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tv   ABC7 News at 9 on KOFY  KOFY  October 11, 2011 9:00pm-10:00pm PDT

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>> good evening i'm dan ashley. city of oakland its looking for a new police chief tonight. anthony batch resigned quitting because he's struggling with limited control but full accountability. we have the announcement and reaction from oakland. >> waint to stay very high bro brow. i'm not looking to take jabs. >>reporter: what police chief anthony babb wouldn't say some council members did. and they are blaming the resignation on
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oakland mayor and council majority. >> he wanted to do curfew. he wanted to do gang injunction. he wanted to do what he did. in long beach. the reality is i don't get anybody wants to put it. we didn't give him the tools the do it. we should be accountable for that. i didn't ask him to leave but if he were to leave this ace good time so somebody else can move this next phase forward and so i appreciate that but we are going to cut this off. we have a meeting. we have a meeting. >>reporter: mayor and police chief were actually rushing off to talk about mandate imposed by a federal judge stemming from the writer case and civil rights complaints against the oakland police department. >> we have to go back to court in january and if we have not met those bench marks then i'm concerned that we will have a police department that may under the federal government jurisdiction. >>reporter: some community groups aren't disappointed to see chief babb leave but also not optimistic about a replacement.
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>> real challenge for the mayor and the city administrator right now is going to be whether to hire from within or once again go outside the department. we have trade it both ways and neither way seems to have brought a great deal of success. >>reporter: on his way out the chief says he hopes city leaders will let his successor do the work needed without the politics. >> no chef wants to be in a position where he or she has been held accountable but does not have the power to make a dramatic impact. this is not focused at one individual or individuals. it's just a lot of bureaucracy in the city of oakland as a whole. >> the immediate future could involve become ago researcher at harvard university he says. maybe a part-time professor. also rumors he could be going after a police chief position. most frequent name being floated here in oakland as an interim police chief and possibly even the permanent position is assistant chief howard jordan and he has serve
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entered that role before as an interim chief. in oakland, abc 7 news. >> brian stow the jints fan beaten into a coma at doctor game is out of the hospital and now recovering in a rehabilitation facility. his parents and sister were by his side this morning as he made his way out of san francisco general and that an ambulance. the chief of neurosurgery says stowe has made dramatic progress since being brought here in a coma from a hospital in los angeles. doctors say he's ready for the next step in his recovery. >> he's beginning to mobilize. by that he has been up out of bed but again this is why he's ready for going to the a top notch traumatic brain injury had a bill taition center that will allow him to have the best opportunity for recovery that he can have. >>reporter: brian stowe was nearly beaten to death outside dodger stadium on opening day. his doctors caution the traumatic brain injury are complicated to diagnosis and to treat and still not sure how much more he will thrill improve. autopsy results now reveal
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that the south bay truck driver that went on a shooting rampage in cupertino last week killed himself as deputy closed in. today the santa clara county medical examiner released the cause of death for allman as self inflicted gunshot wound to the head. results come on same day that the cupertino quarry where he worked reopened. last wednesday allman killed 3 of the co-workers there and wounded 8 others after complaining of racial discrimination. millbrae city council is expected to vote tonight on whether to out source its police services to the san mateo county sheriff's office. new report says the millbrae police department is under staffed to the point of being non-sustainable. officials say that entering in a contract with the sheriff's office would save the city about 400,000 $a year. millbrae already shares an interim police chief with san bruno. current millbrae officers would be offered jobs with the sheriff's department under this proposal. in other words, they welcome back absorbed into that department.
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well talk to any cop and they will tell you. gng problem is bad and getting worse. a lot worse. gang investigators from all over the state converge in san mateo today to share information on how best to combat that growing problem. vick lee reports from redwood city. one of 2 officers killed last year by members of the sovereign nation anti-government supreme group. his father rae tivrd police chief bob was a key note speaker and told a conference the group is like any other violent gang who should be considered dangerous. he says his son's killers were in the bay area before the murders. >> they were here. they made videos here. they even said on the video 5 to kill one expecting of law enforcement i can't stop i have to kill others. >>reporter: goal of the 3 day conference is for officers to share information l and discuss strategy to fight gangs. he's
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a zoned member of the gang task force. >> what exactly constitutes a gang crime. >>reporter: the job is prosecuting gang members. his boss district attorney says gang cases are difficult to try in court. >> our gng cases have the most documentation more than our murders in terms of paperwork because you have to go through all the prior conduct of the people they have been involved with to show this really is a gang and not simply as one judge said one time how do i know it's not like a college fraternity and they all wear red. >>reporter: ethnic gang are growing in numbers. if this gang colors are red. this gang wear blue. >> we see around 1400 not documented all of them but that would be our estimate. and slightly less 6 to receive00 here. >>reporter: sergeant doug davis with the san mateo county gang task force and says gangs
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are now rae ut coout ing kids in elementary school. >> they may not necessarily be a member of a gang but we are seeing children in clothing that are gang apparel and learning how to show gang signs even at that young age. >>reporter: gang officers say they are becoming more sophisticated. more brazen. more violent. there's easier access to guns. the stake are higher. more money. more dru drug. tl more gang. this is 7 news. 5000 dollar reward is being offered tonight to for information leading to the arrest of an armed robber in san mateo. pet smart offering reward after the gunman shot a clerk during a store robbery over the weekend. police release the sketch of the man who is described as 5 feet 9 inches tall. about 1 80 pound pounds. he went into the store on el camino saturday demanded cash and then fired several shots at the clerk before leaving. no arrest tonight after bit of a cat and mouse between a group of homeless nevada advocate and police in san francisco. group called home
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not jail up vacant property to make their case. that empty housing should be used to house the city homeless. san francisco pd had to close geary between poll being and van ness for few minutes tonight as they search inside the vacant charlie hotel. about 20 officers in riot gear removed banner and other belongings. police say those inside were going to be arrested for trespassing and didn't find anyone inside. >> the plan to go forward is to occupy him if open for others that need housing and need shelter as long as possible. >>reporter: earlier the tactical unit went inside another vacant hotel searching for people who occupied the building last night. ut after a 3 hour search they found no one in there either. >> more to bring you here on the news at 9:00. one of the fbi most wanted for more than a decade. just ahead. woman who finally brought down accused
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mass murderer james whitey bul bullger. stray cat eventually led to his capture. >> plus most homeowners are not fully protected if disaster strikes. michael has some tips for to you make sure that you have the right home insurance. >> i'm in the accu-weather forecast center. warming trend for the bay area and close-up look at the hurricane. forecast coming up. >> and first lady michelle obama attempt to break a world record. and get kids in shape m?<
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>> former butte queen and actress collected two million dollar reward money for turning in mob boss bullger. she was named miss iceland in 1974. now according to the boston globe she would visit santa monica often where she began talking to bullger long time girlfriend often seeing her feed ago stray cat. so they started chatting. well the woman saw a news report in iceland about the fbi man hunt for bullger and she contacted them. bullger now 82 spent 16 years on the run before being arrested. he's accused of killing 19 people. if disaster strikes and destroys your home there could be another disaster lurking. insurance company may not pay you enough to rebuild. making
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sure the home is properly insured before disaster strikes is obviously critical. michael has some advice on that subjec subject. city. freak wind storm topple a huge tree on to the house recently. damaging the roof siding and interior. homeowner now wants to know how much does insurance cover. >> there is so much damage done you have to clue really what the internal damage is. >>reporter: consumer report money advisors say peace of mind it's crucial to review your policy. >> damage by high winds may subject to steeper deductible than other types of damage. and i insurance may not cover earthquake or land slides or flood at all. >>reporter: consumer reports advises looking at federal flood insurance program even if you live in a low risk area. >> it's very important to make sure that you have covered the house for full replacement value in case off total loss but don't use the sales price as measure. these days that
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might not be enough to cover rebuilding. >>reporter: for just a few dollars on the web site accu-coverage feel out release particular replacement figure your z.cost of replacing custom item like tile special flooring and fixtures. >> choosing insurance company requires research. not just but financial health. >>reporter: make sure the company is solvent and able to pay your claim check the web site the forward slash insure. stick with companies rated a or b. michael picked an established company and happy he did. he's already received a check to begin the repair work. . this is 7 on your side. >> hurricane j o va roaring toward collision with mexican coast line. storm outer band of rain began hitting the coast today in large waves just lashed the coast. tourists are left scrambling as it heads towards port virginia i can't
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remember.take he vaccine under way and people flocking to emergency shelter. hurricane expected to make land fall tonight. it is a fairly powerful storm. experience is tracking it closely. still strengthening. >> maintaining the current strength for awhile now. category 2. maximum sustained wind 100 miles an hour but the concern is about the flooding it may cause once it moves inland. look at it in a moment but first live view here locally in the bay area from our high definition sutro camera looking at the golden gate bridge during the 6:00 o'clock newscast you might recall, dan, wasen shroud entered low clouds and fog and now clear at the golden gate and we have a clear look. category 2 maximum sustained winds 100 miles an hour moving northeast at 8 miles per hour. center about 60 miles west writ now of mans any a but headed north towards puerta vallarta where expected to make land fall overnight or some time tomorrow. of course then quickly weaken but big concern
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of course is about flooding. it could cause severe wide spread flooding so we'll continue to watch the movement of that storm for you. mane while back in the bay area right now current temperature readings under clear skies. 59 degrees at novato and low to mid 60's in most of the locations so still pretty mild around much of the bay area but getting cooler. clearing sky and cooler conditions overnight than last night. much warmer next couple days and another cooling trend this weekend. the afternoon satellite close-up image shows we had a few left over clouds along the coast line but not a thick bank of clouds along the coast. sunny skies in the bay and inland location and started to warm-up a bit today and that warming will continue as we look at the pacific satellite image now. you see a big ridge of high pressure building in. that gives us sunny skies for the next several days and we are warming up right on through the end of the week. low pressure tonight a little lower than they wereless night especially up in the north bay where we see low in the low to mid 50's most part and then mid
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upper 50's for the remainder of the bay area and then tomorrow high will continue to climb. south bay we see low to mid 80's plainly 81 at san jose. 83 saratoga. on the peninsula upper 70's to right around 80. we expect 78 at menlo park. 80 redwood city and mountain view and nice and warm on the coast. high of 72 at half machine bay tomorrow. 70 at pacifica. downtown san francisco will be mild as well with high of 74 and 71 in the sun set district and able to see the sun in the sun set district tomorrow. up in the north bay it's warm as well. 79 at san rafael. 81 novato. 83 at sonoma and napa 84 at santa rosa and clover dale. nearest bay high mainly in the upper 70's. up to 81 castro valley and fremont. inland east bay see low mid 80's. 84 at antioch. livermore and concord. monterey bay 82 at santa cruz. 81 watsonville and mid 80's inland. here's the accu-weather 7 day forecast.
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wednesday thursday -- thursday friday will be the warmest day in the forecast series within land high in the upper 80's close to 90. low 80's around the bay. cool down a little bit over the weekend. and then hold in that range early next week. lovely weather coming our way. >> that's a good holding pattern. >> i like the pattern. >> thank you spencer very much gentleman coming up. why brow brownies cause medical emergency during a memorial service. >> and corn maze chaos. measures one family took after they got stranded in the stalk
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hey, guys. want to try a new hamburger helper tonight? [ female announcer ] new ultimate cheeseburger macaroni hamburger helper. our cheesiest macaroni flavor. helpers. forty dishes, all delicious. gives us the most nutritious of gifts. but only when they are ready to be given. that's why we pick vegetables at their peak. ...and freeze them fast, locking in nutrients ...for you to unwrap. ♪ ho, ho, ho. green giant >> los angeles company is recalling 375,000 pounds of ground beef shipped to restaurants in california and nevada. the beef may contaminated with e.coli. federal food inspectors say that routine monitoring
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confirmed a positive test for e.coli in the meat from commercial meat company. no illness has been reported. recall includes all cases of ground beef product bearing the number es t 4873 inside the usda mark of inspection. so check anything you of my at home. possibility or possibly contaminated beef was proud between september 7 and october 6. 3 senior citizen ins southern california ended up at the hospital after unknowingly trying a batch of pot lace brownies. police say the seniors ate the brownies at the friend memorial service and banquet in huntington beach. now the 2, 71-year-old woman and 82-year-old man apparently had trouble standing and complained of nausea and dizziness. >> our understanding is the person who passed away consumed brownies with medical marijuana in them and apparently somebody put out a tray in tribute to the person. didn't tell even what was in them and people
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were consuming the brownie without knowing they had the marijuana in them. >> so far police don't know who made the brownies and offered them to unsuspecting senior but the person is not likely to face charges. investigators say it appears to have been an accident. cruising around san francisco just got a little easier and a little different, too. unique bike rental program launched today. riders can now pick up and drop-off bicycle at 5 differential stations. they don't have to return their bike to the original location either. 2 of the bike station in golden gate park. the others are at fort mason center, herman plaza and union square. pedal around town. >> another way to get exercise. first lady michelle obama is hoping to jump her way that a world record on the white house lawn. today she helped lead the challenge to set a new guinness world record for most people doing jumping jack in 24 hour period. it's part of mrs mrs. obama effort to promote healthy eating and exercise. so the first lady led about 400
9:24 pm
elementary and middle school students in one minute of contingent us jumping jack on the south lawn. isn't that a great picture. to break the record more than 20,000 plus 4 25 people around the world must be recorded doing jumping jack by noon tomorrow. so we are running out of time. >> massachusetts family got more mystery than they bargained for when they went to a corn maze and then got seriously lost. it happened at this farm in the town of danvers in massachusetts. starting to get dark among the stalk. couple and their 2 young children got nervous when they wandered death penalty into the field. so they called 911. sf. >> we have a 3 week old baby with us. >> relax calm down. your husband is with you, rate. >> yes. >> the sun was getting upset and wanted out quick. they didn't want to go through the rest of the maze to be able to get to the end. >>reporter: police officer with canine unit quickly located the family among the 7
9:25 pm
acres of corn. you can see very big piece of land. owner says the maze is designed to make it difficult for people to figure their way out. $18 is sure this is not the last time a family gets lost. when we continues here tonight. evidence that ties iran to plot to assassinate a saudi diplomat here in the united states. >> and tonight republican presidential debate focus solely on one major issue. we have the story. and wet grapes adjusting blow to wine makers. adjustment because of the recent rain around here for the vintner. another half hour of news i am a face unclogger. i am a nose coach. i am a throat untickler. i am a human cough suppressant.
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>> good evening once again. here's a look at the headlines we are following for you tonight. oakland chief of police is resigning. anthony babb made announcement today saying that he can not manage the department with resources he's being given. he says he had limited control but full liability and accountability. injured giants fan brian stowe is out of the hospital and now recovering in rehab facility. doctors at san francisco general say stowe has made dramatic progress since being brought there in a coma from a hospital in los angeles. 2 men face charges on the march 31 attack outside dodger stadium. and police have taken back 2 vacant buildings in san francisco that were occupied by homeless advocate. protestors want the city to do more to find housing for the homeless and vow not to leaf. by the time the police arrive, well, they had moved on. headlines tonight. >> man charged in new york city for plot to go assassinate the saudi ambassador to the u.s. is being held tonight without
9:30 pm
bail. u.s. officials today announce they stopped the plot and they accuse agents of the iran government of being involved. chief investigative correspondent brian ross has more on how this all went down. >>reporter: the plot centered on capitol hill. popular restaurant at lunch time. all times say officials to assassinate the youthful saudi arabia ambassador to the u.s. l. >> we are resolved to fight terrorism. >>reporter: close confident of the saudi king and symbol of government increasingly the arch enemy of iran in the rena renal. >> when a confidential source noted there could be 100 or 150 people in a restaurant where requested bomb would go take place lead defendant said in problem. and no big deal. >>reporter: u.s. officials pointed the fingerer squarely at people in the iran government and members of the special operation unit of the revolutionary guard. about points directly to the grand ayatollah.
9:31 pm
>> conceived, sponsored and directed from iran. >>reporter: in a criminal complaint compared to hollywood script officials said iran american from texas 56-year-old man was recorded offering 1.5 million dollars from iran for the ambassador's murder. officials say the man thought he was dealing with a member of mexican drug cartel who was in fact a government informant. after a series of meetings in july with the informant in the mexican border town he went to iran in august and arranged 2 wire transfers, 49,000 dollars plus each. down payment that went to undercover fbi bank account. >> deadly down payment for the hired gun. >>reporter: plan also included follow-up attack on the saudi and is israeli embassy in washington. >> if the plot had not been foiled we would be looking at military confrontation. this the ace provocation. there is no other which of looking at i
9:32 pm
it. >>reporter: brain ross reporting. president 447 billion dollar jobs plan that he has been urging congress to pass for weeks died tonight in the senate. 2 democrat join with 46 republican to keep the plan from coming up for a vote. 50 democrat voted for it but 60 votes were needed to keep the bill alive. the demise of the president jobs package was expected. what it house and congress are already working on other ways to help boost the economy. including breaking the legislation into smaller bills and aproving long stalled trade bills. >> jobs in the economy dominated discussion at tonight g.o.p. debate in new hampshire. this was the seventh time the 8 candidates for president have squared off. but it was the first debate since herman cane burst in the top of the national poll. and yes he became a bit of a targe target. more tonight from karen travers. >>reporter: mit romney key selling point is simple. >> you want to have someone who is smart, who has experience, who knows how the financial
9:33 pm
services sector works who knows how to protect american jobs and i do. i have done it. >>reporter: current front runner talked about the competent relatively unscathed but cane probably can't say the same. former petitions a ceo catapulted into second place in a race for the republican nomination w.that comes the inevitable attacks. cane economic plan came under fire. about proposal calls for 9 percent business flat tax. 9 percent personal income flat tax and 9 percent sales tax. >> when you take the 9 9 9 plan and turn it upside down i think the devil is in the details. >> i don't need 9 9 9. >> i thought it was the prison of a pizza when i first heard it. >> they want to pass what they think they can get passed rather than what we need which is a bold solution. >>reporter: at one point rick perry was the front runner but he has fallen sharply in the bol. now he's itching to spar with romney but didn't land any significant punches. >> mit has 6 years to be
9:34 pm
working on a plan. i have been in this for about 8 weaks. >>reporter: earlier today romney got big endorse many. biggest one up for grab. >> american not survive another 4 years of barack obama and mit romney the man we need to lead america and we need him now. >>reporter: romney still trying to win over skeptical republicans. his defense of 2008 wall street bailout tonight probably won't help. but christy endorsement could. this is abc news washington. >> federal prosecutor unseal indictment against 2 bay area men now facing charges in a massive bank failure. if this man and thomas of san ramone charged with fraud and conspiracy and falsifying records. both men were vice president of united commercial bank of san francisco which went under 2 years ago. it was the first bank in the country to fail after receiving start money government bailout fun. they are charged of cooking the bank book to hide the financial
9:35 pm
condition after many of its loans started to fail. not only did united commercial fail to pay back the 2 98 million dollar tarp loan officials estimatelesss of 2 and a half billion dollars to the fdic, government insurance program for bank deposit is, the men are the first senior bank officials in the nation to be indicted for defrauding the tarp fund. the bank was taken over in 2009 by east/west bank of pasadena. for second day and night protestors are taking part in the up oakland demonstration. so far oakland police are not citing people for camping out like this. tent city sprung you up in the plaza outside city hall yesterday. at one point hundreds of people were calling for economic change. protestors say this gathering is just one way to send a message to wall street. >> many things we can do. we control the market. our money. every time we make a deposit. every time we pay a bill. we are making that corp are the giant stronger f.we would
9:36 pm
invest that in our community we would be just as strong. promise you that. >> tomorrow afternoon another group of protestors plan to launch up wall walnut creek at mountain diablo boulevard and locust street. in new york up wall street march through one of america wealthiest neighborhood. manhattan upper east side. home to billionaire like j p morgan chase ceo diamond and rupert murdoch. protestors demand an extension of new york so-called 2% millionaire tax. they carried over size check to symbolize how much less the wealthy will pay when that tax expires in december. more to bring you tonight. unseasonable rain foresting winery owners to change the way that they make their wine. coming up. one type of wine grape that is hit particularly hard this season. take you up there. >> also black berry blue. problem some smart phone owners and several nations are having with thei
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>> today sun in the wine country certain welcome. gave the grapes a chance to dry out after the early rain we have had. but the weather is affecting the crop already suffering from a slow growing season. don sanchez has the story. >> harvest by happened. that's the way this win ri has already done it. going at faster pace. the grapes don't do well with rain at this late date. wrought is a reality. race against time to keep as much fruit as they can. >> today we pick 30 tons. time to get it off before it gets any worse. >>reporter: they haven't panic with the rains but con0ed evident to pick the last of the white grapes used to make white wines before there is damage. not so much of a problem for the grape used to make red win
9:41 pm
lake cabernet because they are loosely cluster like this. plus they shed water rain has changed the game plan. >> it's the reverse of what we want. we want the grape to sugar up. lose some water. then time to pick. >>reporter: means an adjustment period for wine makers. >> there is a saying that great wine are made in the vineyard. this is the year where the great wines are also going to be made in the winery. this is a very challenging. >>reporter: john here came from meeting at the nap valley grape growers and says growers are actively responding to the weather. >> we are in the 7th inning of giants game. giants up 2-1 and we all know with the past season a lot can change in the last 2 innings when the game that is close. >>reporter: industry has already been hit with lower yield. >> we lost some variety up to 30 percent because a lot of the flowers didn't total nature because of the cool weather. >>reporter: this wine down 60 percent this year. weather means a hefty financial impact. >> another rain event. would be devastating. >>reporter: in the napa
9:42 pm
valley, abc 7 news. >> well new study looking into bubble in silicon valley finds most of the high tech businesses established at that time didn't have staying power. according to statistics only one in 6 technology company that is got off the ground in the year 2000 were still around a decade later. quarter of the company that is were established that year were internet base. that was more than double the usual rate. the report finds layoffs spiked in 2002 that year. more silicon valley jobs were lost than created the previous year. >> out of the 700 company that were internet company a started in 2000, only 60 actually made it to the end of the decade. >>reporter: internet friendsy was largely to blimp for the high number of failures. because fewer engineering manufacturing company established which tend to have higher survival rates. >> l talking tax. saga of the lost i-phone is finally over two men pleaded no contest
9:43 pm
today to selling an i-phone 4 prototype to technology magazine for 5000 dollars. phone was lost last march in a redwood city bar but soon made an appearance on technology blog here. brian john hogan and sage robert wall our got probation year of community service and 250 dollars in fin fines. well angry black berry users are venting frustration on twitter after experiencing a second straight day of service interruption. smart phone users in europe, africa, latin america and india experiencing messaging and browsing delay. research in motion the company that makes the black berry smart phone says problems were caused by a core switch failure within the company network. company now working to clear the backlog and restore service. so far there are no reports of problems in the united states. >> as the news at 9 continues. new findings show aspirin may ward off more than heart attac attack. that's ahead.
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oh, i'd be able to tell. why don't i just eat this bag? and how can you talk to me about fiber when you are eating a candybar. you enjoy that. i am. [ male announcer ] fiber beyond recognition. fiber one. >> milestone announced in heart warming effort of people helping people. california department of motor vehicle was honored for its part in helping 100 million people sign up as organ donor around country. donate life california says a check in a box on the license or i.d. renewal form does the trick. recipient are certainly grateful. >> the doctor say i'm a miracl miracle. but i don't agree. the true miracle is my angel, my do inner who said yes to the gift of life. >>reporter: while dot nor list grows the number who need transplant is growing even faster. 21,000 people open the
9:48 pm
transplant list live in california. that's the biggest portion in the nation. >> well health news there is new evidence tonight that taking vitamin e pills can be risky. study that followed up on men who took high dose of the vitamin for about 5 years found they had a slightly increased risk of prostate cancer even after they quit taking vitamin e. men randomly assigned to take a 400 unit capsule of vitamin e every day were 17 percent more likely to get prostate cancer than those given dumb pills. research is in tomorrow's journal of the ama. >> encouraging news about aspirin ability to prevent cancer. harvard researchers found many colon prostate cancer have high level of enzyme that aspirin helps inhibit. in addition the british study of various aspirin trials found that taking aspirin daily reduced the risk of dying from cancer by 21 percent. harvard study found it's too early to recommend aspirin to prevent cancer but stress that is people at high risk should
9:49 pm
discuss it at the very least with their doctor. let's go back and update the forecast. spencer is here with that. >> all right dan things just looking warmer and warmer not only in the bay area but state wide. tomorrow lack for sunny skies up and down state of california with high of 86 at san diego. 97 at los angeles. of course 100 in palm springs. not so unusual. things look nasty warm here as well. high pressure around the bay area tomorrow and inland locations mainly in the mid 80's. 84 at apartment i don't care. concord. livermore. east baylow 80's down parts of the south bay. san jose 81. santa rosa 83. napa and upper 70's around the bay and similarly intermonterey bay we see high in the low 80's near the bay and mid 80's inland. here's accu-weather 7 day forecast warming continues through friday. inland high thursday and friday upper 80's to near 90. low 80's around the bay. low 70's on the coast no less then graduate cal down through
9:50 pm
the weekend into early fix wee week. looking good. >> excellent. >> thanks spencer very much gentleman well rae minder tonight that the spirit of event -- adventure not just for the young. we have a 91-year-old woman that you just have to meet. >> go granny go. go graby go. >> go granny go. friends family cheered on francis gabe as she took a big leap of fait faith. literally there she goes. she bungee jumped this afternoon at the fresno county fair. check her out. she's pro at this. she has been making the big leap ever since she survived colon cancer at age 82. l she plans on doing this again next year at the aim of 92. how about that? go granny go indeed. >> i don't think i would did that at 22. >> she's braver man than i am. >> all right larry is here. pretty cool. >> she still dangling? the seemed like did they ever bring her back. >> she was enjoying it. >> i just want to be clear.
9:51 pm
texas rangers have been dominating in the play offs. that is until tonight. victor martinez changed the alcs with one big swing but hurt himself martinez changed the alcs with one big swing big!hurt himself big.
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big, big. big big big big? big big big big big. big big...big. ♪ big big big -big. -big! [ cheers and applause ] ♪ big big big -big big. -big! -big -big! -♪ big -big. -big big big. big big big. big big big. small. big big big big.
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small! [ male announcer ] the space-saving, eco-friendly, totally unique smart. unbig. uncar. ♪ >> coming up at 11:00. fight breaks out in oklahoma prison among inmates from california. tonight what start that had fight. >> 900 feet deep. the ship sunk during world war ii threatening the california coast line. those stories and more on 7 news at 11:00 over on channel 7. >> well the grown bay packers got more than a championship win during last season super bowl. they also got a wren our. milwaukee art museum received this painting on loan from museum in pittsburgh as part of superbowl wager. the losing city agreed to give one of the most famous paintings to the winner. at least temporarily. not staying there for. unclear just yet if the painting will attract a lot of die hard packer fans to the museum. interesting.
9:55 pm
football. >> usually we put autopsy case of fv sandwich or something. whatever. >> let's move on. >> may i continue? if get to the play offs. please. please. silence him. texas took the first 2 gyms of the american league championship series. tigers trying to get back in the series. alcs game 3. into the good start for detroit pitcher doug. heroic in game 5 against the yankees but gave up 3 straight hits to start the game. and then hamilton follow was this. the drop in center. comes home and 1 nothing rangers. 4th inning. detroit ties. martinez solo home tore right off lewis. watch martinez writtening around first base. he strain his oblique muscle on the swing. still strong enough to muscle
9:56 pm
it out. and he was getting treatment after that. taking his frustration out on the batting helmet. lewis fast ball over the middle of the plate and johnny took it into the left field stand. final blast. here it comes there it goes. cabrera. third solo homer of the game for detroit. 5-2 the final in motown. game 4 is tomorrow. texas still leading the series 2-1. but they had a 5 game winning streak snapped right there. cal football team opened with 3 straight wins. unless the bears fix the defense in a hurry, going to be staring at 3 straight losses. overwhelmed in oregon. back in action another thursday night espn game this weak hosting usc. memory of last year game with the trojan still linger. wasn't much of a game. how about 42 to nothing sc at the half? final was 48-14. robert wood this guy single shredded the
9:57 pm
secondary. 7 catches for 116 yards and 2 td in this particular game year ago and nobody has forgotten. >> bad game. my brothers told me all about it last year. a lot of guys upset want to get back at woods. if try to shut him down. do a great job and get the ball back to score. >> mane while the renovation of cal old home memorial stadium took a huge step forward today. got a shot from sky 7 hd as one of the largest trains in the country began hoisting section of the 300 foot long press box and they settled it on to the 4 massive support towers. when completed the press box will be able to sway become and forth in the event that an earthquake hits. >> about a foot. which is similar to what you would feel in a high-rise in a wind storm. so it's not anything really out of character with what we with do in a building in a
9:58 pm
taller building any way. >> stanford rolling. david shaw the first cardinal head coach started at 5 and o and taylor in 1951. stan toward visits washington state. luck coming off 370 yard game against colorado. passing. coach shaw says virtually fla flawless. >> no negative there was just nothing he did that was not a positive. we converted third and long on just unbelievable throws. and it is one of those games where you look back and just a master piece. >> off to rocky start as the new u.s. men soccer coach. team usa facing equador 79 minute. l getting in front and beating tim howard only gel of the night. 1 nil equador. south carolina football coach dismissed quarterback garcia today as well as a local write
9:59 pm
writer. old ball coach wouldn't speak unless columnist left the room because he's too negative. >> get it off my chest rate here today. we have a negative ass hole here that trys to hurt our football program. he sound like this. criticism. he sho shows me is okay. i don't mind it. i don't like stories that aren't true. aim not going to talk when he's in here. that's my right as head what we are going to do is all you tv guys we'll do a personal interview with you in this other room and writers that are still left in hear i'll come back and talk with you by yourself. >> wow! don't be the negative guy. don't be the negative guy. >> thanks that this edition of 7 news at 9. for all of us thanks for watching. we appreciate your time. see you again in an hour over on appreciate your time. see you again in an hour over on channel 7. goodbye for now


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