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tv   ABC 7 News  KOFY  August 26, 2011 11:30am-12:00pm PDT

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two men convicted of murdering chauncey bailey has just been sentenced in an oakland courtroom. >> laura anthony is live in the alameda courthouse with the latest on an emotional hearing. >> reporter: that is right. this hearing just wrapped up a few minutes ago.
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you recess bey iv and mackey were sentenced to life in prison without the possibility of parole in the case of usef bey iv. he was convicted earlier on three first-degree murder counts for ordering the murder of three machine, including chauncey bailey. now in court there were emotional statements by two of the victims. families in this case. first on to speak was the mother of michael wills. she read a statement. she was gunned down also in 2007. according to the jury finding on the orders of usef bey gave an emotional statement about his life. then former wife, she got up and well and made a tearful
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statement. she looked directly at the defendants. only one of them. antoine mackey actually turned and looked at her. bey would occasionally turn around and look at her. she gave an emotional statement. talk about the waste of life not only of chauncey bailey but two young men. both sentenced to life in prison without the possibility of parole. mackey did not make a statement nor did his attorney but bey's attorney did read his client's statement. in it, bey proclaims his innocence. he says he is innocent of the crimes that happened. but quote, i will not rest until i find those responsible for setting this operation up. he went on in his statement to apologize to both his own family and the families of the victims.
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richmond police are holding one man for questioning in a deadly home invasion attack early this morning. police say gunmen forced their way into a home and opened fire. amy hollyfield is live in richmond with more. >> reporter: it happened at the end of a dead-end street. police are still here trying to figure out why this house was chosen, how the intruder got in and if he took anything. he was surprised in the middle of his crime and that is when it turned deadly. neighbors set said they heard gunshots and screaming coming from this home around 4:00 this morning. the man of the home woke up and apparently interrupted a burglary. >> right now it appears he was waking up and started cooking breakfast for his family. >> the intruder shot the man just as mother came in to see
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what was going on. >> everybody got woken up it appears the elderly female came in where the altercation may have been going on and it appears she was shot. >> the man's wife and two kids then ran from the home to the house across the street. >> you are shocked to see it happen. >> reporter: the family had just moved into the home about a year ago and worked hard to renovate it. they were doing the best they could. >> the father was extremely caring, concerned about his kids that they weren't getting around any riff race >> reporter: friends and neighbors say the two women were robbed at gunpoint about a week ago and they are wondering if the dwrins connected. >> i think what happened when
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she got robbed, they took their i.d. >> and police are still trying to see if there is any connection and if it played a role in what happened this morning. they are questioning a man that was spotted in the area near the home right after this happened. he doesn't live in the area. he was out at 4:00 in the morning, that was enough to raise suspicion. they are still questioning him at this time. they don't know whether he is responsible for killing the woman and shooting the man who is now listed in critical condition. live in richmond, amy hollyfield. >> president obama is urging people to take every precaution for hurricane irene. i reason weakened to a category two storm with winds topping 100 miles an hour. irene's outer bands have started
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to bring rain to north and south carolina. it's expected to hit the eastern seaboard tomorrow and could affect residents from carolinas to massachusetts. thousands of people have already lost power. irene has the causing billions of dollars in damage. 65 million people live in its path. officials say they will shut down the transit system at noon tomorrow and mandatory evacuations of low lying crows tal areas. president obama says it could be a historic setting telling residents not to take any chances. >> i cannot stress this highly enough. if you are in the projected path of this hungry, you have to take precautions now. tonight wait. don't delay. we all hope for the best but we have to prepare for the worst. all of us have to take the storm
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seriously. >> airlines are taking precautions. it's affecting bay area airports. jet blue cancelled most of its flights into new york and boston. other airlines are holding off except most are cancelling flights on saturday evening to parts of virginia. for up to the information on flight delays and wait times at security checkpoints check out flight tracker at the u.s. justice department has ordered a $50,000 granted to santa clara county's gang prevention unit. it came after a two day conference with leaders of a federal task force on youth violence prevention. they say san jose is model for the rest of the nation for
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combating gang violence. >> i think san jose in relation to the rest of country, is the long-term success and long term commitment. it's been over a period of years. >> san jose ended the deployment of homeland security officers to help battle a spike in violence. 14 people had been killed in the first 6 months of the year. san jose has not had a gang-related himz since june 14th. >> power setback on for residents in palo alto after a power line came down. downed power line knocked out power on east bayshore road. not only that appliances were damaged by a power surge. >> reporter: just talked to a pg&e spokesman and there are 69
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customers still in the dark the rest have power going back to their homes. maybe not inside their homes because this surge knocked out some of the pg&e meters. also it tripped electrical circuitry. >> nicholas showed us his walk-in refrigerator and cost him hundreds of dollars in spoiled food. >> the surge could cost him thousands if it burned out the refrigerator itself. >> i have to look for a specialist. >> the power surge happened last night around 10:00 when a branch snapped next to highway 101. it took three wires sending 400 volth to more than 200 customers. >> a lot more electricity than
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normal comes into your home. so customers, hey our light bulbs got really bright. >> linda lives down the street and until her power comes back on, she doesn't know how much she lost. >> i have a lot of electrical equipment. >> bringing electricians to inspect and if necessary repair meters. usually anything that happens on the house side of the meters is responsibility of residents. they will be handing out claim forms that lost can computers or appliances. >> pg&e spokesman are going door to door not only with the claim forms to go inside to see what damages was done. so far so good but there is a lot of work still to do. i wonder what they are going to find when we go into those homes
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and businesses. terry mcsweeney, "abc 7 news." still ahead the warning fed chairman ben bernanke has about the state of the economy. >> and a visitor they are getting following the fan violence following the niners raiders game. >> and an emeryville based amtrak train derails sendin
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federal reserve chairman ben bernanke says congress must do more to help the economy. he spoke in jackson hole wyoming. he proposed more steps by the fed to boost the economy but open the possibility for future action. he warned lawmakers not to disregard the current economic recovery. he said record low interest rates will promote growth over time but the weak economy it requires more help right now. he talked about possible future actions in september. n.f.l.'s chief of security is on their way to san francisco following the niners raiders game. he'll meet with greg suhr to address security. one man was beaten unconscious. two people were shot in the parking lot at candlestick park.
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there will be extra officers in tomorrow's game against houston and there will be no tailgating after the game begins. alcohol will not be served during the fourth quarter of the game. police will set up d.u.i. checkpoints near the stadium. >> as many as 7 people were hospitalized after an amtrak train hit a piece of farm equipment and derailed in southwest nebraska. two trains and three of the passenger cars derailed. the train was carrying more than 175 passengers and seven people were taken to a nearby hospital. amtrak has set up a special number for anyone concerned about family or friends who might have been board. find that number on our website at >> a road into yosemite national park remains closed because of that. firefighters are battling a
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wildfire. it broke out in a motor home yesterday afternoon and it burned about thousand acres. highway 140 is closed for 15 miles. some tourists have been told to evacuate nearby motels. about 300 firefighters are trying to keep the fire from reaching the park. >> mike nicco has the forecast. >> the winds aren't too brisk so they are getting it under control. there is the sunshine and means a warming trend and i'll have the latest on irene also.
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(speaking in international language) and he said unto them go ye into all of the world and preach the gospel preach the gospel  ♪very creature in the world. (applause) 
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the weekend is here and wonder if there is going to be any sunshine. >> i think a lot. most sunshine at the coast and warmest weather also. >> let's take a look what is going on and i want to jump in irene real quick. decreasing clouds and more sunshine and you can see the warming trend beginning as we look eastbound from sutro tower. let's zoom down to the carolinas and you can see already irene coming ashore with many a thunderstorm moving into the i-95 corridor. one of the busiest highways in the country. 550 miles wide and the brunt of
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it hasn't made into the carolinas yet. it has been a dropping in intensity, winds 100 miles an hour, category 2 expected to stay this way as it moves up, crosses over north carolina and heads into new york sometime early sunday morning and into the early morning hours, push up through boston and move away by monday. when it does it will leave 9-14 inches of rain. flooding will be a problem with that. visible satellite, you can see how quickly the clouds are erasing and temperatures will be warmer. 70s inland in the south bay. 57 at half moon bay. upper 50s around monterey bay. 68 in gilroy. not only warming today but tomorrow through sunday, not as cloudy tonight. any drizzle will be at the coast and temperatures will rebound
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back down next week. fremont, san francisco the same but concord, oakland, santa rosa and san jose all about 2-3 degrees warmer. sun sets about 7:48 this evening. you can see a wealth of 70s from richmond, vallejo and palo alto. everybody else in the 80s until the east bay valleys, low to mid 90s. monterey bay, 66. 76 in santa cruz, gilroy at 91. heading to the giants game tonight, astros, 7:15 first pitch, 61 down to 58 degrees. you see the drizzle barely at the coast and clouds don't make it inland valleys. temperatures will be cooler, mid to upper 50s. couple areas of low pressure moving away from us. warm high pressure coming in from the southeast that is going to make it a warmer weekend but also up in tahoe where temperatures will be in the low to mid-80s after lows in the 40s
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with a whole lot of sunshine there. warmest afternoon is tomorrow and then by wednesday of next week, you, see just about everywhere we lose about 4-10 degrees. enjoy the warm summer heat this weekend. federal regulators have issued a warning about a massage machine they say may have strangled someone. it's delivered by a shoulder reflex massage device could be fatal. one death and one near strangulation could be reported after a necklace and article of clothing got caught in the rotating component device. they are warning people to throw pieces of device away separately >> facebook has a new reason to brag, google says the social network had a trillion views in june, 870 million unique visitors. they reached 47% of all web
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surfers and those are people that goog can track. they say the real numbers are likely to be even higher. >> one of the world's rarest crocodiles species, 20 have them were hatched in laos. the sire meese crocodile is considered crickly endangered with an estimated 300 left. the babies will kept at the zoo for 18 months and eventually they will grow from anyone any little critters to about ten feet long. >> up next, friday's perfect pet. >> mike nicco will introduce us to milo.
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welcome back, time for perfect pet. you remember lynn, nice to see you from marin. >> tell us about mellow fellow. >> we named him, he was a mellow fellow and it's kind of represents how it is great to adopt an adult dog. he has been with us eight months. he wants to go home and all he wants to do is is it in your lap. we have senior pets and kittens that are adopted but wonderful adult dogs and cats that are
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waiting to find a home. >> okay. >> likes his treats but really good boy. >> he sounds like he would get along with everybody. >> if you are ichbtd in any mellow are cats, call them. check out their website also because they have a big event coming up in november and we'll talk about that next month. thanks for being here. >> mellow is go home with somebody. >> that was mellow. >> thanks for joining us. >> "who wants to be a millionaire" is coming up next. >> have a great weekend. whoa. you gotta be kidding!
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