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tv   ABC7 News at 9 on KOFY  KOFY  October 7, 2011 9:00pm-10:00pm PDT

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>> good evening i'm dan ashley. pilot from monteray is in trouble tonight. he was flying in a twin engine cessna to hawaii and then late today called the coast guard to say he was running out of fuel. just moments ago he ditched the plane about 13 miles north of the big island. we are told he's been rescued but his condition not released. he has now been taken to the hospital. had he had been heading in a plane like this one to hilo international airport. coast
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guard coached him in for emergency landing. they put down flare in the water to create a temporary runway. c 130. military plane through alongside and cutter there as well to help. pilot is 65 years of age. again we are told he has been rescued and on hads way to the hospital after forced to ditch his plane flying to monterey to hawaii. we are going to have more information for you as soon as we get it. stay here with us we'll keep you updated on his condition as soon as we find more information. >> we move next to a chilling story of how one man survived cupertino shooting rampage. co-worker believes almond targeted her enemy. days earlier the yawn said it would no longer defend him for complaints of unsafe driving. mike is the shop steward and tonight he tells his stories about playing dead so that he could live. here's david. >> he was quick. it wasn't just a bullet. bam bam bam. >>reporter: he and his
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co-workers sat stun and froze as almond shot them one at a time from one end of the table to the other. almond shooting a handgun. >> he started from the end of the table and started shooting down. difference the last one on the table. i was watching everything he was doing. i don't know when i got shot. i had to be facing him. bullet came in and came out of the back. >>reporter: he was shot through the upper right arm. he put the wounded arm over his head and played death as he fell to the floor. he believes that move saved his life because almond looked under the table to check if he was dead. >> at the walked over to the end of the table and i closed my eyes and stopped breathing and praying inside. please. and l i just saw him walk over and close my eye and next thing i heard is him running out. >>reporter: he was then able to call for help from an adjacent room telling 911 dispatcher what had happen. he said almond appeared to pick
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his target yelling obscene phrase as he shot them. all employee attended private company meeting this morning at cupertino town hall. they ever being offered grieve counseling to deal with the situation. as they left employee declineed to speak to us. mike alaska pwrosh yo calls survival beginning of second life. bullet that went through his arm missed bone and he has not suffered any loss of feeling or movement. in cupertino david lou abc 7 news. >> police officer was seriously injured today during an intense hand to hand struggle in which a suspect managed to take the officer's gun. department says it turns out that it was a life and death situation. officer responded to report of suspicious activity on lee avenue and encounter a belligerent transient. he is identified as jason evans. as the officer pulled out his about a top. police say he punched the officer in the fac face. police back up was called shots were fired.
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>> i heard 1 and then lake maybe 2 or 3 second after that i heard 3 lake success i feel in. >> what we have determined since then is that officer was attacked by one suspect. suspect engage entered struggle over the officer pistol during the struggle. pistol discharge several times. don't know if it was the officer pressing the trigger or citizen but we do know that the officer has powder burns to hand as a result of the gun discharging. >>reporter: officer was hurt when he apparently held the gun as it was discharged as you heard. no one was shot here. officer got into the car chased the suspect. ran into him with a patrol car. knocked the gun out of his handment again no one was hit by a bullet. all of the injuries the result of fight. evans hospitalized with several broken bones. he's charged with attempted murder. california u.s. attorney announce today crack down on the state medicine marijuana industry. what they plan to do is shut down the large commercial operation that are making huge profits. feds
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insist that they will leave the little guys alone. heather has not story. >> state u.s. attorney say they will not use their limited resources to prosecute seriously ill people and the people who care for them. rather those people who use the state compassionate use act with only themselves in mind. >> the california compassionate use act water intended to help seriously ill people. but the law has been hijacked by profiteer who are motivated not by compassion but by money. >> steve is co-founder of oakland harbor side health center one of the nation largest dispensary. he says the feds might not be targeting sick peak but crook down hurts them nonetheless forcing them back on to the streets. >> this is an attack on patients safe access to their immediate and it's a mistake andly to characterize it as anything else. >>reporter: at the cow palace organizers of cannabis industry job fair still sorting out how today's announcement will
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affect them thinking it will only be those who grow more than 100 plant limit who will feel the heat. >> now the other people who ar are, quote/unquote, the boutique growers who keep the limits under 100 plants, government really isn't interested in them. they are not interested in the people lake someone lick myself agreeing the 6 plants in the back. they are not targeting them. >> everybody should remember this is a pendulum that swings back and forth i have been in the industry for over 30 years and back in 1976 we thought it was going to be legalized just around the corner. like any day now. >>reporter: northern district u.s. attorney will focus first on dispensary near schools and parks. last week she sent letters to those landlords warning of possible criminal prosecution, fines and forfeiture of assets. >> they were successful. hundreds of thousands of patients would be driven from safe regulated facilities back on to the streets in the hands of criminals. tens of thus of well paying jobs and hundreds of millions of dollars of tax revenue would be destroyed. >>reporter: u.s. attorneys
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take already enforcement to the individual district but all include 3 main categories. those are civil forfeiture suits against property, letters of warning to president owners and criminal cases. in daly city, abc 7 news. governor brown signs several bills that law today. one of them allows to you register to vote on line for the 2012 election. another bans the sale or possession of shark fin in fad starting in 20 threaten. some lawmakers argued the measure unfairly attacks chinese culture where the soup is considered a delicacy. >> steve jobs was laid to rest today in a small private gathering. specifics not being released. but tonight there are new details about his final weeks. what was on his mind and how he said goodbye l the. here's neal. >>reporter: in the final mont months of steve jobs life he was dedicated to one last project. so important that even his finest engineers at apple couldn't help. it was an anniversary present for his
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wife. >> special hand made box and handwritten note and love note and talked about how we have had good times, we have had hard times but we have never had bad times and the love between them was so palpable and so beautiful. >>reporter: and as jobs grew weaker and moved to downstairs bedroom often kurmd under a blank net pain, it was his wife who acted as gatekeeper, protecting his privacy. the man who changed the world wanted to spend his precious time saying goodbye to those closest to him. his friend and doctor among them. >> one of the things we talked about the last time that we had lunch together was how happy he was that his son reed so proud of and close with had decided to go to stanford so he could see him every weekend. high point of the week. >>reporter: stanford is where he met his wife of 20 years. in her own time she found add natural foods company as well as a program that connects disadvantage students with mentors. she will now oversee
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a roughly 7 billion dollar fortune money that friends say was never jobs biggest motivation. >> i asked him what was it lake to be a parent. he said it's 10,000 times cooler than anything i have ever done. he said probably under estimation. >>reporter: in the end it wasn't the stage or the product or the next big thing. there was simply a husband and father. steve jobs died surrounded by family. this is abc news, cupertino, california. one more note about steve jobs. sony wants to buy the movie rights to the authorized biography of jobs. due out this month. they are negotiating to pay 1 million dollars for the ritz to the project. well, more to come here. sounds like sort of a joke. how do you raise a dam by 34 feet. as we continue on 7 news at 9:00. east bay reservoir under goes a major expansion to meet our water needs. gentleman also tonight. fire department declares a popular hotel dangerous and shuts it
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down. >> accu-weather forecast cente center. next week weather will make you want to go back to the beaches. details in my accu-weather forecast coming up. >> pl 1.5. >> also here tonight. local organization is doing to spark a love of science among the children of under served neighborhood. stay with us. children of under served neighborhood. stay with us. more to come here tonight. [ dennis ] allstate wants everyone to be protected on the road. whether you're an allstate customer or not. all you have to do is call. [ female announcer ] call allstate now and you'll get a free lifetime membership in good hands roadside assistance. [ dennis ] shop less. get more. make one call to an allstate agent. [ female announcer ] and if you call now, your first tow in good hands roadside assistance is free! simply get a quote on any allstate insurance policy. that's a free lifetime membership in good hands roadside assistance just for calling, and a free tow just for quoting. call now!
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of. >> red tagged until the problems are fixed. well, we got an up close look today at a project that willen shawr the bay area has plenty of drinking water and enough to protect delta fishery as well. this reservoir in contra costa county is expan expanding by more than 50%. story tonight from laura anthony. >>reporter: as heavy equipment mavs thousands of tons of earth and rock into place, expansion of this reservoir is beginning to take shape.
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>> we are raising the dam pres press, top of the dam by 34 feet which enables us to increase the maximum water level of the dam going from 100,000 acre capacity to one 6 60,000 acre capacity. >>reporter: added capacity from the 118 million dollar project will help take pressure off the fragile delta eco-city. requiring less water to be pumped from the central valley. and the project will provide long-term stability for the contra costa county water district 500,000 customers. insurance policy of sorts during drought years. all being didn't under budget and at least 6 months ahead of schedule this contractor wanted to do it much more aggressive and accelerate sod he's actually done an approach where he's working 6, 10 hour days and has now gone to 210 hour shifts every day. >>reporter: once finished next spring the project includes expansion of the marina here.
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for those oh, visit the reservoir for recreation. >> and provide more fishing opportunity and also be modifying the trail system around the water shed to accommodate the larger reservoir. >>reporter: we show you some workers out here again this is nearly twer hour project. one reason it is so under budget is the economy. it was put out to bid at a time when contractors were offering their services at very low prices. also providing a lot of badly needed jobs. more than 100 local wor workers out here on the project. near brentwood, abc 7 news. all right. spencer is here as is the weekend and it lacks like spencer. >> after one of the most unusual week of weather in recent memorandum l ri we have one of the most beautiful weekends in recent memory. we have suffered outrageous meteorology. here is that i didn't think it was that bad. >> i thought which put tonight poetic terms. here's a leif view from our high definition sutro camera lacking out over
9:16 pm
san francisco as lovely evening all around the bay area. clear skies just a few hints of breaken clouds along parts of coast line. look at some of today's high pressure much warmer than we have seen earlier in the week. high mainly in the low to mid 70's in the inland locations. upper 60's to low 70's around the bay and even mid 60's on the coast and rate now it's cool to mild. we have temperature readings of 60 agrees in concord. 63 in antioch. 62 mountain view and 50's inal other locations. these are the highlights. mostly clear and comfortably cool overnight. sunny weekend. great friendly sky blue any sdwrol do their arrow about the ick. and warm pattern for next week. on we go to tonight's projected low. north bay coolest section of the bay area. mid upper 40's and other location we sea low in the low 50's. now the satellite image she's huge ridge of high pressure building in to bring us some nice calm and warm and
9:17 pm
dry weather and jet stream is flowing well to our north. we have a string of sunny days coming our which and no hypothetical of rainfall in the immediate forecast future. forecast animation 5:00 o'clock tomorrow morning. by mid afternoon we see just a few clouds along some parts of the coast line but not entire coast line. lots of sunny skies around the bay inland. high pressure will be in a narrow range from mid 60's at the coast to 60's to low 70's right around the bay. upper 70's in the bathroomest inland location. in south bay skies sunny. high in the mid 70's. 74 santa clara. 75 at cupertino and san jose. on peninsula high range from low to mid 70's. 74 at redwood city. menlo park. palo alto and mountain view and it will be mild on the coast. pacifica high of 64. half man bay 65. a little patch of fog along some portions of the coast lin line. downtown san francisco high of 69 tomorrow. 65 in the sun set district. up in the north bay we see mid upper 70's. 78 calistoga and clover
9:18 pm
dale 77. santa rosa 76. sonoma and novato nearest bay high mainly low to mid 70's, 72 at oakland and union city at newark and inland east bay we sea mid upper 70's. 77 at fair field. concord and livermore and near monterey bay look for high of 66 monterey. 72 at santa cruz. mid upper 70's inland and holster gilroy and morgan hill. here's accu-weather 7 difficult forecast and warming trend just continues writ on through most of next week and by midweek next week we see inland high in the mid 80's. low 80's around the bay and low 70's on the coast and then next friday temperatures take a little bit of a nose dive. cloud will increase and just a hint of perhaps a little bit of rain c system coming our way for next weekend but we won't worry about that rate now. let's enjoy this coming weekend which is clear and dry. >> good advice. okay. thanks very much. >> coming up. conflict of interest evidence in the government loan guarantee to solyndra. obama fundraiser in the middle of it all.
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>> and what do you do on train that doesn't have a bathroom? tonight substitute for toilets. >> also here tonight. parents teach children to ask before pet ago strange dog. up next. man misses that lesson and ends up getting arrested. stay with us. n
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at bank of america, we're lending and investing in the people and communities who call the bay area home. from funding that helped a local entrepreneur start a business... to providing grants to a nonprofit which offers job training and placement... and supporting an organization working to help the environment. because the more we do in the bay area, the more we help make opportunity possible.
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>> new pwch of females turned over to congress today says the conflict of interest in the solyndra solar. program under which slind are got the half billion dollar government loan guarantee, his wife is an attorney whose firm represented solyndra at the time. solyndra fremont solar manufacturer wound up getting a pledge of 5 28 million dollars and went bankrupt months later as you
9:23 pm
know. prodded the administration to aproof the loan and corresponded with solyndra vice president after weeks of signing a pledge to not get involved in anything his wife firm had an interest in. law firm by the way got 2 and half million dollars in legal fees paid for with government stimulus money. >> happened yesterday after a woman was shot in the leg and revving to give up her purse to the a mugger. you can see the surveillance video outside a hardware store. gunman drove off but crashed at the 35 avenue on ramp to 5 80 and took off on foot. as a result west bond 5 80 was closed for more than 2 hours as police searched for him. victim is still in the hospital tonight recovering from that gun shot wound. >> dog on the street here's on one. 48-year-old new york man
9:24 pm
was busted for pet ago dog sniffing police dog drug sniffing police dog because the man forgot that he had marijuana in his pocket. this was a drug sniffing dog after all. this indicate neighbor happened to have the most advanced training in narcotics detection, too. new yorker was charged with unlawful possession of marijuana. passengers riding the train in the netherlands are out of luck if they need to good to the bathroom. the sprinter trains that run between netherlands main cities were made without bath ramp to save space. spokesman said passengers on the train will now have to use especially designed plastic bag as if they need to go to the toilet in an emergency when passengers trapped on the train. they are kept in the conductor booth. conductor are angry that the work space is being turned in a lavatory as you can imagine. passengers, well, they don't like it much either you can understand why. >> when 7 news at 9 continues tonight. decade in afghanista afghanistan. 10 years after
9:25 pm
the invasion. taliban leaders have been forced out and osama bin laden killed. progress certainly has been made but the country future still very much up in the air. >> we really weren't prepared for that or expecting that. >> troops on the front line mark somber milestone. men while san francisco annual tribute our armed forces is under way. >> stay with us. we have all the fixings for fleet weak as another half hour of news the fixings for fleet weak as another half hour of news begins
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 pro testtors interfered and blocked traffic for hours. they were protesting the war in afghanistan. >> i want a better few. i want my education. >> today is the tenth anniversary of the invasion of afghanistan. coalition of groups says the money being used for that occupation and war should instead be used for education, housing and most of all jobs here at home. more than half dozen muni lines that service market street were completely stopped for the duration of this protest today. >> the good evening once again. 10 years ago today the war began in afghanistan. the sun had been up less than half hour when the first rocket struck at forward operating post near the board we are pakistan. e of 4 on coordinated barrage and assault. only one american soldier wawnded and illustrates however how the situation there in many ways is getting worse not better. here's nick. >> 10 years after the war began. many afghan say security is getting worse. we
9:30 pm
filmed these taliban fighters at former u.s. base 60 miles from kabul. for afghan working for the u.s. there is a target on the back. if i first met him in july. he was jov yell and generous. surprise since he was terrified. taliban had sent the blind man this letter threatening to kill him if he didn't stop sponsoring classes for women. teaching them how to sew and use computers. he admitted he was having problems sleeping but resilient. these kinds of conditions motivate me, he says, so i am continuing my work. but today he has stopped that work. he is now in hiding. he spends most of his time indoors. worried about himself and his family. taliban kidnapped his brother and cousin last week and took them to pakistan. >> how bad is your security
9:31 pm
become? i live like a criminal he says. i'm hiding all the time. terrible news because this is exactly the kind of person the u.s. needs. 10 years ago he was in the taliban. but after 9/11 he founded an ng o and another and another. 9 in all. even volunteered for the cia. but now he says the only thing that can guarantee his safety is to leave afghanistan. him if. >> that's nick reporting. this is longest running conflict that the u.s. has ever been involved. nick also spoke to the men and women serving there about their service and duty. >> members of the 705 e o d in laws an. in 10 years spent the last 10 months diagnose one thing. diffusing roadside bom bomb. bomb ied killed more u.s. troops than any other
9:32 pm
weapon. >> really surprised me is the amount of ied thetive seen, a lot of them. >>reporter: how many. >> well over 100. probably over 200. >>reporter: they have transformed how the army fights and they have taken a heavy toll. >> probably surprise memos is the number of guys we have lost and we really weren't prepared for that or expecting that. >>reporter: including the former team leader sergeant mick garcia. he was killed by aneurysm ed on july 4th. >> keep fitting the fight. >>reporter: race interest poll found one-third of vets think the wars weren't worth it. but for these men, the memory of those who won't come home keeps them going. >> you have to honor the memory by making sure it gets done. >>reporter: longest war in american history. it is still a long way from over. this is abc news, afghanistan. all right. we mav become
9:33 pm
to the story we have at the top of the newscast tonight. we told you about a pilot from monterey in some trouble. flying in a twin engine cessna to hawaii late today raid why in saying he was running out of fuel. forced to ditch in the water about 13 miles north of the big island. coast guard was there to help. last word we had few minutes ago is that he had been rescued and taken to the hospital but let's get updated information b.6:30 right the now in hawaii. so it is still light outside but not for much longer. we have coast girt on the phone right now. lieutenant gene at the hawaiian coast girt is on with us. lieutenant, are you there. >> yes good evening. >>reporter: good evening thanks for coming on i really appreciate it. first of all update how this pilot is doing? was he in fact rescued on his way or at the hospital. >> the reports i received from the scene from the c 130 pilot is that he was able to ditch his aircraft safely and crawl out on to the wing of his aircraft mr. a coast guard rescue swimmer from a
9:34 pm
helicopter that was trailing this entire evolution was able to get to him quickly, recover him and now they have taken him to the heel 0medical center. >> that's great news. it appears he's okay an he was able to put down safely. i know lieutenant that the coast guard was there following with the helicopter an always c 130 transport plane. do you have any idea at what point he radioed in to say he was in trouble and how quickly you were able to get on the scene and start following the plane. what period of time that was. >> yes. at 12:30 hawaii standard time we received a call from the faa reporting that the pilot had told them that he was running out of fuel and didn't think he was going to make it. so at that point we started getting all of our assets ready. c 130 coast guard helicopter and cutter who was also on scene at the time of the rescue. >>reporter: how quickly were you able from that call coming in at 12:30 how quickly able to
9:35 pm
get a visual on the air plane, do you know. >> when the pilot was approximately 400 miles out coast guard c 130 went out to round have you with him and we basically guided him in the entire way. talking to him. telling him how to make his aircraft lighter. how to make it safer. how we were going to orient him during his landing make sure he didn't land in the wave but parallel to the wave so number of different things that the pilot were doing and all during this time the other coast guard assets were heading to the rendezvous position so we gnaw we could recover him. >>reporter: you stick with him 400 miles close to the big island. >> approximately right, yes. >>reporter: wow! this is a good day for you. everything went very well out there. >> this is where our planning and our skilled pilots this is where it all pays off. >>reporter: congratulations job well done thanks for coming on i appreciate it. >> thank you for your time. >>reporter: lieutenant gene from the hawaii coast guard. really happy ending tonight for
9:36 pm
pilot from monterey. who was forced to ditch just few miles off the big island in hawaii after flying there and apparently running out of fuel. as you heard he was able to radio in and say he was in trouble. coast guard pounced on the situation. able to land safely on the water. crawl out on to the wing and was rescued. still don't have his identity that the point. but we get you more information. update on 7 news at 11:00. terrific outcome to this story. >> well, different kind of a plane now. that was a private plane. this one is a full born military plane we talk about. likely heard the sounds if anywhere near the city today. signaling the start of fleet week as blue angel roar across the sky rehearsing past couple days. as anticipation builds it seems everyone in san francisco is really getting in the mad for this weekend. story tonight from don sanchez. >>reporter: they are fast. furious. challenging. 2011 version of the navy blue angel with prosecute run over the bay. warm-up for the big show on saturday and sunday. is a
9:37 pm
as we watch on the ground from the waterfront roof top hills or in a boat, we get one perspective. but check out what it is like in the cockpit. >> a little more power. >>reporter: this is video from the navy. but lack what the pilot has to do. those moves are so precise. horizon changing constantly. no video game like this. him if. about navy band south west keeps folks entertain at pier 39 and branches of the service display set up here too. fleet week is celebrating 30 years in san francisco. there are 10,000 men and women in yawn form in town. emphasis on the humanitarian work and how they respond in time of disaster. part of this set up and why they are here. saturday morning at 11:00 brings us parade of ships led by karl
9:38 pm
vincent san francisco own when it was birth entered alameda. ship will be open for free tours sunday and monday morning starting 8:00 a.m. air show is saturday and sunday starting at 12:30. so be prepared for window to rattle. take care of sensitive if this and get ready for this. this is the position we'll all be in obviously looking up. one other item to too. italian parade in north beach on suchbilityd and warning from traffic officials and recreation area streets will be blocked or closed all around this area. traffic will be a nightmare. try to take public transportation. take a bus. take bicycle. motorcycle. walk. but just be prepared. 1 million close friends. at the marina green, 7 news. >> in coming to the city this weekend visit abc 7 we have a link to detailed fleet week schedule here on our web site under see it on tv.
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help them navigate you are a way through a fun weekend in the city. >> education mission in the mission district. local group that is getting kids to fall in love with science. i'll be [ female announcer ] what's so great about jcp cash? no exclusions! with jcp cash, get 10, 15 or 20 dollars off on the spot storewide! unlike other stores, we don't make you come back to save. get up to $20 off with no exclusions! we make style affordable. you make it yours. jcpenney. who should get it? i really love jennifer. yeah, she's great. yeah. yeah.
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no exclusions! with jcp cash, get 10, 15 or 20 dollars off on the spot storewide! unlike other stores, we don't make you come back to save. get up to $20 off with no exclusions! we make style affordable. you make it yours. jcpenney. >> children living in san francisco mission district are of under served but one organization is offering a special enrichment program to help get students who live in the mission not just interested in science but excited and passionate about it. education reporter lee ann explains why this program is getting so much attention. >> it is 8:30 in the morning and the kindergarten class at this elementary school is going exploring. the one mile walk will take them to the mission science workshop. located at mission high. >> what we are going to do
9:43 pm
first advertise go to the work shop and take a little seat and i'll give you some guys some exploration time. about. >> for next several minutes of free time they discover new sounds and experience new concept while getting acquainted with things they have only read about. they move on learning about the 5 senses. >> there's 2 more. >> prp help reinforce what they are taught. in this case the yellow smelly rock is made of sulfur which they learn is used in matches. and they discover how sound travels by using a tuning fork. >> the ear can feel the air shaking around that's when we hear so you know. >> more piece of information they an get i feel in like my ultimate goal welcome back to get them to be system thinker.
9:44 pm
close the circle on the way they look at the world. >>reporter: it's the director of the mission science worksho workshop. the idea to create the program started in 1990. in his garage. where he had a small workshop for the local kids in the mission. >> they asked me really interesting questions about why i was doing certain things. i found it was interesting to tray to explain it. >>reporter: he eventually moved into the vacant auto shop at mission high. today students attending schools in the mission district get nearly 2 hours of science every day they visit. he wants under served kid to learn by exploring. >> being aware that most of the parents had also or no education. so we are of course very put off by science or just afraid of it. >>reporter: with so many interesting objects it is hard to single out a favorite. >> if the rock or fossil or fish or that giant mammouth
9:45 pm
thing over there. >>reporter: this is group of fourth graders from sanchez elementary. ka's lesson focuses on sources of power. >> did you guys read how many volt you are expected to find. >> 1.5. >>reporter: one-third of the funding comes from the city department of children university and family. but private entity like the junior foundation also supports the workshop. they would like to see america regain the competitive edge in science. the. >> our foundation truly believes that to turn that tide tu start early with children to get them engaged and what i would call the science technology engineering and mat math. >>reporter: today more than 10 community base workshops in the state. modelled after this on one. helping to inspire the next generation of california scientist. in san francisco, lee ann, 7 news. >> how great is that. thanksgiving in the far away. maybe that explains why a bunch of turkeys are a little edgey.
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the world needs more energy. where's it going to come from? ♪ that's why right here, in australia, chevron is building one of the biggest natural gas projects in the world. enough power for a city the size of singapore for 50 years.
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what's it going to do to the planet? natural gas is the cleanest conventional fuel there is. we've got to be smart about this. it's a smart way to go. ♪ >> back once again to the update the forecast. >> we have some lovely weather coming our way and couldn't come soon enough because this is of course fleet week. so this weekend warming trend continues. sunny sky. great weather for blue angel and through next week we have temperatures increasing into the mid 80's inland. by midweek next week then next friday things start to change but we'll worry about that next thursday. >> we'll think about that tomorrow. >> thanks very much. >> sacramento neighborhood is under attack by wild turkeys. sacramento television producer tried to check out these suspects and ended up getting chased by one of them. it was probably the longest few minutes of her life. here's 53 seconds of it. >> okay. oh, my god. okay.
9:50 pm
go away. go away. go away. oh, my god. what do i have? i don't have a stick. holy crap. excuse my language. all right. oh. jesus christ. [ screaming. go away. go away. oh. help. sf help. okay. she weren't stop. [ screaming] thank you. it's true. it's so true. no. [ screaming. help. if what do we do. can you grab, throw something at him. >> the woman eventually ran to her car locked herself in. of course the turkey fld her there too and strayed for another
9:51 pm
stretch of time. people are afraid to go outside and when they do they carry sticks to protect themselves. turkey are kind of ornery animal but she was acting like it was a bengal tiger. any way funny. >> rick is here for larry. >> you have turkey and i have a squirrel to talk about. and a tiger, too. how about that. >> coming up in sports. show you if tiger made the cut at the open and national league championship series now set as both series were decided by a championship series now set as both series were decided by a single run in game 5 
9:52 pm
9:53 pm
9:54 pm
pass. >> coming up tonight at 11:00. more on the pilot that ditched his plane off the big island in hawaii. update that for you. >> also one him ifly halloween nightmare. city of fremont shutting down a haunted house that raises money for charity. >> and the 49 ers. millions short but ready to build. we have those stories and more coming up in an hour on 7 news at 11:00 over on channel 7. but mr. kwan is here tonight with all the sports. >> couple cy young award
9:55 pm
winners going at it tonight with chris and roy on the mound decisive game 5 between the card unless and phillies. pitcher dual. that's what it was. after showing up at game 4 in st. louis the squirrels magically appeared in philadelphia. that was a good omen for the cardinals who got there for a run in the first. shoe maker drives him home with double into the corner. carpenter would make that lead hold up. only struck out 3 but would go the distance allowing just 3 hits and no walks. we go to the 9th. 2 down. carpenter gets howard on the ground out to end it. carpenter throw as complete game cardinal eliminate the favorite phillies 1 nothing to add injury to insult howard may have torn his heel while run to go first. as for the card they celebrated in the locker room with the rally squirrel. here's former a's skipper tony. >> look nothing is going to beat us from compete going we are not good enough we are not good enough. that's what is special about the team. great gut great heart.
9:56 pm
>> game 5 between the pwrurs and diamondbacks also proved to be a thriller. tied 1 all in the sixth. milwaukee had 2 on for jerry. drives this ball deep to center but young with a spectacular catch take another look. can't believe it. 3 pitches later. they get the hit they are looking for. sung el home. brawn and 2-1 brew crew. diamond back rally in the 9th. puts down a safety squeeze. prince can't make the play and the game is tied. but in the 10 wvt man on second. san francisco native morgan delivers the big it hit of his career. throw home will not be in time to get carlos gomez so the brewers win it 3-2. break out the bubble. they are going to the nlcs for first time in 29 years. >> that of i knew we were about to win it right there and the kid had to slow down and just get it into the out field. blue collar time blue collar kid getting out there getting
9:57 pm
it done. >> after a rough start at the open tiger woods got back in the hunt today by somewhat ago 3 under par 68. let's go out to the golf resort near morgan hill. he tied for 86 place. this is tying we are approach on 8. he sticks it just few yards from the pin. go on to par the hole with with 4 birdie on the back 9. putting better. finish round with bogey. he makes a cut but at one under still 7 stroke off the lead. playing partner 19-year-old patrick turned heads a yesterday with 69. today not so good. he balloon to 74 and just made the cut at 1 over. first round co-leader willis continues to play well. shooting a 69. fv this is a birdie. he's now 2 stroke behind paul casey who fired a score 8 un. casey has one stroke lead after 2 rounds. here's tiger on his day.
9:58 pm
>> hit the ball as good as i did yesterday. but i putted good. today i had one bad putt today. over there on my 17, eightth hole blocked that one. other than that i hit on every line it was a good positive. >>reporter: shark open the 21 season at home tomorrow nature against phoenix. some are saying this might be the best team ever. general manager doug wilson busy during the off season and defense man burns and marty while subtracting these 2. thomas will start at goalie tomorrow because they are still recovering from minor knee surgery. after 5 and 1 pre-season sharks captain wait to start. >> it has been a listening off season. hasn't been that long but feels like about wins camp going we weren't to get in the game and week or two of practice now and it's just one of those times we are ready for the season to start. looking forward to tomorrow night. >> the tiger and ranger in the
9:59 pm
alcs and tigers and pwrawrs and rally squirrel there. >> it has been lucky for the cardinals so far. >> good games. >> beth gyms decided by one reason. season ended with the cardinal barely getting in so exitment continue. >> next stage is fun too. thanks very much. >> that's this edition of 7 news here at 9:00 on tv 20 for all of us here, thanks for watching. we appreciate your time. hope you have a wonderful weekend and make time for us tonight at 11:00 over on wonderful weekend and make time for us tonight at 11:00 over on channel 7. goodbye for now 


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