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tv   ABC7 News at 9 on KOFY  KOFY  February 28, 2012 9:00pm-10:00pm PST

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. >> rain is back on radar. after days of clear skies and unusually high temperature a new storm is bringing rain here and much-needed snow to the sierra. good evening. i'm da dan. storm is just now beginning to arrive in the bay area and spencer christian is here to fill you in. spencer.
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>> okay we start with a look at live doppler 7 hd. most of the activity virtually all of it in fact is up in the north bay right we are already getting measurable rainfall in ukiah santa rose and 2/100ths inch or more but much much heavier rainfall farther north and moving in our direction moving in the late night overnight hours along with the heavy rain we expect wind advisory for a portion of the bay area and dealt and in effect for the sacramento valley, northern san joaquin valley gust up to 50 miles per hour in the area covered by that advisory and a storm warning in effect for the central sierra including lake tahoe. 10:00 o'clock to 4:00 o'clock thursday afternoon elevation 5500 feet there could be 2 to four feet of snow. i'll give you more detailed look in just a moment. >> all right we haven't seen that in a while. >> you are right. >> thanks very much. politic now. and important win for mitt romney. he scored a hard 1 home state try number michigan tonight and powered to victory in arizona. 2 state primary sweep gives romney much needed momentum in the most
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volatile republican nraes a generation. santorum still se sees silver lining. >> we came to the back yard of one of my 0post. in a race that everyone said well just ignore. you have really no chance here. and the people of michigan looked into the hearts of the candidates and all i have to say is i love you back. >>reporter: more tonight on what happened in the state's from abc karen travers. >> it was a squeaker but mitt romney pulled out the win in his home state of michigan. >> wow! what a night. >>reporter: stake couldn't have been higher for him. even though the margin was tight a win is a win. it puts romney back on track to reclaim the front runner status he lost to santorum. >> if this room are the people who knocked on the doors and made the calls and went to the poll and made enormous difference. weren't did i know by a lot but won by enough. that's all that counts. >>reporter: the exit poll showed that electability was
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important to michigan voters by overwhelming margin 2-1 they said romney was the candidate with the best chance to beat president obama. michigan has open primary which means even democrat could vote today. santorum campaign stirred up a little 11th hour mischief. robo call urging democrat to vote against romney. >> romney supported the bailout for his wall street billionaire buddies but opposed the auto bailout. >>reporter: romney campaign called the outreach to democrat outrageous. >> say no to the dirty tricks of a desperate campaign. >> the fear may not have been unfounded. exit poll found that 10% of vote daers identified themselves as democrats. those democrats went overwhelmingly for santorum. more than 50%. the gaff of wealth hurt his campaign romney was blunt. >> yes. fix question. >>reporter: all eye were on michigan but with the victory with arizona mitt romney leaves the big winner in the important
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race for delegate. this is karen from michigan. >> one more note on politic. maine senator snow will not be running for reelection. 3 term republican is frustrated with partisan politic. snow has been in congress for 33 years. her seat almost certain to be picked up bay democrat dealing a big blow to republican hopes of taking control of the senat senate. back here 2 firefighters recovering from injuries they suffered today fight alaska house fire in san jose. 2 alarm blaze broke out at 3 this afternoon at home in commodore drive. attic engulfed in flames when firefighters got there. they were ordered out of the house when the roof started to collapse. red cross is helping the 4 people who lived there find new housing. >> he is reportedly the man in the middle of a sex and drug scandal involving annual immediate county supervisor. today 35-year-old steven chick showed up in court to answer drug charges. mark has the story. >>reporter: steven showed up
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in a san jose courtroom this mortgage charged with possession of methamphetamine. before the hearing he told reporters from the mercury news and abc 7 there is a way bigger story than the sex tapes. he was referring to a published report in the san francisco chronicle that a sex tape showing nadia with another man was given to her husband state treasurer bill. the 70-year-old state treasurer got that tape of his wife 6 weeks before nadia went to meet her former boyfriend at the home wood suite in newark. san jose mercury says it has seen a text message between nadia and chick which quote tells the story of an angry jealous woman. text reportedly says last three months you put me through hell and back and more. you will see and feel the pain your lies have inflicted in my heart, soul, every moment you find yourself alone, or bored with another. today chick said
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everything that has happened between himself and nadia was consensual. he said he could point reporters in the right direction but wanted his name kept out of the story. before he could say more his attorney stepped in and stopped him from talking. on february 3rd police were called to the home with suite motel and found nadia suffering from head and neck injuries. she reportedly told police she had been attacked by the man that she met in rehab two years ago. nadia's office contacted alameda district attorney saying the supervisor felt she was being stalked and chick has in the been arrested for anything that happened at the home wood suite. alameda district attorney office investigators found there was no evidence of stalking. nadia is tonight in rehab recovering from her injuries and being treated for alcohol addiction. head of the alameda county board of supervisors told abc 7 this afternoon as far as he's concerned nadia should remain on the job. >> she's still drawing a salar
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salary. it's as if anyone were out for let's say maternity leave or illness. something of that nature. she's in rehab. somewhere i'm not sure where. handling her substance abuse. >>reporter: state treasurer is not talking about the latest report. as you heard his waive is still in rehab and she isn't talking. the investigation by the alameda county district attorney's office has been turned over to the state attorney general. state a.g. isn't talking either. in the newsroom, abc 7 news. >> budget cuts are forcing city of walnut creek to reorganize the police department. that means there will be no more dedicated traffic cops. scaled back school outreach, more officers adesigned downtown. downtown area has seen a lot of rowdiness and arrest in the last year or 2. some renters in contra costa county may get evicted after police say a man used craigslist to defraud several families. there may be more vichlts martinez resident
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62-year-old man is facing multiple counts in a rental scheme that were foreclosed homes, homes he didn't own. we have the story. >>reporter: roberto owner a landscaping business. in december he and his family rented a home in brentwood. >> real estate agent comes with two cops. nearly got arrested. and they said you are not supposed to be here. i said yes, i do i have a lease. >>reporter: that lease was made out by this man. 62-year-old salazar. an experienced real estate agent in march tip east. mccormick with the contra costa county da office. he says salazar rented out foreclosed empty homes in walnut creek, brentwood, hercules and antioch. >> people would respond to craigslist ad for the rental. innocent people would come and rent and part with 3 to 6000 dollars. >>reporter: according to the investigation salazar would find an empty home and claim
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adverse possession. something that can be done within the la law. except that in california it requires 5 years of continuous use. and the person taking possession must pay the local property taxes. walnut creek police say salazar changed the locks and put the homes on the rental market. >> i have heard of fraud like this before. this was the first one that i'm aware of that our department has been involved in. >>reporter: salazar took possession of the home on behalf of a southern california organization called the national alliance of homeowner for justice. they claim to be a counseling service. >> we do not know at this stage whether or not that company in southern california was instructing this man to do criminal activity or whether or not he was just doing this on his own e-the organization did not return our calls. meanwhile he's in the brentwood rental and refuses to move out even though the bank hats given him a notice to leave the premises. >> still there. my savings are
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there. you know. i actually the reason i moved out out there was because given my daughter a better school. >>reporter: investigators have recovered some of the money and say they will return it to the victims once the trial is over. in walnut creek, abc 7 news. well a lot more to get to for you this tuesday night. coming up. spared from a death sentence. 2 year ballots to keep a family pet alive. the tsunami video that few have seen. one man in japan never stopped rolling despite the heart breaking scene unfolding right in front of him. >> plus 160 years and counting. we take you inside the oldest african american church in san francisco. >> and former cal quarterback set world record. not for football. stay with
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on that dancing squirrel video. don't you want that? i...i suppose. now go make your dad and me proud. tryomething funny. [ male announcer ] now everyone's up to speed. get high speed internet for $14.95 a month for 12 months with a one year term. at&t. makes it easy for anne to view her finances from anywhere. like gate d12 for the next three hours. citibank for ipad. easier banking. standard at citibank. >> peninsula pit bull was spared a death sentence. he has spent two years while the owner fought that his dog is not a threat. we have the unusual and expensive to keep him alive. >> he spent two years, 14 years on death row. >> this case is very unusual. >> unusual because most dog
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case at the peninsula humane society are wrapped up in 30 days. but woody has been in solitary for a long time. >> it doesn't help the animal. doesn't help the owner. doesn't help us. >>reporter: the owner charlie described the night two years ago when his dog slipped out of his house and rushed at a near by jogger. he said woody never bit her. she injured herself when she fell. >> the doctor in his report stated that the scratch was from slipping and falling on a rock and definitely not anything a dog could do. >>reporter: trouble isd withy had already been designated as dangerous when he was a puppy. animal control said he bit a child on a skate board. the second incident automatically made him a vicious animal and they ever sentenced to die. he hired a dog behaviorist who said woody was no danger. neighbors including the mail carrier wrote askingr leniency. even the jogger
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pleaded for his life. yesterday after almost two years of court appeals charlie finally settled with the city of pacifica. woody life will be spared. but he will have to pay the city 15,000 dollars for its legal fees. he's already spent 10,000 paying his dog boarding cost. but he says it's all been an act of love. >> when i actually put him in the truck when they took him away i promise the him i'll get him out. you will be okay he looked at me in the eye and it was an eye contact thing and kind of hard to forget. >>reporter: the attorney tells us one of the reasons the legal process took so long is that last year pacifica laid off the city attorney because of the budget crisis. so contract lawyers began handling the city cases. woody kluing included that took mr. time. now he will get woody back when he pays the 15,000 dollars. he has 90 days to do that. vick lee, abc 7 news. >> officials at san jose state university say they will
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continue with longstanding practice of giving admission preference to local students. last week officials said they were considering ending the discount and admission advantage to south bay students. they say they simply could in the afford it after state budget cut but they backed off that plan after some pressure and couple days of meetings. >> well there is a church in the western akition of san francisco preaching much more than religion and this week will celebrate an impressive anniversary. as wayne reports, 160 years of helping people. >> just bring it did you know a little bit. >>reporter: computer class can double as religious experience, maybe you are looking at it. >> we are in the digital age. this is what everyone should be doing. >>reporter: everyone being anyone within the spiritual influence of the church in san francisco. made no small difference to dorothy who served the city as nurse for 37 years but never learned this stuff. >> all i had to do was dictate to my secretary.
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>>reporter: and now. >> now i can do it alone. >>reporter: go back to work. >> no. no. >>reporter: but the work of this church has been a larger matter. >> in our generation we were brought to church a lot. by our parents. it's one of those things that stick. >>reporter: the church here has been in this location in the western addition since 194 1945. it has been in san francisco since 1852. that's 160 years. >> i could have just simply told you that we come to church on sunday morning and we leave and we are gone and that's the end of it. >>reporter: but you don't. >> we don't. we are here 7 days a week. >> a church is its people bobby has more than a little history here. is that you. >> that's me. >>reporter: you had hair. >> i had hair. >>reporter: as the pictures show he has a place in license yanl. they will celebrate the 160 birthday this week and the work never stops. how many churches do you know provide low income federally subsidized
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housing for seniors even people not congregation regular like 72-year-old king. you good to the church. >> yes once in a while yes. >>reporter: just fwhns a whil while. >> yes. >>reporter: shouldn't you go more often? >> probably. >>reporter: just another example of a church practicing what it preaches. 160 years worth in this case and still going for the oldest african american church in san francisco. >> we are just one little corner stone on the beach that you couldn't see for maybe 200 miles away but we do exist. we do do our part to hold the beach. >>reporter: in san francisco, wayne, abc 7 news. bravo. all right let's talk about the weather forecas forecast. spencer is here as always. we actually have a storm. >> we do it's going to ge quite active tonight. we have rain that is heavy at times. strong gusty winds and big snow is coming to the sierra. that's news. live view from our high definition sutro camera looking out over san
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francisco which has not begun to receive any rainfall yet but up in the north bay there are some light rain falling now let's go to live doppler around santa rosa and clover dale light rain and even farther north we have heavy rain moving south ward in our direction and we get a good dose of that beginning in the next few hour hours. meanwhile snow has begun to fall in the central sierra near lake tahoe that will also become heavier heavier event as the night goes on. we look at temperature readings in the bay area generally upper freeways right around 50 degrees. not very cold tonight. but it will get windy. we have some gust already up to 26 miles per hour at half moon bay. 24 miles per hour gust at sfo. inland at concord gust to 23 miles per hour. so it will be night of active weather. look for wind and rain increasing overnight. showers tomorrow through thursday so we have a couple days of wet weather coming our way. 10 dry mild pattern begins on friday. goes through the weekend into early next week. satellite radar image shows approaching cold front.
9:20 pm
this is the system that is going to bring us a stormy night. get writ down to the time line. starting at 11:00 o'clock tonight at which point we see the rain getting farther south closer to the golden gate and during the overnight hours between midnight 5:00 a.m. we see pockets of heavy rain or areas of heavy rain moving through strong gusty winds. by 5:00 o'clock start of the rush hour there is a lot of wet weather in the east bay and south bay. behind the front more shower activity but strong winds will be present and then during the day tim tomorrow we get scattered showers. pockets of sun burning through but also some 80's of rainfall that will continue into late tomorrow night overnight into thursday rain continues right on through the day thursday into thursday night showers i should say. so by 9:00 o'clock thursday night we have rainfall total that will be up to about an inch and a half in the north bay mountains up to inch in the north bay in general up to 8 tenths inches bay and 6 tenths max on the planes up to half inch in the south bay and 1 inch in the santa cruz mountains. pretty good dose of
9:21 pm
rainfall. low pressure tonight milder than they were last nature. looking at low mainly in the mid upper 40's and then tomorrow as i mention we have showers periods of shower activity with some break of sunshine. mid afternoon will be another bit less active than the early morning high pressure generally in the mid 50's tomorrow and here's the accu-weather 7 day forecast. rain tomorrow morning. showers through the remainder of the day into thursday and through the day on thursday. dry on friday and then really mild again spring like over the weekend with high pressure up to about 70 degrees by sunday. >> back to the new normal. 70 degrees in february and march. >> new normal. >> coming up. big change in the south bay. >> provide 6 million meals a year so there is going to be some impact. >> coming up. new standard for any drink or fad sold or served at county facilities. that includes thhh
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at bank of america, we're lending and investing in the people and communities who call the bay area home. from funding that helped a local entrepreneur start a business... to providing grants to a nonprofit which offers job training and placement... and supporting an organization working to help the environment. because the more we do in the bay area,
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the more we help make opportunity possible. >> nutrition guide lines in santa clara county mean big changes coming there from what is in county vending machine to the male sevbd to jail inmates and we have a look at what is changing. >> food served in santa clara county cafeteria will soon be healthier. board of supervisors passed a new mandate requiring items served in county facilities be more new trish us with specific guidelines for fat sugar and salt. >> i think keep having more option. >>reporter: starting july 1st the county is implementing what may the strictest nutrition standard in the nation for local government. hospital and jails will see the biggest changes. some food that are fried or simply contain too much sugar will be eliminated all together. >> we know that obesity epidemic is just as severe here in santa clara county as everywhere. certainly harms
9:26 pm
individual health and also costing the county millions and millions of dollars. >>reporter: also big changes in what you can by at county owned or leased vending machines. no more soda or junk food. the county already requires half of the bench and snack stocked in the 200 vending machines be healthy alternatives. but the new policy goes all the way and some say too far. >> i think though it's a personal responsibility to make your meal more new trish us not the county so i think people need to take responsibility for their own diet. >>reporter: the people behind the anti-obesity campaign say the county is not trying to dictate what people eat but lead by example. >> we have been doing this but this ace major effort and really walking the talk and doing something. hopefully others in the country will take our example and utilize it. >>reporter: santa clare county was also on the cutting edge when it first tackled fast-food kids meals and menu labeling for restaurant chains. in san jose, abc 7 news.
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when we continues tonight. is something that you take causing memory loss. new warning for a popular medication. >> also astonishing video captures the earthquake and tsunami in japan and meet the man who survived filming this. >> hidden park you probably don't even know about and the tovt make sure you do. stay with us. another half hour of ÷÷
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>> these pictures come from the first news media helicopter allowed to fly over japan nuclear power plant nearly one year after the massive earthquake. that triggered a tsunami that swept through the plant causing a melt down.
9:31 pm
japanese officials admit it will decade to decommission the facility and remove all of the radioactive hazard inside. good evening once again thanks forever joining us. march 11 will be one year since the terrible disaster in japan. magnitude 8.9 earthquake and huge tsunami that followed. david wept back to japan and talked with one man rivetted by events unfolding right in front of him. he never stopped rolling. he lacks out at what was his office window. view once a bustling seaport now a barren waste land. this building was once his bakery. i met him here in a very cold day small fishing town. >> that's where the tsunami came from. his story is invaluable not because of the experience but because he captured the whole disaster on video. and he walks me through every moment. beginning with the earthquake. so he is east that he was standing in this room when the earthquake struc
9:32 pm
struck. and it started shaking so he pulls out his i-phone and he started to shoot his video. that's how it started. ground shaking. building shaking. so he started shooting around his office. walked over here out of his office and you will see it on the videotape. he goes to starts to go through his office building telling people to evacuate. you can see the people that are scared frightened. you can see people in the doorway over here standing there trying to keep their balance. and he walked in this direction showing us this is where he went when he shot the videotape. down the stairs. he's moving quickly now continue to go shoot. this is the direction he went. immanuel the building is shaking the whole time this quake rattled this place for about 3 solid minutes. comes out. over here. in this direction. so here you will recognize it. this is when he turns the camera and you see all the fish jumping. fast tonighting part of the videotape and he continues to move in this direction. he
9:33 pm
knew tsunami was coming. so once his building was evacuated he grabbed another camera and he ran to a hill jaws block away. it was the very hill he ran to when he was 12 yea old in 1960 narrowly escaping tsunami that killed thousands also. it has now saved his life. twice. from that hill he says he stood on the edge of disaster. and watched. in the beginning it is uncomfortably calm. even the tsunami alarm lacks urgency. but then keep your eye on the cars in the distant parking lot. water slowly at first starts to rise. and then more quickly as the cars start washing away. the inner city wall meant to protect the community from the tsunami is dry right now.
9:34 pm
giant barge breaks free. but now look at the sea wall. water begins to pour into the community. soda machine washes away and then the inevitable begins to reveal itself. building breaks free and washes down the street. amid the crackling lumber and steel. sound of the man crying at what he is witnessing. [ screaming screaming]. about about in
9:35 pm
just seven minutes. it's gone. seven minutes from this. to this. the video is a stunning education and messrs. less power of a tsunami. today there is very little left. broken clock. stopped pre-siz pre-sizely when the tsunami hit. mangled sea wall. few gutted buildings. and resident who have lost loved ones, home homes, jobs. their lives. >> can you imagine? reporter david o n o from our
9:36 pm
sister station in los angeles. >> earthquake triggered a tsunami warning here in the bay area at that time and tonight the white house wants to reduce funding for the nation tsunami warning and preparedness program. 2013 budget would cut 4 and half million dollars from the national ocean atmospheric administration. however noaa officials say the cut wouldn't jeopardize public safety. on to health news. 1 out of every 4 americans 45 and older take fat for cholesterol and the fda adds new safety warning on the packaging. warnings include side effects such as memory loss and confusion. rise in blood should go after that could lead to diabetes and drug inner action causing muscle damage. people who take statin have reported the side effects for years but the numbers are now high enough that the fta is taking some action and increasing the warning on the labels. in the meantime the government is delaying until the end of the year whether to issue its first mandate to
9:37 pm
protect someone outside the ca car. national highway affic safety administration has been looking into requiring auto makers to install rear mounted videocamera on all cars and light truck. idea its to prevent drivers from backing over children of course. but the government says it needs more time to study this issue. number of model do have those cameras now. >> still ahead tonight. hidden park and open spaces around san francisco that you may not be aware of. and the effort to make sure that they are more visible to you. >> and taking flight. right in visible to you. >> an[ male announcer ]right in with citibank, it's easy for jay to deposit checks from anywhere. easier than actually going to the bank. mobile check deposit. easier banking.
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9:41 pm
nearly 24 points. nasdaq hovering near 3000 closing at 29 86. s&p 500 ended the day at 1372. good day on wall street. enthusiasim about the u.s. economic recovery is credited for today's gain. well technology is not just a buzz word around san francisco. seems to be leading a job boom in the city as well. speaking at meeting of the chamber of commerce mayor edley said the city added 17,000 jobs last year majority in the technology sector. that led to almost a two point drop in the city unemployment rate in 2011 and budget surplus for the city of more than 118 million dollars. well if you live work or visit san francisco, there are dozens of places you can sit and just enjoy the view take it all in. but many of them you might not even know about. as carolyn tyler explains tonight, city lawmaker wants to change that. >> they are called privately owned public open spaces.
9:42 pm
plaza. terrace and small park parks. that.downtown san francisco. >> i have a map and i keep it on my desk top at work the wherever time to go out for lunch 5 the time i go and visit one. bring my lunch. >>reporter: you might need a map to find he and his friend are enjoying here. it's an oasis on the roof of the mechanic bank building in the financial district. there's a plaque on the outside of the building invaiingt you up as there are signs for all the privately owned public open spaces. but you have to know where to look. >> i don't want to say they deliberately try to hide the space but the fact of the matter is if you go around the downtown area it's not easy to fine the spaces. we want to make it easier for the public. >>reporter: supervisor chu is working open a measure to increase the size and improve the mraiments of the welcome signs. since 1985 city law has required downtown developers to include these spaces and they are responsible for the up keep. the building owners and
9:43 pm
manager association says current property should not be affected by any new city mandate. >> if they want to put some new rules on how you advertise these privately owned public accessible spaces that's something for new project and new issues down the road. but don't change the rules that were approved already on the existing building. >>reporter: issue of this was addressed in a two,000 9 report by spur, san francisco planning research association which counted 68 of what it calls the city best kept secrets. >> the way they function as public spaces is only as good as people utilize them. so if nobody knows about them and nobody is talking about them and nobody is using them, then they really don't serve their intended purpose. >>reporter: and spur has a guide to all the p o p o throughout san francisco. we have a link on our web site. abc 7 just click on
9:44 pm
see it on tv. in san francisc francisco, carolyn tyler abc 7 news. former cal quarterback set a world record for the longest airplane flight ever. check it out. >> there it is there it is all over that one. that will do it. get up there of. get up there get up there. [applause]. >> pretty exciting. he threw it 2 26 feet 10 inches smashes the record by 19 and a half feet. wasn't even close. plane folded by john collin. marin county man you see there on the right. in the blue shirt. he's written 2 book about paper airplane so he's an expert on the subject. unselected in the 2007 nfl draft before going on to play arena football but between his arm and collin folding ability, the 2 threw something much better than a touch down. all happened at the air force base in sacramento. new record.
9:45 pm
still ahead tonight. rescue of show horse after he was swallowed up by
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♪ ♪ twinkle toes i think i found a soul ♪ ♪ to make me happily ever after ♪ ♪ i say i love you and i'll say it more ♪ ♪ my one and only ♪ oh i can't lose ♪ so don't stop doing what you do ♪ ♪ have i paid my dues just to be with you ♪ ♪ don't stop doing what you do ♪
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l. >> spotted owl is still in peril and say the obama administration wants to shoot a rival bird that threaten the habitat. the interior department says it is all but shoving aside the smaller cousin the spotted owl. the government wants to designate certain habitat critical to its survival but despite all the effort to protect it population of the spotted owl has dropped 40 percent in the last 25 year years. >> amazing nicole gram was ride with her daughter when both animal got trapped in the mud. she managed to free her daughter and other horse but
9:49 pm
stayed with astro as rescuers tried desperately to free it. poor think was exhausted and struggling. mud everywhere. every time the horse or gram moved they would just get sucked down farther as if the mud was quicksand. with minutes to go until the tide overwhelmed them fire crew finally managed to drag astro to safety using a tractor from a local farmer. in the an easy rescue. >> from horse to the a moose check this picture out. homeowner as the moose caves in the shed in anchorage, alaska. >> there went my shed. >> 500 pound moose yeerling use it to get to food that might otherwise be out of reach. this little yeerling marched i it. wild picture. all right.
9:50 pm
not going to get that much snow? the sierra. spencer back with the forecast. get some rain here as well. rainfall up in the north bay rate now. it's much heavier well north far to the north but moving down into sonoma county right now and going to work its way that the bay area overnight and heavy at times and then tomorrow state wide active weather snow in the sierra rain down in southern california and showers here in the bay area. even with the showers we get some break in sunshine tomorrow. high mainly in the mid 50's. here's accu-weather 7 day forecast rain tomorrow morning. showers then from the afternoon through thursday so couple days of wet weather coming our way sunny dry on friday then mild over the weekend with high pressure back up around 70 degrees by sunday. both extreme of winter weather in our 7 day forecast. >> thanks very much. larry here with all the sports. all star break is over and you would think the warriors would be ready. this is it. >> energetic. enthused. no. the warriors come out of the
9:51 pm
all star break with a thud. season low in scoring and indiana not the way to open a 5 game road tri
9:52 pm
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take a step forward and chase what matters. i. >> coming up tonight 7 news at 11 ochlt police trying to identify this man after he seat fire inside san francisco main library. and effort to turn yoga that an olympic sport. now before you say bad idea. find out how this relaxation technique a competitive event. ahead in 1 hour on abc 7 news over on channel 7. of downward dog. >> we do yoga up in the sports department every night. >> doesn't seem to relax you any. >> i know it's not working. maybe we are debriefed. >> i need to relax. sharks are back after two week road trip hosting phillies but without their head coach. hit in the
9:55 pm
head with a stick in minnesota on sunday he suffered concussion symptoms. die hard shark fan young happy face. confident that assistant matt and steve get the job done tonight. ryan makes it look good. 2 minutes in. look at the patice and shoot and score. 1 nothing shark. under siege on and off the ice for his play given the race interest road trip. couple of huge save in closing seconds and edward and wayne simmons want to dance d there theyey g go. still 1 nothing in the third. a great pass. through the defender leg to joe thornton. oh, joe probably want that one back. denied. rate now 1 nothing shark. leading phillies and they are in the third period. the warriors came back from the all star break tonight in indiana looking like they were still on vacation. minus curry golden state was crushed. opening 5 game road game against the pacers. jenkins and 9 start of
9:56 pm
the year. curry out with the strained tendon in the right foot. andre demanding the ball on the block. air ball. jump out to continue nothing lae. david west up and in. jackson says i have to stop the play here. warriors look at ellis. what a great shot. just before the clock. warriors within 3. on a 13-o run. 25-24 golden state. but -- where is the defense. anything out of the screen. third quarter danny granger inside for 2 and granger top of the key. 25 points. nobody is on him. pacers were up by 24. jones extending the lead to 33 final is 102-78. it's a laugher. golden state after the loss will move on to atlanta tomorrow night. a celebration atmosphere prior to tonight. kings jazz game sacramento mayor johnson and the kings owner banking the fans. build
9:57 pm
a new 3 87 million dollar arena and the kings will stay in sacramento. >> there is going to be a beak on of light shining bright in 2000 15 brand new arena. >> it's coming. linebacker brooks reaping reward of 49 ers outstanding season just signed a 6 year 44 and half million dollar contract extension. then you have to keep in mind with all of these deals when they get announced in the nfl not all the money guaranteed n.this case 17 and half million i don't know for brooks. he started every game last season with 50 tackle. 7 sack. key part of the forty-niner front 7 that made life miserable for so many quarterback. expecting of contract this is the one that never runs out. barry entering the sixth season as giant part of the 7 year 1 26 million dollar contract. at that price you think you are getting an ace. you want to get an ace but he struggled latter year just to remain the giants no. 5 starter and lost that job.
9:58 pm
went 3 and 4 last year. era approaching 6. allowed 10 home inter13 game pitched. >> yes im trying to prove a lot of things to myself and just stay in my own keep myself accountable for everything out there. >> we are just looking for him to help us win and be one of the better statistics in baseball. >> steven drives in 3 in a win and 25 rank cal 5 and 2 and take care of usf and this was the day after daytona one day after one of the craziest nascar races ever. did all that really happen last night on top of the rain delay? pushed the race from sunday afternoon to monday night. numerous crashes in a car that plowed in a tow truck pulling a jet dryer right there in the end matt over came to hold off
9:59 pm
earnhardt for the win and race unlike any other. >> it was interesting because we have red flag before we got out of the cars and talked and did all that. but never on the race track. usually parked on pit road but with turn 3 fair and back stretch. it was strange on the back stretch and fans up there on the fence. it was kind of cool. all hanging out and talking. >>reporter: tailgating tonight yes. waiting for the real race to begin. except they are all. >> wasn't dull for spectator did you pwu strange. >> they will talk about it for years and never see anything like it again probably. >> that's this edition of 7 news at 9 on coffee tv 20. stay connected 24-7 at abc 7 thank you so much for watching. we appreciate your time as always. hope to see you again in an hour over


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