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tv   ABC7 News at 9 on KOFY  KOFY  October 6, 2011 9:00pm-10:00pm PDT

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>> good evening. the man responsible for a shooting rampage in the south bay is dead tonight. there is new surveillance video that police say shows him right after the shooting rooivl in hand and walking by a business in sunnyvale. police shot almond this morning following the search that began after he killed 3 people and wounded 6 others at a cupertino cement plant yesterday. and we are learning that a close friend of almond says the suspect showed off a brand new ak 47 over the wean. the friend asked what
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the gun was for. almond reportedly said racist people at work who were messing with him. friend thought it was a joke. it was as we now know not a joke at all. more tonight from vick lee. >> we already, kids ready to go to school. we thought it was just going to be a normal day. >>reporter: in recall day in a tranquil neighborhood she calls bird land. amanda and her neighbors knew almond had alluded a massive man hunt. but they felt secure knowing that police and sheriff's deputies were all around the neighborhood last night. but this morning at about 7:30. she heard gunshots. >> i wasn't even sure if it was gunshots but it was just 3 pop pop pop pop. not 3. 7 pop ins a row. >>reporter: 3 sheriff's deputy were his patrolling the block where laughlin lives. sheriff smith said they saw something move. >> subject was crouched down behind a vehicle. our deputy recognized the subject as our suspect. our deposit ty attempted to make contact with
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the suspect. >>reporter: sheriff smith says the man was armed with a handgun. >> all 3 of our deputy that were present at the scene fired shots and the subject was pro nunsed dead at the scene. >>reporter: it all started early yesterday morning when police say 49-year-old almond went if a routine safety meeting at the lehigh south west cement plant and shot 9 fellow workers. 3 died. 6 others were wounded. 3 hours later police say the suspect tried to take a woman's car about 5 miles away from the plant. they say he shot and wounded her before running into this residential neighborhood. sheriff's deputy local police and federal agents scoured the area. they recovered 2 assault rifles. shotgun. handgun from various locations. authorities wept door to door searching homes and back yards. but almond had vanished into bird land teamster officials bill hoyt saw him on friday here at
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the union hall. almond said it just come off 3 week suspension after being involved in an accident. >> he was unhappy. disappointed that he had received a 3 week suspension. but that was it. he was not angry about it. >>reporter: coroner announced just before air time that he has made a positive identification of the person who was shot here this morning. and he is almond. this is 7 news. >> now shooting victim continue recovering today. one of them tells dramatic story of how he escaped being killed by almond. mike here tells our media partner mercury news he saw him pull out a handgun start firin firing. he was hit in the arm but played dead until almond walked out of the room. this man fred romero had 2 brothers shot in the lehigh cement plan plant. one is in good condition at valley medical center in san jose. almond killed the other. romero describes that brother as man of faith. >> faithful to his company.
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and he was a team leader over there. unfortunately leaders get taken out. >>reporter: woman shot by almond during attempted carjacking is also recovering in san jose. she was shot in the arm and is in fair condition. police have given up for the moment trying to find a gun man in the east bay tonight. started out around 2 this afternoon with attempted robbery in the 4000 block of oakland mcarthur boulevard. man shot a woman when she refused to give him her purse. police found the car abandoned near interstate 5 80. >> the driver of the vehicle drove it up to that location and then we had witnesses report that he abandoned the vehicle fled on to the freeway area. that's why we were asked california highway patrol to shut down the freeway beginning at mcarthur boulevard slash hyde street and going forward to 35 avenue to assist with the search of the suspect. >>reporter: chp closed the westbound portion of 5 80 for more than 2 hours and then caused as you can imagine an
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enormous traffic mess. victim is at area hospital tonight. shot twice in the legs. veteran guard at san quentin has been arrested on suspicion of selling drugs at the prison and accepting bribe bribes. 48-year-old robertal yot of petaluma is free tonight on 50,000 dollar bail. smuggling cell phone into prisons has been a big problem. but today governor brown signed a bill that he hopes will quote break up the expan expanding criminal network that uses those did he advice from his jail cell. more tonight from annette in sacramento. >>reporter: after prison guards confiscated more than 10,000 could be tra band cell phone in state prison so far this year including 2 from notorious killer charles manso manson, governor brown gave hint last week he wanted to crack down on the out of control problem. >> we have individuals who are dedicated to their gang membership who order people to be killed, who order crimes to be committed on the outside.
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>>reporter: the governor signed a bill that would make ate miss at the mean or to smuggle a cell phone into state prison whether an employee or visiting family member. he even issued an executive order to move ahead with technology that blocks incoming and outgoing calls and messages from unauthorized cell phones. >> message to the inmate is that a it's no longer tolerate tolerated. we'll get the phones out of the system and safety of staff inmates and the public is going to be increased nishtion sacramento, abc 7 new news. national park service has come to the rescue of 3 state parks which had been scheduled to close next year. the feds have agreed to take over to malls bay and samuel p state park and red wad near crescent city. all 3 state park are located within larger national park how the deal got made and operated jointly for many year years. there is huge hole in apple tonight and right now people around the world are mourning
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the loss of steve jobs. his death marks the loss of map who changed the way we live in very important ways. many compare his impact to innovator like thomas edison and henry ford. apple store in palo alto turned into a memorial site. as l business technology reporter david explains, people have a need to express their sorrow. >> it has been a spontaneous showing of affection and respect. total strangers and few neighbors dropping off flowers and symbolic apple to the home of steve jobs. >> i never thought that his death would affect me this way but about it's really profound. like somebody really special even bigger than life. >>reporter: technology future person says people connected in a special way to jobs even calling him just by his first name as though they knew him. >> he has millions of close friends who never met him but are close friends because of what his invention did to their imagination and lives. >>reporter: college student brian is one of them who
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compares his bond to jobs the way sports fans connect to players. >> always felt connected to bonds playing sports in the area and this is someone that really made tonight a major wa way. >>reporter: but almost cult like response to jobs death may wayne and what will happen next at apple. >> we wonder if it's an opening for some other consumer electronic company. what apple will be like now and if there's another steve joyshtion many believe that jobs has left app well a strategy to guide the committee for years to come. and jobs groomed his successor tim cook for 5 years before elevating him to ceo. apple already on an aggressive expansion plan in over sea market opening retail stores in china at fast clip. apple earns over half the revenue now from international sales. uncertainty future? respected tech blogger doesn't think so. >> they still have the best retail chain in the business. still have the best supply chain in the business. still have the best r and d lab in the business. best design team in the business. and on and
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on. >>reporter: get an early reading on how amy is doing without steve jobs in the week ahead as new i foun phone 4 s and i cloud service roll out. this is 7 news. how to maintain the strategy that many talk about and what jobs did for the company. turns out that he planned for the day that he would be gone by stabbing apple university. school its run by this man. joe pad. he recruited dean of yale business school in 2008 and incorporating to the los angeles times he and his team research apple key decisions and people who make them then use those as case studies for course that is groom the company next generation of leaders. jobs took his inspiration from what hewlett and packard established as hp way. one former executive quoted as saying to take what is uniquely apple and impart that dfa to future leaders. certainly not an easy thing to do. challenge of maintaining
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apple mystique was evidence just this week when new ceo tim cook took the stage for the new i-phone. many experts say he didn't get the adulation typical for apple roll out under the direction of steve jobs. much more ahead for enthusiastic thursday night. here's a switch. coming up. 3 million jobs leaving china now heading to the u.s. what are they and how soon will they get here? >> out brick of the mump. childhood disease that is spreading across campus at cal. >> accu-weather forecast center. we are didn't with the storming and now comes the warming. details in my accu-weather forecast coming up. >> good to hear. bay area family in their car and hit by lightning in this weird weather. what they say about [ female announcer ] what's so great about jcp cash?
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no exclusions! with jcp cash, get 10, 15 or 20 dollars off on the spot storewide! unlike other stores, we don't make you come back to save. get up to $20 off with no exclusions! we make style affordable. you make it yours. jcpenney. >> defiant frustrated president obama today called on congress to pass his jobs bill. white house news conference the president aggressively challenged republican lawmakers to support his plan or explain why they don't. >> we have millions of laid off construction workers. who could rate now be busy rebuilding roads. rebuilding bridges. rebuilding schools. l this jobs bill gives them a chance to get back to work rebuilding america. why
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wouldn't we want that to happen? >>reporter: house speaker boehner accuses the president of grandstanding. >> nothing disappoint immediate more than what has happened over the last 5 weeks. tl watch the president of the united states give up on governing, give up on leading and spend full-time campaig campaigning. >>reporter: republicans oppose the plan because it increases some taxes. they also say it is just another stimulus package that won't work. >> on the subject of jobs. americans have watched as fore and half million jobs have gone over seas to china. but a mainly sign it's hemorrhaging and jobs are starting to come home. here's david. >> jobs come back from china? l headline once unheard of. >> this isn't something down the road. you see business come become already. >> yes. businesses moves jobs from the united states now. >>reporter: decades of auto makers over seas to find
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cheaper labor. 12,000 new workers in the next 4 years. 3000 new jobs a year. we saw the assembly line in kansas city. >> majority of the vehicle built in america. >>reporter: no question it creates american jobs. >> absolutely. absolutely. >>reporter: even appliances. >> most talked about refrigerator in america today. >>reporter: long gone from america. whirlpool now says it's building a new factory in cleveland, tennessee. 130 new workers there build factory ottawa, ohio refurbished. 190 new jobs there and just today continental tire building half billion dollar plant in south carolina. 1600 jobs would come with it. what is going on her here? wages in china rising rapidly. labor no longer as cheap. when you factor in everything else productivity in the u.s. one worker here making as much as 4 chinese workers and shipping cost. you don't have to chip from china. a lot of money
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gone and so many company no longer make since they are deciding that made in america makes more sense. >> yes. economic question about the made in america. not necessarily a pay ri ought ick question but economic. >>reporter: we found proof of that today in houston, texas. they make hair dryer and brought back 1200 jobs from china already. wife and mother of 4 out of work for a year landed one of the jobs. >> i came here a lot of times to fill application and financially they got me. >>reporter: david reporting. east bay family survived harrowing ordeal. pickup truck they were in struck by lightning this afternoon at the intersection of bid road and contra costa county struck the traffic lights leaving the wire in both totally fried. they were all okay inside the car. this he were literally shocked.
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>> l it's really dead. >>reporter: what did you see or feel. >> the heard a a big bang. >>reporter: nobody on the in the pickup truck was injured. erie scene for those driving as well. the striking left all 3 traffic lights in the intersection lit up at the same time. red yellow and green. >> that is strange. >> thankfully that weather has moved out of here. spencer is here with the forecast. >> i am happy this little stormy interlude has ended. now we get back to some normal weather. live view from the high definition sutro camera out over san francisco. clear skies at this point in the evening. all around the bay area and getting cool. let's look at some of the strong totals from the sierra snow from this storm. 18 inches of snow left behind by this storm at sugar bowl. kirk wood. 16 inches. 12 inches at sierra. tahoe 10 inches of bear valley and 8 at boreal. quite a snowstorm in the sierra and quite a rainstorm for us.
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clear skies and this cooling down here in the bay area down to 49 degrees already in fairfield and low 50's in most other inland location. so cool to chilly for most of bay area tonight. clear kood tomorrow and warming continues right on in to next week. radar composite image shows the upper level low that brought us unusual stormy weather. it has pushed fahr to -- far to the south out of the bay area and coming behind it clear skies already. continuing overnight and string of sunny and mild to warm days coming your way through the weekend but also into end of next week. closer look at low tonight. going to be chilly in some spots. especially up in the inland north bay where low drop in the low 40's in napa. santa rosa. clover dale. mid 40's in many other inland location. most location will drop in the 40's in early morning hours right around the bay 50 at oakland and san mateo leof 51 expected
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here in san francisco t.high tomorrow certainly going to be warmer than it has been the last couple days. sunny sky in the south bay with high in the low to mid 70's. 72 degrees in santa clara. 73 at san jose cupertino. 74 at saratoga. on the peninsula low 70's the rule. 72 in fact at redwood city palo alto and mountain slew. coast low to mid 60's after pacific can and a half moon bay. downtown san francisco high of 66 degrees tomorrow. 63 in the sun set district. up in the north bay wider range of high from 67 at sawts let to 71 if at san rafael and petaluma. 72 at napa and sonoma. 74 at calistoga and clover dale. east bay high range from upper 60's at richmond berkeley right around or above just before 70 over remainder of the east by location. inland east bay milder with low to mid 70's there. 74 agrees at concord and fairfield. 72 at pleasanton and danville and monterey bay high of 70 water
9:20 pm
tonville. mid 70's. here's the 7 day forecast. warming continues as i said through the weekend by subpoenaed if fact we see inland high in the low 80's and by midweek next week we see mid upper inland. low 80's around the bay and 70's on the coast pretty much coastal weather for any time on the coast. but especially as we head into the fall. >> it's back. >>reporter: it is. >> love it while it is here. thanks very much gentleman come up next. before the big speeches and the black turtle neck there was steve jobs first television interview. show it to you as w
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9:24 pm
1978. jobs was right here in the kg o tv studio and seemed impressed with the instant technology of the time. watch impressed with the instant technology of the time. watch this >> this scrolls up and tm it's working. scroll and right past >> this scrolls up and tm it's working. scroll and right past the screen. tl after hours of getting this right. okay. look at that. i'm on television. isn't that amazing. >> yes it is. tv new york too. >> no. no yes you are. >> am i really? are you serious. >> they are watching you. they have new new york. >> if see what it is. a talk back. talk to you. >> yes. >> now this is not the real thing though. you weren't a picture of me now. >> yes. sit here for a minute. pl do you want water steve. >> i'll not have to sit here until you are ready. go away
9:25 pm
and come back. >> no. we are going the wire you in. so if you have to do anything, do it now. do you want to good to the bathroom or anything. >> no but you could bring me some water. the after we get a shot of him free to walk around and then show not on for another half hour. >> okay. >> great. many fichlt that's good. need to tell me where the restroom is too because i'm deathly ill and ready to throw at any moment. >> right across the hall. >> i'm not joking. >> snochl away he went on national television for the first time. he was 23 years old when we shot that here at kg o television. kim interesting note. you know jobs loved wearing those mock turtle neck sweaters in the later years. there ace big spike in sales. company that
9:26 pm
makes the sweater that he wore saint cry says sales increased 100 percent since yesterday. that's not the only hot seller. first only authorized biography of jobs will be released month earlier on october 24th the. on amazon and book now jumped from number 4 24 to no. 1. fichlt when we continues here tonight. men and their doctor may have to rethink how they treat prostate cancer. advice from government panel about the simple blood test that we men rely on. >> congresswoman giffords marks milestone at the white house as she pays tribute to her astronaut husband. >> justice campaign to occupy wall street. thumbs up in san francisco. people who lost it all and want it back. another half hour of news begins here all and want it back. another half hour of news begins here in just a moment
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pass 0row 0ef of ef. >> not just bum. these are young men and young women that care deeply about what is going on around them. >>reporter: up san jose. city officials tonight say these protestors will be evicted tomorrow if they do not pay a permitting fee that costs 250 dollars an hour. demonstrators have been at city hall plaza since sunday. san jose, las vegas. washington, d.c. the up wall street movement appears to be picking up steam after starting in new york city the. more than 1,000 people took to the streets of downtown los angeles today. demaning banks do more to help taxpayers abdomen and struggling homeowner. police arrested 10 protest twhors occupied a bank of america and refused to leav leave. lee ann reports from san francisco with look at what is happening here.
9:31 pm
>> people left food and other items to show their support. yesterday hundreds of people march against what they call the social and economic inequality in this country. and the influence of corporate money on the government. mary ann cook of golden gate university said most americans can identify with the up wall street movement. >> under employed people. unemployed people. older people who feel like the pens are gone. people who can't get health care. at their work. if they have work. people lost their homes or worried about losing their homes. >> people like mark who lost his home in petaluma. >> when the housing market collapsed the house was worth half of what i owed on it so i called up the bank and asked if they would refinancier work with me or something and they refused to. >>reporter: the movement started in new york just 3 wee weeks ago. some are already making comparison to the social
9:32 pm
protest of the 60's. >> don't feel like politician are representing them. they feel like they have to just be loud and they want everyone to come out and join them. >>reporter: politicians are responding. on tuesday g.o.p. presidential hopeful mit romney said he thought it was dangerous and called it class war fare. this morning congresswoman spear tweeted romney calls up wall street class war fare? i call it democracy. even the federal research chief has reacted. >> they are dissaturday fade with policy response here in washington and at some level i can't blame them. >>reporter: but was most causes, people are ready to make a buck. items with the up wall street message are being sold on ebay. still liz of berkeley says she's inspired by what she has seen. >> it is the young. they know it's their future. they are fateing for. >> i wish i could have left them a better one nishtion a statement the mayor of san francisco ed lee said while
9:33 pm
allowing for peaceful protest we must also ensure that our streets and sidewalks remain safe and accessible for everyone. in san francisco, lee ann, abc 7 news. there were long lines at uc berkeley today for measles mump vaccine. out brick of mump on campus. 7 of 20 suspected case have tested positive. confirm case include students who have already been vaccinated. campus health officials are therefore advising all cal students fact you will l ty and staff to get an additional dose of the mmr vaccine regardless of the vaccination history. >> i got e-mail couple days ago about the outbreak. so i really tonight want to get it f.terms are coming up right now and everything. >>reporter: the symptoms are similar to the common cold and include fever, headache and fatigue. they can develop up to 25 days after someone has been exposed to the viral infection. mump spread by
9:34 pm
drops of saliva or mucous from the mouth nose or throat. >> surprising announcement tonight from key government health panel. healthy men should know longer get a p sa blood test to screen for prostate cancer. they say the test doesn't save lives. it ladies to more test and treatment that needlessly cause pain, impotence and interest continue nens. recommendation expected to be officially released next tuesday. at the white house today portrait of progress. congresswoman giffords and her husband astro natural mark kelly visited to celebrate his retirement from the navy after more than 20 years of service. john on some remarkable moment moments. >>reporter: ceremony at the what it house today was for the retiring astronaut. navy man mark kelly but the light shown more on the woman who sat in the front row. gaby givrdz who sat there smiling in a way that made it awfully easy for the rest of us to condemn plate everything she has been through. isn't that what we
9:35 pm
wanted back on that brutal day when crazy man fired a gun at her head. almost within hours reports were circulating that up in the hospital room she was already communicating. pulling through. easy to say but in fact they had to put her in a coma to keep her alive. 3 day before she could breathe on her own. indeed it would be seven seven months before we would see her again. brief drop in for an important vote in congress where it was clear not just how much work she put in to be able to do this but how much sheded to put in. in a still image there again today in the moment where she embraced her husband after first pinning a medal on the chest with the left hand now the better one. smile that makes it easier for the rest of us to condemn plate everything she has been through so far just to get back here. john, abc news washington. >> many some of the most delicate surgery depend on surgeon ability to place suture in tiny blood vessels. now researchers at stanford belief
9:36 pm
they have come up with a better system one that replaces suture your was glue. here's health and science reporter carolyn johnson. >> yes. so at this temperature this is actually a liquid just lake water. you can see the bubble moving back and forth. >>reporter: stanford surgeon dr. jeffrey believes the liquid in the ving might revolutionize most delicate surgery. >> i thought about this when i was in new york city i was trying to sew on the finger tip of very small pweb and it took me 5 or 6 hours. very challenging and i thought gee there has to be a better way. >>reporter: better way involves replacing the suture in these picture that often rip or tear tiny blood vessel. instead he propose add different technique using glue. there's a catch >> just like a blood vessel it's difficult then to glue these things. if you glue you get glue on the inside and item essentially yaw the blood vessel shut. >>reporter: to get around the problem he needed a way to keep
9:37 pm
blood vessels open. the gel being inject nude this tube as demonstration. it's flt same substance as the liquid we saw earlier in the ving. chemical engineering professor jerrold fuller says the difference is heat. >> slightly elevate it above body temperature the and we have designed the material so that at that he will serrated temperature it gms -- becomes a gel a.soiled. >>reporter: they can inject it as a liquid in the clamped off blood vessel and adding heat turns night a semi-solid bridge holding it in place from the inside. surgeon apply glue from the outside creating a suture free seal then remove the clamps. >> blood would start flowing and as soon as the body temperature blood hits that plug of fwlaw and it turns it back into a liquid and the blood flows. >>reporter: it has been test entered animal model but approved for other uses in
9:38 pm
human. the doctor hopes to start clinical trial in the near future. >> carolyn johnson reporting. now the team is in the process of testing different type of add he's i have to see which are the most effective. >> coming up here. what police in missouri now saying about the parents of missing baby girl. >> and whose fingerprints found on the drug vials as the trial of michael jackson doctor continues. in los angeles. of michael jackson doctor continues. in los angeles. i'll be back it's about building cars in america.
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sdwra police in missouri say the parents of missing 10 month old baby are no longer cooperating with authorities and the parents now say they could not find their cell phones when they frantically tried to call 911 to report their daughter was gone.
9:42 pm
little lisa irwin last seen in the crib monday night more than 300 law enforcement officers continue to search through the dense woods behind the family kansas city home. girl's father jeremy irwin has said that whoever took her, took the phones so they couldn't call anybody. police say they still have no hard leads and no suspects. lawyers for the doctor on trial in the death of michael jackson today accused the coroner lead investigators of making numerous mistakes. but new piece of evidence may present new challenges for the defense. we have the report. . >>reporter: thursday the prosecution introduced evidence that could be hard for dr. dr. conrad murray to overcome. his fingerprint on the propofol bottle they say was dripping through the iv when michael jackson died. it could help jurors answer the question at the center of the trial. was there enough propofol that that is what ended up causing the death? and was it dr. murray who
9:43 pm
administered it. >> lead attorney ed suggested today several mistake were his made during the coroner inquirey. cross examining investigators questioned how she prepared the official report. >> did you lose or intentionally delete them. >> i intentionally destroyed all of my notes from the scene once i write form 3 a. >>reporter: why didn't she note finding a follow-up propofol until this past march 2 years after the singer death. >> who asked you to prepare to revise your original notes to reflect that. >>reporter: sources with inside knowledge of the trial telling us jackson fingerprints not found on the propofol bottle nor were the body guard fingerprint found on any i.d. bag punching a hole in the prosecution theory murray asked him to destroy evidence. this is new york news. >> "washington post"reports tonight that the head of the energy department controversial loan guarantee program has
9:44 pm
decided to step down. he has come under fire since the bankruptcy of solyndra in fremont last month. solyndra got a 5 28 million dollar loan in 2008 and administration e-mails show the energy department was poised to give solyndra a second loan last year even as the company financial situation was getting worse. >> it has never been cheaper to own a home. first time in history the average 30 year fixed rate is below 4 percent. freddie mac at 3.9 percent. fixed rate at record low 3.26 percent. now keep in mind that's for a conforming loan nov not the jumbo we have in the bay area. worries about the global economy are the reason behind decline in interest rate. union pacific owner most of the land it nasa free mont according to silicon valley business journal. they are putting 147 eric's up for
9:45 pm
sale but two-thirds remain on the market for 12 to 15 month. after that the company may build a railroad facility on the old site. >> more tech job helped san jose luxury market. strong interest in if 360 residents in downtown. rent range from 18,000 dollars a month. >> national retail federation expecting a two.8% increase in holiday sales over last year. it says stores are likely to hire up to half mill workers during the season. more on those stories and tomorrow print edition of the silicon valley business journal if you would like to read more. >> well it seems there is no such thing -- there is such a thing as too hot. coming up. chili contest sent 2 people literally to the hospital. that story as the news at 9:00 literally to the hospital. that story as the news at 9:00 continues.
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at bank of america, we're lending and investing in the people and communities who call the bay area home. from funding that helped a local entrepreneur start a business... to providing grants to a nonprofit which offers job training and placement... and supporting an organization working to help the environment. because the more we do in the bay area, the more we help make opportunity possible. who should get it? i really love jennifer. yeah, she's great. yeah. yeah. kyle's got that thick head of hair. and that should be rewarded. ok, moment of truth. on "three," say which kid you love the most. oh, fun, yeah. 1...2...3... jennifer. jennifer. whoa. wow. ha! she's so pretty. yeah.
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>> all right. rain rain has gone away. the forecast with spencer. >> that's right. rain ended but we haven't stopped talking about it yet because we have pretty impressive 24 hour rainfall total. here's a sam mrichblingt nearly half inch in san francisco. just over 4 tenths at livermore. we had pretty good scattering of rain all around the bay area. tomorrow we lack at sunny skies and warming trend starts tomorrow. inland high mainly in the low mid 70's and that's going to continue through the weekend. speaking of the weekend. let's look at travel weather the monterey mendocino friday saturday sunday sunny sky. high pressure in the 60's. over in the sierra some cold nights in tahoe but mild day. high in the 60's saturday
9:50 pm
sunday and high around 70 degrees and here in the bay area accu-weather 7 day forecast. mention the warming continue go through the weeken weekend. right on in to midweek next week. by next wednesday thursday inland high and low 70's on the coast. no rain in sight. >> that's nice. we are not talking in this case about the weather, some like it hurt. in scotland they are under fire after chili competition landed 2 people in the hospital. after people started sweating and vomiting and next people pulled out of the event smart people. woman who finished second was taken for treatment twice. 5 hours after the event. curry kim says she never endured that kind of pain before. the owner promises to tone down future events. i should say so. that doesn't seem fun. >> no. >> no. first bite or 2 you are probably thinking about mate
9:51 pm
not have been a great idea. >> larry has all the sports. tiger woods and his long day in the south bay. plus thursday night football action trying to the south bay. plus thursday night football action trying to stop oregon.
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9:54 pm
>> coming up tonight at 11:00. cupertino police collect evidence tonight where officers shot a gun man this morning. tonight the friends whether say that they were afraid he might hurt someone. >> remembering steve jobs. incredible outpouring of sympathy for the former apple ceo. >> those stories and more coming up in 1 hour on 7 news at 11:00 over on channel 7. hope you can join us for that. >> larry is here. thursday night football college style. >> good game for awhile. cal was leading for awhile. key word in that sentence for awhile. cal visited oregon special edition of thursday night football. duck offense just so explosive and bears couldn't deal witness. stadium packed as always. i like the
9:55 pm
leotard and the rubber duck there. that's fine look. i'm dressing up like that. >> halloween costume. >> if to allen spin mav and settle for field goal. won't beat the duck in their place for field goal. second place fat acknowledge from michael james to the outside and he goes 50 yards. 2 39 yards rush being and left with a bad arm injury. get another field goal but after another game first and thomas 14-6 ducks. bears look at maynard here threadings the middle. snaps to the right isn't look wling he's throwing the ball. cal up at the half and then the ducks explode 29 unanswered. thomas heat destroy cal 3 touch downs tonight with freshmen. the duck off to the races. goodby
9:56 pm
goodbye. big play. 68 yards there all duck in the second half chip him if 93-15 the final as calls to 3 and 2. nfl on sunday raiders visit houston. they will catch a break. receiver johnson is out that means the texans may go more to foster meaning trouble. raiders 29 in rush defense. they allow 5.nine yards per carry. worse than the league. head coach answers the calls. >> 11 men we put out there. they got to make up their minds that enough is enough. i think they will. we need to do it consistently where the ball doesn't run through us. it's happening 2 games. we stop tonight 2 games. here's the next step down. get it done. >>reporter: take a look at this. nfl fined eagle's line man for that hit on smith. personal 4 for roughing the
9:57 pm
passenger. league apparently added the fine because the hit was up high to the next. this seems like over reaction here because almost looks likep, that happens 100 times a game. bigger hit routinely get ignored. 15 grand right there tiger woods said his goal wasn't to play well this weekend he wants to think the thing. woods scramble all day long and his putting was jut not very good at all. tiger back after seven week break and greeted by rain early on. >> up front. good spot. check out tiger. thanks started out green. back spin. just few feet from the cup and tiger birdie the first let. a lot of trouble with the short game. lift out. way too strong. tiger a two over par 73. now also in tiger group kid out of
9:58 pm
ucla patrick hanley. 19 years old but he was on fire. 2 skichbility he looks like he's 12. rookie steel. tl putt on 17. pl here's tiger on his day. >> not happy. worst putting round i ever had. i don't think i could punt the ball any worse than i had today. >> so that will be worked on tonight. >> absolutely. >>reporter: tiger get it going tomorrow. yankees and two million dollar payroll are going home. knocked off by the tigers in the opening round of the play offs. jay z in the house. great start for detroi detroit. second batter. doug kelly jumped on hanging curve and in a flash many unnothing. very next pitch. young to left field that is gone. 2 pitches. 2 solo bomb off the yankees yeast pitcher. chased after 2 innings. tigers take a lead in
9:59 pm
the ninth. alex struck out to end it. 3-2. yeast eliminated from the post season. breaking out the champagne the tigers rcht. meat the texas rangers in the american league championship series that starts on saturday moneying in new york. you know. >> oh, yes. >> a lot of hand wringing. you can't lose. >> about screaming on the post. >> that's this edition of 7 news at 9:00 here on tv 20. thanks for watching. appreciate your time and hope to see you again on


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