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tv   ABC7 News at 9 on KOFY  KOFY  October 24, 2011 9:00pm-10:00pm PDT

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is is. >> good evening. we start with developing story. police involved in fatal shooting in antioch. witnesses tell us police chased a man into a garage on lemon tree way where he opened fire and they shot
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him multiple times. friend of the man who was shot says that he had shot at a police dog when police shot and killed hi him. so far police have not giving us details of the shooting but we are running it down. we have a reporter on the scene. more for you as soon as we get it. certainly full live report coming up on 7 news at 11:00 over on channel 7. >> mean time san jose police release the 911 dispatch recordings from the seventh officer involved shooting this year. >> has a gun in the waist band visual. he's breathing lying down. >> gun in waist band breathing laying down. >>reporter: police respond to deluxe motel on east broke road yesterday. after reports of a suspicious man with a gun. officers found him in a stairwell and fired several times when they say he reached for the gun in his waist band. suspect is believed to have been intoxicated. he remains in the hospital tonight. 4 officers involved have been replace -- have been placed on routine paid administrative leave. standard procedure in a situation like this.
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well san jose, up san jose protestor taking a very big risk. you can see him from sky 7 hd top 60 foot wall l outside city hall. he's been up there now for almost 15 hours. protesting the overnight arrest of some other demonstrators on the ground below. he's not coming down. lisa is live there tonight and lisa police have no plans to force him down. >> can you hear me lisa? >> i don't hear anything. cue me. >> go ahead that's the cue if you can hear that. police got on top of the roof a little while ago and realize very quickly that the activist up there who calls himself cracker isn't budging. in fact he says he will stay up there as long as it takes. and this is the issue. protestors are having. over the overnight arrest that started friday morning. san jose police say they are working under direct orders from the city manager who says the protestors are urinating, defecating and piling up
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garbage outside city hall. on average there are about 3 tent set up here and at most a dozen people spend the night. just this morning 4 people were arrested and each time they are charged with illegally camping. activist insist they are not the ones causing problems but the city disagrees. >> building closed at night becomes a challenge for them and then into the morning hours when the businesses close i' sure even more of an issue. i think that may the result of that may have been what we have seen within crease in your nation and definite indication in the facility. >> i don't think the allegations will stand because all they are doing is occupying not camping out. they are exhibiting free speech and making statements. >> but they are camping in ten tent. >> no. they are just occupyin occupying. >>reporter: big problem these protestors have is with what they call the city hypocracy. in 2008 an activist pitched a tent and stay the in front of city hall for weeks. protest
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of the naming of a vietnamese shopping district in san jose. he was never arrested or cited. back here live now coming up tonight at 11:00 you will hear what city leaders say they learned from that lesson and that incident specifically and what they wish they would have done differently. live in san jose, lisa, abc 7 news. thanks very much. also in san jose a touchy issue causing a big controversy. e-mail from man in charge of city employee retirement plan. he called some city workers totally us useless. now many of them have no use for him. more tonight from corrina. >> city workers and union leaders say they are insulted and firing back. >> when high rankin city official calls workers totally useless, i don't believe that's in line with our community values and has no place in san jose. >>reporter: afternoon news
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conference highlighted january e-mail from san jose retirement director russell cross by to san jose city councilman sam ri card o. cross by referred to the 10% of the work force that is totally useless. and actually serves as break on forward motion by the rest of the work force. union leaders say the comment over stepped cross by administrative role. >> this e-mail contains what i believe very misguided feelings about employees serious enough statements that i believe makes it impossible for mr. cross by to continue effectively as director of retirement service services. >>reporter: council member was out of town but issued a statement that read ins part, no one should condemn dedicated and effective public servant lake russell without understanding the full context in which any statement is made. councilman constant who cross by alsmentioned in the e-mail says it is the union who were out of line. >> i think what is really objectionable to me is the fact
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that the unions are politiciz politicizing an e-mail. they know a process to take if they are concerned with a performance or personnel issue. instead they are going to the press. >>reporter: russell crosby didn't return our calls to clarify what factually he meant in the e-mail. but in the city politically charged with budget deficit and tension reform, city workers are taking the comments personally. >> i'd like to ask him am i one of the useless. am i one of the marginal. is it time to skim me off the top like one of the 10%? >>reporter: both mayor and city manager issued statements today indicating this is a person el matter and if the union does want to issue a complaint they know the proper procedure to follow. the president for the firefighters union says he will take formal action to ask the city manager to fire russell crosby. in san jose, abc 7 news. there is word tonight that major pg&e transmission line serving the bay area has
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ruptured during a pressure tes test. according to sf gate the line runs from the arizona border to milpitas. it failed during a pressure test this morning. blowing a creator in alfalfa field in the town of weed patch in kern county. no word on when it will be repaired. group of oakland resident is fed up with the new mayor tonight and have filed a notice of intent to recall gene kwan from officer. the commissioners complain the mayor has not done the job fighting crime spurring development or ending unemployment. >> the mayor is 100 percent focused on herself the mayor jean kwan. in the mean time public safety is collapsing in this city. city budget is tottering to bankruptcy. i don't think oakland can take another three years. >>reporter: in a statement mayor kwan office says she's putting 63 more police officers on the street. working on a neighborhood safety plan and is actively working with business and community leaders on major economic projects.
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election day in san francisco could find federal and state monitors overseeing the voting. that's what several mayor candidates are calling for after accusing some ed lee supporters of election fraud. they say they have a video to back it all up. more now from nick smith. >> and to suggest to the seniors in my community that it is okay to break the law and you know just something that is hard for me to stomach. >>reporter: senator yee flanked by small business owners and volunteers to his campaign held press conference to display a letter that he and several other candidates for san francisco mayor race signed and sent to the california secretary of state requesting election monitors and to the u.s. justice department asking for observers. this video released by the yee campaign shows workers wearing he had yee for mayor shirt manning unofficial voting area set up on ironing boards. linda dudley a yee support took the
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joyed with her cell phone and says she witness workers filling out ballot for residents and telling them how to cast their vote. >> when i see that i took out my cell phone. >>reporter: jeff and green party candidate terri bomb held a separate press conference today. they too signed the letter and outlined what they believe to be clear violations to california election code. united states department of justice tells abc 7 news the department will review the letter. mayor yee says he welcomes it. >> i have not encouraged anybody to do anything less than full compliance with the law and there are plenty of allegations made before this. >>reporter: university of san francisco political science professor cook says the problem lies with groups like the san francisco neighborhood allianc alliance, avid yee supporters completely independent of the candidate which are still allowed to raise money, campaign for and against candidates while being subjected to less stringent campaign requirement. >> these group really have no
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role in a discourse around democracy. this is another example of the type of organization that very clearly gotten off the rail. >>reporter: lee city first asian american mayor and considered the front runner in all polls. nick smith, abc 7 news. >> president is in los angeles tonight on the next leg of his west coast trip. he's attend ago hollywood fund raise they are evening. tomorrow morning there is a tonight show taping. then he will fly into san francisco for a lunch time fundraiser at the w hotel. san francisco police are asking motorist to avoid the downtown area from 11:30 in the morning until 4:00 p.m. during the presidential visit. and earlier in nevada president obama announced new rules for refinancing federally guaranteed home loans. this new approach may help thousands of bay area homeowners drowning under the weight of unwieldy mortgage payments. mark matthews with the president's proposal that gets around republican opposition in congress.
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>> in the bay area community of fairfield, homeowner was good credit still struggle to refinance because their existing mortgages were way more than the houses are worth. >> frustration. >>reporter: credit counselor thomas sums up the experience for those who tried to play by the rules. >> about swlol never been late. they are unable to refinance due to the cap. they get the appraisal in. too high. >>reporter: the cap that thomas is talking about is a cap on federally funded mortgages. they could be no more than 125 percent of the property appraisal. today the president came to las vegas, nation unofficial foreclosure capitol, met with family that has been struggling to pay their home mortgage and then he announced he is doing away with the 125 percent cap. >> if you meet certain requirements you will have the chance to refinance at lower rates which could save you hundreds of dollars a month. >>reporter: say you owe
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400,000 dollars at 6 and a half percent. monthly mortgage 2528 dollars. the house is now worth just 320,000. if you could refinance that 400 grand at 4.5 percent it would drop the monthly payment by 500 dollars. real estate professor meier. >> if you can get 10 million to 20 million people to refinney think you are going to see housing market look a lot stronger. >>reporter: obama white house is saying maybe 1 to two million will be helped by the new rules. and those requirements that the president mentioned will leave a lot of people out. loans must be federally guaranteed from freddie mac orphan may. original loan must have been made before the end of may 200 2009. loan to value ratio must be greater than 80 percent. here's the sticking point. th theboroer must be current no. late payment in the past 6 month and only one late payment in the past year what percentage of people that you
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see have missed a payment or maybe missed a couple of payments? >> it's high. i would guess 80 or 90 percent. >>reporter: those folks wouldn't be able to qualify for the new program. the rub some went late in order to pressure the banks into renegotiating. now they are out of luck. on the other side, people who played by the rules and made the payments and stayed current then found out they could not refinance because the value of the home had fallen, they will be helped by this new program. this is 7 news. more to get to here this monday on news at 9:00 as we continue. best seller maybe top certainly. coming up steve jobs biography on sale and readers around the bay area and world snapping them up. no other great leader has sort of opened up this way. >> the author reveals exactly who convinced steve jobs that he could change the world. red flag warnings going up
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for parts of the bay area real soon here. let you know what areas will face the highest fire danger coming up. also here. never mind about quality in customer service. this holid
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>> apple co-founder steve jobs is as fascinateing in death as in life. biography steve jobs is already the no. 1 best seller on amazon. it is projected that more than half of the book sales will be electronic versions. something that certainly would have pleased jobs. >> actually bought it through my e.reader that is barnes & noble so i got it this morning. >> have you started reading it. >> just a couple of pages. >> well he has a long way to g go. book nearly 600 pages and there are predictions it could become the best seller of the year. jobs created theism pad and his biography could become the best selling back on the i.pad as well. remarkable. >> well that book is shedding new light on the world steve jobs occupied including parents biological and otherwise that same his destiny. here's bill. >> if his birth parents had kept him steve jobs would have grown up in green bay, wisconsin. if the couple at the top of the adoption list had kept him he would have been
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raised by lawyers. >> except when i popped out they decided at the last minute that they really wanted a girl. >> instead he was placed in the hand of 2 high school drop outs in what would become silicon valley. but geography was only part of his destiny. as he told his pie ago rave those adoptive parents helped mold his mind from the very start. >> girl across the street said youuu were adopted that means your parents didn't want you. paul and clara jobs said no. you don't get it. we picked you out especially. emphasize every word. >> special only got strong the day he realized he was smavrter than his father. but his dad knew it too. when he would get in trouble at school his parents blame the school. so steve jobs came of age believing the rules didn't aplay to him. of hardly unique impulse in the 60's. but dropping acid opened his creative mind. finding himself in india taught him the power
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of intuition and first step that business selling a gadget that would trip the phone company into making a free long distance kawchlt. >> these were illegal. >> he described in the film silicon valley 100 year renaissance eyes still lit up at the thought of the mischief. >> we figured out how to build one. built best in the world. first digital blue box in the world. >>reporter: most successful capitalist of our time started as hippie holligan and stayed a buddhist rebel. but none of that might have mattered without the two high school drop outs. mom and dad who took him in gave him love and convinced a worried boy that he was special. >> thank you. [applause]. >> he was one of a kind for sure. bill reporting. sandy is here in for spencer christian tonight. and noticeably cooler. >> yes. you step outside and it's like wow! what a difference a day make. >> what happened. >> what happened? marine layer that came back. wind kicked up. got stronger sea breeze and knocked the
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temperatures down. and guess what. wind will change directions as we head into tomorrow night and that is raising fire weather concerns. we'll talk about that in a moment. live picture right now from our high definition roof cam are look down the embarcadero. trees not really swaying much. wind not really a factor right now and you can see the bay bridge so really no major fog problems either. we have 80's of low clouds out there. marine layer did ramp up quit a bit this afternoon and that allowed the temperatures to really drop along with the sea breeze as i mention. so look at sample of yesterday temperatures compared to today. napa dropping 18 degrees. only 68 for high today. down 18 degrees in half moon bay from 80 to 62 and you notice watsonville from 91 to 64 degrees. 27 degrees cooler than yesterday. so definitely a downward trend and tomorrow we see inland areas coming down few more degrees. temperatures in the 50's and 60's and we have areas of low clouds not just near the coast but around
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the bay as well. coastal clouds move in land overnight clearing in all areas tomorrow afternoon. that leads up to a red flag warning tuesday night continuing right through thursday morning. let me show you what brings the red flag condition. area of high pressure going to shift inland. as the ridge shifts inland we see the wind switching directions. not the on shore flow but the offshore flow. it's a dry north northeast wind and down sloping wind really dries out the atmosphere so more. light moderate offshore wind we lack at the high fire danger heading into tomorrow night. red flag warnings go into effect at 6:00 o'clock tomorrow evening for the north bay mountains. east bay hills in the diablo range. warning continues through 6:00 a.m. thursday so gust to 40 miles an hour with relative humidity dropping down to the teens around this time of year of course big concerns be aware of this overnight look for the cloud to fill into some of our vaechlt upper 40's to mid 50's
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and tomorrow afternoon high coming down a couple more degrees in the south bay. san jose only 72 to. sunny day in sunnyvale. 72 degrees on the peninsula. upper 60's to low 70's t.sunshine in the afternoon though 72 in palo alto. breezy in the cool side in pacifica. 63 there. 65 degrees downtown san francisco. 64 south san francisco. get up into the north bay you see low 60's along the coast. mid 70's santa rosa, sonoma, novato, east bay breezy but blue. 68 in oak land. 70 for union city. castro valley inland area running cooler than normal this time of year. 72 in livermore and monterey bay 65 degrees in santa cruz where the clouds will sit tight for most of the early afternoon. accu-weather 7 day forecast is dry and breezy one. 70's from coast to inland for wednesday thursday. really holding in that range with some slight fluctuation heading into the weekend. halloween looking dry and i have heard dan is dressing up. in cos this is top
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here. mammouth find for geologist along the peninsula. that story. geologist along the peninsula. that story. >> europe big at bank of america, we're lending and investing in the people and communities who call the bay area home. from funding that helped a local entrepreneur start a business...
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to providing grants to a nonprofit which offers job training and placement... and supporting an organization working to help the environment. because the more we do in the bay area, the more we help make opportunity possible.
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>> you are looking at cecily have kano erupted last night spewing lava as high as 300 feet. for time nearby airport was closed with flights cancelled because of the smoke and the ash. this is europe most active volcano and certainly active once again tonight. >> county geologist picking up trash in pacifica when he stumbled on to part of a mammouth skeleton. california academy of science confirmed that butler found a tusk and tooth belonging to a columbian mammouth that roamed the bay area until it went extinct
9:27 pm
during the last ice age. shoreline extended as far as to where the islands are today. holiday season looks like consumer in good shape. wal-mart is offering the christmas price guarantee. if you buy something at the store and find the same item elsewhere for less, you can get a gift card for the difference. score 1 for consumers. but the did he also don't end with paul mart. staple and bed bath beyond announce they will match the lowest prices offered by big internet retailers lake amazon. sears up the ante offering to beat competitor best prison by 10%. price wars rage on so it looks like it could be a very happy holiday for consumers. >> all right. as we continue when 7 news at 9:00 returns, fed up with fee. coming up. protest trs who aren't taking to the streets. rather they are taking out their pen and changing banks. >> peril of plastic the. potential theal risk to little
9:28 pm
girls from chemical in the environment. >> and it takes a village. network forming around the country to make the golden year m?< [ rapid footsteps ]
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>> good evening once gechbility look at the headlines we are following for you tonight. city workers in san jose are upset at being called totally use le. comment came in e-mail from a man in charge of the city retirement plans. union leaders call crosby words miss guided and want him to step down. group of oakland resident filed a petition in the first part of an attempt to recall mayor kwan. they say kwan has failed to fight crime and develop the city former army
9:32 pm
base. in her defense kwan says she's made im practice. to public safety and is committed to major economic projects in the city. official steve jobs biography on book shelves today. and it is selling lake hot cakes. amazon says the book could be the top selling book of the year. one san francisco supervisor answer to the mortgage crisis is to form a city owned bank. today supervisor john heard testimony from the city treasurer anti-budget analyst about the challenges of creating a municipal bank. and using san francisco 16 billion dollars in assets to help local businesses and avoid paying an estimated 100 million dollars annually in fees to banks that are not socially responsible. state law currently prohibit city from stabbing municipal banks. no other municipality do have them. jat meanwhile head of the calf credit union league says hundreds of customers have fled large banks in recent week protesting the new fees and they have been taking their
9:33 pm
money to locally based credit union instead. matt tonight on the nationwide backlash. >>reporter: as the up wall street movement clamor on another movement silently on the march across the country. since bank of america announce the new 5 dollar a month debit fee last month credit union across the country seeing an explosion of new membersship. in miami karen jackson middle school pta president pulled the mug on their chase account and came here to the miami-dade credit union. >> more femur fee and we just felt lake we couldn't take it any more. >>reporter: she's now saving the pta 250 dollars a year. what percentage would you say was the fee. >> would i say 80 percent was disgust. >>reporter: that disgust is pouring into the chicago credit union. >> in october we are on pace to good about 40 percent above that in new checking account
9:34 pm
and debit card activity. >>reporter: where is the business coming from? bankof america right next door. national association of credit union says traffic on the web site is up a whopping 350 percent. nation largest credit union welcome thousands of new customers just last wee week. 3 fold spike in new checking accounts over this time last year. on facebook over 60,000 have rsv p to move the bank day. bank won't know whether they lost any customers until early next year. this is abc news louisiana sky new study on the health effect of widely used chemical. exposure to bp a before birth may lead to behavior problems in girls by the age of 3. it's found in water bottle, line of can and register receipt you get at the check out stand. harvard researchers lack at 244 mothers and their 3-year-old daughter. moms who had higher bp a level during pregnancy more likely to have children aggressive,
9:35 pm
anxious and hyperactive and poor emotional control compared with mother with lower level of bp a. researchers say the study suggest that ex person to bp a especially in developing fetus may long lasting but also say much more study is needed. you have heard that saying many times. takes a ville am to rates a child. well the same can be true for seniors to make sure the golden years are productive and happy and comfortable. around the nation they are forming networking groups california alone has 10 with more in the works. lee ann explains how the villages work. >> bob of oakland has difficulty mention a. this kept him from writing his memoir. that's when his wife reached out to an organization called ashley village that provides volunteers. audio version of his life was recently completed. >> i don't think i would have finished it so i feel in good
9:36 pm
about the whole thing. >>reporter: ashley bill acknowledge has 170 senior members and 60 volunteers serving berkeley, el cerrito, and small portion of oakland. >> they offer assistance in transportation in home improvement home care, cooking, gardening, dog walking, whatever people's needs are that help them to continue living independently. >>reporter: it's not cheap. 750 dollars a year per person. about 62 dollars a month. but those who can afford it say they get a lot of support. for example been's wife joan snings a chorus every thursday night. >> i don't like leaving bob alone so i asked for a have tier who could come and be with been and have movie nature her here. >>reporter: currently oroville acknowledge nationwide with 1 11,000 senior members. the village met in oakland to
9:37 pm
discuss adding more village. san flan has 2. >> if they fall and break a hip or if they have a stroke nobody knows that is going to happen until it is too late. >>reporter: report from the city and county of san francisco points out that in 2008 there were about 160,000 seniors or 20 percent of the population. it's now estimated that by 2030 san francisco will have more than 250,000 seniors. more services for seniors will be needed. mark goldman is one of the albany village volunteers. >> family that used to be ther there, the children grow up and go away. >>reporter: he says more volunteers will be needed to support an ever growing aging population. in oakland, abc 7 news. more to bring you coming up. back to school. >> still ahead. message carlos
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is. >> big muni problem in san francisco tonight. outbound derailed around 6:00 o'clock this evening at church and due boy. nobody was hurt but service on the lane is likely to be out of service all night. perhaps even in the morning. buss will be taking passengers to the avenues instead. the line out of service. >> international. tunisia moderate right party claiming victory in the country first democratic election. official results expected tomorrow. now the election was free and fair. bell weather for other votes in the wage:00 wake of the arab spring. turn out at 90 percent or so of registered voters. rebutted claims of apathy people did care and they showed
9:42 pm
up to vote. the president was over thrown 9 months ago after mass demonstrations. he had been in power for 23 years. unlike tu neetion, libb why transition from authority rule has not been peaceful. fallen dictator will be buried tomorrow in unmarked grave in a secret desert location. country interim leader program programsing to investigate how the long time ruler was captured alive then killed short time later. as for gadhafi children, ones who survived remain steadfast in their effort to reclaim their father glory. more tonight from jeffrey kaufman. >>reporter: only one of gadhafi 8 children is unaccounted for f.cold blooded listen done educated son who was to succeed his father and carry on the dynasty. he is wanted by the international criminal court. libya interim government says he was captured this weekend. but that is not
9:43 pm
clear because the very same time he appeared on syrian tv saying i am in libb why. i am alive and free and willing to fight to the end to take revenge. we did know where another of gadhafi sons is. body lie was his father on display in a meat refrigerator for all to see. >> his destiny because of all the evil he has done. >>reporter: the 3 including him have been killed in the revolution. 3 more including gadhafi only daughter asia are in exile in algeria with gadhafi's wife. she escaped there where he is under house arrest. st. there is no sympathy for any gadhafi in libya today. this weekend the interim government officially declared the country liberated and promised to bring democrac democracy. it has one non-stop party. remember gadhafi fabled female body guard so-called
9:44 pm
amazon? they are long gone. gadhafi had several dozen male body guards last week when captured and killed. reportedly they all died with him. this is abc news, tripoli. as we continue here tonigh tonight. dee thrown. san francisco bumped from the top tonight. dee thrown. san francisco bumped from the top tourist spot.
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and bills that costs tons. maybe i'll keep it... it adds character... right? [ male announcer ] we know life can be unpredictable. that's why we offer affordable health coverage and dental plans. blue shield. >> carlos santana went back to san francisco alma mater today for celebration and it was out of this world. abc arts entertainment reporter don sanchez has the story and the music from mission high school. about. >>reporter: carlos santana with members of the mission high school guitar club. returning to his alma mater to
9:48 pm
inspire. >> i love what i do. we know you love whether you could, you never work a indicate in your life. >>reporter: santana coming back to celebrate school academic success. 85 percent of graduating seniors are going to college. >> that's why we are here because commitment to up lifting people. to up lifting, to have the fire, to learn. >>reporter: he brought along some friends. to reinforce that. i disciplined myself to do the thing i love to do when i didn't feel like doing it. >>reporter: filmmaker feels it's important to see community succeed lake carlos from the community and his passion for the music. >> he used tuberculosis like a normal person like me and now he's one of the legends of music. ♪ . >>reporter: mr. music. this is about a 10 minute drum solo from santana wife cindy
9:49 pm
guy were his sensational. how about her? >> how about her? yes. >> we had fun. it was really a joy to play for students with such bright eyes. such beautiful future ahead of them. >>reporter: more music. non-profit group little kids rock gave the school 30 new guitars. for santana this was a nostalgic visit. did you check the lock tore see if you left anything. >> if so somebody has it by no now. the. [applause]. >>reporter: in san francisco, abc 7 news. >> how cool is that? what a thrill for those kids and nasty gesture on his part to go back. >> all right. let's update the forecast. sandy is in tonight. a lot cooler. >> oh, yes. 10 to 20 degrees cooler this afternoon. tomorrow inland areas will come down couple more degrees. livermore from 78 to 72 degrees. sunny. 71 in free mont. 72 for palo alto. san jose. vallejo. 73 degrees mid
9:50 pm
70's for nap a.santa rosa. up to ukiah. breezy tomorrow afternoon as well. 65 in san francisco. 69 in san mateo o. half machine bay 64 degrees and around the monterey bay few clouds will still hang on into the afternoon. 66 in watso watsonville. here's look at the accu-weather 7 day forecast and it is a dry breezy forecas forecast. red flag warnings going up for the northeast bay hills for tomorrow night continue go through thursday morning increasing fire danger. certainly a dry accu-weather 7 day forecast leading into hall boone. >> so far we have been very fortunate. >> we have been. but this is the time of year we are definitely concerned. >> thank you. >> it is considered academy award of tourism. readers of travel magazine rate top tourist destination in america. san francisco has been no. 1 for years. not any more this year winner was charles ton, south carolina. voters evaluated things like cultural site. friendliness. lodging. restaurants. and shopping
9:51 pm
opportunities. biggest factor in charleston favor more than 90 percent of readers say it is friendly but only 67 percent think of san francisco that wa way. famous charleston native accepted the award last week and here was the message for san francisco. >> charleston has been ranked most polite city in america so you can imagine how difficult it must be for someone in charleston to gloat over last year's winner san francisco. fortunately i'm not in charleston right now so the rice rowan i. >> steven colbert. any way. mike in for larry tonight. that's a great place. >> we can vouch for it. i spent a lot of time there in college. is that it is nice. >> san francisco still the about east is that it. absolutely. >> the second straight world series 2 out of 3 against the cardinals as you can see in tonight's game manager ron m?<
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l. >> world series action. very good game. >> it has been a great series. if you haven't been watching the world series you are missing a great match up. game 5 tonight in arlington. tied at 2 appease rangers with unbelievable come back. mike and rangers slapping away any of the nerves before game 5 cardinals not nervous either. second inning. single into the hole. holiday scores. follow that up with rbi ground out 2 nothing lead to the third. come back begins. mitch just crushes one off carpenter. deep into the second deck. 2- 2-1. stay that is which to the fifth. the from the knee. solo shot off carpenter and tied at 2. to the eighth. huge play here. murphy up the middle. the mark boots it. could have been an inning ending double play. instead bases loaded with one out. tony can't blythe. next batte batter. mike hammers 2 rbi double into the gap. washington beside himself with
9:56 pm
joy. if previous play haunting the cards. more drama in the 9th. if if double play. rangers come become to win. could close-out the first championship wednesday night in st. louis. well the raiders play the worst game of the season yesterday and head coach jackson took the blame. acting like he had a fantasy football team with the quarterback situation. playing the immediate y.en jig the suspens suspense. i say not focus on getting the team ready to play. he didn't find out he was starting until saturday which is ridiculous as quarterback of the team need to know to prepare mentally. palmer said afterwards he had no idea he was going to play. second quarter back have limited number of plays to execute. he's not played in almost a year and no time with his receivers. 6 interception between the two quarterback resulting in 21 points. even though sprain of the right foot
9:57 pm
bush ran for over 100 yards. kansas city the bully yesterda yesterday. jackson is back peddling today. >> wasn't about me making it. things were written about palmer. we made sure we play chief and other football team didn't come out that way but i know exactly what the focus was. >>reporter: all right. 49 ers host browns sunday after bye week and healthy in the process. wide receiver edwards worked out all last week and coach said back in practice after knee surgery on september 19 and looks good to return to the starting line up. if new lead seattle by 3 games in the nfc west. worst monday night game of the season that's saying a lieutenant. 4 combined first downs at the half. first touch down comes with two minutes left. joe to baldwin. florida state. ravens down 9-z.down 12-7 late. picked off by coleman. jag
9:58 pm
get the win 12-7 the final. all right let's talk stanford football. move up to no. 6 in the rankings this week and hosted by usc saturday. toughest match up of the seaso season. they beat down washington and running for school record 4 46 yard put up 6 15 yards total offense saturday night. usc rank 20 in the poll this week. sanford thinking bcs trojan oregon cal and notre dame to the beat to have a shot at the national title by winning out. here's stanford chasing. lsu alabama at the top. oklahoma state undefeated kansas state and boys sea state could be play but schedule could hurt them and clemson gets by south carry loon. all right. nba plans to cancel 2 more week of the regular season. source told new york daily news nba cancelled pre-season first two week of the regular season. said to begin on november 1st.
9:59 pm
nba announce latest cancellation on tuesday. that means the first month no new talk between owner and players union are scheduled and i remember when we went on strike start missing the paycheck, the players will probably cave in. >> pressure really starts t.even with those paycheck. >> exactly. is that watching the raiders you mention carson had no timing with receivers yet they threw a lot of timing pattern. very difficult in normal circumstances. >> he said had he no idea he was going to play. didn't know any of the play no, sir time execution with the receivers. >> hard to pull off. >> got desperate. threw him in the game. first pat he got hit in the knee and could have been injured. that was the problem. >> scary. >> he'll; isn't that right two week. >> be ready. that's even a quick turn around. thanks. that this edition of 7 news at 9 here. for all of us here, i'm dan, thank you for watching. we appreciate your time as always hope to see you again


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