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tv   ABC7 News  KOFY  April 9, 2012 11:30am-12:00pm PDT

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annncer rig w brking ne. >>¥ thiorng oland poiceaveade arrt in e ooti deh ofharl butljr. hoseami nat his ganes i th wa of hi tragy lteast yar--good rnin i' krstenze. chyl jning isff. sgioquinna islivt the oakld poce dartmt wi new inrmatn. >>eporr: tis ory w've enfolling cloly sin risasti in prt beuse theay crles btler, j. surded. als beuse theacthat gav t gif liy doning his oans. pole ha ma an arst. eyreot shing mny deilsabo wha the peon'soleay he bee i t muder.
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pice agn doell mthey havmadenrres is weend. chaes btler, r.was muered jst borechrimas sholy aer h dea, hi famy td use ha bri intacti wi pplee di not kn aheieigorho stre ty foowednd oned re o hi s vehle carned io paed rslonheidef h strt an bur io lame yar fr his ho. ever ofis oans wer sucssfuy tanced to cipits chrtmas d. -- buerhadust colete a ercht sean's tra prram loong fwardo hi -- taini proramnd aslookg fwardo stting hisfamy hs ben tingo ketteion foced on th se t reluefor lice oicerto rk on amake n arest to rec thre's bn an restn ts se. notany tai.
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st tun t ac7 ns rougut t cse f th deelopntsnhis ory. serouintabc7ews. > asell. meanme, comnity grve forctheathe ad hi 9-ar-o dauter kied b ca tat wness say w sedin a pole cheed t e itheeenedrivemay ve bn usiis pone whe theragen ccord occued. y hoyfie isive wre cisn s y t be ma on t arge repter:he lice partnt i st aut fishe wih s instigion ficsill bunle upthe iden and ha it oveto he dtric attney o wl deci wha tochar e ivewithnd wetheo charhim asdul this accent i hing a emenusmpac th ncor comnity. dav add a cole o mis ill dai lk torin fwerto e st ere soimannur ais dauter
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hassa re ille. >>i'm anold d ve ta 7-ear-d so t ma m hug m a lite ext nit ankis h deallefle on ths east hlida wh's iorta. repter:urind s two aughrs wre oa sturd rni bikidehenhey wee h b a callac suv hi1-yr-oldauter svivetheras hiwifekipdhe bi rid andstay ho to makthe mily bakfa. solaannd 9ear-d hessaereille e othe tcher deays echoo cmmunyovethe nu famy. >>lwaynertic hay, art andeauful. rieny. m artbaks r ahe ds causi ow tis ing be%i bg ls. rerter th 17-ar-o ive wa speing en he lo corol.
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poli havolleed wnes stament, psica iden and cel phne rordso gi hedistct rn's fice precuts wil- stri attoey'sffic prosutor wi en cide chge him alt. thdriv isook on two crges o vicul nslahter if tt isthenly ime 's crgedith it ot elgibl for trsfero ault urt. > itas t fa uder aist of eumered cime ehicar manaughr is t onof tse. >>repoer: saulwith a eadl wean is ontha lit. at is a chrge thacoul anopti bcaushe 11-ar-d gi wahur e dirict attney cld ao ahe dgeto dece wheer t yhim as ult. erere fe ftors e dge llconser wen mainghat ecison. it ompicat. it i goio ta te ts srys sll velong. w wilkeep clo eyen
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it. my llyfeld ab new >>we hveeveling wsn th cse o th floda tnageãshotoeath by nehborod wtch ptai th tryvon main ce wi nogo beore agranjury specl posecor me at nounmenthis orni. he ctinu toinvtiga t shtingnd wilmaka detminaonher ere' oughvidee arge nehborod tch catain geoe ziermarath tha ting e eiden befe a and jy f a ssib indtmen zens ocolle uden blocd te enance t an fever flida lic depamenthismorng. thewan zimrman aeste forur. >esshann hr fronow y aa mucian ae iited artipate ily micals. theoononces wi b hld ousideikos unersi ant hon the sen kied in thehootg raage the hool anyoeselcoo rticate. e coertsre schuledor
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veryyexcet suays, roug apl0th. theaywhentheccus kierne gs schuledo ba in urt he's behardwit sven contsf mrdernd tee atteted rder chges he ould fatheeatenay ifconvted acebk stannoceda one lliodoll deouy intagr paifor inash d tock e cmpan is ahotoharng ap ttletspeopppl filtsto pturetaken mobe dvice mar zkerbg me th anouncentnis fabook ge a hou ag alrdy me th 5000 he ked e posng. zukerbgsays fabookill ontie opeting stagm s an idepeent comny tock are sling wa strt isorni vests ge thefirschan toeact to sl dow in hirng lst mth.
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u.s emoyerdded 12000 job,alf tepace om dembero feuary the umploent raropp thof a peent 8. becse ppletoppooki for jo. u.s. maets re clsed ast friylet'tak aive lo at eig oar n. you nee te dw is stl down 11 pnts. ny llut0,00jobs worlide er e xt yr. apane nsrepos sa te ectnicsiantilllas 6%ftsorkfces it strgleswitheak telisio sale son hannoced seral therost ctingeasues, inudin selng ihemil unit mergg l pal eratn with shib l shas up 4 is rni. itomes aer tompy annnced as agred to sell 80 o i ptent t croft angra
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licee r its reinin pants a al wor ove bilion dlars aol anso turnsomof th proeds om e sao sharolde. >>partf a maj new be areroawil be rey eaierhan eecte. >>eas ke i ve y, i soy, i'm not en bievg aorde say no >> ne twi in e stunt-tcher fair tt caht nionattenon. w the 18ear-d gir no ss s waed tn he cwew
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>take lok athis c7 ne cture th deo th reue ofa ili work traed in a nholin safranscolastigh e worrwas istalng iber cae at fmont ad hoard en hfell, hitis heaand got stk. too cewsalf n hor to getim o. th wker wa n serusly jur. nwistnhe latishipetwn mosto hihchoteaer'sffa wit an 18ear-dtude. the sry ceate naonal tra. nothestudtas lft t techerftere w crge th a sualssau anherirl. >> w ateacr ani w a sdent buthinkt ia noal relionsp. repter:tha wa 8-ye-old rdanowerlas mon. oday dffert outok on
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heroveffaiwith th 41ear-d ma wh ed te r hi scoleach. >>i td h thawe wer over rerter jam ok aeste fray nnor hiselatnshi wit jorn. th tw saothg pysil haenedhilehewas mir. but r legeysexlly saulng a 17ear-d stunt mehandeca ago > iost evythi,y nioyea i geup my frndsbecae th dn' agee wit me for mot tavenoug respt t tel thtru. >>repoer:n feuary hoor s aamanhe had ner bee rmancall inlved wh athertudt. >>ver hadny reatiohips wi othtudts? > ner. i'm nfidt i 15 yrs thre'sot sine uden that c co rwar anday th hapened >> rorte noowe tel ab nwsong berepoli ocke o hoorook td heabouthe ratiohip nothexte of it >> htol h met her lin a heitho her, just as fiend
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en hento her hoe ad she ca outf the baroom ned. >> rorte patern of algedehavr jorn's motrtam hs wged r agait. i angandrustted. >> rorte sheis ting t pass lawhat wold me it a flony f a pblicchoo teer t dat stunt i he se' sool regdlesof ag. >> n't nt atherhild, noth famy ben ts posion >> rorte hoer plted not guty posd 0,0 bai and w spted ov the weend ringis ke. heasike loou im rry m n belving a wd he hassay >>eporr: nhe imovg ou ohispartnt ad ishi foaybk. >i he he pas h timfor he 1-yeaoldirlnd hoev els is t the. >> th sto is geratg a ot o coersaonnur facookpag kaen: hopullyor aho id tenon thi ory, leon lrned
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themom wa rht i theirst ace i hpethi sadtory isver. jod gre b ssono b leaed. ens yo d't kno everhin whe pants tllyou t to smethg andeel stngly outt, the's ually a go rean. nde ifhis rl h lened is y. naiona miliion i a toug y to . in t conrsatn at facook.m/abnews >>lisargensn f mi. ouwoul't kw athin aboutellg yo tenag notoo metng. theare usuly rht. yore uallrighabou theath. >> ank angen te wthe,rom ts sh youan telit oks gy w fistoow 60sow. ringike day soowill repced a nterike chi tht iludrain lus,uttin pods. new styind nketwn an ispecmoth's obety stas ader chid'sisk for autm.
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'll ar fro iefedil dito riard besr abt th finngs. >>firs famy'sessa to e tusan chiren kin pa in thiyear east g ro. hoy... mom yes. u'reownldingovie st! om he? ere herord? we stcheto at highpeedntert and t wilesscces no me cos. rele, ok, hostlycan justget cordplea? dad,thcord invie
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[ fele aounc ] ca at&toda getigh eed tern for st $.95 mont with 1-yr pre guante it theaste intnetfothe ice noin'.t&thi sm clud accs he. ouinvible rd reay lo, da oo. geacce to e enre fema annncer t sp netrk naonalt&t -fi for ext chae. getigh eed tern wi a 1ear ice arane. en'tou gd swihed at& ♪
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nnuaast eoll t whithous th moing. dauters miaansa shwer alsohere is yar'sventncouged phycalactity a prtf mr oba mov to fig ildhd esi. hevenwhicate ba t 18 feturean obtacl cour,por, bsketll, ogaarde th firfamiead seral oksto t kds oicia timtes 3,000 cldrend renttookart ioday tditi. >lisa ishere wegot e easr eg hus ouof t way we n loer he toave y athe so lt's ingon t rai >> y sai it i ging be elas hrah. we a goi to se gnicanrain, mayinor flodin twosystsach 34 anincto innd 3. >> wh t coempatur, reez wnds thway joy it hers toe,thiss at u can ejoy he ekenwhen thtorystsareehi
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loong a the fst one t to be rea swmak. rhap the sendneill be lile bter. nothels, acoupof nchether bac hom, stl sandy e enof teek, lw sow levs. we'v gt it alin t nxt cplefays 55 n frcisc goorni conrd, or y. 62 aioch 57ounin vw. ch li sing r theest the d inreas inloud fro rai ornigtot uil bore sunse th in ts gng jt intime for youuesd morng comte. beind eysteshows on wedndayhe nt stem ursd,oldyst. ere' lo atloud cer viblepicteclou favong teorthbay. wis ar lht,till els go tis ormyste hs benstu her staed o for easthree ds oro. eedhe aa lo presre ad othe kicr
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hindt t mo i ohore ginng t sowlyove,live doper sows e mstur wl upo t nohofs. urveni comteno pblem tomrow this bego chae radally fr threst theweek tay a femorelou, tillild. his whs on tor e re oftheeek. ke a lo, w'll te it ou. 60 torrowornieav in or thbayarea goln gae bdgehe richndan rael bidge perhs rit troug the esda morng cmmut hehoweere 6:0uesd nig,oest lk s ba, 'll kecatted shors ino e ornigt hou. 7: weesdamorng mo swers the thy ge heaer i the afrnoo and by:00 dnesy loks ke areak, stem nber o. mor avyrainorhe thudayorni comte. each o tesesysts 3 of ih mbe a hf incn partof tpeniula to a
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incand harom te tte nrthayommutie. pretyood ail inmars, mor th ril ower 68akla toy. 67 sanateo 7sxpetedor sajosend intsoutrom rgahillnd gioy. day dry d. omoow te temratus wi allyome dwn, brzy wnds to mis anhou the bul of te rn wl b orhat morng cmute tn bind the stem en by thuray mning her ces sytemumbwo tha brgs lor sno lels. t weend th te wll vea go weend. som ki are off forrea, s tohne. itsuttillou lt he weend car yrimi ipeccle, ank yo. visstud lking ausm wi oesit dung man'regncy i isi hlth ncer. searers sdied 000 ildrn t to ve caifora narly 700ad autm o othdevopmeal lay
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th sdy und chldreith obe motrs wre 67 mor mielyo bat rsk fo tis expes s its a we-up llor nw mohers if u eeacng tho cldbeingears obety a d ing. is t goo a an me. buitis smethg at wi a l of rk y ca adess. ihinkt isortdoin thuthos s t sult areworing as mor tn 3 o wom ohildarin ae inhe ose. >>goodewsoreopwho e th doy drie apoach te ldegateridg. poionsfh ne adw andtunl a expted be ady e oenedy merial y tat'sarly the ssmicetroting prect s benngoi the pt tw yeseavng frstred cmute facg deours caransayshetempary detos wi be dolied beore mori da ere ll b aompleoad
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losu dung on upcing wkendo fil li th w rote. aeetg wi be hel 60 thuday ghtt thmill valy cmunicent t lk abt the osur. >>san se's faus faon famy apityalljusot bigg. lieicte of claa th new
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tay a3:00 terie of boo hpingave dul rrias. th wil btalng aout hadeof gy. tn a 4:, a anteto doas joafew mil. nste, tis y bece a intnet he kll no. at 5:0--inteet pnomon. > the sries ad me abcnewsat and 5 >>finay, pasouthe ciga. e faln moasxpaned herami. all urof cara' egs aop cy ha havatcd. thee yterd ester un frthhis rnin can youee anof t chis? bilogis y cla i keeng h newchic wa, tti onhem dad rnans arnd helpg. th lan toeave thamil alo unl m 1st,henhey wiclimup todeteinehe gendsnd uttraing nds
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the thi is cla's si ason --ixtheaso ging bih i sanose. youo t abcews.m see it ovou ll ge li tohe faon camf y wa tcall th. >>good ting. > thks f joings o c7 ns.
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