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tv   ABC7 News at 12A on KOFY  KOFY  October 15, 2011 12:00am-12:30am PDT

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[ cheering ] >> anti-wall street protestors cheer in new york after a showdown with the authorities. [ chanting ] >> in san diego, meantime, police use pepper spray and there are arrests. good evening, i'm dan ashley. carolyn johnson has the night off. the occupied movement against corporate greed continues to grow across the country and in the bay area. in oakland, demonstrators took to the streets and tomorrow is being called an international day of action. sergio is live with the story tonight. >> reporter: i will tell you what, this group here at oakland
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city hall has actually been pretty quiet for most of the evening. they were conducting an improvised town hall meeting but only in the last few minutes did they turn up the turntables and it is kind of a party right now. what had been a significant demonstration on city hall became a demonstration in the street. dozens broke off from the encampment to shout and chant their message. this was a demonstration that was loud and confrontational but not violent. among those participating, stephanie and friends remained after the march was over. >> i am proud of this because we are a part of the 99% and everything is sort of set up with us at the bottom of the
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pile. >> and 86-year-old ruth mcguire. >> people are outraged. i am happy that young people are out here fighting for their futures and i am ho*ut out -- i am out here to help them. it is their battle at this point. >> reporter: a short standoff impromptu as police stood by. for some spectators, these tense moments led to questions of the group's motives. zach is a student in oakland who didn't want to give his name but said he didn't like the demonstrators chants against police. >> public safety, everybody is hurting. police are hurting, people are hurting and everybody needs to learn how to support each other. >> reporter: this man supports the occupied movement but what
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about the focus? >> i think the message is all over the place and in some ways, that is part of the message, that there is no central idea. >> these are demonstrations that are continued to continue tomorrow. the occupied burkely group is planning a rally around noon and here in oakland, they are planning a march through the city streets starting at 1:00 p.m. reporting live in oakland city hall, abc7 news. sergio, thanks very much. pg & e says the power should be back on any time now. they estimated it would be back on by 11:00. about 10,000 customers lost power and the biggest complaints from restaurant goers who couldn't finish their meals. 16 months ago, the city of gilroy asked for help in dealing
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with gang members and today, the last day of that help is in. a multiagency task force arrested over 100 people, many of them career criminals. 24 of the arrests were made in gilroy and they issued a warning. >> if you are listening in, this is not over. we haven't finished our work. we're going to continue on. we're going to find those people we haven't taken into custody yet and we want to hard press on these individuals as we don't you to be in your communities. >> the arrests netted 87 cars, what you are seeing from this parking lot, guns and drugs. no criminal charges will be filed against former college baseball players accused of gang rape. today, the district attorney announced he would not pursue the investigation any further.
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the 17-year-old girl claimed she had been assaulted by eight men several years ago. the previous district attorney never filed charges due to lack of evidence and the new d.a. reached the same conclusion. >> what happened to jessica was not her fault. the defendants 'behavior was not her fault however, the district attorney's office cannot prove a crime occurred and therefore will not press charges. >> two of the players were sued in a civil trial but the jury found them not liable. today she released a statement saying i am very disappointed in our justice system. i can only pray that they find strength in our journey. i didn't hide. i did all the time i could to help the truth come out and now i will move on. through the eyes of a firefighter, a camera mounted on
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the helmet of a firefighter involved in a rescue to help two concord women. smoke alarms alerted the women to the fire with time to call 9-1-1. investigators say an electrical shortage likely caused the blaze but firefighters got the women out. >> the median price is now $365,000 according to data quick, half of what homes were worth in 2007 at the peak of the market. sales were up 6% but a quarter of those were foreclosure sales. here is a closer look at what is behind the numbers. >> reporter: mortgage rates are at their lowest in years and home prices have dropped.
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in contra county alope, prices have dropped 11% but that doesn't mean that it is easy to buy a home there. this file is months' worth of paperwork that the realtor developed to help her clients buy the house. >> took three months. it was full of garbage. >> reporter: the bank found fault with the borrower one day before the home was to close. >> banks are very tight. they don't want to give the money. and he put 20% down but even then, he did not get loan. >> reporter: he says town homes prices have dropped more than single family homes. the median was down 13% from a year ago. the median price then? 289,000. now it is 252,000. he says those kind of prices have have attracted investors
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who have cash, pushing up the price for families who need a mortgage. >> they will buy rundown house, fix it up, put it for sale in three months. >> home prices have dropped in the bay area. marin county dropped 10%. san francisco county prices dipped 1% from 620,000 to a median of $613,750. short sales where the bank and homeowner agreed to sell the house accounted for 20% of bay area home prices last month. each with low prices, pickings are scarce. >> our agent told us early on, really there are not a lot of bargains and we're finding that is the case. >> home sraels well below the average since 1988 which says
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that the market is basically on hold. >> thanks, tomas. tonight san francisco police are asking to you keep your eyes open for a guy called the plaid bandit. he is described as a white male in his 50s, 5'7", 150 pounds, short white hair, wearing tinted sunglasses and wears plaid shirts, thus the nickname. he is believed to hit three banks in the past year. if you know who he is, call police. president obama pulling the plug on his major healthcare overhaul. and a heckler pulling the plug on rupert murdoch's bay area speech. then this. >> yeah, the phone worked the first time i tried it. >> and not just a summer fling.
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america's love affair with the i-phone. up next, a woman switches to a birth control pill saying it gave her extra ben
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street movement repeatedly interrupted rupert murdocn his speech today. he told the audience the standards for american schools are lower than the standards for his fox show ""american idol"". he backed up his claim with statistics from act, a college testing system. >> three-quarters of american students who graduate from high school are not ready to do college work. three-quarters! and these are the kids who are going to college. this is not the foundation for a 21st century economy. >> the conservative conference pushes for school vouchers in charter schools and performance pay for teachers, some of them dressed up in sesame street hats to show their commitment to schools as well. officials say the long-term
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health care program is not financially viable and a fix cannot be found. workers would have paid a monthly premium and collected $50 a day if they became disabled but the voluntary plan depended on healthy people signing up to cap insurance programs. lawmakers are claiming it a victory for the american taxpayer. and it appears the new i-phone 4s has kicked off a buying frenzy in the bay area. at this los gatos story, there were long lines and early-morning madness. sprint who was selling the phones for the first time say it was their biggest day ever. in the meantime, the attachment to smart phones runs deeper than we thought. jonathan bloom explores that idea. >> i love my i-phone.
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>> really? >> yes, i do. >> reporter: tina calls it love. others call it addiction. and as they waited in line, we saw telltale signs of both. >> i am not addicted. i just use it all the time. >> if you had to pick your i-phone or girlfriend -- >> i will get in trouble so definitely the girlfriend. >> i check my money while we're talking and she gets mad so i try not to. >> i am not addicted but i do need it. >> high anxiety. i start shaking with sweat. you don't want to be around me. >> without your i-phone? >> yeah. >> what happens when it is not with you? >> i don't know, it is probably lonely. >> reporter: whether you want to call it love or addiction, it has been the subject of a lot of research lately including a study up the road at stanford. >> 58% of them say in capital
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letters, "i love it". >> and those in the study really showed it. >> they pat their phone, name their phones. >> in many ways, we attach the same feelings of closeness, attachment as we do a significant other. >> sociologists say it is because we see it as a helper with more information. those that speak bring the most fundamental human sense. >> i love you. >> i bet you say that to all your apple products. >> it is a love affair. if you see something like we're going to show you on the bay bridge, the new bridge this weekend, don't be alarmed by it. local authorities in tandem with homeland security will be conducting a training exercise. the sheriffs office overseeing the whole exercise says motors should not see anything but
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emergency vehicles on the span other the weekend and it is just a drill. well, the weekend is upon us. let's go to our meteorologist sandy and things are changing it, sounds like? >> absolutely. first you will see it in the form of fog and then you will feel it with warmer weather. a warm day across the bay area as you look at today's highs. half moon bay down 8 degrees from yesterday. sanity ha rosa got up to 86 degrees but we are on our way down. we saw high clouds moving in. sunset at 6:34 and is that spectacular or what? yeah, a gorgeous sunset. high clouds made of ice crystals up in the atmosphere and that is why we got the color. it is still warm outside right now, many places still in the 70s. these temperatures will fall as we head into the morning hours. fog is on the way back tonight.
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it has already made it to the monterey coast line. cooler in all areas this weekend and temperatures bounce back a little bit for your monday so as you start off the work weekend, it will be pleasant. it will be a good weekend but the changes coming in this area of low pressure bringing us stronger seabreeze, earlier onset of the breeze and fog in the picture. so this cold front approaches the front and as it gets closer, the wind will come out of the southwest as opposed to the northeast. that is a marine influence and that will help pull the fog up. so it is on its way back and by morning, you will see it filling in along the coast line. temperatures will fall in the 70s and 80s at the beaches to the 60s tomorrow, a pretty significant dropoff. inland, temperatures in the 80s and occasional high clouds. bottom line, it will be cooler saturday and sunday again. so expect fog on the coast line.
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temperatures mild, mid-50s, low 60s, holding the numbers up. highs for your saturday in the south bay, 82 in sar together tkpwa. -- saratoga. nice day on the coast but the fog is coming back. downtown san francisco, 7 degrees. far cry from the 80s. and in the north bay, 80 degrees in kalispell. east bay communities, mid-70s. heading inland, walnut creek, dublin, 80 degrees so a little cooler there. 83 around santa cruz. a lot happening this weekend. half moon bay art and pumpkin festival. certainly going to see the fog around and if you are going to the raider game this weekend, it will be good-looking weather as they take on the cleveland browns. partly cloudy, mid-60s and
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rising to the upper 60s. here is your accuweather forecast. cooler, below normal through friday of next week, low to mid-60s along the coast. kid quake at ufs, a free family and kid-friendly event this weekend. a lot happening. >> sandy, thanks very much. coming up next, a cheerleader's [ female announcer ] at the jcpenney...big as it gets sale, save big... ...with night and day doorbusters this friday and saturday. save 60% off coats for her and him. 50% off the hottest boots. 50% off the latest dresses. and 60% off sheets and towels. plus, with jcpcash, get $10 off when you spend just 25. no exclusions! unlike other stores, we don't make you come back to save. the savings don't get bigger than this! go to to see everything on sale. we make style affordable. you make it yours. jcpenney.
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feel for lumps, save your bumps, the slogan cheerleaders had for breast cancer awareness. the school says they are not against the cause, just the slogan and have barred the t-shirts. this goat won the colorado state fair in august but now tests show he had a muscle growth additive in his system that is okay for swine but not for goats. the woman who raised it has been banned from future events and denied any doping charges. >> not only for elite athletes but now for livestock. >> you know larry with hawaii in town went to, i wonder where he
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a wild game game down in the south bay tonight as hawaii and san jose state combine for 12 turnovers. our own larry beil went to hawaii and does the same routine before broadcasts. monice had been playing well this season but with three interceptions, they get the field goal to make it 13-7. chandler johnny on the spot, has himself another score. hawaii had five turnovers the first half.
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the second half was a different story as the spartans turned it over five times. here he takes off, nearly goes all the way. 74 yards. hawaii punched it in on the next play to go up 21-20. spartans blocked the extra point attempt, picking up the loose ball, starts to cramp up mid-field, still he guts it out and brings it back for two points. san hoegs say within five. then less than a minute to play, matt faulkner will find chandler jones for & he is gone for his third touchdown of the game. spartans are now 3 and 4 overall and is the first time since 1977 they have beaten hawaii at home. the sharks timely return to their season in anaheim. the long layoff may have left them a little rusty. look at this play. great save by


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