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tv   ABC 7 News  KOFY  June 30, 2011 11:30am-12:00pm PDT

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i'm kristen sze. >> i'm cheryl jennings. san jose police officers are turning in their badges. >> this is the day department layoff take effect with fear of more casualties soon due to budget crisis. amy hollyfield is live at the san jose police department. amy? >> kristen, we're here at the union hall. this is where it will happen. first they will serve the officers lunch, italian food just arrived. they are going to have lunch and turn their badges in. i'll let one of the officers you for himself how he's feeling. >> we expected to be here 30
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years and it's cut short unexpectedly. there is sadness at the san jose police department. another strong emotion surfaced, that's anger. >> i have never seen a relationship as bad with the city and the police department. i worked in new york before i came here a long time ago. back there, the city management did street the police officers the way they -- didn't treat them they're being treated here. >> the police union president is furious that the city is laying off 6 # officers today. the man who signed off on the layoffs says he is mad, too. >> i am not happy. >> the police is not happy. chief is not happy. we should hire officers n culting them or laying them off. >> reporter: mayor chuck reed says a $15 million budget deficit and the retirement cost skyrocketing he and the city council had to make some tough decisions. >> we have a series of bad choices and have to balance it out.
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the council and i decided instead of closing libraries we'd make cuts. >> it will shift officers from the units such as investigation and property crime to patrolling the street. the union president is going so far to say the city leaders are responsible for put the city at risk. >> whatever ill happens to the citizens of san jose moving forward, they own it. >> the mayor is looking ahead to next year. he says the budget problems will be even worse than they are now. he wants to take pension reform to ballot so voters can decide how to handle it. >> i believe we have to reduce the cost of pences by increasing the retirement age a little bit. slowing down the rate of recruel a little bit. doing things now to save us a lot of money for next year's budget. >> reporter: the mayor wants it on march ballot. it will cost $1.3 million to get it on the ballot and the police union says that money could have been spent on officers. the mayor says the
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initiative could spend $10 to $15 million. a lot of disagreement on this issue. this won't be the last we'll see of it. he has recommended they find jobs somewhere else. live in san jose, amy hollyfield, abc7 news. >> amy, thank you very much. >> bart is running on time again after a mysterious situation in san francisco. delayed thousands of riders at the end of this morning rush hour. firefighters say a woman was found covered with train grease on the platform at san francisco glenn park station. they don't know if she was hit by a train. officers took her in custody and she is undergoing psychiatric evaluation. problems caused 15-minute bart delays. >> amtrak is suing theness trucking company whose big rig crashed in a train in nevada. six people died including the train conductor and the big rig driver. 20 others were injured. amtrak accuses the john daily trucking company not
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properly training the driver. amtrak claims $10 million of damage in fiery wreck. amtrak aden dent hurt is separately suing the trucking company. >> governor jerry brown is expected to sipe the remaining part of the state budget in law today. that means a lot of changes tomorrow. one of the biggest, the state sales tax is going down by 1% to 7.25. vehicle licensing fees will drop by nearly half. another change. hybrid car owners will no longer be allowed to ride alone in the carpool lane. california teachers won a key piece of legislation. assembly bill 114 blocks school districts from laying off teachers. that will protect the teachers from $1.75 billion trigger cut that could hit the k-12 districts if the revenue projections fall short. school officials say the measure will make it
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difficult to manage finances and negotiate with the teachers. >> officials in el cerrito are investigating a fatal fire that may have been start bay cappedal in a bedroom. 97-year-old woman was killed in the fire. which gutted a single family home that happened around 6:30 last night. the victim's middle age son was injured trying to rescue her. his 11-year-old granddaughter was in the house and she was not hurt. . firefighters in alameda county are reminding people about potential danger of fireworks as the fourth of july celebration get closer. terry mcsweeney joins us from dublin where fireworks demonstration brought the point home. terry? >> i'm here at the alameda county training facility. you just look at hills behind the facility to see what they're training for. getting ready for the fire season for the hot upcoming weekend will be upon us.
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we got a demonstration of dangerous combination of fireworks and human beings and they hope everyone is watching and listening. in the jt fi is hat they're worried about but the m-1,000 you just saw can blow up your finger or your hand. they're illegal at all time bus fire is the main concern. that's why the firefighters showed how easy it to start a grass fire using illegal fireworks. it does not mean once you get legal fireworks anything goes. >> number one, where you buy them, you have to discharge them on the city. you need to do that with accordance on instruction on the firework, in safe area with water and no flammable material close to where you discharge them. >> chief gilbert says nationwide 9,000 people are treated every year as a result of firework injuries.
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the vast majority of the 9,000 people are younger than 15 years of age. the message here, parents, be aware of what your kids are doing. if you are going to have a family gathering with the legal fireworks make sure you keep an eagle eye on everything going on. in alameda county, zero tolerance policy. so please, don't celebrate the nation independent pen deps and at the same time lose yours. live in dublin, terry mcsweeney, abc7 news. >> all right, terry, thanks a lot. nigerian man faces a federal court hearing tomorrow after he got through security and on to a flight last week with an invalid boarding pass. the man completed the fight and wasn't arrested until yesterday when authorities caught him trying to board another flight with ten expired boarding passes in his bag. abc's t.j. winnick reports. >> the nigerian national was caught yesterday trying to board flight delta 26 to atlanta with another boarding pass. in his bag, ten other
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boarding passes in various name. he told the officers he spent the night sleeping inside lax inside the secure area of the airport. >> we have this new report that says we should be looking out for lone wolf or individual type. terrorists or extremists. he could have fit the bill. >> it began friday when he used a stolen i.d. and boarding pass to board virgin america flight from jfk to lax. it was june 24, but the boarding pass said june 23. and it said flight 415. but the flight he took was flight 415. according to a tsa spokesperson, every passenger that passes through the security check points is subject to layers of security including thorough physical screening at the check point. >> pull him off. take him to a secondary checker. ask him a half a dozen questions. that would have resolved this immediately. >> after getting through security, he managed to board the plane without showing the boarding pass to the virgin american agent.
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>> the individual was able to get on the airplane. that's the weakest link. a male, with a male name. that's all it needs to get through the security. >> he got through by using a university of michigan i.d. and reportedly a letter from the chicago police explaining his passport had been stolen. t.j. winnick, abc news, new york. goodness. well still ahead a surprise for defense secretary robert gates at his farewell ceremony. we tell you about the honor he received from the president. the special attention that the governor of texas is getting as he visits sacramento today. could he be laying a groundwork for presidential run? ♪ [ ukulele strumming ]
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♪ [ folksy whistling ] [ man ] quitting is a fight you can't let yourself lose.
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it can take many tries. but keep trying, you will beat smoking. honey, you okay? yeah, i'm fine. ♪ [ ukulele ] years on the job working for both obama and bush administration. abc karen traverse has more. >> reporter: today a final salute for robert gates. >> one of our face's finest publicer is vants. >> mr. obama gave gates the presidential medal of freedom, the highest civilian honor. award came as a surprise. >> getting pretty good at this overt op stuff. >> his career spans four decades. working for eight different presidents in the national security division, including the c.i.a. director. in november of 2006, president george w. bush asked gates to replace controversial donald rumsfeld at the pentagon.
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gates said from the beginning one of his top responsibilities would be correcting the situation in iraq. >> we are not winning the war in iraq; is that correct? >> that is my view, yes, sir. >> reporter: he won praise for taking on the pentagon bureaucracy, and fighting for better care for u.s. service members and cutting expensive weapon systems. he jaw soefr surge in troops if iraq and afghanistan. he made no secret of the desire to return to private life. he told abc's diane saw her he feels the human cost of war and has become cautious as a result. >> maybe it's time for me to leave. >> it's begun to weigh on me in a way i'm not as useful as i used to be. >> tomorrow, leon panetta will take over as defense secretary. karen travers, abc news, washington. texas governor rick perry is visiting california and planning to meet with supporters in sacramento. he is expected to speak with dozens of republicans who
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want him to run for president. they include business leaders and members of the legislature. there is growing speculation he may enter the race this summer. he has b candidate in full campaign mode. aide's say perry is still in the deciding process. >> all right, it was raining earlier this week. freezing cold. today, gorgeous. >> yeah. >> it looks nice. you like sunshine, light humidity and light winds? that's what we have today. the heat is on over the next couple of days. find ways to keep cool. talk about how hot it will get. >> thanks a lot. shocking assault on french president nicolas sarkozy. caught on video. while he greeting a crowd. >> and what is the greenest city in north america? you may be surprised by the answer. 
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french president nicolas sarkozy was briefly grabbed and yanked against a metal barrier at a public rally this morning in france. >> quite a scare. he was shaking hands in a crowd when visiting a town in southwestern france when a man reached over the railing, graed him bhe shouldernd pulled him toward the crowd. the man is 32 years old and works in the theater
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business. he was quickly wrestled to ground by body guards and being questioned by security officials. sarkozy was not hurt. >> prince william and kate arrived in canada moments ago for their first official overseas trip since their wedding. they will spend nine days in canada before jetting to los angeles july 8. tomorrow they will celebrate canada day in ottawa and set to open the calgary stampede and go canoeing in the northwest territory. in los angeles they will introduce up and coming british film talent to hollywood executives. a tough competition but a new survey named san francisco the greenest big city in the u.s. and canada. it was commissioned by siemens, global healthcare and energy company and ranked 27 major cities in several areas, energy, transportation and waste. san francisco ranked first overall because of the strong showings in just about every category. especially in waste.
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because mandtory composting and recycling. the survey praised the city extensive public transportation system. the other five cities were vancouver, seattle, denver. we were number one. at least we did that, we're proud of that. >> gorgeous day. >> blue skies. no air pollution either. that's nice. absolutely. take a look outside and show what is going on. from the sutro tower to marrin headland, look at the array of colors developing as we slip closer to fire season. looking downtown at san francisco from south beach, you can see absolutely cobalt blue sky over the city. move on, talk about what is going on. clearing the coast and just a matter of time before everyone is in full sunshine. what it's doing is check out how much warmer we are now
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compared to yesterday. two degrees in san jose. santa rosa, san jose, los gatos. all ten to 13 degrees warmer along with san francisco. everybody else is seven to eight degrees warmer. temperatures right now are about, or about where the highs were. i have wouldn't say exactly about. that doesn't make sense. about where they were for highs yesterday with the upper 60s to low 70s. monterey is cloudy. 70 in watsonville. 74 in gilroy. the heat is on. sunny and warmer this afternoon. nothing like tomorrow and holiday weekend and next week. warm to hot highs depending where you are. the good news, clear and fairly comfortable at night with the lows in the 50s and 60s. for today, 24-hour temperature change. four degrees warmer in san francisco. five in oakland. eight in fremont.
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san jose, 9. san jose and concord, ten and 12. 14 hours and 44 minute and 37 seconds of sunshine we'll be a few degrees below average. 79 in dublin. low to mid-80s. warmest area is east bay valley. east bay shore, low to mid-70s here. hayward is 71 degrees. south bay, middle #0s to low 80s to sunnyvale and milpitas and los gatos. peninsula, the low to mid-70s. the low is millbrae at 71. low to mid-60s along the coast. mid-to-upper 60s in downtown, south san francisco and san rafael, mid-70s. 65 in monterey. 74 in santa cruz. 85 inland in gilroy. great day to see a game. 12:35, first pitch. sunny and mild. 65 and warming up to 70. we wrap up a set with marlins. tonight loesh
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tonight, low to mid-50s. under clear sky. watching the high pressure take over. notice the lack of radar return. and clouds. warmer days ahead. at the coast, coolness with mid-50s to 70 sunday and monday. and the bay, low to mid-80s. inland, mid-to-upper 90s. barely missing 100 monday. >> oh, boy. thanks a lot. all right. of course, independence day is a big thing. a lot going on this fourth of july weekend besides fireworks. >> coming up, don sanchez will tell us "what's hot" besides the we
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today on abc7 news at 4:00 and 5:00, the fast food bite you might want to avoid. researchers may revolutionize med sen. can they make bacteria behive like the computer? that's later today at 4:00 and 5:00. >> something going on this weekend. oh, a holiday weekend. yeah, from the fillmore jazz festival to the marin county fair. a lot going on this fourth of july. >> arts and entertainment reporter don sanchez has what is hot. >> billy eliot, a boy who just wants to dance. featuring the music of elton john in orpheum theater.
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>> they say kim is filled with style and sass. now at the raz room with a tribute to nina simone. >> kim is also playing the 27th annual jazz festival to showcases acts from fusion, to la ten. it's music, food, shopping on fillmore. catch the artwalk friday night and stanford jazz festival. >> assisted living the musical is a wild ride through perils of later life. if you're older or you plan be, enjoy laughs at the imperial palace. three dog night. the pointer sisters and the temptations part of the fair. and nightly fireworks. fourth of july tradition in the marrin city. san francisco has a certified hit. tales of the city has been held over through july in the adt theater.
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the it's life and landscape of marin. in larkspur. there are fourth of july celebration with fireworks and parades everywhere. watch the aerial exfrav gan san antonio from the uss -- extravaganza from uss hornet. >> that does it. thank you for joining us. >> "who wants to be a millionaire i
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