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tv   ABC7 News at 12A on KOFY  KOFY  February 16, 2012 12:00am-12:30am PST

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i'm very, very upset. i only have like two weeks of school left. >> hundreds of bay area college students just cannot believe it. >> they are promise -- their promising new careers suddenly in jeopardy. i'm dan ashley. >> and i'm carolyn johnson. the nursing students are in a jam. >> the school they paid thousands of dollars to attend is not legit so, they wasted their time and their money. alan wang is live at the oakland campus. what a shock for them. >> yes, dan and carolyn. we watched the students walk out of the school in total shock. this was the training they needed to get out of their dead end jobs in this struggling economy. about 300 students at the institute of medical education were paying $25,000 to $30,000 for training to be mri and ultrasound seek anythingses. technicians. >> it is very important for me and my family. >> reporter: others were studying to be nursing assistants and dental
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hygenists, but state regulators are shutting down their hopes for a better future because the school falsely advertised their accreditation. >> i am very, very upset. i only have two weeks of school left. >> reporter: it comes as a shock because the students were told their programs were accredited by the western association of schools and colleges. also known as wasc. but a spokesperson says several programs under wasc were never recognized by the >> how important was this job for you? >> very important. it was the next stepping stone to my personal life. >> in late january a red flag was raised, and the school told its students it was no longer receiving federal financial aide, but it still encouraged them to keep paying out of pocket. >> they told us on monday. i got a phone call saying i needed to make a payment by today or i was going to be dropped. >> payment of how much? >> well, they say i owe them
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$1900. >> the program manager for the institute of medical education sent out this letter of encouragement saying "despite the loss of title for federal financial aid your resolution to continue your education speaks volumes to me. i can assure your decision will not be in vein." >> reporter: without accreditation the state department of consumer affairs says the dental hygenists will not be able to take their state board exams. but there is a way to recover the tuition. the state workers say they will be here on this campus and the one in san jose tomorrow morning when they shut these schools down for good. reporting live in oakland, alan wang, abc7 news. >> thank you, alan. an earthquake rattled the east bay. the 3.7 quake hit at 6:09 about three miles south of vallejo. many people living near the epicenter felt a strong jolt. the bart trains shutdown for about 10 minutes for a track
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inspection. it is standard procedure after an earthquake. there are no reports of damage or injury. in the central valley, the grim work of the bone collectors goes on. they are continuing to look for the victims of the speed freak killers. part of that has moved to the bay area. leslie brinkley is now here with the story. >> the gruesome search for bones and remains at one of the wells in the central valley is almost complete. now investigators are preparing to move on to another possible mass gravesite. more than 1,000 human bone fragments have been recovered from an abandoned well from the town of linden in the central valley. the largest bones are a foot long, but most are near slivers. investigators reached the bottom yesterday afternoon as they sifted through piles of debris scooped up by a backhoe. debris that included a coat, a purse, shoes and a woman's ring. >> there are very little
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remains coming up out of the well in our last five to seven piles that we brought to the surface, if you will. >> reporter: many of the bone fragments found in linden are being tested at the state forensic dna lab in richmond. michelle gregory confirmed that the lab is, quote, receiving bones from the central valley. she said there is a lot, and we will be getting more. when asked how long it will take the lab to process the dna, she said "we put a rush on it to expedite it." the richmond dna lab can now store more than two million genetic profiles. and authorities plan to use a high-tech camera to scan for more bones before sealing up the well and turning their attention to a second well three miles east. both are locations on a hand drawn map from death row inmate wesley shermantine. they were known as the speed
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freak killers in the 1980s and 1990s. he committed suicide last month, but the pair may be responsible for more than 20 murders. >> the san juaquin sheriff's department says they have fielded so far 65 calls from the families of missing persons who are desperate they say foreclosure. the search resumes at daybreak. >> leslie brinkly reporting. thank you, leslie. a construction crew dug up what appears to be a human skull at a job site in san carlos. workers were installing the new plumming when the skull was unearthed. sheriff deputies roped off the area. the coroner plans to bring in a forensic anthropologist to determine whether the site could be a part of a native american burial ground. a sacramento couple missing since sunday has been found alive. they left at noon on sunday for a drive through el dorado county. they visited a bar near georgetown and then decided to take a loop back through a town called hell hole.
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along the way they got stuck in the snow. after one night mark schroeder's father says his son finally decided to get some help. >> i understand they stayed there and then decided to go. you get to a high . and you get a signal. >> schroeder was finally able to flag down a chp helicopter who was able to rescue his girlfriend. they are still recovering at the hospital. the tracy man who was killed when the plane he stole crashed near fresno had massive amounts of meth in his system. that's according to toxicology tests done by the coroner. he had a meth concentration about 10 times higher than a typical drug user. they say he hot wired a cessna at buchanan field airport in concord. he crashed and was killed on february 5th. he did not have a pilot's license. whitney houston's death certificate shows she will be buried in the same cemetery
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where her father was laid to rest. it was documented with the los angeles county department of health and it lists the singer's cause of death as deferred. authorities found several bottles of prescription medication in the beverly hills hotel room where houston died on saturday. today the coroner's office subpoenaed medical and pharmacy records from her doctors which is standard procedure. the governor of new jersey is defending his decision to have flags lowered to half staff and the criticism over houston's history of substance abuse. >> i am not saying that whitney houston is a role model. she is not a role model in that respect in any aspect of her life. but what she is is a cultural icon in the history of the state. >> the pop star's family decided today to allow a camera inside the church to stream the funeral service live on-line saturday. and join us for a "20/20" special for whitney houston airing friday night from 9:00 to 11:00 here on abc7. thousands of pg&e customers have decided to opt out of the utilities smart
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meter program. in the two weeks since they were given a choice, 4400 out of 150 ,000 customers have decided to stick with the old analog meters. the customers customers who opt out of the smart meter must pay one-time fee and a monthly charge of $10. santa cruz county had the largest number of opt out requests followed by marin. coming up next, how stanford doctors saved a little girl born nine weeks too early and given hours to live. >> and where you will see the president tomorrow in the bay area. >> and cal trans makes a decision on the weekend bay bridge closure. and then coming up on "nightline." >> carolyn and dan, coming up next on "nightline" a honeymoon gone fatally awry. a bride discovered dead and the parents suspect the groom. the latest on the gripping trial. and the tiny drones
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severe heart defect before birth is now the tiniest recipient of a pacemaker in
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medical literature. this is jyra with her mom and dad and born nine weeks early and weighing three .5 pounds with a heart slightly bigger than a walnut. the team of stanford doctors determining that jyra had only hours to live if they did not perform the delicate surgery. at a little less than three months old jyra weighs 8 pounds and is thriving. after months of negotiating, the law i can makers have reached an agreement on the payroll tax measure. it will allow millions of americans to keep their thousand dollar tax cuts this year. >> 160 million americans will not maintain their payroll tax cuts. a lot of folks lost their jobs and they will receive unemployment benefits. >> one change eligibility will drop from 99 weeks to 73 weeks. the bill also includes protection for doctors from a cut in medicare reimbursments. the house and the senate are expected to vote on this compromise on the measure on
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friday. president obama is heading to the bay area tomorrow to raise millions for his re-election campaign. tonight he is in southern california. air force one touched down at los angeles international late this afternoon, and tonight the president attended a $35,000 a plate dinner hosted by comedian will farrell. tomorrow president obama comes to san francisco for an exclusive dinner at the pacific heights home of novelist robert maler anderson. supporters will also pay nearly $36,000 each to mingle with the president. the president will attend two other events, one at the mark hopkins international hotel and the other at the nob hill ma sonic center. conditions are clear enough to go ahead with the closure of the upper deck of the bay bridge. starting 8:00 on friday night to tuesday morning they will do paving, lane striping and demolition. now although the rain could extends the project if it is severe, you can get around the back ups by downloading the abc7 exclusive app called
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ways. now, more on that. >> driving to work. >> he commutes to san francisco uh -- across the bay bridge. >> normally it is terribly backed up. >> but from friday night to tuesday morning there won't be any back up because the upper deck of the bridge will be closed. if he has to drive into the city, he says he will use ways, the traffic and navigation app on his smart phone. >> i don't know how the traffic patterns are going to change yet. >> instead of relying on road sensors, he gets his data from every one of the users in realtime making it ideally suited to help during a major bridge closure. >> there can be dozens of alternate routes of the what is happening on the roads will change minute by minute. >> just bayousing the app you are contributing your speed and location to help other users and abc7 news traffic reports. >> the more users we have, the more i will be able to do my entire traffic report around the bay area on waves.
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on ways. >> more than 2,000 people have joined the abc news traffic spoppers group and they can report traffic jams. >> someone submitted a picture with their report, and you do not want to get stuck in it. >> a passenger used this picture. using your touch screen is dangerous. now you can report traffic without using your phone. >> report traffic. >> reporting traffic jam. >> just wave your hand over the i phone and they will ask you questions to make a report. >> i never would have reported that previously. hands free makes it easy. >> and it can navigate to home and work. >> drive home. >> they will have up to the minute status on opening of the bay bridge. >> you have reached your destination. >> jonathon bloom, abc7 news. >> and remember you can become an abc7 news traffic spotter by downloading our exclusive ways app. it is free. for detailed information go to
12:16 am it looks like the weather will cooperate with the huge projects this weekend. >> sandhya patel is here with the forecast. >> we are not expecting any major storms this weekend, so hopefully cal trans can get the work done. we are expecting rain though in the bay area for the long holiday weekend, and more snow in the mountains. 8300 foot elevation, and it was still snowing this afternoon. people were getting up on the lifts and going skiing and snowboarding. it was absolutely lovely up there. getting reports from the sierra nevada. this picture, fresh powder posted by rachel w, to my facebook page and you can see a snowboarder enjoying the new snow that came down. in the last 24 hours, how much snow did we receive? 10 inches and kirkwood a foot of snow. alpine meadows seven inches. heavenly eight inches and sugar bowl seven, keep in mind they have had a little bit of snow in the last 72 hours.
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these totals are higher for the 72-hour period and more snow is coming as we head into saturday and for sunday and into monday. if you have plans for the president's day weekend to head up there, they are getting more powder. temperatures in the 40s and 50s. it is crystal clear outside. we are looking at cold conditns. patchy valley frost and sunny and mild tomorrow and a chance of rain coming in on friday night. tomorrow morning you will want to dress in layers. we will need the scarfs and the gloves. it will be freegz cold in livermore and fairfield. down to 32 in both locations. concord, free president month, san jose, 33 in morgan hill. this is where we will see some of the coldest locations. 29 in napa and 30 in santa rosa. brrr. bundle up. tomorrow morning it will be a cold start. but a quick recovery tomorrow afternoon. let's look at what moved through this front that came through and brought us some rain overnight. we saw the snow in the sierra. we also saw some gusty winds.
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that has been producing wet weather in southern california, and that has now moved out. we will see higher pressure taking control of our weather. as this ridge comes in, you will get milder weather. a lot of sunshine for your thursday. things are going to change. this high shift inland, we can see a nice offshore flow, and that will warm us up tomorrow afternoon. close to 70 dries in some areas. quickly changes on friday. the clouds move in. another cold front approaches. a weak one again, a slight chance of showers by friday, late afternoon and evening. more so in the overnight hours heading into saturday morning. could be starting off the president's day holiday weekend on a wet note. tomorrow afternoon it will be mild. 68 in santa rosa. 62 for you in san francisco. 61 in half moon bay. oakland, palo alto, san jose. around the monterey bay, a beautiful day with temperatures running milder than average. here is a look at your seven-day forecast, rain
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chances return friday night into saturday. certainly cooler those days. and then more rain as you head moo sunday and monday time period which is of course president's day. we will get some more wet weather in here carolyn and dan. there are no big storms coming. president obama's plan to make cheaper pennies. >> plus oscar sunday is february 26th right here on abc7. you can predict the winners and get the latest buzz right now at >> you can download the oscar app for downloads and ipads. it is live video from the red carpet and back stage on oscar sunday. check that out and stay here with us.
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from the independent audit at the apple plant. conditions at fox-con was better than most facilities in the country. there is no official report yet, but the president of the fla says that borden and alienation may have lead to the string of suicides. apple turned to the fla over criticism of how the chinese workers are treated.
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there is a new plan to make small change more affordable. it turns out it costs more to make pennys and nickels than the coins are worth. the pennies cost about 2.4 cents to produce and nickels 11 cents. president obama's budget includes a measure that would allow the treasury department to switch up the metal mix used in the coins to make them cheaper. the change could save $100 million a year jie. so a nickel costs more than a dime to make. larry beil is here. >> i am outraged by that. >> if you want to prove you are a playoff team, these are games you just have to win. the warriors face the shorthanded blazers. shorthanded blazers. david leigh -- david [ male announcer ] with citibank, it's easy for jay to deposit checks from anywhere. easier than actually going to the bank. mobile check deposit. easier banking.
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standard at citibank.
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>> woman: don't forget the yard work! >> o.k. >> announcer: with citibank's popmoney, dan can easily send money by email right from his citibank account. >> nice job, ben. >> announcer: well played, dan. well played. citibank popmoney. easier banking. it looked like the warriors caught a break.
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they were hosting portland. the trailblazers without aldridge who was injured. these are games you cannot lose. feeling flexible? high degree of difficulty there. i don't know where the arrow ended up. warriors up 12 in the second quarter. big night for david lee. 29 points and come get some. gerald wallace, not known as a three-. -- point shooter, but he was knocking them out. monty ellis and that is picture perfect, warriors by two. robinson played the majority of the fourth quarter in place of monte. driving for two and just under four minutes left. he somehow got it to david lee and wallace might run -- might want to guard him. the blazers take the lead. far left and look, just seconds left. six seconds left and in bound in the back court.
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caw macaw sze -- kamakazi out of control. not winning. the blazers end the three-game winning streak 93-91. no last-second lin-sanity tonight. but he set a record with 13 assists. of course the knicks won again. the pride of palo alto is now a force of nature. they are all lintertained at madison square gardens. iron mike tyson was there. he is loving some lin. he dribbles around the entire team and they did a great job of watching. how do you even make a likeness that big? lin with a career best. tyson chandler and back out to fields who had 15 points. knocks down the jumper. and then feeding stoudemire and incredible. knicks have won seven straight 100-85 the final. by the way, the knicks' win streak could be at eight by the time they play dallas on
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sunday. you can watch it here on abc7 at 9:30 on sunday morning. it is breakfast with jeremy. suddenly concern at saint mary's. they dropped their first conference game to gone gonzaga and they lost to loyola. senior night 1k3* kent walker along with rob jones. the seniors came out gunning. he finished with 12 points. jones cop of the key -- top of the key and he knocks it down. they have a couple of good players. a deep three and then driving and dishing. a nice feed inside. off a missed free throw and that's with authority. he pulls away. if i could dunk i would do it just like that. 75-60 lions on the mean streets of moraga.


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