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tv   ABC7 News at 9 on KOFY  KOFY  February 14, 2012 9:00pm-10:00pm PST

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is it a dinosaur? [ laughs ] [ male announcer ] inside every box of heart healthy cheerios are those great tasting little o's made from carefully selected oats that can help lower cholesterol. stickers? uh-uh. a superhero? ♪ kinda. [ male announcer ] and we think that's the best prize of all. ♪ >> good evening. the sad take for hundreds of people along the peninsula. more than 200 elderly an disabled residents of long-term care center are looking for a new home. and hundreds of workers there will be looking for new jobs. abc 7 vick lee explains what is happening in burlingame. i
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just don't want to move. thank you. >>reporter: connie fought back tears thinking about the unthinkable. moving from the place she and 230 other resident call home. county health department which runs the long-term care center says it is losing 9 million dollars a year and aging building they say is unsafe. >> burlingame built today it wouldn't be approved under the current code. >>reporter: many came to the hearing thinking they could convince the supervisors to renew the lease which expires in 16 months. those testifying included nurses and union officials who represent the 200 workers who will be laid off. >> for many of these patients their only hope their only family are our union members who care for them on a daily basis. thank you all for being here today.
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>>reporter: but after 3 hours of testimony much of it emotional, the supervisors voted unanimously not to renew the lease. they hope to move many of the residents to the county hospital where they can add more beds. >> we have beautiful facility that is seismically safe cholesterol to the medical center close to the doctors and nurses. >>reporter: rest they say will be moved to other care facilities. but for the residents it is a bitter endin ending. >> they had their mind made up from theeginning. made us all go through this for nothing. >>reporter: workers laid off will get severance package. county says it will try to place them in other jobs. but in this economic climate that may difficult. abc 7 news. >> this friday is the beginning of the end for almost all of the remaining special agents in the anti-drug unit of the calf department of justice. budget cuts are the reason. it's all
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sparking concern about drug enforcement. capitol correspondent annette is in sacramento. >> you don't hear about them much but special agent within the california department of justice take on gang and drug cartel daily. seizing heroin, marijuana and other illegal drugs on the street. >> there's about a kilo of heroin there. and over 50,000 dollars whole sale. >>reporter: this friday the entire division to be laid off after losing a round in court to prevent the budget cut. at the height they had more than 300 agents. at week end there will be only a few left. that leaves local law enforcement to fend for themselves with maybe some help from the feds. >> absolutely we worry about it. these agents were very specialize in what they do. they have been around for a long period of time. they have provided service to the state citizens in the state of california that has been unparalleled. >> this is the relevant section impact on public safety.
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>>reporter: brown administration says the cut back were avoidable. it your your honored republicans to good along with extending the temporary tax hike last year to save vital programs. but the votes were not there. >> if legislature chose not to extend certain temporary tax rates set to expire then a number of programs were lakely to go than 0the chopping block. >>reporter: administration also points out local city and counties were given an extra half billion dollars in unrestricted funding this year. and can use that to hire more drug enforcement agents. >> i am mortified to hear the news. >>reporter: drug prevention grawps are worried. local city and counties are already stretched thin and what doesn't get seized by drug agents will lakely end up in schools and in communities. >> i fear that there's going to be an explosion of drugs and once the issue is there it's harder to get back under control. >>reporter: while some say field office have only a few agents left, san jose, orange and redding will be completely unmanned. in sacramento, abc 7 news.
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standard and poor bumped out look for california credit raying up a notch from stable to positive. agency noted improvement in the state money picture governor brown calls it a powerful vote of confidence in our state. alameda county supervisor says she's getting treatment for drug addiction. the supervisor who is married to state treasurer bill lock yer release add statement after a report she was violently assaulted by ex boyfriend at newark hotel february 3rd. now she says reports of that attack are true. and it will take some time for her to heal. she also says quote with the strong encouragement and support of the people in my life who love me including my husband, i decided to get help and tree. so that i may fully heal and recover. fellow supervisor released a statement late this afternoon saying they are behind her and look forward to her return. expect to pay more for bur burger and steak soon. everyone is talking about higher prices and weather conditions at the world biggest
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agriculture show. farmers growers and cattle ranchers from more than 100 country are meeting and david reports california appears to be joining texas now in raising beef prices because of something they can't control. >>reporter: there's a very basic reason why beef prices are rising. drought. it started in texas in 2008 and was exacerbated last year by fir. now california cattle men grow worried. rainfall in the central valueless than half of normal and no grass for grazin grazing. >> you feed with hawaii you take the profit out of it. >>reporter: third generation county cattle man. rain doesn't come the herd have to leave california. >> they will go to colorado, texas, wherever, wherever there's grass or to a feed lot. and the cow if it gets real bad like we have done in the past they will go to permanent pasture southern oregon. >>reporter: some local cattle
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men forced to reduce the herd similar to what happened in texas norman visiting from amarillo. >> it is caused a massive sell off of about stock and mama cow because the forecast production went to nothing with the drought. no nothing to sustain the grass. >>reporter: the sell off means less beef is reaching the market and that's bad for consumers. beef prices rose 10% last year and could rise another 10% this year. the nation cattle herd is currently the smallest since 1952 at 91 million head. unlike crop this represents a loss not covered by insurance. >> just never had to liquidate. reduce the amount of herd that they have had this last year. >>reporter: building up the country beef stock won't happen quickly. >> beef herd is slow to rebound because it takes quite awhile. off 9 month gestation period to birth 1 and so it is not anything that will turn around
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overnight. >>reporter: because of that slow come back, some economist are rejecting beef prices remain high possibly for as long as 2 or three years. well there is a lot more happening here at world ag expo. we will take a lack tomorrow at new technology including why you need to pamper your dairy cows. at world ag expo. abc 7 news. the fbi tells abc news it's worried that violence against is israeli target could spill over to the u.s. latest incident was in bangkok thailand explosion blew off the roof of rented home. 3 men identified as iran apparently set up a bomb factory and detonated some of the explosives by accident. one of the men is still on the loose. state department seems to the tie the incident to iran and 2 bomb attack yesterday in india and the former soviet republic of georgia. >> we are concerned about use of international terrorism by iran or by anybody else against
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israel or against any other innocent and about a spike in the number of incidents that we see. >> there is no specific threat but is israeli officials say they have increased security at diplomatic facilities and synagogue in 10 american citie cities. in the mean time the united states and europe are considering new move that could cripple the ability of iran banking system to collect foreign payments for its oil sales. that is potentially devastating blow to iran economy. well as tension rises with iran u.s. forces are in the strait. one fifth of the world oil supply passes through this gateway. 10% of all the oil used in america. today 3 u.s. warship navigated those waters and abc was on board. >> it was just after dawn when the 3 u.s. war ships in the carrier strike group began the long tense transit through the strait here. where just months
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ago the iran warned u.s. warship not to return. >> you want to be always at maximum state of readiness. >>reporter: we are on the leadership a destroyer with dozens of missiles and machine guns. on the bridge the concentration is intense. tracking everything that moves. but the iran were silently shadowing us as well. iran navy vessels drove and patrol plane flying overhead. shipping lane itself is only about 2 miles wide so there is very little room to maneuver. that's the massive aircraft carrier uss lincoln just behind me. hours in the crossing the captain was called to the deck. small craft was approaching. both similar to those of iran revolutionary guard navy that have been harassing u.s. ships for months. >> any surface vessel you definitely pay attention try to identify. >>reporter: the crew quickly
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determined it was a smuggler. who eventually turned away. naval commander say these transit are raw teen but they also fear that miscalculation on either side could threaten not only the ships but close down the water way and put the world economy at stake. this the is abc news, aboard the uss sterritt. >> we have a lot more to bring you on the news at 9:00. valentine's day hazard. don't let the i love you balloon get out of control. you will see why. >> new front runner in the republican race for president and what the no. 2 man is doing to regain the top spot. i'm in the accu-weather forecast center. interesting weather coming our way overnight. freezinging some spots. showers in others. i'll show you what will happen where in just a moment. fichlts ahead. san francisco gives its in just a moment. fichlts ahead[ male announcer ]ives its with citibank, it's easy
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>> woman: don't forget the yard work! >> o.k. >> announcer: with citibank's popmoney, dan can easily send money by email right from his citibank account. >> nice job, ben. >> announcer: well played, dan. well played. citibank popmoney. easier banking. skawz. >> they are a valentine's day staple but mylar balloons being blamed for 2 power outages today. one in oakland and the other in san francisco. this video show what is can happen when the metallic balloons come into contact with power line. mylar balloons cause more than 300 outage last year impacting
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more than 150,000 customers. >> the important word for us is just to make sure that people have these kinds of weight on them at all times. never release them outside and if you can just use them indoors. >>reporter: balloons like these knocked out power to more than 2200 customers in san francisco south of market area today. another 1400 customers were left in the dark. balloon floated into line at 39 avenue and 18th street in oakland. well, balloons are 1 valentine's day tradition. another. annual pillow fight. took place this evening at justin herman plaza. sort of alternative to the more traditional flower candy approach. they are asked to bring trash bag but public work official always spend a lot of time cleaning the place up. good clean fun. city of san francisco decided to show tiny bennett a lot of well deserved love today. city hall was packed with his fans. on this if ith anniversary of his famous love song to the city. today
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bennett was serenaded with rendition of his song by the boys and girls chorus. the school of the arts. gay men chorus. beach blanket babylon and video tribute. >> mr. pweb it your voice is the voice of san francisco. and this is your day. [applause] about ♪ i left my heart ♪ in san francisco ♪ . >> i have the honor and privilege of meeting mr. mr. bennett. he rode in my car and rode down the high speed hill in a turn around and sang a few lines i left my heart. >> that song. >> my heart ♪ snet in san francisco ♪ .
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>> tony bennett his song changed his whole life. well tony it has affected our lives, too. >> we all know you haven't arrived until you have your own bobble head. last year we created a tony bennett bobble head on tony bennett night. if ♪ you hold our heart in san francisco ♪ about. >> i always thought it would be a local song in this area but the fact that it's become such an international song throughout the world, everybody loves it and they love this city. ♪ your golden sun will
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shine for ♪ me. [applause]. >> that great voice and legendary man at san francisco city hall today. well deserved honor indeed. he didn't sing. he sang a little of the chorus but didn't sing much to the disappointment of folk there is but sang tonight at the venetian room in san francisco. one of all time favorite. >> no doubt. he's my all time favorite male vehicle lit. he's the man. >> classic. >> weather forecast. >> kind of let down after hearing tony bennett isn't it? >> my umbrella. >> i'm getting paid for this so let's go with it. >> hum a few bar. >> here's a live view from our high definition east bay camera in emeryville west ward across the bay and few low clouds there on the western sky. in fact we have even more clouds
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at some point overnight. here's a look at live doppler 7 hd. a little bit of moisture in the air so light scattered rainfall just to our north up mendocino county around ukiah working counsel to santa rosa but in the immediate bay area no reports of any measurable rainfall or any actual rain hitting the ground but we do expect a couple showers over nature. right now we lack at cooling down temperatures mainly in the upper 40's although few spots still locked in at 50 degrees in oakland concord antioch and a half moon bay. san jose as well issued add. slight chance of shower or 2 overnight. clearing and breezy tomorrow. milder day ahead on thursday. and friday. here's satellite radar composite. weak cold front moving in our direction. swinging down from our north. passes through during the over nature hours could produce couple of widely scattered showers. start our forecast animation at 11:00 o'clock tonight at which point we expect it to be still dry but during the overnight hours between about 2:00 a.m. and 5:00 a.m. we see a couple
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showers develop perhaps down in the south bay around san jose. santa cruz mountains and then 5:00 o'clock in the morning the beginning of our rush hour front passing through and showers should be just about out of here except maybe down around santa cruz and morgan hill then it's over. get some clearing. mainly sunny day tomorrow. breezy. near the coast. and rather pleasantly mild actually by the afternoon over in the sierra there will be some snow. winter weather advisory in effect 1:00 a.m. to continue am. 3 to 6 inches of snow expected above 5500 feet. maybe up to 8 inches in the higher elevation and chain control possible so bear that in mind if you happen to be driving out in the area. back to the bay area. cold in parts of the north bay. low drop to 32 at napa. 35 at santa rosa. inland east baylow of 37 at. dn hill throw of 37. mainly 40 near the bay and on the coast license so cold in some spots and chilly in others. then tomorrow in the afternoon hours mainly sunny with high pressure
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ranging from upper 50's to low 60's. very pleasant day. high of 63 santa rosa 62 antioch 61 concord oakland and here is the accu-weather -- l lets not get ahead of myself. monterey bay upper 50's to low 60's. now here's the accu-weather 7 day forecast. we'll see very mild conditions on thursday friday with high in the mid to upper 60's. cooling down over the weekend. chance of rain sunday night into monday which is president's day and then very mild on tuesday with high in the upper 60's to near 70's. look lick next week could be a very mild week. >> back to spring again. >> absolutely. >> talk a little bit about tony bennett leaving his heart in san francisco. coming up. why your heart could be the key to your computer. we explain. >> and if you get a sinus infection why you shouldn't even bother taking an antibiotics. stay
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l. >> interesting health item. roughly 20 percent of the prescription for antibiotics are for sinus infection. maybe you have had one of these. yet a new study says they don't work any better than a placebo. most sinus infection caused by vir that you say don't respond to antibiotics. cdc says even bacterial sinus infection rarely require antibiotics treatment. researchers say most patients get better despite antibiotics not because of them. >> bart police today detailed a new crime fighting strategy. it divides the system into 5 zone with lieutenant in charge of each one. tactic called zone geographical policing and bart says it will allow officers to respond to crimes and emergency more quickly and efficiently. bart says it dovetail nicely with the community outreach program with the own team of cop in each zone. >> these people discovered unexpected weakness in an on
9:26 pm
line encryption method. "new york times"reports that the system weighedly used worldwide for on line shopping banking e-mail and other internet services is designed of course to remain private and secure but researchers say the flaw found in a small number of cases involves a system that turns data into random numbers that are supposed to be impossible to unscramble. while there is nothing any of us could do to fix it the operators of large web sites will need to make changes to ensure the security of their systems based on the new finding gentleman well of course the best encryption system may your heart. everyone heart beats differently kind of like fingerprints or dna. now researchers in taiwan have developed annual go rhythm that i had tie a person heart beat and uses it as password based on electro card graph or ekg. researchers hope to incorporate the technology into hard drive that is encripted by touch. gentleman amazing. when we
9:27 pm
continues here tonight. avalanche of new poll. aninety rick santorum leader of the presidential pack. what romney is doing to change that. >> value continues day tip from president obama. he says we should learn from his mistake. >> and the dog rescued from an auction and now a part of the westminster dog show no less. auction and now a part of the westminster dog show no less. another half hour
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l. >> thanks for tuning in. start this half hour with presidential politics. republic condition candidate rick santorum is surging in the latest national poll. former senator from pennsylvania is now leading former massachusetts governor romney in a slew of new survey. mark tonight with the numbers and
9:31 pm
what they mean for both campaigns. >>reporter: first it was michelle back man then rick then cain then gingrich and tonight santorum surging among conservative. latest 2 research poll shows him up by 2 points over romney. post poll shows his favorability among republican has moved just ahead of romney. perhaps of greatest concern to the romney camp in 3 critical republican groups santorum has sizable ladies. tea party. conservative. and evangelical. romney is trying to ramp up the emphasis on conservative. >> let me tell you something about conservatism. my conservatism the principal, >>reporter: his campaign is using the financial advantage to begin setting up fire wall of political advertising in critical upcoming states. >> they go after him on the whole issue of rick santorum being a washington insider.
9:32 pm
>>reporter: you can already hear tonight romney stump speech. >> challenge we have in washington is that people go there and they get in affected by the washington disease. >> the question will be will it succeed as it has in the past in bringing down santorum numbers so that romney wins essentially the nomination by default? that's really what is going on here. >>reporter: over the past month poll show romney stayed fairly even at around 30 percent while gingrich jumped up from 14 percent to 32 percent and then fell back down to where he started. look at santorum pretty flat until last week caucus victory and since then he has shot up 14 points. today he poked back at romney over health care. >> you look at the other candidate in the race. they are not well positioned. take on president obama on this issue. one in particular uniquely disqualified. >>reporter: in the past week santorum raised 3 million
9:33 pm
dollars. two million dollars in the past weekend. romney has 30 million dollars and his supporters political action committee have millions more. they will be spending it in michigan which is the next big match up in a couple of weeks. it's a must win for the romney campaign. also a state where tonight santorum is ahead in the polls. in the newsroom, a.bc 7 news. >> santorum surge even more remarkable when you consider where he has been in the race. jonathan karl tonight on the man who has gone from nowhere to now front runner. >> santorum out begun out spent out organized but he is on fire. >> wow! >>reporter: almost nobody saw it coming. not long ago we saw his daughter running the campaign. his car serving as his national headquarters. david versus goliath and once again david appears to have the edge. just look at the 2 campaigns. romney events are
9:34 pm
carefully choreographed. lots of flash. santorum no thrill. recently appearing in washington state event so poorly lit it looked like he watelling campfire stories. he was wandering around iowa just a few months ago campaigning to a handful of people at a time. l about romney often appears with political celebrity. mccain. christy even john voit. santorum always either alone or with his family. he noose high profile endorsement. for every 12 dollars romney and his ally spent on tv ad an torm and his spent a dollar. santorum with the shoe string campaign has managed to connect with working class republicans. group romney has had trouble with. >> i grew up in michigan. >>reporter: now romney with new ad airing in michigan working hard to appear like a regular guy. but negative
9:35 pm
barrage against santorum sure to be coming. >> race now moves to more bigger states romney still the one with the cash and the resources. but for now any way santorum has something that is even more important. growing support. jonathan karl abc news washington. president obama will make a reelection fundraising stop in san francisco tomorrow. more than 38,000 dollar a plate dinner will be at pacific heights home of local author robert anderson and there is word that singer al green also at that dinner. we'll cover it of course. >> white house just released details about new program being you be veiled tomorrow help military spouses find jobs something made more difficult because they move around a lot obviously. they are affected because they require a license to perform those jobs. those licenses don't cross state lines. so first lady michelle obama and dr. jill biden outline a program to stream line occupational listening. white house estimates the
9:36 pm
problem affects more than a third of all military spouses in the labor force. >> well moving and changing jobs causes problems in the voting booth. this center says the system is so flawed that almost two million dead people are registered to vote and almost 3 million registered in more than 1 state. probablys without dated voting system. the center says utilizing better technology can cut cost significantly from 4 dollars per registration to less than 35 rents cents. 1 in 8 voter registration is wrong. 1 in 8. what may even worse researchers say at least 51 million eligible people are unregistered. that's almost a quarter i are of the eligible voting population. >> still to come. japanese government taking on match maker duties this valentine's day and every day. that story next. in the mean time get ready for the academy awards coming up. oscar sunday february 26. less than two weeks away on abc 7. you can predict the winners
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>> valentine's day for you of a different kind. tough to find love anywhere in the world but in japan the search is down right brutal apparently. record number of people say they have no significant other and no interest in finding one. the situation has become so serious that the government is stepping in to play match merrick no kidding. more tonight from them. >>reporter: game of rock paper scissor may fought scream romance but men and women of japan city are here to fine love. it's a match making event organized by the government. complete with beauty tips for women. take
9:41 pm
iting role play for men. 40-year-old has high hopes of finding the one. organizers just hope the encounter leads to family with kids. there are few opportunities to meet people outside of work any more she says. that's led to the a huge drop in marriage rates. single is a growing problem for japan. recent government survey found more than half of japanese under 35 years are single. and increasing number of young men are losing interest in sex. more than a third of teenager boys say they can't be bothered with intimac intimacy. japanese men are shy he says. they are afraid of rejection. all amounts to national crisis for a country with declining birth rate. more than a quarter of the population over the age of 65. on track to shrink by a third in decades.
9:42 pm
local government are investing big buck to make love attractive again. stabbing on line dating sites offering cash reward for couple who marry. he says his company signs him up for this event. he's one of a dozen men though changes profile cards with. spark don't fly this time but hasn't given up. i need to be more aggressive or else i will miss out on love. just the attitude the government hopes solves their problem. abc news, japa japan. >> isn't that remarkable. president obama offered unsolicited advice this valentine's day before talking official white house business. listen. >> let me start with a quick public service announcement for all the gentlemen out there. today is valentine's day. do not forget. i speak from
9:43 pm
experience here. it is important that you remember this and go big. that's my advice. >> go big. president obama has been happily married to first lady michelle obama for 15 engineers. knows what he's talking about. >> as we continue. king of new york and former palo alto high school basketball star jerry -- jaish my lynn homeless no more. this is the couch that he was sleeping on. lynn sanity new dig coming up. stay with us for. >> rescue dog turned into a champi
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sweetheart. we need to talk. i've seen your stunts online. i can explain... jumping a ramp in a shopping cart. so 2005. wait, what? and only 3 likes? honey, it's embarrassing. carol's son got over 12 million views on that dancing squirrel video. don't you want that? i...i suppose. now go make your dad and me proud. try something funny. [ male announcer ] now everyone's up to speed. get high speed internet for $14.95 a month for 12 months with a one year term. at&t. >> some tiny bay area dog take the big apple by storm. 15 chihuahua from animal care and control boarded the flit to new
9:47 pm
york city. there are too many there and not enough to meet demand in new yorkth each dog got their own seat in the cabin of the plane traveling in styl style. to new homes in new york. >> also in new york this week. most privileged and pampered dog anywhere in the world. they are there come petting in the fancy dog show that time of year. one of the dog though has a very different story. very different pedestrian agreement he was neglected. mistreated. sold on craigslist until his new owner found him and loved him into a champion. here's dan harris. >>reporter: in a competition where pure bred dog are shampoo trim and blown dry hand fed steak dressed in diapers and bow tie and followed around with saliva bone. >> i am like dodging drool like i'm in a video game. >>reporter: in the canineen entitlement this dog maverick is an exception. he seems to be just incredible. here we
9:48 pm
are at the superbowl of dog and you found him on craigslist. >> rescue. abused and neglected and in terrible shape. absolutely. >>reporter: he was so thin you could see his ribs. his nose was in effected and he chewed his own tail raw. but dan nursed maverick back to health and the bond is now palpable. i have to say in a ramp full of people you are the only one here. >> and he's the only one here for me. that's right. >>reporter: 5 months after rescuing maverick, dan started entering him in shows and maverick started winning. until he made it here. to the big dog of dog shows. westminster. if he wins today how do you feel. >> i can't even immanuel. i can't. it would really tear me up. i would be so happy for him. >>reporter: maverick and trainer paraded before the judge, we watched together. >> i haven't been this nervous in awhile.
9:49 pm
>>reporter: in the end though the judge picked another dog. >> they didn't make it. >> no. >>reporter: afterwards he said he wasn't disappointed that maverick had in a sense already won. >> that's my boy. there's my boy. this is what it's all about. this is what it's all about every day. >>reporter: maverick had gone from forgotten to unforgettabl unforgettable. dan harris abc news, new york. isn't that a great story. tall dog. >> let's go back up to forecast spencer is here. i don't know if i want a dog taller than i am. >> no. i don't want to be on people taller than i am. >> visual enrichment i offer you this time lapse view of this afternoon from our high definition east bay hills camera looking towards mount difficult ab lochlt few passing clouds in the sky and blue sky lovely afternoon and it's lovely day tomorrow but right now we look at a little bit of light spotty rainfall north up
9:50 pm
around ukiah at the moment moving to clover dale and over to clear lake. probably a couple showers overnight. nothing significant then tomorrow northern two-thirds of the state dry. showers down in the southern parts of the stat state. snow in the sierra. bay area after the early morning showers. mainly sunny day tomorrow. mild conditions. here's our accu-weather 7 take forecast. very mild open thursday friday with high pressure in the mid upper 60's. cooling down over the weekend. showers sunday night into monday morning which is president's day. on tuesday. warm again with high near 70. >> up believable. >> strange winter. >> thanks very much. >> well, you will be glad to know that forker palo alto basketball star jeremy lynn has new place to live. the current phenom for the knicks played against toronto tonight. larry has more on that game in a minute and it was great. just a hint but generating as much interest is lynn living situation. he has been sleeping on this couch at his teammate apartment while waiting for his financial situation to stabilize. it now
9:51 pm
has. he's moving into this trump tower. it is about 10 minutes from where he practice practices. building includes basketball court. very handy of course and pool. knicks players live in the unit so colleagues are close by. >> it is lynn insanity. larry is here keeps going. this isn't a one hit wonder. >> i saw a story indicating his brand is now worth 14 million dollars. >> we heard about it for a few week. >> he played for bay hawk in the d.league. open valentine's day jeremy lynn does it again? pride of palo alto taking his heroic north of the border for a game winner with half a heroic north of the border for a gam[ male announcer ] a with citibank, it's easy
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>> woman: don't forget the yard work! >> o.k. >> announcer: with citibank's popmoney, dan can easily send money by email right from his citibank account. >> nice job, ben. >> announcer: well played, dan. well played. citibank popmoney. easier banking. standard at citiba >> coming up tonight at 11:00. berkeley new attitude on occupy protest. why the city police force may did he klain to assist oakland police in future event fichlt there was any doubt about the forty-niner move to santa clara, vote
9:55 pm
tonight should naught to rest. latest pieces of the stadium puzzle. those stories and more come up in an hour on 7 news at 11 over on channel 7. hope you can tune in for that. but prepare to go lynn saint. >> jed york wants this to fly with the stadium. call it jeremy lynn stadium. nobody is voting against that writ now. >> in addition to lynn and lyn lynning now a new one for the sudden star. knicks coach mike i don't know about this one. calls him lynn cinderella. whatever you want to call him. he's everywhere now. this is the scene in toronto tonight. like super bowl media day. people can't get enough of this. front page news. north of the border. south of the border. found a border jeremy lynn is the man. he was asked if he's keeping tab on the team that let him go lake your
9:56 pm
warrior. >> i have worked out for a few teams but then there's the teams who i didn't even get a work out for who do i keep tab on. at the end of the day i just it doesn't really matter to me. i'm thankful to anybody who gives me an opportunity and i have no hard feelings toward any organization especially to warriors because they gave me a whole year to develop underneath them. >> lynn making fifth straight start. will the team to dramatic win. knicks down in the game. hits the 3 ball here but knicks were trailing by 14 to toronto. strong to the rac rack. really good off the bounce. just over a minute to go knicks down 3. lynn the hoop. can contact and foul. makes free throw tied final possession mostly clear it out for lynn. good night game over drive home safely. i'm jeremy lynn haven't you figured it ou out. 27 points 11 assist knicks win the sixth straight 90-87 here's lynn on the big shot. >> well, top of the key and
9:57 pm
trying to push me left and he backed up a little bit and i just, you know, thought i could hit the 3 and tried to take it down to as little time as possible and i screws thank my lord saver jesus christ for the shop shot man. thankful it went in. >> amazing. >> all right moving on. seems to be a youth movement at this year zap open in san jose. could bode well for the tennis stock. mick has more on johnson would is still in college. >>reporter: usc senior johnson got the thrill of his life time last nature at the open. playing against legend john mcenroe in an exhibition. >> nerve wracking. he's a great competitor. guy very fiery as anybody in tennis would know. >>reporter: johnson won the individual title last year as junior and decided to come back for senior year instead of turning pro. >> we have rare opportunity to
9:58 pm
match stanford what they did in the 90's winning 4 consecutive national title. that's a big goal of mine right now. >>reporter: he's ready to be booed when introduced here in stanford territory. >> yes i'm always prepared for that. anywhere we good usc has the big target on the back and either you love them or hate them. >>reporter: took the fall off to take play events but he has work to do to compete at the next level. >> i feel in like getting the right matches and tournament like this under my belt and experience i feel in like i can have good chance against many of the top guys. >>reporter: current group of american players like roddick and fisk and ready to take the torch for the next wave of american men. >> i have had the opportunity to hit with them and train with them and what they have to offer to american tennis is really something special and learn from the guys as much as possible is what i'm trying to do. >>reporter: san jose, abc 7 sports. unfortunately johnson lost tonight in a pair of tie break. match between 2, 19-year-old
9:59 pm
americans. ripping winner all night long. in 3 sets. hard to tell if this is real or p.r. spin but colts owner says he's open to manning come back. it's payton call. 28 million dollar bonus coming up. assumption has long been there ace departure here now he says they will work something out financially if payton wants to stay. we'll see. i don't know a lot of politic going on. >> we have a contest. coming up with new lynn talk. >> lynn your face. >> that's very good. he's on a real lynn streak. lynn destructible and lynn credible. >> watch these at 11:00 larry takes credit too for all of us here, thanks for watching appreciate your time. hope to see new an hour on channel 7. appreciate your time. hope to see new an hour on channel 7. goodbye for now


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