks company say the boats are essentially unsinkable and even if they do take on water they can still be driven in. passengers hopped on to another boat to finish their tour. water mains break with some regularity. in sacramento a broken pipe turned three blocks into an absolute river. listen to store owners and
9:27 pm
residents describe what happened. >> the man hole down here at the corner. >> first it popped up. >> a black hole in the middle of the street and all of a sudden water is gushing out and all of a sudden we have a stream, a river. >> flood of water 6 inches high. >> worked into all of the businesses and flooded them all out. >> nobody give a damn. >> they actually left for the day and i get a call we are flooding so the came back and i'm here rescuing them now. >> i think this sucks. i really do. >> we are closed, we are underwater. >> it happens. and it is city property, not ours. so it is not our fault. >> half a dozen businesses were completely flooded. the broken pipe is 68 years old. it has now been fixed. at least the break has been fixed. what a mess. when abc 7 news at
9:28 pm
9:00 continues here tonight, a california job summit. the number one complaint that we heard today among these east basis leaders. >> basically took a normal bike and run it on compressed air. >> air power. the bay area university students who found a new way to pedal a bike. a new innovation project that will give the animals at the oakland zoo more room to roam. and smi ú
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good evening, once again. thanks for being here. we will rundown the headlines as we start the half hour. governor brown sign inside law
9:31 pm
an internet based tax commonly called the amazon tax bill. it makes them collect taxes from affiliates based in the state. small shuttle companies say they are getting shut out at san francisco international aryment. they say that supershuttle gets preferencial treatment. the airport denies any preferencial treatment. east palo alto police took to the streets to check up on gang members on probation or parole. some of the headlines tonight. president obama today laid down a challenge to republicans in congress over raising the nation's debt ceiling. let's get it done, he said. at a white house news conference the president held opened the possibility of keeping congress in session over the fourth of july holiday unless significant progress is made this week and raising revenues he said must be part of that deal. >> the tax cuts i'm proprosing
9:32 pm
we get rid of our tax breaks for millionaires and billionaires. tax breaks for oil companies. and hedge fund managers. and corporate jet owners. the. >> house speaker john boehner issued a statement saying "the president is sorely mistaken if he believes the bill would pass the house and said there must be spending cuts at least as large as the debt increase". in addition to creating more revenue, president obama is looking to create more jobs across the country. jobs that will also improve an ailing infrastructure, roads, bridges and the like. political reporter mark matthews with a plan that sounds like another stimulus package and the refraction local business leaders. >> reporter: the president said reducing debt is part of growing jobs over the long-term but so is short-term spending on the nation's transportation infrastructure. >> we used to have the best roads, the best bridges, the best airports. we don't any more.
9:33 pm
>> reporter: the the president asked congress for a bill that would provide loans to rebuild roads and bridge. >> that could put construction workers back to work right now. >> reporter: and he added he told his administration to cut the red tape. >> don't just look at future regulations, let's go backwards and look at regulations already on the books and if they don't make sense let's get rid of them. >> in fremont, government regulation was a popular theme. >> it is easy to set up large bureaucracies and there is no impulse to take them apart. >> that is the vp of tesla motors. clint receiverson is ceo of a equipmentmedical sciment company. >> we have the federal fd and and state of california fda inspecting us. >> reporter: 143 million in sales, up 18%. >> we are growing rapidly. >> when. >> reporter: when it came for
9:34 pm
the president's call for the rich and successful to pay a little more tesla's vp begged glawf i'm not a politician for philosopher, so i'm not commenting. >> we are taxing all of the things that we want to encourage. >> reporter: flower wholesaler richard borcher applauds the call. >> the rich of getting richer and the poor are getting poor. less of a middle class, you know. >> reporter: the president counting on the sentiment to sway house republicans before the government the runs out of money2. in the newsroom, mark matthews, abc 7 news. the federal reserve today voted to limit how much banks can charge stores every time that you use your debit card. the feds set the cap at 21 cents per swipe. the new limit kicks in on october 1. banks currently charge retailers as much as 44 cents per swipe. news corps has sold myspace
9:35 pm
for $35 million and that is a steep drop from the $518 million that news corps paid for it back in 2005. the buyers are a los angeles ad company called specific media and pop star justin timberlake is involved vrks he will play a major role in developing a new strategy for the company. well, when we talk about low emission vehicles and clean energy what could be cleaner than fresh air? that is exactly what some college students in the south bay thought but unlike the rest of us they decided to find a way to use air to power a bicycle. wayne freedman has the story. >> reporter: if you live or work around santa clara university this old blue house might look familiar. you might even know some of the model citizens who live inside. >> shouldn't you be studying? >> no. what for? >> reporter: they are newly graduated seniors. a quick look around reveals that none of them majored in
9:36 pm
house keeping one can find intelligence in life in what they read and what they practice. >> you are into compressed air. >> yes. all different uses. >> reporter: and beyond the obvious ones. just move from the kitchen to the basement and get a look at this contraption with its gages, gears and gadgetry. >> took a normal bike and we run it on compressed air. >> as kevin showed us, the air tanks attached to a small three piston engine through a couple of hoses squeeze the throttle and that is one third of a horsepower there. >> it comes from the expansion of the air from the tanks. >> reporter: that is the theory anyway but what works in the basement doesn't always translate to the street. you want to see if it really works, right? >> having fun? >> absolutely. >> reporter: the bike began as an inning nearing project. it took them 8 months and
9:37 pm
$2,700 and now they think they can change the world with it. >> as long as the electricity that powers the compressor is coming from a clean source there is zero emoikse emissionm this. >> they wanted to take advantage of air as a natural resource. it is all around us after all including speeds like that. geting that air into tanks is still a bit tricky so envision diving shops as filling stations. how much is a fillup? >> .3 per 23eu8. >> which might get a guy five miles down the road at 20 miles per hour. in terms of dollar efficiency they are not quite there yet but it is progress. and all from a bunch of fun loving engineering types who lived together in an old blue house. most kids leave college with da plodiplomas and nothing else. shees guys actually -- these guys actually have something to show for it.
9:38 pm
>> built a bike that runs on air and had a lot of fun. >> from the neighborhood around santa clara university, wayne freedman, abc 7 news. pretty neat. the oakland zoo begins ajor renovation that will make it the biggest animal park in northern california. after 14 years of planning the oakland city council finally approved doubling the size of the zoo disoo to 100 acres. a new animal exhibit will be built on the hills above the zoo. it will highlight native californian animals and plants that have been pushed out of their habitats by people. >> we want to show that the grizzly bear is a california native and wolf and jaguar is a california native and most people don't realize. >> visitors will get up to the hill to the new area in an all electric gondola that will replace the current trail lift and they will even be able to camp out overnight among the animal exhibits. the expanded zoo will open in
9:39 pm
2015. yolks u know the old line why did the chicken cross the road. tonight we will rephrase the question. why di did the turtles cross te runway. researchers think they have found out why americans have steadily grown fatter. stay with us. the news at 9:00 continues.  our planes start flying when it's dark.
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what's your story? citibank can help you write it. t. sounds counter in tutive but diet sodas still cause us to gain weight. artificial sweeteners trigger our appetites but don't deliver something that will squelch the appetite. drinking two or more diet sodas a day increased belt size five times more than people who avoid the stuff entirely. researches at the university of texas tracked nearly 5 hyundai soda drinkers over ten years. a new study confirms that americans really are eating more than we used to. almost 600 calories a day more. here is abc's john berman.
9:43 pm
>> ever wonder why disco died? why we no longer dance like john travolta in saturday night fever? maybe because we can't fit in the outfits. we are eating 57 570 570 calors every day than we did in 1977, the year saturday night fiver came out. >> we are used to seeing more on our plates and therefore we eat it. when it is in front of us we consume it. >> we don't just consume it once but all of the time. we are now a society of snackers. >> food everywhere. at gas stations and movie theaters. the coffee shop. >> what does 570 calories look like. a quart pounder with cheese. a couple of chips. the soda. americans are adding that to their gut and elsewhere every day which all makes for some bad math.
9:44 pm
5750 a day is nearly -- 570 calories is day is 4,000 calories a week. >> that is the equivalent of one pound for one week. >> and there are 52 weeks in a year. no wonder the rate of obesity in america has doubled since the '70s and no wonder no one wears outfits like this. ♪ >> reporter: we would probably spill food on them anyway. >> boy, that is an attention getter, isn't it? coming up here, turtles on the tarmac. >> and british airways reported a turtle. >> turtle crossing. and they bring one of the world's busiest airports to a stop. and forget fear of the beer. giants closer brian wilson has a new
9:45 pm
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9:48 pm
turtleles on the tarmac. 150 of them paced one by one across a runway at kennedy airport in new york today. in kind of a slow motion stampede. more tonight from abc's lisa stark. >> what takes off at nearly 170 miles an hour. the other averages three miles an hour. this is what happens when they meet. >> we have a couple of turtles stopping the access road here off to the right. >> did we really use the word storming about turtles. >> they were headed across one of jfk main runways and on to a sandy spot to lay their legs. ieggs. >> the turtle in front of you. >> yeah, they are off to my right. there is two of them and then there is another third one kind of off. >> the great turtle roundup was underway. >> let me know more turtles on
9:49 pm
the runway. advise when you are ready to get them. >> i'm ready to enter the runway, sir. >> did you -- was the turtle removed? >> turtle removed. >> today there were so many wandering turtles, over 100 of them, that the airport had to close ru run runway, leading to delays. jetblue's official statement? we hope for faster animals next time. i would love to see pictures of them picking those things up. back to spencer christian to update the forecast. there is an airport delay i have never heard of. >> here is a sight that you will like i think. the sky over downtown san jose by way of time lapse. scattered clouds and little cloud buildup there's and shadows over downtown. a lovely day in san jose as it was all around the bayary. temperatures up today and tomorrow even higr.he low to mid 80s tomorrow.
9:50 pm
70s along the pay. bay. low 60s along the coast. highs through the central valley mid to upper 80s. 103 palm springs and warmer or hotter on friday with upper 90s in the central valley. and 112 at palm springs. here is the accuweather seven-day forecast. right on through the weekend and into memorial day -- fourth of july. almost 100 on monday. mid to upper 80s around the bay and 70 on the coast. on sunday and monday. this is july weather. finally. right in time for the fourth of july. >> thanks, sensor, very much. mr. fear the beer himself giants pitcher brian wilson has a new catch phrase. ready for this? here it is. it is pronounced got heam. he says it is a term that many use.
9:51 pm
such as ready for a triple or making fun of someone nas i love those heels. he swears the phrase is going global. i would stick with the other phrase. >> i would venture to say more catch phrases come out of locker rooms and all sports. i predict this one has no legs. >> i'm with you on that. >> got heam nothing. trifectag for a try virginia tonight. the cubs had something@
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what's your story? citi can help you write it. coming up tonight at 11:00, a tsa security breach, a man flies across the country with a fake i.d. and expired boarding pass. ofcers turni in the gun and th bge. poli layfsegin s jose plus -- a look at the latest way to get a wild ride on the water. look at that thing. those stories and more coming up on abc 7 news at 11:00 over on channel 7. got heam? >> try it. not going work. >> we'll start with that. we'll get over the catch phrase. the oakland a's like a lumber yard with no lumber. the bats asleep for the last six games. only nine runs. they beat the marlins last night with a sac fly. looking for two straight tonight at the coliseum. the cal head coach throwing out
9:55 pm
the first pitch. the bears baseball team honored pregame. and they learned nothing about hitting tonight. jeff pennington shows them what not to do when fielding a groundball. and the error put emilio on base. and then a 2-0 lead in the first inning. it was downhill from there. he struck out 8 in six innings. but two long balls did him in. a solo shot in the fourth. 3-0 marlins and the score will hold up. marlins take one from the a's, 3-0. meanwhile the giants looking for their 8th straight win in chicago and nothing worse than losing a game, bottom of the ninth, two outs, two strikes on a walkoff single. lincecum trying to give the giants three straight wins over the cub byes. bottom 7. double to right. blake dewitt slaps the single towards pena. eman yelemanuel burriss rips om
9:56 pm
center. throws is offline. game tied at one. cody ross can be the hero with the bases loaded. tailor made double play. two out, two strikes. and ramirez, drops, game over. 2-1 the final. series finale tomorrow at 11:00 a.m. we did have a feel good story about the giants. pitcher ryan vogelsong began a 12 year journey through the big leagues and around the world on his way back to the giants. >> the low point came last year when i got released by the phillies around the all-star break. >> he thought his career was over at that point after playing for the giants, pirates, phillies and three years in japan. the giants re-signed him in the spring. when barry zito went down he got his first start with the giants on michael jordan six and a third shutouthaelmotg
9:57 pm
innings. >> to have it be the first game here as a staryt and to get the standing ovation it was unbelievable. >> after 12 years in the bigs ryan is still learning from his teammates. his improved mental focus turned his career around and now he is an all-star candidate witcandidate. >> if i can have an all-star tag to my name it would be amazing. >> never give up on your dreams. if you were at wimbledon nine out of ten people you ask would not have picked six time champion roger federer to be out. how about this seating chart. jack nicholas and greg. >> does his best boris becker dive. take a two sets to none lead. the freshman bombing away on
9:58 pm
the forehand side takes the third set and breaks early in the fourth. that is a winner. a decisive fifth set. federer 178-0 when taking the first two sets. he just lost the first one in a five set loss. defending champ nadal got all he could handle from american marty fish. handles the forehand winner right there to grab the third set. made nadal work for everything. a great approach by fish. a better return for rafa. are you kidding me. hits both lines. fish can't believe it. nadal sneaks in for the serve and volley and moves on with a four set victory. 18-year-old australian bernard tomich had to qualify to get in. if jokavich can beat tsonga he
9:59 pm
willle overtake nadal. lopez too many unforced errors. the scott steam rolled in straight sets. murray will meet nadal in the semi finals. >> great matchups. >> great. but federer, to have two sets with a guy like that and lose unbelievable. >> nice to epippa, though. >> the seating charts are sometimes more fun to look at. >> that is this edition of abc 7 news at 9:00. for mike shumann and spence speps, spencer is chuckling over here. i'm dan ashley. thanks so much for watching. have a great evening. check it guy out. a fun way to get around. we will have that story for


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