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tv   ABC7 News at 9 on KOFY  KOFY  January 31, 2012 9:00pm-10:00pm PST

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fiber one. hey, i love your cereal there-- it's got that sweet honey taste. but no way it's 80 calories, right? no way. lady, i just drive the truck. right, there's no way right, right? have a nice day. [ male announcer ] 80 delicious calories. fiber one. >> ours will be a united party with a winning ticket for america. >> mitt romney wins florida. >> it is now clear that this will be a two person race between. >> newt gingrich says he's still in it and santorum and paul play up. >> well if enthusiasim wins election we would win hands down. >> we are here in beautiful las
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vegas and we are the next primary caucus state is going to be here in nevada where i think we are going to have a little different result than what we saw in florida. >> good evening. mitt romney won the florida primary tonight by double digit. returns from 100 percent of the precinct show romney with 46 percent of the vote. to 32 percent for gingrich. romney now a major step closer capturing the g.o.p. nomination gingrich perhaps mortally wounded in his campaign. more tonight from karen. >> romney has momentum back. >> people in the room and to the people all of florida thank you tonight for this great victory. >> exit poll showed that by a large margin florida republicans believed romney is the candidate with the best chance to beat president obama. >> my leadership will end the obama era and begin a new era of american prosperity. >>reporter: it was a brutal
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campaign here in florida. one that argue more nasty more personal every day. but romney said ultimately it won't have lasting damage. >> competitive pray maevr does not divide us. it prepares and we will win. >>reporter: romney an his ally ham he recalled gingrich on television. spending nearly 1 13.8 million dollars on attack ads in just a week. nearly 4 times what gingrich and his allies spent. but it may not have mattered. based on exit polling data nearly 6 of 10 voters say the negative ads had little or no effect on the vot vote. maybe because they made the decision before any of the negative ads even hit the air waves. 4 in 10 republican voters here said they made their decision back in decembe december. gingrich vowed to stay in the race until the brutal end which he says is still a long way down the road. >> we are going to contest every place and we are going to win and we will be in tampa as the number me in august. [applause]. >>reporter: romney held his
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victory party tonight in the building just behind me. his team host he will be back in august for the republican convention as the nominee. karen, abc news, tampa, florid florida. >> tough talk from planned parenthood tonight says the pressure of abortion politics. the occur for cancer will halt the partnership with planned parenthood. the charity says it's because planned parenthood is under congressional investigation. probe launched by conservative republican who was your honored to act by anti-abortion groups. the change will mane a cutoff of hundreds of thousands of dollars in grants mainly for breast exam. >> major outbreak means this high school in san francisco will be shut down tomorrow. the ask says 50 students called in sick today. then additional 90 students were sent home after coming down with some sort of a stump ago flu. san francisco department of public health has told si to sanitize thoroughly and death penalty
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clean the entire building. extra maintenance staff has been called in to get this done over the next 24 hours. ask will resume on thursday after the building is high pressure old cleaned. >> oakland police say tonight that the teenager boy accused of killing his parents has admitted that he did it. prosecutors plan to try 1 15-year-old moses cayman as an adult. they say he strangled his mother susan cough first then laid in wait for his father to come home and then strangled him. the boy made his first court appearance before judge today and vick lae has the story. >> he did strong el his mother. she was the first victim and then he strangled his father. >>reporter: officer says moses cayman was an angry teen and troubled student. >> he was acting out and he's a young man. he's growing and he's exhibiting some behavior that was concerning not only to the school but to his parents and his family as well.
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>>reporter: his mother susan cough poshingd as physician assistant at the city housing and urban health clinic. his father robert cayman was psychologist at the haight ash bury free clinic. on friday night police arrested moses at home and charged him with their murder. bodies were found in the family car. >> once he had killed them he did put the bodies in the vehicle and then he did try to set the vehicle on fire. >>reporter: the boy went to middle school here in oakland until january of 2010. school officials say he had minor disciplinary issues but no red flag to suggest violence. moses then enrolled at vision charter school where police say he was a troubled student. relations with his parents became even more strained. in november he ran away from home and for a brief time stayed in the occupy encampment in oakland. >> he was disturbed. he was upset with his parents. and again this is a young person who is growing into him self.
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he did tray to fit in with the occupiers. trying to find himself. >>reporter: on wednesday moses was sues pen from school for the second time. on thursday night police say he killed his mother and father. when they returned from work. today susan family released a statement saying in part the couple lives with outward expression of love. it is what led them to adopt a child nobody else wanted. we can be ordinary and look for someone or something to blame. or we can be extraordinary and try just a little harder to love unconditionally. now we obtained the charging documents today. not only is the boy being tried as an adult but this is a special circumstances case meaning possible life in prison or death because prosecutors say the boy was lying in wait for his father to return home so he could kill him. vick le, 7 news. alameda county judge ordered 12 occupy protestors to stay away from oakland city
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hall. 12 protestors among those arrested in saturday night violent demonstration outside frank ogawa plaza. 4 defendants charged with felony. 8 with misdemeanor. district attorney requested the stay away order saying she will not tolerate people who come to oaklan with an organized strategy to riot, vandalize and clash with police. in the bay area across the country federal investigators targeted 100 people all accused of trying to steal more than 1 billion dollars in tax refunds. 1 billion dollars. search warrants were served on 4 locations locally. those warrants are sealed but we do have criminal complaints filed against 3 people arrested in sacramento. those 3 are accused of stealing 7 28,000 dollars in tax refunds. pros cawtors say they stole identity and filed refund using turbo tax. refund were obtained by the way of debit cards and mailed to the same 3 addresses. fourth person was arrested in roseville. as of tomorrow
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redevelopment is a thing of the past in california. funds often used by cities to build special projects must now be forwarded to sacramento. in oakland it has forced a city to and plans for waterfront ballpark for the a's. tonight t annette reports on one element of redevelopment that actually might be saved. >> just few steps from the state capitol the k street mall one of hundreds of economic development projects state wide that will stop in its tracks when 400 redevelopment agency shut down february 1st. local government are upset a tool that brought revitalization and jobs to california blighted areas is vanishing. >> the need for transit oriented development affordable housing infrastructure jobs is as acute today as it has ever been. >>reporter: shut down of redevelopment agency is part of governor brown plan to save the
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state money. critic say redevelopment has become a subsidy for developers at taxpayer expense building malls and sports stadium and arain a instead of funding schools, roads and other vital needs. >> the 6 billion dollars a year which they were siphoning away especially from school districts is no longer sustai sustainable. state is broke. we can no longer afford this kind of expensive corporate welfare redevelopment has become ix for public schools the mav means they receive 1 billion dollars a year more. brown administration says city and county can still count on more than 500 million dollars that can make up for a portion of lost redevelopment money. >> general purpose revenue above and beyond what they are already getting with no string attached. if they weren't to use it for economic development they can. >>reporter: when the doors to redevelopment close thousands of government jobs will also dispaivrment i do affordable housing and i love what i do. i think my job is very important. so it's difficult. >>reporter: senate just approved a measure that would
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allow communities to spend about 1 billion and a half dollars they have left in affordable housing funds. it's unmostly clear whether assembly and governor will sign off. still after that money is gone, rae development agencies will satisfies to exist in california. in sacramento, annette, abc 7 news. much more to get to this last day in january. reputation and ranking. >> i'm really disappointed that that ended up happening. >> cheating scandal at top tier california college. this time it is not the students but the school. >> february 1st will feature a change in the weather. i'll let you know how long you need the umbrella coming up. >> thanks. also we go understood the it up el as crew lay the roadway where you will eventually drive. stay with lay the roadway where you will eventually drive. stay with us.
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don't you want that? i...i suppose. now go make your dad and me proud. try something funny. [ male announcer ] now everyone's up to speed. get high speed internet for $14.95 a month for 12 months with a one year term. at&t. >> alert tonight for the san mateo county sheriff's office. asking the public to be on the look out for missing special needs student. he was last seen today at 11:30 in the morning at this college in redwood city. now he is 20 years old but has the mental capacity pairly of a 12-year-old so he needs help. last seen wearing a black and white sweatshirt and gray basketball shorts and wears glasses. he's an asian male as you can see. four feet 10 inches tall. about 200 pounds
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with black hair and brown eyes. he's believed to be on foot. anyone who has seep the young man is asked to please call 911 medley. fbi is investigating possible fraud at the san pablo campus of cocoa college. student tipped off police she got financial aid that she never applied for. authorities are concerned there is a net work of fraud within the system and they are new checking it out. mean time cheating scandal erupted at one of america most elite private colleges. clairemont mckenna in southern california and not the students who are cheating but the administration. trying to boost the school ranking. as l we report, the scandal is raising new questions about the value of those rankings. >>reporter: at declare mont college students live by a code of honor but today educators at the liberal arts college outside los angeles admitted they were the whouns had been cheating. for 6 years the school submitted false data to the critical u.s. news world
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report lying about the average math reading sat scores of the students. inflating them by 10 to 20 points each. >> there's violation of trust. people in this country think that colleges and universities are supposed to be pillar in our society. >>reporter: u.s. news a tool depend on by family had been ranking clairemont mckenna in the top 10 of liberal arts college in the entire country. today cheating scandal could change that. today students there who pay aerial tuition of more than 55,000 dollars were trying to come to terms with what the school had done. >> a little embarrassing for the school. >>reporter: do you think it's a double stand arrested. >> yes definitely. they should be held to the high level as well. >>reporter: why would a school cheat? experts say every notch school can rise in the rankings is critical. >> prestige matter to the college. what they get in the end are better students. they attract better faculty. they attract more money. >>reporter: more money from proud alumni eager to give. but while millions of students
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and family rely on ranking lis list, to make that crucial college choice, it turns out publication like u.s. news rely on universities to be honest. >> it's impossible to really check to see what the schools are reporting and so oftentimes you don't see out right lying on the numbers but you see some instance stawtions trying to game the system. >>reporter: school blames the entire incident on one bad administrator who has been fired. they said in a letter to students and staff that they take this situation very seriously. and that they will conduct an independent investigation. but tonight a college that prides itself on teaching the students is it self learning a valuable lesso lesson. abc news, clairemont, california. weather forecast spencer is off tonight but sandy is here and she's watching some rain. not a lot of it but rain at least. >> that's right. at least it's something. right. we get some moisture out of this next system that is coming tomorrow. it's not going to really make
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a huge difference in terms of where we are standing at this point. but we take anything at this point. right. >> we are desperate. >> so december president. we are at around 30 to 54 percent of normal so really behind february typically tends to be a very wet month here in the bay area. this is not going to be a big storm but it is expected to bring rain for the morning commute. from high definition emeryville camera interstate 80. the cloud are out there. but the rain will soon follow. it's not here yet. as you look at live doppler 7 hd the rain up to our northwest. northwest portion of california crescent city picking up heavy rain right now. it's raining right now around eureka a and heading down to the fort bragg late onville area. get here for the morning commute. temperatures in the 40's and the 50's. hear are the highlights. patches of fog out there. mostly cloudy. chance of light showers tomorrow. most of them will fall during the morning hours and look at cry mild weather into the weekend so we are back into a dry pattern after
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tomorrow. here's system that is going to produce at least possibility of some showers. it's a weak front. we just have a lot of cloud cover out ahead of the front. what will happen is we'll continue to see the clouds gathering and thickening. by morning some showers move in to the north bay 5 am for the commute but then the rain lane begins to shift and you start to notice wet pavement around the bay also down towards the san mateo county coast line at 7:00 o'clock. front doesn't hold together very well l but the moisture is there drizzle or lit showers for the morning and then that the early afternoon there could be some lingering showers in the east bay to south bay and down toward the monterey bay. grab umbrella and have them handy you will likely need them in the morning tomorrow and afternoon depending on where you are. spotty light rain is expected. less than 5 hundredths inch of rain really not terribly impressive in terms of the amount of moisture we are expected to get. not a big storm. just enough to mess up the morning commute. >> morning low will be in the 40's. with the cloud cover
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holding the temperatures up and the afternoon high right around where you should be this time of year. 57 in richmond. half moon bay. 59 san mateo o. san rafael. san francisco 58 clear lake. low 60's for santa rose, napa out to valet had concord. fremont 60 degrees. palo alto san jose 61 and around the bay you are looking at temperatures ranging from 57 in monterey to 62 degrees in morgan hill. this is where the showers may linger into the afternoon. accu-weather 7 day forecast chances of lit showers tomorrow. followed by ground hog day. what's the prediction dan? >> puxatawnee phil. >> seriously. hopefully no more winter but upper 50's to mid 60's for our rain and then milder heading in the weekend near 70 degrees by sunday dan. >> hard to believe. we are in fichbility february is typically a very wet month for news we'll see. >> thanks very much. >> come up. cal-trans mark
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>> after much speculation reports say facebook will file a preliminary i p o tomorrow. latest reports has it raising 5 billion dollars. so we shall see. >> highway 1 devil slide tunnel just months away now from completion. long awaited bypass on the land slide road section of highway 1 between pacifica and a half man bay is in the mid of major milestone on track for december opening. transportation reporter heather went inside for a good look around today. >> the tunnel portal looked nearly completed. south bound
9:24 pm
roadway is nearly finished. it needed straiping. northbound tunnel the cement surface is poured halfway. >> i would like to think of this as the last of the major milestone pouring the 0roadway. we have smaller jobs to do after this. >>reporter: man and machine work together to pour and cure a 9 inch thick layer of concrete. each tunnel has one lane. 12 feet wide. 2 foot shoulder on the left and 8 foot shoulder on the right which doubles as a bike lane. the original budget of 2 72 million balloon to 4 39 million all of it federal emergency relief funds. cal-trans says the praise tag went up because of surprise in the mountain. >> before we start the tunnel we did a lot of core samples to find out what the geological conditions would be in the mountain. and we pretty much found those conditions. the problem is they changed much more frequently than expected. >>reporter: bridge and tunnel should be a reliable route
9:25 pm
along the coast between pacifica and monterra unlike the current highway 1 which is chronically closed as the cliff crumble above and beneath it. >> really just for the community basically to bypass the difficult roadway out on the coast and for vehicles now to have a much safer travel through through the mountains. >>reporter: the tunnel should be open to traffic at the end of this year. then the old highway 1 will be open to hik hikers and bikers. heather, abc 7 news. >> mexican museum has been put on coveted list that will bring artwork from the world largest museum to san francisco. representative from the smithsonian institution no less came to fort mason to grant status and that men they will loan artwork and provide expertise to the museum once it manufactures that the new home at yurba buena gardens itch as we enter the new building we have at least 40,000 square
9:26 pm
feet in which to finally be able to show the permanent collection that is comprised of over 14,000 work of art. >>reporter: ground breaking new building expected to take place next year. mexican museum the first instant stew us in san francisco to be granted affiliate status by the smithsonian. >> more tonight. when we continues the critical information withheld from construction workers at site in milpitas. information that could have saved thousands of he workers on the picket line in the bay area. they say it is the biggest strike kaiser has ever seen. >> stand with the people of syria or become accomplice it. we all have a choice. >> and secretary of state hillary clinton goes to the united nations to make the case for global condemnation of syria. another half hour of for global condemnation of syria. another half hour of news begins near just a moment.
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>> good evening once again. we have learned tonight that relatives watched in horror as a carpenter was buried alive on a milpitas construction site saturday. they frantically tried to save the man from hayward. city was so concerned about safety violations it had issued a stop work order three days earlier. more tonight from corrina. >>reporter: raul's family gave us this picture and were in tars when they talked to us off camera. raul brother cousin and nephew were all working at the milpitas construction site where raul was buried alive when the earth caved in on him on saturday. many of the construction workers told us they are from mexico and undocumented. they also say they never knew the city considered the construction site unsafe. they are grieving and cal/osha is investigating.
9:31 pm
>> this is the situation has tha has nothing to do with immigration status. they have the right to work in app area that is safe. had a has the sufficient protection in order for them to work safely. >>reporter: the top building inspector for milpitas says building permit for the 5800 square foot home was issued in august of last year. there were a number of inspections including one on january 17th in which the contractor was given a correction list. on wednesday the city issued a stop work order and on saturday the unsafe conditions proved deadly. members of the building trade are outraged. >> it's clear that this person had no regard for their employees. to continue a job after getting a stop notice like this the was just absolutely appalling. >>reporter: general contractor on the permit application is u.s. sign investment ink with richard lou as ceo and president. he list a number of project around fremont including this home on washington boulevard and this
9:32 pm
one on austin street. homeowner says her friend richard lou is a well respected real estate agent and contractor. she did not weren't to appear on camera. >> he's knowledgeable about the building house and the house quality. >>reporter: according to the contractor state license board the license for u.s. sign investment is active but we found another problem. the company has no worker compensation insurance. which means it could not legally employ any workers. milpitas site remains shut down. >> order prohibiting use is still in effect so investigations by statute, cal/osha has up to 6 months to complete. >>reporter: richard lou has not returned our call and we have information he may in china where he has extensive business dealings. raul's family is preparing to return his body to mexico where he lived with his wife and 3 daughters. in milpitas, abc 7 news. bay area sausage company is
9:33 pm
being fined 700,000 dollars for accidentally releasing poison gas into the air sending 17 workers at nearby company to the hospital. today fine by the epa there were 2 separate accidents in 2009 at the south san francisco facility at columbus manufacturing well known for the salami product. epa officials claim design flaw at the plant release of gas used for refrig asian. they will spebd 6 million dollars to make the system safer. >> we appreciate everything that columbus has done but it's not enough to regain the public trust so they will have to pay a third party order doing those inspections and making sure the safety procedures are in place. >> in a statement to abc 7 news columbus foods said it takes the safety of the employee and surrounding community very seriously. employee at kaiser say one day strike today was a success.
9:34 pm
others say it fizzled out. workers protest new contract for one of the unions. here's don sanchez. pishtion noisy reaction to proposal for new contract between kaiser permanente and the union representing mental health and optical employee. health care workers claim it's about patient care. wages. retirement take away. >> not only said no to those issues but they then introduced a series of draconian cuts to the benefits plan. >> we have made our first best attempt at placing something on the table that we think is appropriate and we haven't gotten a response from them. >>reporter: claims of quality of care issue are not true. health care workers got added support with a sympathy strike from the 17,000 members of the calf nurses association and stationary engineers. but kaiser tells us 66 percent of its nurses crossed the picket line. they brought in traveling nurses to keep the facilities fully staffed. >> i can't complain. compares.
9:35 pm
>>reporter: her husband has been in the hospital for a month. she says there were replacement nurses today. >> i have not seen them before. i have seen just about even one time or another since it started so there's traveling nurses and they are attentive and they come in and check on him. >>reporter: it's about money who gets what and where it goes. >> this is a company that earned 5.6 billion dollars in 2009. >>reporter: kaiser says the last one day strike in september cost him 14 million dollars. uc sf labor economist says what is happening here reflects the economy. >> when the economy is good it's relatively easy for yawn to get good wage packages and good benefit package. now is when there is a lot of financial pressure for them to reduce the financial packages. >>reporter: because the economy is weak there is no lock out. they go back to work tomorrow. there will be bargaining session come february. now kaiser says it was bit surprised by the
9:36 pm
sympathy strike because the nurses have a no strike dmraws their contract and they are going to take this to court to make sure it doesn't happen again. in oakland, abc 7 news. drivers quit searching for missing people in the submerged part of the italy cruise ship. they say it's too dangerous at this point. footage of the ship unwater is pretty erie. bike hanging from the rack. desolate hallway and furniture strup about. 17 bodies have been recovered. 16 people are listed as missing but are of course presumed dead at this point. that includes a couple from minnesota. carnival cruise which owner the ship that went aground says the boo bookings dropped off significantly since this tragedy. well the quantityed nation security council is meeting to consider a rest logs demanding syrian president assad stop his violent crack down on protest and give up power. russia is signaling it will veto the measure. secretary of state hillary clinton therefore wept to new york to represent the
9:37 pm
u.s. in united nation ins person. here's scott gold ber berg. about. >>reporter: these are some of the bloodiest day in syria since rebel began the uprising 10 months ago. army roll noose rebel stronghold around damascas in what the u.s. calls a brutal attack by the syrian government against its own people the world top diplomat are trying to figure out what to do about it. >> we all have a choice. stand with the people of syria and the region or become accomplice it in the continuing violence there. >>reporter: united nation secretary of state hillary clinton is representing the u.s. herself at meeting of the security council. the goal is passing a rest logs calling for syrian president assad toen the violence and leave office but that is easier said than done. >> russia would not that would impose on the syrian. >>reporter: russia has the power to veto the resolution and says the rest of the world
9:38 pm
has no business taking sides. removing assad russia says would lead to civil war. . others clearly are taking sides. france foreign minister said assad has blood on his hands. but one way or another u.s. intelligence director jim clapper and cia director petraeus said dictator days are numbered. >> i personally believe it's a question of time before assad falls. >> secretary clinton goes out of her way to say syria is not another libya and there should be a political solution not a military one. un says 5400 people have died in syria since the uprising began. this the is abc news, new york. more to bring you tonight through cancer and chemo as we continue a football player keeps his focus and rae minds us all that there is more to life than the game. >> plus major facelift begins life than the game. >> plus major facelift begins on san francisco waterfront.
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>> am immediate police are hoping the public can help them nab a bike thief. these are pictures of a guy stealing a bike on oak street next to the movie theater if you know the area. all locked up. didn't stop this guy. bike was appall frank brand model like this on one. with more people peddling around these days police say they have seen an increase in bike theft. but they would like to catch this thief. san francisco broke ground today on a new 92 million dollar cruise terminal. mayor lee and other city leaders kicked off the transformation of pier 27. mayor says project is adding 600 jobs with crews demolishing old shed on the pier to clear the way for state of the art passenger terminal. large complex will also be used for america cup activity that start later this year and runs through september of next year.
9:43 pm
>> this the is a world class international event we are hos hosting. but it is also important legacy that we are stabbing with the cross ship terminal on the oakland plaza. >> cruise ship contribute 40 million dollars to the city economy each year and backers of the project set the economic impact of the america cup at 1 billion dollars. well, talk about a feel good football story. mark is 6 foot 4 240 pounds but the ridiculousie lane backer preparing to play in the biggest game of his life. few years ago at the top of his gain and fame as college senior he was diagnosed with bone cancer. his prognosis really quit grim at the time. but after months of chemo radiation and grueling physical therapy he vowed to come roaring back. and last night he tweeted this. 2 years ago i was told i might never walk again. just walked off a plane in i saidy to play in the superbowl. and today he
9:44 pm
had this to say on the field. >> i think for anyone to come to the sawp bowl and chance to play in the superbowl is a dream and after my dream was shattered so many times i took that as a challenge and to walk off that plane in indianapolis for the superbowl, you know, dream come true. >>reporter: mark. no matter which team you rat for somebody to cheer for on superbowl sunday. >> just ahead tonight. what may the best thing since sliced bread. >> plus why micro wave ruin everything. stay with us. >> plus why micro wave ruin everything. stay with us. news at 9
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>> well get ready for oscar sunday for the best video blog and buzz experience the oscars starting now on check it out when you get a moment. >> well the no talking rule may
9:48 pm
have been in place today at san jose main library but no singing rule was not. ♪ how about that voice. that's one of the cast members of opera san jose delighting a crowd at martin luther king jr. librar library. opera was offering a free preview of its upcoming season which begins february 11th. this was selection from the first production. what a nasty treat for everyone there at the library. >> let's go back up date the weather forecast. sandy is here. warm sunny weather. >> yes. especially if you like it mild. precht other than tomorrow the rest of the week is going to be dry and mild. tomorrow we sea some morning showers. few lingering showers into the afternoon. temperatures in the upper 50's to the low 60's. 61 palo alto. san jose. also out towards fairfield. 62 in concord. 60 oakland. vallejo. santa rosa 62 degrees upper 50's for san francisco and a half moon bay.
9:49 pm
here's look at the accu-weather 7 day forecast make sure you have umbrella handy especially for the morning hours that's when we expect most of the showers to fall. ground hog day feature drying out trend and it's really dry and mild by february standard dan rate on through early next week. i don't see any major storms coming our way. could see some wet weather by the middle of next week. but at this point we wait to see if the ground hog sees his schaad oychlt thanks very much. >> now to golden oldie not talking about music. joan and fred are laying claim to owning the oldest working toaster in britain. they got the aplains as wedding gift in 1953. look how cute they are. they say it works like new. it is made by murphy richard a company still in business. i should build a toaster that last for 60 years you ought to still be in business. >> toaster to make row wave an not put in them this grill made a video showing exactly what happens when non-micro waveable
9:50 pm
items like egg, soap and light bulb get nuked. restaurant wanted to remind customers that the chain has a strict no nuclear policy. inagreed gentleman are fresh unlake competitors. they also want publicity of course. several micro wave video it launch on you tube viewed more than 1 million times. >> all right. there you go. slow motion too. larry here with sports. >> we do that in the sports department a lot. >> break room. >> kids will not stop. they think it's hilarious. intern out of control. >> in case they didn't get it. >> i tell they will watch the warrior game. blowing up light bulb. i don't know. the ballots of northern california. warriors versus kings. both teams hungry for a win. warriors versus kings. both teams hungry for a win. warriors beat their old boss
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>> come up tonight at 11:00. east bay city that wants its money. why berkeley is considering taking hundreds of millions of dollars out of wells fargo.
9:54 pm
>> and decoding your brain waves. berkeley scientist find a way to see what you are thinking. those stories and more coming up at 11 over on channel 7. >> now let's see what larry is up to. >> i don't think we want to know. >> easy because not a lot of brain wave activity to follow. beep. beep. very slochlt warriors welcome back their old friend keith long time goalen state coach now guiding sacramento contention. beth teams hungry to find wins. almost identical records. 6 and 14. warriors 6 and 12. heart to heart with coach jackson inspired early. defense. up the court to curr curry. to wright. throwing down. back and forth. rainbow 3. 44-36 kings. if get the weak stuff out of here. ahead to striking right. behind the back david lee. chew back a.
9:55 pm
rush. knock down 3. 57 percent for the year. 72-68 warriors. fourth quarter was rush hour. another 3. warriors up 12. and the warriors hang on to win it fired up. 93-90 the final score. shark blue jacket. don't want to be a referee. he took the puck to the mid section. falls on the back and whiplash. ouch. first game back president all star break for the squads. first period. marlow in front. no. 18 on the year 1 nothing. an drew battle on the board. puck finds thornton not once but it was. at home. 9th of the year. 2 nothing san jose. to the second joe with a shot. just in the blue line. nasty angle as it deflects off derek. all shark tonight. they are now leading in the third. 6-nil. new twist on superbowl media day. fans were allowed in to
9:56 pm
wendy burch thousands of reporters swarm the patriots and giants. nfl squeezing every dollar out of this game. watch us to do interview. >> pay to let you watch us tal talk. everybody gathered at lock as oil stadium. kind of like tv actually. this is turning into a circus. alleged reporters dressing up in costume. this i think is the way i'll start doing my interview. first dance with the subject. under a disco ball. i get limbo. >> nothing if not flexible. >> perhaps some football was discussed. >> i'll make sure i don't throw any interceptions. make sure i play try to play really well. they are a good team. i think that's why they are here. they force knew a lot of mistakes. but we can't go out there and make mistake and expect to win. >> we say just another game. we understand that it is the superbowl but we also not going to change our approach. it has been working for us the last 6
9:57 pm
weeks why change it. >> parade of san jose. tomorrow brady try to join brad shaw montana to within 4 superbowl. mike sat down with tom's father as you can expect he could not be more proud of his son. >> we are tickled that he's having the success he has. it is just dent get old by the way. >> would you have ever thought when he was growing up as a gangly skinny tall kid that this would have been his future. >> no. >> doesn't leave this ramp but i'm the son of god tom brady has to be the guy's nephew, all right. i have miracle worker. okay. >> he as said on saturday nature live maybe he is the nephew or the grandson of god because he is has been rewarded and good things have happened. he's been kind of sprinkled with some gold dust. >> brad shaw montana only 2 quarterback in the history of the gym to have 4 superbowl rings. if tom wins this is his
9:58 pm
fourth and i know montana was one of the idol growing up. so i think tom would really enjoy joining this class. >> he would. joe, joe is the top of the pan thee on of great quarterback and tom to be in the same conversation of being something special contained of makes dad feel real good. it's a big big mount to climb because giants are going to be very tough. we were this close the last time. >> tom only lost a superbowl not revenge but this game is a little revenge match up. >> well just another opportunity. we don't have many times these opportunities are going to keep knocking on the door to notch that. you put everything in that you can put into it. the question is is that going to be enough to get the reward that you want. >> tom is really playing against the best competition. ever been in the league. so if he were to win his fourth he
9:59 pm
might be considered the best of all time. what does that make you feel. >> humble. that's pretty special. >> last question. prediction. i see patriots win in 37-35. >> wow! >> high scoring game. >> new raiders head coach allen first big decision. saunders not coming back as offensive coordinator. job guess to naacp familiar on both sides of the bay. previously served as offensive coordinator for and previously worked with allen with the atlanta falcons. >> you give me a disco ball and i'll do an interview for you. >> do it dan. do it. >> whole newsroom wants to did that. that's this edition of 7 news at 9:00 on tv 20 for all of us here, don't do this at home. no melon in the make wave. see you at 11:00 on


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