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tv   ABC7 News at 9 on KOFY  KOFY  February 13, 2012 9:00pm-10:00pm PST

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developing story tonight at least 2 people shot in vallejo. child is among the victims. now it happened outside in the middle of a shopping district on springs road. helicopter air-lifted the chilled to children hospital. oakland just short time ago. want to get the latest from allen in vallejo live with the story. allen? >>reporter: all of springs road at maple here in vallejo is closed. apparently this entire area from this shopping center across the street to the parking lot is a crime scene. witnesses say at least 2 people were wounded including a young boy who was air-lifted to children hospital in oakland. the glass window of the shopping center show the signs of what appears to be a running gun battle. 5 bullet hole in the domino pizza alone. across the street investigators examine 2 cars that had their window shot out. traumatized beautician says she was with a client and her daughter when at least 15 shots rang out. >> scared. that's all i can
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say i'm sorry. >> were the shots coming from inside the store. >> i don't know. outside i heard them from inside then it got louder and louder so i got on the floor and protected my baby that's all i could do. >>reporter: sounds like they were targeting your store. >> no. i'm pretty sure not. i'm pretty sure not i'm just would going. >>reporter: it just happened there was a gun fight out in front. >> right. i just got on the into that's all i could do. y ya. >>reporter: this happened around 7:30 this evening while some of the shops were closing so not too many people out her here. we are still waiting for vallejo police to show up and confirm information for us we are getting from witnesses so right now still trying to gather information. again springs road at maple is closed down tonight. this area its a crime scene. police looking at 2 cars shot up along with several store fronts shot one many bullet hole at least 15 shots. reporting live in vallejo, abc okay thanks ver
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sheriff's deputy found more bone fragment along with other hum an remains as they continue digging on land where convicted serial killer claims the 10 bodies are buried. in san joaquin county. so far deputy dug 45 feet beneath the ground in lyndon near lodi. they must sift through 34 different piles of dirt to find any human remains or other evidence. ongoing search there is being closely watched by the family of missing east bay girl. 9-year-old many girl was abducted from hayward in 1988. convicted killer wesley sherman says his partner lauren was responsible for her disappearance but the mom tells us today that she doesn't buy that. and she's holding out hope that remains pulled from the mass grave don't belong to her daughter. >> i still continue to believe that she's not among the bones but it is something that hangs over your head until resolved one way or the other. >>reporter: none of the remains has been linked to the
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girl and the case has never gone cold. j.c. dugard case gives her renewed hope that mykala could one day come home. remember j.c. was found aleif after 18 years in captivity. vandalism spree at east bay high school is causing real outrage tonight. building at this elementary school in richmond was just set to open and then hit by vandal and thieves. wait until you see what they did. story tonight from laura anthony. >>reporter: 4 million dollar project was nearly completed. brand new auditorium here. now everything that was new and clean and ready to go for school kids and one of richmond poorest neighborhood is ruined. >> i just walked through this with a teach every would who had tears in her eyes because pl she couldn't believe somebody would do this to her kids. >> and now the money that was spent to improve the school is just thrown away because a few
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punl civil mined people have decided to ruin all the hard work that has been put into it. >>reporter: the new auditorium now has paint splattered all over the window. door and floors. 20 gallon the main there are of the building. dozens of windows inside and out somewhat weird huge rock. graffiti spread throughout. alarm system and other electronic were smashed. and the carpet and floors soaked when the vandal broke the pipes and let hundreds of gallons of water flood the building. >> somebody who has some ax to grind. there's a motive here. this is not some small group of mischievious children who decided to come in and steal a few items. there's extensive damage here and it's really big set back. >>reporter: richmond police think the vandalism occurred sunday afternoon and given the accident of it they don't believe it was committed by just one person. >> the people that were in there definitely knew that they
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wanted to destroy the stuff that was in there. not ruling anybody out. we are looking at financial gain. looking at disgruntled employee. looking at possibility of kids. >>reporter: these are the giant fans they brought in. part of the issue is that the vandal flooded the auditorium purposely. used hose to spread water all over the brand new floor. this is not only an auditorium and stage. this is always building that houses several class rooms and a library. it was set to open in just two weeks. and now with all the damage it may not open for several months. in richmond, abc 7 news. >> independent group now audited apple chinese supplier after request by apple to do s so. apple revealed a list of its i-phone and i pad suppliers for the first time last month amid growing critism over labor and environmental practices. there have been a series of workers suicide at apple chinese supplier. findings expected next month from the fair labor association, group that
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advocates for improving labor practices. well in the mean time apple now the most valuable company on the planet. silicon valley hottest company is doing it again today, too. setting a new stock market milestone. apple stock was up 9 points today closing for the first time above 500 dollars a share. corina reports from palo alto tonight where a lot of people still see the stock going even higher. >>reporter: it may raining but people who own apple stock are smiling even laughing. >> i believe it was about 15 at that time. >>reporter: at 502 dollars apple stock is setting a new record and still giving financial advisors trons like it. >> what i am more interested in is the quality of apple earnings compared to the current price and from that standpoint still a relatively well valued company. >>reporter: with the popularity of i pad and i phones apple revenue are up 73 percent from a year ago and the soaring stock price reflecting
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that phenomenal growth. up 40 percent since last february and gaining 500 percent from 5 years ago. today you could say people have non-buyers remorse. >> i wish i bought the stock at 300. wish i bought it at 400. >>reporter: apple troubsed exxon mobile as most valuable company in the world with the market value now worth 17 percent more than exxon. >> apple clearly has a halo around it. huge interest in apple but when they screw up, they also get a lot of publicity about the screw up. >>reporter: one bruise comes from working conditions in china where apple products are made. apple announced ka it asked fair labor association to start conducting special voluntary audit of the assembly suppliers. that news brought demonstrators to the palo alto store. >> maybe responding now to public out cry. we don't want the public to forget or apple to forget because they made a
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start but it's kind of in their best interest to do this. >>reporter: as stock climbs, though, even apple clouds have a silver lining. >> next quarterer i can see it going to 600. >>reporter: you are going to beat. i think i'll buy for shishtion i pad product expected out early next month and then next year a new i-phone. the value waition could hit half trillion dollars very soon. this is abc 7 news. google won approval for bi biggest acquisition in the history in europe. the purchase of motorola mobility which makes many of the android phones still needs an okay in the united states and in china. >> 2 earthquake in the past 24 hours. biggest was magnitude 5.6. hit about 30 miles northeast of eureka a after 1 this afternoon. local grosser said it was quite a shaker, too. only few things fell off the shelves. another earthquake this one 4.4 hit
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about 9:00 o'clock last night north of santa rosa. no damage of any significance at all. >> from earthquake to snow check out the pictures from the observatory atop mount hamilton in the south bay. looks almost like the sierra. pretty wild stuff. workers got out the shovel in order to clear some of the walkways today. so. >> will we see any more snow and rain. spencer that is for us. >> here in the forecast center where things are lacking dry for now but there is more rain coming our way. show you when to expect the arrival in my forecast coming up shortly. >> thanks. also ahead supreme court justice brier is rob by an intruder armed with a machetee. >> also. the death of whitney houston and the local connection of her first chart toppingal wum to the bay area. >> traffic and parking major things. >> and neighbors knee versus big buck. balancing act for money making concert series.
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stay with us. news at 9:00 money making concert series. stay with us. news at 9:00 continues
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>> quite a scare for supreme court justice brier. he came face to face with a machetee when a man broke into his home last week. he was vacationing on the caribbean island where
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brier owner a home. brier his wife and 2 other guests were there at the time. now the robber got away with 1,000 dollars in cash but the good news is no one was hurt. body of whitney houston arrived in new jersey just short time ago. plane owned by actor producer tyler perry carried remains of the grammy winning singer. plane towed inside one one of the hangar for privacy. 48-year-old discovered unconscious in a bath tub at the beverly hills hotel on saturday as you heard. foul play not suspected. small amount of prescription drugs was reported to have been found with her body. toxicology results may take weeks. funeral is expected to be held later this week. >> much of whitney had you stop early creativity was forged right here in the bay area. this is where she recorded her first album. arts entertainment reporter don sanchez with more on the local connection. >> you captain believe it. don't want to blythe. >>reporter: guitarist played
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on several of heral pwuments including the sound track of the body guard that brought us this hit. that album was proud and won him a grammy. he recorded many early hits in his san rafael studio. >> good together because both understand high energy. whitney is a very sensitive fire ball. and she's diva. very cool. very cold front kept diva and gorgeous. stunning. >> she was just so big hearted and bright spirited. >>reporter: he was speaking at the sum tonight san francisco. it's about music and technolog technology. but she's remembering the quiet times. hanging out with whitney and simply talking. he will miss that. >> you know that's the main thing that i love about her to this day and forever is she's
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just a sweet hear. and a beautiful, bright spirit. >>reporter: tony bennett who sings in san francisco tomorrow shares in the loss. >> it's terrible. she was just had a god given gift of being a magnificent singer and great artist. >>reporter: she will be remembered for that voice but personal problem detoured her career and fascinated the public. yet music journalist says we are for giving. >> they love the tabloid stuff. love when artist rise and then fall but i think in her case she was a sweet heart of americans and i think that people still look kindly on he her. great whitney houston is someone who needs to be treasured and adored and loved. for the great things she did for our world. >>reporter: she will be in a film later this year called sparkle. and supposed to be her come back film. about a family dealing with drug addiction. in the newsroom, abc 7 news. such a shame. so talented.
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move on to the weather forecast. spencer is here. weird pictures on mount hamilton today. >> 4 inches of snoychlt fair amount of rain. >> good soaking of rain. not so much but for the most part it was a wet day. here's a live view right now from our high definition east bay camera in emeryville west across along the bay bridge towards san francisco. skies mainly clear right now and here's a look at live doppler 7 hd picking up no rain fall in the bay area at the moment so our showers are over for now but look terrain fall total. had inch and third at ben lo man. nearly 3500 in san francisco. 4 tenths in mill valley. 11/100ths in oakland and just 8/100ths in livermore. you can see widely varying rainfall total but some location received quite good dose of rainfall. temperatures generally in the upper 40's. in fact down to 40 already at livermore and 37 at fairfield. most location still readings in the 40's. going to get chilly
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in some spots tonight. clear and chilly cold in some spots other night. breezy cool tomorrow more showers will develop tomorrow night. now we do have a high surf advisory in effect until 3:00 o'clock tomorrow afternoon. northwest swell. 12 to 14 feet. in fact we have some wave height up to 19 feet so you can see the wave heights are moving up there. strong rip current are possible william this high surf condition. look at satellite radar composite image showing the low pressure system that brought us today's showers that system is now out of our area. we are in the process of a little bit of a clearing trend which will last for a day. then this next frontal system comes in tomorrow tonight and that will bring us more rainfall. start our forecast animation at 8:00 o'clock tomorrow evening at which point rain developing up in mendocino county then during the overnight hours tomorrow night front come on through and bring some showers into early wednesday morning and then by 6:00 o'clock wednesday morning showers will be out of here and we have at least a partly sunny
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day on wednesday sought next spot of rainfall basically be overnight event. overnight this fooit night low pressure will drop in the low to mid 30's at napa and santa rosa over at livermore. low of 35. 36 at morgan hill. it's going to be pretty cold in some of the inland location but right around the bay near the coast low pressure will be mainly in the low 40's and then tomorrow high temperature will reach only into the upper 50's for the most part although santa rosa could top out at about 60 degrees. so could palo alto but we look at mainly upper 50's tomorrow under partly cloudy to mostly sunny skies and to the south monteray bay similar range of high. 58 degrees watsonville, gilroy morgan hill. accu-weather 7 day forecast. i mention showers tomorrow night by the way tomorrow valentine's day. don't forget. sunny and mild conditions on thursday and friday. but on each of the next three days saturday sunday and monday there is a slight chance of showers. not talking about continuous rainfall or heavy rain just slight chance of showers each of the three
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days. >> i know this rain didn't do a whole lot for our reservoir situation but it helped. >> it helped is that few more week like this inch up closer to normal level. >> thanks very much. >> the hair apparent why the future leader of china ace going to visit iowa before he heads to california. >> get ready for the academy awards. oscar sunday is february 26. under two week away now on abc 7. predict the winners and latest buzz right now though at also down load the exclusive oscar app for i-phone and i-pad. check that out. back here on app for i-phone and i-pad. check that out. back here on the news at 9:00 in
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yoe. >> turns out a russian submarine did have nuclear on board that caught on fire last
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year. it was carried missile when engulfed in flames. at the time officials said the weapons had been unloaded. reports say russia was one step away from the largest catastrophe since chernobyl. israel is blaming iran for 2 bombings on the embassy in india and former soviet republic of georgia. the attack injured 4 people including the wife office israeli ambassador. she noticed a motorcyclist ride up and stick something on the car that appeared to be magnetic device this was in new delhi. car exploded and caught fire. a bomb was planted on a car belonging to the is israeli embassy. it was diffused safely. iran denies responsibility. announcement from china about the orphan. the children will no longer have the words state or party as their last names. orphanage gave kids the generic surname but officials now acknowledge that those names peg them as orphans for life an often left them feeling marginal in the country.
9:25 pm
man destined to become the next leader 0of china arrive in the you today's ahead of meeting with president obama tomorrow. the president and vice president ping will likely talk about this country trade definite swit china and military buildup in china. >> this will be an opportunity for the leaders of both country to really sit down and talk about our differences but really focus on the common interest both united states and china have. >>reporter: later this week he will stop in iowa. he was there in 1985 actually to learn about hog farming. a bond that has lasted 27 years. >> had a warmth about him. he seemed curious. real leader. the fact that he could come back and he remembered our people there, i was excited for iowa. >> iowa is an important factor in the world. we are discuss not a small community or a small state in the midwest united states. >> after iowa he heads to los angeles and beside meeting with
9:26 pm
business leaders there, there is some talk that he may actually take in a lakers game. >> when news at 9 continues tonight. cargo ship slams into the bay bridge in heavy fog. >> miscommunication that i felt was the center. >> recordings obtained by the 7 news i team reveal for the first time what happened that day after a major oil spill on the bay. >> also the chance to get in on the ground floor of the empire state building. stay with us. another half hour of ne
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>> this is the bridge. i would like to call ate glancing blow but definitely damage.
9:30 pm
>> pilot of cargo ship that describes one of the biggest disaster ever on san francisco bay. >> good evening again. 53,000 gallons of fuel oil spilled into the bay that day and you heard the pilot chuckle about it. tonight for the first time you hear exactly what happens as the ship slams into the bay bridge with such disaster results. dan and i team with story only on 7 news. >>reporter: fog very thick that november morning. the ship recorder catches bar pilot giving orders to the ship chinese crew. >> if crew expressed concerns about low visibility and looked like somebody put a bed sheet over the ship window. but the
9:31 pm
ship captain and his crew did not raise any concerns with the call sign unit romeo. the plan was fully loaded 900 container ship would pass between these 2 bay bridge towers. delta and the echo. i took the same throughout a simulator at the california maritime academy. i'm out there on the water and i see this huge opening and i think it can't be that hard. let's increase the level of difficulty here mike. now try to figure out where you are. >>reporter: for some reason he loses confidence in the ship radar so he turns to the electronic chart. you can see the channel and the bridge but he has difficulty recognizing a common symbol. red triangle. >> what are these red oh.
9:32 pm
these are all bridges. take a look at the electronic chart. these are images from that day. he believes the captain is telling him the red triangle is the opening between the 2 towers. it's actually the delta tower and he's headed that way. coast guard vessel traffic surface sees the ship is off course and questions hi him. he asks the crew about the red triangle again. look out on the front of the ship spots the delta tower first.
9:33 pm
he takings evasive action but too late. ship slams into the timber prosecute texting the tower. ripping a gash 220 feet long. 14 feet high. 8 feet deep in the costco. >> we just. >> he hit what he was aiming for that morning. he was aiming for a symbol on the chart that he misunderstood. >>reporter: we have exclusive interview with the lead investigators and the head of the epa criminal investigation division in san francisco. they told me this case should serve as deterrent for all bar pilot. >> make the right decisions. make sure you have all your faculty about you and make sure you ask for help when you don't know something before you make a big mistake. >> miscommunication what i felt was the center was the pier. >>reporter: ntsb found he
9:34 pm
didn't discross to the u.s. coast guard all of the medical conditions and that one probable cause of the accident was the pilot degraded cognitive performance from use of impairing prescription medication. >> stunned. stunned. that's it. >>reporter: he wound up serving 10 month ins federal prison for neglect discharge of a pollutant and violating the might go ration bird treaty ac act. more than 53 thousandths gallon of fuel oil spilled from the ship. pilot who took over for him told him how bad it was. >> when i came up the stuff was coming out. >>reporter: the spill killed thousands of birds. affected marine mammal and closed beaches and halted crabbing and fishing. coast guard underestimated the accident of the disaster even after reports came in from boat out on the bay. >> there is a large oil sheen on the water south of the bridge. there's a lot pretty
9:35 pm
significant. >> our initial estimate is about 140 gallons. roughly right now. him if that it spilled so far. >>reporter: coast guard own staff was in chaos. listen to the vessel traffic service talking to commanding officer more than an hour after the accident. >> we have had nobody check in for the field spill so i don't know if there's any response whatsoever. >> okay i wasn't informed of the fuel spill. >> okay. >>reporter: executive director of san francisco bay keeper says several factors delayed the coast guard response. >> one of those is the lead pollution investigator was in dc. junior people were sent out on this and didn't have the experience. they might have had the paper qualifications but not the experience to make a really good call about where to look for the oil. >>reporter: the oil headed south on the incoming tide. but the junior coast guard investigators were looking north. this animation from the national ocean atmospheric administration shows how the oil spread around the bay and out the golden gate while the
9:36 pm
coast guard ramped up the response. >> would the response to the spill be faster today than it was then. >> i think in terms of response the most important change that we have here at sector san francisco is the stand up of our new inner agency center. >>reporter: it combines the traffic center and command center with room for outside partner including local government. >> and definitely were lessons learned and we have all we have all learned add gotten better. >>reporter: bar pilot have new rules. they must be able to see half mile before setting sale. -- sail. they face tonightness test and report all prescription medication and must carry new personal pilot yupt to help them navigate what can be treacherous waters. >> this was to take that variable out and give all pilots presentation that they are familiar with. >>reporter: to make sure they understand what they are seeing. >> and are trained in that
9:37 pm
specific piece of equipment. >>reporter: company that owner the ship pleaded guilty to obstruction of justice and falsifying documents after the accident. they paid 10 million dollar fine and 44 million dollars towards the cleanup. i called john for an interview but reached his wife. he's not returned my phone call. for the i team, abc 7 news. washington today became the seventh state to legalize same sex marriage but there is at least still one major challeng challenge. governor governor schwarzenegger gory signed legislation today. law takes effect june 7 but opponents today asked a judge to postpone it from taking effect if they can get enough signatures to challenge the law on the november ballot. >> new jersey state senate approved a bill today that would allow same sex cup toll marry there. state assembly expected to approve thursday but the governor says he will vaet 0it. he says new jersey civil union law which grants gay couple the legal protection of marriage is enough. >> city balancing act. still
9:38 pm
to come hear. how to handle big crowds at golden gate park and keep the neighbors happy at the same time. >> school offering students gift cards just for showing up ♪
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with more choices and fewer calories, america's beverage companies are delivering. skasz he. >> empire state building as aneurysm p o. the company that runs the building is planning a public offering. they could raise 1 million dollars and give in investigators an opportunity to own a piece of the 102-year-old landmark. how would you like to own a piece of the empire state building. >> new report says that one of the biggest con snert san francisco also a huge money maker. for some neighbors though it is also a major haibing headache. hearing at city hall today to figure out ways to keep everybody happy here. here's carolyn tyler. >> the traffic and parking are the mainly things. you just
9:42 pm
it's unacceptable. you can't go into and out of your own home. >>reporter: ray lives just steps from golden gate park. ground zero he calls it when there are major events like the outside music festival. still he sees the benefit of the cit city. >> ban to our local merchant. >>reporter: in fact new study by san francisco state university found the 1 80,000 people who attended the 3 day outside land concert last year spent more than 60 million dollars in the city but the big buck generated big headache and the supervisor is attempting a balancing act. >> i'm trying to work with our department and resident concern and mitigate the impact on my neighborhood and other neighborhood. >>reporter: supervisor held a hearing today. so many music lovers pack the place. second overflow room was open.
9:43 pm
promoter of the outside land concert says they worked hard to satisfy critic. >> we set up a community hotline that runs during the hours of the festival. multi-lingual. spanish. mandarin and english and that way if they have alocked driveway or trash in front of the house we can address it very promptly. >>reporter: the complaints aren't just limited to outside land but to other major happenings like the hard hi strictly blue grass if he is have and nike women marathon. they have become part of the fabric of the city but officials now reviewing everything from the number of parking control officers to when and how neighbors are notified about upcoming events. >> more can always be done. never do enough in mitigation. >>reporter: supervisor says testimony heard today may lead to improvement particularly in how the city handles noise and parking issues. in the newsroom, carolyn tyler abc 7 news. well here's a question.
9:44 pm
should kids get paid to get to school on time? community high school in cincinnati thinks yes. board of education declared academic emergency there because only 14 percent of the kid graduated last year. students who show up on time every day will be given a 25 dollar visa gift card and another 5 dollars will be put in a savings account for them. critic say paying kids for doing what they should do is simply wrong. supporters say we have to do something here. it's a crisis. >> well all sgoyms for a 3 day closure of the bay bridge this weekend. but it depend on the weather. what happens if it's weekend. but it depend on the weath[ male announcer ]if it's with citibank, it's easy for jay to deposit checks from anywhere. easier than actually going to the bank. mobile check deposit. easier banking. standard at citibank.
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>> cal-trans keeping close eye on the weather. the could postpone this weekend closure of the westbound bay bridge. the closure from friday night to tuesday morning is to the allow workers to do some pavin paving, lane striping and demolition work. they are building a detour that will be in place until the new bridge opens next year labor day weekend. rain could interfere but would it take a lot of it. >> wednesday would be the earliest point where we would be able to see that this is going to be not possible but up until friday if we see that they are going to have difficulty then we may pulling back. but i make it clear that it looks right now everything is a go. >>reporter: bridge spokesman says if they do have to postpone they will use new and old media to get the word out so that you will know. if the bridge closes as scheduled we'll add traffic coverage the our weekend newscast here on abc 7. navigate the freeway for
9:49 pm
yourself down load the ways ap app. important people who sign up the better our coverage is going to be. so we hope you get involved and help spread the word. help us report. great traffic information around the bay area. let's go back up date the forecast. spencer is back and cal-trans really need to know what it will do. >> there's a chance of light showers over the weekend but don't expect a storm serious enough or big enough to interrupt the work flow at this point. let's take the a time lapse view right now from this afternoon from our high definition east bay camera emeryville to the western sky. lots of clouds overhead today. at this point not a lot of rainfall. showers diminishing at that point. now just $18ed. here's live doppler no rainfall picked up at the moment. tomorrow we have a mostly sunny day with high pressure a little bit on the seasonal cool side. upper 50's for the most part perhaps up to 60 in palo alto and santa rosa and here is the accu-weather 7 day forecast. probably get some showers tomorrow night overnight and into early
9:50 pm
wednesday morning. then dry mild on thursday friday and mainly dry for the weekend although there could be some light scattered showers either saturday sunday or mopped which is president's day. don't expect a continuous or drenching rainfall on any of the days. >> okay thanks very much expense engineer new spin on the valentine's day card tradition. biologist happeneded out big paper heart to the penguins today. the male used the love nest with them. see the red heart as unique way of attracting a female. that even works in the penguin world. >> it's very cute. >> it is akoshl. >> you are acting like i was going to dispute that. >> yes. i thought there was a rebuttal. >> we all think it's cute. fichlt cap i just go on. >> i agree. >> we are all in agreement. all right. the a's just made
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themselves more interesting. don't need to argue about that. big money is on a cuban defecttor who can hit. i'll big money is on a cuban defecttor who can hit. i'll work on my red heart
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>> come up tonight. we return to vallejo where a running gun battle has left 3 people wounded. sorry wrong piece of tape there. running gun battle. 3 people wounded including 2-year-old girl in vallejo. live with the latest on this investigation. >> and celebrating tony bennett iconic song about san francisc francisco. how you can all join in tomorrow at noon. those stirs and more come up in an hour on 7 news at 11:00 over on channel 7. tony is tim timeless. >> amazing. great voice. >> all right. get to the warriors. >> saw glimpse of tim there for a moment. warrior fans split. some want to see him claw their way to 500. others want them to tank to get a high draft pick. tonight warriors hosting phoenix. tim l bobble head night. looks like timy. nash
9:55 pm
never had the killer cross-over but he can pass with the left hand. there and nash again chanting. up first hachlt ellis off shooting tonight but hits the 3. 16 points tonight there and third quarter. hot. lee golden state in it. 28 points and 12 rebound. curry base license to cutting lee. 2 hand chin up there. fourth quarter warriors down 2. this is what we call rush hour. rush on the break away. warriors pull away. robinson channel the inner lynn. 35 seconds left. at the use your offhand youngsters. warriors win it over phoenix 102-96. sharks long and winding road continue tonight in washington, d.c. first period. dan boyle shooting from long range here.
9:56 pm
third strength goalie that's y.second look. not fair to him. joe got a stick on it. and created a little deflexion. that was enough to get it in. 21st of the year. early second year. fierce. thank you very much. 22. up 3 nothing about to close-out the second period. he shoots and scores. check the clock. 7 tenths of a second remaining. change in momentum. no. 2 minutes later sharks power play authority on to marlo. 5 hole second gel of the game and after losing last tonight come through this evening. shocking move by the a's. busting out the checkbook to sign cube app defecttor to a 4 year 36 million dollar contract. the deal has to be final eyed but he's to be in arizona for the start of the spring training for the a's.
9:57 pm
powerful outfielder. expectation was that the maim marlins they would come one some huge cash or the cubs. some hay roller teams. instead the a's l out bid everybody 26-year-old slugger. sad news from the nfl. former 49 ers receiver fred solomon passed away today. he join the niners in 1978 and played 8 seasons for the red and gold including superbowl victory team in 81 and 84. mike was solomon teammate and says he was one of the most if he number knoll athlete he ever played w.he had year. he was only 59 yearssty d old. tennis tournament under way at hp pavilion. roddick rank 19 in the world. biggest name in the draw. just defleeted by injuries. mike talk was roddick about the game and health. >>reporter: andy has been very loyal to the sa p open. missed
9:58 pm
it first time last year in years. he's happy to be back. >> i enjoy playing here. i enjoy this area of the country. won here three times so nice to kilometer back where you have good memory and i have always gotten great fan suppor support. i have been 18 and fun process. >>reporter: he suffered a hamstring injury at the australia open one of several injuries he dealt with over the past year. andy has one goal for the rest of the season. >> for now i just want the ability to get healthy and have a good run. i feel in like last year and a half has been pretty compromised so if anything would i like another good run. >>reporter: this year draw is a mixed bag of veteran players and up and comer. >> trying to keep the young guy off and they try to push us of off. make for good dynamic. >>reporter: roddick loves the fan base and informed of the venue known as the shark tank. >> looks great. it's probably a decent change for them. we
9:59 pm
are not hockey players. we have more teeth. not as tough but we'll have some fun out here. >>reporter: in san jose, abc 7 sports. >> back 12 has big plans for the future. breaking ground today on the new state of the art headquarters in san francisco. ron and jennifer among the pack 12 star on hand. offices on third street. broadcast center, commissioner larry scott said make sure the league game can be seen all over the world. >> what that means to our student athletes who are the best of the best in what they do to be able to be seen for family to be able to follow for alumni to be able to follow for passionate fans of all the great sports to be able to follow is really unique and dramatic and give our conference so many advantages. >> they are launching channel seen all over the globe. >> change everything. that's this edition of 7 news at 9:00. for all of us we appreciate your time. there are the cute


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