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tv   ABC 7 News  KOFY  October 4, 2011 11:30am-12:00pm PDT

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good morning i'm kristen sze. >> and i'm cheryl jennings. building buzz is when apple is going unveil the new iphone? >> amy hollyfield joins us from outside the big event where the new chief executive is on stage now. >> reporter: great timing ladies. minutes ago he announced the brand new iphone 4. he says it looks the same as the iphone 4 but very different inside. he's going over the details now. not only has everyone been focused on what he was going to launch, but how? we are in cupertino instead of downtown san francisco. they are not life streaming online like they usually do. and of course a key person is missing, steve jobs. >> good morning. this is my first product launch since being named ceo. i'm sure you didn't know that. [ laughing ] >> it is a pleasure to host
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you today. i love apple. i consider it the privilege of a lifetime to have worked here almost 14 years. i'm very excited about this new role. >> reporter: cook taking over for jobs making his debut here today at this big launch. he the first hour talking apple's successes. he's definitely making everyone wait for the big announcement. he has bragged about apple's two new stores in china. the fact that iphone 4 is the number one smartphone in the world. and the ipad is the number one selling tablet in the world. not what people are interested in hearing today. they are more interested in hearing about the new phone. so much speculation has been going around. people have had 16 months. now it is official, iphone 4
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officially outdated we have an iphone 4-s. it was a dual core processor, graphics seven times faster than in the. -- than in the iphone 4. our david louie is blogging live on he will bring all the information and details about the new phone in our later broadcasts. reporting live from cupertino, amy hollyfield, abc7 news. he where following breaking news in san francisco. the -- the bomb squad just removed a grenade a woman found while cleaning a loss set in her house. it forced police to close the streets for more than 90 minutes. the bomb squad hadn't determined if it is a grenade or if that is live. explosive experts have taken it to a remote area near ocean beach.
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>> early bay area storm has moved. caused a close call for a woman in inverness park. overnight a tree came crashing into her livingroom. i was raining, authorities can't say if weather is to blame. the wet weather might have loosened soil around the r509s. stronger storm on the way. let's get the latest from mike nicco. rainfall amounts look impressive for the first time of the season. a nerd in san jose out to half moon bay mill valley two/10 of an inch in oakland, -- 2/10 of an inch in oakland, san francisco. everything quiet on live doppler time to clear the drains and gutters, the next system is more powerful. right now moving into northern california. heaviest rain overnight while we are sleeping. weakened branches, storm drains that aren't cleared will cause for problems during
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tomorrow's commute. i'll show you how much rain and when the thunderstorms come with this system. 6-year-old east palo alto girl killed by a car while walking to school last week is being laid to rest right now. 500 people gathered for a memorial service and funeral mass for sioreli torres last night. many who attended, including the family are calling for the police to arrest and charge the driver who hit her. so far she has only received a citation. >> we are honoring sioreli and helping the family to grieve. >> very sad. >> the protests that again last friday are expected to spill over tonight's city council meeting. the council is expected to take up the issue of improving safety. the palo alto city council has voted to let voters decide whether the city should lift ban on medical marijuana dispensaries. the council voted to a measure
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on the november 2012 ballot asking voters to legalize up to three dispensaries and allow the city to tax them. giving the city coffers a big boost. opponents argue dispensaries could increase crime. san mateo county officials ceased more than 5,000 march -- officials have seized more than 5,000 marijuana plans. the marijuana had as a value of 1 1/2 million dollars agents did not find the people growing the plants but did find a loaded rifle we sophisticated irrigation systems. a uc berkeley physicist has just being the 22nd nobel laureate this morning with his discoveries on the universe. terry mcsweeney is live at the national lab where the winner
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asked questions this morning. >> reporter: the winner is saul perlmutter. he is a professor of physics at uc berkeley also an astrophysicist at the lawrence berkeley national lab. he was honored for his study of the increasing rate of expansion of the universe. you might say it is early in the day for that. let me tell you, it has to do with the survival of our planet. first, how he found out he won the nobel prize. he received a call a reporter at 3:00 this morning, saying congratulations you have won the nobel prize. >> of course my wife laura quickly pulled out the ipad and tried to determine whether this was a hoax. >> reporter: typical scientist he had to check it for himself. professor perlmutter heads the super nova cosmology project he's been a leader in studies
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to determine the nature of something called dark matter that fuels acceleration expansion of the universe contributing to our understanding of how the universe got here and where going. before perlmutter's work conventional wisdom was universal growth as slowing. >> if it is slowing enough to the point it would halt some day and perhaps turn around and collapse in which case we could discover that the universe was going to come to an end. >> reporter: we wouldn't want that it is expanding. perlmutter shares the nobel prize with brian schmidt and and dam reese leaders of the super nova search team may the same discovery at almost the same time. perlmutter receives half of the 1.5 million dollar prize. schmidt and reese splits the other half. perlmutter says it is a team effort and credits the national lab with giving him
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10 years, starting in '86 up to '96 when he was working in the project didn't have anything concrete to show but they said keep going and . now here we are in 2011 and he has the nobel prize for physics. -- terry mcsweeney, abc7 news. >> big congratulations to everybody. >> loved that reaction. the breast cancer survive who says she was humiliated by airport security and why the tsa is apologizing. the american exchange student whose murder conviction was thrown out in italy yesterday was now on her way back to the u.s.. will amanda knox have to return to italy? >> new jersey, whether you like it or not, you are stuck with me. 
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american exchange student amanda knox is on a flight back to seattle right now after four years in an italian police son. she was when an appeals court -- reversed her murder conviction yesterday. the family of her murdered roommate meredith kercher are back to square one. lama hasan has more. >> reporter: these are her first moments of freedom. after four years behind bars amanda and her family, unwavering in their support checked in on a british air ways flight.
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in seattle, her lawyer spoke to her after the dramatic acquittal. >> he was joyful, thankful and grateful. she could not contain her thanks. >> reporter: it took only 90 minutes for the seattle college student to finalize paperwork, pack up and leave prison. in the verdict amanda and her then boyfriend, raffaele sollecito were acquitted of murdering meredith kercher. he says he just wants to be with his family. his father say his son had been reborn. amanda's sister spoke for the family. >> we are thankful the nightmare is over. she suffered for four years for a crime she did not commit. >> reporter: for the kercher family there was anger at the jury's decision. >> [ inaudible ] >> reporter: the prosecution has the right to appeal and it could take at least 90 days
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before they do so. amanda does not have to be in italy for that part of the process. for now, she will begin a new life and reconnect with herher parents. at the airport amanda knox was a mix of emotions saying she was tired of the appeal but had nothing against italians or italy and she would be back here some day soon. lama hasan, italy. new jersey governor christie announced he will not join a crowded field of republican contenders for the white house. this after a lot of gop donors and other prominent figures such as henry kissinger encouraged christie to run. >> now is not my time. i have a commitment to new jersey that i simply will not abandon. that's a promise i made to the people of this state when i took office 20 months ago.
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to fix a broken new jersey. when i look at what we've accomplished so far, i'm proud. but i know we are not nearly done. >> christie's announcement as a new poll shows support for perry falling after weeks of defending his record while herman cain is rising after much praised debate performance. meteorologist mike nicco talking about a break beforer in storm? >> definitely, the calm before the next storm will affect the sierra. winter storm warning up there and how heavy the rain is going to be around here the next 2 to 48 hours. plus, -- bart unveils a wheelchair ramp in the east bay. advocates say there are major things missing. >> south bay teacher who got a surprise gift. unbelievable gift today for the classroom. 
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a transportation security administration at new york kennedy's airport apologize a breast cancer survivor after what she went through. she was heading to san francisco last week when a full body scanner detected tissue expanders implanted after her mastectomy. the tsa agent refused to let her retrieve her medical card
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which had information about the prosthetics. her documentation would not have spared her a patdown but the procedure would have been done privately. the agency is in the process of training agents how to screen people with prosthetics. bart under fire for failing to connect a new two million dollar wheelchair ramp with the parking lot at its washington station. it didn't include a curb cut-out for chairs to get from the south parking lot to the access ramp 117 space lot doesn't have a single space for the disabled. federal guidelines require one handicap space for every 25 parking spaces. bart says it didn't make chances because of opposition from the utility district which oynes the land. they say bart is allowed to make whatever changes it wants.
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a report by a city auditor claimed staff failed to provide proper oversight or accountable. the renovation cost quadruple from 13 million to 52 million over five years. they failed to get information that would have allowed it to reject or modify the project. city staff has fired back saying the audit ignored facts are showers still out there? >> seeing a little sun this is time to dry out and do things necessary to keep you from the heavy rain and thunderstorms on the way. good morning. eastbound from south beach this morning multi-layers of clouds that will get thicker as we head towards the evening. here we are in san jose, a little more sun over the next couple of hours pretty dry in your neighborhood. temperatures running very cool,
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low to mid 60s just about everywhere. same around the monterey bay. let's jump into the highlights. mostly cloudy today, briefly dry. stronger storm tonight heavier rain breezy conditions some of that rain may flood especially north bay. we'll get that dry, sunny and warmer weather just in time for the weekend. today we'll stay in the mid to upper 60s warmer in the east bay valleys and south bay low to mid 70s there. around the monterey bay mid to upper 60s you may see a little more sun. tonight temperatures 50s except for cloverdale 49. radar returns quiet by tomorrow morning this is a fast moving storm. here's a look at what happen the last 12 hours, yesterday system down in southern california towards las vegas. next system riding 165 mile per hour jet stream that is energizing this system.
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12:00 quiet by 7:00 light rain moving into the north bay sweeping south war by 11:00 heaviest rain moving into the north bay through the bay and out by about 5:00 or 6:00 tomorrow morning. a lot of leftover moisture for the morning commute. scattered storms during the afternoon hours this is what could pose the problem with brief heavy rain, even lightning and small hail. those will continue through the evening rush, quiet now with the loss of daytime heating only to return tomorrow, i should say thursday morning and then fall apart thursday afternoon into the evening. rainfall amounts impressive. where you see the green that's more an inch of rain. santa cruz mountains, marin county north bay mountains we could get a couple of inches of rain. this is for tahoe winter storm warning 11:00 tonight to 2:00
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tomorrow afternoon. winter storm warnings juxtaposed 5:00 tomorrow morning to 11:00 for the western slopes if you are traveling the sierra tomorrow any time it is going to be tough. you will need chains down to at least 7,000 feet. back at home thunderstorms and cool conditions through thursday. friday drier with limited warming. saturday, sunday, monday, fleet week and anything else you do be uneventful weather-wise unless you get sun burn. santa clara teacher has one of the best supplied classrooms in the country. she received a visit a short time ago from office max with a donation of $1,000 worth of supplies every classroom needs. the 4th grade teacher was selected for her extraordinary work in the classroom and leading several afterschool programs. >> teachers on average spend
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about $1,000 of their own money to get supplies to help you guys learn. what office max has decided to do is come directly to the teachers who help them out. >> she is one of 1,000 teachers nationwide to honor today. >> that is great. just ahead, the device that is letting dad get a better idea of motherhood. >> you have to check it out. and the blunt reason the
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open enrollment time. michael finney has advice on choosing between ppo's, hmo's. >> the bay area high-tech company with the best salary. those stories and more later today. think your husband doesn't show enough empathy when you are pregnant? >> a japanese researcher&&zv has defined a pregnancy simulator. >> it pumps warm water into a plastic bag that expands balloons inflate and deflate to mimic kicking. >> he said he invented this to -- [ unintelligible ] >> the device is good, it is missing a few features the simulator does not create morning sickness and all the
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weight gain. >> that is going to do it for us. >> thanks for joining us.
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