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tv   ABC 7 News  KOFY  December 9, 2011 11:30am-12:00pm PST

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the east bay family of this wounded little boy is facing an agonizing decision today of whether to take him off life support. >> good morning i'm katie marzullo in for kristen sze. and i'm cheryl jennings. he was hit in the head with a bullet while in his father's arms and never recovered. >> reporter: this day is not getting easier for the family of this toddler. the family's pastor tells me 1:00 this afternoon the family has decided to take thatted to -- take that toddler off of
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life sue worth. many family members go -- life support. many family members arrived to say their final farewell and support his family. doctors performed a series of medical tests, all proved that the little boy was brain dead. that toddler wound up hospitalized after being shot in the head on november 28th. police say what happened as he was with his father, his father left a liquor store and walked to a parking lot where a rap music video was being filmed. shots rang out. six others were shot decides this toddler. police have -- besides this toddler. police have five in custody they may now be possibly charged in this toddler's death. of course police say they are also keeping an eye on this because they say when this toddler taken off life support this could potentially set off a gang war between two housing
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complexes in west oakland. from the attorney to the family's pastor to the family, everyone says this all in all is a very sad and difficult situation. sue thompson, abc7 news. >> it sure is. san leandro police believe they've identified an 18-year-old man as the getaway driver in a shooting at wal-mart on black friday. investigators say he may still have the gun that was fired in the shooting. two other suspects, remain in custody in connection with the shooting on november 25th. watson surrendered yesterday after officers cornered him in an oakland home. witnesses say the three men tried to steal a gold chain from another man in the wal-mart parking lot during the robbery watson opened fire, striking one man in the neck. deputies are searching for a missing 17-year-old girl
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that they say may have been kidnapped. she disappeared yesterday afternoon she left a voice mail on a family member's cell phone saying she was being held hostage by several male suspects. she 5'7, 130 pounds, black hair and brown eyes last seen driving a navy '99 oldsmobile minivan plate 4 ebso 66. if you have seen that you are asked to call the solano county sheriff's department. a yemeni national who pounded on a cockpit door will not immediately stand trial. a federal judge has ruled 28-year-old man mentally incompetent to stand trial. the san mateo county times reports he will spend four months in treatment, then his mental health will be reevaluated. passengers subdueed him on american flight 1561 fro
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chicago in may. authorities say he banged on the cockpit door and shouted god is great in arabic as the plane was landed at sfo. a bunch of burglars went to a lot of trouble to steal 1 continue five ipads overnight at a best buy. how much are those ipads worth? >> reporter: you add them up, $100,000 worth of ipads. when you hear how these guys pulled off this job, it was well planned. to this point, very well executed. they've gotten away with it, to this point many look inside the store where the ipads are kept items that go between $500 and more than $800 each. investigators say shortly before midnight two men pride open the front doors of this best buy, then pried up the security roll-up door, using a floor jack they slid under that door took a steel rack 4 x 4 x 2 full of ipads dragged
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it out a fire exit door into a vehicle. deputies say by the time they arrived, one minute after being dispatched, no one was around. they have video, so far all we are told is this is the work of two men, not giving any race, both slim and wearing mostly black. the only comment from best buy is they are cooperating fully with this investigation. they have no further comment about this. what we are having now is $100,000 worth of ipads gone. deputies intend to release the video later today. we hope to have that for you tonight on abc7 news at 4, 5 and 6. terry mcsweeney, abc7 news. there's been a!=iq÷9ñ jump n the number of victims from the lucky supermarket check out scam. investigators say at least 500 customers have been affected. the grocery store chain says bank and credit card account numbers were stolen by thieves using data skimming devices.
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those devices were inserted into card swipe machines at the self-checkout stands. officials say customers at 24 bay area stores, including this one in san leandro, have been targeted. we have a list of the stores affected on click on see it on tv. meanwhile in the mendocino county town of ukiah one bank has cancelled 1,000 debit cards that appear to have been targeted by a similar scam. other banks are following suit. police are trying to determine if customers were also the target in those cases. warriors are exploring the possibility of returning to san francisco and building a state-of-the-art arena. owners met with mayor lee and giants ceo on wednesday. they talked about a plan to build a 20,000 seat arena before the 2017-2018 season.
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the coliseum is now the nba's oldest arena. potential warriors' move getting lots of reaction. david: brit warriors back where they belong and change the name back to the san francisco warriors. -- jason: the 49ers are there come on man. join the conversation at >> come on man! meanwhile, oakland mayor quan will hold a news conference noon today to make a major announcement about the future of a's. next, police still do not have a motive we are learning more about the shooter who killed a police officer and then himself on the virginia tech campus. new target for mitt romney. +e@@
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a gunman who killed a campus police officer before turning the again on himself is believed to have act add loan. video taken from the explain officer's cruiser the gunman shot 39-year-old officer derrick crouse, ran and shot himself. the gunman's identity has not been released. >> we know who this individual is. due to protocol, the medical examiner's office must make that positive information and
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we notify the next of kin. at that point we will be able to release his name. i can tell you he is not a virginia tech student. >> the shooting if began when officer crouse conducted a traffic stop on a car the gunman had no connection to the campus, walked up to him and shot him. investigators are still working to find a motive. the debate is tomorrow, the battle is now. mitt romney's campaign is all the sag the new front-runner newt gingrich. gingrich -- gingrich is not fighting back yesterday. tomorrow's debate could be crucial for the two. >> reporter: mitt romney's campaign feeling the pressure. with less than a month until the iowa caucuses newt gingrich has big leads in three of the four voting stays. -- voting states. in a new web video out today romney slams the former house speaker for criticizing the medicare plan offered by congressman paul ryan. this follows a chorus of
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romney supporters trashing gingrich yesterday on a conference call. >> self-serving anti-conservative. >> not relike as a leader. >> irrational behavior that you do not want in the commander in chief. >> reporter: in case voters forgot about gingrich's tumultuous personal and political history there's this ad that hasn't been released yet. >> newt has a ton of baggage the fact he was fined $300,000 for ethics violation. >> rise has cause the romney people to reconsider their strategy my suspicion they are saying why didn't we start this weeks ago? >> reporter: gingrich has refused to take the bait. romney was able to stay an above the fray when he was the front-runner. all signs point to a different romney showing up on abc one willing to get down and dirty to show voters he's the best candidate to take on president obama, not newt gingrich. karen , abc news, iowa
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>> the debate will be -- moderated by diane sawyer and stepanek right here at 6:00. ford recalling ever -- more than 100,000 tech -- stepanek ford is recalling more than 100 -- it affects cars with 17 inch steel wheels. regulators say the bolts holding the wheels can fracture causing a vibration if the vibration ignored wheels can separate. ford says no crashes or injuries have been reported. dealers will replace lug nuts on all four wheels. mike nicco is ahead with the forecast. >> final fully going to change the direction going to talk about rain. not until possible sunday we still have to deal with this, look how murk that i air is. it is a spare the air day -- rain on the way should clean our air i'll tell you how much to expect plus what's that in the
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sky? the blood moon that could have you waking up very early tomorrow morning.
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if you are willing to get up really early tomorrow morning you are going to see a total lunar he clip the bay area should have one of the best views. nasa says a red shadow will
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start to fall across the moon at 4:45 a.m. by 6:05 the moon will be totally engulfed in red light there won't be another total lunar eclipse for three years. people -- >> that's so cool. >> meteorologist mike nicco joining us. i'm so excited for this elipse. >> it will be exciting for everyone especially to the beaches where is the best viewing. 4:45 it stars then that beautiful red glow it becomes a full moon around 4:30 i believe that's impressive, full moon and total lunar eclipse that will turn red most pronounced from 6:05 to 6:57 before it sets 7:13. look to the west early tomorrow morning also when the coldest temperatures will be too bundle up, 30s and 40s in
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most areas. how murky is the air today? could barely see as you look north from sutro tower now you can see the inversion warm air on top of the cold air trapping the pollution at the lower levels. right now 49 santa rosa the rest of us low to mid 50s 49 cold spot everywhere mid 50s around the monterey bay and inland. spare the air today until midnight to blazing fire this evening patchy frost possible inland. new forecast, showers for sunday into monday worst air will be in the east bay and south bay all of us under that spare the air. 60s along the 680 and 580 corridor highway 4 mid to upper 50s. upper 50s east bay shore down into the south bay temperatures in the upper 50s to low 60s,y milpitas 59.
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upper 50s to near 60 coolest along the coast downtown south florida with mid to upper 50s the same through most of the north bay valleys, 60s around ukiah, santa clara, low to mid 60s for the rest of the bay and inland. tonight 20s around napa, clear lake and cloverdale mid 30s peninsula. here's the areas of high pressure dominating, area is shorter so it is holding on for now things are going to change come sunday morning. sunday morning we start out with drizzle. best chance of rain along the coast and then mid morning it starts to creep ashore and then by noon it is all over mainly south of the golden gate bridge then back to the north into the north bay as the low travels to our south this looks impressive, doesn't it? scattered showers maybe a 10th
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to a quarter of an inch not much rain in the forecast, no snow for the sierra. mainly sunny and 50 today and tomorrow, 44 tahoe sunday. they will be making snow, not coming from mother nature. tomorrow should be our fourth and final spare the air. today is the last day of 60° temperatures, low to mid 50s come sunday with that cool rain. >> brr! holiday cheer is literally ringing through san francisco's union square this morning. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ >> they make it look so easy it is not. the salvation army is holding its 31st annual celebrity bell ringing today. all of the money collected will be used for the christmas assistance programs. musical performers, christmas caroling and appearance by santa is scheduled on geary
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street in front of macy's until 2:00 this afternoon. >> >> you get your chance next week to on a piece of liz taylor's estate. christie's new york will present her most iconic jewels, clothing and other accessories in an auction starting next tuesday you can bid on her tiara, wedding dresses, shoes and big diamonds, including this 33 carat rock from husband richard burton. christie's is selling paper cut-outs of taylor's jewels for $25. the total collection is estimated to earn more than 30 million dollars. >> paper cut-outs? >> $25 seems expensive for paper. next, friday perfect pet. >> mike will introduce us to a pair of
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. twitter is getting a makeover. the redesign is supposed to make it easier to navigate and offer more features that will customize the experience. as with any tinkering to a widely used service twitter does risk alienating some of the its users. the san francisco company now has more than 100 million users. today at 3:00, how to fight cabin fever when your kids are out of school for the holidays.
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then michael finney as a checklist to help you died if it is worth it to hire somebody to install your holiday lights. writing letters to santa, at 5, a san jose schoolteacher takes this tradition to a new level for a special cause. those stories and more later today at 4:00 and 5:00. time for friday's perfect pet. mike is back to introduce us to two precious little ones. >> santa's little helpers. we managed to get them away from the mall. suzanne from the humane society with bev and lucia guinea pigs. >> tell us. >> this both girls about 3-years-old. guinea pigs live to be from 5 to 7 so they still got many more years. they are looking for a wonderful home for the holidays. they are easy to handle and they are great for kids. >> tell us about take care of them. >> they need as large a cage
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as possible also time outside of it so they can run around your kitchen or hallway they eat hay, pellets, vegetables and love sit on laps and be pitted. >> they are lap animals too? >> yeah >> you guys have anything special for holidays? >> just a lot of animals that want to find homes. small animals, ducks, recently adopt horses. >> new facility. >> yes beautiful. >> thanks nice seeing you. >> good to see you too, thank you. >> all things big and small, right. >> too cute. from all of us at abc 7 news, thanks for joining us. >> who wants to be a millionaire is next. >> keep track on twitter and talk about it at have a great day.
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have a great day. bye-bye. closed captioning by closed captioning services,inc
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