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tv   ABC7 News at 9 on KOFY  KOFY  February 23, 2012 9:00pm-10:00pm PST

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ry harvest... my daughter's grabbing some yoplait. pina colada, orange creme. i can't imagine where she is... strawberry cheesecake. [ grocery store pa ] clean up in aisle eight. found her! [ female announcer ] yoplait original. 25 flavors for you to love. it is so good. 200 firefighters on the fire lines and more on the way as wildfire is only 50% contained tonight in napa. good evening. 40 acres now scorched. it raced through soda canyon road north of silverado country club
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scene here on the map. wind gust have been the problem most of the day t.lillian is on the scene live for us tonight. lillian? >>reporter: in addition to the wind firefighters have been dealing with steep rugged terrain. according to spokesperson with cal fire the fair started as a result of bad judgment. firefighters on high alert. keeping an eye on hot spots that continue to flare u up. fire began this afternoon along soda canyon road in napa county. rick thorn berry lives from one of the 3 homes threatened. his house is only 5 years old. and sits on a 60 acre vineyard. >> they wouldn't let me in. i expected that so i went up there and watched the whole time and you are going oh, well hopefully the wind will keep blowing this wind and won't good up the hill. >>reporter: the fire started after workers at vineyard were burning a pile of cut up grape vines. they say an ember blew away that blacken dozens of acres. investigators are loo looking into whet the vineyard had the proper forment conduct a burn. regardless because of
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today unusual north wind workers should have used common sense. >> a lot of people they don't think about that stuff. and so they need to think fire prevention and think about those conditions out there that could in fact spread a fire. >>reporter: luckily none of the homes was damaged. thorn berry vineyard remains intact. >> we just a meet thanksgiving morning with pl hall wipe company negotiate ago new contract so yes. thank goodness they didn't get damaged. >>reporter: but while there was though damage to property, neighbors don't appreciate the close call. especially since the fire could have been so easily avoided. january owner 3 vineyard which total about 0 acres of grapes. >> we have some of the best grapes in the world and we don't want to see them go up in smoke. l. >>reporter: cal fire doesn't know when they will have the fire fully contain. they say they will be working through the overnight hours. live in napa county, lillian, abc 7 news. >> okay thanks very much. as we said the wind has been a
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factor much of the day. spencer is here with a look now at at the wind conditions at one point gustying well over 20 miles an hour. it diminished significantly. >> did it winds diminished quite a bit. here's location of the fire north of downtown app a dash napa east of silver an ad 0trail. wind relatively light. out of the north at 13 miles per hour. relative humidity is low of course very dry there only 16 percent humidity. at the moment weather conditions do not appear to be a factor as firefighters efforts however issued point out the conditions are measured down at the surface. the fire take the place up in the hills off soda canyon road higher elevation where the winds tend to be a bit stronger. >> thank you spencer. see you shortly for the full forecast. gun fir in condition cord tonight. we were over the scene at the mall. 3 burglary suspects apparently fired one round after security guard chased them. men attacked the guard. he is okay. shoplifters were arrested. no one was high pressure. well in marin. 3 people
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facing charges tonight for possessing child pornography and according to the cops it's truly horrible stuff. nick smith has the story. >> imagine the worst of the worst and it's worse than that. >>reporter: silicon valley internet crime against children task force conducted raids throughout marin county lack to go catch those in possession of illegal images. police say those who down load child porn are becoming more 70's kited in their method to acquire the illegal pictures. >> this is all done through file sharing software and so it remains anonymous. >>reporter: but of versus also using tool of their own to catch them in the act and to make quick arrest. >> they have a method they use to obtain internet or i p addresses of computers that are down loading or sharing files and then the physical address of where the computer lives. >>reporter: 3 men were arrested in the raid. one of them was 16-year-old from novato. another a 22-year-old map from this fairfax neighborhood. he was no, sir not only arrested on child porn charges but for felony weapon
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violation. >> i was shocked. ready to fall on the floor. all the neighbors. >>reporter: neighbors in the quiet community were reluctant to go on camera but all said they were shocked to see agents descend on this home in the 800 block of penny royal lane. quiet bungalow yards from the day care center up the street. homeowner a special ed indication school teacher was not home at the time of the arrest and police say she is not part of the official vechlingts instead officers were after her roommate. 31-year-old carlos martinez who they say had illegal images on his listen top. >> this is not girls gone wild. this is pre-pubescent children down to anywhere from infant up to maybe 8, 9, 10 there. were more than a dozen agencies and 75 officers involved in today's raids but this are work is not over. they are now in western marin county attempting to serve more warrants. that m written county, abc 7 news. >> crime investigators are being stretched thin in oakland after a series of shootings. the first was near a taco truck
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in the fruitvale area last night. that was followed by shooting few hours later then 3 more this morning in west and north oak land. one of those involved 2 people on bicycle exchanging gunfire shooting at each other. berkeley high student on way to school was critically. investigators were there and took 2 thundershowers get to the scene because of other crime. >> oakland is a busy time we get work. we just got to work with what we got and do the best that we can. >>reporter: police are also lacking in a possible homicide inside a home in the oakland hills. 78-year-old joseph robertson was killed inside his house on factory drive. certainly working under the suspicion that he was in fact murdered. we all know the fire fight is dangerous job but not all the challenges as visible as the flames. there are frightening cancer statistics for female firefighters. more on that from carolyn lisa is a firefighters paramedic at station 22 in san francisco
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inner sunset neighborhood. she's always race interest breast cancer survivor. >> yes do i think that my cancer is related to pl smoke exposure no, study conducted to determine a definitive link but here are sobering statistics. according to the national cancer instance satellite 1.4 of the general population of women ages 40 to 49 will be diagnosed with breast cancer. in the san francisco fire department the number currently stands at 13.6 percent. nearly 10 times greater. >> tangible aspect of danger as firefighters running in a building we can talk about that we can look at that. the less tangible cancer that we are all getting is hard to look at. it's hard for us to talk about. >>reporter: but they are talking. group of female firefighters including chief joanne hays wife is raising awareness and money. today they presented the firefighters
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cancer prevention found dwaition a check for 13,000 dollars. to help fund research on the impact of the toxic they breathe while on the job. >> it's our hope foundation hope and department hope with the major medical institution we have here in the bay area somebody is going to pick up the ball and help us to start to track women in the profession. >>reporter: retired captain tony steffano was diagnosed with rare cancer back 2001 and in fact he says a stunning 1 out of every 2 men who retire from the san francisco department is diagnosed with some form of the disease. now the number of female firefighters in the department for many years is large enough to qualify as a focus group for researchers. san francisco firefighters cancer prevention foundation is hoping to get a grant from fema to pay uc berkeley researchers to conduct a comprehensive study on toxic exposure that could be in place by the end of the year. in the newsroom, carolyn tyler, abc 7
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news. you will be glad to know woman who got trapped under a muni train is expected to be all right. firefighters had to lift the train to get her out. it happened on second avenue and irving street late today. 27-year-old woman was walking her dog when she picked up the animal to climb over the cupler connecting the two rail cars. well, then, the taken started to move suddenly. in the moon teenager was cited for driving without a license after he slammed his buick into this vallejo home today rub touring a gas line. forcing evacuation of nearby residents. hear the sound of the gas. power was shut off. 18-year-old driver was the only person injured. more to come here tonight. apple under fire in an international labor dispute. coming up. company stockholders meeting draws critics to cupertino. >> directly behind me you can see the future. coast guard shows off the 3 new cut why isn't the
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common didn't satisfied. >> funeral. weddings. dracul dracula. >> and they may get a bad rap but one man dream to hear san francisco long lost pipe organ played once again. stay with francisco long lost pipe organ played once again. stay with us. news at 9:00 continues [ male announcer ] with citibank, it's easy for jay to deposit checks from anywhere. easier than actually going to the bank. mobile check deposit. easier banking. standard at citibank.
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>> gay marriage very close to being legal in maryland. legislature gave the final okay to the law and now sent to the governor who expects to sign it some time this week. maryland will be the eighth state to allow same sex marriage. apple is at the center of a movement to im paragraph working conditions in the factory in china where i-phone and i-pad are made. that thorny issue never came up at today shareholder meeting in cupertino. david has the story. >> the issue of working conditions in china is resonating with apple customers. joining a protestor in the annual meeting cupertino resident dana johnson thinks shareholders are the demaking change. >> i think that they need to apply pressure. they need to stop looking for more and more i guess growth and money. >>reporter: early this week "nightline"took americans inside a factory at apple invitation in china where i-pad and i phones are made. the
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factory is operated by fox con a contract or to apple and other u.s. coast. >> when you are the biggest corporation in the world it's true that all other company also have manufacturing in china that's justification you will hear. but be the leader. right. do the right thing. >>reporter: camera not allowed in the shareholder business. after business meeting that lasted 30 minutes 6 people got to ask question. >> long line of people to talk and i thought it was the big issue but it wasn't. >>reporter: long time apple investor was surprised china didn't come up. she understands why pressure is building on a el. >> not only apple. it's all electronic companies. app ill is the one they think has enough integrity to get in there and make some changes at apple. >>reporter: tim cook agrees. here's what he said last weak at golden sachs technology conference. apple provided the video. >> our customers expect us to lead and we will continue to do so. >>reporter: chinese workers told abc news they work 60 hours and get paid 1.78 an
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hour. in the mean time apple set revenue record 108 billion dollars last fiscal year. cook noted last year 66 percent increase was more growth than hp, del, nokia, htc, google and rim combined. >> management team is in excellent shape and lacks like they will did very well for the next several years at least. >>reporter: in cupertino, david lou, abc 7 news. facebook is off target on first quarter ad revenue and scrambling now to catch up concerning to the silicon valley business journal. leaked documents indicate l there will be the ads said to be vin truce i have. fate back filed for i p o on february 1s 1st. >> developers in san jose are designing a new 220,000 square foot building in santana row with tech companies in mind. more on those stories. those headlines in tomorrow print edition of the silicon valley
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business journal rment. lets go back to spencer who talks about conditions on the fire line newspaper nap a.but now focus on the fum full forecast for the weekend. >> we have great weather all week long. another mild day coming our way tomorrow but in the weekend bring changes. winter lick changes. life view from our high definition sutro camera looking out over san francisco on the clear and mild evening around the bay area. today was quite mild as well. we had record high pressure for the second consecutive day in one place. santa rosa. high of 80 degrees in second con tech that they set a regard high for the day. oakland at 78 degrees tied the record hay for this date. numerous upper 70's in other locations 60 degrees in san francisco. 61 in oakland and upper 50's to mid 60's generally across the bay area. so pretty mild at this hour. winds on the other hand are calming down significantly all across the bay area with exception of fairfield that still has gust at this hour up to 36 miles per hour. over the hilltop strong gust as well up to 42 miles per
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hour and knoxville creek and a little bit lighter at 17 miles per hour gust here. on we good to the satellite image showing are high pressure the dominant faech today. mace flow of dry air down to the north and low cloud fog and sunny day from coast inland but that is about to change. tim line here overnight to high pressure center moves inland. cold front approaches us late tomorrow into saturday bringing us cooler conditions. temperatures are going to drop significantly over the weekend and into next week no. rainfall in sight. low pressure in the mid upper freeways perhaps right around 50. a little bit lower up in the inland valley north bay where low right around or above 40 degrees. then tomorrow another mild day perhaps the last of the string of day bringing us high in the 70's. last for awhile anyhow. lack for high in the low 70's in the inland north basement inland east bay and down in the south bay at san jose but right around the bay near the coast
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high only in the 60's. monterey baylow 70's in the inland location. here's accu-weather sov day forecast. cooling down over the weekend and much cooler next week than we have seen in quite awhile. high pressure reaching into the upper 50's around 60. monday tuesday wednesday then on wednesday next week there is a slight chance of rain not the kind of rain we really need because we are quite dry for this time of the year but slight chance something to get exited about. since we haven't seen rain in a long time. >> gritful for every drop. >> thanks spencer. >> crash landing. bird man talks about his miracle survival after hitting a mountain at 120 miles an hour. >> plus beating the rap. something no other baseball >> plus beating the rap. something no other baseball player has done before. news
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>> chance are you keep old stuff in your garage because you mate need it some day or maybe you can't bring yourself to throw it out. san francisco has a ramp like that and it contains magnificent instrument. in tonight assignment 7 report abc explains why this particular music maker is so special. >>reporter: in the timeless environment around palace of fine art. listen carefully. imagination there are some people who can swear they hear resituatedal organ music drifting through. >> it will bring out emotion you didn't think you had. >>reporter: for organ lover that music comes from the very same place where almost 100 years ago san francisco hosted the panama pacific international exposition. it is the sound of almost mythical pipe organ 40 feet tall and 40
9:23 pm
feet wide that played concerts for thousands office people every day. organ you have probably never heard of. >> they have no idea what this instrument can do or is i don't think. >>reporter: so the formation of friends of the exposition organ. vick among others collected the sight sounds and memory of the instrument in the hope of hearing it live some day. though that will take some doing. the exposition organ does still exist beneath the grass of the civic center plaza. it's downstairs behind locked doors in the old brook hall room filled with the unused, unread, unresearched and tucked away in the deepest corner. opportunity heard. >> tallest pipe is 37 feat long and weighs 700 pounds. it is one large pipe among 10,000 of them. 40 tons of organ strewn around the floor. piece of local music history unclaimed by any city department cloaked in dust and darkness. last
9:24 pm
time this organ played in public in san francisco it was 1989. just before the earthquake here. the instrument life in limbo would began as san francisco burned. inside the civic auditorium that was the organ home after the exposition a wall collapse collapsed. >> pretty much covering all the the exposed pipe with a foot of plaster and debris. >>reporter: restoration work took years. by the time the organ returned civic auditorium had a new tenant. so san francisco stored the organ in brook hall where it remained for 18 years. boxed up. ready to reassemble and play. homeless and forgotten now by all but a few. might seem strange to hear such passion important pipe organ but you understand better if you feel the vibration of the sound of
9:25 pm
one. >> pipe organ have this bad rap being about funeral, wedding, dracula. >> actually pipe organ music remains alive and well in the hands and feet of unger players who is comfortable playing all of these. >> my generation is open to much more to acoustic music than people think they are. we want to hear something real and awe then 'tis particular. >>reporter: the question wher where. >> we are talking about back here would be great. maybe a pipe dream but friends of the exposition organ would like to see the instrument back in the palace of fine arts. space now occupied by the exploratory that moves before a retrofit. imagine it filled with this. what's the attraction. >> my gosh it will play every kind of music in the world. >>reporter: or as long as it
9:26 pm
remains underground it will play nothing at all. multi-million dollar civic treasure languishing in silenc silence. out of sight. out of mind. in san francisco wayne, abc 7 news. spectacular. >> when we continues tonight. it happens often at workplace. things just suddenly disappear from the break room frim. happen at your office. tonight the surprising thief caught red handed. >> coast guard command anti-break from his tradition. appeal for major upgrade. >> tiny exercise turns into deadly tragedy. what we learn about the death of 7 marines. stay with us. another half hour of news begins here in stay with us. another half hour [ male announcer ]e in with citibank, it's easy for jay to deposit checks from anywhere. easier than actually going to the bank. mobile check deposit. easier banking. standard at citibank.
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>> woman: don't forget the yard work! >> o.k. >> announcer: with citibank's popmoney, dan can easily send money by email right from his citibank account. >> nice job, ben. >> announcer: well played, dan. well played. citibank popmoney. easier banking. standard at citiba
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good evening once again. here's the headlines we are following tonight. wildfire in napa valley near the silverado country club now has burned about 40 acres. it is 50% contained. fire started when a vineyard with legally burning grape leaves and wind blew it out of control. child pornography task force is at work serving warrants in the north bay. 3 people arrested including a 16-year-old boy. >> and protest at apple stockholder meeting in cupertino. demonstrators want working conditions improved in factory in china where i-phone and i-pad are made. some of the headlines. here's another one. mid-air collision killed 7 marin during a training exercise in arizona sadly. it's the third incident of this type in a year diana explains what might have caused this tragedy. >>reporter: they were preparing to deploy to war. l 7 marines never made it. while training wednesday tonight in
9:31 pm
arizona 2 helicopters collided in mid-air. killing all on board. 6 of them are from camp pendleton. one from marine corps air station yuma 8. attack helicopter and uh 1 huey light utility helicopter both small aircraft. >>reporter: this is the range near yuma. marines train here because the terrain is similar to afghanistan and other current theater of war. nighttime maneuver they perform are incredibly difficult. complexity compounded by the use of nature time vision goggle. >> the problem is the night vision goling el have a very, very narrow field of view which isn't much more than a soda straw. limits the peripheral vision so the ability to see left and right while wearing the night vision goggle is very limited. >>reporter: despite 2 other helicopter crashes during training last year that killed 3 and injured 5 experts say safety records have improved greatly. >> if you look back at world
9:32 pm
war ii actually more air crews killed in training mishap than in all combat combined. >>reporter: without the live fire exercise and real time condition they say marine have a greater risk of kathy in actual combat. >> something the crew have to train for. something that all crew train for and it's absolutely necessity in terms of having capability when the marine crew go to war. >>reporter: military is in the process of notifying the victim family. the collision is under investigation. thinks abc news los angeles. >> the navy has been testing radar technology to help airmen avoid mid-air collision. technology was not installed on the helicopter in the crash in arizona. >> tonight president obama is poll jaysing to the afghan people for the u.s. military burning of copies of the corran. act that triggered protest that turned deadly. if
9:33 pm
afghan police killed 5 protesters during a third day of riot nationwide. 2 u.s. soldiers in afghan were killed by man dressed in afghan army uniform. all started on monday when afghan workers saw u.s. soldiers dumping rae religious book in arrest garbage pile and setting them on fire. they were replaced with newer copies of the cure an. in the apology president obama said quote the error was in add verify tent. i assure you we will take the appropriate step to avoid any occurrence to holding accountable those responsible. well the president is in florida today promoting energy strategy he says will reduce the country long-term dependence on foreign oil. mr. obama calling the plan all of the above strategy that make use of every available american energy resource that is oil, gas, wind, solar nuclear and biofuel. president says there is no easy fix to the recent spike in fuel price and to say otherwise is not being honest. commandant of the coast
9:34 pm
guard took a page from the president play box today to raise money on the road. more accurately raise awareness about the coast guard need for billions of dollars in funding. as mark reports from coast guard island alameda the commandant broke very longstanding tradition. >> attention on deck. >>reporter: admirable robert came to talk to the from,000 coast guard men and women by internet web cast. also brought a message to the american taxpayer. >> much of our current fleet of medium high endurance cutters are ynd 40 years old. costly to repair. and in need of replacement. >>reporter: commandant stood with 3 of the newest cutter in the fleet directly behind him. >> do you smell that? do you know what that is? it's new coast guard cutter smell. we didn't get this too often. >>reporter: admiral says he asked for one and a half billion to continue funding for the next national security cutters. >> these cutters unable us to
9:35 pm
stop pure cocaine before they reach our shores of multi-ton and protect our fish stock and the fishermen in the tumultuous behring sea. >>reporter: congress must approve the budget for the ship and even at 10 billion for nutse including 1,000 active duty coast guard men and women. after his speech i asked him about those cuts. >> any of them scaling back happen in the bay area. >> i don't see any anything happening in the bay area in terms of scaling back medley. i think writ now we are res sourceed pretty good out hishtion he says the coast guard will increase the presence on the bay for the america's cup and after that it's up to congress. some rae tired admiral complained the president budget for these new ships is only about 60 percent of what is needed the commandant wasn't about to bite the hand. >> i would say there's broad recognition and support both in the administration and the congress for our coast guard. >>reporter: commandant knows cuts are likely when congress
9:36 pm
takes up the budget but after the september 11 terrorist attack the coast guard was manufactured from the transportation department to the department of homeland security t.and national security is still an area where congress is reluctant to cut t.on alameda island, abc 7 new news. daredevil dive. scary moments caught on tape. bird man jumps off side of mountain and runs into trouble. he's talking about it for the first time. plus the crazy looking species discovered in india. plus the crazy looking species discovered in india. i'll be back.
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>> about 1400 can't clare
9:40 pm
county students applying to the state university could see the application denied. school officials say they are forced to raised a mission standards because they are grappling with severe budget cut and explosion of application. normally applicant from south bay high school and community colleges are considered using minimum system wide requirements rather be the higher stand and for other applicant. this would be the first time students with lower qualifications would be turned away from the school. well now to the winged daredevil known as the bird man. he was making a death defying base jump in south africa when he crashed no a rock and nearly plummeted to his death. just released helmet capture footage capture the awful frightening moment. after 5 weeks in the hospital he speaks about it to abc dan harris. >> video starts with a warning that it may disturbing to some viewers. then you see bird man taking off in his special made flying suit. as he zips down the side of table mount in
9:41 pm
south africa at 120 miles an hour everything seems to be going according to plan. but then he approaches an out cropping of rock. ledge marked here by the heel um balloon and he miss judges it slamming the lower part of the body into the rock. you can see him bounce off and go tumbling through the air spiraling and struggling to pull his emergency parachute. finally landing in the bushes. look at it again in the still pictures you can see his body hitting the rocks. in an exclusive phone interview with abc news, he said after impact he was convinced he could not survive it. >> so one part of my brain is going through the concept of like okay fly fly fly fly fly you know. keep going keep going and then the other part of my brain was lake going whoa. why even pull at all? you are basically dead dude. >>reporter: he was air-lifted to the hospital with breaken bones throughout his legs where he has spent the last 5 weeks.
9:42 pm
he as become world famous through stunts like diving off the eiffel tower, statue of jesus in rio, and sailing through this arch way in the side of a mountain in china. his motivation he says? desire dating about a being to childhood to fly. and commitment to relentlessly face his fear. listen to his reaction when we asked if he was now going to quit. >> the that's it. that's what i live forment the only reason i'm getting better is so i can jump again. that's what i do. there's absolutely nothing in this world that will stop me from jumping. >>reporter: dan harris, abc news. the he's different. no question. well, sticky finger fingers. coming up next. workers set up a sting to find out who is stealing from the office frig. >> and shooting star fades just office frig. >> and shooting star fades just a bit. we'll be back
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team of scientist spent 5 years digging through monsoon drench soil in india to finally find what they are looking for. look at this thing. they call it a chick el deand they are entirely new as class amphibia amphibian. legless creature have been hiding underground in jungle of northeast india since the dinosaur roam the earth. the people thought they were a kuhan of snake. they are har harmless and actually help farmers by turning the soil and eating harmful insects. a little chick el de. >> if you have oscar fever you should head to writ now where you can get oscar history and also find everything you need to know to throw the perfect oscar viewing party at your house. down load exclusive app for live video
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from the red carpet and back stage and join the conversation on twitter by using this site. we give away movie ticket for a year to receive lucky fans. to win the contest you have the like us on facebook. go to face slash abc 7 news for your chance to win. make sure you click like spencer too. >> update the forecast. >>reporter: oscar meier for being such a hot dog. look at our time lapse video this afternoon from the east bay hills camera. we look north towards the napa fire started this afternoon you cap see the plume of smoke moving towards the south and wind blowing out of the north and fire getting closer now to being contained. tomorrow state wide mainly sunny skies with the exception of eureka a that might be damp. sunny and warm down south with high in the 70's at los angeles and palm springs and fresno. here in the bay area tomorrow we have high once again in the low 70's and warmest inland
9:48 pm
location and cooling down over the weekend and see 60's near the bay and coast tomorrow and here's the accu-weather 7 day forecast. cooling down over the weekend and cooling further next week with high reaching only into the upper 50's around 60 which is certainly more seasonal range of high for us but still no significant ran fall in sight. slight chance of showers next wednesday. >> oscar meier very good. that's cute. >> i'll steal that later. >> happens to all out of his. open up an office frig for the snack you brought from home. it's gone. but when this kept happening to some workers in texas, they responded as the only way they really could with full blown sting operation. here's ryan on the true food police. fivshtion office has that shared sacred space. where trust is all that keeps your sandwich out of your co-worker's mouth. that trust was violated in the break room of the deer park police department outside houston. for more than a year drinks
9:49 pm
disappeared. sandwiches vanished. the last straw. >> we had the officer who had 60 pound of deer sausage taken from the freezer. >>reporter: so frustrated officers did what they do best. set up a hidden camera sting. and just watch as one of their own officer kevin yang takes a monster energy drink with a detective's initials written on it. three days later, someone's sandwich. 4 days later another monster. apparently was so good he came back the next day for yet another. when confronted yang told detectives he was just cleaning out a dirty frig. >> a lot of times you clean up the frig once a week. everything you take by friday or certain date everything gets thrown out. which we don't do here. >>reporter: yang in court this afternoon to face theft charges. he has been suspended for 30 days and when he gets back to work his co-workers are sure to remind him there's no such thing as a free lunch.
9:50 pm
abc news, dallas. >> can you believe that? if you saw what was left in our office frig you wouldn't take it. >> forget bit. >> they have a hazmat area. don't get close to at this tim time. >> big violation. >> don't go over there. giants full squad reports spring training in arizona. mike 30's as well. one-on-one interview with buster. ankle. fear. as well. one-on-one interview with buster. ankle. fear. come back. sports next.
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is. >> coming upgas prices up anoths today. the toll it takes on your wallet and cost to the nation. 7 people busted for selling rye no, sir ross horns. stash of valuable police found in their possession. those and more coming up in an hour on 7 news at 11:00 over on channel 7. >> theory behind spring training you two to arizona because it's warm there. you could have had it here. >> for a day or 2, yes. but it will stay warm there for awhil awhile. and tim speaking of heating up. he threw today and threw hard. no problem after that minor back issue earlier
9:54 pm
in the week. giants full squad reported today in arizona also reporting ready for duty. mike in scottsdale with come back story. i have been pleased with how everything is doing to throwing and running and catching and did some throw to second base today and hitting on the field so feels good. i'm happy with the way it's feeling. >> doesn't lack like it's missed a beat. >> yes it feels good. i worked on a few different things. minor adjustment this off season. a little stuff trying to get better. >> going through your mind ever that man i might not play baseball again. >> i think fortunately i didn't have that train of thought. i think if the injury would have happened 50 years agatha might have been more realistic but big thing for me is keeping a positive attitude and knowing there's going to be some bumps along the way and just going to have to go with it. >>reporter: ever see a player get injured that affected so many different people i know you felt it throughout the
9:55 pm
entire nation when it happened, right. >> yes. well i was feeling a lot more at that point, too. i think i appreciate it even more now after being out of the game last year part of the healing process. so much appreciated. >>reporter: you don't relevantize what you have got until it's gone. >> i think it's jaws different perspective. i always feel like i respected the good. it doesn't owe you anything so maybe some of the stuff that i didn't enjoy as much before i'll not take that for granted. and have as much fun with it as i can. >> first of the year for buste buster. >>reporter: reporting in scottsdale, abc 7 sports. >> and she will be with the a's tomorrow as they have the full squad reporting and manny ramirez expected to show up. shocker today in baseball. ryan won the pea. 50 game suspension overturned. it's the first time a player has successfully challenged a drug related suspension in mainly
9:56 pm
league pwibl. brewers slugger found to have elevated testosterone levels but he said his sample had been mishandled. baseball not happy about that decision tonight. marke match up and biggest test yet for injury my lynn this evening. they were visited the heat. lebron and jeremy. they will meet again. lin right here nice pump fake. past lebron. hook up and in. one of 11 for 8 points and 8 turn overs. loses control here. up the court to lebron and this would be obliterating f.heat by 4 at the break. miami would coast. duane wade 22 points. lebron had he 20. and they were loud. 25. miami wins 102-88. on to college hoops we have a ton for you tonight. e1 st. mary's from lock to precarious perched on the bubble. needed a win in portland tonight. let me just say bay which are the danger of sugar everybody. that's right there. the gales had the hot
9:57 pm
hand early. downtown. not once f.same spot. gales up 4 in the first. stein finished with 15. matthew. sweet reverse in the lane. the look to rob jones. come get some. gales by 17 at the half and never let up. beautiful interior passing. play of the night steal here up the crt to jones. throwing down again. gales win 70-43 on the road to clinch at least a share of the west coast conference title with gonzaga. santa clara still winless in the conference hosting pepperdine on senior night. let's dance. raymond leading the broncos. 15 points. this is pretty play coming here. willis spinning into the lane to taylor. with audacity. with 16. santa clara lasts again 63-57. they have dropped 16 in a row. colorado puts the perfect home on the record against stanford no. match early on. randall
9:58 pm
and bright back to ran dl for the lay up and bright from dee deep. 10 minutes in on the road. captain do anything. everybody hitting. 4, 3 in the first. cardinal up 20 at the half on the road. stanford was never given a chance. twisting and turning and quiet down. stanford most impressive within of the year. 74 to 50 over colorado. cal crush utah 60 to 46. harper camp led with sfaechbility bears up on washington top the pack. huskies idol -- idle tonight. 75-49. december president for a victory. sharks in toronto against another team really reeling at this point. maple leaf. so you want to play goalie? clark just takes out tshltion into the net. patrick nice from thornton. 32 seconds into the second period. 1 nothing shark then 10 minutes later doing it again with a little
9:59 pm
deflexion in front. harks snap a 4 game skid 2-1. this is fun. 49 ers head coach jim harbaugh. tiger woods out at the match play championship. not so much fun for tiger. he needed the 6 foot putt on 18 to extend the match. lick most of the putt today he was a little off target. tiger out in round 2. now the final. with forty-niner head coach harbaugh who his a new job title. student manager for the indiana hoosier men basketball team. harbaugh performing them admirably last night game against north carolina central. his sister is married to independent i don't know a head coach crane and harbaugh maybe the most, best paid student man year in the business right now. getting it done. >> most intense. >> yes thank you very much. >> that's this edition of 7 news here on coffee tv 20 for all of us, stay connected 24-7 at 7 thanks for watching. appreciate your


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