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tv   ABC7 News at 12A on KOFY  KOFY  February 22, 2012 12:00am-12:30am PST

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with his hands like this. the police shot at him, and they shot him in the back. they never said they was the police. >> a mother defending her son tonight while oakland police are saying very little about what happened. good evening. i'm dan ashley. carolyn johnson has the night off. we now know the man shot by oakland police is related to oscar grant, the man killed by bart police. john alston is live with the story you will see. >> police have said nothing about the weekend shooting beyond a press released they issued yesterday and they have not addressed the new information. the man was seriously injured ever after being shot in the grant. >> it emerged from a hospital in oakland after waiting all day to see her son. she says he was shot in the lower back after running from oakland police late on sunday night. >> i talked to my son and my son said mama the officers is lying. they watched me get out the car. they watched me walk, and then they started speeding up. i took off running across the street.
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when i took off running i heard it go, bow, bow, bow. >> her son is tony jones. she says he is a cousin of oscar grant, the hayward man shot and killed by a bart police officer on new year's day 2009. sunday evening short lebefore midnight, oakland police stopped a car on the 2,000 block of 62nd avenue. they suspected it the vehicle might be linked to a robbery that just occurred in the area. while police have not identified jones by name, a passenger with a gun ran from the vehicle and was shot by an officer. jones' mother and attorney dooy. he had a gun -- attorney deny he had a gun. >> he did not have no gun. he got out of the vehicle. he paid the lady $10 to give him to wherever he got shot at. >> joaquin mccoy was denied a right to meet at the hospital. going so far as to take a picture of the oakland officer he said refused entry after jones wanted to see his attorney. >> we believe what happened
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was the oakland police department is hiding the fact that they shot him in his back while he was retreating. >> jones' mother says her son was on probation, but would not say for what. >> it was a month and a couple of days. >> reporter: so far jones has not been charged with anything according to his attorney. police say they did find a weapon at the scene. we tried repeatedly today to get further comment from oakland police, but we did not hear back. the attorney says he did get to see his client tonight, but she planning civil action against the police department. in oakland, john alston, abc7 news. >> thank you. the shooting death of a homeless man by a bart officer was justified. that's the finding in the san francisco district attorney's office. the bay citizen reports that the d.a. will not press charges in the death of charles hill. he was shot and killed at
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civic center station in the city. shortly after bart released surveillance video that claims hill threw a knife at officer james cromwell. the d.a.'s office said he fired in self-defense and praised him for maintaining a calm and professional demeanor. one of the so-called speed freak killers told the stockton record he will not provide anymore information about where his victims are buried, not until he is paid by the bounty hunter who broke the case. he says 13 bodies are buried in two more san juaquin county wells in addition to the two wells on the map he has already given to leonard padilla. but he won't say where until he receives a down payment on the $33,000 padilla promised him. padilla says the sheriff has been searching a well not a sherman tine's map. >> there are a dozen wells on that property. they started with a well that we told them is not the correct well, but they dug and
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it doesn't matter because they did find a skull and a thousand bone fragments that are -- fragments that are not human. but at least they got something done. >> two bodies were found. the san juaquin sheriff's department is not commenting on any of this. they are looking for clues into the death of a man whose body was found on a sidewalk in the mission district. it happened on julian avenue between 15th and 16 in the mission. the question, how long was it there before anyone called for help. lisa amin gulezian is in the newsroom tonight. >> dan, police say the victim was robbed, but he was not stabbed or shot to death. what is odd though, dan, they think he was attacked at 2:00 or 3:00 a.m. but their first call for help came in five hours later. a woman called police at 7:45 in the morning asking for a welfare check on a man she saw lying on this home on julian avenue. when they arrived, richard
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sprague was already dead. >> police don't know how he died, but they posted these fliers asking for the public's help. >> i didn't hear anything. i was awake at the time and didn't hear anything. >> according to the blog, mission local .org some residents heard him yelling "help, help, i can't breathe. please call the police." blogers say no one did. this man who didn't want to be identified denies that claim. >> none of us heard nothing. >> the story that everybody heard something and nobody here do callbe true. when things happen. >> reporter: while police check all of the emergency call logs for that morning just in case, supervisor david campos wants people to get curious and to get involved. >> if you have any thoughts or any doubts about whether or
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not somebody will air on the side of caution and call 9911. right now investigators have no suspects. live in the newsroom, lisa amin gulezian, abc news. the president of california's fish and game commission is under fire tonight for hunting the same animals that he is going to protect in california. it shows dan richards holding a mountain lion he recently hunted in idaho. it could cost him his job. in 1990 voters approved a measure making it illegal in california to hunt mountain lions and animal rights activists are furious. >> californians trust the fish and game department and their commission to be the protector of the wildlife resources. and this person is showing he doesn't care. >> what mr. richards did was not legal or moral. it has no bearing on his
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ability to act as a fish and game commissioner. >> neither wanted to comment at this point. a watermain break in lafayette left a driver in the lurch tonight. her van had to be towed out of a three-foot wide, two-foot sink hole that opened up when the pipe broke suddenly. there are no reports of property damage or anyone losing water service as a result. that sinkhole is being repaired of course. san francisco transit is considering a slew of fees and price hikes to deal with the budget deficit. the transportation agency might add up to a thousand meters where parking is now free. the mta is also thinking about charging for meters later in the evening and on sundays. and it may raise parking fines by $3. proposed changes include service cuts and adding a 25 cent charge for cash fares. they are already planing on a $2 price hike for a monthly
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muni pass bringing the cost to $64. as we are talking about transportation, if you are wondering why traffic was so bad on the bay bridge toll plaza this morning cal trans has an explanation, and they say it had nothing to do with the lane changes over the weekend. at its worst, the back up stretched into the macarthur maze. there was an electrical problem with the metering lights which allowed some drivers to fly through the lights while others were at a stand still. they had to manually update the lights until the problem was fixed. a lot more to get to. up next, flirting with 13,000. the dow hasn't been this high since may of 2008. what is driving the markets? and the new planet. astronomers say they have never seen anything like it. >> it is real big. >> and the new device with an identity crisis. all of that is coming up. and then late other "nightline." >> dan, coming up on "nightline" an abc exclusive.
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i guess they will be watching in coupen tino. are to -- cupertino. for the first time we are given access to the foxconn factories in china. we will talk to the workers
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unprecedented access to foxconn and will be the focus of "nightline." several employees killed themselves because of what they said were horrible working conditions. employees work a grueling 60 hours a week. they live in crowded dormitories and eat at company cafeterias. the head of a san francisco think tank says china is dealing with a socioeconomic crisis similar to ours.
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>> things are rising and you have like we have the 99% and the 1%. and so you have increasing disparity between the rich and the poor as well. >> "nightline" looks at the fox foxconn factors after this broadcast. the united states said it didn't mean to offend muslims when it burned a copy of the koran in afghanistan. that did not stop rioting from breaking out. the books were pulled from the shelves of the detention center library because the military police thought they were being used to send secret messages. they were replaced by new volumes. but someone ordered the old korans burned, unaware it is a violation of islamic law. asian stock markets are showing a momentous day on wall street. they closed the 13,000 mark for the first time since the financial crisis began in 2008.
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the dow hit that milestone following news of last night's greek bailout agreement, but it sliped back to finish at 12,965. that's up nearly 16 points. the nasdaq was down three and finishing at 20948 today. when smartphones came out on the market people expected them to get smaller. instead they have gotten bigger. jonathon bloom has a look at one that is so big people are not sure what they should call it. >> tremendously big. >> i don't know if my pockets are big enough. >> is that a phone or is it a tablet? >> that's what samsung wants you to ask. placed next to an i phone it looks colossal and it has left analysts grasping for words. >> it is a phone tablet and it was called a phablet.
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>> there is nothing tiny about the marketing effort. they stationed cartoonists at the malls across america to paint portraits of passersby using the pressure sensitive pen. >> the galaxy note is not the first with a five inch screen and a pen. apple made one called newton and it almost ran them out of business. this was before the wireless internet and beautiful flat-colored screens. is the world ready to try it again? >> it was so one decade ago. >> this was a much better experience especially because you can still type with your fingers. it is a touch screen. >> jessica was impressed by the screen that was perfect for reading books and not bad for watching movies. she got used to taking notes with her pen, but still -- >> it is awkward to hold in your hands. >> the note could find its niche in a pair of bigger hands. >> it would be like a perfect bart buddy.
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movies, games. >> or in the hands of an artist. >> i see something i want to sketch and i pull it out. >> that sketch can turn into a t-shirt. try doing that with paper. >> now if your hands and pockets are big enough make sure your wallet is too. the note is selling for $300 at at&t. in san francisco, jonathon bloom, abc7 news. >> scientists confirm the existence of a new planet today. look at gj1214b. it is a new class of planets outside our solar system. it is unlike any planet they have ever seen. it is mostly made up of water, hot water, with a surface temperature of 450 dries. the planet is more than two and a half times the size of earth and it is covered in a thick, steamy atmosphere because of the hot water. it is 40 light years away. >> it is pretty steamy around here these days. let's touch base with sandhya
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patel. >> it will get steamy the next two days, but i want to show you something right now. this is what it looked like this morning. it was fogged in. this was submitted by teresa b to you report. as you can see, just really poor visibility. we had some very dense fog throughout the day. it was limited to the coast. i want to show you a live picture as to how different things look. the sutro tower there way in the distance. we are looking toward twin peeks and well across the bay from the east bay hills camera. the wind is switching direction, and that is helping to clear out the coastline. the fog has been disappearing. want to show you some other photos submitted to you report. look at this sunset. anonymous viewer, it just looks like a postcard shop from hawaii. you will be seeing more of this, and we may be flirting with some records. santa rosa forecast high of 76
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tomorrow. the record -- the previous record was 77 setback in 1985. napa close to its previous record 76 tomorrow. you can see san francisco is not going to be the record there. livermore may make it 76 tomorrow. moffett field 72 tomorrow afternoon. it is just 5 dries away from the record. san jose 74 degrees. these numbers are going up as we head into your thursday. so it is just a warm up for the next two days. the temperatures right now in the 40s and 50s. most areas reporting good visibility at this hour for a change compared to earlier today except half moon bay where we are seeing fog. 4 miles of visibility. we will call for patchy fog and partly cloudy. we have high clouds coming through. sunny and warmer wednesday and thursday and record highs are possible during that two-daytime period. so here is what is going on. we have a dirty ridge. it is a killing that keeps the storms away, but not the high clouds away. we will deal with the high clouds tonights. then the big ridge is making
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its presence known. what will happen is the next two days the ridge of high pressure will shift closer to the coast. as it does we will begin to see a wind flow. we are already seeing the northerly winds developing. this will be more out of the northeast by thursday, and it tends to push the fog well off the coast. it warms us up and by thursday we will see numbers approaching 80 degrees in the inland areas. you are not hearing things. overnight temperatures are falling in the 40s. we will see patchy fog not as dense as we thought and not as widespread for your morning drive. it should be all right. you can see the numbers 72 san rafael and 68 in san mateo. heading out toward antioch and 76 degrees. a beautiful day around the monterey bay. close to 80 degrees already in gilroy tomorrow afternoon. accu-weather seven-day forecast, it is warm. look at thursday. near 70 at the coast. near 80 inland. a little cooler on friday. back to reality and lowering
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temperatures heading into the weekend. more cloud cover and windy and cooler. rain chance friday night and saturday morning. >> thanks very much. coming up next, a surprise performance by the president. >> ♪ sweet home chicago >> check him out. the white house turns into an intimate blues club for the night. and oscar sunday is just five day usa way talking about performances. you can find out more at coverage starts at 12:30 and red carpet arrival at 1:30. the award show starts at 5:30 and oprah will be on "jimmy kimmy live" afterward. download the oscar app live from the red carpet and back stage. join the conversation on twitter using the hash tag twitter using the hash tag oscars sf. [ male announcer ] with citibank, it's easy for jay to deposit checks from anywhere.
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he was just 12 years old. brady worked to find a kidney donor for him, but he died of a heart attack today on his 66th birthday. they were singing the blues at the white house tonight. >> president obama joined bb ane east room. the concert is part of a pbs series "in performance" at the white house. that must be fun to be president. >> i would like bb king. >> come on back to my place. >> what is wrong with the sharks? more importantly, can it be fixed? how do you lose to one of the worst teams in a league that wasn't even close?
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the sharks are in the midst of
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nine straight games and it has to feel like forever because the men in teal are in free fall losing to one. worst teams in all of hockey. in columbus the sharks came out slow and faded from there. the power play goal on the way to a hat trick. he comes in late in the first and it did not matter. a little life from the man in teal. it ricochets for his 13th goal of the year. it was 4-2 after that, but the sharks fall to the last place team in the west 6-3 and they drop four in a row and five of six on this trip. now they have company. the coyotes redeem with two and a half minutes left. they send the game to overtime. phoenix prevails and johnson denied. phoenix is now tied with the sharks on top of the division. we are sneaking up on march madness. tonight kentucky had a scare at mississippi state.
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super frosh anthony davis with the long arms and gets out with the long legs and it was waiting to happen. three over davis and the bulldogs were up seven late. michael kid, and gilcrest the kid. the wild cats take the lead and they don't look bad. look back. just a few days into spring training, but anything happens to timlin succumb is news. he skipped a bull pen because of stiffness in his back. injuries were serious. brian wilson revealing he was bothered by hip and elbow pain. virtually all of last season. timmy says staying healthy is crucial. >> you know, for us the big thing last year was we never had a stint where everybody was healthy at the right times. injuries plagued our season. with that i think everybody is hungry to stay healthy and play ball and win some g


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