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tv   ABC7 News at 900PM on KOFY  KOFY  May 4, 2012 9:00pm-10:00pm PDT

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guess missed it! we couldn't just move the tv all willy-nilly all over the house. ohh! ohh! kids today have it so good. ok. [ male announcer ] the wireless receiver only from at&t. get u-verse tv for $25 a month with free hd for six months. at&t. >> good evening i'm dan ashley. san jose right now police are preparing for what could be a very long day tomorrow. cinco de mayo celebration there gotten out of hand before an recent gang violence has them worried about what might happen this year. thomas is live with the story. >>reporter: dan cool night in
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san jose and police here are hoping it doesn't heat up with violence especially gang violence. true of resident and business owner whose hope that everyone who comes in to town to celebrate cinco de mayo has jaws good time. san jose police preparing all day for tonight's pre-cinco de mayo celebration. officers deployed all around the downtown area along santa clara and alum rock avenue. horseback. motorcycl motorcycle. cars. no one wants to repeat of what happened some 6 years ago when violence broke out and more than 50 people were arrested. police say they are ready. and here at the cheese steak shop on santa clara manager says she will close early. that's because for the past 20 years she has seen washington happens here during cinco de mayo. >> every single cinco de mayo fights everywhere and worse ever day. >> we have enough officers working if we had to we can get mawchal aid. >>reporter: police don't
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believe there are repriceal for a gang related beat that go took the life of teenager here in roosevelt park last week. police worked out plants to move people in cars if the situation gets out of control here tonight or during the weekend. now a little early for crowds but san jose police tell us they have not only concentrated on suppression and enforcement but also prevention. taken large grawps of attention and -- teenagers and gang members out of town to make sure they are not here over the weekend and become part of a problem. live in san jose, 7 news. >> thank you thomas. >> police officer shot and wounded a man suspected of stealing a car late today in pinole. all started on highway 4 shortly after 5 when a chp officer spotted a stolen car. 32-year-old driver of the chrysler sedan took off on i 80 and pulled into a kaiser hospital parking lot. during the confrontation the suspect shot in the shoulder. police not said whether he fired any shots at them. 2 men under arrest tonight after raid in san francisco.
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him if [ yelling] the home on dartmouth street was searched as part of an investigation into gang activity. both the fbi and the sf pd wrchl involved. shotgun and 4 hand guns were seized. 23-year-old of jiminez and robert nice were arrested. both charged with being a felon in possession of a firearm. jiminez also charged in violation of his parole. there is a warning tonight that someone trying to friend you on facebook watch out for this may trying to rip you off. those particularly vulnerable to this latest scheme are laid off auto workers from numi. business technology reporter david louie has the story from fremont. >> weber was on facebook when he heard from someone he thought was a former numi co-worker. >> hi von. i got this e-mail just we are entitled to a grant. i go really?
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>> fake friend word of the grant came from the numi reemployment center. that's the job training program set up when the auto plant shut down 2 years ago so weber e mailed the contact. >> he said all i have to do is give him 1500 dollars. wire it to carolina or something like that. >>reporter: that's what web dear to an address in north carolina. that would make himmel sky i believe for 12 120,000 dollar grant he was told. then he was told to wire more money. 2155 dollars which he did. weber got suspicious when accuse incontacted him on facebook and started giving him wrong information. >> so i started asking him how is my uncle leo doing. he said he's doing just fine. another nasty because he's dead. >>reporter: at that point we weber recognized he was the victim of a scam. and ther may be others. it appears scammer are joining numi facebook group and assuming the identity of friend to dupe additional victims. the numiçó reemployment center sent out
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warning e-mails to 2700 client clients. >> of course we are victims. they are using our names representing our good name of the agency that has been assisting them for the last couple years. so certainly. yes. we feel the pain as well. >>reporter: case being handled by north carolina police. livermore police are putting out a warning. when you put something on the i hope net or exchange information on the internet, you really don't know who you are talking to. may one of your friend. maybe somebody totally unknown to you who is collecting information to make awe victim of a crime. >>reporter: how does ron weber feel about losing over 3600 dollars. >> i don't feel bad at off. i really don't. just my identity and friend and family especially when you hit my family that's what really bothered me. >>reporter: we reached out to facebook for comment about this incident but no one got back to us. ron weber worked for numi for 20 years and not bothered by losing 3600 dollars he's still not found a new job since numi shut down 2 years ago. if fremont, abc 7 news.
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>> bomb squad robot was called out delight to check out a suspicious package in san francisco. sky 7 hd over the scene on san jose avenue near the balboa park bart station. robot inspected what appeared to be a suitcase tethered to a pole. very strange obviously. police not vir finding yet what it was but it has now been cleared away. no danger at all to anyone there. >> private detective embroiled in contra costa county police scandal pleaded guilty today to 8 criminal counts. christopher butler was in indicted in federal court last year. series of crimes including stealing cash, guns and drugs during search warrant operations. also today federal judge sentenced one of butler associates. former san ramone police officer lombardi will serve three years in prison for his crimes. >> university of california today released new report on how to handle campus demonstrations in the future. now this comes after violent
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conflict between police and occupy demonstrators most notably the pepper spraying incident that went worldwide on the webb at uc davis. laura anthony has look now at the new policies. >>reporter: new report from the university of california says method like these should be used on campus demonstrators only as last resorry. while it was the police use of force that is in many way the focus of the report and certainly occasioned this report, much of what we discuss involves how to avoid having to use police at all. >> 158 page report from the office of uc president makes 50 separate recommendation about how uc police and administrators should treat campus protest going forward. at the heart of many of the recommendations reduce role for campus police. in favor of negotiations primarily between protestors and especially trained civilian mediator.
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techlt report also states that non-lethal use of force including pepper spray and baton should be introduced only in the most extreme cases. and only after all other efforts have failed. >> you should be trying other many methods first but not all methods, i think, will work in all circumstances. >>reporter: last november uc davis police pepper sprayed peaceful student demonstrators who had locked arms blocking a sidewalk. at uc berkeley baton wielding officers had a violent confrontation with occupy demonstrators who set up tent on the step of this hall. >> i believe clearly had the recommendations in this report been in place, been implemente implemented, the mistakes in november would not have occurred. >>reporter: this report is a draft. now begins a three-week period for public comment. and then the finals expected by the end of may. at uc berkeley, abc 7 news. moving on. we have some really amazing video to share with you tonight. you are
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looking at a horse being air-lifted from a cap i don't know in the cleveland national forest in southern california. 4 horses fell off a trail this morning one died. now this horse was tranquillize before being harnesses and very calm when it finally landed. you know it there's wonder what was going on. forest service spokesman says the horse were his part of a 4 day ride from san juan, capistrano to the carona area. animal rescue dreams still investigating exactly how and why the horses fell off the trail. and now to the water. california gray whale that got tangled in a fishing lane off the southern california coast has resurfaced near the bay area and crab fishermen may have come to its rescue. the crew of the many cape man was looking for dungeness crab near bodega bay they saw 3 large buoy heading toward them. float dragged by june that's the whale we followed back on april 17 as rescuers tried to detangle it near laguna beach. they failed but the sonoma
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fishermen risk injury to free the whale yesterday. >> made a couple passes at it. same size the boat. if it didn't weren't to be there it could have made the boat tooth pick with one swipe of the tail. definitely very happy. >> first mate miller says the whale stayed still long enough for them to cut away several buoy and some hook. >> whale then swam away with a smaller whale by its side. >> a lieutenant more to bring you here tonight. 911 call. coming up. junior's girlfriend and her frantic phone call after finding his body. also the east bay emergency that prompted an evacuation of pixar and the school nearby. >> i'm spencer in the accu-weather forecast center. we have a wonderful weekend of warmth coming our way. give you a look at the rising names my accu-weather forecast. >> and the 2 guy whose give the san francisco fire department a unique distinction. nobody else in the country does what they do. you get the story as they do. you get the story as the news at
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>> new information tonight open the death of former football star junior seau. 911 call from his girlfriend reveals she found his body on a bed in the spare bedroom after she had returned home from a 1 hour long visit to the gym. >> he's breathing. >> can you check his pulse. is
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his chest rising. >> not raising. >> okay. megan where did he shoot himself. >> i can't tell ma'am it lacks like in the heart. >> he shot himself in the ches chest. >> it looks like it yes. >>reporter: the woman megan row frantically tries to do cp cpr. >> do you know how to do cpr. >> no can you help me. >> kneel down next to him. open his back. >> he's on his back. >> i want you to put one happened on his forehead and one hand under the neck tilt the head back slightly. >> okay. >>reporter: oh, my. police say he ok his own life wednesday with a gun shot wound to the chest. they say the family announced it will donate the brain for research into repetitive head injuries gentleman police are lacking for a hit-and-run driver who killed a bicyclist happened on highway 1 just north of wilder ranch state park intersanta cruz. police found the
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bicyclist this morning. he had been there for as long as 12 hours. his body partially hidden by vegetation. his dog who had been riding in a carrier gotten out and refused to leave his owner. stayed right by his side. highway patrol was looking for a 1999 maybe 2000 model sedan or small suv possibly green with damage to the front end. >> hydrogen leak force employee at pixar in emeryville to stop work daing and gave hundreds of students an unscheduled day off. the problem was caused by hydrogen tank at the ac transit bus lot at 45 and san pablo. several blocks were cholesteroled to traffic as a result. 7 news reporter has the story tonight from emeryville. >> at 7:45 this morning hazmat units were called in after someone reported seeing a ball of fire coming from one of these tanks. >> one of the hydrogen tank at the fueling station ac transit began leaking hydrogen. >>reporter: several streets
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were medley blocked off. within minutes emeryville police began evacuating people from neighboring businesses. >> we all evacuated and left things as they are in the office. >> they came pounding on the door and said we need to evacuate. so i didn't get too much work done. >>reporter: pixar headquarters are across the street from the ac transit yard. around 10:00 a.m. the employee told they could go home. many did. students of the emery secondary school were moved to the field behind the building while they waited for parents to pick them up. ac transit spokesperson clarence johnson said there was no explosion but acknowledged there were flames coming from the tank. >> there was some flames at that point. we are training to investigate request why that occurred because that should not have probably 0kuvrmentd our best guess with that at this point is that it might have been caused by some kind of static energy or electricity in the air that initially caused some flaming. >> once the tank began leaking
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the feeder line automatically shut down. at that point the only thing to do was to the allow the tank to empty out. >> all right. that's lee ann reporting for us. spencer is here with the full accu-weather forecast and if you like it sparkling you will like this weekend. >> it will sparkle and warm-up finally. sparkle a little today but it was cool. here's a live view from our high definition sutro camera out over san francisco along the clear and cool evening all around the bay area. it wasn't very, very warm today but certainly was pleasant. nice cool flow. winds out of the north once again. high pressure reached only into the upper 60's in most inland locations and did top out at 70 at santa rosa. only 57 though at half machine bay but we are certainly going to warm-up this weaned. right now temperatures generally in the 50's all around the bay area with exception of antioch at 60 degrees right now. these are the highlights. clear sky tonight. warmer day into next week and we have afternoon temperatures peaking on monday
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in the mid upper 80s in some inland locations. satellite radar composite image shows pool of cool air that of course is affecting our weather tonight. breezy because flowing directly over us fwhu alignment changes over the next 24 to 48 hours as the area of high pressure builds in eastward and bring us much warmer weather this weekend. start our forecast animation 11:00 o'clock tonight and notice by tomorrow certainly by sunday center of high pressure moving in to our north northeast give us an offshore flow which of course generally means a warm-up for us and in this case the warm air comes all the way out to the coast. beach weather this weekend and it's early next week. overnight tonight low mainly in the mid upper 40's although we see some lower to mid 40's up in the north bay valley in location like santa rosa and napa. we will very clear skie skies. then tomorrow sunny skies all around the bay area. south bay high mainly in the mid upper 70's up to 76 san jose cupertino 78. los gatos. mid 70's for the most part on
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the peninsula. 74 san mateo high of 76 redwood city palo alto and mountain view. low mid 60's on the coast at pacifica and a half moon bay. downtown san francisco high of 70 tomorrow. 65 in the sun set district. nice mild in and around san francisco up in the north bay we see high in the upper sfoys 80 at ukiah santa rosa and calistoga. 79 at nap napa. 79 sonoma and novato. nearest bay high mid 70's. 74 at oakland. san leandro. 75 union city and free mon. inland east bay a little bit milder with mainly upper 70's. 78 at fairfield concord danville and antioch and livermore and monterey bay we see high of 74 santa cruz 64 monterey inland up to 79 gilroy 77 at morgan hill. here's accu-weather 7 day forecast look at the lovely weather ahead. it warms up nicely through the weekend and into monday. monday temperatures will peek out upper mid upper 80's inland location. low 80's around the bay and mid 70's on
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the coast. high of 74 on the coast monday. then remainder in the bay area will stay relatively warm through the rest of the week. coastal cool in the 60's ants and still lac lacks like lovely weather ahead for the entire 7 day period. >> that's the forecast. that's what we are talk. >> that's spring. that's spring. >> coming up. break through tonight a diplomatic stand off between the u.s. and china over a blind human rights activist. we have that story just ahead. >> plus what may an epidemic from too much studying and not enough sun. stay with us. 7 news at 9 continues here in just a m m m m m m m m m m m [ female announcer ] safeway presents real big deals of the week. or how to get great prices on things you need. we know you look around for the best deals. that's why we give you real big club card deals each week. this week a crazy low price on tide,
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ism decision expected if paddle between 2 silicon valley giant giants. case would have industry wide repercussions google use the company soft
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which are for the android phones without listening it. google denies any patent infringement. oracle is seeking 1 billion dollars in damages. the jurors in the case told the june today they have unanimously agreed on 3 of the 4 issues at stake here. want the weekend to brick an impasse on the remaining issue. they expect a decision perhaps on monday. >> incredible study of children in asia. new research shows that short site he hadness now affects 80 percent and 90 percent of students in the major city of country such as china a-japan and south korea a.experts say staying indoors away from natural light pouring over book and intense levels of he had creation to blame for the epidemic of short site he he hadness. commentator in china says the problem began when china introduced the family planning policy.
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>> the children under enormous pressure they have no time to do any exercise out doors. >> by comparison the afternoon level of my openia between 20 and 30 percent and 40 percent here in the united states. staying in asia for just a second there. big breakthrough in the diplomatic stand off over a blind human rights activist in china. foreign ministry agreed to allow cheney to apply for a travel permit and study abroad. arrangement would give him much of what he wanted chance to live with family in safety and get a formal legal education. secretary of state hillary clinton is in beijing and says the case sets important precedent. >> it's about the human rights and aspiration of more than 1 bill people here in china and billions more around the world and it's about the future of this great nation and all nations. >> deal allows for washington
9:26 pm
and beijing to put aside a l huge human rights dispute to folk ounce the rivalry for global influence. >> when 7 news at 9 continues tonight. lack at the national jobs picture and the political implication of unemployment. >> legacy of ladders with san >> legacy of ladders with san francisco fire department >> when we build a ladder we think of it as sometng that will out live. >> 2 men keeping up a very long and proud tradition. and spring cleaning at the state capitol. how you can acquire the stuff in sacramento doesn't want or need any more. stay with us. another half hour of with us. another half hour of 
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>> good evening once again thanks for tuning in. some economist say the recovery has stalled after a weak report on jobs came out today. put those numbers against a political back drop and you have fodder for the campaign trail this election season. 7 news political reporter mark matthews has the story. >> this week the white house has controlled the political discourse but with the osama bin laden killing and trip to afghanistan romney has been on defense. until today's jobless numbers giving him a chance to get back to talking about the economy. >> only 115,000 net new jobs created that was well beneath what it was expected to be. it should have been in the hundreds of thousands. but it wasn't. >>reporter: high school outside washington dc the president acknowledged he economic recovery has long way to go. but mess of his speech today was on the impending hike in interest rates on student loans. >> spokesman for the speaker of the house said that we were
9:31 pm
meaning me just talking about student loans to distract folk from his the economy. now this makes no sense because this is all about the economy. >>reporter: obama administration may take solace in the fact that swing states have unemployment numbers below the national average. ohio is considered a key battle ground state as unemployment at 7 and a half percent. that's not necessarily numbers that ohio people will remember come election indicate says political analyst bruce cain. >> even if ohio is doing somewhat better if they perceive the national economy is not doing well, the evidence seems to be that that's a very powerful perception in the way people vote. >>reporter: head of washington center adds voters focus on the direction of the economy rather than a monthly snap shot n.california the april numbers not out yet but in march unemployment edged up to 11 percent. in spite of impressive growth in the bay area. this is 7 news. president obama is once again coming to the bay area
9:32 pm
for couple of fundraisers. he is here on may 23rd. he starts his day with a round table in palo alto then dinner at private home in aftererton followed by reception in redwood city. tickets for the event rang from 250 dollars to 35 dollars. president last year raising money in february. 35,000 dollars. >> bargain hunter find good deal÷ú tomorrow when the state auctions off surplus and confiscated stuff. annette has a sneak peek at what is available. >> state of california is doing some spring cleaning. getting rid of surplus property. from office furniture to power tool tools. even walkers from state hospitals. the item of the bunch is the trunk lid to honored a.and no one can explain why it's even here. but bargain hunters can explain why they came by on preview date. glenna is looking to remodel her business. >> desk. file cabinet. things we can get rid of our cubicle
9:33 pm
and redo. >> opportunity for the satellite clean out the clothe clothes. we need to do it once in a while and get rid of items not using any more. >>reporter: boxes and boxes of cell phone turned in by state workers when governor brown ordered state agency to be reduce who had had one. of course that means the bargains aren't really bargains if looking to buy just one. >> as you can see you have to buy in bulk here. okay. so that's the catch. >> you don't need 100 phone. >> i can't use 100 phones. >> but if you are a reseller lake brenda potter an auction is an opportunity to make mone money. she's eyeing jewelry. some of which was seized by chp during drug raids. >> enjoy buying bag of jewelry because i can pull out all the stuff i can make money off of and the rest of the stuff my friends pick through. >>reporter: department of general services also picked up goods confiscated at the los angeles san francisco and sacramento airports. that's how kilometer thousands of snow globe are up for auction.
9:34 pm
>> transportation security administration requires that you can only take so much liquid on to an aircraft. feel real bad for the poor kids. >>reporter: also hundreds of pocket knives from tsa. >> kind of sounds like it is in there. >>reporter: dan was hoping he would be able to find his. >> i'm down here to the find i it. i might have to spend the evening but i'll get it. >>reporter: state made nearly 100,000 dollars at the last auction. not nearly enough to solve the budget multi-billion dollar deficit but in the tough economic times, every dollar counts. in sacramento, abc 7 news. can you believe how many snow globe they cop physician indicated. >> there is a one of a kind after let he can workshop at uc sf forum pew tee only. orthopedic institute posted the event as a way to shine a light on athletes over coming extreme changes. one man lost his leg to bone cancer now hopes to kilometer pete in the par olympic in track and field. >> i have been an amputee for 2 years and got my running leg
9:35 pm
about eight months ago. 9 months ago. and yes i have been training pretty hard ever since. >> the goal is something like this is to take what we do clinically in the exam room and patient room to real world activities. >> clinic hopes to inshyer insurance company to expand coverage for these kind of prosthetic jazz many tradition within the san francisco fire department. one in particular makes the sf pd quite unique and tonight wayne talks with the 2 men who are keeping this amazing tradition alive. >> when you run a big fire department stuff breaks. >> it gets banged bashed and stories behind the bang and bash. >> slight altercation with a minivan. >>reporter: around the san francisco central shop any piece of equipment that says fire department pretty much belongs to michael brawn. he keeps things running. >> fabrication. maintenance.
9:36 pm
repair. >>reporter: in this building that includes these 2 guys doing it the old school way. >> not too many people that could say they make ladders for a living. especially wooden ladders. >>reporter: wooden ladders may the oldest tradition in the department. jerry lee trained jane. they have been together for more than 2 decades though chang doesn't talk much. >> do you get along all right. >> not really. l. >>reporter: they are the latest generation in a long line of pattern make investigators use douglas fir for rails and hickory or ash for the steps who make everything from scratch. some of the tools close to century old. how to use them handed down through institutional memory. >> i have to do, you feel when everything is right when everything hits, tighten up or seated just right. >>reporter: san francisco fire does this unique. the only fire department left in the country to build and maintain its own ladders and they last a long time. one of them has been in service since 1918.
9:37 pm
it. >> it equals out to 100 dollars a foot. >>reporter: why wood? if you look around the city sometimes you will notice the overhead wires. now imagine fighting a fire in an environment where electricity and water come in close contact. wood ep ladders do not con conduct. >> father son grandson could have used the same ladder. >>reporter: each ladder has a history. evened in the wood. rough kind of beauty express in function and wear. ladders built. repaired and repaired again. but these guys near retirement one question. who will carry on? >> somebody else has to learn from one of us. >>reporter: and whoever it is will need to learn well because in more than 100 years not one of the department wooden ladders have ever failed in service due to workmanship. not 1. which means these aren't merely ladders any more. they are legacies. >> when we build a ladder, we think of it as something that
9:38 pm
is going to out live like both of us. >> what is that like. >> it's we are not waste our time. >> that's for sure. >>reporter: not even after a century. at the san francisco central shops wayne $43man abc 7 news. >> remarkable gentleman still ahead tonight. why 49ers coach jim harbaugh took off his shirt at charity event in the south bay. >> and they died alone but not buried alone. up next a few good men do the right thing
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>> san francisco laboratory where researcher became infected a bacteria he was working with is shut down indefinitely tonight. he died from a certain meningitis bacteria that has no available
9:42 pm
vaccine. he was working on finding a vaccine at the veterans affair medical center when he became infected. you. >> now to story about paying respect. 2 former marines died alone but they were not buried alone. they got memorial service was full military hono honors in maine because of the dedication of one particular group. the story tonight from reporter norm cook. former marine richard and ralph given a memorial service that was a long time coming. >> it's definitely an honor to reflect on those marines and their service. >> director association has been working to identify the unclaimed cremated remains of honorably discharged veterans. missing in maine project. and because of their work their ashes sheltered in funeral homes for years finally given a
9:43 pm
proper ceremony with full military honor. >> because of their service to our country and make shirt is the right thing to do to honor the military veterans. >> both of the men were living in nursing homes at the time of the death and because they had no family come forward when they passed away the family today consisted of fellow marines and members of the patriot guard riders. >> we asthma reasons have a brotherhood. bond that we share no matter what. >>reporter: so years after serving their country richard and ralph finally were treated with with the dignity an honor they earned. they earned. >> back
9:44 pm
at bank of america, we're lending and investing in the people and communities who call the bay area home. from funding that helped a local entrepreneur start a business... to providing grants to a nonprofit which offers job training and placement...
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and supporting an organization working to help the environment. because the more we do in the bay area, the more we help make opportunity possible.
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>> frirns coach harbaugh headline a breakfast that benefit the only cause he supports outside the world of sports amy has theçó story. >> his audience usually in a locker room. san francisco 49ers coach jim harbaugh made it very mostly clear to this audience he doesn't usually do this. >> i support no cause foreign nor domestic other than the great fez of the san francisco 49ers. or whatever football team that i'm playing for or coaching on. many and you kno know, i have to admit except this cause. except this one writ here. >> this one is job train. non-profit that provides job training and career placement for free. programs range from computer literate training the in construction work. edison says there's no way he could afford this type of education and he plans to take it far.
9:48 pm
>> take it all the way to the bank. try to make in the long run my own career. my own construction company. >> actually give back like they gave to me. >> job train placed 76 percent of those who completed the program into jobs. coach harbaugh told and showed the crowd those are jobs to be proud of. >> i want to share this with you. >> best part everybody. >> i have nothing against the white collar people out there. i have nothing against the white collar jobs. just at the san francisco 49ers, we prefer to be blue collar. we want to do the hard work. we weren't to fix things. >>reporter: executive director of job train was so pleased with coach harbaugh as the key note speaker that she's already inserrated him to come back next year. in santa clare, abc 7 news. >> all right. one last time. update the forecast for the
9:49 pm
weekend. spencer christian is back. >> all right here we go. state wide first tomorrow sunny sky from top to bottom. mild along coastal areas. warm in the inland areas. except for eureka which has the high of only 58. here in the bay area tomorrow. warm-up against and see high pressure inland claiming that the upper 70's in many location up to 80 in santa rosa and mild on the coast. high of 64 half machine bay. now you heard a lot about the super moon visible tomorrow night. moon is going to be closer 8% closer than average to the earth and it will appear 8% larger than average of the machine rises 8:03. sunset at 8:04. sky may not be dark enough for ideal viewing until after 8:30. 15 percent brighter. here's the 7 day forecast warming up into the 80's. mid upper 80's inland on sunday monday tuesday. we see low 80's around the bay on monday. mid 70's on the could he go. it's a spectacular weekend women. a super moon.
9:50 pm
>> yes is that thanks spencer very much. >> well this weekend an olympic ping pong player from san jose playing against a man she calls her uncle. that would be investor warren buffet to you and me. she has known him since she was 9 when she gave the billionaire a lesson for his 75th birthday. the 2 played again in 2007. that's what you are watching here. sing also played co-founder bill gates, micro soil. billion dollars help you play a game. >> i wish my uncle was billionaire. because i might not be sitting here with you 2. >> i feel in that maybe true. >> yes. in sports tonight. blue continue for stan. giants ace i don't know. continues to struggle early for tim. but struggle early for tim. but offense bail him out for a
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>> coming up tonight at 11:00. flight attendant who say the uniform are making them sick. but so far testing has not determined why. >> and summer job reinvented. listen to this. more teenagers becoming internet entrepreneur
9:54 pm
and making real money. so why not yours? why not mine. michael explains how that is done. join us in an hour 7 news at 11:00 on channel 7. required viewing for my kids. >> parker invented. step up. go. >> not moving back in the hous house. >> noychlt sports tonight. 1st inning woe continue for tim tonight against milwaukee. timy erratic early and craw would take advantage. legendary bob this is the frequented season as the brewers broadcaster. timmy a.bit outside. he walked the first 3 batters of the game. gomez scored on wild pitch there. nightmare first continues. 2 run single. 3 nothing brewers. tim settles down. allow 2 hits in 5 innings striking out 4 including gomez. bomb 5 after the hit striking to 18 games. brought home. 3-1 game. to the sixth. giants rally. then
9:55 pm
belt ties it with a shot under the glove of ricky. tied at 4. bottom 7 though. ramirez single off sergio romo. couple of runs in. milwaukee back in front. and they lead it in the eighth 6-4. a's in tampa. check out the dancing grounds keeper. oh. nice move there. tl signature splits. bruno gave him a 10. pitcher goes 8 innings. pennington among the victims. check out this. choice. diving catch to week and head into the wall to bootment one more look. full extension and many crash. up tampa bay unloads on tyson. jose crushed. ross yank after just 3 and third. allowed 7 runs on 9 hits. and tampa bay rolls 7-2. at one point tiger woods made the cut in 142 consecutive tournaments. now he's week to week. woods done after 2 rounds at the wells
9:56 pm
fargo championship. it was a gorgeous day in charlotte. gorgeous asfrid tiger golf. par 5. fifth hole. hook approach shot. this is going into the crowd. couldn't find the ball. fan picked it up. helped woods because he got a free drop and save par otherwise a penalty stroke. woods at 73. finished even. if he made the putt he would have made the cut. instead he misses it. cut 1 under. simpson draining the birdie on 11. 11 under over all after 68. one back of the leader. nick. here's tiger on what went wrong. >> i if i get over the golf ball and i feel in uncomfortable i hit it great. l it's just that get out there and i want to get comfortable and i follow my old stuff and i hit it awful. >> so when he's comfortable it goes bad. makes no sense. just lake the old days for andrew luck. clem team mates. but today it was indianapolis.
9:57 pm
with the colts. this was luck first pro practice since the colts took him with no. 1 pick of the draft last week. drafted in the second round and waylon as free agent. now pro luck is humble as ever. >> put the work in no matter who you are. drafted and a lot can happen. hopefully i'll be the under center for the first snachlt i'll work i can fate for that job. nothing is given to you. >> 49ers have dramatically upgraded receiving core this off season. headliner moss. head coach harbaugh believes that even at age 35 moss will add a lot to the offense. >> great to be see him in forty-niner helmet. see him until our uniform. out there catching balls from alex smith. he's working his tail off right now. and he's been real pleasure to be around. >> college football western athletic conference is flat out crumbling. san jose state past year in serve of new conference
9:58 pm
and they found it. mountain west. spartan athletic program will change conference affiliation if july of 20 tlaechbility tvl nevada, fresno state hawaii joined the conference. unhv, new mexico, air force, colorado state utah state and the old wabing the new mountain west. >> i think the first thing it does in all the head coaches and all the assistant coaches in here tv that go in all the house office young people you stop getting the question what conference are we going to be in. and tirjs nba play offs. game 3 lakers and nugget. denver on a run to start the first quarter. lawson leading the way. lakers battle back. kobe bryant to andrew here. nice reverse. but the nugget lead 84-74 late fourth quarter. bulls and sixers. l bill murray enjoying the show in the phillies. turner with authority. 16 for turner no.
9:59 pm
rose for chicago. spencer many 21 for phillies. big man. stroking it from deep. 79-74 and take a series lead. celtics and hawks. rhondo returning after serving 1 game suspension. pretty pre-versus. celts up 8. rhondo triple double. tm game goes to over time. rhondo show and go. kg yes. garnet on the follow. sell tickets pre-vail 90-84 and they go up 2 games to 1. >> look like ballet out there. >> good highlights. >> thanks larry very much. >> that's this edition of 7 news at 9:00 here on coffee tv 20. stay connected 24-7 at 7 for all of us here, entire news team thanks for watching we appreciate your time see you back in 1 hour over on the big 7 at 11:00 over on the big 7 at 11:00 o'clock. goodbye for now


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