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tv   ABC7 News at 9 on KOFY  KOFY  February 27, 2012 9:00pm-10:00pm PST

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>> apartment complex in mountain view is devoured by flames. several units caught fir late today and we were overhead as firefighters raced to put it out. good evening. now the good news. nobody was hurt in the fire but quite a few people are spending the night somewhere else as a result. all of this happened at the dana garden apartment
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off south whistle road. lillian is there live for us tonight with the story. lillian? >>reporter: dan, police still have the street blocked off. the fire is out. firefighters say there is a lot of work to do. investigators are trying to figure out how the fire started. fire at the dana garden apartment in mountain view quickly turned no a raging inferno. within 30 minutes it became a 4 alarm fire. she lives 2 houses down from pt apartment complex and medley she ran over and started knocking door to door. >> get out get out get out then one couple come out with their little baby born 3 weeks and they looked very scared and i was very scared too, >>reporter: dozens of firefighters from neighboring city came to help mountain view firefighters. they don't know where the fire started but they say 10 units have been affecte affected. some destroyed. others have smoke and water damage. >> once the fire gets into an attic and wind blowing it it
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will push it that's what happened here. >>reporter: about 2 dozen people are now without a home. including deb gowan the only thing she left with were the clothes on her back. >> i didn't get my cell phone phone or purse or anything. i took off. i was panicking myself i guess. >>reporter: city and red cross volunteers are doing what they can to help. they set up at land elementary school where consist placed resident got voucher and other assistance. jordan couldn't get the help he needed e.wanted to go into the unit to find his cat. he was told for safety reasons it would have to wait until tomorrow. >> they offered me food and all that stuff. asked if i needed a place to stay needed clothes or whatever. i don't need any of that stuff i just want my cat. >>reporter: this will remain an active scene for quite a while. firefighters say they will be here during the overnight hours. live in mountain view, abc 7 news. >> thanks very much. person was hit and killed
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by a bart train in oakland tonight. investigation is under way to figure out what happened and why. there are delays in the pittsburgh bay point fremont richmond san francisco direction as a result of this. at least 2 police officers were injured in a clash between occupy oakland protestors and demonstrators at the state capitol in sacramento today. one demonstrator pretended to shot at someone as the tension just escalated. occupy demonstrators were protesting again a rally by group of pro white people called the south africa project. the group was at the capitol to protest what they describe as black on white violence in south africa. eyewitness say the whole thing just got out of hand fast. >> commotion broke out. i watched car jump a curb and some occupy people were pounding on the car and some of the white supremacist jumped out and there was, they didn't exchange blow but got pretty tense. >>reporter: arrest were made after officers in riot gear and
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horseback separated protesttors. entire neighborhood was on lock down today during police shot out with suspected burg burglar. happen at 17 avenue and east 21 street in east oakland. area included roosevelt middle school. more tonight on what happened from nick smith. >> this is the man police say is responsible for for man hunt that started before 11:00 a.m. >> oakland police officers along with other agencies responded to this incident very, very quickly. >>reporter: look at the view from sky 7 hd this apartment complex in the 1600 block of 20th street in oakland became ground zero for active search by law enforcement agency for a man they say took aim at police. >> after the suspect shot at officers the suspect began moving on foot through the neighborhoods. >>reporter: hunt put in place extended perimeter. force agent and squad gear to suite sweep the area and confused frustrated resident sent from their home.
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>> how would you like gun drawn on you coming around the corne corner. they don't know who they are looking for this woman came face-to-face a police described at armed and extremely dangerous. >> i kept hearing you in the white shirt come out. we have it surrounded come on. east 21 we know all this and then he just has to know. he was tired. signature on the fence like l oh, >>reporter: started just before 11:00 a.m. pd responded to burglary in progress in the 2100 block of 17th avenue. rae responding officer exchanged gunfire and officials issued a proximity alert to residents within a mile radius. by doing so it caused the lock down of roosevelt middle school. because of the increase in police activity and recent reduction in staffing, o pd unable to respond calls not an emergency. but search for weapons he may have used continues. >> at the time the suspect was arrested he cannot have any firearms on him. >> investigators are still looking for the weapons that the suspect may have used.
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they are also looking for any additional suspects that may have been involved in this afternoon crime in oakland, nick smith, 7 news victory for prosecutors in the domestic violence case against sheriff mirkarimi. judge will allow them to show disputed piece of evidence, video of his wife lopez crying and showing a bruise on her arm. the district attorney released images from the tape but the couple neighbor recorded. the sheriff attorney argued the taped conversation happened a day after this alleged incident and was not spontaneous as required by law. but the judge ruled there was no evidence that the conversation was staged in any way. our legal analyst says the ruling puts the defense in a very difficult position. >> we are assuming that miss lopez is not going to testify. that means that if anybody is going to explain why that tape doesn't mean domestic violence, it's going to have to be ross
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mirkarimi. >>reporter: judge is still considering whether to allow testimony from former girl friend of mirkarimi. florez claims he was also abusive to her. marin county officials give the thumb up to filmmaker luck as controversial plan to ex pan his digital empire. the planning commission heard hours of argument for and against the prison he can. they voted in favor of the 2 70,000 square foot come pouchbilityd it would be located next to lock as famous sky walker ranch west of san rafael. some neighbors fear development would be too large and also harm the environment. >> going to have 24 hour operation to be financially successful. truck. noise coming and going. it really belongs on a commercial zone area along 101 corridor. >> look and feel of that will only be accessible to our employees and clients that come and go. the neighbors won't see it. >>reporter: opponent have two week to appeal. if the board
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of supervisors gives the eventual go ahead opponents say they will take legal action to stop it go to kurt. lucas film hope to brick ground some time next year. well some major changes today affecting america's cup sealing race. still coming to san francisco yes but greatly scaled down. and the major development project planned for the waterfront is now off. story tonight from mark matthe matthews. >>reporter: deal was oracle ceo ellison would spend an estimated 80 million or so to rebuild the crumbling pier and city would give him development rights and long-term rent free lease until the investment was recooped. today mayor ed lee told reporters the wrangling over the deal has taken fun out of the america's cup. >> people were for getting how fun this race is going to be for our city. >>reporter: speaking from the racing base camp on pier 80 the mayor didn't mention that the worldwide recession has crippled participation in the next america's cup. but that
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is also a factor. so far only 3 teams have challenging oracle for the cup. and so all of the team bases can be con sol did did ited on pier 80. >> with the level of investment that have been anticipated to repair 30-32 we won't be needing those and we figured that out over good conversations we had this weekend. >>reporter: ceo of the event authority says some millions will still be spent on pier upgrades. >> for example the apron part of the if boat requirements they industrial to be done. >>reporter: if the 80 million isn't spent fixing up the pier that means a lot of jobs fixing the pier will also not come to pass. supervisor david chu says matter of running out of time. >> by the changes we made ka to simplify how much work we have to do to prepare for that we'll be ready for the whole world to kilometer and seat races. >>reporter: former supervisor
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felt the city was over its head. he thinks the new deal is a step in the right direction. >> i am hopeful this is a sign that the project is being scaled into reality to deal with the fact that there's less challengeen jersey coming. that probably smaller crowds than originally anticipated. >>reporter: nobody knows exactly how many people are going to come for the america's cup in 2013. but i think it's pretty safe to say that if larry ellofson oracle team manages to win in 2013 and san francisco gets to host another go around of the america's cup, expect pier 32-32 to be back in the mix. reporting from the embarcadero, 7 news. >> well from 7 news the i team tonight coming up next. sex offender caught violating his parole. the unintended result of state prison cut backs. we'll explain. >> they have never been more popular. millions of americans rely on them maybe you but trying to get a good night
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sleep might be harmful to your health. accu-weather forecast center. first the cold and then the rain just 2 important elements of my accu-weather 7 day forecast coming up. >> and race late today because of the rain and didn't take long for a crash and fire at daytona. larry has more a bit later in sports stay here with daytona. larry has more a bit later in sports stay here with us. news at 9:00 continues
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>> uc berkeley graduate student found dead in his apartment last night. friend worried about not seeing him for a few days. called police. authorities went to check it out. they are saying only there is no sign of foul play. in the mean time undergraduate student suffered serious head giraffe falling 2 stories to the pavement below. police say andrew crowley tried to scale a fraternity and appeared to have been drinking. this happened saturday night. police say crowley went up a pipe on piedmont and chaning when the pipe gave way and he fell backwards to the ground. crowley is a freshman on the the crew team. >> major news tonight about sleeping pills. new study says they may increase the risk of death so if you take sleeping pills, how worried should you be? here's dr. richard vesser. >> today headline is shocking. over 2 years people who took sleeping pills were at least 3 and half times more likely to die. of all causes. than
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those who didn't take these pills. it's news that will hit home for the 10% of americans who took a sleeping pill at least one time in the past year. >> i would rather not be on a nightly pill. >> insomnia seems to never go away. >>reporter: one concern? sleeping pills could delay a critical diagnosis. >> the higher death rate seen in peo using sleeping pills pl may well reflect the diseases that they have which bring the insomnia about. >>reporter: insomnia not a disease. it's usual lay symptom. may the first symptom of something more serious. lake heart disease. fluid back up in the chest cavity can wake you up. diabetes. getting up to good to the bathroom is an early warning sign. asthma. breathing difficulty can make rest hard to come by. even cancer. hormone changes. unexplained pain can keep you up at night. sleeping pills are powerful. they act on the same part of the brain that valium does. quieting activity
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the. ambien drug lake it link to worrying side effects la sleep driving and sleep eating. >> night after night and for 2, 3, 4 months or whatever the patient can't sleep then time to go have another look. >>reporter: dr. richard vesser abc news, new york. all right. spencer is here with the full accu-weather forecast. we have got snow and rain to talk b.check this out. chains required on highway 50 and 80 right now. people change up on 50 towards south lake tahoe and so many scenes not like this this year. wide open no snow on 50 and 80. >> that's true. more snow is coming to the area just about a day and a half. it's a much more impressive snow fall than what. >> rain here. >> written here in fact becomes the snow there. here's live view right now from our high definition roof top camera. looking at the moon or that portion of the invisible to us and do i see foot steps. no.
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those are just craters. very nasty looking moon tonight. clear sky in the bay area in case you hadn't noticed. dry here in the bay area but you can see there are spots of snow fall tapering off in the sierra in the area of lake tahoe. those chain requirements by wait on highway 50 now lifted but i think still on 80. this is a picture sent to us today at the report of small hail stones in the the cobb mountain in lake county. hail fell rather vigorously for about 5 minutes this afternoon and much of it was visible on deck and back yard and grass and other objects that were exposed to it. back to our current temperature readings to 39 degrees right now in napa where one of the cold spots tonight. in fact a lot of cold weather in the inland valley that i get to a little bit later. highlights are these. freezing cold tonight inland valley. rain arrives tomorrow night and showers into thursday quite a period of wet weather midweek
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in the bay area. let's talk about the cold tonight. look for low to drop to 28 at napa. 29 santa rosa. 32 at fairfiel fairfield. 32 at livermore. 35 at morgan hill. going to be pretty chilly in the inland valley tonight. satellite radar composite image shows passage of the system that moved through early today that brought us no measurable rainfall here in the bay area we have clearing skies and cold conditions of course and the cold will last for awhile as here comes another cold front bringing us more rain that will arrive tomorrow evening. so we start our forecast animation at 5:00 o'clock tomorrow afternoon at which point already some rain up in parts of sonoma county and of course farther north up in mendocino county. animate the map and 11:00 o'clock tomorrow tonight more wide spread rain. some heavy then during overnight hours tomorrow into friday morning beginning of rush hour we see some heavy rain continuing to sweep through the bay area. front pushes through quickly and early morning hours on wednesday still trailing showers scattered about on wednesday then overnight wednesday that thursday get
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better organized shower activity that continues into thursday afternoon so by 3:00 o'clock thursday afternoon we will have rainfall total up to perhaps 2 inches in north bay mountain and inch and a half in the santa cruz mountains. 6 tenths in the south bay up to inch in the east bay and inch and a half in the north bay. we get some soaking rain out of this system. winter storm warning issued from 10:00 o'clock tomorrow tonight to continue okay wednesday night in the lake tahoe area. 6 to 12 inch of new snow above 3500 feet. 1 to 3 feet of new snow above 6500 feet. bay area partly sunny skies on the cool side. high of only 49 at clear lake but other location high in the mid 50's tomorrow. here's the accu-weather 7 day forecas forecast. rain overnight tomorrow night and into wednesday. showers from wednesday into thursday. dry on friday and then mild for the weekend with high pressure bouncing back up to about 70 degrees on sunday and monday in the mildest location so we get both extremes of winter here in
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the next 5 to receive days. >> a little taste of wirpt as we are about to hit spring. >> yes. >> thanks very much. >> seniors in grade school. >> they love the children. the children love them. >> coming up next chts. program that is helping oakland kindergarten connecticut with people in their 90's. great story. >> later tonight. all scream for ice cream at the biggest organic ice cream factory anywhere in the country. stay with us. news at 9:00 anywhere in the country. stay with us. news at 9:00 continues. stay with us
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makes it easy for anne to view her finances from anywhere. like gate d12 for the next three hours. citibank for ipad. easier banking. standard at citibank. is that every month 2 dozen senior citizen ins castro valley do something they say keeps them young. they sit down with kindergartners in east oakland to read, laugh and to learn. education reporter lee ann has the story.
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>> be careful. >>reporter: once a month seniors from the baywood court retirement community get on this bus and travel 10 miles to brook field elementary in east oakland. to meet with their reading buddies. >> from there to the here. from here to there. funny thing. >> it was a little girl's birthday. potatoes. >> down. >> seniors have something they clearly look forward to. and know they are making a difference. the kid have something that makes them individually special. >>reporter: jill is a volunteer at the school. she reached out to elaine blow one of the seniors at the center. >> 15 people listed. right now i'm up to 26. >>reporter: seniors have been coming here since the beginning of the school year. both the kids and the seniors meet for one hour on the last monday of the month. philies is 97 years
9:25 pm
old. >> education is so important in their lives. that's why i come here. hopefully give them a lot of reading e-bill is a former san mateo high school teacher. >> give me a sense of doing something. seniors also collect donated books for the children. >> build the self-esteem to let them know somebody is interested in them and concerned and taking the time with them. >> i like reading. because i love, i like to be learning in my school. >>reporter: for short one hour they realize they are giving something to each other. in east oakland, abc 7 news. they both get so much out of that. >> when news continues crisis of trust afghan don't trust americans, americans don't trust afghan because of the killing of the soldiers. how do you win a war when you don't
9:26 pm
trust the person in the trenches right next to you? >> also tonight. luxury cruiseship that is now adrift in the sea filled with pirates. >> local sex offender caught on camera violating his parole. might not have happened if he had been under the supervision of the state prison system. 7 news i team exclusive as news of the state prison system. 7 news i team exclusive as news at 9:00 continues in a moment
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>> good evening once again. thanks for tuning in. you are about to see first hand the battle to keep kids safe from predators. becoming more difficult with new law that lets criminals including high risk sex offenders serve less time behind bars. now tonight abc 7 news i team has a case in
9:30 pm
point. parole agent who caught a sex offender in the act of violating his parole in the isles of a wal-mart store. here's dan with the exclusive report. >>reporter: it's state parole agent chris weaver job to keep track of 38 felon back on the street after serving time but there's one that especially worries him. 47-year-old scott herman. >> in this case this is a guy clearly has a problem. can not control himself. continues to deny deny deny. >>reporter: since 1996 herman has had half dozen conviction and parole violations for indecent exposure for annoying molesting children. >> from the become of him i could see see his pant wiggle in the crotch area this. >>reporter: mother was doing some christmas shopping last year in this dollar tree in santa rosa when she spotted herman grabbing himself and leering at her 7-year-old daughter. after she got the license plate number called police and made sure her daughter was okay. >> i explained to her that
9:31 pm
there are some people who are just maybe a little bit sick in their brain and they don't rea realize that they should not be touching their private parts in front of other people especially children. >>reporter: upped the old system herman would have received a year in state prison for the parole violation. because new law took effect last october to ease overcrowding in state prisons. so herman served only 2 and a half months in sonoma county jail. he has been out for less than two weeks when christmas weaver stopped by the hotel where herman was staying for unannounced parole check. >> wasn't home. again. by itself that's not a problem. called the cell phone no response. >>reporter: he called the parole office and had an agent check the read out from the gps quantity strapped to his ankle. he has been in a wal-mart for more than an hour. >> hair open the back of my neck is not normally going to stand up in the scenario but with him, yes. >>reporter: he rushed to the store and spotted herman in the valley tines day aisle. he alerted store security to train
9:32 pm
the camera on the sex offender. >> we have our potentially victim right here. >>reporter: he shared the video with us. you can see herman following young girls up and down the value tains day aisle. weaver says several times the 6 foot 4 sex offender appears to thrust his hips at the girl. >> then you see him walk away and touch his groin area considerably at that point. >> with another also girl in front of him he's touching himself. >> correct. >>reporter: he hovers over a girl with her mom right next to her. >> at this point i feel in that there's a risk to the communit community. >>reporter: weaver detained herman for parole violation. >> why didn't somebody call the cop or girl say something or mother say something why didn't somebody standing there say something because nothing was going wrong. >>reporter: herman denied doing anything wrong. when we reached him at the sonoma county jail. isn't it part of your parole that you have to stay away from kids. >> they are in a store. in a public place. you know. i can't go anywhere i can't go anywhere. they are everywhere. everywhere. >> it makes us very unsafe state where we in our homes and
9:33 pm
with our family can not feel secure from the act of one unrehabilitateed criminals in our community. >>reporter: out spoken critic of the law from the start. aims to ease overcrowding in state prison by shifting some of the inmate population to county jails. by shortening time served for parole violators like scott herman but se wants to transfer inmates out of state and reopening closed private prisons. >> there are solutions. unfortunately now before we embrace solutions there will be blood on the street. >> it's a necessary idea because the state prison at capacity was overwhelmed. >>reporter: don specter is director of the prison law office that filed the lawsuit that led to prison realignment. he says other ways of pickup issuing offender such as probation electronic monitoring will save the state money. >> certainly you are getting a lot of taxpayer dollars that
9:34 pm
0go to other things such as schools. medi-cal. welfare. care for the elderly. now it's going to failed broken prison realignment is trying to fix that. >>reporter: because of the new law herman will be out of county jail in less than three months. to face the demon that is have repeatedly landed him behind bars. why can't you stop. >> the that's what we are trying to find out sir. people drink and drive. people have alcohol problems. people have drug problems. nobody is perfect in this world. >>reporter: his parole agent will be watching. >> i'll be back at square one. but as you capital he's getting smarter. he will change the way he operates. he will figure out what got him in trouble and what didn't. he will figure out a way to beat me and beat the system and will continue to do what he does and we won't catch him. >>reporter: several county jails in northern california have stopped taking any parole violators at all. the action have to rise to the level of
9:35 pm
clear cut crime for them to faced a national state prison time. this story began with a tip. if you have an idea for our next investigation send an e-mail through abc 7 or call 1-888--40 i team for the i team, abc 7 news. >> and italian cruise liner adrift without power in pirate infested indian ocean after a fire in the generator room. these are still photo of the ship same company that ran aground last month killing 25 people. tugboat are steaming toward the drifting ship. more than 1 thousandths passengers and crew are on board. now the tug are in the expected to arrive until tomorrow afternoon so they have quite some time still on their own. quen these waters are known to have pirates roaming about. cause of the fire is under investigation. and unknown. >> 89,000 u.s. service members are on lock down in afghanistan tonight. over the weekend 2 americans were murdered by
9:36 pm
employee working for the government in one of the safest parts of the country. now questions are being raised about the next step in this 10 year long war. here's nick. >>reporter: tonight nationwide man hunt. after the most chilling case of an afghan killing an american in 10 years of war. afghan working for the government you could into the most secure buildings in kabul. he shot 2 american officers in the head as they sat at their desk. of threat to americans has never been higher. this morning suicide attackers rammed a car into the largest u.s. base in eastern afghanistan. all creating fear between american and afghan partners. hears how that is playing out. for years i have watched soldiers meet with afghan officials without bode arm or to show trust. in the any more. tonight one officer told me there must now be 5 armed soldier in the room when he meets with an afghan. here's why the trust is create
9:37 pm
cam. whole plan for the u.s. withdrawal involves people inside larger afghan unit. today the americans are worried they will be vul nshl. already all coalition advisors have been pulled back to their bases. >> no doubt that this is i hope incredibly serious and threatens to undermine the entire afghan mission. >>reporter: loss of trust is tragic because the majority of afghan are loyal. this week a dozen afghan police died defen defending u.s. bases from violent protestors. >> proud to call him my brothe brother. proud the stand shoulder to shoulder in this great conflict. >>reporter: pentagon said this incident won't change the strategy but fact is on the ground here until that trust can be regained on both side from kabul to the front lines it's hard to see how the u.s. plans for withdrawal will work. abc news, afghanistan. >> new spin on an old characte
9:38 pm
character. >> greed. for lack of a better word is good. >> michael douglas had the change of heart from the iconic film wall street. >> it wasn't up. new clue film wall street. >> it[ male announcer ]lue with citibank, it's easy for jay to deposit checks from anywhere. easier than actually going to the bank. mobile check deposit. easier banking. standard at citibank.
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it's got that sweet honey taste. but no way it's 80 calories, right? no way. lady, i just drive the truck. right, there's no way right, right? have a nice day. [ male announcer ] 80 delicious calories. makes it easy for anne to view her finances from anywhere. like gate d12 for the next three hours. citibank for ipad. easier banking. standard at citibank. >> interesting little item tonight. possible link between a person bank account and bad behavior. uc berkeley researchers found people in the upper middle class were more prone to lie and to cheat when gambling or negotiating. and more likely to cut people off while driving. researchers say the most significant predictor of unethical behavior is actually people attitude about greed. if they view greed as beneficial more likely to take part in some sort of unethical behavior. >> on that subject. greed. fbi recutded unlikely spokesman
9:42 pm
to help make their case in a new offensive against wall street corruption. tonight the actor who made famous the line greed is good reaches out to traders and hedge fund manager who might be tempted to cross the line. here's peer thomas. >> in the movie wall street i play gordon gecko. >>reporter: the ruthless criminal corporate raider who slashed company to shreds. ruining innocent lives and infamously declaring. >> greed. for lack of a better word is good. >>reporter: douglas played gecko as world class villain but told the fox movie channel he has been shocked to see wall street hot shot turn gecko into a here. somebody they want to be. >> gordon gecko you are the reason i got involved in wall street. you are the reason why i'm here. >>reporter: douglas wanted the world to know that gecko was a cork. this is part of the fbi crack down on white collar crime and insider training.
9:43 pm
security and commodity fraud cases have jumped by 52 percent since 2008. billions have been lost. fbi currently has 1800 pending cases. today the fbi release undercover surveillance footage of white collar sting to see first hand quus what greed looks like in a money laundering insider trading cas case. douglas is asking wall street insiders to snitch on corporate band its. >> it's a deal looks too good to be true it probably is. >>reporter: pierre thomas abc news, washington. >> still to come tonight. we show you around the only organic ice cream factory in the country. 12,000 pints a day and all comes from those happy california cow. stay
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l. >> here's a strange sight. 3000 pound killer whale being transported on a flatbed truck. it landed this morning on c 130 cargo plane after 4 hour flight from san antonio on the first part of the trip to sea world san diego. animal care specialist were there for the two hour trek through city streets of course. you can see them attending the whale. once inside sea world it was transferred to the huge tank carefully. no doubt wondering is what happening. >> idea that neanderthal wiped out by modern human is being debunked. scientist say they faced discontinuing before our ancestors migrated to europe and succumbed to the the ice age. researchers say they died as early as 50,000 years ago. thousands of years before our own species appeared and small
9:48 pm
group that survived recolony of europe surviving for 10,000 years before ultimately vanishing. >> very sweet victory indeed for one enterprising man in petaluma. started out as small business is now a booking success. after you see this you may never look at our local cows quite the same way again. here's jonathan bloom. pishtion petaluma has awful lot of cows. it turns out the milk is part of something you had easterly nivrnlt all the happy california could you. >>reporter: this the is neal who left job in corporate america 6 years ago to start an ice cream shoychlt i wanted to do something to combine the inner do gooder along with the dirty capitalist. i felt organic ice cream was a good compromise. >>reporter: he had no idea how good it would be. >> these tank hold 200 gallon. >>reporter: filled with milk and cream from local dareie. that's the raw material for
9:49 pm
this ice cream. >> this ace plain mix. >>reporter: add flavor then spit it around in the freezer e.until it's at the front and ice cream comes out frozen that's why this pipe itself is frozen. >>reporter: where cost it go from there? giant machine that spits out a perfectly twirled pint every 2 seconds. his ice cream became so popular two years ago he opened the nation only fully organic ice cream factory. right here in petaluma. >> this freezer is actually bigger than our first store. >>reporter: employee wrapped in eskimo coat wrap up 12,000 pints a day. >> this freezer is so cold make it difficult to think. negative 20 degrees writ now. i can't feel my fing tips and it will be negative 30 overnight this is the secret. hardening. pints of ice cream. >>reporter: secret to his success simple recipe and fair price. >> still high in fat and sugar but that's what makes it
9:50 pm
delicious. >>reporter: in petaluma, jonathan bloom. >> i might jump in there as well. >>reporter: abc 7 news. >> that look goods doesn't it. all right. >> may not be organic ice cream freezer cold but it is cold. spencer is here. >> not quite that cold. this afternoon it was chilly. we had a nice blue sky with few clouds moving through the sky and north from sutro tower this afternoon. state wide looking at live doppler 7 hd things calm down snow in the sierra taper off to almost nothing. tomorrow state wide will have sort of tail of 2 weather patterns dry and mild in southern part of the state and active winter like up north with mix of rain and snow. we get a little bit of the rain moving in our direction not in the daytime tomorrow with high pressure in mid 50's but tomorrow night finally get some rain pushing through an as you can see in the 7 day forecast it will continue overnight into wednesday and then wednesday showers that will continue into thursday but dry mild for the
9:51 pm
weekend with high pressure bouncing back up to 70 degrees. amazing. >> truly nice thanks very much. >> larry here with all the sports. daytona really night tone because the race what a mess. >> this is the race that will never end. couldn't get it started now captain get finished. crazy. daytona 500 really a test of survival for drivers and fans and season already over for the a's. projected starter at third base already over for the a's. projected starter at third base who is done for the year
9:52 pm
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>> come up at 11 at 7 news. tanker truck nrivrs over at cupertino. man pulled a driver to safety. >> second birth control recall. mix that up could result in unplanned pregnancy. those stories at 11:00 o'clock on channel 7. hope you cap tune in for that broadcast. larry with all the sports. this is a race. what a wild night. >> never seen anything. never raced at tonight at daytona. >> are there any cars left. >> it's tuesday morning. they are still going. they couldn't start now they can't finish.
9:55 pm
rain delay daytona 500 finally under way only to see one of the most bizarre accidents ever. race car crash ing into a tow truck on the track. go to the beginning. danica racing in the first daytona 50 500. she wouldn't forget this night. didn't get off to good start. second lav lap johnson spins into the wall took out danica. also last year champ bain and return after the cars fixed. 40 lap to go montoya spins and hits a tow truck just off the screen. huge explosio explosion. big fire breaks out and it ignited fuel on the track. both montoya and truck driver are oy. they needed a forklift to get the truck off the track then they to fix the surface which was all torn up. after more than 2 hours of repairs the race resumed only to another caution. demolition derby out there. matt ladies right now. they are going the final lap as we speak and just restarted the race and if it
9:56 pm
gets finished by the time the sportscast is done i'll let you know but i think it is, sanchez insist ready for open day but he's not ready for the start of the spring training game this weekend. sanchez dislocated shoulder last june and needed surgery. making progress has no pain when swing ago bat but arm strength is still not all the way back. giants don't want to rush things but fredie wants to play. >> there's nothing to say okay this is the day we want you to play. i think we are looking to get in there probably second week or sec week of spring. big thing is getting obviously those at bat tl to be ready. i'll still be taking my ground ball and still in baseball shape and hopefully by then the arm will be where it needs to be. >> a lot of new faces today. catcher suzuki few returning vet. put on some weight. hoping to generate important
9:57 pm
power at the plate. entering the sixth season in oak land. suzuki countyed on for more of of leadership role. >> excited to take on that rol role. i'm ready for it. i want to be able to help guys out. make them feel comfortable. main thing is keeping the pitchers loose and comfortable knowing they belong and we'll guide them through the way and i'm ready to go. >> but bad news this afternoon. a's announce third baseman scott size more out for the year. sizes more tore the acl left knee first full squad work out. 249 and projected as starter at third. college baseball news. stanford is the no. 1 team in the nation rank by the usa today coaches poll. first time ranked since 2004. they face uc davis tomorrow. cal linebacker kendrick made himself some money today and opened eyes in indianapolis. pack 12 defensive player of the year showed off sprinter speed.
9:58 pm
4.47 in the 40. broad jump of 10 feet 7 inches and vertical of 39 and a half inches. that is getting up. all those were no. 1 in linebacker. we had to show you 3 46 pound player who ran this time. benched the motion 44 rep at 225 pound. i can't get more than 40 rep myself. this is amazing. just before today trade dead lane shark acquire forward danielle and tv from the colorado avalanche. 22-year-old has 8 goal and 12 assist. this will add to the shark defense and penalty kill that is hurting. san jose sends jamie to the avalanche along with couple pros peck. again career year with 12 goals. kings will stay in sacramento. kings reach tentative agreement with city officials and nba to finance new 3 67 million dollar arena.
9:59 pm
almost moved to anaheim and seattle wants the team also but city council votes for this on march 6 the team will stay in sacramento long-term. >> all right. we have a winne winner. >> i'm glad you reminded me. wins daytona 5 husband. >> survival. >> 40 republic at 225 pounds. wow! all time record at the combine is 49 or 50. >> i can't do 20 republic at 4 pound but that's another story. that's our report for all of us here, appreciate your tame as always. hope to see you in an hour on channel 7. have a great evening. thanks for an hour on channel 7. have a great evening. thanks for being here. goodbye.


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