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tv   ABC7 News at 12A on KOFY  KOFY  October 22, 2011 12:00am-12:30am PDT

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we begin tonight with the end of war that begin more than eight years ago, march 19, 2003 so called shock and awe. back here on the streets of san francisco crowds of protestors filled the streets. i'm dan ashley. after nearly nine years of war, president obama is promising that the end is near. all combat troops he says will be home by christmas. not declaring victory he did say u.s. troops can leave iraq with their heads held high. >> i can report as promised the arise of our troops in iraq will
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come home by the end of the year. after nearly nine years, america's war in iraq will be over. >> the thing i wouldn't do that the president is doing is telling the enemy how many troops you are going to bring out and when you are going to bring them out. i don't think that is a good strategy. >> iraq wanted american troops to stay but they would not be immune to prosecution but some will stay to guard the embassy in baghdad. today the war has cost the lives of 4400 american fighters and more than 32,000 have been wounded. in terms of money, the united states has spent more than $700 billion on the war but the president's decision now comes the debate on the timing and what was accomplished over there. jonathan bloom is here with that story. >> the one thing that everybody seems to agree on, they are glad that our troops are coming home. as for what the war
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accomplished, we found optimism as very frank criticism. that was inside and outside the u.s. military. >> you have to ask the question, what has been for? >> for more than two decades, richard becker helped organize protests against the first and second wars in iraq. troops are coming home, he says the work is far from over. >> we wish the war was completely coming to an end but displacement the destruction inside iraq has not ended and thousands of contractors are going to stay in the country. >> his answer represented soldiers ready for the war to end like james schwartz. >> the mission is unattainable, there is no way to accomplish the mission. we went in there. we got rid of saddam. we've been there for ten years now. i don't see how we could finish anything. >> we didn't send enough people.
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we didn't properly equip there, and there were no weapons of mass destruction. >> that criticism comes from a former general of the army national guard. after his troops were called up for duty, he struggled through red tape to get them radios and body armor. >> the driver and security people have nothing. parents were sending it over to the soldiers. >> monroe lost 12 of his soldiers and saw 36 come back wounded. >> what did they make their sacrifice for? >> for each other, mostly. >> one of the officers who served in iraq says he hopes the sacrifice was for something greater. >> the year i was there i think we did make a difference. had there are improvements we made and certainly things that were hard but we left the place better than we found it. >> the troop withdrawal does not affect u.s. military bases like
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kuwait. anti-war groups say they want to see those people come home as well but it's unlikely. in san jose they say a suspect in the shooting death of a hells angel is alive and well and on the run. this is pick of the two. they say his life is in danger. a scuffle broke out for a hells angel that was killed in a casino shoot couldout. ru ifz killed another hells angel. he has two black eyes and facial injuries consistent being in a fight. hundreds of defiant occupy oakland protestors remain camped out at the plaza. they have chosen to ignore the warning to vacate saying they will not be forced from their peaceful assembly. city spokesman says assembly is not the problem. growing rat infestation and
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growing trash is. camp rs have stayed past the deadline. they believe police will use force to move them out. >> in the south bay, occupy movement has gone, as well. eight people were arrested and one man in a wheelchair were cited. >> anyone in these tents that are set up behind me, they know there is a chance they could get arrested again tonight. what happened early this morning has sparked a renewed commitment to the cause. >> our bail was $500. >> the occupied san jose movement isn't stopping tonight. even though at around 3:00 a.m., san jose police arrested eight protestors for camping on city hall grounds without a permit. >> they broad the wagons and started taking us to jail. >> after being bailed out the
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tents are back and so is the movement. >> all night, all day. >> occupy san jose! >> and the message is spreading. san jose's occupy movements is open to interpretation. rebecca is a parent. >> my husband and i have two kids and we can't afford to get the older one in preschool. >> but for this 58-year-old, the movement is about injustice. last night's arrest and removal of the peaceful demonstrations did outrage me. >> san jose police insists the arrests were warranted because of health, and safety concerns. most arrests for camping are more than likely. >> instead, more tents went up and the protests grew and moved to bank of america.
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>> i've been uncomfortable being a bank of america customer basically since the economy changed. >> the movement inspired this long time bank of america customer to act. tonight she closed three accounts. >> if officers come back they say it would be sometime after midnight tonight, otherwise this group is very well organized there is already an occupied san jose legal team in place. lisa amin gulezian, "abc 7 news." in san francisco, members of occupy s.f. said they got apprehensive when fire inspectors came in. city officials looked the other way regarding fires in the camp. others and inspectors had a good day. there was entertainment for the
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crowd. >> a drive-by shooting in san francisco has left two people wounded tonight. it happened at 5:30 at turk and taylor streets. a photographer heard the shots and took this as it happened video. police say occupants of gray four-door sedan opened fire on a man on church street hitting him a number of times. a woman was caught in the crossfire. she is in critical condition and the man is in fair condition and the investigation continues. >> california's unemployment rate has taken a slight downturn. it down to 11.9%. employers added 12,000 jobs last month but the jobless rate in the bay area is well below the state average. marin county, 7.4%. san mateo at 8% and san francisco 8.3%. more to bring you this friday night. a call to help to the berkeley animal control. the dog that was shot many times
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but survived. >> also the rescue of a deer tangled in a rope. how a game warden freed the animal. another satellite coming toward earth. when scientists think it's going to hit. all that is coming up. >> coming up, two big developments in america's wars. graphic new details of moammar khadafy final struggle. plus how bernard madoff ponzi scheme looke
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who why would anyone shoot dog let alone 38 times. remarkably that dog survived. tomas ramon is in berkeley. >> this is one-year-old pit bull. she is shy and extremely nervous around people but alive. the bare patches is where pellets were removed. there are two dozen in her body. they were discovered when she was spade this week. >> we noticed bumps and we found 38 bb's in her body. >> she was found here at the berkeley marina. a berkeley animal services whoever did this have no respect for life. they found two pit bull pups bu
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with pellets that were removed. they were also shot multiple times. >> they have spent $3500 taking eight of the pellets out of her. they will need thousands of dollars to get out of the rest. >> it's probably more than one surgery because of the length of time to find those. probably a serious of surgeries. >> it may cost thousands of dollars, money the shelter doesn't have. if she is going to be available for adoption the pellets have to come out. >> jochb wonders what could have motivated the shooter. >> i can't imagine. it was eight game? were they trying to put the animal down. very easy way to do with it. >> if anyone has information on the owner or to cover surgery expenses, contact berkeley animal services.
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and another animal in distress, a deer was rescued after getting tangled up in a rope swing. they tranquilized the animal first. >> we're going to try to get, obviously get him freed and then get him released in a place where it's safe. >> a neighbor's garden hose helped him. removing the antlers will ultimately save the door. they cut the antlers and they wanted to protect the animal. the deer was taken to a nearby golf course and released. >> and for crews working on the bay bridge, crews placed the last section on the eastbound deck. final piece will go in next week. once installed the entire 1.2 mile sky way will be complete. a lot of work still to do.
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the bridge should be finished by september of 2013. you may have heard this before, satellite is following foolg earth, this time it's a three ton german satellite. minibus satellite will fall this weekend and it could land anywhere. a lot of burning up but two tons is expected to make through. last month nasa satellite fell and all of it fell in the ocean. >> it's the annual orion meteor shower. you can see a steady stream of meteors from the constellation orion. it's chunks of dirty ice as haley's comet. and cries creates flashes as it falls. if you have a telescope you can also get a look at the pieces that will likely crash into the
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moon which could be quite spectacular. good news, clear skies to see all that. meteorologist sandhya patel is here with the forecast. >> it's going to be stunning because the skies are clear. you want to look in the eastern sky pretty low, get into a dark place. you'll want to look towards the constellation orion. we're talking about more than a dozen per hour so it should be great voo viewing. peak is going to occur just before sunrise. tonight skies are clear and this afternoon skies clear. patches of fog not just around the coast but in the valleys. temperatures came up five to ten degrees. in the low 80s, nice mild afternoon, 76 degrees in morgan hill. 70 in san francisco. half moon bay, santa cruz, mid-60s. get up to the north bay and santa rosa gol got up to 79 degrees. 76 in napa.
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these temperatures going up some more as we head in tomorrow. you'll see more from the high definition sutro camera. setting sun at 6:24 and it was absolutely clear. still clear, numbers right now in the 50s and the 60s. we're going to see a couple of patches of fog overnight. call it mostly clear, mild and warm for the weekend and locally windy early next week. i want to alert you, talking about offshore developing early next week which would raise a fire danger but it's still far away. overnight readings will be coolest in the north bay valleys. good cooling will take place under cool skies, upper 40s, low to mid 50s across the rest of the bay area. here is the bigger picture, higher pressure with the ridge in place. tomorrow gets even warmer. warm days inland for both saturday and sunday. coastal areas, a little bit of
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fog will prevent you from getting too warm. 83 in san jose. los gatos, 84 degrees. on the peninsula, it is going to be blue skies no matter where you look. 77 in san mateo. 81 for palo alto. mid-60s right near the coast. fog reapierce in the afternoon. downtown san francisco, south san francisco, low 70s. north bay, mid-80s for santa rosa, calistoga, 80 degrees in san rafael. east bay, sunny mild day, 77 in oakland, 81 for union city. inland areas running warm, well above average for this time of the year. 85 in danville. 70 degrees in monterey. here is a look raiders forecast, if you are heading to the game, beautiful weather as they take on the chiefs at 1:00. low to mid 70s. doesn't get any better than this. fine looking weather for all kinds of football games. cal takes on utah at at&t park.
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cardinals versus washington, mild at the coast. a little cooler for the start of the workweek and turning windy but still going to be very pleasant. >> it looks great. these identical twins share about everything but never
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tomorrow. a lot of positions to fair, ski lift operators, food and beverage clerks, parking attendants all needed. job fair time vary at each resorted. the hiring is beginning now. >> the saying good things come to pairs it applys to indiana sisters. they are identical twins that became pregnant at the same time. people in their hometown when the twins not only went into labor simultaneously but then gave birth on the same day at the same hospital, nearly at the same time. newborns even look alike. the only difference a boy and a girl. >> i have twins and they have a very special connection. >> speaking of pairs, jackson is
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you can serve some warmth with your bread. and some flavor with your bread. and some layers with your bread. if you're serving bread honey, then serve it. grands! dinner ideas made easy. jackson says he knows who will start as quarterback against kansas city but he
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doesn't want to tell us yet. why show your hand until you have to. kyle bol lever was solid but carson palmer was brought to oakland for one reason, to get the raiders to the playoffs. both man split reps all week. jackson says this will be a game-time decision. >> again i'm not in a rush. i'm going to watch the tapes and meet with my staff, talk to upper management and make the right decision. >> perhaps more important than who starts at quarterback who will handle the kicking duties. janikowski now listed as questionable with a sore left hamstring. david waner being the most experienced, six years in the n.f.l. >> a battle of pac-12 north division unbeatenens is sold
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out. biggest test of the season as number 25 washington rolls into town. match-up of high powered offenses with n.f.l. caliber tight ends and quarterback. everybody knows about andrew luck, 18 touchdown passes, keith wright with 21 td passes of his own. you are talking heisman trophy for him in seattle. >> oh, man, that is crazy. couple weeks i was not even aware of that. i'm worried about this week. >> you got a cool customer. he got hit a couple times and he bounces right back. more than anything i'm impressed a young quarterback can play at the level he is playing at. >> stanford game can be seen right here tomorrow night at 5:00 and after the game larry beil in the studio with san jose


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