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tv   ABC7 News at 900PM on KOFY  KOFY  April 5, 2012 9:00pm-10:00pm PDT

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>> he is likely being in here for 23 hours a day. he gets out for one hr everery day that's when he can take a shower. >> the man accused in rampag
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oficos universrsity is in isolation tonight and concerned another mate may hurtim with us of the 7 people killed or perhaps because o of the notariety of the case. he's beg g watched very clely. > several new development tonight in the shooting at oicos university. newewly released police information realss the suspected gunman did not target ell the director of the nursingrogra program.m.other administrator was apparently the targett but that person who his not been identifified left the school months agogo. police investigated report of weapon late today found inside a garbage can near the school. thought to be the murder wean this evening. turnedut however to be a false alarm. and cre scene investators have now finished their work at oicos ununiversity. students ad teachers n being allowed inside to rrieveve their belongingsgs. we areatat the school live for us with the latest on that part of the story. >>rereporter: yes dan. pole left the building bu they have
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allowed administrators too com and board up the glass doors that were broken because they will have to take care of the clean up of the building. now earlierr today a lot of students came by. they hugged each other. and began the d difficut task of moving forwrward. polie took each person 1 by 1 back to the channel where they put all the belongings in the class ramp so people could pick them up. one woman had a really hard time. she was the e mother of one of the shohooting victim. i spoke e with teacher lock as garcia. >> i feel in sness. yes. you can hear how sad some people a are. are feeling right nowadadn't gotten easy for anybody i talked to. so i hope it does. >>reporter: the it has been very difficult for a lot of the people who have come by here today. and again on police are done, once they leave, they will turnn over the building t o the administra and they are
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responsible for taking care of the building and even the cleanupp in. live in oakland, 7 news. thanks vermuch. today we also lea that l the go suspect isot the given nameme. he thought it sounded like a girl name and chandt to wan go in 2002. . fit funeral o of moay mamassacre was this afternoon. family friends of -year-r-old lydia similar asked for r privy as they remembered her ilos alaltos today s wee certainly honored that request. lid why similar was finishg her nursing dreee at oicos universisity. her brother says shshe dreamed of becoming a pediatrician >> onef f the victims of mondayy mass shootg was the president of the nursing class. she t tod her husband that she was afraid of wan go the suspec w when stawnt tre. carorolyn tyler hashat part of the story tonight from oicos universi. if. >>reporter: 42-year-old man
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remains in shock over the murder of his wife 40-year-old door i this is his favorite picture of the with woman he called tata. >>eautiful woman. she's beautifu. sfl mosbeautiful woman. >>reporter: couple marr1010 years ago in a t traditional nigerian wedding.. they moved to the bay area. ey have 3 young girls plus his teenager daughter. he says his wife want to help thehe family finances a and was looking forwd toto graduating from the oicos nursingrogram. she had told him m she was frightened of suspect wan go and rae lead when heleftft the school months agago. >> yes. she has mention that they were afraid of the guy. he hasues. >>reporter: investigators say on mopped that anger turned dead and now thehe husband and life. friends came by to the offer comfort today including
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grace a fellow nursing student wounded in the rampage. she didn't weren't to talk but her boyfriend is outraged that the da hasn't determined whether to seekeath penalty. >> for her to make a statement with microphone we mit not be seeking the death penalty, how about it was her family. then what she want done. >>reporter: da o'malley is waiting for preliminary hearing which is routine in murder cases. >> it's at that point in time following preliminary hearing that the decision whether or not we will seek death in this case will be made. >>reporter: for him the focus is on his daughters. >> i can't let my wife down. if i don't take key of our beautiful children, she will be highly disappointed in me. so i will not weren't to let her down. >>reporter: now he tells us that he has still not been able to retrieve his wife's body from the coroner and he saysd hs until then it's hard for him to
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wrap his mind around the fact that she's dead and for him to begin to have any kind of closure. in oakland, carolyn tyler, abc 7 news. ready to move on to the other news of the day in a moment but let me apologies quickly. i understand we are having audio difficulty on cam cast video. i think it's fixed but our apology for the disruption. >> man who slaughtered 5 people inside a district home pleaded not guilty to all charges toda today. 35-year-old ben luke is accused of killing 2 men and 3 women at a home on house street near city college in march. luke was arraigned today on multiple charges including 5 counts of muir dear formally charged today. also faces special circumstances charges of committing multiple murder and lying in wait for one of his victims. that could make eligible for the death penalty. it took 15 minutes for the judge to read all of the charges against him. l. >> he's denying his ghilt all
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charges. denying all the allegations so to sit there or stand there and have all that read to you at time that you are asserting your innocence many is very emotional thing. >>reporter: police have said luke knew the victims and targeted them but have not release add possible motive for the kittle. bail set at 25 million dollars. surfer stranded on rock off ocean beach in san francisco had to be rescued today and so did 2 surf rescue swimmers with the fire department who tried but were unable to the get it back to the beach. rough waters and rising tide trapped the teen on the rocks and then interfered with the initial rescue effort. coast guard boat and additional rescue swimmers used long boards to reach all 3 and get them back to safety. the teenager on the rocks was taken to hospital and is expected to be just fine. the search for a morgan hill teenager missing for 3 weeks moved to new locations today. the santa clara county search rescue team expanded the hunt for 15-year-old sierra la
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mar to include san martin and gilroy. good 10 miles from where she was last seen alive. teen deployed one of the most valuable assets today as well. search dog named l decar. >> we spend many, many hours, years if training the dog and you have to step back, get your emotion out of the way and allow the dog to do its job. >>reporter: investigators are still waiting for the results of forensic test done on the cell phone and purse and on 2 used condoms, box for handcuffs all found during earlier searches. sports is making big news tonight. timing could not be worse for the new orleans saints. on the same day they asked for leniency from the nfl an audio recording of saints coach was released. coach encourages the saints to target forty-niner players with their sfwont injury. larry is here with more on this. the tapes you really hear the orders to
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attack really. >> no doubt. we should point out coaches get fired up. they say a lot of things in the locker room to get the players to have this rage and fury but when you higher kill the head and body will die over and over again it really jumps out in the audio recording. saints assistant coach greg williams was trying to fire up the players but he went clearly over the line targeting key ni nipper players and exactly where he wanted them hit to try to take them out of the january play off game. >> we are going to kill the bleep. every single one of these before you get off the pile affect the head. >>reporter: most indicting account of the saints bounty program yet. audio recorded prayer to the forty-niner play off game against new orleans featuring suspended former defensive coordinator greg williams encourage his team to injure opposing players like niner running back frank gore and williams spared no details. >> hit the body. we have to
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make sure we kill frank gore's head. we want him running side ways. we want his head side ways. >>reporter: greg williams singled out a number of 49ers he wanted to knock out of the game. with players specific body parts identified because of previous injuries. wide receiver michael crabtree was one of several targets. >> before crabtree wants to be a face or a tough guy. find that out. the become human take the outside acl. >>reporter: comes on the same day that new orleans head coach peyton appealed the nfl season long suspension imposed on him for his role in the team bounty program. >> here to apologize. if you are in this room you understand that. >>reporter: for all of williams bravado it was the 49ers who did the damage wing
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the play off game 36-32. now we talked to forty-niner punt returner kyle williams one of the players who was targeted in the audio recordings. we'll hear from him later on in sports. >> pretty remarkable. this happens in the nfl many locker rooms probably but pretty upsetting to a the lot of fans. to hear tonight person. >> audio brings so much more up front in your face but bounties have been a part of the nfl for years. bill walsh his team had bounties but the bounties were for you might get an extra something for causing a fumble. making a big play in a game. it wasn't to intentionally go out and injury another person. that's where clearly the line was crossed here. >> not sports man likeism not at all. >> thanks very much larry see you later in the sports. >> sacramento teen refuses to testify against the man accused of kidnapping and raping her. so here's the question. why is she being held in jail? we have that store coming up. >> plus the rest of california gets a pass on a law that has
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changed happy meals in parts of the bay area. >> guess what. not even apple is immune from hack attack. >> accu-weather forecast center. easter weekend around the corner but is it without rain. find out in my accu-weather forecast. >> line too long at the favorite coffee shop? guess what? there's now an app for that. guess what? there's now an app for that. news
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>> 17-year-old rape victim is in juvenile hall for not testifying against her attacke attacker. the highly unusual case in sacramento pits public safety against the rights of a rape victim. jonathan has the story. >> if she's a victim, she's suffered a horrible, horrible experience, and now she's bein being, she's being treated like a criminal and she's being forced to live through this every day. >>reporter: the incident in question reportedly occurred last july with young girl now 17 kidnapped from light rail station. raped sexually assaulted. suspect is also suspected in a second sexual assault and has past criminal history. prosecutors place the 17-year-old victim in juvenile hall fear naul she might not appear to testify. >> it really is a last resort. something we never want to do. you don't want to put a victim or witness in custody. but at
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the same time there's an issue of protecting the community when you have serious crimes of violence and you have the a defendant with a serious prior record. >> any sexual assault victim who does in the weren't to testify can not be imprisoned for not testifying. >>reporter: but one legal expert says the da office does have that right. >> clearly the prosecutor's office has looked at this thing at the highest levels and decided that it's worth the political blow-back that they are going to get for putting a victim in jail. so it must really be worth a lot which means they must be very sear because somebody they think is dangerous. >>reporter: in sacramento, jonathan mum abc 7 news. >> judge has decided that it is okay for california kids to get toy was the happy meals. judge dismiss product posed class action lawsuit against mcdonald's claiming the burger
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chain has been exploiting children by luring them to eat unbalanced meals. mcdonald's issued a statement after the ruling calling the lawsuit a distraction from the fight against obesity. today ruling does not affect the ordinances of san francisco and santa clara county where happy meal toys are still banned. >> well coffee connossieur can now rejoice. cold favorite in san francisco just got a little easier to get thanks to new app created by pair of java junkie. jonathan bloom has the story. >> what we do is one cup at a time. >> coffee is an art. i was born to make coffee. >>reporter: now almost 10 years after phil founded phil's coffee there are lots of people waiting to order. in fact the line is out the door. poured by hand. stirred by hand one of the oldest method of making coffee.
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>> nine maybe 900 years ago. >>reporter: high tech trend setter i-phone in hand wait apparently 5 to 10 minutes for the perfectly crafted cup. >> there you go. tishltion what if you could eliminate the waiting. >> late for work. something like that. that's where we come in. >>reporter: steven and evan 2 geek addicted to coffee came up with an app called tap viva order before you show up. >> we have a lot of regular that come into phillies order the same they think and this is just like making the life so much easier. >>reporter: yisd astonishingly simple. place the order here and shows up here. these folks don't have to stop to answer the phone and you don't have to wait in line. >> we put it on the table. write the name on it. come in picture up to leave. >>reporter: jacob and son says still all about personal schlts app is just an option if in a hurry. >> good service is giving people options. >>reporter: those option and that service they open 9 shops
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in the midst of recession without ever taking out a loan. they say the secret is pouring their hearts into it. >> see what i made if you are. >>reporter: san francisco, abc 7 news. that looks kind of good on a chilly night like this. spencer is here with the forecast. >> nice and frothy. weather should be nice and frosty in some spots overnight. live view right now as we take you outside from our high definition east bay camera. emeryville back along the bay bridge to san francisco. clear sky around the bay area tonight. quick lack at live doppler 7 hd spots of shower activity in the early evening gone now. mostly clear sky and cool conditions. cool today. high pressure today compare with the average high for this date look how much cooler we were from 7 to 12 degrees cooler than the average for this day but things start to warm-up a little bit tomorrow. we look at temperatures generally mid upper 40's around the bay area and expect low to drop into the 30's in many spots tonight still have some
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80's of gustyt( wind. gusty to 23 miles per hour. 37 miles per hour gust at sfo. 22 miles per hour gust at half moon bay. so mainly near the coast really the strongest winds at the moment. calm interother location. so it's clear cold again tonight. warmer pattern settle in for the weekend and rain develops next week for much of the week in fact. tonight frost advisory in effect 3:00 a.m. to 8:00 a.m. overnight in the morning hours. low pressure from 28 to 32 degrees parts, entire north bay under this frost warning but also a hard freeze warning farther north in mendocino county and conditions could produce damage to sentencestive plants. on we good to tonight's low in specific location. chilly around the bay area but particularly cold in the north bay valley napa with low of 30 at santa rosa low of 32. now the satellite radar composite im am shows large pool of cold air which dropped down yesterday controlling factor for two days
9:21 pm
now but losing its grip on us right now. forecast animation 11:00 o'clock tonight and we see that over the next two day days, 2 centers of high pressure will place themselves in control of our weather. one offshore and over the great basin warmer days starting tomorrow but certainly through the weekend and into monday of next week. so for tomorrow look for high in the low to mid 60's in our inland locations. low 60's right around the bay. upper 50's near the coast. breezy again near the coast tomorrow monterey bay high in the upper 50's to low 60's. here's accu-weather 7 day forecast. here's what's coming our way. sunny skies tomorrow. and saturday and mainly sunny on sunday. saturday sunday high right around or just above 70 degrees warmest location so easter sunday looking very nice but slate chance of showers mainly in the north bay on sunday. then cloudy on monday and tuesday wednesday and thursday chance of rain. in fact rain likely that thursday.
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may wets day in forecast period. mild air remains through next week, unsettled weather and good chance of wet weather midweek next week. >> how about sunday. >> it's looking good. >> i have a new easter bonnet i have to wear. >> it won't get wet. >> thanks very much. >> coming up. ghost ship drifting in the pacific ocean. why the coast guard has it in its cross hairs. >> entire town is sold for less than the cost of a home in the bay area. stay with us. news atat
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>> coast guard fired cannon to sink a japanese ship that was set adrift by last year tsunam tsunami. it's full of fuel no lights or power of course. it sits about 200 miles south west of sitka, alaska. coast guard dropped abue to warn other
9:26 pm
ships to avoid the area. experts say it's safer to sink the ship and let the fuel evaporate in the water than to let it continue to drift. ship is at the front of a stream of debris drifting east since the tsunami in march of last year. pwu ford wyoming has become famous as the nation smallest up to. today that reputation proved to be worth 900,000 dollars. beauford went on the auction block today. whole thing bidding started at 100,000 dollars. it was over in 15 minutes or so. the 10 acre parcel includes convenience store. gas statio station. cell tower and couple of buildings. town was created when workers were there building the transcontinental railroad. current landlord who happens to be beauford lone resident wants to move near his son. so he no longer had need of the town. new owner is a businessman. he has not been identified. >> remember when administrative assist at that particular time were secretaries? well secretaries are coming back apparently and it is
9:27 pm
becae of mad men. according to the international association of administrative professionals there is a 200 percent increase in members identifying themselves as secretaries stchlt television she mad men has apparently made that word glamorous. it became politically incorrect 20 years ago and to be fair some still consider the word demeaning. >> when we continue tonight, betting on brighter budget. future for california. those who believe that expanding gambling is the answer. >> silicon valley version of take your children to workday. at google it's parents day. take your children to workday. at google it's parents day. that's just ahead >> bay area woman who has been a pioneer in the treatment of cancer and now she is set her sight on even greater ambition. stay with us. another half hour of news begins
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>> good evening once again. thanks for tuning in. look at the headlines we are following tonight. latest on the oakland somewhating of course it turns out suspected gunman did not target the director of the nursing program as first thought. but rather another administrator who actually left the school months ago. >> crime scene investigators now finished their work at oicos university. students teachers now being allowed inside to retrieve their belongings. tivrment single one of you before you get off the pile affect the head. they are going to come in. they are going to be shocked with our contact e-that's greg williams defensive coordinator for the new orleans saints ordering his players to specifically target 49ers during this year nfc division game. nfc already suspended williams indefinitely. they have also suspended saints head coach
9:32 pm
shawn peyton for a season and assistant coach for several gaichlts now this audio recording comes ou. we'll see what happens as a result of that. >> headlines. california is missing out on millions of dollars spent on lean playing poker and tonight state lawmakers weren't a piece of the action. of annette has the story from sacramento. >> the it's estimated more than two million californians wager 13 billion dollars a year on on line poker site. now some lawmakers want in on the action proposing that the state license and regulate operators for 10 years. the first two years would be open to poker only. possibly more games later. it could mean more than 1 billion dollars for the cash strapped state budget over the next decade. >> the highway is littered with road kill. people who tried to stop technology. so you either get in the game and play or what will happen is you will just get mowed over. >>reporter: no more going to
9:33 pm
vegas. another proposal allow sports betting at current establishment like card rooms and race track. california would have to ask the feds for permission because that's currently illegal except in 4 states. >> there are already more than 1 million problem pathological gamblers in california. >>reporter: thought of expanding gambling in california worries opponents who say the social and economic impacts will only get worse. >> increase in crime. all of the money that it takes to deal with that. increases in unemployment. increases in homelessness. increases in welfare. >>reporter: supporters say people are already playing poker on line. californians don't have any protection or rae course when for instance wings aren't paid out. coalition of indian tribes and card room operators are ready to stand by the on line poker bill but only if california gaming establishment not out of state interest can be licensed and only if it is for poker. >> writ now millions of
9:34 pm
californians are playing on line poker ever dollar goes offshore. we weren't to ensure the money stay ins california. >>reporter: most on like poker site are based in foreign country to skirt the been on internet game blinks but it's suggested they can legalize in their own boundary. the tougher to over turn here. live in sacramento, abc 7 news. keith is suing his former bosses for more than 50 million dollars. he claim they ran unprofessional show fraught with technical problems. he was fired last week from san francisco base cable network. >> major coup on wall street when facebook goes public with the stock probably next month the shares will be listed on the nasdaq not the new york stock exchange. 2 exchanges battled it out for the listing and nasdaq within out. in the mean time more than 600,000 computers were the target of a mack attack between february and 8. concerning to the security firm dr. web the attack hit computers running
9:35 pm
mack o s 10 software. apple released update to fix the whole insecurity. well it was role reversal time on the google campus today in mountain view. take your parents to workday. chance for mom dad to see workplace that includes volleyball. free haircuts and all the free food you can eat. >> mr. like a college cal campus when not in school. tl because there's a lot more inner action going on here. then there is people going to and from class. >> home away from home. special to be able to bring our parents to be part of that family. >> 4000 parents went to the campus. some stuck their heads into a google sign for picture for posterity. nice treaty for the parents. >> woman who helped revolutionize cancer treatment being honored this month for her new role leading the massive uc sf medical school and research centers. dr. seuss an helman is one of 4 people chosen by san francisco
9:36 pm
commonwealth club as leaders who are moving the bay area forward in profound ways. health science reporter carolyn johnson as her story l. >>reporter: dr. seuss an helman is used to passing the lime light to greatest minds in medicine like nobel prize winner elizabeth blank blackburn. three years as chancellor at uc sf have been about inspiring people as managing them. >> what great leaders do is they make sure everybody hears about the vision and then they let the most tall than theed people get on with what they d do. and stay out of the way. accept where you can make a difference in creating a great environment. >>reporter: that environment is growing fast. on the shelf of the office hard hit and model of the university recently opened stem cell center. 3 new hospital slated to open in 2015 on the mission bay campus. >> it benefit the children
9:37 pm
hospital and new women cancer hospital. >>reporter: high profile position but beginnings far less so growing newspaper nevada the daughter of pharmacist in a family of 7 children. >> i so loved seeing my dad helping people in that drugstore and so i didn't know what i would do in medicine but i was very inspired by the vision of what i saw my dad do. >>reporter: second inspiration came early in the career as cancer specialist when she and her husband also a doctor volunteered to serve in uganda. 1980's when aids and related cancers were death sentence. >> it completely changed what i expected of myself. i felt like i was so privileged. i had been given so much and was so incredibly fortunate compared to everyone i met in uganda that i just raised my own personal bar for what i expected for myself. in a really powerful way. >> but the landscape for most well known accomplishment wasn't a field hospital or medical center. but a drug
9:38 pm
company that would become a legendary bay area success story. tl photo suggest here, the research and development produced some of the most widely used cancer drug on the market. >> probably the best way to describe it is working harder than you have ever worked before and being happy bit. >>reporter: by the time she left as president of product development she was wealthy. able to enjoy the sports and activity she and her husband love but says the chance to become berkeley was another turning point in her life. >> when i left here and asked to consider being chancellor that inspiration of what it was like to unable others to succeed definitely led to me taking the job here. >> earlier this year she shocks university of california regent by proposing uc sf become more autonomous with loser financial tie to the uc system. prosecute postal aimed at bolstering the pace of all i
9:39 pm
know ovation at uc sf particularly in areas lick alzheimer's and still cell research. >> most important thing and we aspire to be the world leading health science innovatetor. that's a big ambition. >> carolyn johnson reporting. now i have the honor of mc the commonwealth club dinner on the 18th of this month as beard member of the club. if you are interested in attending find the time police and ticket information he open see it on tv. join us if you can. very special people. we'll be right back. >> old and gray but just as intense. coming up. we show you the latest photo of notorious killer charles manso manson. >> wine truck catches fire on the bay bridge raising concerns about the bridge integrity. the bay bridge raising concerns about the bridge integrity. stay with us
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>> two days ago in greece 77-year-old man committed suicide because he said budget cuts wiped out the pension he had earned. now flowers candle letters and protests mark the spot where it happened. st retired pharmacist killed himself in front of the parliament that many blame for the mismanagement they say plunged their country into an economic crisis. sympathy notes are attached to a tree nearby calling his death a murder. protest have been fueled by law makeers who initially questioned the motive of the 77-year-old man even implying his child might have been somehow involved in his death. infuriated some the in greece. >> called the mir khnt of defendant and today russian arms dealer victor bout sentenced to 25 years in pro than for conspiring to sell weapons to kill americans. he was arrested in sting operation in 2008 in thailand. dea
9:44 pm
agents posed as columbian rebel buying missile, mine, sult rifles from the former officer. going away for a long time. new pictures released today of convicted the killer charles manson show gray bearded man. correction officials rae leased newest picture showing the 77-year-old with long hair, shagy beard as you can see and swastika star still prominent on his forehead. photo taken last june. machine son coming up for his 12th parole hearing next week. these are holder pictures. far left is nann 68. in the middle that was manson in 2000 nip. serving a life sentence for killing nip people including pregnant actress shirn tate in 1969 ordering his follow investigators do soil. truck fire on the san rafael bridge backed up traffic for miles this morning. there was initial concern it may have damaged the bridge in a significant way but turns out
9:45 pm
not the case. bridge is fine. we were sent this video of smoke pouring out of the side of the bridge. truck driver was eastbound mid span when he noticed flames from underneath the cab. this morning at 1 10:30. he came to stop. managed to jump out without getting hurt. fire was put out in 20 minutes but the cab was destroyed with load of wine in the semi is okay. all lanes of the bridge were reopened shortly after 1. because of the heat and melting metal and rubber it was concerned for the bridge but again it's okay. >> scientific mine it's maybe the equinox. for the naturalist it's seeing the first robin. road breast but for sports fans the unofficial start of spring is today. opening day of baseball. that story when we continues next. [ birds chirping ]
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>> weekend almost here. spencer is back with a look at the forecast. >> here's the 7 day forecast with lieutenants of changes over the 7 days. we start warming up tomorrow. over the wednesday lack for high pressure get up in the low 70's in the mildest locations. even on easter sunday despite the fact there is a slight chance of rain in the north bay on sun. now the mild weather stays through monday. clouds thicken on monday chance of rain tuesday wednesday and likely on thursday. wettest day in the forecast period. >> thanks. spencer loves 3 things most especially the weather wine and baseball. huge baseball fan. since 1907 every april has lls begun with same thing. opening day in major league baseball. karen tonight with the anticipation and the optimism for national past time. tv ♪ and the home of the brave ♪ is.
9:50 pm
[applause]. >> major league baseball is officially under way. >> opening day 2012. >>reporter: annual right of spring that has millions of americans dreaming of world series glory. in cincinnati baseball fans started celebrating before dawn. >> i think we are the first bar open today. >>reporter: across the nation fans enjoy perfect weather for the first trip to the ballpark. beautiful weather for basebal baseball. maybe the best part of opening day everyone has a reason to be optimistic. the players. >> i think that was the first thing in the dug out leading the major league in home runs. >>reporter: the fans. >> hope 30 this year is the year we do something. >>reporter: even the long suffering chicago cubs fans. >> today is officially opening day but seattle and oakland actually kicked off the season last week in tokyo. last night the newly minted miami marlins
9:51 pm
christen the brand new stadium with unique south florida stale. -- style. >> incredible. >>reporter: those are big dolphins jumping around in center field. baseball is a sport designed to break your heart it's been said. open this day every year fans like me fall in love all over again. this is abc news. washington. >> the phillies. >> larry here. baseball always fun to have it back. >> yes. we'll talk a little baseball and sharks right now really open our mind. they are trying to fight their which into the play off literally figurative. joe thornton throwing his weight around tonight. against first place kings in los angeles. want some come get
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>> baseball is back. we have that in a moment but come up tonight at 11:00. sky diving accident in lodi. what happened just after the man jumped from the plane. we have the story. california olympic dream. effort to bring the winter games to lake tahoe getting serious. that's ahead in one hour on 7 news at 11:00.
9:55 pm
hope you can join us then. go from the olympic back to baseball and hockey tonight. >> yes. the sharks. snachl close. >> it's didn't? they are. it's good. him if i didn't expect. expected the worst. shark yawvl for the play offs tonight. they got i in. we know dallas and colonel republican and democrat 0both lost. but l division title still up for grab in la. this ace chipy game. thornton missing hard left hand. you don't see him fight often but he's serious. called for cross-check in a fight and capitalizes on the power play. martinez on the power play. fight back. behind the net. jason pounces on the loose puck to the tie it up a bit. to the strum make a save. digging at it kings a lead. sharks power
9:56 pm
play. tip in front just before the second intermission. that momentum carry over to the third. ryan a little game of show down here. he shoots and scores a jonathan quick. he's one of the best goalie in the league ties at 3 appease in the third they are tied and move into first place. coach foaming at the mouth. ranting raving about big hit. that's nothing new in football but offering cash for hits to target an acl or maybe a head shot these all over the line and that's what we heard in recordings ex saints coach you are by saints targeted 49ers. williams among others. he suffered a concussion earlier in the season. today collin talked with williams about being one of the targets. the. >> not going to talk bit. >>reporter: what were your feelings about when you heard the awed yoychlt i'm not going to talk bit. >>reporter: it doesn't affect
9:57 pm
you at all. >> no. many it's part of the game. that's what they told to do. so everybody is no the like. that every team is different. >> you if he ever want to hear anybody talk about your team mates lake. that especially people you are very close to. once again that's a league water. >> tiger woods said he hit some of the worst golf shots of his career today at the masters. but after finishing bogey bogey only 5 shots off the lead at augusta. how about this for legendary treeer. things all 3 is a tradition. sex under through 10 then 18 letting it $500 quadruple par 4 closing hole to finish had one under. as for tiger all over the course at augusta national. salvage bogey on 18 with nasty up and down but finished bogey bogey and even par. former
9:58 pm
world no. 1 in the clubhouse 5 65 training to adone for last year. he's 4 back of bird on 18 to get you plus. 7 off the peace. westwood the leader. and pooeld peter are at main us 4. group of 6 at there 3 under and tiger 5 back at eat a. in arizona hoping to return to world series form from couple years ago. one promising site. world series form from couple years ago. one promising site. the view. in the elbow props late in the area he the beard is back and he talked about opening in arizona against the definancing national league west champion the d pwaichblingts i don't look too deep into that but i'm sure as a would organization it's back. from point it would
9:59 pm
be nice to go in there and obviously sweep. more important take it serious and more important than. that play fundamental baseball. time ri hitting and hopefully get off to grit start. >> very serious brian wilson. a open the season for second time tomorrow night when i host seattle. split a pair of games in japan last weak and now getting the body clock back in order. >> i know the guy trying to get back on obviously our time. that aspect i i think it was very good for us. but we are spwailingtsed to get to my another opening day. looking forward to playing. hopefully good crowd at the coliseum for that. that's this edition of tv 20. stay connected 24 for all of us here, thanks for watching appreciate your time hope to see you in an hour over watching appreciate your time hope to see you in an hour over on the big 7


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